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Retire Right with Alan Becker
Sunday, April 30th

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Do you. You're listening to retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. I may get those act from the retirement news network glad to have you with us or retire right with Allen back Kirk. I'd like to share with you Allen's phone number if you want to reach out you can call him. At any point here's his number it's 913685. 9422. That's 913685. 9422. Or get strategies today to help you cruise into retirement and to call your own shots. And Alan I understand that people who have reached a certain age they. Perhaps an additional options when it comes to retirement savings plans and I wondered if you could talk a little bit about that. Course making you're actually right most everybody knows that there's a Max and you can contribute in your forward gays and there's a catch up. As well also if you're trying to keep to that magical. Asia retirement or our destination I should say. And you need to be putting as much a way as possible but just remember there's there's two things yet a look at it when you're talking about. Forward gays and there's a lot of Roth IRAs are forward gays now. As well as traditional and now our focus in on that for just a moment because there's capitals farmers idea of taxing the seed. Our tax in the harvest and the constant there's you you're gonna make. As much or more money in retirement. You might look at a rock alternative or rock option. So that the money coming in. You don't get the tax deduction up front but it's a be tax free on the way out. Vs a traditional inches in essence just attacks loan. That year you know you're getting them the tax savings up front. In it's real important bits and have an idea. Expression if you're 345 years up retirement. What it's gonna look like retirement I think. Today. The biggest thing I'm seeing from our client Stanley is fear of tax Italy you know the number one fear retirees for awhile now husband run out of money and retirement. You know the two thousands the decade of the 2000 that really cause that most or because we actually saw a ten year period of time where people. Averaged very little in negative returns. Now I'm seeing a lot of people are more concerned or asked concerned with the taxation should peaches if we lose this house. We. Get the same requirement distributions are our withdrawal. But we're our tax brackets dropped a pass so. It's very important when you're looking at. Keating ready for retirement. Put as much money away he can but you have to decide as a rock better for you or traditional and if you don't have the options are rock higher than maybe you should be looking at alternatives and one thing we look at. Quite frequently is like insurance as an asset class and I know a lot of people are probably listens that audience assets I don't believe that life insurance and all of those. Saying that her over the years but the truth as. Life insurance is one of those things that is still tax free. That'd. Can be utilized as an asset class and has really changed. Over the last several years and there's a lot of companies that specialize. In this area and what I say companies I mean insurance companies. That really specializes in products that are designed to be tax free income retire and puzzle like tax for in cabaret. Absolutely. So lol wanna do is. She know he used in different options that are available keeping the information in the knowledge. And then you can decide what you'd like to do better. It's not a one size fits all not everybody likes. And looking at insurance products on people like to be all in in the market but most people when they compared options. They're definitely open to what's gonna work best for them and that's what we're trying to do main issues you are. Our good listeners options so they can now. Haven't retirement of on line. And we talked about some of the products out there some of those options that you were just referring to. Annuities fixed indexed annuities and you talk about those quite a bit why fixed indexed annuities over the. Others Allen. Yet you know fixed and that's and I out of myself and they're just great products for that part of your portfolio that you want safe IE if you want income in retirement and you want that in Kabul last a lifetime. Based on a claims paying ability and the insurance company we work. Only work with several insurance companies we find the right product solutions so just got to pause for second. It's not. The product dictates the solution is a solution that dictates the product so if you don't have an income issue and he's probably are the right vehicle for you. That doesn't mean they're not but conversely if you have an income gap and you want that'll. And and you might be the right vehicle and as you said specifically ethics and Nixon knew he's my favorite because you really have the ability to do not. Buy into the market based on the market returns. Participate. Some products out there have uncapped strategies other ones are capped at a certain level apple worked out walk you through. Forest of products and any help you find. The one that's gonna work best for you and then we you know as a fiduciary we were always gonna put your means and and concerns above all else and make sure that you understand the products how that works for you. And then. We can make a decision if it's gonna work for you know it at a bank's strategies. That can help you make the most of what ever savings you have for retirement. And that's gonna help you insure. That your experiences they smooth transition as you cruise and a retirement that's what you're one of our first ten dollars today at 91368. 914 to what I'm offering is a no obligation. Retire royalty review this'll take our roundtable retirement process and really go in two year unique and individual situation. And we're gonna see if you have what it takes to make it to enter retirement. It to address your fears your concerns and give you true direction so let's see how much additional retirement income you can earn by financial security correctly. Creating tax efficient strategy potentially generate geared to income retirement did you use of insurance products like annuities. These are backed by the financial strength and claims paying ability of the insurer also decided income withdrawal strategy to help ensure your nest at last as long as you know that may even look at using life insurance as a tax efficient strategy and an asset class. But again this retire route to a review is for the next ten collars on today show. Let's 9136859. Or two Jews led Levin if you just reach out today. Today on the show or giving you strategies to help you cruise into retirement. And I wanted to ask you about the possibility. Allen of people putting off retirement. And this can be pretty strategic and helping. And to have a bit more for their income to be a little bit more bolstered describe how that could work. This is a much. Favorite strategy of being honest I would love to tell everybody they can retire as young as possible and and enjoy things like they. Have all their faculties about you know we try to go through the go go years and then we go through the slow though years and some of us we hit the Nobel years straight. Are one option especially with our longevity these days is the idea of poke pro long retired just keep adding each year retirement plans keep putting money away. So that you can hit to India. Goals that you accomplished. In fact goes back to our topic today retiring on your own terms allowing you to two really cruise into retirement at her own pace. The way you want to you and Alan you've been giving us some great strategies. And not there is transition right we we accumulate and then we. This is a big mindset shift I want you to describe how people can adequately prepare for it because it it really takes a hard right you're not used to it. And there is something perhaps a little disconcerting to some people about watching all that they saved. Start to then it not dwindled down but be reduced. How do you help people prepare for the tests. Issue hope it doesn't dwindle ultra summit. But it's a huge concern you know. You literally Asia in the accumulation phase notes from savings savings savings. And you know. Like we've been talking about you wanna start at a young as possible and you wanna pay yourself first and Nolan we had kids that means or whether it's weddings or help Americans atom when they're gonna. Type mister average has given them. Those extras and liked that we didn't have ourselves that we wanna do for them have a a one year old a seven year old and an eight year old so I know what it's like to be able to do for them what we weren't able to yourself raising up. He raised in the military might have stepped only have a a better lifestyle up ringing and then I did that I I loved what I had. And I appreciate all of our parents did for me and you know I think that's kind of the American dream to be able to do more for your kids or your parents did you end and keep that trend L. So so as we. Move into retirement. We will lead going from that saving mind set to a spending and I think it's almost hardest thing in me some people it's breaking your relationship with a accumulation advisor to. Work with the preservation advisors knowing that taxes and and social security and other things that their advisors are dressing room and that's what they need. Which is where we find a lot of people attending our workshops that no it's time to make that break but they just need to find the right person. That is it's it's difficult so changing relationships aren't. But going from as you say that the accumulation that it is going from a point where you've been saving saving saving. Can go to preservation mindset and then how to distribute it so lasts a lifetime. As you watched some of those funds go down. That can be hard on the psyche but it's it's a necessary evil but if you had things set up appropriately and I forget financial planner can really come in and assist whether we're using good solid. Investment strategies portfolios that utilize that dividend paying stocks or or. Different types of solutions that are bringing in a good dividend. Or pull out or utilizing. An annuity or a life insurance strategies it's it's paying tax free income and tyra. Whatever solution that fits best for you or that you. Like the best our combination thereof. That's where come an end and exploring your options within no obligation. Retirement. Route to a review. Chain had so much value to you and during this retire around him review. Where outages and help you take a look at the gaps in current strategy. And see how we can fill them if you don't have a current strategy. We're gonna go over your situation. And I wanna help you identify appropriate strategy pre. Machete how to up your retirement savings to work you. Generate additional income retirement. And a plan for the potential need a long term care. And that financial impact that it could have your Aaron assets. We're gonna look at Medicare. Prescription drug costs were gonna look at all of that we're gonna use my years of experience. What I've learned from all my clients before you. And help you make it to enter retirement again this retirement roundtable review it's that we for the first ten collars on today show. So you get caught 913685. 94. Teacher that's 9136859. Before. 22 I'd really like to hear from you soon so pick up the phone now and give me a call 91368. I 9422. Cruising into retirement that's our goal today that is our focus and we're showing you how to do it how to retire on your own terms. We're back with Alan from retirement solutions group. Right after this with more strategies on how to cruise into retirement. This is retire right with the Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Whether you're approaching retirement or. Already retired transitioning into retirement can be a daunting thought. Really you get income. What the market drops how should you take Social Security doing that scene from retirement solutions group and our ST investments for a discussion about these factors and more all while retirement solutions group treats you to a complimentary dinner at 801 top house the only way you think it's 6 PM on Tuesday may ninth or Thursday may eleventh at 801 top house in Cleveland. Reservations are required so call 9136859422. To reserve your seat today that's 9136859422. Seeing is limited so call now to learn more about these events and how you can attend. Retirement solutions group. 91368598. Or 22 or online at RS team USA dot net investment advisory services offered through eighteen wealth management. And LLC. You are listening to retire right with Allan Becker. On the retirement. News network. Hi Megan NASDAQ here from the retirement news network joined by Alan backer of retirement solutions group. If you're ready to start building their retirement of your dreams. I wanna encourage you to call Alan today here's his phone number it's 9136859422. That's 9136859422. Allen's office conveniently located in Overland Park great at 435 and met cat he could stopping any time to say hi. And he may even give you a copy of his book he's been known to do that he is he hot there of the boat return on investment or reliability. Of income. The true meaning of RO I in the golden years. An Allen we're talking today on our show about cruising into retirement what that means that at the end of the day. It means you're calling your own shots right you're doing retirement the way you want to do it. No one's telling you how to do it and end this for people who have saved for retirement and who have done a good job they'd been diligent savers. And now they're ready to start figuring out the strategy. To take that nest day and make it work for them in retirement. And you've got another strategy that you wanna share with us that's really key to making all this happened what is. That's close to my heart is working with financial professional. And I would suggest one that you trust and get to know interview a few and and make sure. That. You're working with somebody that is speaking your language that you understand and has your best interest up our that you. Fiduciary you can. You know go to offenders website Urquhart check out organ and tight and whoever you're working with or whoever you figure out work with and find out a lot of information. We have a link to that on on our website. Says that a broker checked or gets a federal website that they'll give you the ability to research. The potential person that you're talking to the here's the bottom line. It can be a daunting task can be very complicated and overwhelming in all of us can relate I don't care forward. Mean think about eight job Horry profession. It just doesn't work well with year. Psyche so to speak like I could do brain surgery I don't like blood bit on that and just think it's so complicated and I won't wanna mess that up. Or you know I don't want change final hole and I flip the hook up my truck and see what's under there just. It just seems like daunting and confusing him again and Elena messed up the cost. Of replacing that vehicle these phases is expenses. So financial planning it's kind of the same idea if you do it every day you've been doing it for years. And you've confided successful. Organizations some like retirement solutions group that can help you with that. We can use our experience. To make things a lot easier so I would strongly suggest that you don't collateral loan that you don't try and making it. Overly complicated. That you command and say look. I want this much a month this is alleged saying this is what I'm trying to accomplish this is what we're spending and let's work through it and give you. And understanding in blue critic a clear direction as humans and so that you can cruise to retire. On your terms. Alan you've been sharing these strategies to help us. Really accomplish all we want in retirement and you really pride yourself in doing the best she can for your clients are all different become TO it. All different situations different goals for retirement innocent people. They want to be really active and retirement we talked about that how retirements changed quite a bit. There are people though who just want to relax they have worked a long time they worked hard. And they just wanna cut kept pouring it to a stop in and stop and smell the roses so to speak it doesn't matter. What the goal is for retirement you have to look at each individual situation. As it's stands and take all of those goals into account. And it is very much it's like a fingerprint everyone is different each situation is different it presents its own challenges you're always very proud of the work you do with your clients and take us through May be a recent example of this somebody came in did a great job saving. But was having a hard time doing it on their own tree at making that transition. Now with that nest egg to now use it for retirement income. Would ladies into our office we always have them leave with a rose because we do want always to have time to stop and smell the roses. And it's more than just. Saying from Shakespeare it's it's really a philosophy around here I think given your class of buying Nancy she came in and cheese. You know. Widowed recently. She's taking care of her father and it's just. Has a daughter with some issues going on and it was just. She was really had her guard and it was just she was happy with her Kurd advisor but it something. Which gave our workshop so that I went over. Triggered she decide to have amendment in again. He wasn't just like high a Nancy here's all my money let's let's please help me out. It was it was a very. Protected type situation and many of them are and that's five or are what makes me think it is weird we were going through her situation when he went to were budget we look at how she had. Work or Social Security we've looked at her. Kurt investments with a a very popular. Major. Wire house and we looked at it we found that. She could've. Got the same returns with half the risk we look that. Her Social Security timing if she would adjust that she was within her first year of taking association we're able to. And looked at living water qualified money and not just the dividends of murder investment slicker current advisory is doing. We found out that over her lifetime. We doubled. Her legacy. And her income over the years if that's me she looked issues that you can't argue with that means just looking through the route they retire process. We're able to look at the numbers and find that just a few little weeks. We could keep her. Where she wanted to go with less risk and having that. That strategy. In place and looking at all the different tools and options out there just made all the difference in the world. And that's what we're open to provide to our listeners is dvd Judy Chu. Com in NG your questions answered let's eat your unique situation and she said meg it's is unique is or fingerprints and find out what's important do you. And let's look at the what's going on having a lot of people expressed in our area they're able to retire. Anywhere from their late fifties early sixties. And we five that day. Don't understand how the impact of their qualified money the money they haven't paid taxes on yet. Is really going to affect the rural retirement plan. And it's great to have money and it's great to pay your taxes but you don't have to pay too much in taxes and he really should protect your spouse. Because you know we we take that oath that says till death do us part it doesn't happen in the air. We really could set up an income strategy. That would last not only our lifetime but through our spouses lifetime and and that's where it really is me peace of mind. And solace to note that I'm doing well and in this life. And helping others by putting. These plans together and in giving people that direction and then. Reviewing with them a couple of times a year to make sure that there were still on track but that plan and that they know where they're giving it their next paycheck from. And that they can take Larry out there late check vicious it's a great they saw a hole and that's Nancy story resonates with some of our listeners and that you got the phone and we can keep you on the right path to your retirement success so for the next ten dollars I'm gonna put together. Our retirement relative Marie euphoria as part of our route to retire process. This is at no cost it's no obligation just call me now 9136859422. That's 9136. 59422. Alan I'm glad you talked about Nancy and her story and I'd I think that does probably resonate with a lot of people listening today they're just looking for someone to come alongside them and to point them in the right direction show them their options and begin to craft that plan specifically for them. I talked about how this really is. It's a long term relationship isn't it when you enter into this partnership with the financial advisor retirement specialists like yourself. Yeah become almost part of the family because you see them through so many different trick changes so many different transitions are out their life talk about that. I almost. Feel I'm not doing a good job if I don't become part of the fan I mean. You know iris. Recently went through and and loss of wade in and got started going to the gym it is it is my class for Tony you gotta be your forming your depending on me. Was good motivation for me to do the rate things for myself and my family. It's just wonderful how. Your clients. Become part of that family share their stories. Bring and pictures are there grand kids let it let you know how we. They were able to affect other people's lives how you gonna affect their lives in issue such are rewarding experience. And I couldn't imagine doing anything else on this planet and it's you know it's it's funny though. Megan I never started out to create a financial planning firm words you. You know. By a building in it for 35 and Metcalf and and start doing what I've done here. Put over the last eighteen years. It became a life's mission in it was because I found something I was really good at but I also found a way to improve upon what I'd seen out there. And making it better in my opinion. And you know it must be working because we have a great team here that's in work consulate growing. And we're impacting people's lives and I can see it every time they come in here and how open and sharing there with the staff. And the feedback I get firm all the great people who work here. It's just she's so awesome and I wanna be able to provide that for all of our listeners. Mean obviously we can't work with everyone. But we're gonna do work best if you come in and in treating it like it is kind of look at doctor's visit if you will you go to a doctor and say. We did after you you tell me what I should be doing in essence of what is your ear pain. You tell the doctors figured out yet to tell the doctor was wrong what's your concerns and then. Lest diagnose and figure out so it's a safe and we'll work or the financial planner he cabinets and I have my concerns and wanna run out of money my concern is. I'm worried about another 2008 or I don't know where to draw from where I don't know how to adjust my taxes or will Roy do fight. What happens when one of when a spouse passes away whatever the situation is and then let myself for or member of my team. How you come up with a solution of the strategy. To address year unique and individual concerned and that's what we do here each and every day. Alan it's been a great show it's been really informative you shared with us these different strategies for helping us cruise into retirement and before we sign off any final words anything else you'd offer for people who are hoping did you just that they're hoping to cruise into retirement. I think what I take away from what we've talked about Dave Megan is that just creating wealth it's not enough just saving money. It's half the battle but knowing what dollars tees at what time. That's when our troops financial professional and one that you can relate to really comes in handy. In hates you it's never too late to start but it's never too early to find a solution in the end that's what you need to do. This figure out what dollars you can use it what time so legacy here not just. Going in to retirement you know sort of blinded and hoping that it works. I wanted to go in with with your eyes wide open so we just cruised through retirement and know what when where and how. And that's what century tyra plantings all out there really help you pick up the phone and give me a call at 9136859422. Let my team and I go to work for you 91368594. Point two. You've been listening to retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. 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