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Retire Right with Alan Becker
Sunday, June 24th

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You're listening to retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. I its mega NASDAQ and the retirement news network alongside Allen backer of retirement solutions group. You can set your own strategy session with Allen he can sit down with him and the team airing at RSG and begin to plan for your retirement future. If that's something you haven't done yet you really owe it to yourself to call Allen pierce is a number as we roll through the show. 91328678980. Here it is again. 9132867980. Rising interest rates we've been talking about does today it means is if you've got money in fixed return accounts like. CD's savings accounts Allen are there other fixed return vehicles that might become more attractive to retirees or even pre retirees at these interest rates just keep inching upward. I think in certificate of deposits they've been around for many years and a lot of people love him I know that I've worked with a lot of widows were there. It seems like when my husband passed away and is dying breaths and don't ever leave CDs but your point there are other vehicles other fixed vehicles that are available. That can help. Because things change rate there's this vehicle called a fixed indexed annuity you talked about before on the show but what we're talking about fixed income. It really does come a mine so. And who is coming a lot of shapes and sizes. One aspect of them. Is a spaz single premium media nearly. And we are just busy with a couple of the day that was. Looking for a pension replacement and that's where the single premium nearly comes in. Probably number one because the idea that is if you're looking to replace it pension or to create a pension. What it does you give them some of money and then the insurance coming here and guarantee you an income stream. For either certain period of time the rest of your life. And that reader returned him here. To be around eight or 9% but the pats say. A combination of your principal and interest to get to that interest rates at its not too good to be true and you've lost control of your dollar sites where some people. May shy away from the spear even though as a society we have moved away from the pensioner. Over the years very few this happened and if they do they're not enough to cover that we like the features what we've. Shifted to his having these higher res these forward k.s this. Money that we haven't paid taxes on yet. We get into having a lot of rank pool we need to do is understand that some of that money was intended. To be the replacement for pension was there to create income so naturally want to help you do is Corey. If you were open to it is a fixed indexed annuity annuity that was either fixed like a bond or CD or. Indexed to an index. And we just have one of our cares this is like at worldwide exclusive never happened before they partner with black rock one of the largest. If not the largest independent money manager in existence. They've come up with a managed portfolio inside a fixed index annuity that means it's. Re balanced by humans regularly and it's something that has never been done before we're looking for great things this there's lots of products out there's lot of solutions but. Products and solutions. They work when you have a need and that need for most people is giving to enter retirement and wanting to know where to put their money. Where they can get a fair return and a return that is as safe as they're willing to tolerate and that's what we'll help you. What Al annuities that could be positively affected by a rise in interest rates may be their interest credits could be possibly affected is that possible. Making it is. But it nearly like any other vehicle is bought at the time bought so in other words a fixed indexed annuity. Is gonna have a fixed account inside it. A typical just fixed annuity that is sold in interest rates is going to be Soledad interest rates. The insurance companies and buying the bonds that back up the cash they're creepy cash reserves so. In all actuality it doesn't matter what the agent tells you. Here's how works if the company doesn't buys them you know sells a million dollars of annuities and then goes and invest a million dollars into bonds. Conversation we had earlier in the show those bonds. You think people are gonna by the new bonds are the old counselor by the new bonds higher interest rates so those contracts that were. Purchased earlier in the low interest rate environment they're fixed buckets and back and change that much until those bonds inside that are backing those dollars are either called. Sold or come to maturity. You concede that interest rates staying pretty level inside that fix vehicle so that's why some people will latter fixed indexed annuities and fixed annuities. Or the use the indexing capabilities of the index annuity. To get at rising interest rates are there are ways to create. Growth and higher interest rates on the fixed site inside your duty portfolio and let's not forget a lot of these annuities have something called income writers. So you have to decide what the purpose of your money's as a for income as a for legacy. Is it just a certain until you figure out what you're gonna do with it. But ultimately you can if you planning years you're looking at your situation you can figure out what you're gonna do those dollars you know. Take vacations on batteries just gonna pull a monthly or annual some of it. And then you can have back into what kind of solution would take care of your knee and then find the best product for some accent so. Not really looking at. Hey here's an I knew that Tony percent bonus I want only that well you went on for what purpose. What is the ultimate idea of it and let's find out if it works in your situation in your planning and then you can. Be confident that it's the fiduciary thing to do it's the right product for you. Because you know how to use. Given the variety of annuities out there and many moving parts of the company and it's not easy determining if you're Andy's someone could benefit from an annuity. And if you're good candidate for an annuity which type product features are suitable for your unique in individual situation. Since getting an objective review of your retirement assets and your return picture conducted by financial professional. Can help you determine if an annuity fits in your overall retirement strategy. That's why we have the roundtable retire process here retirement solutions group. So be one of the next ten collars 9132867980. So you can hear it. An independent. Third party to review your situation at no cost and no obligation. So weak in this issue to get to enter retirement that number again 9132867980. 9132867980. And if you'd like to find out more about Alan and his team good or web site visit. Retire right Casey dot com that's retire right KEC. Dot com. Alan he could make sense for someone to consider me be waiting a little longer to purchase of fixed annuity it to hopefully take advantage of potentially higher interest rates. You know it. Wouldn't be a bad idea to trial latter some fixed annuities inside your port followed if you have the pleasure waiting but what do you do with that money in the end term if you're gonna just sitting in cash and let it. Linger you know EU could be waiting a long time. And you may lose too much in the internment. You know we have some charts at the office they can show you like if you were. Waiting for looking for 5% return that you could buy this 3%. How long you have to wait before. You know the X is kinda cross and it usually doesn't make a lot of sense. I was used the old adage sleeker. Like computer. I what you want today because it's gonna change tomorrow. Figure out what you're trying to accomplish. And let's find the product that works are open waiting for interest rates have people telling before 2008 they moved all their money cash and how Smart they or. And Saddam will when did you get back in a market hostile civic nationalist 78 years later it's not. Smart necessary to have all your money sitting in cash and waiting for the next big thing most of us were just petrified were sitting back and fear. We don't wanna go back in so high would've. But we keep missing higher and higher gains. In the market. Find a solution that fits with your restarts like I always come back to that because if we can get you and affix it nearly three or 4% name an interim writer. At five or 6%. You know you've got those gains re occurring every year for the rest of your life you might even miss something I mean. I remember in nine years ago when I put picked up an annuity for my family and an 8% guaranteed roll up. For income you know there were people backed us all away for them to go higher will. Last eight or nine years they've done nothing but a lower rate. So waiting for some to get bigger might help also might hinder you so do what's right for your family when the timing of rate. There is always the exception and flattering might work the whole idea is to have someone look at the whole plan and help you with that decision jolted financial planning on your own. You know I probably couldn't do what you do do probably would benefit from assistance of what I do to help you. Makes the world go around right. Alan beyond an annuity are there any other sorts of fixed financial vehicles that eating people should be considering these days. Or it all depends on how old you are what. Point of retirement your battery unit beginning stages are you looking it in honor retire in ten years fifteen years fired. They've got these things inside our 401K now. Pause right there if you have a 401K participate. At least it to the match. Some of us you know what's best for just starting out in for companies don't match in those four in case because you're probably not putting money away somewhere else it's. When I was in the navy or remember. Haven't those government a lot Nazis now let's put fifty dollars a month away well here's the thing a lot of us that did that will only get home. Four have five years later down the main a year whatever preacher and he had a lot of money sitting at home with mom and dad because you did those allotments it's the same thing when you're younger. Where you're getting you know trying to get to that in the empty nest you wanna put money away. Great place to do that presents a danger for when Kaczur for a three Beazer whatever type of retire I have at the office. That being said inside those 401 k's which do. Allow for a lot lot lower dollar amounts meaning. A lot of firms. They have minimums and actually to come and or what to grant right but into the borrowing KEK so this gives you place to put that money and one of those. Options and there's something called a stable value fund or target date fund where it's a mix between bonds and equities activity bond funds. What happens is those the further out your target and the more equity you have the closer you get to your target. The more bond funds you have incited fear. Portfolio. And it's a nice managed portfolio inside the forward K with lots of other people's budgets you individually holding individual securities so it can be a great way to build ups and assets. Today and look at in complaining. Taking care taking advantage. What's called. And not hardship and service transfer so those of you that are listening that are fifteen African close most of you have the option inside of your plan at work. Do what's called a non hardship in service transfer. Remember those words on hardship in service transfer. You're not a hardship you're still working here in service. But your you know you're getting close to you know retirement to use two to five years you're ready to it. Hang up that. In toaster so to speak. At that point you wanna be able to move some of that money out into your control with your financial advisor maybe utilizing a fixed indexed annuity. So that you can take advantage of your own personalized pension. That gives you the ability to do that before you separate from service you can't do enough hardship observers transfer in you're gonna have to wait he's separate service. And then you can take advantage of the same ideas other thing I would tell you is if you are looking at retiring you have the availability of a pension network. You might look at. And it fixed index annuity to. Utilized that instead stead of the pension at work why. Because a lot of those pensions if you pass away could be a car accident in whatever you don't have anything to leave for the kids. It's not an offset for inflation there's no coal built in cost of living adjustment went inside the fixed indexed annuities in the private sector. We can have those features in there and it Lotta times the pay more than what you're get it work so don't. Just take what first thing in front of you see what else is out there. Give us a call 9132867980. Let us running through our roundtable retirement program what we'll do is look at your numbers your situation. Will look we'd take Social Security pension that you have available tax exempt accounts such as you Rother eyes. Tax deferred accounts lets you Trish additional Larry's for a encased taxable accounts non retirement individual all of even annuities real estate. You name it we're gonna help you to figure out what when where how and why. In a fiduciary setting 91328679809132867980. Rising interest rates friend or follow will share a few more steps you can take to help turn higher rates in to a positive financial source for your retirement. That's next. This is retire right with the Allan Becker and under retirement. News network and. Do you think he Glenn join us for one of my upcoming complimentary dinner events pick a date that works best for you we have 6 o'clock on Tuesday July 10 or Thursday July 12 at 801 chop house in leeway Kansas reservations required in seating is limited so call now 9132867151. Learn about retirement planning process and gain insight into today's retirement strategy. Let Alan and his team help you retire successfully to sign up call 9132867151. That's 9132867. He won 51 in Kansas City call Allan Becker 9132867. He won 51 Mecca and regulated and investment advisors to offer limited leverage to individuals to me wealth management policy. You are listening to retire right we gallon better on the retirement. News network. I its mega NASDAQ from the retirement news network glad to have you with us here on the program today of course I joined by Allan Becker is AM each week. He's the president and CEO of retirement solutions group located very conveniently for you right at 435 and Metcalf an Overland Park. The phone number to reach out to Allen in the team 9132867980. That's 9132867980. Well let's signs pointing to the Fed continuing to increase interest rates it is still important that me luck and get some proactive measures to position our assets state could be image of those increases especially for getting close to retirement so now what other steps can we take to capitalize on a potential increase in interest rates. It's unlikely he said for the break friend or foe heart rate while Christie who. It's my better half and we have three beautiful kids that Christie does real estate and right now it is such a seller's market she's now this young couples than trying to buy a house here for. Did two weeks and they put an offer on no less than ten house's. In in their price range they're getting beat out by people who wanna buy Randall's cash buyers. In people that are over bidding the asking price on the house left and rate mean can you imagine ten offers and not getting accepted. Good business they pressed they've got to be right they were about number eleven said yes and gradually. But to find ten dream homes and then up at number eleven it was it it was a bit stressful at home and watching Christie go out and and help them find a home. So it's just an interest in world out there so I mean I just think of the realistic in knowing if you have a house. Look each year your interest rates refinance. Interest rates are gonna rise if you're paying. 456%. Or better and refinance you get into that lower interest rate lock it in now because it's going to be harder later. Neither has something do with why the market so popular right now but you know you don't want me. In 10% on how slow like many people did for a number of years that's the numbers nice to hear my parents talk about and I bought my first house season. You know Montgomery GI bill you know the home on all this stuff and you know I get in the threes help me purchase is building that we run business out of here because of my time in service in those lower interest rates. So much spending money goes so much further that's what it's about as you're planning for retirement and interest rates start going up your money's just not gonna go out go as far she's got a budget you've got to look at inflation inside of your planning. So that you can. Understand that we're you gonna take that money from win the rates go higher Lotta things you can be proactive. But he can't control interest rate can't control inflation and you know what's gonna happen. Seek gotta have that built into your plane got to have some exposure. Built in so that as things go out that your gonna be okay your retirement shouldn't be about worrying. Shouldn't be about struggle XV about conquering your bucket list doing all the things you've been putting off until now he wanna do you still have a health and welfare. And indeed the out and you know Allen one of the things that I want to touch on before we wrap up today's inflation is that another area where. Oh we can really take some action just to help preserve our assets is were looking to be in this new rising magistrate environments. Yeah Miller Akron Emporia which is hit. You don't want your retirement to take hit hit stands for health. Inflation in taxes. So. We know that health care keeps getting more expensive we have more people. Coming on Social Security retiring than ever before. And we have about two point one workers every. Retiree so it's getting more and more difficult to fund Social Security system. So we have to be open the idea that these tie and collectibles who's gonna go up or that the amount of arsenal street may even go down. Rate I don't think it's gonna go away not that conspiracy theorist but I do think it's going to adjust at some point. The expenses of Medicare health care in general I'm rising every day inflation. We've been talking about this whole hour. Gonna keep going up which means our money's not gonna go as far. But the one good thing is taxes harm on sale for the next. Three years on the minimum ten years to we readjust potentially. Wider choice that. Listen folks we could get somebody else on the White House and three years tray if that happens they could attack the tax cuts and you know repeal and change and do something. I. Within ten years to sundown along comes in the play chances today. This was a big effect on the national budget we need to take that back in front of congress that happens anytime there's a certain level of effect on our budget. Which this. Wall has done. Which means we're going to have to reevaluate it continues but in that intern. We have. Higher standard deductions we have the capacity take more money in a lower tax rate as individuals so we can get more money and never ire is potentially. You need to be taken advantage of that tax efficiency. One of our. Most specialties. Here retirement solutions here so health care inflation and taxes make share. You have the money to take your your health care so that you live longer and enjoy more inflation. Keep up with the tax efficiency take advantage of it and I'll say one other thing on that subject may in which is if you have. More money and see the doctor more often you're gonna live longer that is a proven statistical fact. That the average. Person with more with assets is healthier and live a longer life. So there's a lot to be said for going to the Dennis and only your regular check ups and doing all those things I've talked declined to say they've. Under the cardiovascular surgeon nieces and take of the Dennis I'm not taking care because if they're in direct proportion together so I'll work together. Other thing that helps her talent is being with the financial advisors that speaks English that you like fully understand. And one that makes sense right. So come and and take a look around it retirement process be one of the next ten collars on today show because we have set aside ten spots on our calendar. For the ten collars that take advantage of us so that we can get to throw line and we can help you with around to retire process because we wanna look at your numbers your situation in if you want fixed income. He wants a managed portfolios combination thereof. We're gonna assist you if you want tack exhibitions senior portfolio organ system if you need help with the estate planning attorney can you need to trust in the wills and powers attorney. Let us know we've got that here in the office. We want to help pick up the phone dial 9132867980. And number 9132867980. Allen's web site is retire right Casey dad come that's retire ATC down comp and he can get sign up for one of Allen's dinner workshops. Allen holds workshops all across that Casey met chair at. The best restaurants here in town so make sure you reserve a time they do fill up quickly find a location in this state that works for you and while you're there you'll get to meet Alan other like minded. Folks close to retirement trying to learn all they can't and while he's very Allen will share with you his the last iffy for generating income in retirement. That web site reach higher rate case C dot com now are there. Other areas though where our retirement income could be impacted. Yeah I think he'll want a lot of times over look me in is the fees were pain to our financial advisor inside our 40 and came back I think like. You know it's sitting in my parking is doing well for the last eight or nine years so why mess with that pace Portland case can be. Very affordable here in a large and costly very expensive and some of those for a one case pale a lot of people out there's hidden fees and time so there's ways to find out. What the true costs are inside plus is it working to your risk tolerance is it going to faster than what you're comfortable and retirement. In those forward k's they have to work for people in the that are you know eighteen. All the late eighty's so you got to understand that it may not be set to your. Exact. Speed right because we see people all the time they're like that's been doing great the last 67 years and oh yeah we've been in a ball market. Since 2009. Mean it's not to devalue idea that it's hard to not make you money in the stock market when the market she should not burden eight or nine years straight. What we need to look at is what happens in the down years and you know when the market adjusted in February we did not yet. Very many calls at all matter fact we got one and one of the people that we talked to McCain for review shortly thereafter that that little dip in the market said. You know I wasn't sure about you guys but it took a chance because you said that you're gonna protect my downside. Sit well lightbulb went out I got. This is so elaborate release of up when the market dropped 10%. I went down a quarter point hike you're protected my downside. So that I don't have to worry I'm good. And that's what we trained you for everybody that comes in itself c.s are part of making sure that their controllable. That there expose transparent you understand them and also the management style that your hand so making sure that. All works together in as we travel through retire. We want to make sure that we're comfortable ordinance that we can be traveling. Are around the globe so we can be doing whatever it is that. We wanted to retire whether it's spoiling greens is going to the casino taking care of your favorite church Richard you're starting a whole new business whatever it is. The U wanna accomplish retirement. That's what we want to assist with north talked about the set those workshops put together a puzzle in the the truth is there's lots of products out there. You know Megan they can elect a paintbrush. It's only people can pick up a paintbrush and they could look like my three year old. Did artwork right at some people. Select few out there and pick up that paint brush and then they can make it look like mango or Salvador Dali years you know something. Amazing. There's so many good artists out there. Well putting the other financial plan using the products solutions and tools out there. It's all part of it and that's what we do here retirement solutions group when Kevin Anderson I am. You know Bobby we'll sit down talk about a case. We figure out. What would be the best solution just like it was our parent or grandparent. As we help people we wanna look at lowering somebody's feast we wanna look at increasing somebody's return at all doing that. With less overall risk inside the portfolio kicks back to the idea of you know the tortoise and the hare and who won the race. A lot of times it's better to go with Portis because slow and steady can make it happen during and that's the floss we use here retirement solutions troop. If this is sound like something. You would benefit from I don't know how it couldn't. It's time to grab that pen and paper and write down this phone numbers that a number 9132867980. Is that number is your ticket you know cost no obligation. Roundtable retirement plan. So call 9132867980. And let us show you how to get around to retirement. But through retirement 913286. 7980. Retirement solutions group. We're retirement is all about the reliability. Of your income and went 32867980. You've been listening to retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Investment advisory services offered through eight. LLC retirement solutions group is an independent financial services firm that helps people create retirement strategies using a variety of insurance and investment products. Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal any references to safety security or guaranteed lifetime income generally referred to fixed insurance products never securities or investment products insurance and annuity product guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company. Retirement solutions group is not permitted to offer and no statement made during this show shall constitute tax or legal advice. You should talk to a qualified professional before making any decisions about your personal situation we are not affiliated with the US government or any governmental agency.