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Retire Right with Alan Becker
Saturday, July 7th

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This these three tire right with Allen back here. And the retirement fuse network's Megyn most active. Allah is the president and CEO what the retirement solutions group. With more than eighteen years of financial experience Alan and his team will help preserve and maintain his client's way of life. And the legacy they leave behind. This is retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement news network. Hi it's mega NASDAQ from the retirement news network and as always have joined by Alan backer of retirement solutions group for all the heavy here on the show if you like to reach out to Alan and the team at RSG you're welcome to call today here's the number. It's 9132867980. That's 9132867980. And your Ollie is welcome to log on to Allen's web site. Coach you retire right TC. Dot com we have a special show its story today because not only is Allen in the studio with me but I also have. Sam bass here and Sam is a financial advisor at retirement solutions group he works right alongside Allen generally agreed to be with both of you today. Glad to be here great to beer. You know all the stages of life retirement. One net perhaps requires the most preparation and Sam Allen you see this all the time he got to get ready for that next phase of life it's not just about. Setting money aside you've got to find that person a partner with you to ensure. That your income is gonna be there as long as she needed you need that income streams you can have freedom and retirement and that's a theme that comes up a lot on our show. I think we all agree it's fair to say we live in a world of DI wires right salmon now and oh absolutely. I think we all agree it's pretty fair to say we only in the world do it yourself first in my right salmon Allen. Absolutely yeah and HDTV. York. You walk around one of those big home improvement stores and we have a lot of online resource is that make this pretty simple these days you can go to a YouTube video or fine tuning on pay interest but you know when it comes to income planning for retirement. While that might not be the smartest approach to take after all Sam Allen what about that. You mentioned partnering earlier and you know Sam I'm a working together for the last twenty years and creating and helping people retirement. Planning and solutions. You know I I have two young kids at home since got the older kids or attempt absolutely and his third place alum now. Two in my twenties and I had a fourteen year old around and I am always wanna know what's coming first in the master or Social Security so I'm 44 without my youngest is just turned to buy a mile or 29 and eight they're always on YouTube they're always looking for things and I know when I'm trying to do some around the house a jump right to YouTube and and try and figure out I can do it in after I spent a little whole Lotta money nation no viable and tools they didn't need a usually call in the professionals because it just me. It always looks so much better on YouTube and the bezel I built myself in an experience and you mine Mike it's been a lot of money YouTube time as well. But here's what we know from the financial planning aspect of things you don't know what you don't know. And it's it's really important. Today yet with a professionals among that you understand. What they're talking about and how it can assist you in retirement. So that you can now move to and through retirement it's like we always say your retirement solutions group it's three liability of your income that's the true meaning of ROI and the golden years. You know Sam and Allen and one thing that's per share is that this is a big decision finding someone to work with the handle your finances. Leading tier retirement through retirement it's not easy easy to find the right financial professional so what quality should we be looking for. In more transition into retirement it's eight comes from an accumulation. Mindset. Into a preservation vs distribution and it's always fun. Here retire decision drew we often look at it like dating and you've got to find the right person and sometimes you have to talk to several of them before you find some when it's communicating the way. You want them to so communication I think is real key. Others is making sure that they have the appropriate licenses to answer the question. Oftentimes on the show we've talked about my grandma Allen just now turn 101. So happy birthday colonel Holland but the what I wanna talk about for a moment is back and she was in her early seventies and talked to her financial advisor. And at that moment in time asked if she should buy long term care insurance. But you're talking to a person that has securities license and did not have an insurance. Will long term care is an insurance product. And he gave her advice that she should not long term care but unfortunately she spent the last eight years and nursing home and that's cost the family or half a million dollars that should have been avoided or at least a portion of it. By properly insuring yourself and asking the right person. If she should be getting that type of coverage not somebody who was licensed. In that industry so salmon both hold partnership licenses which means that the state of Kansas and Surrey we've passed what's called a partnership expand. That means we can talk about long term care insurance and how it affects the state partnership programs. And you know it gives us the ability to talk about something in me that were licensed to and give answers that you can hold accountable. Wealth agenda to that same. Yeah I mean do you use got to look at. Your financial advisors as everybody has a specialty. I think where we really China retirement solutions is preservation distribution so. You know he you have to ask yourself am I looking for an accumulation advisor or am I looking for someone to put a plan together and help me start distributing my wealth and. And you're talking about having any. Accumulation advisor or preservation somebody that can create a planet preservation sliced distribution. Specially. That's what we do here retirement solutions group so your list of today's program and your thinking now's the time to get that second opinion or. Or start the process on getting a plan for yourself here retirement solutions here we have the roundtable retirement process that we've put together and for the next ten dollars and stage show at no cost no obligation. We're gonna put you front of the line engage you in here to visit with Sam or myself or one of the team members. So that we can get your questions answered that phone number is 9132867980. Again 913. 286798. Here we want to make sure you have that reliability than damaging moved to enter retirement. And I'll start picking up the phone 913286798. Era. Glad to have you aboard with us today here on the program. You're listening to retire right with Alan backer and a real treat today we have financial advisor Sam bass with us as well Sam is on staff at retirement solutions group works alongside Allen. Helping people right here in the KC metro. Retire successfully so we're glad to have both gentlemen with us in the studio today here's that number again and nine and 32867980. And you're always welcome to go online to retire right Casey dot com you can find out more about Allen's dinner seminars. And meeting him in the team again it's retire right Casey dot com Allen's family live in an age where information is so easy to get right we can Google anything right primers Smartphone we've got a lot of online tools and resources so you need of a financial profession now I mean why do I need to pay someone a management. What we feel that you need personalized advice you know it's a custom tailored to you. And we don't want you to just have some cookie cutter approach delete cookies we do here retirement solutions group. Other fresh pot make when you get when you come in for your visits each time we won a major individualized and plan views so. We have our proprietary roundtable retirement process. And that sandwiched tussle about that. I yes here retirement solutions group we specialize in five core areas. So when we talk about our roundtable retirement process. Really specializing first and foremost an income planning you know what type of income planned do you want in retirement as well as investment planning we had. Talked earlier about accumulation advisors verses distribution and and preservation advisors tax planning is also a big. Hot button topic when it comes to your retirement. You know you wanna make sure that when your call eerie income in retirement you wanna make sure that that's the most tax efficient as possible. And that also leads right into you legacy planning coming at the end of the day who do you want to get your stuff do you want that to pass on here kids do you want to pass on. Your church your charities I would like we say the workshop you know are giving kids exactly exactly and sometimes our kids need a little. You know encouragement from the great beyond such special needs trust has a lot of time very important right and then your sand on the fifth area. Absolutely and the fifth you know and and probably one of also one of the most important parts of retirement is his health care planning you know you you've. Turned 65 view you sign up for your Medicare. Your party in your part of being in we have a lot of clients that come into the office Larry you know they're just kind of confused as to where they go from there we also have a a specialist on staff that talks to them about Social Security planning a Medicare planning and making sure that. They're health care is taken care retirement. We take a little further Kazaa recently meeting with a gentleman and he had talked to is please it is rather. And he recommended. T get different Medicare supplement is as prices were going up and in Missouri they have the ability to change each year from their Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage everybody it's a change every year and a supplement. Missouri as a special role so we. He had asked his brother who worked at a specific insurance carrier. And that called up some money in and took out that that product while he was in here and I had him and introduced him to frank one of our team members. And frank in just for courtesy given him a quick quote to say look we shot this with forty different cares not just one. And I found that he could save about thirty dollars a month and on on this gentleman's budget that was considerable so. You know if it's not. You know only giving the right answer it's Keating the education information behind that answer and knowing that. That the person you're talking to has the resources and the ability to guard finally meets of that comes back to being duly licensed. So not only does this and I have investment advisor representative license and I are. And treat these past the series 65 and makes its fiduciary east but also we both have life and health insurance licenses which means that we can talk about. Health insurance and life insurance as well as long term care so very comprehensive planning here retirement solutions are. Ellen in CM the united searching for a financial professional that's already not a big enough task how you know of there actually doing with in my best interest. Well again the first thing you really want to look at is is you know as your current advisor of the captive hourly independence you know at the end of the day your financial visor is either capped Hillary's independent. And miss and I have both spent time on both sides of the equation were both independent now because. He gives us the ability to find the products and solutions to best serve. Our client family what captivity means is exactly that that your only working for back carrier. And it's you can only uses products or solutions. That they allow and when we're trying to get to retirement. I mean not actually even in the accumulation face and you want to have what's best for you and you don't wanna know. That you turn person you're talking to working with the firm individual otherwise is. Limited in what they offer and you know sometimes. That's just how old guys like us get into the industries we. You know answer ad start at a school however it happens but we give and within a company and where. Hold hey they have the greatest thing and that the longer you're there the more in bread and and they you're into that organization you know and I mean that you you're not gonna go anywhere else well as you. Stay in this industry longer and want to be able to do more for your clients some of us make that leap of faith that lit both Sam and I did about ten years ago to go to the the independent side and it's you know I really feel comfortable putting my head on the pillow and sent him I can help. Our clients just like it can help my parents or grandparents and we of this. Resource to get anything out that that's necessary so what we're talking about today is resonating with you really wanna find out. Are you work on some of his captive for you working with somebody that's independent. And in truth fiduciary do they have the correct licenses. That all goes back to our roundtable retirement process and we wanna. Bring you in for roundtable review no cost no obligation but we are limiting minutes of the first and collars on today show. So give us call 9132867980. That number again 9132867980. Let's see if we can make that income last as long as you. And your spouse do. It's vital to know that a financial professional will always put your interest about their own. We'll tell you the questions to ask in finding a good fit for your situation in some red flags to look out for when choosing a financial professional. That's next. This is retire right without linebacker on the retirement. News network. Do you think he Glenn join us for one of my upcoming complimentary dinner events pick the date that works best for you we have 6 o'clock on Tuesday July 10 or Thursday July 12 at 801 chop house in leeway Kansas reservations required in seating is limited so call now 9132867151. Learn about retirement planning process and gain insight into today's retirement strategy. Let Alan and his team help you retire successfully to sign up call 9132867151. That's 9132867. He won 51 in Kansas City call Allan Becker 9132867. He won 51 Mecca and regulated and investment advisors to offer limited leverage to individuals to me ultimately LC. This is retire right with the Alan Ackerman on the retirement. News network. Hi Megan Jose air from the retirement news network at a joined by Alan backer and Sam bass a retirement solutions group Sam and Allen they're both financial advisors helping people right here in the KC metro plans excess believe for retirement I wanna give you their phone number if you have questions today about. Anything we're discussing. If you're ready to set and visit with the team retirement solutions group dial in number today 9132867980. That's 9132867980. Great website to pass along as well. Go to retire right Casey. Dot com. Over most of us guidance from a financial professional it's a great idea especially when it comes to crafting a retirement withdraw or its strategy. Allen and see how I suggest finding someone who's a honest but also beat. I need to provide guidance in this really critical area of retirement. Does some really important. Qualities that you need to find in in an advisor and it's you know you have to cautiously optimistic you need to talk to potential advisors or firms. And make sure that they're not just answering questions they need to get to know EU. Now we talk about it art workshops and it's it's like the idea of jigsaw. The first thing you do when we put together jigsaw puzzle is you look at the picture on the front of boxed set that's when you purchase decide if that's the one that you like that picture that you create. And we Sam and I sit down and visit with somebody while Oregon is asking a lot of questions a lot of listening taken some notes. And figure what are we planning for who were we playing for you know we talk about income. And making sure lasts a lifetime but what is and commit shelter. It's here. Food and clothing and I mean it's here that leads you have stress relief you know economic patients so much more. When I think of qualities like honesty you know Sam your scout master you now. Helped me get my kids into scouting and young teenagers and I believe it is. Our rating eagle scout are almost there almost so tell them about you know. Those qualities that we're looking for. Down I mean I'm an eagle scout myself. I I have had the opportunity. Of being a scout master for several years now and really when it comes down to you to looking for a financial advisor. I mean you can really go straight to the the scout law mean year. What is the scout law. For Jones fired a four I downy when it comes to the the scout law a scout is trustworthy loyal helpful friendly courteous kind obedient cheerful thrifty brave clean and reverend. I mean those are all qualities that you want a financial visor when he sale. Well absolutely and it's you know those words the L means something and it's not something you should take lightly and what my 89 year old. I'm going to the scout meeting sometimes I have to. Not take visit that evening because that's important spending time with family we want. To make sure those values are passed on and just like playing when you're planning for the future. You won a mixture that you're working with some your best interest at heart and that you're gonna have a written plan at the end of the day something to follow just like those scouts have a law that they have to follow and it's. It's great to. You know work some elect Sam who. Who understands that in and passes those values I'm when he putting planes together for our clients as as July and you know we're we're hoping that those either listening out there are thinking now's the time today's the day. When you're ready to come and and start your financial future get a financial double check if you will come on man. And learn what are around him retire processes all about call us 9132867980. No cost no obligation we are limiting it. To our first ten collars on today show. We're gonna answer your questions were gonna look at your numbers and we're gonna help with things like. Social Security time making sure. That you know when's the best time for you to pick up and choose when your Social Security is we're not just a tea. Hey this is the time because its right for everybody else. Financial planning is unique it's individualized and that's what we specialist here tariffs which after making sure that we take you. And we work for you you're the king queen year castle. We're just the courts advisors that SP. So it was a call 9132867980. That's 9132867980. Comes CS 435 and Metcalf. Century located 913286798. Here. OK I have to ask because your both in the scouts with your son's. Is there are a badge or something they can earn an SE do its financial responsibility your financial literacy. I actually there is Megan there's personal finance. Personal management merit badge which actually I was one of the rare that's just my unfortunately my son waited till the absolute last second to get. He's yet to put together a ninety day budgets and you know it's like pulling teeth to get him to do that it's kind of crazy. That shoe covers kids have holes machine absolutely. There can't say yet but he knows where to go for good advice straight. I would hope so yeah. Seal and not talk about what kind of background the right advisors should have a kind of trainee or what tip of licenses should they have what we've. Believe he should be working with an independent financial professional and we believe an investment advisor represented that somebody that is past history 65 wars series 66 securities license. And that to get to me into the jargon and all it is. The way that they become the future in a fiduciary. Is legally obligated year needs before their own or their companies that are truly independent. Now there are people who hold those licenses that do work for. Your national companies but. At the end of the day. Their paychecks are coming from the national organization and the clients are still held on national organization and the products and services they offer still from the so even though. There quote what acting like the judiciary. Their fiduciary capacity is limited to the best that they have available. Through that entity. Not necessary what's best for the client and that's what I mean by independent the other side of that coin. Idle San talking this is the life and health side of the business. Alan I think it's a double sided coin press. Not only do you you want. You're advisory and securities license well you probably want to have an insurance license as well on the you know if you. Have questions about long term care or life insurance or Medicare supplements. That's. Could you not re enemy if you're gonna retired don't medical's a big question I mean that's we've learned hits that the Akron them for health inflation and taxes. All three of those can really be addressed in an insurance place terrain out. Absolutely and you know I think the great thing here is most folks will go to their advisors and the last thing they want talking about. Is insurance they don't wanna talk about long term care life insurance or especially not Medicare supplements. Your retirement solutions we we kind of you know we can Wear to perhaps we can talking about securities we can talk about all of the insurance. You know. We are an insurance like you said I mean but you have to put on an insurance halfback as king's words like guarantee. When we ever securities out right I mean it's. It's not allowed now and it's it's absolutely not allowed. Oh down and it didn't end. You know he's market there's risk most of our clients don't wanna go see there advisor and then be sent somewhere else to go talk to somebody else about insurance through. Like the blind mice I mean you can refer something out but he really know what they're talking about do they know what was in your meeting we've got everybody in the same room dealing with with its force on and that team approach. I think SS has decided. And a part in this industry more than anything duly licensed fiduciary independent working for you. I mean it's the whole package you have estate planning attorney here we've got master's in accounting and help out tax returns it to me it's it's a one stop shop of sorts right. I totally agree now and you know and when it comes to retirement this is I think the atmosphere that you want to I think you say it passed during the seminars. Is you you pull that puzzle locks out and you say hey you know I can't pull piece out of this puzzle box and determine where your puzzle that goes it's really sitting down what those individuals and and sitting down with our clients and asking him questions. I'm at your advisors and asking you questions right now and he's just providing her better being in order taker in providing you with with products and solutions that she wants. And that's probably not the person you wanna work with who. You were gonna review the evidently and you have. Tell us about that conversation. I. Well I mean daddy as Alan mentioned we've you know we were together for for over twenty years now. And I as we both started in the industry I mean I hate to say about but we were on our cars we were out of our trunks we re growth from. Client's house to client's house and yeah outraged absolutely road lawyers and and taking care and taking care of people's needs which is. Which is what our passion once and that's what we love doing and that's why we're we're still doing Max but it was. Yeah during that conversation in the day at a I think the best you know the next best explanation for that was salespeople will drive around and go to your house but if you want a true advisor. Just like your doctor your dentist or any other professional. You you come to their office and you know sit in there atmosphere and allow them to you know to ask you some questions. And provide solutions for your retirement. All the tools that the office with a team that just makes it. So much easier now and I'll admit that even today if we have an elderly client that's been with us for a while on user. Teary when eating out there were world and house call rally that that's just customer service we we take that Paramount but. Talking about the planning aspect of things mean if you need when have a phone conversation prior coming and you know it's it's not gonna get the best one on one approach but he notes it. It's a little balloons do the best they do is come out one of our workshops. Or just if you rate for it right on our calendar and you know that way that around it or entire process is geared directly towards use we can it. Address all those things that this and I have been talking about such as. Health care and tax efficiency income planning. Not just the how much of my anime but how long ago last race. So there's so many aspects of the the state peace to make tree of the trust the will of those things. Now we do refer that out to an estate planning attorney but his office is in our suite so he's right here. And now we're going anywhere we owned the building we have. In mortgage on this building and we've been doing this for twenty years and then mortgages for another twenty were both young so. Yeah we're going to be here for the staying power you don't have to we're just talking to. I'll leave it came in with their husband and today and that was her concern she bought a few insurance products wouldn't really know why she hasn't. But now she can't find their ages this and along in the business and and that's oral part of her business. But we are here this day we're here to help. Give us a call so we can put you on our calendar. So that we can get together and have a visit in address your concerns it's around him retire processed you only find here retirement solutions group. But it all starts to the phones well that's 9132867980. 91328679. The credentials how do you know financial professional has the right strategy for your retirement planning and we'll explain. You're listening to retire right with the Allan Becker. I'm the retired. It's news network. It's Glenn Beck what's if they can ceased to exist panic. Hysteria but their arson cereals are bigger better more likely to happen probably will affect your life a lot more. What's gonna happen to all the money that you have safe. How will your retirement portfolio perform when we experience another market correction. Right now it's pretty easy to ignore these things what you need to do is figure out the best way to thrive in any economy all Allan Becker in the team at retirement solutions group and our SEG investments I. Make the call so you know you're going to be able to bring home the bacon after you retire. 9132866585. That's 9132866585. Minutes and bringing her into an Islamic investment advisor service is offered only but in the wrist or individuals degree wealth management LLC.