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Saturday, May 26th

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Are you caring for an aging parents or are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line of program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Become the best caregiver you can beat. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care live I'm Steve Keith Kerr president of senior care consulting. Thanks so much for tuning in today I really appreciated. The mission here on the program is to provide information. Education and resource as for seniors and their caregivers. We discuss important subjects such as how to remain independent in your own home we're definitely in a touch on that today when you consider moving from her home to senior care community how to find the right senior care community for your exact needs how to pay for the high costs a senior care we will touch on that the second half of the program we also review legal issues involving elder law and estate planning and we review how to care for the caregiver since you're listening to the radio currently may be streaming this on line or listening to a podcast after the fact. Again thanks so much for being here today you are appreciated. If you need help from placement services. With placement services for my firm's senior care consulting. Or if you wanna learn more about the services provided by one of our very knowledgeable guess he reaches on our toll free number at any time that's 180331. 6445180331. 6445. Or visit online at senior care lie in the dot com senior care alive but. Dot com. Without any delay would like to introduce him a special guest today mr. mark worst. He's one of the good guys or miss an elegant guy today who won the good guys with. Mr. re model earned mark thanks for being here today I appreciate it well thank you Steve can't believe it's memorial weekend Allred that's ridiculous. And really this time. I hope it's. So tomorrow I this is it's a tradition every every summer on the on all of that the 23 day weekend so Memorial Day Labor Day and then over July 4. Those are my three times guarantee you'll find me with my smoker. Smoke and heck out of anything that just about everything doesn't move well good yeah I think there's a real lot of that this week absolutely gaps I always look forward to do a man attend. And and until key flotilla mad that we we missed him today but to hopefully we'll see you next time well he's out with. Little medical leave that the other he'll be back where to go and it's not culture that's right that's right our right to very good did send you would wish him our best player as well the next. OK so we're talking a mystery modular today. It always like like you mystery in my life I just uses mark worth to keep well and extra mile or interchange generic term yeah. Earlier this cut into interchangeable let's visiting with seven mark with mystery Mueller today about. I re modeling your home to age in place assistant it's it's it it's a huge huge need out there with. Every one and our entire society aging and and guess what according to the AARP 980% of us. Would prefer to stay in our own home and agent placed. Verses moved to a care community self. Mr. remodel or can definitely help you do that it what are what are some of the home modifications that might help someone stay at home in. And beat me there safely. Well I think pierce you know them the that is the key word is safe because safety is of this a big issue yeah if you're not safe in your home you're gonna end up in we have a facility one way or the other yup. And so that's our main goal is to keep you safe whether that be. In the bathroom with a low threshold shower or zero entry shallower. Grab bars good lighting. You know. Kitchen hallway. You know a night when you get graded go to bed all of those things. It just being able to give in and out of the house. That this kind of all sorts its front door or or the garage or whichever door you come into. It that's right you have to really get out of your vehicle on an Indy your home. And if you have physical limitations that's just debts not a given that that can be very very difficult transitions they may have to have ramps or lifts or. Maybe some other so so like like you city yet you have to meal they get the front door in and then we'll look at in the interior. Ride right in so many times we get calls where the he would have went either the husband the wife for whom ever or sometime even your child is. And in the hospital and they're coming home in and there are like why are we get them in the house. We have in common that it's yeah exactly. And there's things like. Do you think well we'll just gonna grab bar by the steps will if you had open heart surgery or something like that mean that's both be pulling on oh boy should now know what do we do you know so. It basically in a valuation do we do it it basically start said OK I mean you're in the car. Are you getting get from the car into the house hurry and DL list derail. Why are you sure France shortening the steps I mean you know so they're not such large steps them in with this in the midwest where we typically have. Basements. Most of from mark Rogers most of the step up in the house up is the the grudge sport at a lower level smooth it's. It does it does cause a problem right there I am I a three steps in in in my garage and because it sits down pretty far I mean not. It's not terrible but I mean it's you know I'm just gonna jump up when he was being built I couldn't jump up to the were there through the frame was run for the door oh and if those if you've got three sets in the threshold of the door typically that's about when he inches yeah. That's life beyond it to do a ramp that's roughly. What would that be almost a nineteen to rein in your garage dance sometimes you have to have a land being. At the top and the bottom there was one might wanna my days are liars the American as serpentine type system or something and that's up practical joke out but. Array of outside to have slowed things up prep school either. You might have a list of steps it's then you're out in the elements right negated and how loyal. Snow ice rain a writer by accident the new deal with well I could slip and fall. Yeah and now defeat in the right exactly what stuck out so a lot of times it is a dilemma they're really. So. If you're wanting to remain independent in your own home. And and that's gonna take a few home modifications where you can do that and remain independent safely which is the key word. Reach out to mr. remodel or 913. 3627166. Or 8164533049. Us or go online at MR remodel or did its. Dispelling just like it sounds MR. Remodel her dot com and there are there are a lot of before and after pictures and just examples of what can be done. And so. And and market this in this business has been this company's been in business since 1969. Do you know of any other remodel or in our area that even comes anyway. We're close to that well most of them are kind of during did not necessarily. Really die off but to. You know we had some of the older companies that kind of gone the way there are there's still few ya old companies probably that same kind of window yeah. Both time. Which says a lot for or all of us. Yeah yes so if you've been doing business. Since 1969. And with all of the competition out of you know the neighborhood handyman in some of these free don't call you know such and such and and and no Wilson's one out and justice all of this crazy competition if you've been in business. Since 1969. You have done something right and you continue to do. Something right what are the things that I love about mystery modular and Ian Keith particulars about this you actually sent out a survey. Tier customers he asked Kate how did we do and how can we do better. Exactly. You know we're not perfect and so if if there has been a little hiccup or something that we could improve on we wanted to know about. You know whether it's from the contract. Sales loomed the workers who are primarily our own employees and maybe they didn't clean up. No we won't know the instincts so that you know we can improve. You make make the adjustment made the alteration and it into a bit better the next time around so while well I just think I just think dad is. Most frankly most companies do not do that. They just move onto the next client and they did I that's that's one of the reasons one of the many reasons at this tree demolished Eros is 1969. Well only if that's sixty per sever their assistance to be referrals or repeat customers. So if you don't take care in the first time you're certainly not can have any. They're not colony back and I'm not referring it to their friends now and hopefully end. The donates it truly is all about relationships and and we enjoy those relationships. That is awesome that is awesome mr. remodel or you can reach out to keys or mark corona the other great staff that mr. remodel or 913. 3627166. Or 8164533049. Online at MR remodel or dot com am are. Remodel or dot com. And mark after the break wanna talk about if someone gives you color let's review the process away conducted of that anger at a new person you know what they expect comment on the process. But beer before we get there. I just have to say we're a little bit of a pet peeve of mine. Here's some of these commercials feel builders and in remodel or sits in Iraq saying if you called today here if you do something. You know we're gonna throw in an extra 5000 dollars of grant it for free quote unquote for free. Not much history yeah yeah if the person they're going. That literally probably several thousand dollars quarter and quote for free that the just throw into. How much is they over remarks. And they've marked up they must have just this gigantic. Profit margin built himself in to meet that immediately says we're completely over priced but we're gonna give you some for free make you feel better about it I think that's I. I don't I don't understand I do that is irritating to what's magical about today. Yeah yeah I always tell people. That the only reason to act soon is because as soon make decisions in the project's gonna beat us right. This writes I don't know led some. But some much some offer that spur you on did do something sooner than may be when you need itself. All right mark we'll give back to the process right after the break Phil skipped. All right but for now with senior care life question of the week. What does. CA. PS caps certified to stand for eight carpet in petroleum services. Beat certified aging in place specialists. See. Asks. Services and who may never dean. Answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You listen to senior care lions. On the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services suffered on this program. And how we can help you in your family car toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. Again 180331. 6445. Don't forget you constrain this program to any electronic device it's so easy go to senior care lives dot com. Click on the giant microphone right there on the home page of the listen live button you do few seconds to connect and you are in it'll start streaming to your phone. A year tablet your laptop your PC desktop want every you have and it really is that simple. Right back to the senior care live question of the week what does the acronym. Capps CA PS. Stand for superior options eight. Carpets and petroleum services. DE certified aging in place specialists. Seat cats and pigs services who may doubt. Was it stands for certified agent clay specialist. Always. We have certification to national association. Of homebuilders and I got that certification. Probably 810 years ago something like that which we were doing this type of work prior to that for years there it just would you know what to call it. Yeah who shall we get this right so mr. Mahler Ben this is since 1969. And and you have been doing certified aging in place specialists work for literally for decades before it was cool to be cap certified itself exactly and it and and again it's it's kind of interesting I mean all of them lots and lots of people are kind of jumping on the bandwagon look at us look at us were were caps certified. Where maybe he's just a designation or certification by. You've been walking the walk talking the talk literally for decades before that caps even existed so I just think that speaks volume. Well I think it's it's enjoyable part of the business as well know helping people is that. Absolutely reach out to mystery Mahler 913. 3627166. Or 8164533049. Online at MR remodel or dot com MR remodel her. Dot com and this is since 1969 they can help you. Make his. You know at a room or or big. Big area on to your existing home or anything in the middle. On an effort. I tend to help you age in place and in an agent play safely. Is the key words so. So market if someone is listening today and what you know might be out we we need to look into this. And we need to get something going here let's call mr. remodel or slick call one of the phone numbers. Or they may reach out over the website and you receive. Contact so what's the next at this kind of walk us through that process and what someone can expect. From mystery model of the persevere return full called us. That's an appointment net is an exact time it's not. The cable TV people of will be there between ten into a four hour window right try to pick us for our lives of these two. Earlier this cut it is it they ask. Designated time for her. An appointment there there is a cause for that but a couple of weeks ahead for our employment there were three hours late. Who knows where everywhere it's a thing nearing show up in the windows so Def blu. My entire. Day I was not happy in a professor of cancer are going to die so I decided whining here. All right but he's a pin is your show yeah you but I cannot. All right so if I act after because I'll set up time to go mountain and visit with you imagine another Aussie had no concept nope they'll pressure. I tell people be proactive you know maybe maybe you're not ready for this now. Mab had the surgery it's gonna happen if you know few months and you know we need to start thinking about these things but don't wait till you're coming home from the hospital got which we hear that all the time this well journal. Let us come out and you know we've touched that a little bit on the last segment I mean you know if you're coming home from. Wherever hostile rehab or urge assigned daily basis alma wounded in and have the car min we've talked about you know whether it be a lift derailed. You know grab bars helped it chip steps or whatever the case like deepened and you've got to be able to get through the door. And Skinner wheelchair with this new firm look normal weight and size person when he seven inches in the walker about 21 and half. So your. Front doors to clear 36 inches your garage door is at least 32 which is some Norman you could make that transition into the house with whatever apparatus you might be using. I watched it in the house everything changed on hunter's bedroom doors bathroom doors are typically 24 inches wide. So you know 27 does not go to 24 fire her bathroom door so narrow. Because bathrooms are there enough times could not going to back down. So the in the older homes about things for liquefied by eight so yeah out of vanity knicks to the door on those you know you are limited. They make some. You know from easy alterations in like four extension hinges which allow the door to pull back. In Chile and acted another couple Internet age about an inch and a quarter OK you know put so. That's usually not gonna take you from not being able to get into being able to get in but it might make it more comfortable for instance if you know walker it's 24 inch gap. Same into wheelchairs that 27 interest and left here the market work don't care maneuvering yourself he needs more space than men though. You know week in take care widening indoors. If that typically get a move light switch slow time moon up so. That she finishes in in the floor covering you know when you like in the door stepping in the door you know at the at the floor area so we have. Possibly need to do something with that if you're on carpet it's a whole lot easier to roll wheelchair on a hard surface. Vs Carpio damp down on the carpet right. It is infinitely easier. To rule you were wheelchair on the hard surface tile or hardwood or you're my only Ileana linoleum or anything hard. Much much easier do yourself a favor look into that for sure yeah. The well and John Allen only in my efforts its arms from expert called alternative and it looks just like style blitz. Bio composite material that neither grab it or not crowded leaves a lot of that. What we're doing like disability type work simply because if you. It is slip and fall it's it's still gonna hurt but it's a little more forgiving than that hard ceramic porcelain OK 00 that's nice and yes that's nice to have some of those options available. But what's what's we navigate to the Norse. You know with but we country on the bathroom that's critical in connection obviously is is a big concern as well put. Both time if you're in a wheelchair or something at some assistance probably with no preparation. You know meals on wheels or something so the matchup becomes good. The big thing and whether we take it to about putting showering and you know grab bars he and held to our practices there's just a lot of. So you would come out and evaluate the situation ask the client what they once in and come back with a young with a quote current estimate exactly exactly. And and let me say for our listeners that mr. remodel or they they think like I do this is a no pressure situation they're gonna show you how they can help you. And and I think most people are probably you say hey the other looks great so people won't that this just that you're not out trying to quote unquote close the sale right. The other thing we are making improvements to the hole so that will help. With the resale flow. Absolutely and so if you wanna move forward and it's just a matter of peeking out your color is your choice is your products and industry model was S schedule the craftsman the command. And it's all that it's a very smooth process no pressure. Call mr. remodel her is it in and be proactive I totally agree with had 913. 3627166. Or 8164533049. Online at him are remodel her. Dot com mark. Thanks so much for being here there really appreciate it thank you see him up with a smoker. All right all right we'll do thanks so much will be right back. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the service is suffering on this program. And how we can help you in your family call our toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. Again. 180331. 6445. Don't forget if you ever miss an episode a senior care lives. Maybe you wanna share the program with family or friends AB just wanna go back can hear it again no worries in all of senior care live a life GE dot com. Click on the podcast tab and that is where you'll find all of the previously aired episodes too she is the upset that you like to hear click the play button. You'd a couple of seconds to fire up and you can listen to that any time. 24. Hours a day. All right moving on to my next special guest today my friend Josh buff and he's a reverse mortgage specialist. With community First National Bank in Josh welcome back senior care life what's going to be your Steve thanks. All right Ari you're welcome and we've we visited of about reverse mortgages before and we're we're trying to just unpacked. Reverse mortgage what it is how it works in the in some of the major advantages. Of using a reverse mortgage. In the past we've talked about using reverse mortgage. Two. As as cash to pay for. Things to help you remain independent. As for as long as possible in an agent place safely but today we're gonna shift gears a little bit and talk about using a reverse mortgage. For a purchase. Yes so you taught you just call that reverse for purchase right it's home equity conversion mortgage used to purchase a home so. All right so so that. Are you so so my mind the these I have no idea how this creek so so so tell me tell me what is ad in the and then how does it work. In some of the advantages aside I really don't understand what how that works. Well basically Steve the amount of equity required to activate the reverse mortgage or home equity conversion mortgage. Is placed down on the home okay. So. And you know let's say in the in the example say somebody who's 62 barely qualified very young for someone who would be doing a reverse mortgage. They would have to place. You know roughly 5859%. Of the total amount of equity. Down right so that they can activate the reverse but they would not have to put 4142%. Down. It's still not have a mortgage right so the reverse would be in effect no mortgage payment you're just paying taxes and insurance maintain the property. You only had put a portion of your assets down on the property. And so. Some of them may be thinking why how can I come up with the how much we usually you're selling one home. To move to another home correct in in many cases people or downsizing say from there. You know from them home at four bedrooms and that you kids in the normal levels and and that that Holmes is not suited for their lifestyle anymore might be just too big. So what they do is they sell that home a lot of times it's free and clear near there. And that all that equity that they have is tax free. In most cases. And in many times they take all that money and rolled into another home. Instead of you know realizing any kind of investment aspect. You know if you if this is going to be your final home this is home that you purchase. You know. Don't never really see the investment aspect of the home right. And so why not have your money working for your release a portion of that money working for you in some kind of investment. All right so we're talking with Josh buff from reverse mortgage specialist with can. Unity First National Bank if this is peaking your interest you like no wait a minute I didn't realize that you can do that. Definitely reach out to Josh at 816728. 282. Rates again that's 8167. To eights. 2828. Really easy to remember and Josh answers his phone. If he misses you because you're right back he's he's theory. Very good very quick to call you back and then he might just he might just catch you on the phone when you call even if it's not during business hours is very good. Very attentive very just great customer service. In answer reach out to Josh in India like you know if I have questions about this. A tiny give I still has more questions. Call Josh buff them immediately and he won't help you out the Sunday wanna move forward on did you watch you through that process so. So a reverse mortgage. Why would tell me so tell me why I would wanna do that's an LS as far as some of the examples are some of the Symbian managed. Well in a. Number one you know obviously you've got more of your asset working for you as far as liquidity. You know if all your money's tied up and hard asset then you know you have to sell the house or create some kind of new loan nor access that money but it if if you have. A good portion of your money still working for you still available to you in the event that you need it and I can always be an advantage. And then also on a reverse mortgage and I'm I don't have a month I don't have a house payment. Not absolutely not up there what you desire one yeah obviously you have all the options you can make an interest only payment in the balance and never go up. You can make a principal payment if you want like a regular mortgage or you can just choose not to make a payment whenever. Can't the F flexed BM options at that point correct. You know one thing I wanna stresses that that the older you are that the the further along in life you are the less you have to put down in order to. Activate. Home equity conversion mortgage a reverse mortgage or purchase so you know somebody in their seventies is gonna put a significantly. Less amount down and somebody in the early sixties to early sixty's what's the percentage. It's roughly 4142%. Is how what you'll be able to retain a ten. And round and you know but. But you'll only have to put down. 5859%. OK I ordered to have. I have no mortgage payment that would pay taxes interest just like it's free and clear in and then and then have the enjoy the advantages of the reverse more correct. Okay and then and then if you're a little bit older then you have to put down less less and less so Hillary get. The less you have to have. Put down an order activate the reverse he obviously is based on life expectancy. And so you know the less life expectancy have what you put them up okay. No that makes perfect sense. Makes perfect sense if you have questions about reverse mortgages and then how to use them in the ways that we discussed on the program before or. This this new just this kind this new is not a new concept is I guess is new to meet. But it I think it might be and its a lot of listeners to a reverse mortgage for the purchase of a new home. Contact Josh buff from right away 8167282828816. 7282828. With community First National Bank he is a reverse mortgage specialists. He knows he is stuff and he can help you in Kansas or Missouri if you know someone in another state judge sheet here are you license and all the states are multistate all fifty states how about that. So again 8167282828. Ends. You're right that my wife and I were were not Gary I am I just my daughter just graduated high school. Last weekend in that Mandela does this awesome that was a herb. Very proud those one of those big milestone graduate and you know I tell you you then they're done they're at the driver on college now. Yeah I got there you go and then we sell our same time. Oh boy that's. Yeah throughout this solving their three years so I'm. Our our triplet boys are freshmen so they'll they'll be graduating high school about three years but. My wife and I were already talking about this because she's a nurse I worked in senior care so we look way down the road very far ahead. And she's like you know why she said when the kids are around on the helmets. Oh we need to sell health amazed not a giant mansion obvious to stories that you got Prius heirs everywhere the F four bedrooms yet. The just all the space we will not need it we will not use it. And we're definitely going to downsized and by 8 hey I am a ranch style house in da I may even. I have an ABA accessible it like right out of the gates just so that we can agent place there in just lyric just not have to worry about it I think that's a perfect use for this we. Verse for purchase out most families that I encountered that they can enjoy our interest and in the the parents' home they're there and sit in the parents you know safety and health and wellbeing. So he can be a good tool the reverse for purchase for me for just basically maintaining your financial health. He even for people who are wealthy and can have a lot of assets the reversal purchase can still be a great tool. And I love the options not like you said you can you can make a payment or small payment you can pay interest only he can make no payment at all. In if you don't need that and access to that those funds today. You may need access to those funds six months or six years from now. You have some options to work. Correct. I'd just both from reverse mortgage specialist with community first. National bank and 816728282. Weight that's 816728. 28 to eights in do you work with a lot of clients on a reverse for purchase. You know and not as much as you'd think and that's the one reason why I've been out you know talking about a young because I feel like it's an under utilized. Financial tool. But you know just being able to have more how's it could be just a simple reason you know you may only have they only have a 150000 dollars to spend on. On a house well that's not gonna get too much house especially in Johnson county's low right but you might be able to get a 300000 dollar house. When the reverse repurchase. And that may give you all the comforts you need and still gonna paint because you're coming in with that percentage of equity to buy a larger home correct. C nine and thought of that either and that's why I'm I'm I'm legitimate as say yeah I'm not sure exactly how this work it may not be a larger home Steve it may be a home just has me it's provided in and like has all the amenities like you're speaking of her tent and it may have some costs associated with it that you know. Drive and. That's right and that's a great point to Maine it's free and you don't have to worry about all these things and again your aging in place. You have access etc. so you can use a reverse for purchase to buy that may be more expensive home with some of the bells whistles and services already added. And thought that either. Just thanks so much for Iraq coming in today and talking better reverse repurchase. If if if you're one of our listeners and you like you know what that makes a lot of sense however learn more about it. Reach out to Josh must commit 816728. 28288167282828. And Josh thanks so much for come. Noon today in touching. On this this new way to utilize their reverse mortgage. All right we'll have more right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program and how we can help you in your family color toll free number at any time. That's 180331. 6445. Again 1800. 3316445. Just what I think Josh spot some for coming in today. That kind of blew my mind because I really didn't know. About in reverse of for purchase and then one of the key points there. Is that you know what if here. Selling your home and his example was he had 150000 dollars to work with. But what if what you're looking at cost more than that may be. Maybe to fifty. That would be enough of a percentage to do a reverse for purchase actually get more house. Not for your money. And what if you are are aging in place in my if you wanna ranch style house or maybe one of the maintenance free homes which I think what's really attractive. Where you don't have to mow Inskeep Snowe and do some I mean this and that sort of thing but it's more than 150000. Boy you could. Do bets. She not make him bigger homey despite a more expensive home that maybe have some services and some these North Korea. In and you can do that so that was awesome and then wanna also thank mark worst. Who the good guy. The good guys from mystery modular. In one wish keys. Two interrupted to get well soon. And in keys should be deck on next. Next time around so why thanks to mark and Josh for being here today. Ladies and gentlemen. Attention please use as a consumer alert and consumer alerts. All right we hear about this win again. So I've talked about this been a long long long time wanna warn you about the document and I'm Tony right now don't sign it do knocked. Sign this document. It is called a negotiated. Risk agreements. Knowing OK so Steve what's that negotiated. Risk agreement what this is. Is if your elderly loved one is living in a senior care community. I probably see these more often at the assisted living level of care. And negotiated but he can be in any level of care. But most frequently seen at least as far as I've seen it at the assisted living level. The negotiated risk agreement. Says. That you do not hold. These senior care community assisted living facility you'd you hold the you hold them harmless for you did not hold them responsible. Four. Say falls. This is an example that's a pretty common example actually. So they'll say you know why your momma your dad they're just following too much we don't have the staff. Two two. To handle them or to you know provide enough eyes on her enough assistance. Acted to keep them from falling due to higher her risk. So here are your options you can move out and find another place to live. Or if you want your mom or dad to live here. Just sign this negotiated risk agreement saying that were not responsible for the results. And your mom or dad falling. And I'm like you know. Ha. No and no thank you. No thank you so what if I guess what a lot of people write comment. Bill is so hard to find a place. And we like so many places in this who has worked out pretty well. We it was a few issues especially this with following frequently. But that we don't wanna do all that again. We don't wanna move data again we don't wanna move mom again so yeah gimme your paper and I'll just sign it. I'm Tanya don't sign it. Do not sign it if you're being asked to sign a negotiated risk agreement. What is that telling you. I know this is really kind of a symptom what is the actual issue. The actual issue is that they cannot meet. The needs. Of your elderly loved one period. And you know and may not even be their fault maybe your loved one has just really out grown the level of care provided by that particular provider in. And it happens it happens. Especially in assisted living where assisted living is not a standardized model I talked about this all the time. Where in some assisted living communities. Are very lights on the on the care and the assistance provided. Some assisted living facilities are very heavy. On this on the care that they provide in everything in between so. So you maybe going to assisted living facility saying oh wait a minute now this other place can do this that you can't do it so they're all different. Sell your loved one maybe right now maybe in an assisted living facility. Is living community. Ends. Maybe a starting to have more falls more frequent falls then. Does the staff for the management there are comfortable with. All what that's telling you is they're not providing. Enough assistance or not supervise supervision. Or enough staffing or just flat out not providing enough care to meet the needs of your elderly loved ones. What that's telling you is it's time to move. That's what that's telling. So if I had my parents in an assisted living community. And their wanting me to sign this negotiated risk agreement. If I signed it. Then I'm completely taking them off the hook I'm relieving them of their responsibility. To take care of my mom or my dad my spouse my loved one. And that's not part of the deal in my opinion. When you moved there you're paying a lot of money. For the staff to take care of your loved one. The last thing you wanna do this to relieve them of this responsibility and sells like I'm being hard on these on the communities and on the management staff. I'm not I'm just saying I don't like these things that that's the last thing I would do. Is sign a negotiated. Risk agreement. Because I want them responsible on one doing their job because that's frankly. That's the business at the rim and frankly that's what I'm paying 567000. Dollars a month. That's when I'm paying them for. Is to properly take care of my loved ones. So if you're being asked to sign a negotiated risk agreement but that's really telling you is they can no longer. Meet the needs of your loved one and it is time. So moves. OK and I'll talk to you write that just ended in a minute about what you can do about debt. But the bottom line is in my opinion he should never never never ever sign a negotiated. Risk agreement. Proceed with caution this incident and consumer. Q my senior care line. All right so so what he does so what do you do it is time to look for another place and with senior care consulting that we can definitely help you through that process if it was really painful it to Q 15100 hours. Which is commonly reported to me a senior care consulting. With our service your through this process in literally a few hours for five hours and you are finish that's because. We do almost all of the work for you and on behalf of view in your family will get you through the whole process. Into who. We're we're done we're done an impartial they won 115130. We're finished. That's a huge time saver we deliver. And wealth of information to help you make an informed decision. Give us six calls you're being asked to sign in negotiated risk agreement. And you're like you know we need to look for another place that's a better fits may be higher level of care 9139452800. Senior care consulting dot com. 913945. 2800 we'd be happy to meet with he offered free consultation and help you find a better fit. Hi Terry one listening. And so wanted to spend part of your day tuning into the program thank you so very much. I'm your host Steve speaker and I wish you grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this date and always we'll see you next week. Right here on senior care life.