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Saturday, February 3rd

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Are you caring for an aging parents or are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line of program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Become the best caregiver you can beat. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care lives and times. He's keep president and senior care consulting. Thanks so much for tuning in today I really really appreciated. The mission here on the program is to provide information. Education and resource is for seniors and their caregivers. We discuss important subjects such as how to remain independent in your own home. When you consider moving from home to a senior care community. How to find the right senior cure community meeting your exact needs we also discuss how to paid. For the high cost of senior care we review legal issues involving elder law and estate planning. And we always discuss how to care. For the caregiver so you may be listening to us on the radio right now streaming us on line or listening to a podcast after the fact and again. Anyway around it how every year tuning and thanks again so much for being here today really really appreciate it. You need help with placement services from my firm's senior care consulting. If you wanted to learn more about the valuable services provided by one of our very knowledgeable guess he can always reach a summer toll free number and here it is 1800. 3316445. Begin 180331. 6445. Also don't get to visit online at senior care lie of LA ZE. Senior care alive dot com in dead before we get too much further into the program. I'll tell you what I have heard the same or very similar story. Several times over these past couple weeks. One that comes to mind just met with the super nice guy. And in and he said. And that in and they were it it was resolved. Properly and in a positive way big boy I've pretty gone the other way as well. Long story short he says they're very nice lady from church before and in my mom and we thought she was so nice and so helpful and running some errands etc. it's Serra. And then the next thing you know this lady is spending more and more time over at mother's house we thought wow that's so nice of her. Is she just to sue just wonder fall and just just really bent over backwards for for mom. And then the next thing you know this very nice lady from her church. Has power of attorney. Over our mother power of attorney for finances. The end power of attorney for health care all of a sudden this is very nice lady from church is a co owner of bank accounts ends. Is on the title her car in her property. All of a sudden. We realized in this was just like a slow. And we didn't even realize it until it had become you know potentially catastrophic. So eventually this nice lady from church literally you became the wedge. Between. Their mom and their rested their family. So fortunately. Their mother was still in not a good cognitive. Condition. They started looking at her bank account in this nice lady from church wrote herself a check for 2000 dollars here. It's nice lady from church wrote. Herself to check for 3000 dollars there it was all over the board. Get rid of this parasite this parasitic. Person. I but I can't tell you what that's not the only time I've heard that. It is in very very recently I heard that same. That same story. Three or four times but it or is slightly different version and it over the past week so the moral of the story is beat. A very very aware of who is. Hanging out with your parents. Befriending your parents and you know it that it may be perfectly innocent in perfectly wonderful and they may be. Very trusting in and caring and wonderful neighbor they may be a trusting and caring person from church aura an old render whatever. The case may be a long lost relative etc. just keep an eye out. Because. Sometimes that can go the wrong way real fast and then you've got a big problem so just be careful of that's. Please enter your attention please this is consumer alert and consumer alerts. All right so. And asked a lot of questions about this. How they yeah how does the placement services from senior care consulting. Compare. To a free referral service is that the same thing. And that's a good question. I will say you're right out of the gate no it's capsule absolutely not. The same thing and all and I'm always always happy. And if someone asked the question I'm always happy to answer that. In point out some of the things that I'll point out to you the free referral service is free to you. Because well so is it really free you up nothing's free. Right it. Didn't your mom tell ya read actually if it's too good to be true it India probably isn't it seems that way probably as well. The free referral service is free tier is not because of the goodness of their hearts in all those sort of things they are definitely getting paid but they're receiving. Huge kickbacks. From the limited number of us care facility senior care facilities. Willing to pay them for their marketing and generation of leads I mean that's did this is just purely. And marketing gig for these places so if you just think about it they're getting paid. By the very facilities that they recommend. So is that in your best interests disaster itself to question any reasonable person would say no that's not in my best interest at all. So yeah and then another huge problem is if the best place for your mom or your dad or your loved one is not. On their very limited lists. You'll not hear about that place period do you not get because they're not incentivized. They have no reason to tell you about their place because there in this. 100% for the kickback from the money. Instead they're gonna we're very hard to convince you to choose a place on there again limited list of facilities. Facilities that they refer to as their partners that's because. They get paid by their partners. Together all the basic information on you electronically blasted out to about ten or fifteen facilities. And then guess what happens. Now it's on it's a race. To see who can get to you were didn't get to you first so what what happens is your phone just just blows up. I mean call after call after voice mail after call it will just explode with aggressive sales representatives all wanting you. To come to their place firsts. Now because some of these companies that some of these free referral service is coaching their quote and quote partners. That the the facilities that they represented. How to up sell you. What that means is they will get you to spend more than your original budget isn't that neat that's what you get for free folks. They also warned that the longer the facility sales rep weights to call the family back. The lower the odds of them to getting to close the deal and guess who's the deal lists. The deal is you. Wright is isn't that heart warming is an edge is lovely. So it is it's just amazing I love love love answering this question itself. Now I've laid the ground work for you. On the three referral services and how they work. Here is the warning the consumer warning. There are a bunch. Of free referral services popping up every where I mean they're they're. And there are liquor that did just popping up everywhere it's just amazing. Right I'm hearing about so many of them now. In their all trying to chase. This one place that is the largest referral services out there referral service up to because. Guess what. That free referral service is making a massive. Amount of money so they're like okay will weaken going and we can do that. You won't charge the facility less money in and we'll just get a piece of that. So if you hear about one of these free referral services and you're wondering if there's service. Works like how I just described. I'm gonna make it very very very easy for you. To know how they work. Right so if you see the word. Free and guess what freezer very powerful word it's seductive it's everybody everybody's trying to cut cost. But they look just look for the word. Free if you see one word free in the description Owen were free to use where free of charge we're free free free. Then they work exactly. As I just described. Period. Now they can you know Britain they they get paid as they get paid by the plays they recommend but deceived. This one will do a nursing assessment and they're all nurses and they're all wonderful. Well here's my question is it free. And well yeah okay well then that's how works you can try to address and out. You can try to change that you can try to make it not luck. Like the free referral service but the bottom line is. It is a free referral service Perry but but Steve this once please can also since so much your house and help you out around the house and and hit it is that still how it works yeah sure is I don't care what you college. I care how you dress and out. It doesn't matter how you package it ramped up etc. etc. if the word free is in the description. Then there you have made it is a free referral service and they work exactly how I just described so be aware. Proceed with caution pieces and consumer. T my senior care lie. All right I love educating senior care lives. Listeners. In them I just I just love that so anyway thanks so for the opportunity did you get. The other senior Carol I've question of the week the average length of stay at T assisted living level of care is. 89 months. Been one point eight years and see two point one years or 2.4 years the answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care lies on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the service is offered on this program and how we can help you in your family how are toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. We have real live people answering that phone 24. Hours a day. Seven days a week 365. Days per year how about that. You really answer phones were all school here senior care line 1800. 331644. Or five until you went last weekend. The it was a Saturday night someone called in about 9 o'clock can now I ended abide by personally called him back. I was able imposition and able to do nets and they were stunned. That you received a call back right away on Saturday evening now that may not always work we may have to call you the next day. But anyway the point is we answer phone so feel free call any time and don't forget. If you miss a program. You know word let's savior out of the out of the radio. Broadcast area. Maybe don't have Maria maybe your radio group got you wanna stream the program we can do that stream the program to any electronic device into the senior care lime dot com. Click on the large microphone there on the homepage of listen live button you can few seconds to connect and boom you're in and it really is. That simple. Right back to senior care live question of the week. The average length of stay at the assisted living level of care is here your choices a nine months. Beat one point eight years. Seat two point one years. Or deep 2.4 years in the answer yeah. DE. Two point 84. Years now I suppose that's arguable depends on what. You know what study you're looking at the study that I licenses 2.4 years now to a prime minister that's my story I'm sticking to it. Right so but anyway he. About dead so just shy of two and a half years. All right let's jump into this next segment it's. The end and they have a commercial going on SS talking about me are you in the wrong place right now. She did you look at your options just wanna ask a question because again. I have kind of been bombarded with this a lot over the last couple weeks. So wanna ask you the question is your elderly loved one in the right senior care community. To do you have questions about its yeah maybe it's not offering the right level of care. You know maybe everything is going. You know the way that big you hope for and then all of us and maybe there's a there's a change and it's not going the way you planned. There is that the answer is. You know it's it's it's not working out of or you just he has some major concerns at this time that. Explore your options and I've been doing now with a lot of clients here lately. Where they're like you know. This is just now were canal were not sure were in the right place we wanna look at some options and then they may or may not move but they knew they want to explore their options. So for example I worked with one lady. She said that her sister now this this lady calling me she was from out of town but her sister lived here. The KC metro area her sister felt obligation felt like she had to visit her dad. Three times today because they absolutely knew he was not getting the care that he needed. And he was at Dell long term care commonly known as the nursing home level of care. So you know that the sister was even training. Some of the staff on various basic tasks. That they should have already known about. So what was she doing what she just took it she's a take charge kind of a person she took the bull by the horns so to speak. And said wall you know my dad and it needs this care is no one else is gonna teach you then I'll teach you how to do this. So didn't guess what that's not held exposed to go by the way. The idea the communities must be doing net. You know how much dad was paying for his son and a sub standard care. He is writing a check for about 121000 dollars per month. And the sister was completely worn out driving all the way into see him three times a day. Spent time even up until the point of training. The evening shift staff on how to properly prepare her dad to go to bed. Some lady calm me since Steve. Do you think do you think there's better care out there what are they all like this. I said no ma'am they're not all like death that's not how this is supposed to go to me woody you're paying 121000 dollars I mean what are you paying that if you sister. Feels like she has to be there all the time this kind of defeating the purpose. So we were definitely able to find them in much better fit and they're very very happy with that. Other nice lady called and said she wanted to explore options because. She was disappointed in the care that her mother was receiving. There are some major communication issues there. And that they did since two of too much of a about complicated story you won't get into the weeds but the bottom line is just. Things were not going as they should. And so she said I really don't want to move from mother. But I don't know if I can get this resolved and so I wanna know my options. So we went out we explored our options we re searched the entire marketplace. We toured our top communities that meet met our needs. And they have another place. Lined up in in chosen if it does not if the situation does not result itself. I even offered to circle back with my client and visit with some of the good folks at these other at this community. I don't think they're aware of some of the things that were happening. And we had a really really good productive meeting I'm hoping that the issues will be resolved. I bet if if they don't. You know Herm her mom's going to be moving her mom is writing a a very very large check there is well. I hear from lots and lots of people who have their loved one to sit in the wrong level of care that they're. They're literally just not in the right spot and they wonder why they're having so many issues. Maybe there an independent living and they really should be an assisted living level of care. Maybe there in the assisted living level. And maybe they should be in the long term care commonly known as the nursing home level. Sometimes people are just trying to fit a square peg. Into the round hole so to speak. It just isn't the right fit in wall never ever work no matter what you do sometimes that is yet. Some people you know they might be doing okay where they are. And there's some major changes. They don't like maybe there's a new administrator maybe there's new ownership. It's new policies and procedures maybe some new nurses. In the go along really really well with some folks maybe they left to maybe they were promoted. And now it's just not the same is not even close with these new folks who want to explore their options. ABC some but some issues where just ticked the care is just not being provided properly. I always always coach Mike clients and recommend to you as well. The try to work it helped. Trying to work it out where your apps. Particular concerns to me and his Smits give them an opportunity multiple opportunities to fix it but if it's absolutely not working out. Feel free any time to reach out to senior care consulting. And 913945. 2800 mobile do as well put together a plan. We'll go out more explore your options. And in and you may or may not move maybe you can resolve it where you're at two which is the easiest on your elderly loved one because it's really hard on them. To be moving them here and there. I've been if you can't work it out let's find the better fit let's find the right fit in get it done. Probably 9139454800. I'll be back with a whole lot more right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1800. 3316445. I'll be right back. He listened to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network for more information about the services offered on this program. And how we can help you and your family collar toll free number at any time that's 180331. 644. Or five again 180331. Of 6445. And no it don't forget if you miss an episode the senior care lives may be wanna share the program was someone else that don't know maybe just wanna go back in here again. As you like wow that really kind of flew past I need to go back and re listen to that no worries at all just go to senior care lies in the and again that's LAV's senior care live dot com. And click on the podcasts. Tab in the areas where you'll find all of the previously aired episodes. They just find the month of the year they're all chronologically in order click on the young the little play aero and it'll just start playing right there for ya. It's really that simple and we have lots and lots and lots of people listening to the podcast every single months. All right so. Again I I guess this is a this whole radio program this particular episode does is all about something I'd been hearing. Very consistently about here recently. If I'm hearing about it consistently I kind of feel lab in inspired or rug in just just feel like I wanted to share that information with few. And so let's move on to. Probably the toughest. Type of a senior care community. To navigate into choosing to understand and that's the continuing care. Retirement community. If you hear the Akron MCC. Not acronym IO is okay. I JP that this is a funny one. I got an email one time when I say it was an Akron him and he says sir I'm an editor that's an abbreviation that's not an acronym I'm like I know. Okay sorry yeah. So. To my editor friend out there it's not in Akron M let me just correct myself it's ended breezy Haitian. CC RC. So this just for continuing care retirement community. So what is that and I'll tell you why more and more and more of my clients. Whether it's a single person or whether it's a couple. Are wanting to sell their home downsize. Move into a continuing care retirement community and then age in place that's the whole concept. So you can move to a CC RC and start off in independent living. And then the next level of care would be assisted living and then the next level of care would be long term care slash nursing home level of care. Where I dame all of them that I know one of also offer the yuck skilled nursing and rehab covered under Medicare. So these places are generally pretty good size some of them are smaller but some of them are gigantic. Some of them are under one roof. Some of them are literally a small city spread out like like a campus style of setting. Would buildings everywhere. So these things are really complicated to try to get your arms around and figure out how they work and in which one is the best one for you. So like you said the concept. With the continuing care retirement community. Is to sell your home and an estate sale that figure out what you gonna keep what you wanna donate what you wanna sell. And downsize. In the moved into the independent living level so. Traditionally most of these independent living that apartment that there apartments that some of them they can be a free standing. Like a small like me out like a cottage home. Some of them are due flexes her four plex is some other just a freestanding house with a triple garage in the whole thing. A bit more often than not you're looking at some very nice apartments and end these places are nice very nice apartments. The whole concept there is that you're downsizing. You don't have to worry about the burden of homeownership. And cutting the grass and leaves in the gutters and this is some pumpkin working it all that stuff all the maintenance of upkeep. The taxes. Homeowner's insurance. Scooping snow although we haven't had much snow this winter so first to knock on wood they're knock on wood here. But. But is so that's the bottom money is you're gonna downsize and you just gonna kind of take a big breath and relax you moving into independent living. But it's a nice apartment with a full kitchens he can still do some cooking but an independent living they will offer you. At least one meal that they would prepare. Usually a couple of meals in some places will offer all three. Then the concept is your on your own. But you were not alone your surrounded by lots and lots of people but you clearly have your own space you're fully independent doing your own thing. So he has some real support EF some activities and socialization opportunities available. But they typically won't have transportation that will run out into the grocery store once week in May be for some general stopped. General shopping like it Wal-Mart or target or something like debt though also whoever on some activities in May be run out to lunch or dinner. Dinner theater the casinos so royals games its third set Iraq. So. That that's that's an independent living and then. The whole idea is to age in place and not have to change your address or not have to move. From one place to another in changed from organization to organization. So let's say you're there for a period of time. In your starting to decline a little bit in May be in need a little bit help. With your activities of daily living. Well so now you're getting. Closer to needing white is generally referred to US assisted living. Assisted living. Can help you minimally or fully with your bathing dressing and grooming. You prepare all of your meals snacks hydration. Have a full slate of activities. Provide transportation to see your physicians. They distribute your medications. Most of them offer some level of oil heating assistance and incontinence assistants. So they can do a lot for you have to have assisted living. Level of care they encourage you to be as independent as you possibly can't. And then they'll offer you a little bit of help here there. You're still very independent they can help you with a lot of assistance with some of these things but you're still independent you still have your own apartment. And pin and you don't you think. You living independently with some help from the staff. And then as you get older you may be more frail maybe some health concerns start to arise. In your declining. And you need more assistance than what is he assisted living level can offer. Then you can smoothly transition. Into that long term care level of care. And dad is the full medical model that can do everything assisted living can't plus a two person transfer. You can use equipment to help new view from point a to point being fully comments care. Most of them can help with IV therapy to feedings. Diabetic into insulin injections Emmy goes on and on and on and off. So the idea is you can age in place and their there's a tremendous peace of mind. Knowing under the moving here and then these good folks are gonna take care of me. For the rest of my life. And that's wonderful. Now some of continuing care retirement communities. Have an entrance fee. That's the large upfront checked that you write plus those ongoing. Monthly fees. Some continuing care retirement communities don't follow that model that ball. Some of them are rental only so they're like you know you don't have to write this a check for a hundred now under a 100000 dollars. To 300000 dollar 600000. Dollars plus a monthly fees thereafter. You just come in and rent the apartment and then you'll take care you can move through our different levels such as needed. Some of them offer both entrance fee. And interest he planned and that they rental only plan that's that's interest. Okay but they still have the monthly fees with an entrance fees so. You might be writing a check to average that I see in our area is stop. 150 Ted 30350000. Dollars but you still have a monthly fee thereafter. And some offer what's called a life care contracts. And their their different names for these things. That what that means is that you are prepaying. For. Discounted future health care costs. So an example that might be right at 250000. Dollar check is your entrance fee. And you start off an independent living at C 3500 dollars. A month. Then as you age in place and moved to assisted living your cost is 3500 dollars a month. Not 5500 dollars a month so now you're saving 2000 months. You continue to agent placing new move to long term care class nursing home level. And you're still paying 3500 dollars a month not 6500 dollars a month for 7500 dollar some. So with the life care contracts you lock in to that initial rate that's cure rate for life. And not take care. So that it Denny has a lot of benefits I think it has a couple of risks frankly but the but the bottom line is that a lot of people love these life care contracts. Most of the contracts that I see when you write the entrance fee check 90%. Maybe 80%. I seen a few seventy percents. In some 50% contracts tonight the majority of them that I see 90%. Of that upfront fee is refunded the are returned it to your state upon your death. Some of these upfront fees amortize over fifteen months so 2% a month goes from my piled to their piled in fifteen months. I have given them all my money and those are tied with that life care contract again you just turn it is kind of like a long term care insurance policy. Kind of bait you just turned into. The insurance company so there's some some pros and cons all of these but the bottom line is. The continuing care retirement community is definitely the most complex. And level of care and tighten. Here to me and it sure one year old so I just wanted to point all their doubts and I've got a little bit more right after the break do not know. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by. 1800. 3316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You listen to senior care lives. On the senior care broadcasting never. Work for more information about the services offered on this program and how we can help you and your family collar toll free number at any time it's 1800. 3316445. Again. 1800. 331. 6445. So this whole program I've basically been reviewing. Some various issues and concerns and eyes I just encountered. Some very frequently several times here in the past couple 23 weeks. The end. Here's another one. Now all and. All right. This has to do with long term care insurance. And hear from a lot of people. Man I hate paying their premium. In LA EI you know I he PMI insurance premiums to make is a big grapes that if something happens you know for sure that your covered. What with your insurance contract regardless of what type of insurance you have like well yeah okay there is some peace of mind that. So what the myth is that with long term care insurance is that we have to continue. Paying them monthly premium check of a hundred or 200 dollars 300 dollars or whatever it is. When you're actually using the insurance policy in that pay out in a pay out mode. But the fact today absolute fact and most people do not know this or understand that are realizing it. The fact is that the your monthly premium is suspended. Its discontinued. When you actually start using. The insurance. To pay for your long term care so so let's say that your ear activating your long term care insurance policy. To pay for a home care adult daycare assisted living your long term care. And and it's now in net pay out mode where it's paying you X dollars per day. We are no longer writing that hundred dollar a month 20300 dollar month premium you do not write the premium check it is suspended. When that policy is in a payout who have had some people say wow I just got a 200 dollar A month raise anomaly yup that's right you did. Because. The fact is that it's the premium. In a long term care insurance policy is discontinued. When that policy is in an eight payout mode and that is a facts. For more information about the facts. Stay tuned to this program. Org contact senior care consulting and 9139452800. Port visit senior care consulting dot com. All right. I have what when I sit down with clients. The senior care consulting. Always tests did you have long term care insurance. The end of the national average depending on who you talk to see five or 6%. Out of of people out there have one of these policies that I'm always happy. When someone does have the insurance policy because say it's Fisher is helpful is this like any other insurance your pain for you hope like heck you don't need it right. So I hope I never have to collect on my automobile insurance I really hope I never have to collect on my homeowners insurance but. You pay the premium and you're covered if you should have been the issue. Where you needed to activate the policy to to Ream to become whole again. You fix your car replace your car. Repair your your damaged roof or whatever it is a year your home in your vehicle and search Sarah. You are covered so let's let's talk about. Long term care insurance ends. Again I've just coached a lot of people I don't sell long term care insurance. I know. Some great sources that you can go to two two purchaser discuss long term care insurance but let me just give you expect quick overview here. The elimination period. What is the elimination period this is something that will not affect your. Your monthly premium. So this is the same thing I don't know who in their right mind called it a list called an elimination period. But that's kind of crazy what it is it's a deductible. So we speak English here on senior care live I don't speak in some of these crazy I elimination period say deductible. A suck. The elimination period. Typically LC thirty days sixty days or ninety days what that means. Is let's say you move into assisted living activate the policy if it's a thirty day. Elimination period and it's not going to pay anything for thirty days. Then on the 31 day it's gonna kick yet. Right ninety days due to start paying on the 91 day that that's how works at that share your deductible so the lower the deductible the higher the premium. The higher the deductible the lower the premium so there there's an inverse. Affect your relationship. The daily benefits and again all these things affect your premium bull raise it or lower it. The daily benefit it. You have to get at least 200 dollars today and I am pretty much officially changing my recommendations to 250 a day. So that it will cover any long term care community in our area. If you don't have that let's say if you have a hundred dollars a day pays out 3000 to play CF to move to cost 6000. Where you're gonna have to write a check for three set you're burned rate dare you short by 3000 dollars a month. Well what if you can't pay their 3000 dollars if you cannot pay that. Dan you're going to have to qualify for Medicaid in you have essentially. Paid a whole lot of premium. Dollars for all those years four or not the return that you want me meet. So by the daily benefits. Of at least 200 dollars a day. And I recommend to fifteen day and then you are covered continue to do this the sewer right. In the in the inflation rider inflation an adjustment writer I just this is not an option to me. I you absolutely have to have the inflation adjustment writer it's at 5% what that means. Is that every year that 202 earned fifty dollars a day benefit. Bumps up just a little tiny bit by 5% every single year guess what it's doing. It's keeping up with the rising cost of all these places. Guess what the average cost increase in our area is for residential care assisted living. Home plus in their long term care it's three to 5% in his usually closer to five from from what I wanna conceit. So that means that in twenty years this is still going to pay. For the same assisted living community your long term care it's gonna keep up with that it's not going to leave you short. And then the links of the contracts. I recommended five plus years if you add the average link to stay persistent living the average length of stay for them. Long term care part of that. You know you can put all the statistics to it. The average. Linked to stay have both of those together is going to be about five years little shy of that that's why you see some mini five year contracts. Then again if you can get a little longer buy it back in the day they used to sell lifetime. Plans. Well I don't sell those anymore because I think they kind of who lost their out lost their shirts on those so to speak. Who's in way too much money so usually there's some sort of a definite length of contract or captain pays out and then last but not least. I always recommend. Purchasing a long term care insurance contracts. Or policy that is a states. Participating. Plan and what that means that the state matches you dollar for dollar so that. If you have to go into a met at some point if he had to go into a Medicaid spend down. Then you're spend down isn't. Down to 2000 in Kansas or 999 in Missouri the spin down is the amounts of money that your long term care insurance plan. Paid out. Took the insurance plan paid out a 100000 dollars and that's what you get to keep spending on 200 in the Medicaid kicks him. Hopefully that makes sense and that was a quick review if you have any questions again feel free to reach out to meet at any time and all trying to help you out. All right while that hour was fast may be the fastest howry and all of radio how about that. They're really listening I'm so thankful and honored that you spent part of your day tuning into the program again thank you so much. And host Steve kicker and I wish you. Grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this date and always I'll see you next week right here. On senior care lives.