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Saturday, April 7th

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Are you caring for an aging parents or are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line of program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Become the best caregiver you can beat. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care lions I'm Steve keep current president's senior care consulting. Thanks so much for tuning in today being here I really really appreciate it the mission here on the program is to provide information. Education and resource is for seniors and their caregivers. We discuss important subjects such as. How to remain independent in your own home went to consider moving from home to a senior care community. How to find the right senior care community for your exact needs how to pay for the high costs of senior care and talk a lot about death today. We review legal issues involving elder law on the state planning and we discuss how to care for the caregiver. So if you're listening to the radio currently maybe you're streaming this on line from. Out of out of town or out of states where he may be listening to a podcast after the fact again. Thanks so much for being here today you are really and truly appreciated. If you need help with placement services from my firm's senior care consulting or if you wanna learn more about the services provided by one of our very knowledgeable guess. You can reach us on our toll free number literally at any time 24 hour today. Here's a number write it down 1803316445. Again. 180331. 6445. Don't forget to visit us online senior care lives that's LA's the heat senior care lives. Dot com. And I am really excited about the subject today the subject today is financial wellness for seniors and their caregivers keeping your voice on the show or for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual to determine which investments may be appropriate for you also consult with your attorney accountant and financial advisor tax advisor try to invest it securities and advisory services are offered through LPL financial member FINRASIPC. All right now that we got deal disclaimer out of the way we have to take care than just load bookkeeping their rights so again the senate did today financial wellness. For seniors and their caregivers. Would like to introduce my friend is special guest today in studio mat gas away he's a co-founder and he's also a certified financial planner with bridge quest wealth strategies. And Matt thanks for being here today I appreciate it. Thanks Steve great to do it yet. All right so. So let me if for our listeners and all I'll give you this information again later on by. But be sure right to number down 913276. 701102913. 27671101. To reach out to Matt in his great team that bridge quest while strategies. That is the phone number also check them out online at bridge quest it is spelled exactly how you think it is bridge quests. Dot com and mad idea I just wanted to start out well first of all I and I'm excited they want heavy and for a long time I think we've been talking about for awhile. And so glad that the schedules worked out today but they tell us about your background and Ian Duncan I know Yemen have been extensive side background in in finance spiked in investments but tell and then tells about the events that led TU. At it kind of branching out in starting your own firm the bridge qwest basically your story. Great happy to do a Steve. I really I've got about fifteen years in the financial planning industry and about. Fourteen that was with a large retirement services firm. And then have the opportunity. And really really part of the story of an opportunity to team up with another incredible professional. And to form bridge quest wealth strategies. Just under two years ago. What led us to that point was we really appreciated many of the things that we learned that to serve many great clients. But we really had a sense that there was an opportunity to go and form a little bit different kind of wealth strategy company you. And what that look like for us we had been an environment where. There wasn't always and autonomy to select to sit down with a client. And select exactly what would fit for their needs. And there was occasionally. Sales contests there would be. Some prepackaged solutions. Essentially at times it it. Felt a bit as if having square pegs in round holes. And you didn't always meet the exact needs of your clients well it was. That there was some Danish you know there's maybe they're better options and maybe you weren't available to you at that time yet that's exactly right in so we had an opportunity. I worked side by side with another advisor Greg Dillard who is also the the co-founder of bridge quest and we've worked side by side for. Many years actually. So when you work side by side you know what happens right Steve yet. You see the good the bad neo and the ugly I. And so we got to see that and despite that we said hey look we think we can actually. Do something together that's better then we can do individually. OK and so that was the basis of us forming bridge quest. Greg's we we are subscribers to strengths fine I don't know if you're familiar with that approach but really identifying him living in two. Your strengths and instead of trying to manage your weaknesses you say hey. Let's work together and so that's really what we looked at in building a team. And that and we feel very very fortunate that we get to live and those spaces now as professional advisors. And the other team members that we house get to live and their strengths as well. So I think your strengths are different than Greg's that's very that's very true it in sell your I think your morally if they ever a people person and relationship builder and he's a little more comfortable on the analytics may be back off this kind of function is that generally correct. Yeah I would say so a little bit more I I lean towards the strategic development side church and then Gregg would lean towards the analytical. Side as we and then we blend those together of course and we try to draw out people and then at the same time. We still are geeks of hearts certainly go back yeah and we say okay how do we make this work how do we how do we synthesize what people are trying to accomplish. OK so. A bridge quest well strategies 913. 2767110. Or online. That bridge qwest dot com I'm my special guest today Matt gas away co-founder certified financial planner. With bridge quest well strategies and today we're talking about financial wellness for seniors and their caregivers. So mad I appreciate your story and I love stories like this where that. I'm there are a lot of really really successful businesses that had he just excellent training I did and did a great job but they they saw. An opportunity to maybe go deeper make a difference do you things may be loaded different they strike out on their own. And I can't believe it's almost been two years site and now this seems like I've known you for a while that is it seems like meat may be a couple months ago. Yeah it it does anyone know it has flown that's for sure we haven't had a lack of a lack of activity yet keep us busy yup absolutely so so what do you do every twist. Yes well what a great wealth strategies that's kind of the big. And the desert to that that's a big concepts of what it what does that we have got yeah that's great I'm gonna just kind of take you right into our vision. And then break try to break that down a little bit ya. Yeah we really hit it the biggest level we want to inspire people to align their purpose in their passion with their wealth. Look at what the world does that mean yeah. How in the world do you do that really we help people put the pieces to get there. So we think it is investments is a piece of the puzzle. You know taxes. Late SE is indeed planning giving back. What ifs. Health is a huge piece of yup and that Tice ten obviously whiff. With some of the things that the listeners get to hear weekend and week out here. We try to synthesize those things and help people put those pieces together to simplify the complex. C and I love that simplifying. Complex process that is front and center on your website. He ends it and this is complex in so when you think of wealth strategies I. I think a lot of people not all this and they think oh well I'm a minute. I'm gonna talk to someone and you mean invest my money and and I'm gonna make money on. There there's a whole lot more to pay for it and I love your your holistic approach your cameo in it everything. We're trying to you I don't know if we can quit claim that but we really are trying to be holistic and the approach and and really our process has been developed through our clients through the years yeah you know it's as we listen and hear that then we put Trent put together those things that. There are most important and we start out we have three questions one would with every client and really with every person comes in pink and and they start with what matters most in your life. That's sounds simple. But we say okay but ski even outside the financial bigger picture yeah what matters that secondly what challenges are you facing right now let's talk through those. And number three. Let's get to the fun stuff the bucket list yet what's keeping us from and so we've got to address all three with how we're managing that money and because we're independent. We feel like we go in with an open slate. And then weekend I'm really plug in what really is the best fit based on a person's situation in their ability to. Deal with risk and and sustain that for a long term. See I love that your independent I've I've always been a fan of that type of their approach. But if you're with a particular company has not gonna guess anyone who's with a particular company by you have a certain number of products like he says sometimes it feels a little like a square peg peg in a round hole that you are just like you say do you you watch him with an open slate. I absolutely love that met guests away with bridge quest for wealth strategies that 913. 2767110. Rich quest wealth strategies. 913. 2767110. Or online at bridge qwest. Dot com so we'll have more with mad right after the break. But first let's not forget the senior care live question of the week. If you outlive your assets. The Medicaid program won't pay for your stay in an assisted living facility. Is that statement true. Were false or Medicaid pay for your stay in assisted living facility don't have the answer what's your guess. We'll come back right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You're listening to senior care live on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program. And how we can help you and your family collar toll free number literally at any time this number is answered by real people 24 hours a day. The number's 180331. 6445. Again 180331. 6445. Don't forget you can stream this program to any electronic device. Super easy to do lots of people do this simply go to senior care lives dot com. Click on the giant microphone right there on the homepage hour you can also click on the listen live button and a few seconds to connect to and it will lob. Connect to the street straight to your phone your cavalier here. Laptop your PC one every haven't really is that simple right back to the senior care live question of the week. If you outlive your assets. The Medicaid program will pay for your stay. In an assisted living facility. Is this statement true or false in the answering this. False. It is false well. It is mostly false. JP should I have given one like some gray area in their kind of falls your country it's it's mostly false. Maybe 5% true self. I Steve's so that sells like a train wreck there when here here it's a it's a little bit difficult so here it is. There are very very few. Assisted living facilities that will work with Medicaid there's a reason because Medicaid is not pay much for the assisted living level of care. OK so we enact an assisted living facility. Works with Medicaid there's usually. When I terming family contribution that must be made it to make this work because. If you had your income with what Medicaid will pay you usually short so if I work with a lot of families and if the Finley can come up with. 200 dollars a month 800 dollars a month to can be 2000 dollars a month whatever that number is to make up the difference. Then we can make that work if that feeling contribution is not available we'd usually cannot make that work so. This is why the vast majority of assisted living facilities do not. Work with Medicaid and they are. Private pay only frankly. This forces many residents who probably could live. At that less restrictive level of care assisted living level forces them into the nursing home simply driven. By Medicaid. Qualifications. Are hopefully that was more clear than mud so. So anyway yeah. Our topic today financial wellness for seniors and their caregivers and you were talking at today about that this isn't like you know a lot of the other. You know investment programs out there that you hear on the radio and nothing against those programs and all that were really wanting to gear this towards seniors and their caregivers. And that's what we're doing here today with my friend. Special guest mat gas away he's the co-founder and certified financial planner with bridge quests. Wealth strategies. And well. Oh all right. So here's the myth. Don't count I'm Tanya. Lots and lots of people believe this but IRS. Can't call you personally. And ask you for information. And let me tell you that is a myth and meant what she correctness with the facts. And. The IRS. Will not call and demand any payments and in fact the IRS always sends out a letter. On official letterhead so it's written correspondence. There'll be there'll always be written correspondence means for a phone call. Let me just also add. Move that a senior or anyone should not just call back in number that says they are from there please do not do that. I do not yeah yup absolutely so if you get a call from the IRS. What what do was to just hang up. When I would advise is giving detailed information. And then you actually go on and came in can go to the actual IRS. You should have something written if it's valid. But if you really wanna go the next step you either don't return the call. And they will send you information trust me the other they find people. Daylight day and you really want to make sure if that is truly the IRS and you get the correct number for the iris. So if you wanna reports. Any of this fraudulent activities of the collier they want information and Pacino you're behind here there Leonid demand payment he disk without your credit card give us your checking account number. They're not the real IRS will not ever ever ever do that if you wanna re port debt to the IRS 1800. Eight to 91040. But maybe the better route is to report that the Federal Trade Commission. That would be correct channel SO FTC Federal Trade Commission F. TC dot gov and you can't dot you can lodge or file a complaint there and then they'll probably follow up bit. These crooks are pretty sneaky they're pretty good at this and it may not get caught button. Yes and that they prey on fear and sadly and this happened. And recently to someone that I knew and unfortunately. This person very responsible. Felt shame and did not want to let others know in their circle bow wow and so they wanted to take care of the problem and take great care of the problem. Yes and I hit in the and it turned into something worse before they realized they had got themselves into this game oh boy in and hopefully they got out of it I mean debate they did but it it it it cost time. And money that some money only yup now it's. All right so if the IRS calls you wanting information and then wanting Payne admits. Do not take that call do not answer their questions. Do not call them you should report to be either just just drop it in don't do anything with him. The IRS will contact you in with written correspondence. Or you can also report that to FTC dot gov and that is a fact. More information about the facts. Stay tuned to this program or contact senior care consulting at nine point 39452800. Port visit senior care consulting dot com. All right thanks for that information Matt thanks for their warning I've been hearing more more about. You know and if she's critics I mean I can I don't. I don't really I cannot understand it. Made it if you take the money and of the senior who was trusting. That Saddam. What lower than a snakes belly grab me that is something I mean that's that's said it that is and if you're economy out these people go to prison in end and have to. I have to pay all back and just this horrible so anyway. So we only have me a time his claim that we only have a little over a minute but and so we can deathly stretch out into this into the next segment bit. Financial wellness for seniors and specifically. How also approached different. In about 32 straight simply put it and we can go ahead more earlier about. How zen approach different than working with maybe I a younger adults. Yeah real quick I would say the mix of investments. Tends to do it needs to be more conservative by march that's very important. I think the pace and getting the whole picture is critical. This is not a place to do transaction. So that's number two and then number three is. Well really honestly the health care issues you wouldn't you must be aware and that bleeds into your world yeah and that's super critical. That space. Absolutely so if you are senior if you have questions. Wanted to reach out to Matt Diaz away in his awesome team great big Greg Dillard and and everyone else there with bridge quests boss strategies 913. 2767110. Again 913. 276. 7110. You can also go online its great website bridge qwest dot com that is spelled exactly how you think it is. Bridge quest. Dot com and we're gonna have a whole lot more. Financial wellness for seniors and their caregivers and right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back Ulysses a senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about services offered on this program. And how we can help you and your family call our toll free number at any time that's 1803316445. Again. 180331. 6445. Don't forget if you ever miss an episode a senior Carolina ever maybe wanna share the program. With others or maybe you wanna go back and just listen to again pick up some. Some of the details may be missed the first time around no worries at all just go to senior care lives dot com click on the podcast can give us a few days to get stuck. Most recent one posted their butts I don't the podcast Ted you'll find all of the previously aired episodes. And right there in chronological order than the most recent one and then moving backward so feel free to help yourself there. All right so the subject today financial wellness for seniors and their caregivers. Special guest today Madcast wife co-founder. Certified financial planner with bridge quest well strategies. Can reach out to match and his awesome team Greg and everyone else there it's fantastic place at 913276. 7110913. 2767110. Also check out the web sites really get website bridge. He's the bridge requests. Exactly how a sales bridge quest. Dot com. So now we are talking about it do approaches differ when you're working with seniors. And their financial well wellness verses. You be working with a younger but a younger person and off Mikey we were talking about you say hey I've got a great story a like to share so he lets go ahead and do that now. He SO recently we had a couple. That had really done all the right things. They. Had recently retired. And head to has come to us and said gosh we're not really sure but we. This is the right thing to do but we feel like we're in pretty good shape they had already retired they had their money in. One of them the primary. Chunk of their retirement savings was in there they're prior. Retirement. While they just. They weren't touching it so they didn't think they needed to do anything with that at that moment. And you know one of the things we uncovered was. They head someone given input input and a couple of years ago now. And and an advisor at the time not their ongoing advisor now. You put the investments in something that was probably very appropriate at the time but they were. 80% exposed to equities and then expressed that they just really didn't want highly volatile. Investments so that was an easy fix you right honestly for us yeah we were able to help them. Again oh into something that fit their needs a bit more they also really. He really didn't have their estate planning. In place fully think they had just. For a variety of reasons they had something basic set up but they also. One of them had a veterans background and so. That was also helpful as we thought through some of the long term health care things there implications and there are some. Unique opportunities for anyone that house of veterans background as it relates to state planning as you know it's yeah. So we uncovered a few of those things which was. Really helpful and we were able to I think give them a sense of just greater piece on what they had they had done the work. They just needed somebody to help them. Put it in two the things that really really made. Sense for where they weren't line. And that's where the overall. Morally on and on to the right turbine holistic approach. Like you talked about it's not just investment in return I mean there's so much more that you have to address. And and that's what you were able to do for this couple says fantastic. It was it was a lot of fun and we're able to connect them with a couple professionals as well so we'd love to partner with others who can consistent process excellent excellent. We're talking about financial wellness for seniors and their caregiver with mad gas away co-founder and certified financial planner. With bridge quest well strategies. You can reach out to maps and awesome teammate British quest. At 9132767110. 9132767110. Or bridge qwest dot com. Lisa. Your attention please this is consumer alert and consumer alerts. All right Matt in this highly automated. Sent it in forget it world that we live in end to end. Fit bits and automatic reminders like you know he has remember someone's birthday anymore you can pay your bills on a medically have no idea how much your PC PO bill is sore or or anything else. A lot of people think hey all I have to deal. With my investment is literally sat it in for get a dollar cost average I got money going into this you know I have met the these guys say hey this is a good thing summing I've got money gone in there every month I don't even miss it. And I'll be fine down the road as they're just all rig count this wonderful. Is that really. A good idea. Well Steve the historical facts don't quite match up here M and let me let me give you. You know the twenty year average of the S&P 500 through 2015. Was about nine point 85%. Who wouldn't take that yeah yeah. All day he thought exactly I every dale there right right how ever the average investor. Return was. It's going to be about that right I mean because you set it forget and you get death. US and the average bears out to be just over 5%. Lou and you asked how. Yeah out the hook up apply what I mean that's that's does analysts had a about a little over half yeah and I I would. I would also implicate. Some of my people involved in that that's that's not just implicating. People people meaning financial advisor yes if they're my people and I'm sure they are my people but the greatest via group all of us together that is a collective failure now of the of the system if you well. And what that comes down to primarily. Is. Doing the wrong thing at the wrong time okay. So I wills go back to automation isn't perfect. Over our contracting things as a big problem too so really behavior. Selling out. When there's emotion and high volatility in Ontario doesn't sound familiar to us that now now now I don't like right now it everyday all day I think yourself right out and right into fears over a trade wars in US over really happened and what that means in. The trop bumper right because his giant massive. Meteoric. Increase over I do a 1214 months writing in the NL we've got some up and down spent people get nervous about this stuff you've you've that they did and in the short term troops for very good reason the market is very unpredictable in the short term I think as we all know. I am but the reality is over that while longer appear hid. Do. Selling out at the wrong times and then subsequently buying and when people feel better oh boy unfortunately led to that huge gap so. One of the things we wanna bring in and many other. High quality financial planners and advisors want to do. Would be to really help people avoid that and and that can be done just through really solid behavior and having appropriate risk levels for people who don't get out over their skis with risk then when the time the times get tough it's hard to stay in depth. And I think I think if you're outside of your risk level. You're probably way more not affected. Positively or negatively by some of these fluctuations. In the near your behavior. All you guys had stopped out mag deposit this is horrible all things are better yet I'll hey let's restart debt automatic deposits in their Ewing is sold low and you buy high or. Or or lower and higher I mean you Dick there's the difference are a big part of the difference of almost five. And I'll add this here's my hope is that the listeners. Can whatever level investment there and that that they have seen me playing again. Forum where they're going and they've also seen built into the plan we planned for the the bad things we. We like to say were fairly pessimistic. On some things when we show the planning and then. But we think it's also realistic to show and haven't a plan. A sense of short turned down for longer and with longer term predictability. So when folks will call and we go back to the plan and say. Here's what was built in and many other planners do this and that's what I really urge investors go back to your place. Excellent thanks so much for them advice men appreciate it. Proceed with caution pieces and consumer alerts and she buys senior care line. All right so maps. We were talking on that last break we wanna shift gears here. Talk about financial wellness for security risk again we don't have a lot of time. Two to get into that at the end of this segment will definitely carry over into that last segment by. You carriers are notorious. As you well know. For putting their own needs last so I'd just literally told this this the story last week I told all the time I think it's applicable here. You know win win were on the plane. Enough oxygen masks fall down and him we're there we're told about you put your own mask on first so that you are capable of helping others. In so that means caregivers take care of your. Herself first so that you're able to put continue to provide care for this person you love so much. That's it you probably see a lot of that in your business is well. Absolutely. Dad is very applicable and I find many in that space. Struggle with either feeling guilt. Or just so busy and trapped with the cares of they're children and their adult parents parents yup yes instead it is just very difficult. But it is so critical if they're going to do that well that they stopped. Take inventory and financial is a huge piece of that total wellness they're. Sure absolutely I love that Matt after the break let's get into that and let's not unpacked a little bit mad gas away co-founder. Of bridge quest wealth strategies 913. 2767. 1109132767110. Richard quest dot com we'll have more right after the break. You're listening to senior care lie on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to senior care live. On the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services suffered on this program and how we can help you and your family call our toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. Again 180331644. Or five. Back to my friend and special guest today Matt gas away co-founder of bridge quest wealth strategies for 913276. 7110. AM like it if this is if this is resonating with few if you're. Like you know let my how that makes a lot of sense tonight I think we need to reach out. I turn to Matt again 913. 2767110. And also go online bridge qwest dot com. And Matt if someone does want to reach out to you and me they dial the phone and obviously someone's gonna answer. What is the process look what light can can do you do consultation or how does that work. Sure. Steve we would do yes we do. An initial consultation. Eight at no charge just to dig in and find out what the needs might be there are situations that we might say. You really don't need us and here's what you can do and here's how you do it. But we will sit down and have that commerce station were happy to do that. And then there are two paths one is if someone knows and they want help managing their assets will help them with that in the context of planning. And do a thief or management the second path is really a project see either one of those is very transparent there are no surprises we are very straightforward. Our fee structure. OK and so. That's very similar to my business itself. I work with a flat fee for service and I worked directly for the families that I represent India it is very transparent. And work for them in their best interest in so there's some similarities so obviously different services but tuck. I really liked it straight forward approach so that we are talking about financial wellness for caregivers. And caregivers and and I and I have to say when I was so the caregiver. I'm in a certain point with my dad and I did put my needs not on the back burner but that's not a good idea. But especially when it comes to your run your retirement planning in your your investments. That's exactly right what comes to mind is a client that we've had the privilege. To be in the process with you might recall that we ask everyone what matters most in your life that's the first thing. This particular client she said. Being available. For my family is number one that. Wow. That's huge. She named it. Well. She had. At parents who were becoming increasingly. And and able to. Get around well yeah. They were not yet at the point where they needed your services they will be soon yup but they weren't. She had done years of preparation. Or retirement for her emergency reserves all of those things hit virtually eliminated debt from her life. So she came to us and we said this is number one in your life. And she said what if what if I took a sabbatical. And we said well it's gonna cost you up. But we measured what the cost wise what's the what's the cost for your retirement. What's the cost for your reserves. Can you do this can you get health care she went through and we answered all the questions moot. And she made a very intentional. Decision. To you take one to one and a half years off to spend very high wallets and high quality years. With her ailing father debt is awesome it's in that's incredible. And I and I don't get those days back you don't gonna back that is what we considered Larry wealth management yet. Wealth means meaning time talent treasure when you look at that so. And I loved it she didn't just do it emotionally. She actually sat down with this and we counted the cost them and then we said yes it's costly and yes we're going to do it. She is. I wish I wish we can have her hair. Because it is just an incredible amazingly easy or. Maybe we can have her on another program I was serious I'd love that I've lived here that I did that with my dad. Two pace smaller extent. And I I told him I sit down I wanna I wanna quit my job guys wanna be here in the in he's like don't you dare that's a good job that's ahead. Yeah like today though I flew home every weekend I love that she did that if she did that we view in worked it all out she knows exactly what she's doing. Invocation when she squared away things yeah yeah she was in a place where she could you know she could come back to vocation so all those things were checked off. There was still an element of faith that she had done her homework in those are the stories that we'd love to get underneath and help guide people through that. And so that's where she sits and she knew that at some point she's going to be handing off to someone like you do now. For additional care but she wanted to in that intermediate time bright capture that time. So to her credit she had done the work we were just coming alongside her measuring define. Helping him make sense and and then in the end it here if you just say. Like I was going to do OK I have to admit I was gonna just quit my job just in just say to heck with it because I was confident that I can get another win and inconsiderate Serra. But they're kind of put his foot down on that one but she was very intentional about that she knew the cost. I love that story and if she would be willing to come on and share that I would love to have you back in in half per share that I think is fantastic it's a beautiful story. Now it it really is beautiful cat uses tingles and as a whole team yeah just we just love we love being part of that and so. Yeah we'll see that would be a that would be a blast. OK and I think you I think you worked with some other some other folks in that care giving capacity and caregivers are notorious about putting our needs seconds. Yeah absolutely yeah we've had a number of folks. Who just have had a hard time helping really. Paying attention to their own needs yup and that is difficult it's super important to continue just like anyone who's in a major transition. It's critical to not. You know for the other person to not to. You know. Really ruin your own retirement plans. On your own health and so we are constantly talking about bat. As we go through the process it's just very hard to get that person engaged in Internet in a wellness conversation but it's so so critical. And I I call that part of my knee out discussion or review on caring for the caregiver. It in you do have to take care of yourself so that you can. Here for the people that you know in and you love so much and I'll take I work with so many people. The end in their they're helping their parents and now they're looking at maybe. You know they brought in home care and other looking at may be moving to an assisted living or long term care memory care they're seeing the cost in their eyes are. About as big around as saucers. How well and I think that's the other thing it spurs on a conversation yeah about what about my own care. What's in place and of course that bleeds on some. Some things with long term care we don't have time yeah this segment to go through that yeah that's a whole other commerce station we addressed that with every single client. What that sometimes it involves insurance sometimes it just involves earmarking things but that is a huge huge thing that comes up. And that always it you know it's usually when you've had a loved one walk through. It's say it's an eye opening realization. In the fact is the detail what study look at seventy to 75%. Of all of us will require. And pay for long term care at some point in our lifetime. Yup it is it is astounding. The term we've adopted and we really like is intentional that's what we wanna be intentional about all the decisions we don't come in with a priest sex. You must do this or you must be that. We want to be an intentional. Together decision. Excellent Nat gas away co-founder and certified financial planner would bridge quest well strategies. Reach out to match in his awesome team at 913. 2767110. Or bridge qwest dot com Matt thanks so much for being here today I really appreciate. Great to be with you Steve really appreciate what you're doing how you're caring for others and very transparent way. All right thank you so much thank you so much I'm your host Steve speaker and I wish you. Grace in peace and may god bless you and your family on this day and always I'll see you next week. Right here on senior care why you.