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Saturday, January 6th

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Are you caring for an aging parents or are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line of program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Become the best caregiver you can beat. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and happy new year welcome to senior care lives. I'm Steve Keith Kerr president of senior care consulting. Thanks so much for being here today are really really appreciated in here on the program senior care lives. Our mission is to provide information education and resources. For seniors and their caregivers and we talked about lots of good stuff such as. How to remain independent in your own home. Went to consider moving from your home to a senior care community. While that's a really tough question we tackle their frequently here if you do need to move to a senior care community how do you find the right one fitting and meeting your exact needs and then there's the cost all this is very expensive we discuss how to pay for the high cost of senior care we also touched on legal issues in thoroughly review issues involving elder law and estate planning and we discuss how to care for the caregiver so if you listening to the radio currently may be streaming this on line or listening to a podcast after the fact. Again thanks so much for being here today. You are appreciated very very much. If you need help with placement services for my firm's senior care consulting or if you wanna learn more about the service is provided by one of our very knowledgeable guess you can always reaches summer toll free number. Here it is in writing down in fact I met with a lady. This past week is she said every time I listen to your program every single week I hear something I'm like. I can't debt she sent a make a little note that my pocket all taken away and then I'll call later on when night. When I. 180331. That. 6445. Again to reach senior care line 1800. 3316445. Also visit online may have great web site senior care live LA ZE. Senior care lives. Dot com and if you do visit the website be sure connect with the socially. These days we do a lot of communication through social media. Whether that's a good thing or bad thing I don't know but we do it. Cut about debt so. Anyway hey where where we're trying to dig out of the deep freeze here. The chiefs are in the playoffs for the second year in a row that. JP this is where I think we we cue that music totally new you know all that. Stuff anyway he. So it's it's a great way to start off the start off. The year end and again happy new year we're trying to dig out of the deep freeze holy cow the negative temperature hello and goodbye get out a year or so when is spring gonna be here but anyway. After last week's program I received a call from really really nice lady she lives in the Houston Texas area that she was so it here in the key is city area visiting family over the holidays in. And she reached out and we've we connected by phone and she asked if there any other radio programs like senior care life in Texas and in I'm not sure I know I started this program over four and a half years ago at that time it may have been the first one of its type. If if it wasn't the first one it had to be one of just very very few. Around the entire country. The end you know she was just so very complementary and and she says she learned that time just by listening to one episode last week I knew it was a really good a program. I must admit. But anyway as I mentioned. At one might and I did talk about this last week when they had a review of 2017 though looked forward to 2018. One of my top priorities in the year 2018. Is to syndicate. This radio program and expand the footprint of senior care life so guess what she's gonna do. She says hey I'm gonna help you do that since she's going to contact two of the largest talk radio stations in Houston Texas. And requests that they run senior care lies in the Houston market. So Stacy thanks so much for doing that I really really appreciated I'm just honored that you enjoyed the program and is she said I was driving out of the reach of talking 980. AM is she says so as I started losing it she said I just got out my phone. I went to senior Carolina dot com and I connected in she streamed in on her found to listen to the rest. Of the program I thought that was pretty cool. So also to anyone out there listening right now if you're outside in the Kansas City market and in to save you who would like to hear the program. On your local. AM or FM talk radio station I don't like to ask that you do the same if you like senior care like you want here locally. Please contact reach out to your local. Talk radio stations either AM or FM and asked them to include senior care lives in their program schedule miss. If they do want to contact me directly just tell him to call me on my 9139452800. Number 913. 9452800. That rings directly to me as senior care consulting and they can also check out the web site senior care line dot com that. Anyway just thanks in advance for doing this I just really appreciate unites I just think gap that will definitely help you maybe kick starts. The effort is syndicating in 2018. OK so I've I've worn this doubts and I'm I'm gonna give you some tools today to help you. I've worn out the message of beginning this week there'll be thousands of people literally flooding. The markets are searching for a senior care community but. Before you enter the market do yourself a huge gigantic. Favor. In determine exactly what you need to first before. Looking at all these different places. So at senior care consulting we call this creating a care profile it's a very detailed description. And exactly what we need in this is our starting point a senior care consulting so you when we work with clients. This is the starting point we just we are create this care profile. So any and it's a detailed description of what we need. Today and looking into the future so before I move on if all of this is just overwhelming your like are you kidding me we just got out of none of the holiday break convert we're trying to get back into the into the swing of the new year. It's just hold as cried out there I don't really feel like doing this I'm overwhelmed. I need some help I don't say come on to do this on my own if that is you. I would like to humble Lee. Invite you to reach out to senior care consulting. For a free consultation will get together over nice warm cup of coffee while talking about you know if if we're good fit for you if you're good fit for us. Give me a call 9139452800. And we'll talk about it. They can again it costs you nothing 913945. 2800 so we'll walk you through the entire process that entire search and selection process. In just a few hours. Of your time in just for the record. On average if you are trying to get it right you're trying to do your homework. You really trying your best. This is gonna take you just expect you and your Stanley to spend 5200. Hours. And that's right OP didn't wreck your do not wreck your car okay. Expect this to take fifteen to 100 hours to find the right place. Our clients get through this with an investment of their time literally of just a few hours that's because. We roll out the red carpet for our clients. We make this very complicated and overlook overwhelming process. Very very simple you notice I didn't say it's easy it's never easy this is very difficult stuff that's tough stuff we can make this process. Very simple for you and your family. Guess what our clients. Love. Love love. Our placement services. So just Eskew. A basic simple question. How can you search for something if you don't know what you need. This could be like going out driving around in seeing a sign in someone's lawn. Just walking up to the house knocking on the door pale I want to see your house. Without any regard to the size of the house the price of the house the condition of the house. The size of the launch its center it's senator or etc. would anyone and anyone ever look for a house in this way. Then there's just there's no way no one would ever do that. However this is exactly what so many people do when searching for a senior care community they drive around. They see a place. Park in the parking lot they walked up opened the door and they check it out. And this is just so not a good ninety yet. It is they this is a terrible terrible terrible idea. Now I'm I'm not trying to sound too negative I'm gonna give you some tools on how to do this so that you don't waste your time and couldn't cover their for the rest of the program but it looked. Do not waste your time with this shotgun and kind of approach. Not now here's here's. Here is a take we're gonna go out we're gonna get this we're gonna jump right on and there's a placed on the street now someplace being built over here so you feel good. Running around jumping into action in driving around a chicken all these places out bit. Are you really getting anywhere is this really the most effective use of your time. And the answer is no. Well well that there's a place right down the street that's got to be a great fit well usually the closest place is not the best fit. Many many many many times the prettiest place is not the best fit. The place that has the best salesperson that close to the transaction by the way you're the transaction. Usually that's not the best fit. I'm gonna show you how to find the best fit right after the break. Gonna show you had to determine your needs and walk through step by step care profile development so stick with me but first. Let's not forget to senior Caroline's question of the week. In a long term care insurance policy the elimination period is the number of days. You have to pay out of pocket before the. Policy begins to pay its daily benefit. This is statement true or false the answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior cure broadcasting network. For more information about the services suffered on this program. And how we can help you and your family call our toll free number literally at any time we answer this 24 hours a day. 44 by seven by 365. So how about that were old school one senior care like we answer phones. 180331. 6445. Again 180331. Of 6445. Also don't forget. Just like Stacy did this she was driving out of our area you can stream the program. To any electronic device it's so simple you go to senior care live dot com click on the giant microphone right there on the home page. Or you can click on the listen live button give it a few seconds to connect and it will stream to your phone your tablet your computer whatever you have. And it really is that simple. All right back to the senior care live question of the week. Any long term care insurance policy the elimination period. Is the number of days you have to pay out of pocket before the policy begins to pay its daily benefits. Is that statement true or false in the answer this. True true true the elimination period you might be thirty days sixty days ninety days. Usually see sixty or ninety days I've seen several thirties a scene a couple of zero day. Elimination period I'm also seem as long as a 180 days but. Pretty common to see sixty or ninety so let's save him a sixty day elimination period that means that you're gonna pay. For the home care the adult daycare the assisted living of long term care cost for sixty days out of your pocket writing a check. And then on the 61 day. This policy would then start to pay its daily benefit all of whatever it is whether that's. You know hundred dollars a day 200 dollars a day as I mentioned many times before I'm recommending 200 to 250 dollar day. And benefits. If if you can afford that so they're real that's elimination period. And it's a silly term I elimination what the heck is that it's a deductible. Suck at English elimination period equals. I let's give back to what do you need to know before. Entering the market. With thousands of other friends and family. Searching for a senior care communities so. Let's talk about this let's develop the care profile and again this is what we do senior care consulting that'll teach and do it. On your own if you'd like to take a shot at debt. So number one. What level of care do you need. So if you are sitting here thinking this is talking about. Well let me say you're already in trouble. Because. It if you were to go out into the market and not know what is level of care is. Then you are using a shotgun approach. You probably will be sold in taken advantage of potentially Elise. And it will take you forever to get this rate if you get it right at all. That's why I wanted to and really spent a lot of time on this today so what level of care do you need well to know that I have to review. The different levels of care that are available in white they offer. If you thinking into the I'm just gonna walk through this kind of in eighty progression. And we're talking about level of care provided it spent some of the different levels of senior care communities. So if you're thinking independent living that's an apartment. With meals transportation and and in some activities so you're you're on your own that you're not alone you're surrounded by lots of people but you do have. Your own private personal space of an apartment it could be a duplex or even the freestanding Villa. At that some independent living communities dubbed the majority of the capacity though. Would be very nice apartments it could be a Studio One or two bedroom apartment may be. A one bedroom with a Dan aura or work study. But that lots of configurations but you usually get at least one meal per day maybe two maybe three. But at least one and so you get a little bit of a break there. A full Parma with full kitchen she can still do all the cooking that you like. The end you have so yes and transportation available some activities but that's about it there's no care provided by the independent living community. No they may bring in home care provider that can help you and I am I can get into the gray stuff here today but that's what independent living. Yes in a lot of people that's a great fit here. You don't wanna deal with your homeownership anymore you wanna be around some other people. You sell your home your downsizing you move into a nice independent living community great fit for a lot of people. The middle ground between independent and in the long term care is generally called referred to as the assisted living level. This is a social model. It's not a medical model to social model and they do a lot for you they can help you. Minimally or fully with your bathing dressing and grooming they provide all of your meal snacks and hydration. The full slate of activities full transportation schedule. They can distribute your medications most people do have their medications distributed. They can help you to limit to a point with incontinence management. And they can generally provide a one person transfer assistant so I'm giving you a general description here. That why do middle ground. Called assisted living. Now if we wanna go a little on the lighter side of assisted living where persons a little more independent. Less staffing required. We would call their residential care. So our CF residential care facility RCF one and RCF two on the Missouri side they separate the two. Kansas they just call that they just called RCF residential care so. So that is very similar. To assisted living. But. Not much less staff thinks so that the residents there are not been much higher level of capability. They just don't need as much help the price reflects it to a little less than the system limit. On the heavier side of assisted living we have the home plus. What that is is literally a house that's been modified. To care for her accommodate. Generally six to eight residents. Great staffing ratios. Basically won the three year one to four. They can't provide to pursue transfers he's patient lifts like Hoyer lift that sort of thing. I they can help someone. But generally speaking at a higher level than what the system living offers but there's still some limitations there. So that's that wide it wider middle ground. In the challenge with assisted living is not all of them offer the same it's not he standardized model some of them won't even help you take a bath. Some of them will serve thickened liquids to the residents who have were recovering from stroke. Maybe. Having some swallowing challenges. And everything in between. Then the highest level of care generally speaking the long term care community. This is very commonly known as the nursing home. This is say this is a full medical model they help you with all of your activities of daily living distribute medication just like assisted living. Plus full medical care. Soul. So we have the least restrictive. And independent living. More restrictive. Assisted living. Most restrictive. In long term care otherwise known as the nursing home level. And then you've got some gray areas in between this independent living and assisted living. Sister living has some gray areas between assisted living in a long term care. So even just step one determining. The proper level of care can be really really really tricky. Again if you think you would like some professional help with this reach out to assist senior care consulting. 9139452800. Didn't really help you out there otherwise stay tuned there's a whole lot more news right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. Delisting to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network for more information about the services offered on this program. And how we can help you when your family color toll free number at any time 1803310. 6445. Again 180331. 6445. Don't forget if you miss an episode a senior care lives may be wanna share with friends or family maybe just wanna go back to listen to it again. No worries and all just go to senior care lives dot com. Click on the podcast tab and that's where you'll find all of the previously aired episodes and lots and lots of people. Listen to the podcast after the fact because maybe they're not available. To listen to a live on the radio Saturday mornings at eleven so feel free to help yourself there. I saw today we're talking about how to determine what you need before. Entering the market looking and searching for a senior care community. Senior care consulting we call that the care profile. It's a number one you need to determine the level of care so what level of care do you need independent living residential. Care facility assisted living community. Home plus residents. Or the long term care but residents commonly known as the nursing help. So once you determine your level of care than the next step is what type of care do you need. So in I just I just break this out just so so simple. The level of care. And then what type of care do you need provided within that level. Of care so what do you mean Steve by that type of care. Okay well therefore and there are some mothers and I'm I can get overly complicated today. These are the main four. So number one just general care we don't need anything specific we just need great. 24 hour general care just general assistance. With an assortment of issues and challenges. General. Care that's why cult general every day general care. In the second one. And way more than 50% of my clients. Need memory care. So we need a special type of care. Cold memory care this from beef burger or resident individual with alzheimer's or dementia. Where can be and other cognitive. Impairment. We may need memory care right now. Because of element risk behaviors. Or. A lot of our clients. Are early in the stages early in the stages of memory care. Early stage dementia early stage alzheimer's. And so we don't need memory care today bites. We can anticipate that we may need memory care. Down the road. So at that point we're gonna look for a place that offers general care and memory care if that's our situation. Or maybe we're past the general care part and we need memory care we need it. Right now today. We have general care. We have memory care. And then we have. Skilled nursing and rehab. So we're going to be leaving the hospital. We've qualify for Medicare. Covered skilled nursing and rehab. May be no there's been a Falwell fractured hip. Pretty common especially in the ice in the snow. At this time of year. It can happen at any time don't. Go to the hospital we get her him or hip pinned or replaced. We're there for three overnights that's the magic trigger for Medicare. And did you transition. You discharged in your admitted to a skilled nursing facility that is provided any long term care community. Medicare certified did it and I can you talk to. I'm I'm fighting off a cold ended the evil cold and I'm Cha and trying to get rid of it. The Medicare certified to long term care community is where you gonna find the skilled nursing and rehab. In the force major type of care is going to be mental health care so this would be consults for someone. And not talking about your your pretty common depression. Nine society I'm talking about here you major. Diagnoses with mental health care that say that's a specific. Type of care so jet so you're looking at your your type of care and excuse me the level of care is the first part of that review we reviewed. Which you determine that didn't determine your type of care. General care memory cure skilled nursing and rehab or mental health care. Okay and then here's a big part big part of the puzzle how you gonna pay for it. I mean it's all incredibly. Expensive as you probably. Have already guessed. So the first one is private pay. Oh just pay for a privately we're just going to be writing checks. And you're gonna burn through a ton of money. OK so private pay Medicare. So Medicare is very very specific on what they won't pay and they are very very limited it's a great benefit. This really designed after your hospitalization in three nights in the hospital. That's the trigger into the nursing home. You're skilled nursing and rehab rehab therapy get you back up on your feet. And when she plateaued read some goals are you back to original capability. They discharge you so Medicare is a great benefit to this very short term designed to get you back up and running begin in the best possible way. And then at that point then again your private pay maybe you're running out of assets you've out lived your assets you can have to depend on Medicaid. Many key qualification in the Medicaid program. To pay for your care. That's only available at certain levels of care. Has nothing to do with the types of care C a complex and how tricky all this can get real fast. I thought Medicaid pays for everything no they don't. Detect their their very Lim it's great it's fantastic program they're very limited though. As to why its level of care they won't pay for. The type of care that you need doesn't matter. For Medicaid all right. If you're a veteran or surviving spouse of the better maybe he can qualify for the VA aid and attendance. To help offset some of your. Costs a senior care. Maybe if you're very fortunate. And you made the investment in long term care insurance policy. Maybe your long term care insurance again after that elimination period this kick in in a couple hundred bucks today. Let me tell you what it's like any other insurance policy. Kind of hate paying for that every month but again you know the peace of mind comfort knowing if I need it when that things were gold. It's it's worth so much if you ever you hope you don't need it I hope I never need to file a claim on my homeowner's insurance from my car insurance. And if I do I know I'm covered this is the same thing. It's just gonna cover you for the high cost of long term care community. I and then there's location. So that's the third point the fourth point what location do you prefer how far are you willing to drive. To get the best care. You have to you have to think about depth. And then last but not least do you have any personal preferences or needs. One of my clients we needed a piano available for mom it was just part of her DNA made a very happy. It literally filled her up I'm a musician so I totally get that one. Not all places have a piano that are resident can just walk up and play. Is your special diet that's needed. One of my clients in 2004. Was a strict begin. And I had to find a long term care community that they could accommodate debt. That was pretty tough in 2004 I think he'd be a little easier today but that's very very specific. Any specific activity. Such as one of my clients my husband needs it woodworking shop if we're gonna move. I'm taking away from something that he dearly loves of the place had a woodworking shop we would consider it. If they don't we would not considerate. Not a walking paths. Fitness center music programs a bridge club. A very specific religious service. Proficiency. In using a wound back. Able to provide IV therapy or ventilator services. I need a garage available for I'm my car all of these things are things that have been personal preferences and needs. The senior care consulting has made sure our clients. Would receive. Or had available to them. OK so then let's move on. Two we had the level of care that type of care that payment method location. In personal. Preferences and needs. Then you have to ask yourself. Many many other questions and I have a whole list of questions here that wanna rent through. I'm gonna start into this list and then will finish them up on the other side of the break but what happens if you run out of money. I mean seriously what are you going to do if you run out of money. What's the next step one are your options. What is the policy at the placing your considering regarding if you should outlive your assets. They discharge due to a lack of ability to pay. As the placing your considering Medicaid certified. You know that most assisted living communities do not. Work with Medicaid. A lot of places that do accept Medicaid. They have requirements that they do not amortized you have to find out on your own. Again these are things that we know with senior care consulting. If you're already cut I know a lot of people already blown away saying I had no idea I had to know about all this stuff. We're not ain't gonna attempt this we need professional help. If that's you feel free to reach out immediate senior care consulting. 9139452800. 9139452800. Let's meet for capital. I feel let's talk about it. I know for sure we can help. You may call and I will finish this whole conversation. Right after. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services suffer on this program and how we can help you and your family color toll free number at any time 180331. 6445. Again 1800. 3316445. So today we're talking about what to know before entering the market. Trying to find or select senior care community for your elderly loved ones who we reviewed you have to know about. The level of care that type of care. The payment methods Harry gonna pay for it. Location preferences how far away are you willing to drive for the best care in any personal preferences and needs and then just have a lot of questions. For you that you really need to think about. So the next one is yet so the first owners in what happens if your round money that's a huge gigantic question. And that's not so easy to he answered very complex is that one question. The next one is do you have power of attorney for financial matters in health care do you have power of attorney documents. In place if not guess what most places will not admit you until you've taken care of this why is that does seem silly well no it's not silly at all. So your loved one moves into communities something happens. In the can't speak for themselves they have to have someone else. With legal authority to speak on their behalf. If this is news to you the UED did get right on out there and get some power of attorney documents in place both for finance and health care. Contact I qualified elder law attorney your estate planning attorney get these documents in place. ASA Pete. Right geno that if you have a certain diagnosis some places who will not accept you. Because that's just not within their realm within their run their abilities. If you have a central line up pick line which is a personally inserted central catheter. Greed group you may require to feeding. You have an implanted pain pump. You have been implanted insulin pump many places. Will not accept you it's too much risk maybe they don't have the staff think if there should something should go wrong with one of these. Lions are pumps. They have to be on him that forty. It may disqualify you. If you have dementia alzheimer's or another cognitive know the type of cognitive impairment. Many places will not accept you. This could be a problem. In many places are totally built for that just has to be the right place and again they have to provide the rights. Not level of care type of care. If you don't have two to four years of the ability to pay privately out of your own pocket write a check. Some places will not accept you there's a financial criteria. There's a there's a process for evaluating you and if you're a financial status in your ability to pay. They don't want you coming in and running out of money and then have to do discharge you if you might stay on the road that. That's just not a good fit for them in and really not a good fit for use so. They they've got that out sorted out on the front side effects that's some places do that some places don't. If you require certain level of care immediately. And it's deemed too high eight upon your entry many places will not accept Q did you know that. If you're living in the community and you know the exhibit and negative behavior. And that can be a long list. Many places will discharge you and you will not be able to return. They're just not built to handle. Some of these negative behaviors. If you become exit seeking you're wondering. Maybe you are have been deemed and elope and at risk in the community cannot manage. The allotment risk. You will be discharged now what are you gonna do where you gonna go. These are all potential challenges that you. May face. How much help to meet with your activities of daily living. You need help with bathing dressing and grooming how much assistance do you need which with that each one of these activities. You need help transferring if so does and no one person or two person transfer assistants. Or maybe you require patience left for transferring. The answers to these questions. May disqualify you from some communities. What happens if you require more care than they can deliver. If they cannot deliver the proper level of care. You will have to move in your not gonna get much the notice many times it's a very quick turn around and you're like oh my gosh. We got to reenter the market into this all over again. You wanna age in place moving from one level of care to the next higher level of care. If so does a place you're considering offered this opportunity. If you're one level of care and that's all they offer and you exceed that level you're gonna have to move. Are you in continent if so is it Blatter incontinence bowel incontinence or both. If you can manage your comments can you stay there can they help you with this or will you have to move. Do you need a special diet do you have swallowing issues dear require liquid diet. Mechanical soft diet some places do not offer this option. You need your medications dispensed for you. Need to make sure they can do that for you. If you spend down and qualify for Medicaid. Are you okay with a semi private or shared room. If you don't like that in your family do they have the option to chip them. And pay extra to upgrade to a private room. Not all places can offer this. The hospice care is knee did he use fewer preferred hospice provider. Do you have to use one on their list. Can you take your pets. That's a big one that's a huge when actually. When you need to move how much flexibility do you have regarding waiting for the best place to become available. Finally what are the most important things to you when considering moving from your home to senior care community. What is really really important once you've accurately answered these questions then. Then and only then should you consider. Entering the market to begin to look the there's another challenge. How do you know if the place you're looking at can meet all of Bjorn meets. This is when I would tell you I walked into the front door and walked the back halls of every senior care community Kansas City. I know what they can and cannot provide for you. I know which ones to avoid. I know which ones just received a 140000. Dollar fine for and egregious. Error in violation. I know which places have long standing track records of high levels of performance. I know which places are on the upswing. And I know which places are on the decline. So if you need help. To find the best fit. And searching for senior care community. Feel free to reach out to meet Steve kicker is senior care consulting. Here's our phone number 9139452800. We can help you find the best 61. And done you move one time find it do you find the right place the first time. In your done. In just a few hours we've helped hundreds of families over the past fifteen years. And we would be honored and delighted. To help you when your family as well. Again feel free to reaches its senior care. Consulting 913945. 2800. 913945. 2800 per visit online senior care consulting. Dot com senior care consulting. Dot com you can definitely do this on your own. So hopefully if you are going to do it on your own hopefully all of that information didn't scare you to just raise your awareness of what needs to be done. Before entering the market to search for senior care community. All right we've got the first program to 2018 wrapped up in the books thanks so much for being here today are really really appreciate it. I'm your host Steve keeper and I wish you grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this day and always. We'll see you next week right here on senior care lies.