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This these three tire right with Alan record. And the retirement fuse network's Megyn most active. Allah is the president and CEO what the retirement solutions group. With more than eighteen years of financial experience Alan and his team will help preserve and maintain his client's way of life. And the legacy they leave behind. This is retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement news network. I its mega NASDAQ from the retirement news networks so glad to have you with us here on the program today I'm joined by Alan backer and Sam bass advisors at retirement solutions group if you have a question for Allen Sam the team their. You can call 9132867980. Hears that number again. Nine and 32867. 980 I'll diversification we offer this worry you know when your planning for retirement this is a pretty big topic that comes up it's the concept of course not putting all your eggs your assets into one basket it's a fundamental part of investing in this supplies no matter your age if fear in your twenties to 40s60s or eighties. A lot of people don't realize though is when retirement gets closer you like to take diversification to a whole other level so we talk about that today in the show in fact we've got eight forced step diversification game plan for retirement. This is to help you re d.'s stock market risk unexpected tax hits all while positioning your assets to grow and give me the income you need in retirement and I have to ask you. Allen is this something that it can happen in terms of diversification. For an an investor can we do all of that simply with this mechanism. Well absolutely. Make any got to whom we're talking about retirement or talk about changing our mindset from a saving mindset to a spending mindset so we go from the accumulation phase of that preservation and distribution phase and he really don't want all attacked retirement like you would a tornado here in the midwest where all of a sudden alarms go off every tired. And then you have to you know figure out what you're gonna do verses we like the plan like on the coast like me. Hurricane where we know their retirements coming we know that it's gonna be here Sunday so let's start planning and diversification. It's a big part of that making sure you have different asset classes stocks bonds mutual funds maybe real estate life insurance are so many different. Vehicles that you can use inside a portfolio and you know what he'd do it all yourself for you wanna find financial advisor someone like that team your retirement solutions group to help yet there's products and solutions is you just don't know like Sam's place in Italy don't know you don't know. And that's why we're here to help people with the diversification. Question and we're going to give you some answers to that. There are imported doing that in this is such a big topic and you know I wanna find out may be just the basics because for those listening who are struggling with howdy even make that happen let's just go diversification. One out walk and salmon Alan how exactly does that work. Omega diversification works by taking your assets and spreading out over you know multiple asset classes really. You know you may. May be looking at stocks he may be looking at bonds. You also can diversify amongst different products may be a a person wants you know on the alternative maybe visa affixed. Indexed annuity for that portion. Maybe that are looking at more equity so maybe they're looking at more blue chip stocks or going out and gathering you know that individuals doctor you know. Looking at at different companies and maybe they spend money on currently in and using those in there. You know in their portfolio for diversification but really what you're looking at is is your lying to diversify its and sometimes not everything within that diversification do you want necessarily working in saint maybe if you know maybe it's bonds are down maybe you want your your stocks to increase on the you know on the other hand you wanna. You wanna look at diversification in order to diversify in the volatility not only diversifying your assets within that holding two term correlation absolutely. I mean that's especially in name and a market like today that we're looking at historic volatility right now and we want to make sure that what diversification you're you're taking that volatility out your portfolio. A lot of times were talking to people we hear that they have multiple advisors your money in different places could be all for owing Kaczur higher res is different types of accounts. And diversification salmon doesn't just mean not to have all your assets of one place or one class and also means. Not to have advisors all play that's not diversified because it comes back that correlation thank you could be going the same positions. With that all those different platforms right absolutely. Coming out you view you. Not necessarily be one of the drive and all over town as far as her first diversification goes on you don't wanna be mean with multiple advisors I mean one advisor can diversify your portfolio that's that's not the ticket diversification as having a different advisors around town. And they know we always communicate without advisors it's not normal so what might happen is to portfolios could be built very similar. And you're not really getting the diversification you intended because you percentages are offset a lot of things to look at their. That's true and and sometimes those percentages there are changing every time we sit now declines because risk tolerances and and markets change and you wanna make sure they hear. Constantly looking at the diversification within your individual portfolio and tweeting and has made me. So for the next ten collars on today show we wanna invite you to pick up the phone calls 9132867980. If you save at least 250000. Assets. We're gonna make sure you get the front of our calendar and we're gonna put you two around to retire processed no cost no obligation morally important questions answers such as. Social Security analysis fee analysis of what you're currently paying. Looking at the overlap and the diversification or core elation of those assets to make sure you're truly. Have what it takes to get you know into retirement that they retire. And that all happened to the phone call 9132867980. So be one of those first ten cars pick up that phone calls would love to see in 9132867980. Weren't. Glad to have you with us here on the program today I wanna give you the website at retirement solutions group simply log on to retire right Casey dot com. That's retire right TC. Dot com so diversification it's important I get the rationale. I turned to the different levels of diversification that retirees need to know about what's that. First diversification. Step CNN Allen. We'll diversification helps reduce marker risk in their retirement portfolio and may help cushion the impact. A major stock market decline so what we're gonna talk about is diversification. Across asset classes. Are still more talking about diversification amongst asset classes. You know we can all think about stocks and bonds they typically work in an inverse proportion when your stocks are up a lot of times your bonds are down and vice Versa sometimes that. Curve is flat though and we look at it in both stocks and bonds are up. Sometimes they're both down so you really got to pay attention to the market and this is one of those reasons why you have. Help from a financial advisor so that you can understand the market trends. What's going on and to make sure you build a portfolio that is going to work with your goals but also. Have some protection from the downside as well as the I'm not taking too much of the upside so that you don't take all the downside and and if that sounds interesting to a lot of people but you know if you're gonna take on the upside you got to take all the downside. So little lot of us tend to do is we'll start moving some of those older rules we've heard of like 604040605050. Type portfolios rule we start doing is moving our portfolio. More into bonds as we get older and closer retirement so do we have that fixed income we may even use them. Stocks that have high dividends paying because we want that consists of income so we're trying to use the stock market which. Alternately has volatility built into it to create income and retire because that's our ultimate goal we'll hear retire solutions group we can do that but we find a much more successful. Style of investing. Is actually take the part we want guaranteed the part that we won income from. And then put on our insurance hat and find insurance products that can create. Any income stream for us so that when we can never outlive our money. A beautiful beautiful thing as you come under retirement called letter slot sleep well at night. In if you can sleep well tonight you've got a consistent income coming in it's a better recipe for success in retirement. Says stamina Allen is here any form below with how much she Allen key teach asset class and. I don't think there's a specific formula Megan I think dat as most of our. Listeners are probably agree with everybody has their own you know their own individual retirement goals. So as far as there diversification within their portfolio in their allocations everybody has their own individual fingerprints they may sit down and look at different mix likely. To be adjusted overtime because. Really everybody circumstances within retirement are constantly changing. So here retirement solutions group we're constantly sitting down to clients. At least every quarter and kind of reviewing there. Portfolios as well because we want to make sure that. They're diversification and their allocation within their specific portfolios and their income plans constantly changing and evolving with you know their needs of their retirement. The key being planned right so weak we wanna help people plan for retirement as meaningless. I'd jot just earlier in the weekend. He came in and he said you know I I've done or I just. A working twelve hour days six days a week you know they hired me for eight hour days. And it's a stressful there there's not enough employees and their make immediate double duty. I'm just ready today to retire he says and and he says no I'm just look at it may just retired and figured out. It makes me think. That's so many people out there it's amazing will spend more time planning a vacation. And he will planning their retirement and that's scary but true and here retirement solutions group we really want you go in with a open. Mine and knowledge in having a written plan a plan where you can know what money bag your Poland for what purpose and where you pull money. For your income for your vacations for your emergency fund which parts in growth and then all of that wrapped into tax efficiency. So when we're talking diversification. That's kind of a catch all of it has do with asset classes but it also has to do with. Know where you gonna pull money and which what you're used to weather which part of the storm and that all comes back to having a plan. Our plan is key and retirement so that's why we've created the proprietary roundtable retirement process because our years of experience has shown us. That those people that walk into retirement and look at it and plan for and or you know. And look okay I'm retire in the next two years three years five years ten years whatever it is and say OK I'm an act as if I'm and get prepared for retirement. So that I go in with eyes wide open. Again that's what we create around tea retire process covers five core areas which is in complaining investment playing all wrapped round tax efficiency legacy we have an estate planning attorney right here retirement solutions group so people can. Get assistance of wills trusts terrible powers of attorney limited partnerships whatever they need. As well as health care health care huge ones people live in the year. In retirement because they don't know what the future holds when it comes to health care you are women gonna have a huge long term care expense like I had with my grandma Allen. Are you do you gonna have a situation of high medical bills. So many concerns that we want you living the golden years in enjoyment money alias to purpose you're gonna spend it you're given away. Might as well spend what you need in joy give away the rest in the most tax efficient way. And that all starts with. A phone call to 91328679809132867980. So if you saved at least 250000. Retirement dollars and your ready to put a plan together common in cius we're gonna help you. Figure out we should take initials cutie how to distribute your required minimum distributions. So many questions retirement. We have the experience in the answers 9132867980. We are located at 435 and Metcalf and that phone number 9132867980. The same level of diversification it's just as important as the first in helping you reduce market risk imposition your assets for growth we'll explain what that next level list how to put into words for you in your retirement next. This is retire right without linebacker on the retirement. News network. Hi it's Glenn Beck of the dozens of retirement advisors in Kansas City you're gonna hear me talk about only one Allan Becker at retirement solutions group and our SEG investments and that's because Alan is not your typical establishment. Kind of advisor and retirement solutions group and our SG investments isn't your typical establishment advisory firm everything they do is custom fit to you. Basically and join us for one of our upcoming complimentary dinner events picked that date the works best for you 6 o'clock on Tuesday June 5 or Thursday June 7 and just engines steakhouse in Kansas Missouri reservations are required and seating is limited so call now 9132867151. Learn about retirement planning process and gain insight into today's retirement strategies. Let Alan and his team help you retire successfully to sign up call 9132867151. That's 9132867151. In Kansas City call Allan Becker 9132867151. McKesson regulated and investment is to offer limited leveraged and individuals to me what nationals. This is retire right wing Alan Ackerman on the retirement. News network. I it's meg and I'm here from the retirement news network it's always a pleasure to be here with Alan backer and Sam asked. From retirement solutions group here's the number he'd like to get in attached to begin planning for your retirement future just call 913286. 7980. That's 913 she weighed 67980. Or diversification. Today and we're really just discussing diversification 101. What we need to know about basic diversification for retirement CNN's Allan before we move on to the next level what little Mort. At about diversity is 11. As we mentioned earlier it's important to adjust how your assets are allocated over time and it's dictated by the factors like age goals help things like that that particular truth is. For persons approaching retirement age that clothes she gets their retirement the more sense it makes and a lot of cases down shift your risk in investment. Talk about that a little bit earlier know keep it all and bonds and and figure out what you need for income there's a big difference isn't great investment plan and it could retire and you have to hear that the risk you take in your thirties and forties. This is it's something that investment plan will allow you to do if you have it. Bill correctly so diversification. And creating a retirement plan. It's all about making sure it's addressed to you and your risk tolerance. And we take that its fiduciary is fiduciary somebody's legally obligated to acting your best interest. And put you above and beyond everything pay a company everything every year. The king and queen of your castle where were the courts advisors week assist you as you take that journey through and through retirement. And we mean that and take that too extreme heart and understand how hard you work for your assets. And wanna assist you as you take that journey. So we wanna make sure that we have a well diversified portfolio. That is. They get adjusted to your restarts and I mean that is we have some. Very sophisticated software or some very good questions when you come and visit we're gonna sit down get two million figure out what's. Important do you what's on your bucket list what are you trying to accomplish what he's saving for what are you. Trying to what are your goals basically right and then we're going to. Make sure that that plan is built to U. And not to anybody else so that. If that market drops 40% and you're not comfortable that idea maybe only dropped 5% that's the beauty of having institutionally invested portfolio. That's built a year unique restarts. It is were talking about. Diversification. Explain why this reds owner retirement why that's such a critical stage seeing an errant. Well I mean it's you know and I think we've talked a lot on this program about the the difference stages of retirements. There is the accumulation stage the preservation stage and the distribution stage. And when you get to the retirement red zone you're in that distribution stage so the last thing you really want as a lot of volatility in your portfolios are trying to test. Start to take income off of it say a person who was intent on retiring in a year is virtually all their assets in the stock market. What what happens if there's another two out 2008. Along with the value of their retirement accounts what if it just takes a nosedive what once seemed like an adequately sized asset base suddenly. Probably doesn't seem so attic that person who has so bans on retiring in maybe year. Now there they're asset base is dropped by 40% are starting to have to take and come off of it simply. You know it didn't take the steps to adequately diversified protect their assets as their retirement approached. And they shifted some of that money into you know more conservative type financial vehicles that outcome may have been a little different give anything to add to that. Allen who yeah I mean we talk a lot about the market and things that are out of our control but there's other things that are really inner control. Making sure we have our durable powers of attorney and in set up correctly and make your lay's name spelled correctly. Just had a situation where ran into some of that that did this and we'll do another office but mom and she got confusing Jupiter's deceased husband's middle name. In for the power of attorney for her son and that power attorneys now no longer valid because it's basically worthless. And now she's in a situation where she's intensive care so what I'm talking about is things that are in our control or even out of our control that we need to be aware of divorces sickness. Mean I've lost my grandmother this year my mom passed away a few years ago. Things do happen. And if you have your ducks in a row so to speak illnesses is another thing so. Planning. Is about making sure you're prepared for sometimes the and for scene also sometimes the forcing forcing in this conversation is. The idea that we're gonna retire someday so let's plan port. Let you know as in the immortal words of Forrest Gump's stuff happens right so we need to make sure. That we clan for every. Possible. Situation I don't know if that's the military backer enemy. But. No my five years in the navy I know I'm in C and your your boy scout leader have been ranked both of us have kids in scouts and me just being prepared is in our nature. And that's. How the backbone of the roundtable retire process it's a way for our listeners to comment and did their questions answered. You know some people like to come to a a workshop ahead of time that's fantastic we do workshops all over the place here in town. Great restaurants we invite you out there but also you could just come in case your questions answered from right to the front of the line. For the next ten collars on today show and absolutely no cost no obligation we sit out with few weeks into your questions we get to know you and we help you with. The journey that is retirement. But that happens by dialing this phone number 9132867980. 9132867980. Pick up the phone give us a call come see us let us help you too and their retirement. 9132867980. I wanna give the website as well as he would like to learn more about Allen Sam and the team every tire meant solutions group go to retire right Casey dot com. That's retire right TC dot com so Alan and saint. I wondered if we can just move up a level you know diversifying across asset classes have that's diversification 101 what's Nat. Yep Megan what we're talking a nexus is diversification with India S class and it's not about putting all your eggs in one basket C a person's target allocation 7% stocks. And you were being hypothetical but it probably not a good idea to allocate the entire 70%. Of those stocks into a single company. And we've seen people come in his office that do that. But it remember if you don't work there anymore yeah money probably shouldn't work finish that you don't know about that company more. But also. Things do happen and. You need to make share. That you're diversified within that so regardless of how well that company's stock performs instead. You wanna spread those stock investments around the same goes for bonds and. Other fixed investment. Whatever percentage of your asset base you can allocate the bonds you want to spread the application across various types of fixed investments. Instead of putting all of those in the one corporate bond for example give you an example that we're all familiar with the mean General Motors great company everybody. How a lot of bonds amount that your everywhere they did have a lot of bodies in there solvent. They became government motors in their bombs went to worthless right. Now companies back in. They've got bonds again and but the point is the money that they put into those are gone so if all you did was buy bonds and General Motors. That's a Europe former General Motors employee. Never thought that what happened right that it did stuff happens there's plenty of examples out there we want you to be able to weather any storm comes out yet. So great diversification between asset classes. As well as with in the asset classes themselves. So how go about spreading investments around within an asset class Ian an Allen do you find the appropriate mix there. Omega sometimes they can get confusing I mean in the case of stocks diversification incoming capitalization or level company using get small cap mid cap large cap. Sometimes it comes into the you know that geographic area of those companies' commitment whether it's. A domestic Stockard international or emerging markets. They can be investing a specific sectors energy high tech. Health care etc. picking come in the classification of the stock whether it's considered a growth stock or values doctor or even a dividend stock. I mean it it's it sometimes overwhelming and I and I knew our viewers can. You know cannot agree on the same aspect. But sometimes you just wanna. You want to steer clear putting too much into a single investment as Alan was mentioning earlier. One rule of Thomas to be sure no more than 5% of any investment portfolio is attributed to a single. A single investment earned a single. Share of a certain company we run into a lot of clients that come into the office every single day in and maybe things they have allegiance to a specific company. I won't mention any companies here but but sometimes. That's there. You know that's that's their way of investing because that's the company they work for. Which that's great loyalties loyalty is a great thing to half but having all of your eggs. And one company stock at the end of the day is this still very risky so we we like to sit down with our clients and and look at alternatives for that. But is it about making money orders and about being loyal to accompany that probably doesn't care much about you at that point I mean. You're buying stock in a coming to make Miami become a shareholder. So. We have seen people I mean I've seen what you know talking about Sam Jim came in and he's got all of his money into stocks. And not only was it to stocks but it was too stocks in the same category. They were both tech stocks that's okay except. You and I both know that those two tech stocks have been in the news a lot this first quarter of 2018. So. If somebody's gonna put all their eggs in one basket they've got to be prepared for that basket or letting the crack in the beginning in their face. So we don't wanna put our clients in that situation. In the the RST team has more than fifty years of experience helping people. Kraft retirement plans and able then. Have a celebration. In retirement instead of a nightmare one of the things that we like to share is the sleep well at night the swan because. If you have to live. What about your golden years in anxiety every time you see the market go down and worrying and thinking. Maybe you shouldn't take that trip and he should help out the grandkids or anything like that you have not only put yourself in a situation where you might have financial peril. But you're robbing your own emotional happiness in a tie and you should be happy as the law. Everything we do is designed to give peace of mind. To those who long for peace of mind and our chief. Our team of experts can craft three tire plant that fits your needs security safe. And fulfilling future it's all about you hear retirement solutions group what you need for retirement what you're trying to accomplish what your risk tolerances. So we want you know that there is a solution out there to give your questions answered. And we love for it to be the team here retirement solution Easter. You know diversification comes up at your dinner workshops tell us more about the us. Yet we know we hold these dinner workshops at various what I call you know five star restaurants here in Kansas City we you know we consider cells a boutique and we wanna find restaurants that fit our mold and can give the quality that. How we're trying to accomplish but we don't want you just come their for the food we hope it's the great speakers we like a look at it is retire right lives Sam and myself for. At most of the events and we. Love to be there and and answer your questions that we geared towards what we find and feel that. Our listeners wanna hear of many times we'll ask what you guys came to hear about it and will gear right towards the answers to those questions but we talk about things like Social Security in complaining tax efficiency. One of our newer topics that were touching on a lot as the neutral tax laws and how those affect you saw a lot of great hurt current information. That as a listener teary Tara Reid won and now. In you know I strongly strongly recommend that if years you know if you're not ready to pick up the phone and and come in the CS that you at least attend one of our workshops because there it's a very low. Are you mean you just have to come and sit in the back if you want you don't have to ask any questions you don't have to speak up but if you want to you can. Pitcher around your peers and hopefully your get your questions answered and then you can make a decision after meeting salmon myself personally. If you're ready to come in and set that visit. Whatever the past is that you are willing to take we hope it starts with a phone call either to get into us and our reservation. Or to come right into the office a few saved at least 250000 dollars in your ready. To start planning for retirement or at least get a second opinion on your plan for retirement pick up the phone and down 913286. 7980. That phone number here at 435 and Metcalf has 913286. 7980. Retirement planning. Is about having a plan for your future spend more time on your retirement and playing for their next vacation. Coming in CS 9132867980. If you have money in a 401K IRA or you have a stock portfolio you've won used to help fund your retirement. This next level of diversification is especially important for you find out what it is up next. You are listening to retire right with the Allan Becker on the retirement. News network.