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Saturday, February 10th

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Are you caring for an aging parents or are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line of program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Become the best caregiver you can beat. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care lives I'm Steve Keiko. President senior care consulting thanks so much for tuning in today I really appreciate it. The mission here on the program is to provide information. Education and resource is for seniors and near caregivers. We discuss important subjects such as how to remain independent in your own home. When you consider moving from your home to a senior care community. How to find the right senior care community meeting your exact needs. How to pay for the high cost of senior care we also review legally she's that would involve elder law and estate planning. And we discuss how to care. For the caregiver very very important so if you listen to this on the radio right now may be streaming us on line. Or you may be listening to a podcast after the fact again thanks so much for tuning in today you are very very much appreciated. He needs help with placement services for my firm's senior care consulting. Where if you wanna learn more about the services provided by one of our very knowledgeable guess he can always reach us on our toll free number and be sure right just downing colony at any time. 180331. Net. 6445. Again 1803316445. And also don't forget to if you're online check it out says senior care lives. LAV's senior care live dot com and if you do this that are. Our website be sure to connect with a socially on FaceBook and Twitter and all that fun stuff we do a lot of communications through social media how about that. All right and listen that's. Let us not delay let's move forward. In visit with my friend and special guest today mixed mr. Rick Shepperd with golden hearts senior care and that Rick Perry on the line. I am here Steve. Figure you'll you'll. Yeah yeah I can hear you just fine so I Syrian magic of radio and telephones and and all sorts of so wonderful electronics here. Look real we're missing with Rick my phone he's out in Denver. And he's so updating his side continuing education and and Rick tell us about that your radio certified senior advisor I don't think a lot of people. Realize that you carry that designation. Yes I did you yet policy gets old a New Orleans morsels all you want. On the net income. Questions and or needs arm. Real Turkey do we seniors in its slowly on it's an educational. All study. The ball well this knowledge of all I really are in the acting community were also no faults. It will attack as well you are about tell it. Let that sooner or through social issues and implement solution so acute that you'll formats we'll know a lot of Brett. All useful in. I'm Paul you know all you know what this team or our fuel will popular sport what you won't be able to seeing him well. And so it's immoral or it will be quietly forceful me. Am I taking it very warm it's really honestly to me and him on passing it and you have acute popular kids on walks all arm. It's been all you have been. A little more background in medical school are well on the arts in the court that the and so on eight. You know at a passable as he marble floor look a like what they're all equal all that's going to be a better job. I'm sorry you know it's the big ball. Excellent in so far listeners is that just that that's a glimpse behind the curtains here so Rick didn't just go out and say you know. I'm saying that 101000 to 121000 people per day are are turning sixty fives and I see a big need for home care so I'm just gonna open the doors to a business and I'm gonna I'm just gonna jumping and he said he did you hear he says he's he's said. I'm interested in serving seniors. How can I become more knowledgeable. About how to work with seniors and understand their health in the social needs. In the financial part of all of this. And end the I've seen the test rate debt that's not an easy test that's how that that's a significant hurdle. That's basically like taking some college classes in having to pass it here as serious test not that many people have a CSA designation. Yeah it's it would end challenging. You know. That's what I want for its. You want in on the loan and then it won't they are small but we also on first it's all technical. Excellent excellent Rick Shepperd with gold in her senior care goal and our senior care offers in home assistance in your home. If we're gonna talk about a special. Mass visit program here in just a minute bite you they can help you out just a phrase a little bit each day or every other day or once a week they can help you out all the way up to 24 hours per day. But it if you want to remain independent. In your own home in you need a little help with some of those activities of daily living. A little bit of help may be out with some meal preparation or or are you keeping your house suffer maybe some transportation and maybe just some companionship. Call. Rick Shepperd with golden heart senior care here's the phone number write it down 913. 5348500. 9135348500. Now Ricky your office is in the corporate woods area by. I use serves accuses side Missouri side north of the river the entire metro area is that correct. As coral so all the moment that only that it won't Kindle can he then beat someone in law. Mobile all well it didn't. Quarterly and so on all keep this isn't so woke. On the kicker or good at them in your home and while we're less or no longer and that's where he will work well I'm out there are so small room in the kitten with what. All right tonight Larry I can personally vouch for that one of my clients up back in the north land. I've heard the caregiver from I won't mention the company. Mites. They're they're caregiver who would literally sleeping in the recliner. When they were supposed to be their caring for my client's mother. And they did the problem his for the caregiver the problem is they have cameras in the house. So they would check in on mom and see that the caregivers that are paying all this money for and there are there's supposed to be getting all this support. Asleep and the house. Their mother elderly mother would actually tip toe around her own house. As to not wake up to sleeping caregiver. And and in my client looked at me and said at an ask the question is this normal and I said no call Rick shepherd. And you are able to to to go out and meet with both both so the sisters or or daughters of the mother and it in and do an introductory meeting and I choose just the right caregiver for them and your caregiver did a great job in your caregiver did not sleep in the recliner. They can in you guys did a great job for for up my clients up in the north plant. But thank you very much and that's the but that's when you're you know we're just compliment and really hard it can be processed. On people and all they thought it. Yeah all of that now. Asking what went on. Senior adults and in our other clients in all four are absent since they you know licking business so it's going to be successful and it's. Back home here OK. There's also it all. You'll probably eat or you turn it all week people. Won't eat or what is most likely be there and you need to provide power. Is it in a hung out of people and so we. I need that we live in Q op that they meet me in a wonder that earned I don't know what people got upset all of them. Your reference chips in them I'd give him mister Lawrence has also got. What about herb what we want all our principal Hardin. What did big league comments about other than once or. Excellent excellent. And Rick we only have a couple minutes left in its first segments. But I tell us about a Valentine's. You week's special day you're right you're running right now. Well that's all we went space long. Alden a lot of people right now are and who has. Has been a moment I don't know local mall in any. Home or is this week the pollen. I am. Hit some of those then tell it. From that result in. It was and so what they'll say oh it's you or what are abnormal leak got it won't let one more week or will give up. Once we sort this wouldn't call this in mind that opened more votes and we swung at it all well it didn't care civil. But at what he thought would whom. Now we'll keep this in home. And in. It's and went in order to. You know I can't walk one inning home. All right excellent so so Rick Shepperd with golden hurt senior care 9135348500. There's a Valentine's week special does not have to happen on Wednesday on Valentine's Day but if you contact golden heard senior care. Really really nice gesture Rick. Two it just as a thank you to all of the very hard working. Just deeply devoted caregivers out there I gold in her senior care will throw in. And a free hour of care. To help you just can't get away. I kind of let your hair down just take a break premier care giving responsibilities. You maybe go out have dinner. Or or or do whatever you want that we just to get a little bit of a break so it's the Valentine's week. Special. With Rick shepherd and golden hurt senior care. A free hour. A care in so be sure to call the office if you're interested in that to learn how it works 9135348500. 913534. 8500. And Rick if you can hold on out in Denver Colorado what let's not pick up the conversation right after the break the great. All right now let's not forget to senior care lives question of the week. All long term care insurance policies. Our state. Partnership. Policies. Is this statement true. Or false which won this in all have the answer from right after the break you're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program and how we can help you in your family call our toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. Again 180331. The 6445. Don't forget you can stream this program to any electronic device it's super easy to do just go to senior care live dot com. Click on the giant microphone right there on the home page or the listen live button. Given a few seconds tick connect and boom you are in it is that simple he can stream it to your phone your tablet computer whatever you have. And it really honest to goodness it is literally that simple lots and lots of people streamed this program. All right back to the senior care live question of the week. All long term care insurance policies. Our state partnership policies. Is this statement true or false in the answering this. False. That answer is false sense why I always recommend. When you're looking into purchasing a long term care insurance. Policy me shirt to the visit with fewer agents with your broker and you must insists. They your policy is a states. Partnership policy I think last week a sit participating but I you know automatic. Yeah it's a state partnership policy. All right back to my friend and special guest today. Mr. Rick Shepperd with golden heart senior care. Can reach out to Rick in the great folksy golden heart senior care and 9135348500. 913. 534. 8500. And Rick is with us by phone today Rick's out in Denver Colorado. Continuing his education with the continuing education credits and and that constantly learning this is in not associated with his stat CSA senior. Excuse me certified senior advisor. Designation so Rick I appreciate you taking some time heavier and your education in your schedule there are to be with us on the program today. Thank you I I actually get in their streets waist yeah you you know 000. At home. Oh. You are today so you emit in the city. Dahlia I miss avenue and wall what wall and we'll see in your next month for sure so. All right so let's reinforced the the Valentine's week special source not just for the day is for the whole week golden our senior care is offering one free hour of care you need to call in to see how that program works to requests have been this is just a nice offer for all of the hard working and just just deeply committed in caring. Caregivers out there just just to get a break in in get away and kind of recharge your batteries. Golden herbal are free a three hour to learn how that program works and an offer works again. Reach out to Rick shepherding goal at her senior care at 9135348500. It's 913534. 8500. And so Rick and and thanks again for offering them that that's it that's a very very nice offer. Well thank you know it's. It strata bank awaits. A little bit as. It's. A lot of Barack and talked before one or more secure it usually all we salute one all it's all. The low ball won't. Feel guilty on that either all fallen and giving him so. We can do something in the world. Much or more like what it normally does anyone know. We'll be able to bail now as you'll walk around it supply or all of that without you know you. And they wanna do important and that's. Yeah that's a little bit in in error so people that no cure her end. You need it some days now looking look an opportunity for him to the phone calls them home ticker below one. Alright in them a couple of months ago you introduced a new program that's called your best visit program. Let's let's talk about Denny and understand that you got a lot of calls a lot of folks to get up on that offer and again that's that's a very unique. Eight in frankly it's it's a generous offer because I just don't know of anyone else offering anything like distance usually amend a moment like four hours or something like debt. In home care make tell us about your math visit program. Yeah I've read and get that America are now been promoted. We were lit so I'm. You're welcome. You seem more calls. About it while we're also no doubt. It is that all we're saying oh yeah we we all know moment we couldn't sell you a little reform and help. Military Oakland new loan. I'm make well in the restrictions. I'm a lot of times we will come in and four flat to me and give. And I am in my life and that. Do all the same what they find out that eight in hall hit a bat it's so great. And next time you know we. It's not what else could or whatever someone that. Isn't. Now the extent you know along with them that would let them sort it's clear that ultimately the mules. On them for them the basis so it can just roll. Ask people will call or will. Are that they pick you as well you know and we can add more solutions in them and it looked at it or we are now we've got to several. That's on the dollar there. And take a moment all in all it's not until. On that at Oakmont and in the shower or so young so it's really shouldn't be in more coming out in a often as you won't do. Usually it's you know couple a week it seemed like about ever. We've even got some. Actually what they just yet you date for the day won't slow walked looming this we won't know that what they want a world. Home and the baby or that you need it in sort according to the ball billion include Cilic got a great service in and I'm glad. Figure it out in it's it's grown even more personal look at the global. All right so so far listeners. Rick Shepperd with gold in her senior care 9135348500. Golden heart will come out. And can help you out it. In they've been a small amount it it's a huge huge service but it is not a lot of time they'll come out simply foray bath this city it's not. The four hour minimum that most companies out there. I require that don't come out. They'll help you or that help your loved one with the bath and I'll tell you why do you feel so much better aftermath he's just a new person. This is a really really big deal Lynn and Rick I think it's great to you offered that in for anyone interested in. In learning more about the golden heart senior care bath visit program. It's 9135348500. It's 913. 5348500. Again. Beth this it program is available in Kansas Missouri and of course more for the river all throughout the metro area in Rick we have less than a minute left I can't believe how fast time flies here. So yeah so let's I know you hire hire great people and I would like to actually kind of unpack that next time your on. On the program because I know use do you take special care bay let's just highlight very quickly that Valentine's Day program again one more time. Okay so what will work to secure kicker nick. Mitt or one tree I hope all. The little one and almost all office. I will tell you what all some in special and now all. And when I'm oh now won't that aren't are who we and so we'll get one free apple or its worst. End up in Auckland all right we'll hear from you. Excellent all right Rick Shepperd with golden hurt senior care Rick thanks so much for being here today are really appreciated appreciated me and a safe travels we'll see you next time. OK for our listeners don't go away we'll be right now. You're listening to senior care lies on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. If you listened to seniors here live on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this. Program and how we can help you in your family collar toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. Again 1800. 3316445. And don't forget if you ever miss an episode of senior care life may be wanna share of the program with a friend or family maybe just wanna go back to listen to the information again no worries at all just go to senior care. Lie in the dot com's senior care lie about. Dot com click on the podcast have been that's where you'll find all of the previously aired episodes. Our rights without any further delay. Like to introduce you to mr. Josh buff and he's with community First National Bank he's a reverse mortgage specialist. Josh walk and senior care life thanks for having Steve could be here all right all right is great to have you here. It and I'm a huge huge thing and a reverse mortgages. And and I think while I know there's a lot of misunderstanding on the marketplace so I'm really. I am so happy that you're here to set the record straight we are all about education and information. I hear on the program so tell us as a reverse mortgage specialists are with community first national make policy at what he is so we'll just start off with one of one what is a reverse mortgage. Over smaller for. Mortgage Steve is slang term. And it was given to the loan and by industry people because it was easy way to describe. What was going on. You're a lame okay so as not really a reverse mortgage that's just kind of a yacht. Just to just kind of I like you said just kind of a slang term that was. Thrown out there correct I was actually called home equity conversion mortgage okay. And it was put into effect during the Reagan administration okay it was really. There to help people that were returning that we're World War II veterans that may have been struggling trying to finance retirement okay. Common that was kind of just it was just kind of there to help them. But as the blown has evolved and changed. It's really become more financial tool. So it's not just a loan of last resort like many people think that some of misconceptions that are out there but it actually can be something that may. Be allowed you to dollar cost average your curtain investments return. Okay all right. You know at home equity conversion mortgage to me that really says what it is an absolutely says exit so he is so home equity conversion mortgage your converting your home equity into a mortgage in CN ISE download all kinds of such as I was so it was a reverse mortgage but that's interesting so so that term was dismayed to pay as a kind of a basic. And another this is a term to describe and understand yeah yeah so I've met home equity conversion mortgage okay and so let's let's tackle. Some of these misconceptions about the about the reverse mortgage. Well it. Some of the misconceptions are that all the things gonna take your home. Well that there have been foreclosures in the reverse world yeah but they are brought on by people not paying taxes. Defaulting on interest pain so any mortgage can be foreclosed upon. Correct including eight reverse mortgage or a standard mortgage or any mortgage if you don't pay your taxes. Or year you don't pay your your your mortgage payment sit on a traditional mortgage is set Iraq. Indy mortgage can be for cook foreclosed upon so it's not a reverse mortgage issue it's just someone not taking care distance. Correctly you know army and if you own your own free and clear you don't pay your taxes eventually that. The county will sell your home up. For so yeah you can lose your home for not paying taxes regardless of what leaner and knowing you have on property and that's where the majority of foreclosures have come from. You know so obviously you know of the media gets a hold of it or something like that didn't know it's this poor old lady lost your home. But it was due to be non tax and and I'm dating mitigate against that in recent changes to the product. Now they do what's called a life expectancy set aside so they think there's. There's danger of somebody not be able to pay. For their taxes and insurance they'll put what's called a life expectancy set aside release. Take on the alone and that's basically hoped setting aside some of the equity in the property. For the life expectancy of the borrower to pay taxes an inch. C and I love that extra layer of protection. And frankly for both parties for the lender and for the homeowner. And so the lease on life expectancy set aside just to protect just in case there's. But there may be a chance of you know not paying your taxes keeping your shorts up at Sutter. Yeah and that's all part of the financial assessment OK and with financial assessment does it basically assesses the borrower's ability to pay. And the willingness to pay pink so if there's some credit issues or some you know the you know. Opera things that it may have not been paid in the past as far as taxes and insurance mountain home ownership. Then that's when the leases and implement. OK so if you're right if you're not scoring quite as high as someone else maybe just build in this little this little pad if you will. Two to take care of any any chance of that well that makes them makes sense to make sense so the incomes not okay. So how does the written this reverse mortgage at in a case so I may I may have to change my might turn out. Terminology to home equity conversion mortgage. Signed into into. Into law by under president Reagan's. Term to help. World War II the greatest generation try to keep up on some of their. There there income shortfalls in and and frankly for the purpose of this program to keep you independently remain independent in your own home. Well this product has become more mainstream. Here recently and it's primarily driven by the baby boomers was about 121000. People turned 62 every day. In the country. And you know a lot of them are either completely prepared for retirement would like to enhance their current retirement plans. With utilizing. The asset that is currently a hard assets in the form of home Lou you know traditionally you have to sell that home. Or take out home equity line of credit which would cause another payment yeah access to adequate. The with a reverse mortgage you're able to access it and do what you want with that equity in not creating new payments now you have the options. That's the beauty about this loan is you have many options you can decide to pay the interest only on that. And there could be no tax benefit you need to check with your accountant on that chart but you can also make it like a traditional mortgage you could pay. Interest and some principal pay down the way to does not pay at all kite or you can do it intermittently. The choices are yours are so this sounds like there. Is this a lot more flexible than maybe used to be when reverse mortgages first came out. It's always and always been there it's always dubbed the option to pay has always been OK okay but but the thing about it is isn't most people feel like. You know they don't have any options right then and you know that need to have that explained to him because. It can be a brilliant financial tool because if you decide that this is your final home. You may never realize it investment aspect. And the only way you're gonna actually see some of the investment front that you made into the home by accessing at. OK so and so the here's here's the bottom line in like I always go back to this and maybe. Maybe this it seems seems elementary by ARP did a huge huge study and they asked a lot of people. You know we. Really do you wanna stay home or do you wanna move to senior care community nine out of ten people say you know I'm staying home while staying home. If you're if you're getting older and you may need some help around the house maybe needs a special equipment some home field modifications to agent place. That costs money and what if you don't have a lot of disposable. And cash and available to it to work to pick up some of those costs you can use a reverse mortgage as a financial tool again to help you remain independent at home. Correct. You know. You know it is a fabulous tool of what but the problem is is. Many people don't understand it and and you know what I pride myself on and all the people I work with is we believe education is for so. You know fewer reach out to us and we were to talk to you you'd. You publish spend at least half an hour 45 minutes. With me making sure that your completely educational product before we went in any further. It's it's important to know what all your options are in everybody's situation is completely different. And what what works where one person may not work for the other. But the product is so diverse and there are so many ways in which you can utilize it it usually has a fit for almost 80%. Of people that I talked. Okay so to reach out to Josh bustle with community first. National bank let me give you his personal number. And Josh answers this phoned I mean all the time. You don't have to call specifically between eight to five. If he misses you he'll call you back promptly. He is he's a stickler on customer service I think you're really enjoy working with Josh it's 816. Seven to eights. 2828. Really easy to remember 81672. Waits to hates. Two eights. In that Josh we only have about so little over a minute left but gee are you working with a lot of people around the Kansas City area. From all over Kansas City are we limited to Kansas or Missouri. Well my bank is fifty state license so I can work with anybody in the fifty state area OK I don't owns all over the country bow wow okay primary focus is right here within a hundred miles. Because that's where I live. And I I always feel like if I can see somebody face to face or deal with them in their own environment makes everybody more comfortable. And I truly believe that customer service believe begins. With availability and so I answer my phone or will you answer Tex or. Or or voicemails. Almost anytime of the day and even on the weekend. All right excellent so so called Josh Muslim you can even text him on this line if you like. Might be here's the bottom line is he's gonna respond to you he's gonna spend a lot of time with you know make sure that your comfortable that you thoroughly understand the reverse mortgage and all of the ways that you can benefit. An end and understand it very thoroughly 816. 7282828. Again 8167282828. Can also click on line. And and here's an easy way just go to senior care live dot com under the partner sponsors program. And net page you'll feel fine Josh right there with community first national bank and 816728. Two weeks to wait to Josh thanks so much for being here today appreciate things Houston appreciate. It all right we'll have a lot more right after the you're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on the program and how we can help you and your family call our toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. Again 1800. 331. And a 644. Or five. Like to thank Rick shepherd and Josh bustle for being my guest today on the program. Great information we talked about home care services. And some special programs that Rick in. Golden hurt senior care are offering he just those are some unique. Services and programs that Rick is offering with golden heart senior care I really appreciate dad and then of course Josh buff some. You're with community First National Bank talking about reverse mortgages were the talk a whole lot more with Josh over the next several months. We're really gonna unpack reverse mortgages. And frankly reverse mortgages that they they get a bad rap and I think they are an excellent excellent tool. It in the race circumstance. And it's not a one size fits all kind of thing but the bottom line is. If you are one of the 90% who say look I think you know I don't nuts and against some of the senior care communities. The good news is if you need one in our area we have a lot of great senior care communities to choose from but the fact is nine out of ten people say I'd really like to stay home if I could but that cost money. So using the equity in your home the home equity conversion mortgage. Commonly known as a reverse mortgage may be a very good financial tool to help you remain independent. At home and Josh is a really good guys really passionate about this he's passionate about offering high level of customer service he will answer the phone. Answer the call or return your call after hours or on the weekend. And so in and he offers a lot of education. To make sure that this is a good fit that you're comfortable with this. Really really good guy again in I wish I would have side Sony's number out there again you can reach out to Josh buff from community First National Bank. 81672828288167. To eights. 2828. He's a reverse mortgage specialists. With community first national bank and and he's located hearing cues city. But you know what he can rights. Reverse mortgages and help people all over the entire country. Obviously he lives here in Kansas City area in most of his clients are here in the KC metro where he's gonna have a lot of great. Stories so to share with us over the next several months on how he has been able to help individuals remain independent. In their own home so have a whole lot more from Josh in the coming months. All right tendon in the short time that we have left. I just want it and I won't answer the most commonly asked question that I've been asked over the last fifteen plus years. Operating my firm's senior care consultant Steve. When should we move when should we think about moving from home to a senior care community. And I'll tell you why that is a very difficult question and sometimes it's pretty obvious. More often than not it is not so obvious. Let me say this I've had this conversation with lots and lots of families and individuals and clients here lately. See we're thinking about moving you know maybe this summer maybe this fall. Is it too early to start looking with with your firm's senior care consulting. Helping helping us through that search and selection process she recall you this summer or should we do it now or should we wait till the fall. What when should you do that in my pack. My message loudly and clearly do not waits the best places. Have waiting lists and sometimes he's waiting list can be three to six months sometimes they can be it can be a twelve month plus waiting list. So right now is the time to call senior care consulting. And and and I'll help you through this search and selection process she'd be your name. On the waiting list and up and rest assured that that you know you are going to have the place. Are available you can have your apartment or your room available to you. When you really want to move later this fall or even in the winner even in the summer now is the time to do that give me a call at 913. 9452800. 9139452800. And so I'm just going to do a quick review of win you should consider. Moving from your home to a senior care communities so. Let's say that is just not going to work at home any longer than you do need to move. I think the following things should trigger that conversation number one win that it's no longer safe to live at home it can be and a safety issue. Falling victim to financial abuse that's a safety concern. Leaving the stove top earners on that's a really really common one I hear that all the time but also that's an easy one to six or resolve you can turn gas off to the stove. Unplug the stove it's if it's electric or flips a breaker. But the bottom line is that's a major major safety. The issue deal potentially at some point. Another safety concern again this is very very common seems to be happening more and more. But someone with alzheimer's or dementia cognitive impairment. Wondering away from their home and they cannot find their way back home they may also drive. Away from their home in their vehicle not able to find their way back home and now we have a silver alerts. So this seems like you know we used to hear about a silver alert you know once in awhile. Now I'm hearing about silver alert you know maybe once a week or more. It depending on on the week so it's a major major safety issue wandering away. And not being able to find your way back home or you may drive the way. Not able to find your way back home one that's not as readily apparent but it's a major safety issue not taking your medications properly. Maybe you're not taken them on time maybe your skipping a dose for skipping a day may be your mistakenly your inadvertently. Taking DO two doses in in one sitting. Taking your medications properly it's a major. If it's a big big huge deal it's a major safety concern if you're not taking medications. Properly can also just have injuries at home frequent false frequent hospitalizations. So number one. Issue. I should trigger the conversation. Considering moving from her home to senior care community. When it is no longer safe to live at home number two in this is a very close close number two when their caregivers health begins to decline. We're talking beg your mental health emotional health. Spiritual health and of course your physical health stress is a very powerful force and I can't tell you how many times. I've seen the caregiver pass away. Due to the high stress and that and just. That bit into the caregivers put it all themselves second they always put themselves last they love this person so much. They're just laid it all out therefore are on the line. And it's to their detriment many many times so when their caregivers health begins to decline now you have two people declining. He just can't have that very long that should trigger the conversation. But considering moving from your home to senior care community. At number three just when the cost of of remaining independent home becomes too expensive or maybe you're you're just you're you're out of assets. So you views a reverse mortgage you give you've used your assets you've brought in home care you've remodeled your home. You've done all the things. It and and it's just to cost prohibitive that -- point may be financially driven decision in the last but not least. If it keeps yet if you just can't provide enough care why not consider changing your role from being hands on care giver and care provider. To the care manager of the care advocate meaning with a little help from senior care consulting we confided. Great place they can provide the care and then you can. Transition back into your more of your formal roll your natural role as a loving son or daughter or spouse or grandchild. The end does manage the care that's provided make sure. Think your loved one is getting everything they needed speak for them on their behalf if you have questions about this call me a senior care consulting. 9139452800. 913945. 2800. All right I can't believe that our seventh fastest hour in radio again to everyone listening thanks so much for being here today. I'm your host Steve kicker and I wish you grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this day and always. We'll see you next week right here on senior care lives.