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Retire Right with Alan Becker
Sunday, September 9th

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You're listening to retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Glad to have you board today and you listened to you retire right I'm Megan NASDAQ alongside Allen backer. Give me Allen's phone number as we roll through our shallower talking life insurance today you might be thinking. Life insurance fit into this retirement equation and really giving us some great insights into that if you have questions make sure you've got the number nearby 9132867980. If you've been putting off making a plan for retirement in retirement this. Quickly approaching make sure you reach out to Alan just started here it is again 913286. 7980. We talked about why life insurance is important and also what's behind it why you looked at it how could it make a difference in retirement. I think the next question we often ask about life insurance is. What type is appropriate for me right so let's talk about that will have now there are so many different types. How do you know what's life insurance is right for your stage of why. Making it like in terms of the sexiest topic in the world is it. He got to find an advisor that understands. How to explain tea. And how that it can benefit you know us. Being with Tom and Jeanne not too long ago and they are both CPAs right so they understand taxes and tax efficiency. And their individual situation. Didn't know everybody a little bit from what they were really worried about taxes you know not close to their heart being. You know CPAs you know as we were talking we figured that utilizing a life insurance policy where they could put the money that wasn't going into the forward okay. You pass the match in to these policy using them as an investment so we understand investment we're using. The minimum out of death benefits is still satisfy the higher risk posed. As being life insurance and they were able to create. How 1015 years from now based on the projections. That they would have an income stream to complement their Social Security. Complement their Roth IRAs and there are higher rates do work. To create income in retirement that was tax free now imagine. The peace of mind to know that when you get into retirement you're no longer working. That that choice she made years ago really mattered who was creating. A tax free income streams that you could live out your golden years and do things you wanted to do you mean. Honestly that is the true meaning of ROI and the golden years having the U return on your retirement the ability to win jewelry. That time that you have with your loved ones and retirement senate that's important Tia. You know you want to be able to you know Lou about the history and and that's one of those solutions. That is created through having the right advisors that understands how to. All of these wonderful tools together to create a solution for you that's what our roundtable retire process has been doing for years. Tell people just like yourselves and you know we'd love to sit down and answer your questions get two million. And understand what's on your bucket list what are you trying to accomplish what he's saving for whom he's saving four and if you can keep the answers those questions and others. You're gonna have case is that a much better. Retirement knowing. Where to draw from that what time or place in and under what type of situations. So come see us you know 9132867980. Those are the magic numbers because once you call that phone number you're gonna get a hold of one of our team members is gonna find you a time on our calendar. Or your job to one of our workshops whatever works best for you they'll even give you a free copy of my book return on investment reliability in them. Rate information for you read if you if you want. And that's there for you as well put it all starts by Collison 9132867980913. 2867980. Don't forget Allen's web site you can always go to retire right Casey dot com for more information. That's retire right TC dot com Reno life insurance Alan it is just one part of retirement plan animate it really doesn't address the elephant in the room these days you are. Always telling us. How concerned people are that the gonna outlive their money they're not gonna have enough income to last your retirement so let's. Just tackled that one for a moment here how we make sure our income. Does last no matter how long we last. You know around him retire processors being part of that. Hope to answer those questions because what we're talking about and if you have an advisor fantastic hopefully they have. Assistant to get these questions answered if not. To free to reach out to us we can show you how we can help you but our our processes and address five core areas. And when I'm talking about is the income planning and that you know the quarter of the income plan. Is to eliminate that number one fear rape number two is the investment planning making sure. That the investing your doing is not what your advisor once the what you want in other words that it's. Designed to address your risk tolerance we liked referred to the rule of 100 which take your age minus 100. He shouldn't have too much more risk than Matt if you can't stand it okay many people just. Don't have the stomach for the tolerance. For the ups and downs of the stock market that's fine you still have to do appropriate planning. But that's why we also have the insurance license so we can. We can put on our investment that we can't guarantee that we can put our insurance hat we can show you that the guarantees available through certain insurance company social lots of options out there. Next we're gonna talk about us tax efficiency you don't know any more public duty. To pay more taxes in the wall demands they're forced extraction not voluntary contributions. That quote sounds familiar from judge learned hand at the Supreme Court years ago. And I just stuck in my head because it's so true. And we want to make sure that you understand. How much of your money is yours and how much still is owed to the government. View these re pardon and distributions and how to take charge of your retirement and take control right so that's tax efficiency. The next is. Health care. Long term care health insurance Medicare. And retire before Medicare what are your options to keep cut company insurance or cobra what I mean. What do you do. So we have the answers to those questions in the last area of the round retirement processes are legacy planning now you know Bill Owens who were in the they legacy was the most important part to them I mean. In the day that pension and Social Security didn't spend a lot they can live on that money. And it really know what to do with the record industry should see everything's kind of tangled in together they all feed off each other. And what bill one and and and sue us to make sure that what they had would go to their loved ones to their kids primarily and make sure. They were taking care. So we were able to find a way. To tax officially withdraw from their IRAs. Reposition those assets. Create some tax free money for the for the kids and ultimately believe a larger legacy in the ever thought they could for those kids and they just left here feeling so much better. That they were able to do what they didn't know they can do they were struggling with how to accomplish his goal. And they did when I'm asking you to do they picked up the phone and called and came in for you know consultation in the and the rest is history they are able. To find a solution that worked for them so please give us a call 9132867980. Let me show you what the team here retirement solutions group can do for your family and when three. 28679. 09132867980. Allen talking about making our money last our retirement assets last. It does mean usually investing right to see that growth but. You look at Wall Street and I know people tell you all the time it's unpredictable. They're nervous were seeing all time highways in the and we hear these whispers about a correction or crash. How does all that volatility affects my retirement is there anything we can be doing to protect what we received from the next crash whenever that might happen. Well absolutely I mean Megan how much timely acts as the answer. As a mouthful after a huge mistake and I know you hear this from people who come T oh yeah I mean it's the biggest focal point is. You know people don't realize today. What their options are it seems like we see we just kind of backed into corner thinking we have to be in the market if you know we want to retire if we want our money to grow. And that's not necessarily each. I've been doing this for over twenty years as those high command. That they never ran a money and you know one of their goals be able to take their grandkids on a trip every year. You know when you're the Disney cruise or you know doing that kind of mistake haitien where they were able to he arrived to Branson and our. To it's taken to different zoos and seal the national sites that kind of thing. And didn't ability to keep doing that in impacting. The next generation that was so important but at the same time they were worried about having enough money to retire and looking at the market and that's where working with some it has that tool licenses that has the insurance and securities. Can in addition to things like annuities and and that's just like life insurance and has one of those confrontations with a lot of people but and see if I could. Set the record straight like I did with brandy NJ because. Here's the thing when I put on the securities hat in that typical box houses out there. They're not allowed to offer the insurance products that's not in their product line CU go there thinking you're getting all the information but what you're getting. Is. Now quote unquote a a one sided version ray so all they have is stocks and if you want something safe you go to bots. But the truth is there's other stuff out there and you know you don't wanna just be in the market because that's what your broker wants and that's where you know Jay and brandy and I were talking. And they looked at a deferred annuity were able to find a place to put. They're hiring that was gonna have distribution and futures so even if they want to say they still had to spend their right. And they can get the gains of the market without the losses is is caught an index annuity and they've been told by so many people hey don't put your money annuities. You want folks I'm here to tell you the reason most people tell you not to be an ethics committee. Because a it'll offer them or B. They don't want to give up there you know assets under management their fee for managing your money because once you put it in the insurance product. That insurance commission it's paid for by the insurance company there's no cost to you. And you get the peace of mind of never running out of money. So if you're like social security and you like pension my game brandy did. The EU can. Get that if you are open to looking at a different Internet than that it might not be right for you. And as a fiduciary we've got to make sure it fits in with the planning it works orient the that's the idea. And now second Hialeah both Jane brandy are much happier. That they know that they have that consistent reliable income coming in for the rest of their lives and they'll be able to take those kids. Anywhere they need to go such as those Disney cruise because they have the proper planning here that's great race. You know it's it's kind of like that we like to refer to as the big majestic white swan. You know why call it a swan Megan why is that. Because swans stands for sleep well at. Nine boom yeah half and people are looking to do so many people are not sleeping while they're tossing and turning over your these very matters. You were able to have to give. Jane Brady such assurance. And in turn they're gonna has some pretty happy grandkids. But you know he said the word assurance and what is assurances that word the bills off another word it's part of insurance rate. And that's what we're doing we're ensuring. Their future knowing. It's based on claims billion that care we need to make sure we're using a really strong reliable carrier. The bottom line is. They do you have that assurance and that assurance that they can do what they wanna do in this life and it's not going to be based. On something they can't control at 2 o'clock in the morning Tweeter something in the media. You know that should not make or break your retirement he can you imagine for a second you claiming that cruise and all of a sudden your friendly neighborhood box or type broker calls up and says. Each day. Yet can't. You know take that vacation because it's only a paper lost the war on the loss right now so can you postpone that vacation. No I know. So he utilizing our day utilizing the annuities as part of their strategy. Have a reliable income in the money in the market. Can be volatile because they don't depend on it to live that's more legacy. And I know that many. The listeners are retiring at radio. One the same solutions so please pick up the phone incumbency nineteen because we are going to listen to your ish issues. And we're gonna give you the solutions and we're gonna show you how we did. That for them and how we can do it for you and it all starts. And giving us a call 9132867980913286798. Here so we can invite you out here for 35 and Metcalf. So we can start the process 9132867980. Like insurance it's it she element of most retirement strategies but how much coverage do you actually need we're gonna find answers to that question up next this. He's retire right with the Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Hi it's Glenn Beck of the dozens of retirement advisors in Kansas City you're gonna hear me talk about only one Allan Becker at retirement solutions group and our SEG investments and that's because Alan is not your typical establishment. Kind of advisor and retirement solutions group and our SG investments isn't your typical establishment advisory firm everything they do is custom fit to you. Thanks Glenn join us for one of my upcoming complimentary dinner events pick the date that works best for you we have 6 o'clock on Tuesday September 18 or Thursday September 20 and 9132867151. Word about their retirement planning process and gain insight into today's retirement strategy. Let Alan and his team help you retire successfully to sign up call 9132867151. That's 9132867151. In Kansas City call Allan Becker 9132867151. Annika and generated in the client investment advisor service has offered only but to be Brister individuals to me wealth management LLC. You are listening to retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. This is retire right I nearly Allan Becker I make and those act from the retirement news network. Have you with us today on the program. What a giddy Allen's phone number if you have questions about our show today 9132867980. That's nine when 32867980. We're talking light insurance and that's subjects a lot of people have questions about our job today is to help you find the answers. Alan here's a big and very common question that people have about life insurance. Coverage do we need. I guess your life depends on who can tease you used that before. Have you. Have and it's like you think about what he started talking Ameristar had a those fantastic but you know how much coverage as a person need three or four times her annual incoming needs an interest in there's means in their want so. A Wii title we need to protect our panel working and are we talking about in retirement. When we're trying to leave a legacy so. Needed want. I kind of get mixed in together there and also we gotta talk about. Legacy in taxes so. Really it's what can you afford what can not using so when I'm talking about here may in his retirement so I'm in retirement. I've got my budget I know how much money's coming in on a regular basis. And I've got more than I need my a requirement distributions that got them set up their automatically command and I'm not spend everything happened. Why not look at something like life insurance. And then it's really what can you afford not what do you need because that's a watt. I looked more when we say need. As some like myself I'm 44 years old but I've got three young kids I've got a wife we've got responsibilities I've got a business. So I need a lot of life insurance to protect. My employees. If something happens to me my family if something happens to me my spouse. So she can move all of her life and take care of those three kids when something happens you know. Better to have and not need the need not have I don't ever want to use my life insurance at least not for the next you know fifty or sixty years. But the truth is. Stuff happens right let's let's quote Forrest Gump when we need to do and at the end of the day. You wanna be protected you wanna take care of the ones you love you got responsibilities. So the amount of insurance you have should be equivalent to taking care of your responsibilities. And you know if you got money in the bank to take care summit that he might need a little less. But it typical employer. Usually does two to three times your annual salary for a reason. And that should give your fairly good starting chance but you know sometimes we wanted to little better than that depends on how they go into. You know community college or they go and Ivy League in so that can factor in where do you live now. So when you've got all those different moving parts it's really about don't qualify analysis with the financial planner. And that financial planner must be insurance license or they can't even answer those questions. Alan it's up to this talk about life insurance how it fits into an overall retirement strategy it's. Pretty complicated and I think people probably get into devastated by this it's not surprising how you figure this out. Around. On your own that's that's. Key to that questionnaire Megan and I am have been analyst for twenty years and I have learned from my clients that they are definitely. Better prepared after working with an advisor specifically asked that without an actress recently read a statistic. It's double 23%. Of pre retirees. Feel confident that are not working with a professional or 43%. That are working with them feel much more prepared so. You know. The proof is in the pudding so to speak he really should be working with somebody and you know price without value doesn't mean anything so you've got to see the value of getting those questions answered I think a lot is just don't know where there were attorney and I've. I've seen this time and time again with people that come or workshops that Colin on our radio show. They the reason our what people makes in don't know who to trust. And trust is art so that's why we invite our listeners to call and get a copy of my book return on investments or reliability of income so that they can read that get a feel for who I am who my team is. Or comment one of our workshops so that you know no pressure just. Have dinner. Listen to me talk for about 45 minutes of relief retiring radio alive. And that is workforce only of our listeners and you know I'd just so many people like and think that have come through that process. And there's so much better for it so you know take the time. You gotta eat so workshops always a possibility. But you really should take care of yourself spend more time on your future and the just planning a vacation rights take the time. To see how. Working with a qualified financial planner fiduciary. Can this issue as you make that journey to and to retire so give us a call 9132867980. And let me show you what our team can induce somebody that understands. You know that transitioned their retirement summit understands. Or he's gonna listen to unify and now what you want to accomplish your retirement age who are you protecting. What you want to have happen and where your biggest concerns and that all happens through our proprietary roundtable retirement process. And remember if you save money for years. If you just start saving. Or everything you've got is sitting in your 41 K it doesn't matter there's a portion. And a part of our process that will affect and work for you so calling 9132867980913. 2867980. Had that website they gave you earlier remember it's retire right Casey got comic he'd like to attend a dinner workshop. Alan hosts of these all throughout the year find a date and a location that worked best for you again it's retire right TC. Dot com. Alan when it comes to working with that financial professional how do you find someone you should be working with if your focus is retirement. What do we look for I mean we talk like insurance. Clearly you want someone who understands that what else is important. Well I think a lot of us you know we used a letter for. That you can relate to so might take interview in two or three people. Then there's so many important decisions out there. And this is one of those that is social very important in you don't want to mess and operate in cities ask what's in my book I talk about. Ten questions you should ask a financial professionals calling it a copy of that if you need I think we can put those up on our website time to give TI I had one of our. Clients John came in earlier in the week in the heat. Pose those questions try to I mean it was great having pulled over in my book. Looked at those ten questions and started asking you know why do you do this how long you been doing how many clients he was just asking the questions right there so. You know it's great when you when you can kind of have a checklist. Figure out what you want and then if you don't like the answers if you're not feel it and know that intuition it's important. Go find somebody else there's a lot of people out there I hopefully we're a good fit for an in its gotta be mutual we gotta like talking to you and and think that we can and know that we can do some for a same thing for you you've got to feel the value. Know that we're not there to help unit and I know that our roundtable retire process can really help bring that out. It has for so many others I mean as a father of three boys I know that I have a lot of responsibility in the world to. Teach them to have a personality to shake hands to look people in the eye. To be good productive members of society and when I'm working with. Client families I know I have responsibilities to helped make sure their money lasts as long as they do. That it's in the most tax efficient way and it's going to the people places that you wanted to and that's what I've done for so many of our clients and I wanna be able to do it for you. Alan great tips for finding the right taping an advisor to work with their retirement but what about red flags just flipping the coin what should we be on the look out for. Or someone who calls himself a retirement planner. So you're talking about what gives you those alarms that makes you run ads direct strike should not be all right yeah I mean. Truthfully if it sounds too good to be true it probably is now I wanna. Preface that sometimes we talk about annuities out there. And there are annuities and give twenty to 25% bonuses and that on the surface sounds. Too good to be true so if it does I don't mean run that quakes asked that question like okay how is that possible how can the insurance W that. Now the answer doesn't seem realistic. Or you're not in the good feeling then as time you know to turn and run. But at the same time. Find out because if it's a product like that for example. That has been through compliance it's been through the insurance commissioners approved in your state. And that's probably a legitimate thing you do is you figure out to the understanding of what why didn't somebody Estonia. Hey we did 7% in the market last year 15% of the market last year 20%. Understand past performance does not indicative of future results and they shouldn't be answering the question. Honestly by saying hey you should expect to get 15%. The truth is markets vary their volatile. And if you take the S&P a the last 1015 years and averaged around 6%. You know so that appease it's the truth is somebody's giving you pie in the sky it's exactly what it is right in your probably end up with pile of your face. So understand. What it is you're asking and what you're trying to accomplish also it should be based on your risk tolerance so if somebody's telling you those high returns. They're put in something really aggressive and what's the opposite of risk an aggressive this. It is just the opposite here if you're gonna make a lot of money you probably have the potential to lose a lot of money people figure that out Allen. Their risk tolerance. I'll agent every day you come in and visit with me one of the first things we do is ask you. Said or series of questions to figure out what you're Cox's we have some software. That we utilized that does a really good job to figure out where you should be sitting on. Leslie and civil war in here the other day and their biggest concern or retire once tax efficiency. They had plenty of money that they were just higher paying Uncle Sam so much in taxes so we keyed in on that. The idea of work with a plainer is the address you're unique concerns. And that's why we created or roundtable retirement process to give you the answer those questions and many more. So common in CS and get your questions answered that our time is yours. When you wanna go to a workshop prior to coming in or you're ready just to come in and economic calendar so we can get those questions answered. It starts by columnists and 9132867980. What you make that phone call. We will get you scheduled for one of those workshops or they'll sketch on our calendar to come in Simi we're seeing here at the office 913. 28679. Ichiro at number 91328679. Ichiro. You've been listening to retire right with Allan Becker on the retirement. News network. Investment advisory services offered through eight. 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