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Retire Right with Alan Becker
Sunday, August 5th

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You're listening to retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Hi it's mega NASDAQ from the retirement news network always a pleasure to be here Alan backer of retirement solutions group he would like to begin building your retirement future call Ellen today here's his number. 913. U 867980. X 9132867980. Today were sorting through the misconceptions about Social Security in retirement and we talked a lot about the advantages of waiting to start receiving benefits and that's to help optimize your monthly benefits to Allen for people who are trying to do this does that mean between age 62. And their full retirement age that they can't receive any money at all. Now that's now what that means it see here's the thing if you take Social Security early meaning. Speak for your full retirement age which as we talked about earlier from most of us. It's probably going to be around 67 years old. Whether few months before few months after but around the age of 67 here's the thing if you are working prior to full retirement age. What you will see is a reduction in your benefits could be dollar for dollar two dollars. A dollar for re too you make an offer retreat there's a formula. That's a security puts out what's important understanding and it's not a big number more talk and around fourteen grand as all you can make before they start reducing your benefits. But a full retirement age you can make whatever you locked in the early years if you take a Social Security. Here's where one of the misconceptions comes from they they take that Miami they will. Re calculated. Your benefits of any monies that he or make a lawyer working plus the monies that they. Kind of penalized you from because you're working. Is gonna be recalculated. Back in the year. Social Security payment when you hit for retirement age and then you're gonna go ahead and see some of that increased benefits in that kind of necessary lose at all you just have to live long enough to receive those benefits and the X is usually cross around 7879. Years old so you plan on live in the past the statistical age of 7879. Meaning most paper make it to 82 and 84 that's the averages. Then you really should look at delaying Social Security if you have the ability. And a lot of that comes from proper planning with a financial advisor. Like the team here retirement solutions group all aspects of your tyrant plan should be working together to provide you the peace of mind you need. As you're going to enter retirement. Allen what do spouses to and depth divorcee what do you do there is there a chance he could still receive benefits based on your taxes work history. Absolutely I got a chuckle out of that because this is one of those conversations that comes up quite frequently but not in the aspect Hewitt take a lot of people are thinking how can I. Not what my ex spouse have my benefits how can they make it less for them or something it's always kind of a it becomes a lot across a lot of times is more of a malicious clutched and then than beneficial question. Slight chuckle but. Here's the thing you have no control over what your spouse does on your record someone explain that rule and it doesn't affect your benefits either. It's just the way it works so here's today if you were married for at least ten years. Your spouse can file a new year record and they're gonna get. About 50% of your benefit. And if they take it is 62 it would be you know that benefited your full retirement so to be reduced benefit and 62 and increased benefited seventy. That's how it works it has no effect on you. Getting your benefit it's just what they're entitled to. For being married to some to a another Social Security beneficiary. If you've been married four different times ten years apiece for different spouses you look at the higher. Of 81 of those taxes they're gonna make sure you get the highest benefit you're entitled to. Again doesn't and in fact the source charity beneficiary. That is get the full benefits we're talking about a half benefit payment to a surviving spouse or divorcee widow that I think they they're gonna get that benefit. It does stepped up to higher amount. Win the person you receiving benefits from passes away. Though. That answers that question but it is. And I option to file under somebody else's number if it's going to be higher than your benefit and you were married for more than ten years. I'm okay I think I've found that they get a little complicated. It does it comes up quite a bit obviously. But it's one of those questions that need to be answered and we need to know how it applies to us individually. He made in retirement planning. Is unique in its as individuals your own fingerprints everybody. Likes to ask other people their opinions and find out what their friends are doing just nobody wants to go on an alarming when go to a restaurant in my past. The waiter waitress what's good tonight our. They don't know what you like repel like pages you're just asking for some confirmation that's just it's human nature. But understanding financial planning is unique in independent I mean. We see at all times some they'll come in and you know their live and on 1520000. Dollars potentially. A year. Some maybe a month others so everybody's different rate than you go. And you rescue brother or your sister and they had a different job different career they made a different amount of money. And they spend different amounts so asking that your brother sister Fran what they think is a good number retirement is totally irrelevant. Unless you lived in the exact same house of the same price of the same cars same kids names paralysis and likes to say Tim saying it's not possible right. So you need to make sure that your plan is built to U. And that's kind of the basis of the roundtable retirement process here retirement solutions group we have developed this plan. After years of experience has shown us the five. Basic fears that retirees really need help them in retirement everything from income but once you're retired run out of money to investment planning make future. Figure rebounds and regularly that you're not paying an over. Lee high amount in fees. And that you understand your risk tolerance than we look at tax efficiency and making sure you stay in control of your taxes because I was hoping you'd spend money better than our government right so tax efficient planning and there's the health care making sure that your long term care concerns and year. Health insurance concerns or both addressed. As well as legacy where we work with the estate planning attorney and make sure that we can help you with your durable powers of attorney. Trust things of that nature. We do all this. Review and coming up plans and concepts and strategies. But no cost no obligation that you have to pick up the phone and give us a call will make sure that we reach out to one of our workshops. Or bring into the office for of one on one consultation. Whatever most appropriate at that start with phone call 913286. 7980. In that number's 9132867980. Eight and you can also find Alan on her and he has a great web say go to retire rate TC dad can't. Remember Allen is the author of the book return on investment or reliability of income the true meaning of our allies in the golden years and you can find out much more about his book online so. Alan how. It's key and you expect from Social Security just terms of replacing your monthly paychecks. She has an interest in statistic has over the last twenty years I've seen this percentage drop missiles security. Is in court increasing at the same amount as it seems like our expenses are it's a money's not going as far so where I used to hear that it was covered about forty to 45%. Of a person now the statistics today sits down about 36%. Of what you need to live so you still need. On another. You know 506070%. Of money coming in depending on how much you spend. Above and beyond Social Security take care of your needs your wants your lifestyle to maintain that standard of living so it's very important that you find. Other income sources that you're saving for retirement. And they you do should be eating those assets correctly. Because as you just said the name of my book is reliability of income first return on investment it's the true meaning of our ally during the golden years we talk investment person usually what we're asking is what generator return with even Norma workshops. He had a you're really should come out when we go over. An example of two portfolios that of the last seventeen years had a hundredth of a tenth of percent of the same return but. The results. Out standing they so important that you get this information I'm usually at that you need to come up one of the workshops if you're gonna hear the rest of that story. You can find out more about those dinner workshops by heading toward that website I told you about it's town's website retire right Casey dot com. And to retire right TC dot com you know it does seem pretty clear Alan it's so important you've got to have net income strategy. It also sounds daunting I'll be honest and I know that's where having a financial professional can really help someone who. Not only is gonna help you accumulate your wealth. And help you distribute that wealth in retirement so what qualities should we be looking for especially for somebody who can help us with our retirement. Income. You sit Soviets daunting that is why you easy a qualified professional exactly but here's the other thing don't get so overwhelming he did nothing. Paralysis to analysis. Our analysis paralysis excuse me. That's not the way to get to your retirement you have to find some way you understand. And you have to look at it what's unique about different products and services. Think that this way that we we talked our client and the quite often about. Train relating to something that you would understand here's a talker you know how your car runs or why he gets 35 miles of the gallon. Do you care why it does or do you just wanna know. That's reliable the get in the car you turn on the mission you put gas and and occasionally. It's gonna go where it needs to go and get short years you hear intended goal use of purpose of that automobile for many of us. You're the second when you you're just wanna know that it works. Well that's a lot of times or talk or look at things like annuities or. Getting used to and through retirement and why we use certain vehicles here return to ship what is the utilities you need on the conversation if you wanna know. Why it works for golfers you went into the details of all the different indexes is now at work were gonna go through that but if you just want to know what's the best product to get me there. And why are you choosing that in house or work while everything we can do that as well so it's all up to you but. Bottom line financial professionals should be willing and able to address your questions and give you clear. Concise straightforward. Answers. In if they're not human wanna consider looking elsewhere and remember the person or place or people that got you to retirement won't necessarily get you through retire. Some people listening at second. Somebody out there with a bigger name than I've heard all the time might be the place to go this season thing we use fidelity we use TD Ameritrade as are custodians. And we find big name third party money managers that are highly rated to manage the assets we have a very. Great and concise system that we can show you and how we protect your assets and how we create plans. To get you to injury tyrant and that's where financial players about here's some of those questions that I suggest asking one is how long you've been a financial professional. This is something that you've only been in doing a few months or is this something you've been done for 5101520. Years of your retirement solutions group. You know Sam bass myself we both have about twenty years individually. In the insurance and financial planning arena what areas of financial services do you personally focus on. Well we help people now only two retirement but primarily. With the preservation and distribution of their assets so through retirement how did have the most tax efficient plant possible. Another won't be how many people do you employ in your team so how large is the environment I've seen offices and it's one person doing everything well we have a complete staff here to take care of our. Clients' concerns needs and address things there's only two there's over ten people on our staff. We're getting rate at a few more. Because we want to be able to service our client family. In the fashion that they should be and that of their a their custom Toobin and should be treated great treat others the way you wanna be treated. Also ask your financial professionals are they captive or they independent. Out captive means that the master user even though you're saying your supposed to follow fiduciary standard. Is truly. The firm wore a certain products and services in a independent. Serves as you so if you've seen our logo we are the white Knight are around to retire process is a round table. Where we help build and fortify your castle paying retirements and maybe you can see little that motif there. But we're trying to help you to enter retirement. So we are fully independent we serve the kings and queens of our castle which are you. Which professional places do you currently hold we do hold the life and health places as well as the series 65. Fiduciary license what focuses do you or your firm have near retirement a retirement income strategies. On one over the retire route to retire process a few times but our remind yet tax efficiency guaranteed income. We wanna create multiple streams of an income find out if they've ever been disciplined sanctioned or find which we have not by any regulatory body. And that we evaluate our financial products. That we wrecked and through to use the ratings research and comparison as well several conferences that we go to keep. Our skills sharpened so fine out how. The advisory you're talking to is of value in this financial products and last on my list. How are they compensated you can be compensated through commissions through. I'm assets under management. Explaining feed lots of different ways here retirement solutions group. We use insurance products which are commission compensated but not paid by you just like your car insurance. We are seized assets under management where we have a round of 1% cost on average. To take care managing portfolios so if you wanna know more about retirement solutions Europe and around to retire process. Simply pick up your telephone give us a call 9132867980. And be one of the next ten collars and you'll hit the front of the line on our calendar so we can start your planning process that number. Again 9132867980. Up next will cover in inflation and other considerations when building your retirement income strategy stay with us. This is retire right with the Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Hi it's Glenn Beck of the dozens of retirement advisors in Kansas City you're gonna hear me talk about only one Allan Becker at retirement solutions group and our SEG investments and that's because Alan is not your typical establishment. Kind of advisor and retirement solutions group and our SG investments isn't your typical establishment advisory firm everything they do is custom fit to you. They explained join us for what my upcoming complimentary dinner events picked that date that works best view we have 6 o'clock on Tuesday August 7 where Thursday August 9 at imported case all in Oakland park Kansas reservations are required seating is limited so on how 9132867151. Learn about the retirement planning process and gain insight into two days retirement strategies. Let Alan and his team help you retire successfully to sign up call 9132867151. That's 9132867. He won 51 in Kansas City call Alan Decker 9132867. He won 51 and as an enumerated in the investment advisor service is offered limited leverage to individuals degree what mr. Nelson. You are listening to retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Hi Megan mosaic from the retirement news network alongside Allen backer of retirement solutions group and you'd like to sit down with Allen and Hamad strategy session to begin planning for your retirement called today. 9132867. 980. At 29132867980. Well now helping us today whittled away some of those Social Security myths and give you the information regarding how Social Security can help you fill the gap in your retirement income talent a lot of this worry about inflation and its impact what it's gonna due to our retirement income. I heard Social Security benefits referred to as inflation protected income though what does that mean. And a passer raffle and here's the they'd do you have a cost of living adjustment provision in the cells can administration doesn't just that benefit amount annually in order to offset the increased costs of living in these adjustments they are based. On the cost of living as measured by the Consumer Price Index. For urban wage earners and clerical workers this comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That's a lot of bureaucratic. Mumbo Jumbo here's the bottom line Medicare goes up. You railing also paced on the same standards an initial security goes up. Most of the money from an increase those trees gonna go to your Medicare premiums. That's the bottom line I don't care what other financial advisors there anybody else if your gonna look at Social Security is cost. Protected and and inflation adjusted. You're going to be planning on money that you're never gonna get. Take the notice twenty years they re Social Security they raise Medicare most of that money goes right in the Medicare. So you can look at a few pennies here in the Arab increases and a monthly basis. But nothing that's gonna maintain your expenses you need to have a financial plan you need to have different income sources different buckets of money. To Paul at different times what you don't ever want to have is as financial advisor cow yep and say hey it's only a paper loss that's not true that is not. And distribution or preservation advisors that's not what you'd ever hear retirement solutions we believe. Money only has two purposes. You can either spend it for all types of things or you're going to give it away but everything else do you think of ends up at those two points you can spend it or give away so enjoy it. Take the vacations. Do everything in life that you want to do that what life is about you don't wanna be a situation where. All the markets down right now so I need to you know cancel that vacation and let it come backers that cost me more have your money separated out for monies that are. More risky if you will soon. Monies that are more conservative so that your income is consistent sillier lifestyle is consistent and that's what we love to talk about. Your retirement solutions trips so is Social Security something that does go up occasionally sure does. Not enough to pay your bills or are to do anything that's really gonna benefit your quality of life in retirement you have to do that on your town that's why. Retirement planning is soda are important. And then I hope. That you are taking this information in and are heating up the courage to pick up the opponent comes CS. Because we can't help and lashing call. And you know we're here to help so call 9132867980. Oh he says Social Security benefits it's now late you can use those to battle inflation in a way out there other options to do that now. Yeah I mean that's where are saying you have to have a plan you you could look at social security and inflation and in its clinical peanuts. Using indexed annuities for example. I level of the products out there that after you've had a for a few years and you used utilized it to. To take income in retirement every time and this is built and there's no additional cost us every time there's an increase in the market in your returns. You give an increasing your income just think about never second. Here receive a hundred dollars a month and then the market goes up 10% and that you're saving a 110 dollars a month. That's that's amazing right so there are products are other insurers from that charge for that type of benefits summer just take it off 3% a year every year or some of Merck gonna. You know give you any increased based on the increase in the market solemn don't increase at all you need to know what you're looking at and why you're utilizing that product. Some of the growth of the market same thing some of it's going up based on dividends dividends are guaranteed. Others drawn up just latest on the growth of those stocks and there are no dividends. Again you got to know why you've you've got the holdings you've got inside your portfolio. And what the purpose of those dollars or four. And also there's around have inequality retirement plan where you know where your pollen money from for what purpose that's why here retirement solutions group. We created the proprietary roundtable retire process to fortify your castle to give you peace of mind to make it to retirement. And retirement. So we can cover those five quarters a retirement. This don't you wanna pay less taxes. Be controlling your taxation. Know that. If something happens to you that you which family members gonna take care of you and make the decisions for you that you have a say in that. Don't you wanna know that you have a Clancy don't run out of money that you're invested properly. All of these questions that I mask it what is your plan for long term care they're all aspects of parts of around they retire process. The one of the next ten collars on today show. And we're gonna give you a no cost no obligation. Round two of retirement process. What we're gonna answer your questions with your numbers and your unique situation. That'll start to the phone call pick up the phone and dialed 9132867980. 9132867980. Let's start. The ball rolling on year planning process that you can make it belly to retirement but through retirement 913286798. Hero. Alan it's been a great show today and you helped us separate some of those Social Security mitts from the acts. I wondered if he had any final words to wrap up our time. Absolutely and make your. This is not a job for me this is a passion this is something have been doing for going on twenty years plus. Actually love come into the office it's a labor of love bought the building two years ago and we've remodeled it just I. Really hope our listeners will come take a look at what we've created and find out how we can benefit them. Social Security it's one of the pieces of the puzzle if you will it. And when you put the other proposal the first thing you do. Did you look at the picture on the front of the box that's before you do the corners and put things over everything else you know the picture decided that supposedly you wanna buy oil here retirement solutions to our first visits a much. Is very similar to that is the command we to a lot of listing on trying to figure out how and if we can benefit you. And were developing the puzzle on the front of your retirement box one I don't know what is in your bucket list who are we planning for wire we planning. What your concerns are. And that's or inviting people into talk about their retirement with a round to retire process when I. Think about Social Security is one of those pieces is not the biggest piece it's not a for the small space. It's a pretty important piece. Retirement planning and coming to talk to some like retirement solutions group and my team here we have a lot of experts Social Security. And we think that we can be great asset. To you and helping you get to enter retirement understand you know. What we can do is provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision on how to create your retirement plan. We're not the government we know even so security can tell you wind takes care. All they can use to AA if you take at this point this is what pace we can do the math. In the numbers behind. Win is the appropriate time to take Social Security potentially for your situation. We can talk about the things that. You may not think about yourself I mean twenty years in the industry personally twenty years in the industry from Sam. Kevin here at the office in an effort what are yours as well let's sixty years between three of us here. We might have heard a thing or two over the years about somebody else that axle street the wrong time or didn't understand how to utilize it correctly. We can take that information and help you to talk about things it you know you may not have thought about. And that's where you know team aspect is great it's like having a coach. You know there at the gaming professionals these coaches are just had a conference not too long up and Michael Phelps gold medalist was there talking. And I was amazing at one thing that I took away from that conversation. In this it was a room of probably 500 people but. One of the things they took away from that as he listened to his coach actually when he between a few of those Olympics he start to retire in the decide to go back in. He went back to his coach regarding moved on I'm not donuts unless you do this with me because he valued his coach's opinion. In his coach said you know if you're gonna do what I say I'm not it. And my accent on the do which is set. That's an Olympic gold medals and that tells me everybody know how matter how good you are. Tiger Woods and others and they these guys use coaches why. You always learn something there's something else out there that somebody from the outside looking in is going to see and can help you with us. And that's just like here at ten retirement seizure or talk or retire planning. We're gonna help you get to enter retirement or use our experience and tell you about situations. That you may not have thought about yourself you know. How that all the time we had a client that was in here the other day and data mean think about souls you're living taxes 85 cents on the dollar which means. That money goes a little further than taken money from somewhere else. Letting it defer longer so that when you get more of it and it's tax deferred and not having as much enforced distribution. People analyze a lot of things but don't have all the data points they're gonna miss a few things. So today is the first time you've heard all the cells. Your facts I can promise you you're not alone. I retirements or speaker our passion is helping to build retirement income and today we wanna help you. What talk like your asses the assets to meet for an idea retirement and how we can work together to build a retirement strategy customized for you. So you can take your your family and the most efficient manner possible. Those monies will go where you need to go. And how you want it to happen. Pick up the phone and give us a call our roundtable retirement processes waiting for you and I went 32867980913. 2867980. You've been listening to retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Investment advisory services offered through eight. 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