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You're listening to retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Hi Megan NASDAQ from the retirement news network here with Alan backer and sand bass of retirement solutions group located in Overland Park here's the phone number he'd like to get attached 9132867988. That number again. 913. She weighed 67980. We're talking about diversification. Here on the program today. The importance of diversifying across in with in asset classes what taxes did hosted somewhere in his conversation just to make sure that you're diversified. Absolute war. The core areas of the roundtable retire processes tax efficiency and our next. Point of diversification is diversifying the tax treatment of your assets and it's so important it's one of our focal points and we find a lot of people don't hoarding go because they'll go in and talk to some financial people say now we don't give tax advice go talk to your CPA they don't talk to see pianist or not financial planners Pataki planner. Well folks we are financial planners and we will help you with a tax efficient portfolio. Because it's just common sense to make sure when your withdrawn your money that you're aware of things like how it's gonna tax your Social Security. Another thing that people don't realize is how it taxes your Medicare. Or Medicare surcharges for prescription drugs. And your Medicare supplement plans and we want you be aware of that because the decisions you make now granted. Sometimes you gotta make the decisions. But you need to also make sure that you're not making a decision that's causing an issue that you were aware. That's not playing all right so we want you to be aware of all the costs associated with the choices you make. Because if you're gonna spend my retirement fantastic but I also understand the effect we don't want to live in junior lent the money setback not spending it he just need to be aware of it. So there's required minimum distributions. Talking to a gentleman just the other day he said I wanna retire and he's 58 years old I said. Almost your money's your 401K if you retire. You have access to your forward K at the age of 55. Now just because we know something doesn't mean we're gonna go head doing the truth is he knew that. And he was not ready to retire yet because of the other concerns medical expenses so some things are tax deductible some things are taxed at different levels. No we have capital gains tax we have income tax. We have a state tax inheritance tax there's lots of different taxes rate its understanding how they all work together so that as you're taking that journey to retirement. You're doing it in the most tax efficient way possible. As Chief Justice learned hand send. Taxes are forced extraction not voluntary contributions and nobody goes any public duty to pay more taxes along the demands. Claiming. You don't wanna pay more taxes you have to write. And I love this country my dad's retired air force I spent time in the navy. And I know your Brothers. Welding and when it comes tax efficiency. That's that's kind of our our bread and butter here retirement solutions group. Because of the end of the day you wanna control how much you're paying in taxes not necessarily the government controlling how much you're paying taxes. And so we want to make sure that we're putting a tax efficient plan together for you. On the front and if your retirement. Because you know what happens then and a lot of our viewers are are starting to understand this is that seven and a half. Half when you start taking require minimum distributions. It's too late he can no longer control those tax brackets here you've got forced distributions that are. You know Social Security in and pensions and any other income that your polling in retirement sometimes folks have large amounts of money in non qualified accounts at their polling dividends on that are paying taxes on that so at the end of the day when you've got to forced require minimum distribution at seven and a half. Adding on top of everything else. It's hard to control that so it's something that you want to look at a at a time you know these. Clients that we have in their sixties is the prime time to start looking at attack sufficient plan. So between fifteen and a half and seven and a half is the key time to really do your tax efficient planes up that you can't do it after that. And it's much more difficult to do that prior to pick and a half because you don't have access is qualified plans. Let's take a moment. Just so those listeners that dealt no more talk about qualified we're talking about money that your qualified to pay taxes on you not paid taxes on it yet so we're talking about the traditional IRAs for Irwin case you know plans it to be that numbers in front of them so we're looking at is. You have been putting money away at tax deferred status so that the time of reckoning the time to give Caesar what is caesar's. Has not come yet and by seven and a half you have to start taking it. And that goes up every year attempt ever percent. Roughly each year so you may let's say in a million dollar portfolio. 35000 a year starting at seven and a half but by the time you're 88 can be special with growth on there ninety or 100000 a year in tax brackets. Big cut happening as a spouse there's so many moving parts that you have to take into consideration other rock fire raced. And Roth IRAs are not taxable. You don't have any force distribution out of themselves a good option but if you don't have the non qualified my money you've already paid taxes on to convert those ire is in Iraq. Or you took attacks on upfront that may not be an option. And then he can't touch your money for five years so basically we should have picked up from autos are lots of options lots of choices and that's why you need a financial planner. And here retirement solutions UV don't get one planner. You don't get to you get a heat rank you coming in CS were going to be there to help you were reachable we just brought over client not too long ago. That the reason they came over is because when they called their other planner they got to talk to once a year for thirty minutes. That's not fair. We're available accessible and we like to talk to you if there's a changing your life something you need or just a concern pick up the phone calls were here for you we are on your team. And that's all part of the round table retirement process so give us a call 9132867980. You should be treated specific way to retirement we want to show you what that is so common a visit with us 9132867980. Think about retirement solutions group. All the ladies get roses but everybody gets chocolate chip cookies Cummins he has 9132867980. So pleased to have you along with us on the program today if you'd like to get in touch with the web site you're welcome to do that great resource for you always available at retire right Casey dot com. That's a reach higher rights Casey. Dot com says Sam Allen with all this talk about diversification. Is something that you think we can just set in place we never have to look at it again. Or is this like any other aspect of retirement planning meeting at some thing we do need to look at fairly often just to make sure it's updated. Well making you hit the nail on the head. As far as diversification goes it's constantly a moving target. People's retirement plans change over time they get older obviously. You put that plan in place and your younger you know pre retirement years. There were counseling going back and revisiting that and once you get to that you know we're talking about the distribution days earlier went together that distribution phase and you're starting to pull money. Out of your retirement accounts he always wanna make sure that you're going back and you're looking at that diversification plan. Because we want to make sure that that's a good mix of assets and depended upon market volatility and a person's particular risk gore. At that target is is always moving and were making sure that here retirement solutions group we're sitting down our clients at least you know after the first year at least every six months to review those plans and make sure. Our armed targets and if we're not we're going back were readjusting you're making sure that looks good going forward. Sam let me take you back about fifteen years. Lewis and Ivan partners in a working together for over almost forty years now remember one of our mentors Dan Stevens the only city inspect what you expect rate. Sigh I got to give him credit rate there for this question because how can you not have a plan and then. Look at in tweaking it and make changes that are appropriate. I'm not talking about some money Carlo simulation where you. He ego to you he run a simulations as he had a 70% chance of success and say there there we go main. Sam we've talked about this sort of I 70% chance that plane with a handing I'm not taken that flight you know plan. Many there and I'm not getting on the plane and I I think your retirement solutions group we we've looked at absolute certainties when with an income blend together we we don't harm as saying hey you know they got an 80% probability. Of reaching your goal to reach your target not a living your money. You know we we take this seriously when when a client comes and Norah potential client says hey Al living my money is my biggest. Here it's not an option here that's why we have an insurance slices and wanna be able to put some guarantees on their look at other options. That can help you get through retirement right. Absolutely and I'm always shocked when we're doing you know dinner seminars every week and Alan's going through and he's talking about income plans. We do know holds up a physical income plan we've put together here retirement solutions group. And we can get the deer in the headlights because we teller you know we we tell the viewers and in those folks sitting in that room that hey. If you have an income plan already bringing in the office we wanna take a look at that we want to review it. But I was saying you know 25% of the time we actually have a person coming and actually bring an income planned because they're kind of. Nonexistent in most the people don't give you a written plan they just. They put assets hidden in spots and they. They tell you just trust me and you know relationships are great but relationships. Sometimes they change sometimes they come to an end sometimes need to modify based in your situation. In retirement planning should be about you this is your retirement plan. And so many people depend on you know we've said income clan quite a bit let's talk about what is in town. We talk about this at the workshops. Where we talk and income it is your livelihood it is the money you get to spin it your paycheck in your plate check. It is also your food your clothing you have people that depend on you for your income and your church your charity your children. So when we talk about running out of money and retirement. Why we say it's not an option is because we don't want you to change anything you're doing. If anything we want you to prove upon what you're doing right because if you have to change your income plan. That means you may have to go out for dinner last you may have to take less vacation Jimmie Matt. Be able to assist your kids when they come asking for help and that to us is not a great retirement retirement you worked all your life for this. This time. What should be healthy wealthy and wise we want you to be able to do the things you've always wanted to do. And that is why as a team we've put together and created the roundtable retire process because it is about the reliability of income in retirement. Is about giving your questions answered having a place to go and people that understand. What you're trying to accomplish in retirement. It all happens here retirement solutions group by you picking up the phone and calling this 9132867980. And if you've saved at least 250000. Dollar retirement. We're gonna make sure you get to the front of the line on our calendar so that you can see Sam and myself. I went 328679809132867980. Back with much more as you listen to reach higher right I'm Megan Mel Sachs stay with us more when we come back. This is retire right with the Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Hi it's Glenn Beck of the dozens of retirement advisors in Kansas City you're gonna hear me talk about only one Allan Becker at retirement solutions group and our SEG investments and that's because Alan is not your typical establishment. Kind of advisor and retirement solutions group and our SG investments isn't your typical establishment advisory firm everything they do is custom fit to you. Basically and join us for one of our upcoming complimentary dinner events at the tape works best for you 6 o'clock on Tuesday June 5 or Thursday June 7 and just engines steakhouse in Kansas Missouri reservations are required and seating is limited so call now 9132867151. Learn about retirement planning process and gain insight into today's retirement strategies. Let Alan and his team help you retire successfully to sign up call 9132867151. That's 9132867. He won 51 in Kansas City call Allan Becker 9132867151. McKesson regulated and Anderson advisors to offer limited leveraged and individuals to me what mr. Ellison. You are listening to retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Hi Megan was sacked from the retirement is network glad to be here with Allan Becker and sand bass advisors. At retirement solutions group conveniently located for you right at 435 and Metcalf an Overland Park. If you have questions about your retirement future I want to be the phone number make sure you reach out to those questions answered Sam Allen in the team at RSG. And give you more confident about this next after a life. It's 91328678988. That's 9132867980. Today you're walking a series of different levels of diversification. For retirement and we have covered a lot of ground but salmon Alan I'm guessing we may be missing just a few points here on this diversification puzzle. Well absolutely we look at. A lot of stuff we do around the puzzle in around him putting together retirement plan is about putting together your individual puzzle and what's the first thing you do when you start to put together proposals he got to look the picture on the front of the box and decide is this the pill puzzle wanna put together so what. Are we trying to accomplish your retirement typically it's Keating a consistent. Reliable. Paycheck. And most of us not only do one paycheck to paycheck cover art needs. More people would like to know more about how to cover their wants. Ray I just got back from a nice vacation with my beloved and we went down to Georgia and spent some time on the beach it was nice it was it was exciting. And and that's what retirement should be about I'm not retired yet obviously. But I could see. You need that recharge need to be allowed to take a moment step back clear your head in retirement every Saturday he should have the ability the luxury. To you know. Take advantage of those discounts jump on him and take crews if you want to and you know go where you want to see the things you've always wanted to see. And here retirement solutions group we wanna make sure your you have the money in that plate check so we got a paycheck for your needs you got to play checked four year. Once and all gives you. And I swan sleep well at night he can take care of the things you wanna do enjoy your retirement. That's what it's all about if you got a financial planner that's not assisting you. With inching higher questions and making it says that your having a peaceful. I retirement war planning for retirement if you just haven't even found the right person yet you're not ready to retire can you just don't know how you're gonna do it. Let's get those questions answered because retiring is about knowing where you know poll that paycheck that plate check. Making sure that you could weather the storms. And they you know. Hey I'll be okay. I'm not around a money and I'm going to be able to leave a legacy for the kids if that's what you desire. Lets you view the retirement you deserve and you've always desired. With the information. To have a comfortable retirement in the form of a round table retirement plan. So how you build a diversified mix of income streams and a leading come really is key in retirement and what what are the sources there were looking forward to build out an income portfolio. Well again I think when it. Comes to your different streams of income and retirement you know when the number one knowing that every client is looking full puts you I guess is a Social Security. People are gonna start on national security they may be some of the lucky individuals that we run into on a daily basis that have a pension. Those seem to be the people that as sleep better nights than not everybody has a pensions. A lot of our clients have qualified plans were talking about which means you're qualified to play it to pay taxes here IRA easier for one case here. Sep IRAs a lot of different type of retirement accounts out there comes some individuals have not qualified accounts meaning you know you've already paid taxes much here. Checking accounts here sometimes losers CDs. A lot of other counseling around maybe your point dividends off. Investment accounts non qualified investment counsel maybe their own dividends offer those as well. And you know last but not least this is. And a few and far between but we do you have clients that come in that already have pre existing life insurance that they've set up that the point tax free money off. That's once again that that's that's definitely a swan as well isn't it. Alan actually it's so what do we utilized to help people with tax efficient portfolios as well so definitely don't overlook. You know insurance type products as. Abilities to get you to enter retirement many of us just think we're supposed to take all that risky retirement or conversely maybe we're just thought were supposed to take no risk in retirement for some of us so we. We accept the low interest rates on May be some government bonds or some certificates of deposit. And you know that's not really fair. Either is eat you should get a fair wage for your money if you're gonna invest it and you shouldn't take too much risk comment but it's all a matter of knowing what your options are where to go in and as you were talking and Sam I was and are thinking about. You know. It's great if you have a pension but do you take it is for ten years over a lifetime how much does your spouse get there's a do you take a lump sum to take the buyout. There's only questions that come up with somebody who has a pension different ones same with Social Security when delay taking into I think it is 62 is a burden hands were two in the bush. To a way to seventy maximizes. Things can be overwhelming. Yeah how many it is definitely overwhelming I'm also went client's account and it's they had don't have a pension what can I do to create my own bench. And the ability to do that do I need to to determine you know what these these qualified accounts he's IRAs these 41 case. How might create an income off of that and how to I had to like create an income that I can never out live pictures once again as you know we've we've been talking about today. Al living your money is always a number one concern when it comes to our viewers and we always want to make sure that we're putting plans together to ensure that they never outlive their income. That's a proper diversification includes that where they can go either way with me your listeners the ever loved and also hated annuity which way. Feel we're going to spend a few minutes on talking about today. Because it can give us that guaranteed income that we can outlive and that is so so important retirement. So if you have questions on whether you should look at an annuity maybe you've. But considering one maybe thirty Havilland you're not sure how it fits into your overall plan if you even have a plan. That's okay we offer a new B review as part of our around there retirement process so bring that with you when you come in and talk to sailor myself. And will be happy. To look at it give you a nice fiduciary. I opinion of how that's working we can do they know cost variable annuity analysis if you're. One of those folks out there that accent but risky near new medium by ever variable annuity. But whatever you have it's what you do have and we will give you the best advice possible. To help you as you move to enter retirement. So give us a call today at 9132867980. Our calendars are filling up fast but if you save at least 250000 for retirement. You've listened today show we're gonna make sure you can find space on our calendar nine point 32867980. Glad to have you with us this is three tire right I Megan a sack from the retirement news network. It's Sam bass and Alan backer of retirement solutions group located in Overland Park. Questions for either C hammer Alan you can call 9132867980. And used that number if he'd like to set a visit with them in their office to begin planning for your retirement future. You know if you need a second opinion that something that salmon Allen focus on and they specialize in. Maybe having to take a look at your plan where you're headed to make sure you're on the right track. Here's the number again 9132867980. Don't forget the website as well it's retire right TC. Dot com and it does seem like immunities get a bad rap as your talking about now on. A lot of that might just come down to misunderstanding. Right they'd give what they are you don't know what they do you could you explain though what an annuity actually. And do the difference maker can be for someone's retirement. Actually meg and see an annuity can be all of this thing hugest city could be a bad wrap it could be misunderstanding. And let me give you a few examples as we get into it and judicially they're an insurance product right. But there are some securities companies that have brought out annuities in the form of variable annuities that's usually the one that gets the worst rap because it's got high fees. There is market volatility and you know to be as blunt as possible salmon are not fans of variable annuities we. Can find a fixed annuity just about every time that can outpace outperformed the variable annuities and they don't have the risk involved with them and they have lower fees. So typically. That bad rap I think it stems from the variable annuity side of things. But the fix and really there's a lot of competition. They have been known to pay high commissions to some people there for some advisors agents. Will provide the wrong product for the wrong reasons. So they're not all the same. That's the key here and as a fiduciary if anything we over explain things so. When you come in and visit we're gonna show you the pros and cons and options of any product. Or solution that we choose and why we have. Chosen it. We are very transparent and we want you to know. What we get paid while we pay it why we're recommending whatever product we are and and why it won against the different product. Because there are so many options out there and the best way. To help somebody be comfortable. Is to let them know all their options because there are the single premium meeting annuities that you give up control but they give you consistent income there's also index annuities. Which are our favorite because you can get the gains in the market without any losses you can buy writers on I'm making you be guaranteed income streams. There's income streams out there are 66 and a half percent guaranteed I mean those are good numbers for a lot of us. You have to look at who's touting the story when you're listening. You know we're appear Tanya. Hey we don't care what you do we're gonna tell you what your options are and whatever product or solution works. But there are those people that say your advisor works for one of these. Big box houses and they know their names on the door not the advisor but the company they're working for them whether their licenses of fiduciary. They're offering you the best product or solution that. There company allow them to offer. As independents we're license well anyway it's available to be licensed. With as well as we have proprietary products that are available through our marketing group that you would find other places some of the best in the industry. So there's some fantastic. Opportunities. Teekay G income in retirement and we want you to know they exist and we want you have access to them so that's. Why we believe in the new eSATA things because its insurance product. It has some insurance benefits mean it's a guarantees to it and can outlet. Bottom line he cannot outlive you can now that's based on the claims paying ability of the insurance carrier choose so Sam and Ireland we choose a product. We do choose A rated carriers that are backed by. The guaranty association which backs insurance products like a new he's up to 250000 dollar per person so we think that. Chosen the right cares for the right reasons and where will do explain that anybody. Who wants to listen if it's appropriate to their situation. Sam and Allen are our always goes so quickly it's been a great show on the importance of diversification. You've outlined the rationale there and why we need to do that as are moving closer to retirement as we begin to wind it down though any final thoughts on the subject. It just that diversification is designed to limit your risk. Now you need insurance products to eliminate risk. But if you're gonna use the stock market and the beauty that is the market in the availability to make money and you help you. To give all the things that you want in life. You have to be open to some risk in the market rates so. Whether we're diversifying our taxes or were diversifying our income or we're diversifying. The stocks in the asset classes or within the asset class themselves not putting all our eggs in one company percent. Whatever the reason you need to look at diversification because you only get one shot to retire. We want you to retire right and the best way to do that is to do it with advice with planners such as ambassador and myself because we have. Over fifty years of combined experience here in this office but we have learned from our clients from people that have come and and from our own experiences it's you know we're we're like masters with these products such as in pain pain or might be with a paintbrush verses. Might two year old would be with crown on the law right. So we know what we're doing. We wanna prove that to you and show you how to do that so we'd like to invite our listeners that if saved at least 250000 dollars or retirement. To comment and take part in our roundtable retire process to get a plan that get you to enter retirement. Give us a call 91328679809132867980. Come and see us for 35 and Metcalf we'd love to see yet you'd love to help it 9132867980. You've been listening to retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Investment advisory services offered through eight. LLC retirement solutions group is an independent financial services firm that helps people create retirement strategies using a variety of insurance and investment products. Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal any references to safety security or guaranteed lifetime income generally referred to fixed insurance products never securities or investment products insurance and annuity product guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company. Retirement solutions group is not permitted to offer and no statement made during this show shall constitute tax or legal advice. You should talk to a qualified professional before making any decisions about your personal situation we are not affiliated with the US government or any governmental agency.