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Saturday, March 3rd

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Are you caring for an aging parents. Are you searching for answers. Senior care line program dedicated CU and providing information education and resource. That's caregiver you can read. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care lives I'm Steve keep her president of senior care consulting. Thanks so much for tuning in today I really really appreciate it. The mission here on the program is to provide information. Education and resource is for seniors and their caregivers. We discuss important subjects such as how to remain independent in your own home when you consider moving from home to a senior care community. How to find the right senior care community for your exact needs. How to pay for the high cost to senior care also review legal issues involving elder law and estate planning. And we discuss how to care for the caregiver. So if you're listening to us currently year may be listening to the radio streaming us on line. Or you may be listening to us after the facts tuning into one of our podcast again. Thanks so much for being here I really appreciate it you are. Truly appreciate it. If you need help with placement services from my firm's senior care consulting or if you wanna learn more about the services provided by one of our very knowledgeable guests. And always reaches on our toll free number here it is in writing it down it's 1803316445. Again 18033. Warren. 644. Or five. Also be sure to visit our web site senior care lie but LAV's senior Q alive dot com if you do I'd be sure and a first followed you know we think about the website biggest media didn't get a lot of good feedback comment but. Also connect with the social lead just it's it's as easy as just clicking the icon connecting with the socially. We do a lot of communications to social media these days and does have assured not to miss out on that. All right so. A lot of times what drives the program other than just very timely issues like you know last week. We recognized national heart month so our American heard awareness month sent. And and so some of those are obvious but sometimes. If I'm receiving a lot of calls and a lot of questions about the same thing I just kind of feel the nudged to say you know what if I'm getting. This many inquiries about this I I feel like and there may be you know. Thousands of for information so. I answered the question today and I'll probably units of its other stuff later on or as time permits but. If you need care. Long term care and care community. Here's the question what happens. If you outlive your assets. What happens. This six this is expensive. Expensive stuff is semi private room and a long term care community here in our area. You're looking at 6002. You know 6500. That's right down the middle. You can find and similar prior room that means a shared room with a roommate that you can find a similar program a little bit. Less than that. Little bit more than that but that's right down the middle. If you want a private room and a long term care community Eloise commonly known as a nursing home. You're looking at 7500 dollars to about 101000 dollars right down the middle. You can definitely spend more than that high priced one out the other day and over 141000. Dollars per months. So it even if you. Are blessed and you have a tremendous amount of resources. And those rates. Are your nest egg will do please. And it will deplete quickly. So what happens. If you need long term care. You're in a long term care community what happens. If you outlive your assets you run out of money that you still need to clear. Well and debt points. In you're going to have to depend on the Medicaid. System the Medicaid program. To help pay for your long term care. Now win that as a setup I wanna share with you a story I think I've shared it before. But it's if you know a lot of people call me they know that their parents and their Korean parent or loved one. Is in a private page long term care community presently only. And they know that they or ran out of money and they need to find in Medicaid. Certified long term care community. And and and they know this is coming there they're aware that made the choice than what you know what we can't roll the dice. And and fortunately you don't monsoonal lot better than we thought she's actually doing better with suck the full time care beds in the other part of it is. We now think she's gonna outlive her assets so can you help us relocate her to a Medicaid certified. Long term care community it again. Commonly nose and known as the nursing on the set up a slew. But what if you don't know the facilities that they are in the long term care community that theory and what does he do not know. That they don't accept Medicaid if they're not Medicaid certified wide if that comes as a surprise and guess what. This happens just about every day I I get the phone calls. Through senior care consulting. So here's the story. One of my clients one of my earliest clients clear back from 2003. The senior care consultant she calls me up she's in tears she was referred by her elder law attorney to call senior care consultant to help her work this out. We get a lot of referrals from elder law attorneys financial advisors. Insurance brokers and professionals. Case managers. Physicians hospitals. Get referrals from all over the city that this particular referrals from her. Elder law attorney. And she was literally weeping on the phones have said okay all right what what's what's going on tell me what's happening. In she explained that her grandmother. She color grams. Moved into this place nice place. She said they've done a wonderful wonderful job free long long long time she says grams has lived there for a very very long time. And she said dad the other day she said I'd received a letter. Asking us to leave the community they were discharging her. She set I was just like once this certainly this must be a mistake on my gosh I wonder if I've done something to offend them right wonderful. If grams did something or I mean what's going on here out. In in so they went and they say I don't know you can do anything wrong. But your grandma's just about out of money and we don't take Medicaid where private pay only. Community. She did not know that. And then here's kind of attached to the story. Her grandmother had spent well over 300000. Dollars. In this community receiving care and it was good care is great is great. But she didn't know it and she said this has not explained her on the front side but she didn't ask about it. So. It just kinda is what it is. And her grandmothers getting very low on funds and Steve can you help satisfy any Medicaid certified. Long term care community that offers memory each year. And she went from being stunned. To very sad that. To absolutely. Just she was beyond livid she was really really mad. Is she said if I would've known that I never would have chosen this place. Is she said after working with me she said let me guess if if I want to work with you in the first place. This would not of happened and I said no it would not have happened because. You're telling me that you didn't wanna move her again so we were removed Syrian two in Medicaid certified. Long term care community and then if she should outlive her assets is just a very simple. Conversion to Medicaid qualify for Medicaid. And it's not even a bump in the road and she doesn't have to move. And and she thought she'd love to deep the staff the staff left her every one was really really upset about this. Really upset about it but. It is it is what it is and she had to move her cell I was able to step then. And develop a care profile what I can't care profile it's essentially. A geriatric care assessment plus some other other information. That's our starting point. Which they care profile which is a very very detailed. Description of exactly what we need to what we're looking for. We research the senior care consulting we were searched the entire. Marketplace. Not just a few places the entire. Marketplace and we identify. Our top providers that will meet our needs exact. Perfect fit. And in the next step is just like I did with this young lady working with her grandmother I went out with her. She was super nice by the way I just really enjoyed getting them to meet her know her and and work with her she's very nice and and in it she says okay you a little you know let's let's go check us out so we women now we checked of these places in and we and we went to the visits. Then I conducted a performance audit so I asked questions that most people do not know how that no task not to look into etc. and it's not an adversarial approach. We just ask. Very good. Questions we know the questions to ask. We summarized all of that in a very nice report for her the whole process only took Kirk. About four or five hours and she was done. She got the report she blended the subjective. Get reaction you gotta pay attention to it with objective data driven verified information in the report. To make the best decision that she could make. If that sounds like something that you would be interest again. On the senior care consulting I'll give you. All the contact information right after the break and then I'm gonna get into how Medicaid works. And how to qualify Ford and all sorts of really really important and valuable information. Right after the break but first the senior Carolina question of the week. What is the minimum amount of monthly income that the community spouse can have under the Medicaid rules eighth. 12100 a month beat. 17100 dollars a month C 1992. Dollars a month. 2003. Dollars per month the answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information go to services often on this. Program and how we can help you and your family color toll free number at any time that's 180331. 6445. Again 1800. 3316445. Don't forget you can stream this program to any electronic device it's super easy. Lots and lots of people do this every week very simple go to senior care lie but LI VE senior care live dot com. You can click on the giant microphone right there on the home page or the listen live button. You and a few seconds to connect and it will stream right to your phone your tablet computer your desktop what ever you have in it really really is that simple. All right back to the senior care lives question of the week. What is the minimum amount of monthly income communities spouse. Can have under the Medicaid rules and you're the options. 812100. Dollars a month. B 17100 dollars a month. CE 1992. Dollars a month or indeed. 2003. Dollars per month in the answering this. GE. 2003. Dollars per month. A little bit of a trick question that number used to be 1990. Dollars for a long time. And then it was upgraded just a little bump until 2003 dollars a month. I'll explain a lot more of that later on in this Medicaid no review. So let's give back to. The phone number for senior care consulting I had Jack hanging paying. Any on the edge there as Steve how we contact you. Here's the senior care consulting phone number 913. 9452800. Test really easy to remember. 9139452800. Also check out the website C and I'm not sure from ready to call ER PM more information I just go to the website senior care consulting. It's an ING senior care consulting. Dot com we have lots of people calling senior care consulting. In that exact situation. They either know they're in a private pay community and they know it's coming and they wanna get out ahead of it Indians get their loved one. I relocated. To a Medicaid. Certified long term care community before they're down to zero dollars. That's a Smart move by the way you know him and it. Or they are surprised like this young lady in the story I shared in the first segment. They get this letter say and pay we love you may tape your grandma's gonna get out your sheep she can't pay for our services anymore. You know by the way we don't accept Medicaid we can tell you that years ago. Over 300000 dollars ago bite your tongue in now. Okay in and I'd get a little bit irritated by that she was not told Dennis. And if she did not she never wanted to move her grandmother again. And so I was able to through senior care consulting. Was able to help her find a very good. Medicaid certified long term care community that offered memory care. She relocated her grandmother there but it's it's a big huge transition. This very disruptive for an elderly person to move. Level and then it's even more disruptive to move when you have memory issues cognitive impairment so. So with the the story had to have a happy ending that is just not the story that she wanted. She say get let me guess a power worked with senior care consulting we wouldn't be doing this semis I said that's right that's right we would have chosen. They in long term care community that was Medicaid certified on the outside chance that she should outlive her assets and she did. She would not have to move. She would spend down. Qualify for Medicaid. Never have to leave the place never have to leave the room that she's in that she's accustomed to. Never have to leave the staff that she loves the staff the loves her and she can literally Asian place. And not ever have to worry. About the financial side of things should she outlive her assets and that's what we're talking about today. Senior care live what happens if you need long term care and you outlive your assets we don't have to depend on the Medicaid program. Many Qaeda. Is basically a financial program that helps pay for the cost of for this purposes for the purposes of this. Discussion or presentation we're gonna talk about helps pay for your stay in his long term care community commonly known as the nursing home. It's a federal program but it is administered. State by state so there are state differences and there are even differences between Kansas and Missouri believe or not. Not a lot of differences that there are some differences and they can be significant. Either in your favor or not so you have to understand the rules. You have to understand how this works and then why is the best situation for you and which state is gonna be best for you. Do not confuse. Or in her changed the word Medicaid. With Medicare. They're two extremely. Different things. Very quickly Medicare. And you hear the word Medicare just think this is your health insurance. It pays for hospital stations your doctor's visit your laughter X rays. If you surgeries and just all that stuff Medicare is your health care. Medicaid. Will help pay. For your long term care community are nursing home. She did you need that type of care inch did you have out lived your assets. But there is you have to qualify for this and then this is where it starts getting pretty tricky. I'm gonna start to break this down I'm not gonna go into. And I can get too far out in the weeds today but I'm gonna give you a general overview. Some Medicaid and this is a strictly just as simple asset tests. There's so much misinformation. Out there it would just make your head spin offs. Right so I I'm gonna give you the the basics here. It do you have to divide your assets into two different categories you have exempt. Assets. Which means they're off the table they don't count the future you can hold onto them. Then you have accountable. Assets and again I'm gonna stay general I'm not gonna get out the weeds too far today. This'll start losing everybody. But you're exempt assets is your house. Will Medicaid. The nursing hill say we gotta sign over the house to get mom no you don't. If I had a dollar JP credit dollar for every time I heard was somebody at the nursing home said we had to sign mom's house over. To give him in here I would I would be retired. Right it's ridiculous so somebody tell you that. That note that is not. True and if I could like hit the microphone and jump up and down to make loud noises I would bet it's not true. Make your house is exempt. One car is exempt. You don't have to sell my turn now the cars exempt. Eight prepaid funeral plan is an exempt assets. A small amount of cash value and a life insurance policies small amount. Is exempt all this stuff in your house. Exempt. Those things right away exempt. On both sides of the state line here. Accountable assets. Includes about everything else. So we're looking at liquid assets of the amount of money in your checking savings money market mutual fund CDs. Those type what they're looking at capital venture liquid. Assets and they're looking at you if you're married couples in which he that your combined. Assets now there is an exception. For. For your retirement accounts. From the communities spouse. In the state of Kansas site I I'm not getting in the weeds too far today the looking that your accountable assets is your liquid. Assets and after the break. I'm gonna go into some exemptions into some. Some asset protection strategies you can not wanna miss this it's a lot of great information. Do not go away I'll be right. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You listen to senior care live on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information go to services offered on this program. And how we can help you in your family color toll free number at any time 1800. 3316445. Again 1800. 3316445. Don't forget if you ever miss an episode of the senior care lie maybe you wanna share the program. With family your friends or maybe someone at work and neighbor etc. maybe just wanna go back and listen to the information again. No worries at all just go to senior care lie in the dot com click on the podcast tab and that is where you'll find all. Of the previously aired episode just click on. The one that you want here click on the little play button and it'll start play in Korea it's super convenient India and lots and lots of people. Tune in to the podcast and a listen to and after the facts. All right so today I am answering the question what happens if you need. Nursing home level long term care level of care in you should outlive your assets were talking about the Medicaid program today. And I just work with lots lots of clients who we we have this discussion every single time. So again Medicaid is a simple asset test your exempt assets. Would be your house. Car. Prepaid funeral plan license small manulife insurance cash value the life insurance in the near stuff in your house your household goods. The new accountable assets silicon that you're liquid assets if you're single it's really easy if you're compile. But if you're married and looking at you were combined to you and your spouse. So your money market mutual funds CDs checking account savings accounts and set. Oh right. Think my allergies are trying to get me already that the trees are starting to bud and here here here comes allergy season anyway. So how does Medicaid work for a single person so Steve my mom passed away in many years ago and it's just my dad and he's gonna need to do this how does this work. Well you have your liquid assets and not just make up number 50000 dollars it can be 5000 dollars and can be a 100000 dollars. I just make up that number 50000. This news if you hear that term spending. Down so the spend down. You it's been down. As liquid assets 2000 dollars in Missouri. 2000 dollars in the state of Kansas. City are almost broke. Then Medicaid will kick in and start helping to pay for your monthly expenses in the long term care community. So that number between 50000 in 2001000. That's called the spend it. Down so then the big question is will what can you spend it not well obviously you're gonna pay the cost of your long term care your nursing home we gonna pay for your. Your your medications and anything that you need if he had assumed debt you can pay off some debt. You can knock it again you can buy a prepaid funeral plan I wanna spend just a second. This is a really Smart. Strategy it's a really Smart business. While your loved one has some cash. You can convert accountable ascent of cash. Into an exempt assets and be prepaid funeral planned. So take some of that money and buy prepaid funeral plan which is an exempt assets. And now all your final expenses are covered. You're done you don't even have to think about it you are done. OK it is really Smart now here's what happens if you don't do that. In the 50000 to spend down to again thousand Missouri 2000 Kansas. And then your loved one passes away. Who's going to pay for the final expenses. They only have a thousand couple thousand in their accounts. In what is your final expenses are more than that. Well the family's gonna have to pool money together. To pay for the final expenses. Why not do it now. During the spend down. In just checked that one off to list done don't mean have to worry about this just kid Smart. Business it's a great thing to do if you haven't done it. Should really look in to do and so it in in you can buy a car although that seems a little bit silly if you're in a nursing home why do you need a car you can do admit. I'm tenth now owns 'cause silly but that is the point you can buy things for yourself clothing. The new recliner chair for your room. You can. It might be clothing. New glasses. What whatever you need anything for you that benefits you. That's what you can spend the money down on. So what happens if you have a couple. Now this gets into. A whole different ballgame here a lot lot more complicated. So. Let's say that you have husband. The wife you both together have but I'm just making up the number 200000 doesn't matter what the number slip and just make a number 200000. Since the husband is gonna need the nursing home the long term care. And the wife is going to be that still remaining independent home she's the community spouse. Into so they put hunter on his side hunter on her site and so they divided SS this is called the decision. Of assets no long time ago. Unfortunately. Couples would literally get a divorce so that he had to. Divide their assets just to protect. Half of the assets for the community spouse. The new congress comes along. Says this is the United States of America that is insane. There's no there's this crazy though there's no reason they have to do that what can we just do this on paper. And so they created his disposition of assets. Half on his side half on her side. She keeps her half announce his have to and he would again spend it down at 2000 Missouri 2000 Kansas. But they look at a couple has. Made it a joint. Entity AKA unit. So what can you spend down has been cited on well. You can pay off debt wanna stay they still the house is exempt where the house has 40000 dollars left on. A mortgage. You take the forty off of his side they'll get rid of the mortgage done salad and I don't know Dwight and have a guy John Salley on my graphics here and I always give a presentation by. He and his wife don't have to worry about deafness is one less thing that she just worry about you can make home repairs. Off of the husband's side the nursing home spouse's side. You know 101000 dollars for refer repair you know he thousand dollars for new you'll central air unit etc. senator etc. It's all perfectly legal perfectly allowable. Again we can Pena and give buy prepaid funeral planned for for him or maybe for both of you. And you can buy at a new car this is where that makes sense. So Sally is drive and cash for clunkers all jalopy and that the if they've got all the mileage out of it that they can't. And guess what. Pitt who is Sally wants to go visit her husband every single day. In a nursing home in long term care community so she needs a more dependable. Means and mode of transportation. Trade Indio cash for clunker spend some of John's side down on the husband's side down institutionalize the nursing home side down. Spent some of that money can buy Sally they knew were more dependable vehicle. Perfectly. Allowable. The New Guinea and in the east India obviously had to pay for your your cost of care at that at the nursing home in. And in some of the things for him that if you'd like to the bottom line is. When Lucy gets down 2000 or 2000 dollars. Then he. Qualifies for the state or further for the Medicaid. Reimbursement program which all get into a bit more here back into second. All right deceive one if I wanna give some of them anyway well you can buy it. There's potentially if you don't do this properly is potentially. A Medicaid penalty so there's a five year look back. What that means is that Medicaid will look back five years into your books. And they're looking for any gifts that you may have made that would cause they Medicaid penalty. The disqualification period. So I'm I'm. Gift can be cash. Obviously you're writing a check for a grandsons first semester of college or so and that's a gift. Re title in property. Selling an asset for lessen its market value all of those things are considered gifts. So you add them all of the Kansas panel T device or is 5974. Dollars. Missouri penalty device or is 4889. Dollars. So let's have rounded off freezing Matthew kansas' 6000. Missouri is 5000 so let's just say in Kansas. Someone. Made 30000 dollars worth of one important gifts over the last five years divided by 6000 that number is five. For the next five months Medicaid will not pay. Or the cost to the nursing home. And at that point debt. Death penalty is considered cured or or paid off if you all. Then in the six month Medicaid will begin paying. The monthly cost for the cares that makes sense so see divided. Your gifts. By about 6000 in Kansas about 5000 in Missouri and that will give you the number of months. That Medicaid will not pay for the nursing home and then that next month to start playing again hopefully I make sense I hate getting and the numbers. Over the over the radio sometimes it just doesn't it just doesn't translate. Okay what is John and Sally. Already have. Prepaid funeral plan and you don't have a mortgage etc. etc. You can work with an elder law attorney to employ an asset protection strategy. Where an elder law firm. An attorney. And take Johns spend down. By a single premium immediate annuity and turn that into an into come. For the communities that house. Now what does that mean she remained income well there. Mean these past few keep all of their income and I'm gonna talk about Medicaid in the income calculation. Right after the break don't go away. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now pull free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lines on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services suffer on this program. And how we can help you and your family but your collar toll free number at any time literally 24 hours a day this this number is actually answered by a real people. Oh that day and we're just were old school senior Carol I would actually answer our phones that's 1800. 33164451800. 331. Man. 6445. And today we're talking about what it what happens. You're gonna nursing home and you outlive your assets kind of breaking down the Medicaid. Rules is some enough. Regulations and how Medicaid works it gets really really complicated very very quickly and listen let me just say this I am not. Providing legal advice I am not an attorney I strongly encourage you to contact any inexperienced. Elder law attorney or estate planning attorney. To address all of these things so we this is not something that we can do the senior care consulting I clearly understand it very very well. But at an attorney needs to handle this in and handle it properly. All right so I just want what you know that so so what about this income calculation innocent when he gets a little bit tricky. So let's say that your wife the wife of that until a couple the wife is the community style she's gonna she's still living independently home. She's doing well. Not through force and his great and then her husband. Needs to nursing home care so when he goes into the nursing home and he qualifies for Medicaid what happens to his income. His income leaves with him. And sometimes that's that's pretty tough PC why we have to. Work very very hard to protect his much of the asset base is possible because his wife is going to be at home and she is going to lose. Some or all of her husband's income. And now that their monthly total income just reduced by a much. So when a person is in a nursing home spend down qualifies for Medicaid. Then it appears that income calculations C take their income whatever it is. You deduct enough to pay their health insurance and that's going to be their Medicare in the Medicare part. There Raj dear. Medicare Advantage. Premiums of whatever it is. It could be two or 300 dollars a month to can be fifty dollars a month but from here in Kanye keep up your Medicare. That they insure that your health insurance okay. And then you get to keep the individual gets to keep 62 dollars a months. In the state of Kansas don't spend an old one place in the state of Missouri gonna keep fifty dollars a month in the state of Missouri again. Do not spend it all in one place that's just enough for like a little petty cash slush fund if you will. What ever is left over from your income. Goes straight to the nursing home. As a co pay I call it the co pay. Okay that the government calls it a patient liability I'm not its co pay up. Right I got my income keep my Medicare gonna pay the premiums like keep a couple bucks a day whatever's left over goes to the nursing a mystique individual's contribution. To their care every month. And then Medicaid pays the nursing home the difference. That's exactly how it works and even the nursing home the long term care community has in investment in this model. In the form of the discount they may charge 200 dollars a day. But the may actually be reimbursed as they maximum reimbursement 182 dollars and 47 cents per day and they write off that little bit of a balance. I do every day they can't collect foreign and they accept a lower amounts of their contribution to this plan. Is in the form of a discount the individual. Pacer health insurance which is Medicare premiums. We keep a couple bucks a month in their pocket and they contribute the rest of their income Medicaid and pays the nursing home the majority of the cost. And that is literally exactly. How it works. OK but what about that 2003. Dollars that you mentioned back in the senior care live question of the week. Well it's a good question. Medicaid says. Net the at home spouse that's the community span house. Can keep a minimum. Of 2003. Dollars per month. So one of the community spouse. Munis and easy math here. Only brings in 1503. Dollars per month that's 500 dollars under. That minimum amount the government calls that the minimum monthly maintenance needs allowance which again who makes this stuff up I don't know. The state minimum amount she's 500 dollar short. So every month. 500 dollars from her husband's. Income. Flows back to her. To get her 1503. Dollars up the vet minimum number. 2003. Dollars per month does that make sense. So with that at home spouse if their monthly income is less than 2003 dollars per month. Whatever however would whatever that shortfall as they can take it from their husband from not from their spouses. Monthly income to get him up to that minimum number. Now. If the at home spouse. Earned its. 3000 dollars a month or whatever their whatever their income is it's not touched it is off the table. Off the table. But if it's under 2003 dollars then they can take enough out of their spouse's income to get him up to that 2003 else hopefully them except. All right so let's circle back. So what happens if there's a single person. Qualify for Medicaid spend down. There's still a house. There's still some assets. In the estate in that person passes away. There is something called estate recovery. So what happens is the state says okay this person passed away and we've been paying for their care through the Medicaid program. And we've got 30000 dollars. That we paid in prepare for this person. They go back to the best state. And they see if there any assets in the S states. If the estate has assets and hit the state wants payback. So they won't put a claim on your state your state can and pay them back there's 30000. And then whoever. Whoever the beneficiaries. Of the estate. Would then receive the bouts. That they go back to your S states. And there's nothing in your states because it's been completely spent in the liquidated and you're down to literally nothing. Then. There's nothing to collect the walk away. That's how all of this works. Now I cannot. Emphasize strongly enough. To please contact an elder law attorney. To help you with the Medicaid application. To help you definitely help you with the division of assets. And to help you do everything. Properly especially when you get into that asset protection strategy while that Hass did not do them on your Rome. Do not do that on your own past be done properly you think he later. OK so be sure to contact. And experienced elder law attorney if you need help finding a great. Medicaid certified long term care community. Home opener and Medicaid certified call me. But senior care consulting 913945280913. 945. When he hunter go online to senior care consulting them. All right well I'm just getting started I'm Tony I can talk about on an 034 hours a tough on this subject a bit hopefully that was good information helps you out. I'm your host Steve speaker and I wish you grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this day and always I'll see you next week. Right here on senior care life.