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Saturday, May 5th

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Are you caring for an aging parents or are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line of program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Become the best caregiver you can beat. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care lion I'm Steve keeps her. President senior care consulting thanks so much for tuning in today you really appreciated. The mission here on the program is to provide information. Education and resource for seniors. And their caregivers we discuss important subjects such as how to remain independent in your own home. Went to consider moving from your home to a senior care community. And then how to find the right senior care community for your exact needs we also discuss how to pay for the high costs of senior care. We review legal issues involving elder law and estate planning. And we discuss how to care for the caregiver. He may be listening to us on the radio currently possibly streaming us online or listening to a podcast after the fact again. Anybody about it anyway you're tuning into the program thanks so much for being here today you are deeply appreciated thank you very much. If you need help with the placement services from my firm's senior care consulting or if you want to learn more about the services provided by one of our very knowledgeable guess you can always reach us on our whole free number at any time it's 180331. 6445. Again 180331. 6445. And don't forget to visit us online its great website to get lots of positive comments senior care lie in the LA ZE senior care lions but. Dot com if you do visit online be sure to connect socially. But we do a lot of communications through social media these days and you don't wanna miss out so feel free to do that. Right before we jump into the program and just wanna recognize today. May the fifth is national. Nurses day and let me tell you what I'm married to an awesome nurse I don't just say that because she's my wife although maybe I'm obligated to do that. But at the let her I'm gonna brag about earlier on in the program. But her patients. Love. Love love her we've been out shopping around just doing something. The short well there's one of my patients that come up and give her a hug and say they're so happy to see heard so happy that she works there and sit and and my wife represents I think most nurses. In our city and around the country nurses. Are nurse is because they care for people and they want a careful people when they love people and they they've just pour all out. I'm in into their patients improve patient so anyway just wanna recognize all the nurses and we'll talk a little bit more about national nurses day today in the nurses week is this entire upcoming week so again. All the nurses out there thanks so much for the great work the fantastic work that you do. Every single day we really appreciate you. All right with Alex any. Further delay. We have a whole studio finished at the left today for great great people from Villa Saint Francis. Rodney Whittington is the CEO and administrator. Tiff and declared director of community relations. Katie Mac and Ernie she's the director of integrated marketing and Michelle Carlson director developments. Ladies and gentlemen thanks for being here today really appreciate it. And Salomon. All rights and in Michelle's off off Mike so she says she's waving in nodding your head is saying hello there she is self. If we had television see I we just we need a camera JP one we idea to get Cameron here. I we we need to put this thing up for for television. So anyway today we just want to recognize you'll see Francis for the great work that they do. The Saint Francis as a long term care community still nursing facility located in a lace up. And so and they they do a fantastic service we're gonna talk about that here in just a minute. A minute ride do you have a very very special event coming up and up I just wanted to talk about that today and just let the community know about the faith in bloom event that you have coming up here. I wanna talk about you know what he has stats. What are the the fund raising goals and then you what was that money be I'd be used for. So they can bloom this is our second annual event we. Saw a need a couple years ago for the shortfall of on caring for a high number of Medicaid recipients who. Your listeners may not know but the Medicaid rates are designed to pay you less than your cost the methodology. That works in such a way that you have your costs and on the state takes those costs for me cost report reduces the men and calculates a rate for so Sylvia if so if you lose 1010 dollars per pay she can make it happen volume right. So yeah exactly sure Peres and itself. Yet it has something so. There's a lot of talk about Medicaid right now and we'll be expanded will be cut what's Kansas gonna do end and possibly having done the rates decreased. Her you know first for the long term care communities which is is be disastrous because you just heard directly from the CEO. Of a large and very successful and I they operate on a high level of care they do a great job in their their radio 45 by by Medicare I mean did they do with these folks are doing it right. They're staffing levels are phenomenal. And they do a great job if they are being paid less than their cost by Medicaid that's a problem. It is and so we rely heavily on the church of course we're. Sponsored by the archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas and also our donors. So faith in bloom was and event that we we dreamt up a couple years ago on to. Do two things one we wanna bring awareness to the community about bill Saint Francis or services. And the manner in which we provide and we we do believe that. Our faith based approach are not for profit approach does make a difference and secondary that was then just to raise funds to close that financial gap that we experience taking care of nearly 80% Medicaid recipients. And so this event. We do Anatoly. Convention center and they do an outstanding job the facility is new. There they're shocked is really good and we just have. We got a great experience last year had about 275. People show up we're expecting closer to 400 this year and we're really excited about. And you know the support does close the gap at at the end of the event last year. I made a special appeal for some therapy equipment that really allowed Boston to do some cutting edge therapy. And at the equipment is gonna cost us around 121000 dollars. Comments I made a last minute appeal to launch and and and we raised 141000 and worry I'll buy that equipment that thought they saw some super exciting. That is awesome so so so why are we having a fund raising event while you just turning Medicaid pays less. Then the cost of operation to care for our elderly right here in Kansas City area specifically and only set. But do you have risen this coming from not just from Johnson County but. Some of my clients who have chosen no secrets is have been from Missouri so really all over the KC metro area. Yeah exactly we see you see all over the the metro as well as Alice stay. And it's it's always good to have somebody welcome in our community that may have lived in another community and and see a difference in the the care and services we provide. Only one of my favorite things to two here and learn. Absolutely so silly reason that we're doing this is just to shine a bright light on the great work that the folks they'll say Francis are doing right now the end is just it's a huge fund raising opportunity. And I know a lot of people might be interested in attending this. Faith in bloom luncheon so here it is is called face. In bloom it's may ninth so that's this Wednesday. 1130. To twelve newness and a networking opportunity then twelve to wind is still luncheon. In so here's the fundraising part of it obviously were selling tickets for this it's a hundred dollars per tickets. But Kate's being the director of integrated marketing says let's for this special event let's offer a 25%. Off. Torque which is 45 dollars 25 dollar discount using the discount code what was that paper. At 980. Up so you're listening to talk. 980 A I'm. So enter the discount code 980. She set it up on her phone. Like right here for a men on air. And you do very very unit debt so soon cost you 75 bucks a ticket if you go to the web site faith in bloom luncheon. Dot com write that down faith in bloom. Luncheon dot com. 200 dollars a ticket inner the discount code 980. And you get 25 dollars off any goes to help a tremendous organization. And it is Tiffany you know I am bill and I was senior care consulting so long. I remember going to go Saint Francis and that whole front and was a huge giant dining room and now he took half of that we used to be the dining area and you've turned an end to the most beautiful. Chapel I can't even college chapel I call a century it is. I think it's the most beautiful or want definitely one of the most beautiful it chapels in the entire KC metro areas is beautiful and you're able to do that through some other fundraising efforts. Yeah that was that was done a few years ago were very proud that we believe mass every day at 1030. Arm that's one of the things that's differentiate us. And so thank you for recognizing that a lot of thought and effort went into making us feel positive as well it's is phenomenal and good Tiffany sent me the link. And that's life stream on FaceBook every day. At 10 o'clock. And I was actually from the help our friends at cap the community hospice unbearable products cool and great cool. All right so to get folks from Villa Saint Francis Tierney we have Rodney winning ten. Tiffany clear Kate Mac and Ernie and Michelle Karl stead. And if you want to reach out Tbilisi Francis gave me their phone number here it's 9138295201. 91382952. 01. If you wanna go to the faith in bloom luncheon it's going to be this Wednesday may in the nights in this is anti a lace up. Convention center at Suffolk Keita and enrich your view you can't miss it. And in we're gonna get any I 25 dollar off coupon or refuse the discount code nine. Eighty so again gonna face in bloom luncheon dot com and herb and can you show up. Yes I do you think he just show up and I just say hey I heard about it on the radio flash your mind Nady in them you probably get to this guy right there too. All right so we're gonna have more right after the break but first let's not forget. Senior care live question of the week. All Medicaid certified long term care communities. Except new residents. And in many cases pending stance is that statement true or false the answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. He listened to senior care lions. On the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the service has suffered on this program and how we can help you and your family color toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. Again 1803316445. The three you can stream this program to any electronic device it's so easy simply go to senior care live dot com click on the listen live button you can also click on the giant microphone right there on the home page. Given a few seconds to connect and boom you are in you'll start streaming to your phone your tablet. Laptop your PC whatever you have it really is that simple. Right back to the senior care life question of the week. This actually seem to do we care all Medicaid certified long term care communities. Accept new residents. On Medicaid pending status. Is this statement true or false in the answer this. False. JP if we had that long long. A lot lately we just felt like to add to write for the false just tell like kind of let down but let it is false so so Rodney I I it's. One and I just kick kick him back to you why don't. All Medicaid certified long term care communities. Except new residents. On the Medicaid pending status. I'll be happy to help answer that question until Saint Francis the largest provider of Medicaid long term care in the state of Kansas so. We deal with that on a daily basis. I'm a couple years ago when. We made a conversion to can care the process to have an application submitted and approved was turned upside down and not for the good unfortunately. It was supposed to make you more streamlined and kind turn into a giant disaster here it really dead and so we're so we we we saw arrives at our worst point we had 44 pending. Individuals waiting on their status. Many of those went over a year when the expectation from and this from the federal government is 45 days. And out are our worst moment we had about 2.3 million dollars of money that was not being paid to us for those 44 people. And as you can imagine for any organization got that's crippling in the that is so by so that just take my breath away I knew it was over a million I didn't nose over to. I can and 44 residents. Some of them over a year so Medicaid pending means you've submitted the application. In and it is just a matter of processing at that point but because. He has this got so backed up and that meant that's a long story done too much for today but because so backed up. That Villa Saint Francis and other Medicaid certified long term care communities had to wait maybe a year or longer. To be reimbursed and made whole by the state of Kansas. So what does that mean Emmys giant cash flow crunch because you have to pay the bills and we have to pay for the cost of care and everything. There's still your receiving reimbursement that you're not receiving any reimbursement. Many times for over a year that is that's just stunning so the reason that. Some. Long term care communities do not accepts. A resident whose and Medicaid pending status is because. They can't carry that cash flow over the re receivables of would you see 2.4. It's about 2.3 is our commitment to point three million. I mean in accounts receivables because there pockets just aren't that deep fortunately. Villa Steve Francis. Can do that in so I'll tell you why it just just right here on the Radio One night. When I bring my clients Tbilisi Francis. I am always just kind of blown away in a real positive manner by. He's just coming and in just come in. Your your clients are welcome. And we have Medicaid pending. We'll help them through that are there working with a lot from hey that's that's great you know together we'll just take care of this just come this common will take care. In the event IA. I just can't say how much I respect and appreciate that. Thank you we that we are. Blessed to be on supported by the the Catholic Church archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas otherwise it wouldn't be possible in our generous donors as well. Absolutely any have a huge volunteer base. We do etc. those secrets so I've been there with some of my clients who were going for it to work and at all see all of these volunteers helping. Elderly residents to the chapel. For the for the 10 AM mass is just just a really is is just a beautiful thing itself perfectly orchestrated everyone is happy to be there. It is just I just love CNET and and you have have volunteers. Who staffs any out like a little gift shop there enough in their building. We do we have we have hundreds of volunteers on 7 days a week morning noon and night we have volunteers the volunteer Tbilisi prints for nearly twenty years. They they are. They literally make a difference for us to the in the eyes of the residents and families. It's above and beyond the care and services that they expect and and it's it's a major difference. Well one of my client side he is his great aunts was there. And after she passed and he just kind of became part of the feeling I think he's still volunteering there. To this very day. So really that's just that's some strong roots that said that's a tremendous support system there. I so we're visiting with just wonderful representatives. From Ville Saint Francis today were promoting. There's special fund raising event it's this Wednesday it's called faith in bloom. It's Wednesday may the ninth. 1132 minutes and networking opportunity. Twelve to one is still luncheon it's a hundred dollars per ticket and if you go online to faith in the melanoma luncheon at. Dot com thief in multnomah. Luncheon dot com entered the discount code 980. You received 25%. Off which in this case is 25 bucks off so what do. In India seed you're ticket he'd donate to a wonderful organization. Get a great meal meets some awesome people is that. The 400 people expected there what's the goal this year. This haircut is there a fundraising goal that we're we're gonna try to hit. You know we get it's hard to throw a dart at that we would really like to exceed what we did last year which was 50000 dollars upper. All the expenses and things were were paid yet we were we were rookies out asleep like that would like to do better in our rookie season so we'll see shortly how we do. There were expecting about twice the number of attendees. So I'll I'm not putting pressure meant I would love. To be a part of this event end and try to hit. Six figure strike hit a 100000 that would just that would really ring the bell. And I'll tell you what he really goes for improvements in things that will improve the community here though Steve Francis. 8880% of residents packed currently on them being paid forum there Kearse paid for through the Medicaid program but low. Cost so this money will be I spent so well it will speed be spent wisely but they'll be very good stewards of the money. In that you can trust that this will be put to very very good use. Correct. And then this year's luncheon as well and one of the exciting things in and bring more people and I'm will be on green archbishop emeritus James Patrick Kelleher for his sixty years of service to the church so. You know kind of going along with our connection the archdiocese and the support that they give us it's exciting to be able to honor him and I'll bring him as well so. Awesome and Ronnie we only have about a minute but I had a lot of people say wall built this it cost you 220 dollars a day to have to live in in a long term care community and about thirty seconds. What are your thoughts on that. Yeah I'd like to compare it to the cost of average hotel that you stay in you know you can expect to pay. 15200 dollars a night that's our reimbursement from Medicaid and with us you're getting three squares a day all your Madsen a tremendous amount of care. I'm from our our team that the loves the residents alike act like we do pretty good job with. I'm managing expenses. Absolutely Villa Saint Francis and only think Kansas. Sign up for the faith in bloom luncheon it's a benefit fund raiser. It's going to be this Wednesday may tonight's. Go to face in bloom luncheon dot com he entered the promo code nine days hero you get 25 dollars off the ticket. And so Rodney Tiffany paid in Michelle thanks so much for being here today I really appreciated. And good luck on your. I invent this week so much. All right we'll have more right after the you're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1800. 3316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you listen to seniors here live on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program. And how we can help you in your family color toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. Again 180331. 644. Or five that don't forget if you miss an episode as senior care life. You wanna share the program with so out with a friend or family with other folks or we just wanna go back can hear it again no worries at all. It's so easy to do is we create podcasts of this program every single weeks of just go to senior care lives. Dot com. Click on the podcast tablet and that is where you'll find all of the previously aired episodes that they're in chronological order so the newest design on top. And then a week ago and then two weeks ago three weeks ago kind of on down the line. This back for a quite away so you can search by date or you could look at just you know there's a brief description of what is covered on their particular program. Click play eight and given again Q&A couple of seconds to get gallon. And you can listen to the podcasts on your own time. And I have lots of people say Steve I worked on Saturdays I love your program. And I listen to the podcast just as soon as it's available that's how I'm able to hear your program every single week so. As Sophie and I have a lot of people. Who say may I just I heard dad act and I wish my husband I wish my my son my neighbor but it's Sarah. Would have her dad in their able to share that podcast because you can share. That link with anyone else when he hears so feel free to do that. Lots and lots of people take advantage that I just wanna say again just a special thanks to their great great people out of the OC Francis. I'm telling ya de do an awesome job now as you know with my firm's senior care consulting. What we do we're we're as subjective as it can be we develop what I call a care profile that's a mini geriatric care assessment. Plus a few other pieces of information. Based on your care profile we researched the entire marketplace. And identify our top three communities and meeting your exact needs. The next step is we go out with few to those three communities and we tour each place with you and that's where we conduct what I call performance audit. We ask a lot of questions that frankly most people. Would never know task or they may feel uncomfortable asking it's not an adversarial approach by any means whatsoever. We just have a lot of questions we won together a lot of information for our clients I think it's information that you absolutely must know. Before making this critical decision on trusting. (%expletive) you staff at an end to care what the care providers to take care for your loved one. So this is the right way that's the best way to do this. And many times Villa Saint Francis if it's in the right location and it is the right level of care etc. etc. etc. policy Frances may come up as one of our top three and it may not. But when it does come up as one of our top three where we always go over where were warmly welcomed. We get a great tour we get to see everything that we need to see the people they're very knowledgeable they're able to answer all of my questions. The end so and and then that many times I am not always been many times. Senior care consulting clients have chosen to listen Francis and guess what. I follow up the night now I ask hey how's it going has everything going OK anything you would change any concerns any. You know any any positive comments etc. etc. And and I always get every time I get positive comments. The end. And and I I was not exaggerating. Wind it if I call and assume working with the fee only. Not in that this individual has outlived their assets they they hardly have anything left you know money but financially asset wise. I we're going to be we're gonna need to come in Medicaid pending. It's a method to Medicaid application. Can you can you work with us on that and say of course Steve just come. Just come and that's what descent. And name and they do they if they don't just say that they do that. He ends and they'll even help you with the application if needed maybe you do an add on your room maybe you're working with the elder law firm to do that. I mean if you need help the Medicaid application they can help you there as well. But so is some Medicaid pending many times is a hurdle the Ville Saint Francis it is not and that's why. It in in 80% of the residents there. He'll say Francis. Are there with assistance. From the Medicaid program and Medicaid reimburses less. They and their cost. So they depend heavily on volunteers and donors and fund raisers so that's why I wanna give one more quick shout out if your interest did. In first of all just a really need event I think they're expecting about 400 people there. I it's this Wednesday. May the ninth it's called faith in bloom it's the second annual no get better better is this or that last year was great this year will be even better. By 113010 minutes networking and then twelve to one is a luncheon. I with a couple presentations this can be great it's a hundred dollars a ticket but for senior care live listeners if you go to the website and give that address in the second. Enter the promo code 980. And you get 25 dollars off of your lunch and go to. Faith in bloom luncheon at. Dot com it's just it's you spell it just like it sounds. Faith in bloom luncheon. Dot com and it's out it's tee up only so convention center at suffocate tendon Riggio. No way to Kansas if you need to reach out Tbilisi Francis for any reason look at even the phone number 9138295201. 9138295201. A lot of people say well Steve do need to be Catholic to go there now you don't. It's in the it is it's it's backed up in the supported by the archdiocese of Kansas City. On the Kansas side. But in this fortunately because it caring about 2.3 million dollars accounts receivable waiting for Kansas to get its act together to pay its bills for the firm. The Medicaid and processing applications. So there that they it's very good that they're backed up. By Saatchi and strong organization there but here's the bottom line. Is the this is a major major fund raiser for them they're gonna do great things are very good stewards of the money have you do great things. And if you're not Catholic you can go there they offer nondenominational. Service is there if you are Catholic gets a bonus you're gonna have mass every single day at 10 AM. I in his super just a beautiful beautiful space so again that's Ville Saint Francis and they're just doing a great job. All right. Let's shift gears back to. National. Nurses day debt is today so. So just think Cinco De Mayo and in it kiss your favorite nurse so now maybe shouldn't kiss your favorite nurse can be made that beat him a hug your nurse specialist do that. JP and don't kiss and kiss minor species my wife I can do and she she likes well maybe she doesn't but anyway. Put myself in trouble here at my wife I think but. Bay Area. It just to show your appreciation for nurse say thank you for gift for a job well done. I. On FaceBook you see a lot of these meetings with nurses. And it's showing all the things that they do and the one thing it does not include is a bathroom break. Nurses were born Swiss. He you know 00 oversized Blatter I think because there's just literally no time to even stop many times. To even stop in in in use the restroom. It is just crazy because they're constantly do just pouring out. Inserting. Their patience in working with the doctors and the other medical staff for every working whether it's hospital. Long term care community know my wife works in a very busy a physician's clinic and they see. I DC. Patients from newborn babies there. Physician that she works with he is awesome doctor Herrick he actually delivers babies so my wife gets her baby fixing Vista. CL these babies grow up in. In the AC. Everyone all the way to elderly patients and everything in between self. She loves that in let me tell you what. She's probably should play and be blushing. But. I mean it. Hurt part of her valuation is you know what what does the patient feedback. It's kind of like Yelp for the medical profession they call the patients and they asked them. How was your most recent visit what was the best part of the visit. Anything that we can do to improve I mean they literally do a brief survey. She gets ten out of ten over the top glowing. Remarks from her patients we. Love. Susan she is so wonderful I can come in and not feeling very well and she just she greets me. She puts her arm around me want to be back and I just instantly feel better being around. Susan and being cared for by Susan she's so caring she's so loving I know. She truly cares about me. And and I'm gonna keep coming back and coming back the Islamic system works there. And in all the other wonderful I mean Amanda as a nurse and the whole bunch of awesome nurses there I'm just rang and I might on minors for a second. But she really does a great job and and she is the kind of nurse. She's the kind of nurse. That she'll come home some evenings like 730 and I'm like wow that was a long day. She said well yeah we have a lot of had a lot of lab results and I just can't leave the office. The Telecom my patients in let them know what's going on. And I said what can it wait till tomorrow some of them as she goes. I just put myself in their shoes and if I was a little bit anxious about lab results. I don't wanna wait. I wanna wait till tomorrow. Or I don't wanna wait till Monday. I wanna know this fast is like king and whether I have something to worry about. Whether I don't I just I just wanted to know so I treat them with the same respect to that I would expect from others and I don't leave the office until every person is called back in every order silt. That is my wife she is awesome and guess what. I think I just probably described ninety plus percent of the nurses. In our city. In our region in our country. Nurses don't do this to get rich that it's a great profession. Dame they make they make good money. Cave that they do this because. They wanna help people truly and that's. What nurses. Do I just wanna say thank you so all of the nurses listening and and all the nurse is related to our listeners be sure to reach out and think a nurse. For the great work they're doing today on nurses' day in this whole upcoming week national nurses week and we'll have more right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program and how we can help you in your family collar toll free number at any time that's 1800. 33196445. Again. 1803310. 6445. Sport recognize national nurses day today. So it happens to be on the same day a cinco denial how about death right to sell you might make favorite food group you can't beat. Some delicious tacos are enchilada is and and and discuss celebrating Cinco De Mayo. The end in and while you're doing that if you know a nurse. Call them tax them. Is it safe thank you knew them thank you for the wonderful work that you're doing and it will recognize. Nurses during national nurses week. This entire upcoming week. All right so I think is most people know we've got about 7677. Million baby boomers. I rolling with three new life here. They were worse I'm a baby boomer myself and we're starting to cause some problems here on our healthcare system. They're they're going to be major problems. It's we're not there yet but it is coming make some people refer to that is the silver tsunami. That's kind of an interest in radio to look at it but but it is a fact I'm in the 101000. People. The other day I had some I heard somebody say 121000 people so. But I I'm gonna stick with my ten just to be on the conservative side. 101000 people per day are retiring. And most of them are going to be in pretty good shape but over the next 20/20. 530 years. The national statistic is 70%. Of us will need long term care. Some type. Of long term care whether that's home care whether it's home health care. Whether it's skilled nursing and rehab. There's hospice care hospice and palliative care. May be respite care it may be a permanent move to. Assisted living community or a long term care community in May involve memory care. We just did the numbers are staggering. In so. Much to my dismay I I ran into this. This up online article from CNN. Few days ago. As last Tuesday. Nursing schools are rejecting thousands. Of applicants. In the middle of a nursing shortage. I'm like you've got to be kidding me. I mean right now I would say there's a certifiable. Nursing shortage right here in the Kansas City area there are a lot of hospitals and providers that assisted living long term care communities. Debt literally do not have enough staff. You have to have some minimums actually Dorsey Francis is heavily staff they have excellent. Excellent staffing ratios here. Some of the highest in all long term care and they do they do a great job there they have a huge cool. Of of PR manner as needed. The nurses available to them in the there again and they're doing this right a lot of places that do not have that cool. And nurses to depend on to fill in when someone is sick or I just fill in some gaps fill in some shortfall areas. What they have to do if Collie a staffing company. And you have to do we have to do. But it's less than ideal first of all the provider pays over twice. What they would have to pay for it directly to an individual. So that's that's not greats when you're having a person come here. Come into your building cold they don't know. They don't know your residence. They don't know that Mamas and I know. Or that dad likes to get up early on they don't know. That your spouse. Because of their memory challenges they're up all night they did not know any of these things the gonna come and they're gonna do their best that they can do. This is not as good as someone who works there on a permanent daily basis. So we have a legitimate. Nursing shortage in Kansas City and frankly all throughout the entire country. And I stumble into this headline. Nursing schools are rejecting thousands. Of applicants. In the middle of the nursing shortage. So if you go under read this and all put this all I'll put this on the website senior care live dot com I'll just put it on the front page. The lead down a little ways to scroll down to read it. I'm just put the link there. Just read the one thing here because this this is the problem. I'll just read it there's an acute nursing shortage in the United States the schools are turning away. Thousands of qualified. Applicants as they struggle. To expand class size and hire more teachers for nursing. Programs are hop. There's delightful moment we have we have a funnel we have a bottleneck a legitimate. Major problems. Now with the people interest in going into nursing they're being turned away. Turned away by the thousands. Can you imagine naps but yet we have a certified. Nursing shortage. So what's the disconnect. The schools. So if you work for school you know someone working for school but an M I can't believe that that they're not prepared for this. I I don't know why. I'm gonna have to look into it maybe I'll do a follow up report. But if you have. A school of nursing you need to figure out how to expand it. There are people totally dependent their lives. Depend. On this school is expanding. Their schools of nursing. Well Steve I mean I hope we can we just can't do that well why can't you do that don't tell me you can't do it just do it. Dead this does not make any sense to me whatsoever this sounds like a giant bureaucracy of a mess. Where everything moves at the speed of mind. Just do it and if there's anyone in May be a school out there is thought about opening a school of nursing are expanding your curriculum. Now is the time. Thousands. And thousands of qualified. Applicants. Are being turned away. Well if you want a boost your school. And you're the number of students attending your school. Prepare curriculum hire some teachers. And opened the doors and they will come our country. Needs you. Our country needs you. 101000 people a day or retiring. 7677. Million baby boomers are going to sink the ship. So to speak in health care. And we don't have enough nurses. Not because I only saw maybe there was a lack of interest. Well no I think I'll do something different with my life on an awful to be in nursing eight in nursing. Net I'm reading this article and many others by the way because this really come my attention. And I find out debt plenty of people would like to be nurses. They just can't get in the schools. That's the bottleneck and that's why it has to be fixed. It in the and it talks about your sister really catch 22 situation. Spokesman for the American association of colleges of nursing so. So it in if in if you're a startup and if you wanna start. You know I went technical school. Figure out how to do it and guess what you're gonna have thousand nurses flooding your door wanting to take care of people because again. Nurses don't do this for the money they're not getting rich they're there they're earning a good living. Most of the time. But did do it because they want to care for people we have the need now we just have to put the two things together. He gets some classes at some schools expanding. So that we can bolster. Our nurses. In the number of nurses to take care of this exponentially increasing. Meet okay that's that's the that's enough on that anyway again happy nurses' day and think you know all the nurses for all you do. I'm your host Steve kicker and I wish you. Grace and peace may god bless you and your family on this day and always. I'll see you next week right here on senior care life.