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Saturday, April 8th

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Are you caring for an aging parents. Are you searching for answers. Senior care line the program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Helping you become the best caregiver you can meet. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior peer lions find Steve keep her. President senior care consulting payments for tuning in today I really really appreciated and as you listen to this program just know your joined by thousands and thousands of other people. Who were interested in the very same information you are not alone. And in fact in the Kansas City area there over 370000. Family and friends caregivers. Caring for over 400000. Elderly loved ones who need care and support. So this is why I created senior care life. To provide information education and resources for seniors and their caregivers. And we have thousands of listeners who say that. Senior care live is what they call appointment radio they don't miss a single episode they turn they they tune in every single week. And I am really honored and humbled by that and thank you so much and you know you may be a brand new listener to the program today and if you are. Welcome and I hope that you tool will become a consistent. Listener of the program senior care live. If you're listening to the radio you're streaming this on line or listening to a podcast after the fact again thanks so much for being here today. You can reach us on our toll free number here is in write it down you can call anytime 24 hours today it's 1800. 3316445. Again 180331. 6445. And I had someone say not gonna call you back you know I I really wanted to call it a local number. Well this is a local number it's a toll free number. And he came BC talk nine AD AM is the flagship station. Four senior care live we certainly have expansion plans. Afford the future but this is a Kansas City based radio program. In it for right now and if for the foreseeable future it is for the Kansas City an expanded metro area. So also check this out that online senior care lie ever. Dot com it's a great website we have lots compliments on that lots of resources and other information there. And you know if you may wanna contact us through the if you electronically through form or by email. Just go to senior care live dot com and you can contact us. Through that means as well. All right let's look at. Today's program we have a very good program. Today so I'm gonna have some special guest later on in the second segment and throughout the rest of the program. And you don't wanna miss them we're gonna have some really great information for yet but I wanted to start out today of a descendant you know over the past few weeks have shared some. That disturbing stories. Some of them pretty negative stories and examples. About pork here and in a couple of facilities here in the case CEO metro area in this week. Here's our minute ya wanna let you know. About what you can do about that and how are you kid ensure that your loved one gets the very best care. Available in the most care possible at any care facility that you should choose. In any care facility that you may actually currently be living. So let's talk about how to maximize care at he senior. Care. Community so the heat you choose that you choose a place or maybe you're currently doing that at right now on your are you getting ready look at the facilities. Where every year ago where every you choose you should do these things first of all number one. Participate in the care planning process and so what does that mean this is most significant. At the nursing home level of care but you'll also have a plan of care at the assisted living residential care and home plus and all of the other levels of care so. When your loved one moves there that day I mean obviously they're going to provide care for them but they are going to customized. That plan to them and their own personal needs and preferences. And it will be a custom tailored program. At the so not everyone needs the same type of care of the same level of care and so it'll be customized and this is your perfect opportunity. To participate. And be their advocate remember. When you when you moving from home to senior care community you're changing your role from the caregiver the hands on. Care provider to becoming the care advocates. Or the care manager so someone else will be providing their hands on care. In dealing with meal preparation and the difficulty was showering and bathing and all the stuff they use to do. They're gonna do that. But now you need to speak for your loved one you need to be there for them in this is the perfect opportunity. It is a it has to happen at least in the nursing home has to happen within 72 hours of admission. So immediately. You're going to sit down with then enter with a multi disciplinary. Teen years we have all of the different pieces you have nursing. You have therapy and dietary housekeeping laundry. A social services the activities have everyone there. The end the end they're going to ask you a lot of questions and you can say you know my mom likes this is my dad doesn't like this. My my mom is an early riser she likes to sleep then. I'm one of my clients I I've shared this story a few times but he said it did not serve my mother foul of if it has a beat forget about it. Could you know say is said no chicken no Turkey no legs she won't complain she just won't eat it while you need dale they're not going to guess that. So you have to you share this information. With them and let them know if there any allergies and just you have to be there in you have to speak on their behalf number two. Oh and by the way let me back up OK so this care plan is updated on a quarterly basis. If I'm shocked by how many people do not intend to care plan. The care planning meeting you don't even have to be their person. They can fire up a a conference call with view and others if you're out of town or you're stuck at work he can't be there in person. And hopefully on a speaker for also be neither participated net. I feel really really strongly it's once a quarter or if there's a a status eight changing condition. Where they need to update that and they can't wait for quarter though updated sooner than that. But generally that's what you're looking at so. Don't miss those and be sure to participate. In the care planning process in these meetings and in speak for Elop. Either for them. Number to get involved. Visits. Your loved one frequently that may just seem. Kind of benign like well yeah Steve I mean everybody knows that we guess what not everyone does it. It's sometimes is not comfortable. In going there to visit your momma your dad your spouse your grandparents. So is so that you have to be there you have to be there for them. And I talked about this before trust but verify. I don't trust that the care is taking place the verified that it is getting done. And in just being there and there's there's no substitute for that one. Be there for your loved one period there's no substitute. I just just get their volunteer. To assist with outings especially fence. Help to help the staff hang up decorations at the Halloween to Thanksgiving and Christmas and Valentine's and all assorted things. Just spent time there in and spent time during different parts of the day in nights in the weekends. I get to know other families just what's gonna happen. I've heard. I don't know how many time I've for at times I've heard the story. That you get to know other families. In in that in a similar situation where it's pretty tough to go see your mom there it's really tough to leave her there and walk away that's. Hard. And in EU almost each year your family will expand. And you will will it really form a really tight. Tight bond with some other families. It in you'll find that the Republican in on your mom or dad when they're there and and when you're there you're kind of look at them on their mom and dad you get McCall had checked in on your mom. She's played I they're pretty ferocious game of bingo it was getting pretty crazy and they're you know when she was the she was doing well I just want to what you know that. Or I you know I saw your dad today and he wasn't feeling too well you might give him a call. And so just you'll you'll find that you or you have this built in support group that's. May be didn't expect in your family. I've had people say I just felt like my family grew. By several people because they feel like they're now part of my Fam because again you're all in this together in you really are. Number three build relationships. This is really really critical. This may be the most important one. In NN has to be honest and sincere to get to know your hands on caregivers get to know them. It in and get to know about their their spouses and their kids and it in and continue the conversation the next time you're there what how to jerk. How'd your son do with at the pine wood derby and in all he he got second place that's off some high fives in. And ended did your husband find a job I know you were we were. We are saints prayers before him that he would find another position and not be out of work too long and and oh he hasn't found one but he's got some interviews are right they were gonna be thinking about him in pre if you guys and it just get to know them and guess what happens human nature takes over. It and if it's so unusual. For someone to showed genuine care isn't that sad. But that is so unusual. It too. For someone to ask other day wasn't to really appreciate them that they're gonna go the extra mile for your loved one that's just human nature. Eight and in just just be a good good decent person and and it will usually. Help help you and help your loved one and it will it'll pay off. OK so. After the break I'm gonna finish up several several other ideas. And ends and points in the strategies on how to maximize your care if you're interested in your very own copy of this I'd be happy to email you one. Just call center toll free number 1800. 3316445. It just let them know that you'd like to request your very own copy of how to maximize care at any senior care facility and leave your name your phone number leave me an email address and I will get that. I emailed out to you. OK so again 1803316445. In just request your very own copy and I'll get one to you this is really good stuff. It's time for the senior care live question of the week to qualify for Medicaid. In the state of Missouri. You must spend down your liquid assets to pay. 2000 dollars V 5000 dollars exceed 101000 dollars or deep and 999. Dollars the answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior here live on the senior. Here broadcasting network. For more information about this program and how we can help you and your family. Collar toll free number at any time that's 180331. 6445. Operators are always standing by. We answer our phones with a real person how about that's code 18033164. 45. And don't forget this program will stream live to any electronic device simply go to senior care lie about dot com. You click on the listen live button and it will stream straight to your phone your tally your computer. What ever you have it is really that simple. I must give back to the senior care live question of the week. Took qualify for Medicaid in the state of Missouri. You must spend down your liquid assets to. I and then hear the choice is a 2000 dollars. Beat 5000 dollars seed 101000 dollars. Or 999. Dollars in the answer yes. DE 999. Dollars and I'll be talking a whole lot about Medicaid. I hear probably next week or so. Some 999 dollars and EUR and all right let's get back to the my proven strategies on how to maximize your care at any care community that you may be currently living in. Or that you may be shoes or that you may be considering. And again if you wanna copy of that. You know it gives us a call 1803316445. Just let them know that you want to request your free. Copy of how to maximize your care at any senior care facility. Leave us your name your phone number and then nagging me an email address and I'll just shoot me an email. With the PDF to this so it's really really good information. So let's go ahead and continue that. The next point is that you need to communicate with with management so if they don't know about it they cannot fixes so don't hold it all went. Don't now be be decent about it be civil be you have some courtesy of senator senator. But tell them what's going on or tell them about your concerns and then give them an opportunity to respond to that. And be patient and reasonable. I always go back to one of my clients. And he went when he moved his mommy and he handed them. AA schedule and I'm not kidding this schedule is an excel spreadsheet. You said you need to get resist tablet at 10:52. AM every single morning and at 10:59 AM she gets this. And then at 81202. PM and and he was not kidding and it was it was like OO CD scan type of a schedule. And that's what he get home and it worked great mate they had do politely explained to him that. Well it may not be exactly at these times but will do our very Baston cell. Did just be patient and reasonable. And and in this usually works out very well now. If you have an issue and it's not being addressed. It is your rights to phone a complaint. The state of Kansas or the state of Missouri I mean giving the phone numbers here seagate your pencils out or your pens out. Don't call them if if if if a light bulb is burned out and they haven't replaced in the last thirty minutes don't do that okay big again. Patient in a reasonable. But if you gone through all the channels and the situation is not improving it is your right to file a complaint with the state of Kansas or Missouri so in Kansas. The phone number the US college 1800. Three excuse me. That's my phone number. Do not call my phone number. 1808420078. So in the state of Kansas. You're calling the department on aging 180842. 0078. In the state of Missouri. It's 1800. 3920210. So for complain in the state of Missouri 1803920210. OK and so so there you go and hopefully that will help it in some of them the bottom line. In I've talked about this before. But if if you're not happy with the facility that you're in you're having issues. It's not getting better. You've raised some issues and complaints and now you feel like you're being ignored in their actually. It's this is actually going downhill. Or or whatever the situation is or maybe just he found a place. It and it's just not the right fit maybe no mean they're not doing anything wrong is just not the best fit for yet. Feel free to reach out to senior care consulting we work with families in this capacity. All the time very frequently. It just give us a call 9139452800. Senior care consulting a 9139452800. And what we can do is we can help you explore your options evaluate some other options. And you may or may not move from where you're currently out by if you if you feel like you need to know about some other options that may be a better fits. That's what we can help you do in most of the time we can find better fit that just because it's a better fit that's it I mean it's no more difficult to net 913. 945. 2800 that's my firm's senior care consulting you can also go online senior care consulting dot com. All right so with out delay let me introduce my special guest today. Rick shepherd he's owner operator with golden heart senior care. And patty Garrett client care coordinator again with golden heart the senior care. And Rick and patty welcome to the program. Great to be here Stephens spring is here in baseball's back so how about that go royals at the right. This so that the theme this year is hash tag res royal I was raised royals so. So let's let's hope we have we have a good year yourself. All right and so first of all let him. Let's just tie just just briefly you know and gold and our senior care you offer in home assistance home care services and I'm sure that will touch on some examples of that. I hear in a little bit but way and we only have a couple minutes left in this in this segment but. I just I think it's a really cool story that we had a listener and Merrill listener who tunes in every week like I mentioned earlier in the program. And and they called UN and what do they what do they. Wrecked. A young lady called us and said I am an avid listener of senior care live. And I educate myself. About the whole health care community by listening to Steve's show and kind of a lightbulb went on with me. And I said after listening to. You and react when you were on the show. Maybe. That's something I would wanna do or any addition to my career. So so she was looking maybe for a part time opportunity a threat to us working with seniors and she she she could hear between you and Rick. The last time you're on the program that you're good you're good people and that she felt like. There might be good connection exactly so she called talked to Rick Hearst. And he's setter to come in and meet me and we interviewed and we'd get our same process that we always do with careful background checks and everything and next thing you know see. Passed with flying colors went to orientation. And she is now. Embarking on her second cover or how about that that that's also it was a super is it was a very pleasant surprise. Agassi he really Steven and she's not an old person. And yup she's you know younger and you know white listening audience and and you keep your like rocks that are you know those different on and what maybe she needs to humane in my out of grafted some points so this is turning. Stuff yeah him on the basis working for us this thought OK right right now so anyway all right well that that's that's that's fantastic so I I'm really glad. Oh for all parties that worked out really well. So for for home care assistance and we're gonna get into some examples here reach out to golden heart senior care really really good people. 913534. 8500. And in India McCall asked for Rick or paddy and an NL talk to your right they're selling itself. But again it's a warning excuse me line 913. 5348500. We'll have a whole lot more right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Come back you're listening to seniors here live on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about this program and how we can help you and your. Family call our toll free number any time at 24 hours a day. That's 1803316445. Again 1800. 3316445. Don't forget if you miss an episode very simple you can go back after the fact the senior care live dot com click on the podcast tab. And you can listen to any of the previously aired episodes. You just click on the little play about me and whom you are the end and it's a super simple literally hundreds and hundreds of plays every single month. From our podcast so feel free to help yourself. Might maximize special guest today Rick shepherd and patty Garrett. With golden heart senior care and the luck if if you if you need some help around the around the home if you need a break where we're gonna talk about some examples of that. Reach out to golden heart senior care they have a 913 number. But they offer services all all over the city and in in Kansas. The Missouri side and up north does it come to the three major areas it in and of course south Kansas City as well 9135348500. Is how you can reach out to Rick or paddy 913534. 8500 in. It before we get into some of these other matters that we wanted to talk about today which are are gonna be really important and very get information. This wanna share that story for our listeners I was working with some clients and they needed some help in the home. While they're going to that search and selection process with me in finding. Assisted living for their mom and eventually move her. The end and they said you know we have cameras in the house in and we check in on mom to make sure she hasn't fallen at. She is she's doing okay for our own peace of mind they look pretty close but they have cameras in the house and they said. We have a home care provider in here about 24 point five bucks an hour. And she was asleep in the recliner in front of the television in like what the heck. She really asleep and then they saw her mom. Looking that are in tiptoeing. Around the house so that she wouldn't wake up. The twenty by donor caregiver who was supposed to be there. Working with her. Engaging with her socializing with her you know in in in doing some things around the house etc. Issue and then they thought well maybe is a bad night for the lady and it. These folks are super nice so they they checked in the next day in their she was asleep again in the next stay there she was asleep against some like. Hand it in the she looked me square in the eye and she said are all home care providers like this and I said. No ma'am that is not normal would you like to hear about the company. That provides home care the right way and they're not going to be asleep in the chair she goes yes please we're ready to make a move into our referred them. Two Rick can paddy golden heart senior care this has been what couple months ago or so who examined and and I am I followed up and I answer. And I said housing don't she just fantastic we love Patti we love the lady that she brought out. It's going great no one's asleep with the chair anymore and my mom's happier and we we really feel like work. We're we're getting a good value here. Well and it's important to me that now they have a whole different view of private duty home care that's right. The only view they had was what they saw through the camera lens and now they have a whole different taste in their mouth and talk it. Absolutely and then under the say this so that it and there are some. Not all home care providers do this epic you know provide pork here and guess what a lot of them do. So I'm gonna say this about home cares what I just said and about if you're in a facility also about home care too if you're not happy. With your current home care provider. Make a change. Just like my clients did make a change and called golden heart senior care right now I would not waste one more minute. And just putting up with poor service it's a reach out to Rican patty 913534. 8500. And interest in making a change in some examples of pork here while how do we know if they're not doing a great job while. Caregiver not performing their duties as outlined in NN in the plan of care. Caregivers sleep in the in the fifth on the recliner it's a good example of that you're you're not showing up. Or or being late I consistently but things are gonna happen so it's of it below bit flexible they're but the other thirty minutes late every time that's not normal that's not good service. Expecting a certain caregiver bid than having someone else that you do not know showing up. In net and accompanied him give you a heads up about debt at the company not sending a replacement caregiver if the original caregiver cannot make it that day you know things happen. It is so that these are and there are some other examples paddy and we've seen lots of horror stories out there but the bottom line is. If you think you can do better you're not happy with the service call re compact. And what I want people to do is realize. There there are the bad apples. But I don't want them to get the overview of private duty that now I don't want it because I heard about somebody's negative story yeah. I want them to hear about the good stories about how it is transformed. I loved one's life. That needs care and now the kids are free now the spouse is free to do the other things that they need to do. I want them to see that that is not the face of priority on care. Absolutely in and Rick they're always a few bad apples out there in unfortunately. It. Usually you hear about the negative stories and you don't hear about the positive stories because frankly they're there you expect but you expect positive things but. They're probably ten positive stories every one negative story. Exactly and and it's like going to a restaurant you know you get a better view and you tell you know what and and people write and get something good in and then my till one you know but that's how those. And so we. And again as an owner we worked really hard patty and I do it really. Look at the people we are trying to hire quality people with a compassionate. And have a good work ethic that wanna work with those are near hill open. It is challenging at times but we have to work really hard edit and we we hear these sorts all the time about. The other companies that failed and we just try to like pace at which are shown that you can have a positive experience. And and they see that in and they haven't more much for possible light on us come into their home and open love. And then in in the near you're helping your race in the bar and it in so reach out to golden her senior care for home in home the assistance and and it can be. Four hours today and it can be every day once you know once so once a week it could be 24 hours today so. It cut the call a couple of good friends at golden heart senior care. Eight excuse via 913. In number and Rick come have a number problems today and I. Good lord you're not that old but I'm. I don't and I I did play a copy any like that 913 maybe too much coffee something nine month 3534. 8500. In and Rick before we get into. Proactive vs reactive I heard that you're recognized recently with. They really nice honor. We were were very honored and pleased to received. Second year in a row actually. It's called the best business as a mobile park award. And basically what they do is they look at small businesses local businesses that have an impact possibly on clients and the community. And we won that for the home care category also we're very excited in. Gives a nice a word and that we work really hard for that and and for that reputation and so we're excited about that. That's that's very nice that's really nice recognition it is that if they don't hand these things out for free I mean you have to earn this. There's some there's a big world of private duty hunker out there. And if you wanna stand out in the crowd and provide quality care it's a lot. Of work a lot of work. I've had so many people say well Stevie I think about starting home care because I see that 101000 people a day or retiring and while people gonna need help tonight I think I'm just gonna start a home care company and I'm Paula be a retired couple years send Brian got a camera back and I left. Let let me take you up for copier or maybe an adult beverage can share the truth about that. This is hard work 44 hours a day. Well. The thing that people don't think about when they have that hot you know I'll just as of moving industry and I want them when I get them on nest. They don't stop to think. This is so critical this is someone. That you are hiring someone to send them into a loved ones home. To a vulnerable. Senior adult Boone north most of the time cannot voice for themselves. That's a big big deal and you better take seriously. The people that you hire because there. Do your staff has everything they where everything you. They represent your values that they represent. Your business they represent every single thing this comes down to staffing and higher in in again raising the bar and if they don't make it. They're not hired. And I know some companies out there that will hire you if you have a pulse thinks that's not how you operate I know that that's why I can very comfortably. Recommend golden heart senior care my half furlong time. If you don't have a CD about. Your job being done right. Then you need to not be involved in the us you literally have to have an obsession with every detail has to be right. That's right in in the when you walk into someone's home in the air really depending on you. So so if it's if I'm taking care my spouse or or my my mother my father I'm totally trusting this person. 100%. To do. What my job that I've been doing for for a long time while I'm able to go out and take a breath and see my own physician and do my thing and come back. And that's a tremendous amount of trust so. Is so if this is resonating with you reach out to our friends at golden heart. Senior care and in you'll get either Rick or pentium line he might get Rick's wife Michelle. She's also. Operating in our working in the business but it's golden heart senior care it's at 913. 5348500. Golden heart senior care 913534. 8500. And racan Patti after the break let's just talk about some examples of of being proactive vs reactive and and I talked about this a lot. Are on the program and sometimes things happen and you have to react to their unexpected. It and that's it and that's a normal part of life that. When you're dealing with senior Kadant trying to see this coming in rather than re acting to a crisis. While it liberal talk about did the tremendous advantages of being proactive. A win win and looking at bringing him home care in remaining. Independent. And I'm aging myself. Don't go away we'll be right back you won't want to miss the rest of the program CNN Justin. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening this year here live on the senior care broadcasting network. For more from me. You about this program and how we can help you and your family call our toll free number at any time 1803316445. Again. Number's 180331. 6445. You can also like go online senior care lie about. Dot com that senior care lives. Dot com back to my special guest today rich shepherd. And patty Garrett with golden heart senior care you can reach out to them at 913534. 8500 and in padding Rick let's talk about. And I I talk about this alive but he proactive verses vs reactive. An entire US so in the benefits of being corrective proactive vs three. Well because I am a detail person with that a CDC read the thing that. The the pre planning is a big deal to me that like you said at times there's a crisis and you don't have a choice that you should you jump in you do do reactive. But planning for in home care when your lap one knows. Our fact that they want to stay at home. And not move to a nursing home and age in place at the exactly right when that is the plan. And there's not a crisis going not. It's a lot like pre planning your retirement est. But for some reason. We find that people are reluctant. To will we don't need that yet. At and so they wanna wait for the crisis. And and I think that a lot of it is. Number one my question is when that's your desire for your loved one to stay at home. Why would you not pre planned because she did. Pre planned that retirement. Savings and we can't play your retirement today in the going to retire tomorrow I just doesn't work that way. You're you're way out in advance it's pretty good analogy. Well and I think a lot of it. Also is because it's like doing a will. A lot of people have a problem with sitting down and doing it will because it involves talking about a future that they don't wanna think about yup. So if if I can get. In front of a family and discuss what this private duty mean what all does it involve. How does this work. I can take away. Almost every feared that they half of doing. And that's the reason they put it off is because of fear and lack of knowledge. Fear of the unknown and and you know and one assist gonna cost and I think my most people are. Pleasantly surprised that it's actually a lot more affordable than they thought in their mind and again this just a matter of getting the facts and they don't have a fear of the unknown learn about it in and then and then and then. Move forward well and. I'm kinda doing with a daughter right now that. Wants us to come and meet with her appearance and talked to them and educate and how this works because every time she's with them she brings it up. And says mom dad. We need to do this before crisis hits. They are reluctant to do it but if I can get. Twenty minutes in front of them. Guess what happens in the next time there with their daughter the conversation changes shop. That's not a topic anymore because they now have gotten rid of the fear. They have their answers to all their questions about how works and it's put to bed it's left alone so now when daughters there. It's not a sense of tension anymore because that's off the plate now and they understand it in Ricky said even with your own grandparents. Exactly yeah my very pro past way about a year ago but while he was declining I'm a mention them about bringing in some extra help. And Margaret Mozilla caregiver. In my grandma's comment was well I don't want strangers and miles. Home ya and made me think you know from their eyes and their standpoint these are strangers and today there's a fear there. I've never anybody in my house I don't know and and these are you organ become an end so we kind of look at it like if we can get in front of them and Mike patty says. Release some of those fears linked to see us in. And sometimes we'll bring it cared Europe we have a specific caregiver that we're gonna bring in Mo on let them meet them. We have a field coordinator we bring in to do care plan with with along with paddy. And they they're they just kind of let their guard down and then when the time hits and they do need this we're not that stranger that. That the in their mind that they are you know gonna come in in their little bit more I'm open to. Cost for care served. It and I can say that's exactly how work with the clients that I I referred because they mention you know they they really hit it off with paddy. And they said you know we are just on the same page and she really knows what she's talking about they met another person that you have brought in and they said they really hit it up with her. In and then the next time you meet. Year they're not meeting with strangers for the first everybody knows everybody got it and and guess what not all home care providers do business this way. Now they go out and to be real honest one of the reasons they don't is because it does cost for Armani it it is this higher expenses and entirely inches in time. And and everything else. We're what I care givers they're working. Doing the physical shift that it has now been decided upon. That's a reimbursed expanse itself. That their salary is paid for but that the meet and greets the the meetings I had a time to bring that comfort level up. None of that has reimbursed. So that's an ex extra cost to Rick. But he believes like I do that that's the way it has to be done because like with his grandparents. That was their fear a stranger coming to the doors aren't a tingle when Internet. That's a legitimate fear itself what you're doing is you're doing business the right way in you doing business. In a way that you would appreciate some wind you approaching New York. You would want someone to do business with you in the same white. And and I think that's so that the short term strategy is I'm answering my phone and I'm sending a stranger out to some address that I never even been to. And guess what a lot of home care companies operate that way. Not with golden heart senior carry you just heard how they operate. Give him a call 9135348500. And they'll come out what it's a no obligation. It just it it it's a meeting and to talk about. Expectations in this is how works and in talked about you know some some cost estimates and so forth and so I want. And any fear if there anyone anywhere you know like like my clients last couple fights I've referred they started off at about four hours today and it ended up there like. While this is great and they did trust your caregivers. And your caregivers did do a great job and they've expanded it to eight or ten hours today and that is just purely that's a pure and total reflection of the way you do business in the great job that you're caregivers or to put it changed there. The make up of their life it changed the makeup of the life for the senior adult the mom. That for the daughters who are busy providing knowledge that here it totally changed the make up of how they spend their day. So that's a win win. And I went from the most recent clients that I referred in it was for his wife. And this was her territory taking care her husband yes so it took a lot. To let someone else come in. And to do quote on court her job because she I mean that was that's her husband and I saw her going from going to beat super uptight. Two completely at ease and adding more hours because she she's is such a good experience well now she looks forward. To that caregiver coming every day. It's because she sees. The benefit to her as the wife caregiver. And to her husband's care and and she trusted caregiver and I met the caregiver and she was she's great she literally. Lastly. They'll think too you know all clients have personalities that are different all cater for separate they're different yet. I think one thing we knew we really figured out is that we try to match those up you know because we try to get their their caregivers. Personality match up with the clients and it just makes a smooth. Relates to. And so some home care providers. Talk to you on the phone and send a stranger with the polls to your house. I ended you just turn helped golden hurt seniors here does this is right I I think there's there's no contest. Give golden heart senior care call 913. 5348500. 9135348500. Rip it paddy thinks so much for being here and they're really appreciate it thank you so much Steve. You bet that everyone listening I am so honored that you spent part of your day tuning into this program thank you so very much. I'm your host Steve keep her and I wish you. Grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this day and always. I'll see you next week right here. On senior care lying.