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Retire Right with Alan Becker
Sunday, September 3rd

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Investing involves risk including the loss of principal no investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values any references to protection benefits or lifetime income generally referred to a fixed insurance products never securities or investment products insurance and annuity product guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company are firm may be able to identify potential retirement income gaps -- me introduce insurance products like annuities as a potential solution talk to your financial professional and your tax advisor about -- Social Security benefits can fit into a complete retirement income strategy financial professionals are able to provide you with information but not guidance or advice related to Social Security benefits Allan Becker is an investment advisor representative and insurance professional with retirement solutions group retirement solutions group is an independent financial services firm that helps people create retirement strategies every -- using a variety of insurance and investment products to work toward meeting their specific goals we are not permitted to offer and -- -- -- during the show shall constitute tax or legal advice -- should talk to a qualified professional before making any decisions about your personal situation we are not affiliated with the US government or any governmental agency investment advisory services offered -- a wealth management LLC. This these three tire right with Allen back here. And the retirement views networks may get most active. Allah is the president and CEO what the retirement solutions group. With more than eighteen years of financial experience Alan and his team will help preserve and maintain his client's way of life. And the legacy they leave behind. This is retire right with Allan Becker. On the retirement news network. I Megan NASDAQ from the retirement news networks so glad to have you with us for reed tire right with at linebacker and it's a pleasure to be with Allen each week you know on the show we talk about all things retirement. And I wanna start things off by giving you Allen's phone number as I do each week that way if you have a question about something that pops up on our show today. Or if you're gets serious about retirement in you wanna set a visit with Alan you can do that by dialing 9136859. Port 22 again that's 9136859. Ports due to great website for you as well go to retire right TC dot com you know if you've ever tried a tight rope or you're like me taken up yoga or you you learn to write a bite OK any of those things. You know that balance is everything because without putted well you probably gonna take a tumble in the world of retirement planning there's a whole different kind of balance to think about because during our working years I think we all feel that pushed to save and to build the biggest domestic possible. His retirement gets closer protecting Matt nest egg well it starts to become increasingly important right to think we've all felt that so on our show today explore this balancing act in Alan I know we've got to find the right balance between accumulation. And protection but boy it can be so tending to think that growth trumps everything. Maybe yes we are talking about retirement yoga it sounds like great I was. Driving home the other day and I looked over to lake the lake and there was a bunch of people unlike flat. I guess on a column might win board's doing yoga on the lake. Oh yes paddle boards that cars. As crazy as I had to look twice and Alan yeah it is hard enough on the summer grain output this yeah I've tried a couple times Christie's attorney immunity of my brother is fifteen years old and he loves it. So I I. I hear it's great for the soul but. I have not gotten that bug yet but when it comes retirement transitioning. From the accumulation phase two that preservation phased retirement it's so difficult it's it's like one of the hardest things he's been. 3040 years saving for retirement and then I'll send you got to spend your money. And if you go by the time you're seven and a half they have forced distribution so we really do need to discuss and you need to be working with somebody that can assist you. As you make that transfer. From a accumulation mindset. To a preservation mindset. So positioning your retirement assets to provide a comfortable level of income for as long as you need it means developing strategy that strikes the right bouts between growth. Protection risk and reward. So ask yourself these three questions what's the right balance of power for your retirement plan how well balanced or your mess stake in your retirement strategies today. And how do you get a strategy that protects your hard earned mess steak and gives it room to grow. Without risk these are the important questions that make you are gonna tackle an interview on today show. Big questions to answer and you know Alan this is a huge show would just this subject matter it's an important one and I wanna talk about that dynamic. Between growth and protection you're referring to why do you think we should talk about changing the strategy that's worked so well to grow our nest egg just because retirement is getting a bit closer now I mean why. Why mess with the good thing. You know all comes down the finding a bounce between risk and reward in between growth of protection in it cost me appropriate your stage in life you know when we're. Working we have time on our side. Typically we you know can afford a little more risk but once we stop working. Are we dial back in the end collar cells retired we get to a situation where every dollar has to work for us and count. And we can't afford the risk is we're not paying in on the backside it's just making sure that we are minimizing your risk and staying. Cautious but not too cautious he goes both ways you can be too conservative and you can be too aggressive so we gotta have the right balance. Yours are that you know that comes back and deploy hate he Allen get that balance right and I wanna talk about. Finding balance in a retirement strategy what do you think are some of the things we can be doing right now to just make sure we're not being overly cautious or. Overly risky with our nest day. In Romania. And since you're thinking is so far more if the stock market has a correction it goes down would that be you know downward dog eat a low. But don't yeah those fantastical and you what is. You know it's important to realize that everyone's situation is going to be a little bit different so what you know what's a balanced approach for one person. Might not be a balanced approach for another that's where your financial advisor comes and it helps you to. Build that portfolios. That volatility control portfolio to your individual risk tolerance. OK so when we're looking at trying to build that growth into retirement strategy Dan Allen how do you go about doing. Oh million with the retirement nest a huge analyst certain assets to provide you the tips for growth and when I say growth. I mean the ability to produce income in your nest Aegon in retirement. And that's just a matter of having the right stock mix or alternative investments could be using annuities. CDs any combination. Bonds but just making sure that you have the diversification within your portfolio. That win one so the markets down another side is up and hopefully what we're creating there. Is a balanced portfolio we're what you really. Fixing is the the risk. Inside your portfolio and creating a portfolio that's going to give you that growth the need to retirement. But not just be dormant or the money you're spending its forces to go down and a rapid pace he got to have room for inflation you gotta have growth and a portfolio. Sports talk about today is just so valuable and I know that if I was listen this I'd wanna know how to get in in and it was qualified financial planner and find out what my options are so I wanna make available for our next ten collars are roundtable retiree view. This no cost no obligation consultation. We're gonna look at the big picture talk about your needs your wants and your goals in the based conversation I'm gonna provide you with a retirement income strategy. That's developed based wholly on your individual circumstances so. Pick up a pan. Right on the phone number and give us a call immediately 9136859422. That's 9136859422. We are located at 435 and Metcalf. Here in Overland Park, Kansas love to have you out the office 9136859422. And I wanna tell you about Allen's ongoing dinner workshops he told these all throughout the year. Great restaurants said Joe's Casey barbecues sometimes it it going chop house capital grille. Really fantastic places and what he does there is just has a free conversation with you about his philosophy for generating retirement income. You get to know him the team and meet some other people in your own same position trying to get a plan for retirement it's a great evening. You can find one near you and at a time that works for you at his website. And by the way web site's been completely revamp head over to retire right TC dot com that three tire right TC. Dot com. On today's show we're talking about striking the right balance between growth and protection in your nest thanks so Allan how we build in some stock market based investments into a balanced strategy is that possible. Currently that's possible metric dvd stock tips today but I'm gonna share a few fundamentals investing. So I'd first I'd really like you consider looking at high quality stocks offer strong dividends those stock should have a track record. For solid dependable growth and remember article here's consistency what we do here retirement solutions here our she investments. Is we utilize third party money managers for a lot of our clients that really focus in on a volatility controlled portfolio what I mean by this. It is just picture speed limit we wanna find out how fast your portfolio is going so let's say the S&P 500 is run and seventy miles an hour. Are you just follow along with the S&P where it dropped forty points like it did in 2008 you're just gonna do that with it. Or you little more conservative than in the S&P are you sitting back and if the S&P goes down forty points maybe yearly event 101520. Points. If you don't go down as far you don't have as much to make up I look at it like the tortoise and the hare we try. Really to be that tortoise we want a conservative. Consistent portfolio we don't want the really high highs we don't want the really low lows. We want middle road fundamental. Portfolio that is volatility control. Alan I know that stocks are the only way to position a nest egg for growth tell us about some other options. You know one thing I like is using a fixed or fixed index and duty inside the portfolio to. Create another element in tier retirement plan kind of your own personalized pension if you will also using them. As a standalone vehicle for safety so what I mean by that is there's I knew he's out there that track at index where you can hear it. 4550%. Of the upside the S&P and now the downside I don't know about you but I would trade. The downside. My money global losses on it. 450% of the upside I think it's a pretty. Fair. Offering in if you look at the S&P over the last fifteen years you'd still come up with over a 5% return. On your money if you didn't have to overcome the downside on the other side there are new and he's used for indexing that can be used also for income. And that can be an income generator inside your portfolio now historically annuities tend to pay 46%. But that doesn't mean your always gonna get those rates that doesn't mean it's always going to be. Only five or six doesn't mean it's always going to be at least five or six. The idea of a diversified portfolio is you have a lot of options in the air so that you can. Weather the storms create income not run out of money and that's what we want to create in retirement is a real opportunity there. Allen talking about these alternative investments just awaited try to position growth in our nest day. Is this a topic that comes up ate your dinner workshops at your seminars. Absolutely Megan what our workshops are is retiring radio alive the only thing missing is you we. There's no co host there's just me in a white board few members of the staff. And I eat typically start by asking the audience what they wanna hear about what they came in for all right those topics up on the board. And then we'll start to. Going into our lives sessions so if somebody wants to bring up not out living their money Social Security tax strategies are tax efficient strategies alternatives. Real estate we talk about a lot of ground at these workshops and I find them very beneficial and I think that after the feedback I get. That our listeners find them extremely beneficial as well and I really encourage everybody listening to come out. And attend one of our workshops. In the near future and they can do that by giving us a call at 913. 6859422. It's held the people in an alliance that you're shutting it attending a workshop they will let you know about the date or you just go to our website and see what's available there as well but either way come out CS 9136859422. That's 913685. 9422. As important is growing your assets is in the delicate balancing act called retirement preserving those assets is equally crucial. Allah chooses where to finance protection coming up next. This is retire right we've Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Whether you're approaching retirement or already retired transitioning into retirement can be a daunting thoughts we'll let you keep income what is the market drops. How she didn't take Social Security joined the team from retirement solutions group and RSD investments for a discussion about these factors and more. All well retirement solutions. Group treats you to a complimentary dinner at 801 chop house in England UK until 6 PM on Tuesday September 12 for Thursday September 14. 801 townhouse in anyway. Reservations are required so call 913659422. To reserve your seat today that's nine point 36859422. Seating is limited so call now to learn more about these events and I'm you can attend. Retirement solutions through 913685. And 9422. Or online at retire right TC dot com. Investment advisory services offered through eighteen wealth management LLC. This is retire right with the Alan Ackerman on the retirement. News network. I'm Megan NASDAQ from the retirement news network so glad to have you with us here for a retire right with Allan Becker and might you be Allen's phone number if you have any questions about today's show topic if he'd like to use top with Eleanor said the visit with him you can do that 9136859422. His website it's retire right Casey dot com again nets retire right key seat. Dot com. You know it comes to your nest egg who doesn't love to see some growth right but. With growth comes this need for protection after all you wanna preserve all the deems that you made see don't have to give it held back because of market dips or maybe. He KG had a financially draining health issues so Allen. How can reposition our nest eggs so it's less susceptible to some sharp downturns in the market. That's the multimillion dollar question retirement is to get through retirement without run out of money so it's a lot of it has to do with positioning. But if we just keep doing the same thing that you've been doing for years. We may not always get the same results we switch to ga. To being in the distribution. Part of life what I mean by that is when we're savings savings savings we can then we can adjust to the fluctuation. We're not actually taking money out on the dips believe in retirement were actually living on that money. And it's almost like reversing amortization this is a big part of our practice is helping people to understand this because if you a 100000 dollars in the market and that. 100000 drops to 90000 because there's a 10% correction in the market that you have to live. So you take out 5000 live your starting back at 85000 before year even. Before even have your money start working for yourself for the next year and next year you still need another 5000 so it's not 5%. Of that 100000 it becomes a much higher number eight or 9%. What we wanna help us help you do in retirement. Is to position the funds comic he's a bucket approach we're certain dollars are used in certain positions. And we adjust the wrist stocks that we don't just dilute the portfolio by throwing in a bonds and a lot of us that's what we're kind of used to we. Look at our borrowing gays in the give us opportunity. Such as a 6040 and 82 point plan. Which basically means it's a target dates to before I retire in ten years or five years. We need more money in bonds and less money in the market to control volatility that's the typical way 401K works well when we're setting things up. We wanted to do it to your tolerance and senate that speed limit make sure we understand how faster portfolios going. How fast you wanna be going and then set up the portfolio. According to your tolerance but even the money in the market should not be associated. To all of your income needs typically what we wanna do is. Set aside. Your income. Mike it is muscles security like it isn't your pensions that's a set monthly income that you can depend on a lot of our clients like to do that exact thing with some of their funds. In the form of fixed indexed annuity that creates income and retirement so that they know they're getting consistent paycheck each and every week or month. Or six months or England whatever interval they want in retirement. Just as they did when they were working. So that they can stay in that. Comfort zone if you will where they're having money come in on a consistent basis and then if we can guarantee that for the rest of their lives or their spouses lives that we have a situation where. You're taking care so that's where we look at diversifying the portfolio in different buckets using stock market. But Austin using insurance products that comes back to that we are duly licensed financial planners meaning we have an insurance license life and health. We also have a series 65 fiduciary license which. Helps us to offer those securities. In that way whether you want safety where you want risk or balance of the two year here retirement solutions group we can take care of both. Very important differential. To working with somebody that is both securities license and insurance license. So that you can get a tree diversification. And a true balance in your retirement dollars something that's missing from many of the people out there. Am something that we really like to help our clients list. So Allen is there a way to diversify when it comes to taxes tax efficient planning is one of our core areas here retirement decisions your. One that we do not take lightly and I think one that's definite. Differentiator between us and a lot of firms out there in Kansas City because most of the firms don't address taxes. And what do mean by that is especially the big box house is just you can go to mask had already tax planning they're irritating and talk to your CPA and if you study CPA. They're most likely in detail awaited financial planning. And that you talk to them so we are the financial planner that will address those both issues and I don't mean. That we're giving tax advice be very clear about that what I'm saying is were looking at the tax efficiency of your investments. Where you should withdraw from and then looking at your tax bracket to make sure we're taking consideration. Longevity. Taxation and the tax brackets. And making sure that you're spending the appropriate amount of money. And in the right way so one of those ways that will utilize or one of those tools we utilized a retirement. Is a life insurance policy as. An asset class and this is something that shouldn't be. Overlooked most people don't know how to utilize his vehicle in this way and it's something that we specialize in so you can start moving money from the left hand. Paid taxes on it move it over to the right hand any tax free. Vehicle in the form of a life insurance policy so that if you passed away prematurely there's this death benefit to cover your spouse. It's tax free when they receive it if your assets that are under the ten and a half million dollars that the threshold is currently four couple in the state taxes. And then we can then take money out of that policy 510 years later. In the form of tax free withdrawals because they're in the form of alone which doesn't. Pay taxes. Therefore. We're looking at the tax efficiency and creating a tax efficient portfolio and a tax efficient plan. Which really protects the surviving spouse because we need you lose a spouse you also lose half the tax bracket. And you maintain the same income. From your required and distribution your IRAs which is where a lot of people getting tax travels yes tax efficiency is extremely important. Something we work with every day and if you wanna tax efficient portfolio there's no time like the president to start looking to see. There can be some improvements made and we'll do that at no cost no obligation to be one of the next ten dollars and 913. 6859422. Let's put you through our roundtable retirement process. And do that roundtable retiree view this is our proprietary program. That has no cost no obligation. And it will address your individual and unique situation. So give me a call 9136859422. That's 913. 6859422. And we're glad to have you along with us here on the program today I'd like to give you Allen's web site we told you about his dinner workshops you can get registered the air on I think his go to retire right Casey dot com and to retire right Casey. Died come. Eat Allen talking today about striking the right balance between growth and protection a big fear it these days is not handing retirement income that last long enough so. Is way to protect your income to ensure that it will last. Absolutely that's where that insurance license comes in we buy insurance as a society to transfer risk whether it's. Transferring the risk of a loss of a car how's life we do that why not transfer the market risk from your family. And you shoulder all that to a multi billion dollar insurance carrier with an a rating. That's what we do each and every day's we've helped people find the right balance. What monies and they would want to gearing heat to create an income. Do you want to guarantee that income and provide yourself with some peace of mind if you will. By having consistent reliable income for the rest of your life. Hence the title of my AM book return on investment or reliability of income the true meaning of our line the golden years it's that reliability of income are a lot reliability of income. And we only can create that reliability with the use of a fixed were fixed indexed annuity that can guarantee an income stream. When I put on the investment hat the series 65 I can't guarantee anything I can control volatility but I can't guarantee anything when I put on the insurance had. I can utilize insurance products that transfer that risk over them and can guarantee that income for the rest of your life and your spouse's life. And a lot of those policies. Do also have long term care benefits at no cost and no underwriting. Built into the policy there are others that that's writer that has charge on the side so again we'll find the right vehicle for yet. Will it for me and how works goal early in if you like. The sound of it. The weekend. Facilitate. The as a moving your 40 and K or other assets into. That annuity and generating new income that you cannot outlet. Alan I would guess when it comes to a new ladies that income guarantee he is probably only as good as the insurance company that's offering right. I'll absolutely everything I agree 100% that's why we really wanted to check the rating agencies such as AM best Moody's Standard and Poor's. And make sure that we're using only top rated insurance here's some times. You hear about a rate that sounds too good to be true. You might go check the ratings and find out that that might be a B rated carriers sometimes lower rated carriers have to have better offerings or what that's you know seemed to be better offerings. Because. Their ratings are low to offset for that but. The more that they offer and especially in a low interest rate environment. That's the mole or strain they potentially put on that insurance cares so it's very important. That you only use highly rated insurance carriers and that's something as a fiduciary that we definitely explain and research for you. What about maintaining a cash reserve because that's something the talk about a lot but today tedious and nest egg protection at all. You know cash reserves and do a lot of things for one thing I find that it's kind of goes with the whole happy wife happy life having some cash on the side. Keeps mom happy knowing that she can. Take care of the things that she needs to take care of and that nobody's gonna. Touch that fund in that if you get into it jammed that you don't have to ask anybody to get your money here wait for some stocks to sell our new east. Pay out or withdraw funds or anything like bats and yet you've got to have that emerges front but also give the other buying power. You you know the markets down and you don't want to access some fund you could use your emergency fund to get funds out why that bounces back up. I like to avoid that one I just by having the right bucket approach but not everybody is. Open to using annuities and people want to have all their money in the market and just have that volatility control we just. Giving the options show you the difference situations and what to look out for build a plan for you and then main engine maintain and and check back on that plan on a regular basis so that's you know it inspector what you expect. That's what my mentor always told me. And that's kind of one of the building blocks of our financial plan on the rounds over timer process so you build a plan and you check it consistently. It's specific intervals life changing events make sure you're on track tweak it do the things you need to do. And this is what we do each and every day for our fine class folks just like yourself so give me a call at 9136859422. Let me put you into our round table retire process. This rounds they retire review is proprietary it's at no cost no obligation be one of the next ten collars. And 9136859422. To get on our calendar may be one outcome of one of our workshops maybe just wanna come straight in the office. And mass start roll up your sleeves and get to work on your situation we will take care of you whatever it is you need give us a call 9136859422. Well your hard earned retirement no mistake it needs protecting now more than ever Allen offers more ways to make preservation part of your retirement strategy up. You are listening to retire right with the Allan Becker on the retirement. It's news networks.