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Saturday, April 14th

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Are you caring for an aging parents or are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line of program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Become the best caregiver you can beat. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care lives. I'm Steve keep her. President of senior care consulting. Thanks so much for tuning in today I really appreciate it. The mission here on the program is to provide information education and resource is for seniors and their caregivers. We discuss important subjects such as. How to remain independent in your own home we're definitely going to touch on net the first part of the program today. Then of course there's one to consider moving from your home to senior care community. How to find the right senior care community for your exact needs. Then there's the cost how do you pay for the high costs of senior care we also review legal issues involving elder lawn estate planning. And we discuss how to care for the caregivers. So if you are listening currently to the radio he may be streaming its online. Maybe I checking out a podcast after the fact again thanks so much for being here today you are appreciated. If you need help with placement services from my firm's senior care consulting or if you wanna learn more. But the service is provided by one of our very knowledgeable guess here's our toll free number and write it down you can literally Colin anytime 24 hours today. It's 1803316445. Again 180331. 6445. Don't forget to visit this online senior care lie in the LA ZE senior care lives. Dot com it's really nice website and I great stuff there as well. All right without any further delay. When introduced to you my friend is special guest today mr. Rick shepherd he's the owner and operator of gold in heart. Senior care and Rick welcome back senior care life. Thank you Steve Stricker three back again all right so so what our listeners hopefully won't hear too much you and I are sitting up here. Cops and get it because of all allergies. Cost but yeah exactly ideal route but not but no one's going to be used. Today well. You know you think spring's here and it's thirty degrees one day and suddenly oh my gosh it's it's been a roller coaster GAAP and ready for warm. Sunshine man I am too. Have a friend of mine now she keeps in C where's my flip flop weather hit yet you know unknown unfazed and her friends on FaceBook but yes so last Sunday. I am the scenario. Pickens and Sunday dinner and watch a little baseball the afternoon. Big giant pillow he snowflakes fallen down I'm like man SS is not right so I was crazy yeah. Anyway so first our listeners. If you need help in your home we're gonna talk about debt. It called reach out to golden heart senior care. It's 9135348500. Rick and his team they do a fantastic job Irish or all of my clients in mind people inquiring about home care. I send them streets or Rick I never sorry about dead they always called exit met Rick was great. Caregiver was great to just such a great job 9135348500. And Rick if you really do I think a great job. And like you said before we talked about it before make. You who are very picky and very selective about who. You hire who you won't let represent your company. Because that represents you personally and that that's that's a that's a big deal. We are you know I we have an image we wanna project in the we wanted to have those that really have a passionate take care of people. Because you know they don't become multi millionaires is to be interiors in this industry yet but she got it like which you do. And we look for qualities on and people that we think we represent our mission take care people like we wouldn't want like we wouldn't want. Our own family. So you know and right now that the job market there's there's openings in in if there's some you know somebody that's a good caregiver. Were always looking for your carrier yeah and there's a lot of people out there in the market but Tom were very selective so belly most of you know make because. How it I was just carry seven million most of them don't make don't don't hit the bar that you set the as far as is that that you set pretty high bar and pretty high standard. In watching you Sydney before is you know it if I would let them into my home. To care for my family then I would I don't want them representing me and I wouldn't let them into one of our our customers homestead to help one of their family members. I heard that just today I was visit one of our clients and he said you know we had five companies in here before you. And not the Paterson is on the back is you know there's times that are challenging for us to better. But he said you guys really are attentive to our needs your caregivers heard a stellar above everything we've seen. And that's the kind of thing that. I love dear getting gratification. Knowing that our work is paying off and we'll stay involved with that so you have to. The debt that's excellence. Rick Shepperd with gold and her senior care 9135348509135348500. He and that Rick uncut Dick when your email but I mean there are what a few hundred home care companies out there. And and the suffer so us too many for the market and always people. He is they see the number to 101000 people retiring right per day hey let's start let's get and a home care and will be rich in 23 weeks people right answer as so they go out there hang a shingle. They throw up a web site are any human being with a pulse U in and I that's I mean. Frankly that gives the Vegas home care a reputable providers like you know maybe a little bit of a challenge because they're like wow what makes you different then. The last five fewer companies that I if I thought I put in the air but by all you have to do is call. Rick Shepperd with Colin her senior care you will see the difference if you are not happy with your current home care provider they're sending people and their that you're not comfortable with. They should not be in your home. If you get a call saying also also can make it today we don't have anyone else so one good luck to you will see you next week. Now now now now that's not how this is supposed to go call Rick Shepperd with golden heart senior care and see how home care should be done properly see how it's done. Best 9135348509135348500. And remember to stay we have our performance guaranteeing so if if we spend time and we can't you get right caregiver. There I have to with our service and we tried. Movers on the money. We won't we don't even bill so we've we can I tell on that were so confident that we're gonna work hard at. Doing the right. That when I can just take your money and say sorry didn't work out and you know here's a bill on this. See and that's I never heard of it as M anyone offering anything like that did you used briefly shared the story of how that came about. I think it's I think it's an awesome story. Yeah we well you know it is competitive in in so we. There's a lot of companies and and they're basically you know you set in their late in term after they've gone through 3456. Maybe ten companies yeah. And had bad experiences and says what makes you different and I think you know my passion about. It's my reputation on the line and on the owner and my word is going to be did so we says hey you know wool will actually. I'm guarantee our performance and if you're not happy will give your money back. Golden heart senior care. Rick is putting his money where his mouth is so to speak write and I mean I'm Tony I don't know if any other company in the entire country. Offering any money back guarantee so that's how confident. Rick is with his staff and his his services and the great caregivers that he. Personally interviews selects and hires 913534. 850913534. 8500. Also one image is Steve you know were coming into spring and we we try to do something each month to kind of give back and Cameron a little special so were run a spring cleaning special so if you visited your loved one or your mom or batter. Graham on you find out that you know they need a little. Excerpt sprinkling in their winners I mean behind this and am now to the cleaner empty trash her error on these things so. We put together like a clean clean speaker. Clay spring cleaning extends our guys yeah. Special and they shook off for four hours would do like some White House keep being. I'm Justine. Vacuum or go third your refrigerator you would beast amazed at how much food refine and refrigerators that are outdated. And there eating food that's now a lawyer long expired oh boy yeah so we'll go through that that would go through mail it's been pollen out that kind of. Think so yeah so so that's excellent so. I reach out to golden her senior care. And for their spring cleaning special. It's say it's safe for our special were of the come out do some housekeeping. I check out your refrigerator go through all the dates but I make sure that you're throwing out expired items. In frankly some of those expired items Siri may be only go past. I neo may be on some of the salad dressings are may or may not Ariel I guess suicide Cy Young maybe they'll be passed that. You definitely never wanna go past the date on my command Masur in anything like damn that's. Not based here here exude the sort of thing so super super important to do that. Along with you're going through your mail make sure that at Societe thing that looks importance are always some junk mail has been. Since they're since you know Christmas. Right itself I have some that my son and now but it's anyway so be sure to reach out if ME instead. If that gets your attention. This spring cleaning special. Gold and our senior care that may just be that they're perfect for hours to make a small investment. Have gold in her senior care come out and and and take care of this spring cleaning up for hours and get the job done 9135348500. 9135348500. Indefinite re kind of that's a yacht debts and Kansas number make you service the entire metro area. That's correct on all cancer metro area from more the southeast the west. All right 9135348500. That's golden heart senior care mr. Rick shepherd 9135348500. In right after the break we'll have a lot more. With Rick Shepperd good first to senior care live question of the week. Medicare will pay for hourly home care assistance and support. In New York home. Is this statement. True. Or false and what do you think this Medicare pay for home care assistance in your home we'll find out right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You listen to senior care lions on the senior here broadcasting network for more information go to services offered on this program. And how we can help you and your family color toll free number at any time 1803316445. Again 180331. 6445. Don't forget you can stream this program to any electronic device. Very very easy did you go to senior care live dot com. And click on that the giant microphone right there on the home page or the listen live button given a few seconds to connect. And then you'll start streaming to your phone tablet computer your laptop would every have a really is that simple so feel free to help yourself to that feature right back to the senior care lions question of the week. Medicare. Will pay for hourly home care assistance in supports. In your home. Is this statement true. Or false in the answer is so. False. False JP we need one of those was it the price is right goes. A lot more or mom. I would I think one of those so I think they way it's also so Rick sell home care. Services are primarily a price they pay. Services so your your paying out of pocket a whole lot less many times in moving. 21 minute super expensive seemed secure communities that he's also covered by long term care insurance. The end but for most long term care insurance policies and the GO clients senate had long term care insurance policies. We do it and and let me say not to get my soapbox but the government I've always says spends a lot of waste a lot of money they do and I wish that they would include home care for seniors under Medicare somehow. They help supplement. It would be a great service and but anyways. Yeah we can we take long term care insurance we have to ease policy is different each one is on unique so. We look at that and we you. We will assess that do an assessment into the qualifying I'm based on their eight year olds you'd. Further policy. Don't get reimbursed or we get reimbursed and work out. Everything from there yeah so and so most long term care insurance policies require. Then at the recipient that the person requiring the care. Have receive. And pay for assistance. For at least two activities of daily living in new usually Kiev home care services company and help you that's that's pretty easy bar to hit I think. It is. Are you triggering a policy it is yeah pretty much is you know and any you don't have to be Wiltshire bound her walker I mean there's a lot of things that. Did you can call for foreigners cognitive issues and things and and so. But. You know. We we we welcome any long term care insurance and I think this senior population of today they younger generation outline policies understand hey I'm when he uses send out. Bet the it seems like that the greatest generation their Bert still reluctant to use it yet they paid and all that saw half so sometimes commit some like you've already paid for these services now it's time to collect yeah. And and so they can vary and you anywhere from you know fifty dollar today reimbursement up to 250 dollars today yeah. And so that yeah I don't want that here Brea in if you're. On a son or daughter come in you wanna check to see if mom or dad purchase on the way back we've sometimes find it they get in the file cabinet they find something. And mom dad in Intel and bought. So yeah well and you can look for the monthly. Premium expense coming out but I've I've run into a lot of long term care insurance policies where they Rhode F. Pretty large check this thing's paid up yet. So that monthly premium kind of as big as a giveaway that's not there and they have this who really awesome policy. It is in the back of a file cabinet somewhere. If you love and has cognitive impairment they may may have forgotten that they own it and go through the paperwork. And see if that if you find one of these things and it is. But in force it's worth gold it is at that point it's like around nine yeah it really is that's they've they've paid for itself that's right. So reach out to dole and her senior care asked him about their spring cleaning special for hours. A some housekeeping. We know refrigerator go through your mail. I ingests and just really just do a little spring cleaning guy to up their 9135348500. 9135348500. And and Rick came up with the performance. Guarantees from a gentleman who said. Look I've had all these companies in their why should I believe you you know why should I take a chance on you when I feel my money away with some reason the company's richt said. We tell you what. I'm so confident in what we do I'm confident he'll be happy. Give us a shot if you're not happy with our services. Anyone tell me anything. Fair enough and he's like I'll take you up on that and Rick kell on Sudan acclaim if you about two years Jesse. Right sell though that's all I'm Tony I don't know any other on care company that really really backs it up. I wish that performance guarantee. All of her senior care 913534. 8500. And so Rick we're talking up off Mike about some families coming back for Easter and noticing some kind of some signs what are we just do a review of what to look for signs of declining situation yeah. Yeah you know we got a few calls because you easy run major holidays and was get together and they get back with bomber Danner and not colon and indeed they start seeing that they've declined a little bit maybe their memories start to slip. And I mean we just talk a little bit about some of the signs that they might need a little assistance in my home care chair. And a lot of times it's up to see him one because a senior reserve they're trying to take care one other that's a husband wife their their proud and they're trying to help each other as a team. Make it but you know one of the one of them usually is declining because of the caregiver and they're both going to be down in eventually dumped. But there's often non. As some some size to really look at and I think you know the first one. Is really changes in physical function mental status as if you find out that having difficulty keeping track of time. You you're you're there in the sleeping in their tier. Date they've lost weight or not really eaten they've had new changes. On their miss and appointments. They have unexplained bruises we see that we can act you know so they don't wanna tell how many Al fallen and I don't need any help. The end we diskette to work with the lady had. Had to never falls and daughter found a monster bruises and oh yeah she did fallen in the shower and now so now. And so they do they're so it's just things to come look for. A lot of it too is a personal hygiene if if found his dad hasn't saved you know maybe he's been clean shaven and Combs is here. And you get there in and you know they might have a unpleasant body odor. Now and they're not baby. A lot of times and I can tell kids who are really kind of what's going on so on if you if you see some of those signs. Me. May start thinking about maybe give a little extra system so we could start out. On with minimal hours to help come in do an assessment and Intel are put a plan together and say hey. You know this guy can't get them to the next level they can still remain in their home don't have to talk about. Imam dad we gonna go to assisted living in her. A skilled nursing facility were we you know we can help you right here in the home so. Saw some of the things that you can look for. You know and just just didn't neglecting net household responsibilities. And and like you say you can see immediate if that's. Not your mom or your dad. And and that really catches your attention like you said you'd. Dentist clean shaven men in the home game yet. Hair perfect everyday at center and now it's. Pelican and a little B that can download it it's just so. It is time to maybe look content home care services. For gold in her senior care 4888 minimal amount you can keep your loved one at home. And not have to move 913534. 8500. If you see some science and you want a free consultation. Called golden heart senior care 913534. 8500. Rick thanks so much for being here and there really appreciate modestly thank. All right we'll have more right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network for more information go to services suffered on this program. But how can help you and your family color toll free number at any time. This number is answered by a real people 24. Hours a day that's 1800. 3316445. Again 180331. 644. Or five don't feel if you ever miss an episode of senior care alliance. No worries and all may be wanna share their program with a friend or family just think you wanna go back in here again. No worries at all just go to senior care lives. Dot com. Click on the podcast tablet. And that is where you'll find all of the previously aired episodes. The aryan chronological order so you'll see the most recent 11 and then. Then you know I'm in a week before that week before that so I you can just read a quick snippet about what was covered on this program. Click the play button and it'll start treatment for you right there. I mean highlands and tons of people who tune into this program every single week. Listen to a live on the radio Lotta people pay Steve I'm working during that time but I always listen to the podcast after the fact I don't think I've ever missed. There's an episode the senior care alive he's taught me so much I've learned so much keep up the good work in so why if the pod and and I I am so humbled and honored. I've by everyone who says that I and appreciate you tuning in every week but you don't feel free to use that. I ease the podcast. Feature on the web site if debt. Is what you need. I just wanna say a special life thanks again. Two Rick shepherd what I wanna great guy you're you're you just heard. From V. Owner of the company that there are no layers and I need to speak with my manager and and I needed. Speak with the division director and in the regional manager went into. Vice president always stuff. You just heard. From G owner. Of golden heart senior care. He's very creative he does put his money where his mouth is and they do. Offer a great service. Let me tell you story about Rick. I was working with a CM lanes era Norris. And it's it in the they had a home care provider in the air watching their mother. Intel I was able to work with him to senior care consulting. To find an assisted living community it was time to make them move. But they have a home care provider in the air they a couple of cameras and in Herm their mom's house. And they said Steve or we got on the camera and we saw the caregiver quote unquote care giver. I sleep kicked back in the lazy. In the in the lazy boy lounge are there. In our mom was tiptoeing around the caregiver because she didn't want awake wake her up. So that's we're paying for someone to sleep at mom's house basically for getting no help no support no service. But is it is this I mean did do all home care companies do that. And I'm like well first of all I am appalled. Hearing that second of all. You need to tell him you're not paying for that service. Is toner write it off. Get rid of that get that Kerry rally at your house. That that's completely unacceptable completely ridiculous and they said we'll do you know of very good home care provider. That doesn't do that and I said without hesitation. Call Rick chipper was goal in her senior care gave the phone number and if you want to phone number 29135348500. They called Rick. Rick's team went out introduce themselves they hand selected. That the right in the perfect caregiver for their mom. They were very very happy and we're looking at places they had a little bit of a waiting list a few months. And so they needed to make sure their mom was safe and home until we can make that transition to the assisted living community were. Provided memory care etc. etc. but they were willing to wait but that they needed at home care. It during that waiting period of the few months so. They and then tonight I followed up because you know I I cannot put my name and reputation on the line as well. The said. How's how's it working for you with gold card they say this fantastic. Fantastic. We do check in Amman from time to time of the cameras. And guess what no sleeping as staff in that in the easy. And in lazy boy did the recliner like I did that's supposed to be so they emit and then Rick you know. He's very creative this spring cleaning special he also has the performance guarantee. Which is suing just incredible. It and then he's also created the best visit programmers. Will they will just have. A person come to your home. And just help you with the bath once a wild that's if that's any OS for a lot of people that's the biggest challenge is you did in the bathroom and in the bathroom to shower. That might make the difference between staying home remaining independent in their home perhaps and to move. To his senior care community is gonna cost you 4568000. Dollars a months. OK so. It just just that his riches to open a great guy hands on. 9135348500. Service the entire KC metro area 913534. 8500 guests flew Rick shepherd and golden heart. Senior care. All right so let's shift gears. This is by far away via most commonly asked question. And I have received. An operating senior care consulting for the last. Fifteen minute and a half. Years and it's it's really it's a it's a tough question. It is an agonizing. Question. Steve where were thinking about. Moving. Now they're elderly loved ones parent grandparent spouse. Thinking about removing them to. One of the senior care communities. When she went just the right time to make that move that is the question. When should we move mom or dad term spouse grandparents. When she will remove them from their home. To a senior care community. And let me say. While that that's that's a tough one I have been asset. I don't know if I I had a nickel for every time. I was asset I have a giant pile of Nichols are the I can retire on the giant putt I have been I have a giant pile Nichols. So I say is that. That's a that that's that's a tough question I always say that that there is sometimes it's pretty obvious. But usually it's not so obvious. And so I say that there's some things that should at least trigger that conversation. So what are the things that should triggered the conversation. To consider moving from your home. To a senior care community number one. By far away. It's no longer safe to live at home. I safety it is I mean in and that wolves see that sounds obvious wolf they're all kinds of different levels of safety concerns. Safety issues as some of them are pretty glaring and some of them are not obvious at all. So let's just kind of take a look at that. Now who know most obvious one that you hear about. Well maybe one of those. Concerns is leaving the stove top burner on. Now. I hadn't planned on pairing this up it appears very nicely. Delays up north. Hired Goldman her senior care comedian. At one of their triggers to put in cameras. In the home and start to bring him home care in the first place was. Their momma. Opened a can of chili. Turn on the stove and dumped the camp of Chile on the hot. Stove top burner. No pay and no nothing dumped on. Course it starts burning in smoking and I don't know if chili is gonna catch on fire but it was an absolute mess at least. I've I've heard of people putting a dry pan. On the burner turning on the burner and and a walk away. So obviously we have some cognitive impairment involve tear right. You come back in and did pay and can catch on fire in an anyway so major major safety concern there. That's easy one to address to you flip the breaker you just you just turn off the power of the stove. Or you cut off the gas to the stove three unplug the stove that's electric etc. But stove top burners that that's a major one a 88 less. Less obvious one is falling victim to a financial abuse. My first clients do pre village. And there was the that the guy unscrupulous guys and I don't understand people who can even do this Friday night do it. But they stopped by the house who sweet elderly lady she did have memory issues. And he convinced her that she needed to repair roofs there there was the storm the night before. And if fruit gives thousand dollars now we're gonna get a lot of materials we'll come back to my crew will have an all fixed up for ya. And as she wrote him a check and of course never saw the guy again. Victim to financial abuse last week with Maggie as way we talked about the IRS. Calling your home they got a tax problem. You know we can take a debit card right now they could to take care of this so. So they you won't have IRS agents you know knocking on your door. Well that's not how they work it's not how they operate. Falling victim to financial abuse is a safety issue when living at home. Wandering away and can't finding your way back home we hear about only silver alerts. Read him a missing person they wonder why are they drove away even worse. Wondering away and you can't find your way back home that's a serious. Safety issue and safety concern another not so obvious one. Not taking your medications on time. Maybe taking two doses in one in one setting. Taking your medication especially when your older may be getting more frail becomes more and more critically important it takes improperly. Take them at the right time then of course. Injured at home frequent false frequent hospitalizations. This is number one on the list of wind consider. Moving from your home to a senior care community. And after the break I'll have several other things that should trigger that conversation. Don't go we'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting that. Worked for more information about the services offered on this program and how we can help you and your family color toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. Again 180331. 6445. All right so back to the conversation or the topic here win that. Is the right time to consider moving. From your home to a senior care community. Always like to say that there's some things that should at least trigger that conversation. And just really start to drill down and really think this thing through and the number one. No doubt about it its safety concerns at home when it's no longer safe. So live. At home we talked about becoming a victim of financial abuse leaving the stove top earners on. Wandering away or maybe driving the way can't find your way back home many times and ends and a silver alerts. I usually that ends OK sometimes. Indians very tragically it's it's it's. Every time I see a silver alert on on FaceBook guy always post and all over the place just to try to spread. Awareness of that. Not taking medications on time maybe not take any medications at all. Maybe taking two doses of medication. During one now when you should have taken one dose of medication. Taken up properly debts these major safety issue very very critical. I issue and then of course injuries at home frequent false. Frequent hospitalizations. And number two and I would call this a very close number to avoid Len. To consider. Moving from your home to a senior care community this should trigger the conversation. As well and I would college. 18 or a very close number two. This is super important. I referred to this. A few weeks ago when I talked about caring for the caregiver. And here it is when their caregivers health. Begins to decline. Now what do you house you have two people. Declining. You can't have that for very long. So I talked for an entire hour about health care givers. I love. This person that they are caring force so much. It's an all out effort they give. They give their all in the typically will I is very common to put the caregiver putting their own needs. On the back burner. I DB you can't do that. Can't do them very long or otherwise is gonna is gonna catch up to the so the caregivers health what what type of health well we're talking about really four different areas so your mental health. You were emotional health. You were spiritual health. And of course your physical health. And I meet with clients. All the time. In May they know they're totally pushing the totally pushing the limits but the carrier and they finally say. I don't think you can do this for much longer. Intact thank I think I wish we were told you months ago. By now my health is now I'm having some serious health problems. And so we're gonna have to look at moving my. Husband my wife my spouse my parent my grandparent. To a senior care community reads we at least need to talk about that no one calls involved what to expect what the cost is. I have Louise and start to even think about doing that. That's what that's a service that we are free senior care consulting we help families and individuals find the right senior care community meeting their exact needs. So if they're thinking about moving from home to. Assisted living. Maybe long term care commonly known as the nursing home. It may involve memory care. We've been working more and more with couples and individuals. Wanting to downsize from their home moving into a continuing care. Retirement community starting an independent living in an aging in place. In transition into assisted living demo room we needed transition into long term care slash nursing home. When needed later on in just aging in place working with a lot of people at all those different levels. And so win the caregiver. Is completely stressed out in one or more of these areas of health mental health emotional health. Spiritual health and physical health. It's time. To talk about that. Stress is a very very powerful force I won't going to all the gory details and I've had I've had people say this more than once. The one the one story that always sticks out in my mind I had a gentleman. And I he basically said I need your help me find a great place for my wife she just suffered her second stroke I can't do this again. I am done. Now so help me find great place for her and then not I'm out here and what it in the open in the bottom line that is. You plan on checking out. And I got I get chills. Down my back. I mean that the hair just. Stood up on my arms I'm like oh my gosh. He's serious he was that stressed out. So I talked to him. I talked to me about depth. This is served. Let's let's discuss that. Let's talk about your wife and I give this guy imam onto another subject. This is talk about her issues message you know what I know several great great places that I think would do just that are really really good job they would just take wonderful care. If your wife and then once we go through this process. And I can I can help you through very quickly. You're you're gonna start to feel a lot of that pressure in the stress in the weight. Of that start to just melt off your shoulders. Demands it but it's not every and so then when she moves then. Two senior care community. Dan what's gonna happen in his your stress is gonna cut refocused. On the care on the staff there you say okay you're gonna have to show me that you're taking great care my wife. It is my wife you're gonna have to do a good job impressed me. Once you see that they're doing a good job and it's really gonna come just falling off your shoulders in years feels so much better. I promise you you're gonna feel better. And so in and that's that's what happened. He did he says Steve and I in Malia you really took me Hamid I take it from a dark place to. A place of encouragement. And the place where. You did help me find a great place for my wife they are doing a good job infected doing a great job. I consider some of those people there part of my extended family and now I can go back to being her husband again. And when I was in the really really dark place in dark space. He says I can see any of that I really appreciate that you helped me see that and help me through it quickly and efficiently. So when their caregivers health begins to decline. That should trigger the conversation of considering moving. From her home to senior care community. Number three. I may just be a financially driven decision maybe using home care. Maybe you're running out of funds or maybe home care is not a high enough level of service maybe have some other medical base means that you need a long term care wound care and diabetic injections at Serra maybe it's just time to move. And and in in bringing India of that level of medical care may just may not be affordable some may just be a financially driven decision then last but not least. If you just can't provide enough care. I've had so many families say we just can't keep up with it this called senior care consulting. Again we've helped him find a great place. And then once stay at their loved ones settles in and they can return to their. Normal rule of the spouse for loving spouse. Loving son daughter and grandchild. Return a little more. To your normal rules this is resonating with you feel free to call me senior care consulting. 9139452800. 9139451800. We can definitely help me through this and if needed help you find a great place. All right wow that was fast. To everyone listening who just so honored that you spent per your day tuning into this program again thank you so very much. I'm your host Steve teacher and I wish you. Greece in peace. May god bless you and your family on this date and always we'll see you next week right here. On senior care life.