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Saturday, May 12th

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Are you caring for an aging parents. Are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care life. Providing information education and am resource. That's caregiver you can read. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care lives I'm Steve keeps president of senior care consulting. Thanks so much for being here today I really appreciated. The mission here on the program is to provide information. Education and resource is for seniors and their caregivers. We discuss important subjects such as how to remain independent in your own home went to consider moving from your home to a senior care community. If you do need to do that how do you find the right senior care community for your exact needs. And then there's the cost all of it is very expensive so how do you pay. For the high costs a senior care we also review legal issues involving elder law honesty planning. And we discuss how to care for the caregiver. If you listen to the radio right now you may be streaming us online or. Listening to a podcast. Again thanks so much for being here today and tuning into the program you are appreciated. If you need help with placement services for my firm's senior care consulting. If you wanna learn more about the services provided by one of aren't very knowledgeable guess you can always Regis on our toll free number. It is in writing it down a lot of people call this an in this number is operational 24 hours a day so. It anytime elect call give us a ring and nine excuse me. But Mac and a truck the stuff to give you my business number here I'll give me that the minute but it's 80331. 6445. That's 180331. 6445. You can also visit online at senior care lie about LI VE senior care liable. Dot com if you wanna contact me directly through my firm's senior care consulting. This is where we help that families and individuals find the right fit in the best fit would searching for senior care. Our direct phone number's 9139452800. Senior care consulting and 913945. 2800. Ice so Hillary are a day before or what day is it. Mother's Day Mother's Day is. Tomorrow so I just wanna give a shout out and recognize. All of the moms out there and all the great work that you do and although loves. And attention and care that you provide for your family. Look you know with without a solid. Did female figure was solid mommy and our. In our families and our lives we probably don't make it very well through this life we'll tell you that. My mom is. Amazing. She is amazing she's a very young 76 if you look at you think she might be about fifty. So mom you're looking great out there but. She gets her she's fully independent she she's she's very strong. She has to be and has always been. My biggest and allowed us to cheer leader. And she she puts herself before her kids in her family and she's just she's an awesome mom. Then of course I can't forget about my wife I have no idea how my wife carried triplets. Back our second guess our daughter who is graduating high school in a week one week from today holy cow. So. Let you Mallory and congratulations so but do we we have heard our second child ended up being. Identical triplet boys I still don't know how that happened JP had no clue what happened there we have no. A family. You spoke we have no multiples on either side of the family. No medications. Just happened so it does prove god does have a sense of humor. Out there and but seven. Identical triplet boys my wife is about 53 about a 112 pounds soaking wet and she carried triplets. For 32 full weeks I literally every time I think about it. I just shake my head like I have no idea how she did death. And she carried them with grace and strength. She was amazing she still is amazing. She is I brag on her last week she's a nurse and and that caring and loving and nurturing. Is to starts with our family and we're all very good we're also much better off. Because of my wife is in our family and met in the she is such and on some. Mom and then my mother in law she's fantastic and she my. My father in law. Was a lifetime. Lifetime military. A right through the air force so my eighth. My wife was it was a military brat they moved around a lot and my mother in law Sherry I really carried the weight if two parents while. While my father watched Kim was so serving our country for years and years and years that that's a big big responsibility for kids. So so hats off to my mother loss sharing and all of the other incredible moms out there I hope you have a special day doing. Whatever EU EU it is that you hope to do tomorrow on Mother's Day happy. Mother's Day. All right in the JP I guess so excited about. About nurses last week had jumped the gun by one day. So I want correct the record I really do you know what I talking about also these days that I I I looked at the wrong day I got I did I guess so excited about it. Always say get my wife stuff and and say you know I always I do hug all all the nurses and it just say thank you so much for the great work. Nurses day. Was may the sixth last week listeners may the fifth the same sinker demise today after cigar mile. I just guys guy got overly excited should jump today by one but this whole past week was national nursing week. And and numb pit in my wife's office and in a lot of losses all all around the country they were treated to lunch in and and in the coffee and bagels for breakfast and just okay isn't just nice kind of extra things and and anyway so again the nurses things for all you do and I gave you your your day just today yearly so this is what trek director on that would so. After what I realize that I like our man I was a day early hook up. So anyway as I got depth but it may begin net thinks all the nurses and again happy happy Mother's Day. To all the awesome moms out there myself. Getting into. Breaking down the levels of care this is really confusing. Breaking down the levels of care the you'll find. In senior care communities. We have several hundred of them. In an hour in the greater KC metro area. It's unbelievable but there are so many. New places being built right now and I'm seeing some gray area so new. Gray areas that kinda blur the lines between some of these levels of care. And I'll tell you why it can be a senior care consulting clients I mean you'd get it because I'm working for you. And in senior care consulting is helping you make that you know one of the biggest decisions you can never make. If you're out there doing this on your own you need to understand the levels of care what they offer. And what they what they can't do and then what they're not it's and then some of these gray area so let's jump right in here. And has some great graphics one I hope. JP some one of these days we go to we at feel like FaceBook lives. Horror we we gotta we gotta get on television. We need to call IQ saints beat. Or recchi CMO war I we we need however I have fox horror channel like we've we will we came he BC right Tariq and I don't know what colors anyway. 45941. That's going on but we were gonna get a man here we gotta we gotta get this senior care live on the television has some awesome graphics. If you're one of my pro. Temptation G you'll enjoy it some of these graphics but I'll just described him to you over the radio so on the left side. Is deed. Kind of the starting point so you'd you'd down side should sell your home. You have to downsize into the smaller space to the MySpace. And you gonna downsize into independent living so what is independent living meet. What that is is as your own apartment you still have your own space. Full kitchen the whole thing you can have a small independent living apartment he you can have a large. Did your bedroom or maybe even a three bedroom. Apartments that's just beautiful. I sometimes independent living can come in in a duplex type of the style or four plex or freestanding developed. Which are just is very beautiful most. Of that inventory in our area. Most of the imminent the independent living inventory is. An apartment style living. Can a lot of people don't like that I like apartments actually I think they're great but to allow people like him but that is the majority you do have some other options independent living. You have your own space and then they're gonna make at least one meal for you per day maybe a couple. Out once and awhile you can get all three of usually. People make their own breakfast in their own apartment and have fun at lunch and dinner. It's the independent living. I dining space Herbie strewn in net in their facility so she got that available you have some socialization opportunities. They have some transportation. But you are you're very much on your own you're just not alone and you can hit a button if you feel all. Dizzy. If you feel tingling down your left arm like a way admit when he met I voice heard that might be assigned have made via some part. A heart attack for some some serious health concerns. I'm getting nervous and can hit the button someone will call on you don't they're not licensed to touch you. If you fall they're not licensed and they're not supposed to pick you up and help yup although they just they may do that anyway they're actually not supposed to do that. But there'll at least respond. If you're on responsive they're calling nine and one lunch boom right now they're calling. Where they can come and visit you in your apartment if they're concerned they can control our you don't mind when one way for the paramedics to arrive. I think him nursing another part of the building if they're connected to. In and have some went over and check on you so you are on your own you're not getting any care bed you're you're not alone so that is independent living. And then after the break I'm gonna talk about its. That the the pricing of the independent living and done didn't it a couple of models rental only vs entrance fee. So we're gonna get into that right after the break but first the senior care lives. Question of the week. To qualify for Medicaid. In Missouri. You must sell your house. Is this statement true. Or fall switch when this that you got a 5050 chance and you'll find out the answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Newest seem to senior cure lying on the scene. Your care broadcasting network. For more information about the services suffered on this program and how we can help you and your family call our toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. Operators are always standing by you can call this phone number 24 hours a day at 180331. 6445. Don't forget you can stream this program to any electronic device. It's so easy to do so many people do this Skoda senior care live dot com click on the listen live button of the big microphone right there on the home page. Give me a few seconds to connects and you are in and it will just start flowing to your. You're following year tablet laptop PC desktop what every half and it really is that simple. All right back to the senior care lives. Question of the week. To qualify for Medicaid in Missouri. You must. Sell your house. It's a statement true. Or false. In the answer this. False. False. JP we we have to have a. More and more I'm more. Want Miami a bit of what we're gonna we're gonna have to fight Fy net L that was visit it every time it's false and then maybe if it's true it's like out. Should I clapping and so we find so I don't know but for that possible enhancement in the near future. Let's see your Carolina but that statement is false. And the reason it is false is because. In in the state of of Missouri. Your house is considered and exempt. Assets. You do not have to spend that asset down it is and exempts. Asset and guess what it's also an exempt asset. In the state of Kansas City a separate. Exempt assets from accountable assets the accountable assets you spend down on. Two 22 this Medicaid qualifiers so hopefully that helps outs. All right so back to defining all of the different levels of care started off with kind of their entry point. Of independent living and apartment meals and transportation and your on your own you're not alone. I do have some some activities available you can push a button if you have some. Concerns so mumbled check on you they cannot deliver care for you they can't even pick you up off the floor if you take fall. K they can call your family. They can call for help they can call 911 they can be with you in the ambulance arrives in the EMTs arrived but but be so your honor somebody you're not alone. There's a couple of different models. Three models actually you can rent. An apartment. By the months. The only the most common model called an entry fee model where you'll write a check for a 0100 error 120000 dollars following up to about 600000 dollars. And probably the most common contract. Is 90% of that is refunded to your state upon your death. In many times that will buy you a discount so for the other levels of care as part of that 10%. And tying up your money or not being able to invest your money. The end it's sometimes you'll see an eighty year or seventy or maybe a 50% return. I'm an entrance fee contract then the third wanna say it's and a life care plan where. Essentially. I'm on and probably most common when I see is is she right debt debt that check upfront. And then and amortize this 2% per month soared fifteen months. Your your rather say 200000 dollars goes down 2% per month. 20. And no refund at that point 0% refunded after fifty much what do you get for that. They guarantee to take care of you for life. And the what they have contracts and I'm thinking I'm just discussing right now. They locked Q in two that independent level rates say you're paying no I'm all make this up their us say 4200 dollars a month. That cure rate for life. So as you move this is an a continuing care retirement community as you move into. Assisted living instead of paying 6200 dollars a month you gonna pay. 4200 dollar smut that is your rates your monthly rate for life. Move into long term care slash commonly known as nursing home. Says paying. You know 789101000. Dollars a month paying 4200. So that's what you're doing you're essentially prepaying. For future discounted. Health care. And the higher levels of care that's what you're getting in so those are the three. Models that you see most commonly. Now on this graphic. On that so on the far left side of the graphic we have independent living that's kind of entry point on the far right side you have. Long term care again commonly known as the nursing home this is a full medical model they help you with your activities of daily living. Even dressing grooming the do your laundry your housekeeping. Full slate of activities transportation. From doctors appointments physicians will actually come to you to see you. These communities. Of course all of your meal snacks hydration. They distribute your medications. They can providing to person transfer if someone is weekend to the point where it takes two people. Or maybe even mechanical lifts to help you from point a to point B there's there's a lot to it. And they can provide a very high level of care. Most people know it as a nursing home industry they do not like me using that term. Not because it has a negative connotation all tell you what the nursing homes today there are even close to the once back in the day they're not even close there's so much better. It is it ill and take your breath away there's so much better it's not even comparable. Oh some of these places are way nicer than my house in my house is pretty decent so in and it's and and it's EU don't have the that stereotype that you think oh there's going to be an order in the place I'm in and out of these places almost every single day. And probably 9598%. Of the time I don't encounter. Any negative voters. So someone's out they're saying are Jaeger on these prices may smelled it well no they don't I'm not the places I go into it. And I go into the best places with my clients. So the so much better today it's not even close. Night industry prefers to be referred to as skilled nursing. Long term care community etc. so that is the full medical model. Gonna get into the prices and a little bit. The the challenge. In this search. For the right level of care. Is that centered around. So. What if you're not it's at that entry level assistant live or excuse me independent living. I'm mobs that are independent living at home. And now she's gonna need some help so what if you don't need that entry level independent living. And one if you're not even close to meeting. That nursing home or long term care. Level of care what if here somewhere in the middle that is the tough. Parts. There are so many. Different types. If care. There's the same type of care that doesn't deliver the same level of care. It gets into a great big giant huge mess. That's centered around is very wide in Iowa generically referred to this says assisted living. Then after the break. I'm going to break down their also two other. Very very popular and in very very necessary levels of care in that middle ground. But assisted living is that social model that helps you minimally or fully with your activities of daily living I'm gonna break this down I'm gonna tell you. Exactly what assisted living deliver for you. Reduced the pricing and all of that in more right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. He'll listen to senior care alliance on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the service is up. On this program. How we can help you and your family color toll free number at any time 1800. 3316445. Again 180331. 6445. Don't forget if you ever miss an episode the senior Carol I may be wanna share the program with another person. Maybe just wanna go back and listen to and again no worries at all just go to senior care live dot com. Click on the podcast tab and that's where you'll find all of the previously aired episodes. By dates we have the most recent one then below that the week before and the week before so it's an in chronological order there. We'll have a brief description. Of what was discussed on this program we just click the play button again given a couple of seconds to connect to know start play in Korea and we have lots and lots of people. Who listen every week and they just tune into the podcast because maybe they're working or are busy at between eleven and you know on Saturday so. I N and we are a lot of people sharing this with friends and family like army and I wish. So also would have heard about this while they find the podcast and just 42 them so that they can share that was so feel free net up yourself and do all of the above. Right back to defining the different levels of care. And in the senior care communities out there it's really. Really confusing that middle ground is a very wide space so he on the left just imagine the graphic. On the left side you've got the entry level independent living on the far right side. You've got to the highest level. Of care at the long term care community skilled nursing and rehab a commonly known as the nursing home. Senator ground assisted living and all had a couple more years to minute but generally generically referred to as assisted living. This is a social. Modeled this is not a medical model. There are some limitations but they do a lot for you so. They can help you minimally. Or fully or somewhere in the middle. With your activities of daily living so as you're doing your research talking to people if you ever hear some wind. This is there's so many acronyms and the end it's in abbreviations mean if you ever hear of ADL that's activities of daily living can help you minimally your fully with your bathing. Dressing. Remain. The can help you a cement condit's management oil adding programs. And to a points two points. They. Cook and serve you all of your meals snacks hydration. It's a full slate of activities. Transportation to a from medical appointments most assisted living. Communities have physicians that do come in house to see you saving your trip but you still see your own doctor if you'd like. Lot of times this kind of convenient. That's kind of the equivalent of doctor making house call may do this all the time and assisted living. Also distribute your medications very critically important if you medications on time if you're able to. Still manager own medications and you wanna do that you can demonstrate you do that safely. You're welcome to do that. If you don't pass the test they're gonna say I'm I'm sorry that we we just wanna make sure that you can. If you medications on time so will be distributing those for you but I have a lot of clients who still labeled it takes her medications and make. Men is that just fine so they this is a living to have. Staff the order in managed the ordering and getting the supplies and then my clients are just able to take their own Mets. So assisted living is not a standardized model. So when you look at the long term care communities. Slash nursing helps less skilled nursing and rehab does say fairly standardized model us some of them deliver much better than others. But it's they all offer. Basically. The same level of support. I'm speaking very generally they're but they're all very very very similar. Assisted living is the wild west. It is not as standardized model that's the problem. So an assisted living community can choose. To kind of leaned over toward the left on the way lighter side care. And and debts just debts marketing all our sister living community are residents are are are just. Full of energy vibrates in very independent what we we are from a little bit of help in their real data to live here successfully and in its Eric Serra. And that's that's kind of what they're going for that's their niche if you. Some assisted living communities. Leaned over toward the right if you could see the graphic again I'm trying to describe it. You know over toward the right toward that toward the nursing a slush medical type of care some assisted living communities will bend over backwards to keeping you out of a nursing home. Some of them have served my clients thickened liquids. Some of them I've offered my clients to person transfer. I'm diabetic can management with insulin injections all the sayings traditionally. Before until about five years ago or so. You'd find all of those features at the nursing home level you would not find nemesis of living. But some assisted living communities can and will do that and oh by the way. Every change in between they can also help you with your incumbents management but he again tool points. There are limits of these six. K so that's that general wide area so ye go out on the delicate. Ten assisted living facilities this week and I'm gonna pick one. Well good luck with that. Because you're gonna go see ten places. And all of them are probably going to have a different. Level of care that they're going to deliver to you so how do you fairly. Compare one to the other and they also have different different pricing structures. Long term care and nursing home and they charged by the day and assisted living a charge by the months. They have a base. I base have likened so that's the majority of the costs as Abe is it based cost plus a level of care charge that's probably the most common. The most common model pricing though that I see in our area. So you have a base of say 4200 dollars. Then you have a level of care 12 and 312345. And that adds you've 600 dollars. Per level of care on top of that and each level higher than do more for you. A few more independent you might be a database level at 4200 I'm and I'm just making up these numbers they can all be very different in in different. Assisted living facilities. If you if you are more. Dependant on the staff to help you so you require more care. You're at a higher level of care you're using more resources and you're paying more. Foreign debt higher level of care some places are a flat fee for service all inclusive. So for X dollars. 5200 dollars 4900 dollars 63 year old whatever the number is. We'll just take care of the so if you come in little more independent you might be overpaying a little bit. But as you stay an agent place and they provide more care few maybe later on. Maybe you should be paying more being you're locked into that flat level so at all levels out and eat evens out over your length of stay there. There's a third one and a base plus an all carts. And to me personally I don't love that pricing model I mean I am but I'm not totally against it but I think there's a better way to do it I mean. You paid. You know X dollars to distribute one or two medications if you're three medications to five medications you pay X dollars. If your six medications to mine medications you take. It just it gets it I think he gets a necessarily too complicated. And frankly my clients do you not love the base plus all or parts. What they're doing and their defense they're trying to say you pay for exactly what you use and and that's not a bad theory but I I think getting their gets a little bit complicated. And I just think there's a better way to do that is that is that's just my opinion. And that's that's that's third pricing model. All right so independent living. Costs. You can expect to pay 2600 dollars to. About 4000 dollars a month said that largely depends. On the size of your apartment. How nice the place is finished. Here if you have an entrance fee on the low side of things it's about a 120000. Being on the high side that's about 600000. A lot of places are renal only you don't necessarily have to do that although most places do have an intrinsic. Not all of them at a whole bunch of them do. And assisted living that senator Graham where you have your own apartments and then you get all of this help with here. Activities of daily living medication distribution etc. The average who write down the middle is 5000 to 6000 dollars. You might be only go and again that is impacted by the size if you have a studio apartment vs a 1% two bedroom. Don't make a big difference plus how much care do you require that also has a big impact on this I'm just kind of give you rent on the middle. You could go maybe as close 4500. You can easily go up to eight or 9000 a month if you want to but that's five to six is right down the middle. On long term care site if things as far as the cost again they bill. By the day it's. 200 deal 230. To learn to earn thirty dollars a day of the if you if you just take an average kind of a monthly costs. Looking at about 556500. Dollars a month for a semi privates. Room that means that you are sharing a room and you have a roommate. So that's a share a room. Right down the middle 556500. He can go a little less seemed a little morbid that's right down the middle. A private room. In long term care. Skilled nursing. On the low side of things is going to be around 7500. Dollars. To about 101500. Dollars. I you can definitely go way over that if you want to. That's why a monthly rate if you take the daily and ended up. Semi 5101500. Is right down the middle are priced one out the other day at about 141000 dollars a month. For private room so not all of this is expensive. And right after the break I am going to some. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 180331644. Or five. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care right casting network. For more information about the services offered on this program. And how we can help you and your family collar toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. Again 180331. 6445. Today I'm reviewing all of the different levels of care. Cost breakdown on a monthly basis then what is delivered I'm gonna get into a couple of gray areas here in just second but. Let's re entered the confusing middle ground of assisted living. We throw a couple of more ranches and hit in the works there because if assisted living isn't confusing enough some of them offer very little support some of them. Offer a tremendous amount of support in everything in between they're all different. I would say on the lighter side of assisted living there is a paid a great level of care for for a lot of people. It's called residential care. And it's in technically our CF residential care facility. In Kansas is called an RCF. Missouri has to go maybe a little more complicated thanks Missouri. It's an RCF one in an RCF. Two. So you have and ours the so 11 is a little bit even lighter care in the other. It's very similar to assisted living. Is just not as much staff so you're gonna have to be a lot more independent. Then I would say your tip they call assisted living residents who live in residential care but guess what you don't. That's a great fit for a lot of my clients a senior care consultant. They they can't live. Alone they need some supervision. I need to move to a place but assisted living is just way too much. They're just not even close to that yet. Is there a spot yes residential care. So you're looking at about. I don't know when he 500 may be on the lower end to. To you know maybe around 8500. For residential care facility. That's a really good fit for a lot of people. And our work cut in the tie up and a thinner pieces more specific. Types of care. So let's go to the higher side of assisted living. And that level of care we're gonna really get into this next week. Somebody say most of it for next week but that's called home. Plus and frankly a lot of people don't know about home plus that's why we're gonna shine a really bright light on the home plus model next week. You definitely don't wanna miss say you want to admit. You hear from some business owners owning and operating. Home plus model it's a great fit for a lot of people. And I would say that would be definitely on the high are side. Of assisted living and most of the home plus models that I know of can and do go up to a two person transfer. Many of them can't offer diabetic and you know insulin injection diabetic management. And they're really kind of a hybrid between now and assisted living level and that nursing home level. With the goal of caring for someone through and of life so. Debts and the cost there is probably around 12200. Dollars up to about 7500. Per month it is a house. Literally house it's a ranch style house. That's been either built from the ground up or. Remodeled in modified. To care for six or eight so maybe ten men maximum of about twelve residents everyone has their own bedroom. Has their own bathroom maybe they share a bathroom with a couple of residents. In decked everyone -- family style talk about the home like setting. They've got that one nailed because this is a house. And it's it's just a fantastic fit. For a lot of people met and so that's the home plus model. And again I'm gonna break that down way down next week CO one a mr. Wilson gray areas. So you'll have a lot of independent living. Apartment places in believing community saying. All ELY we can do everything that assisted living this you don't need to be looking your mom did Disney to look at assisted living we've we've got you covered here. I'm I would say. That would printed the BT like him calling a timeout like and a coach from the side. Time out that's not true. That's absolutely not true. An independent living community. Is not licensed to touch you. And assisted living community this licensed by the state to provide care they can touch you ate canned. Help you if you follow what they can help you with the bath. They can help you in and out of your wheelchair or your bed or whenever they need to do. Independent living cannot do that. Now. Begin were slicing up the pie a little bit here some independent living communities have been on sites. Home care provider. On in the building. So. The staff can literally walk down the hall and help even fifteen minute increments. Let me say that's a fantastic fits for a lot of my clients again. You're living in independent living they're nowhere close they don't need residential care they don't need insisted that they need a little bit help. It's a very cost effective way. To get a little bit help in your nice independent living apartment but it is knots. And I I'm banging on the desk here it is not assisted living it's not a replacement for it's not meant to be. And so that's kind of a gray area and then sometimes and assisted living. You may have in an overly excited or overzealous. Sales person say all our nature place community your mama never have to move here. Move from here we've we've got you covered well it's just. Because I get the calls. Back onto the call they told me they're nature plays community and six months later I get this discharged letter kick my dad out to daylight may. On a leave me out of I wasn't there I don't know exactly what was said. I think they fall into the market of over promise under deliver. So they weren't able to meet immediate and now all. Your parent has outgrown. What they're able to deliver and they have to move. The next higher level in that case. You moving to that long term cares less nursing home part of the models so. So in debt there's that gray area got to watch out. Watch out for over promise under deliver. I'm seeing a third gray area that I'm gonna have to add to my graphic. I'm seeing a lot of 55. Plus apartments. This just literally apartment building for fifty people or 55 plus maybe 62 plus. I'm seeing them add the kitchen. We're summoned amenities that you had traditionally find an independent living. But they're priced way. Way lower. An independent living. In my beef 15100 bucks a month. Not 26 to 4200 dollars a month. So help out with a little meals have some amenities maybe have transportation. Provider that this contract with so I'm seeing some of these. Senior apartments 55 plus 62 plus start to move toward that area as independent living. Right and then I'm like in a breakdown memory care let this lepers so let me throw a giant wrench into all of this. Memory care is not a level of care it's a type of care. So that memory care which is a type of care can be found at residential care facilities assisted living home plus in the nursing help four different. Levels appear the peso. Just just mind blowing right. So you have to get this thing right that's what so many people are Cohen senior care consultant sort through all of this. And find the right fit 9139452800. 9139452800. If this sounds if all of this sounds confusing that is literally because it absolutely is and that's our specialties to help find the right place. Get it right when the best fit to do this one and done it right first time. If you need help but feel free to give us help otherwise I hope that help jump. All right I'm your host Steve kicker and I wish you grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this day and always. We'll see you next week right here on senior care line.