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Saturday, June 2nd

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Are you caring for an aging parents or are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line of program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Become the best caregiver you can beat. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care live I'm Steve kicker. President's senior care consulting. Thanks so much for tuning in today I really appreciate it. The mission here on the program is to provide information and education and resource is for seniors and their caregivers. We discuss important subjects such as how to remain independent in your own home. When you consider moving from your home to a senior care community. How to find the right senior care community for your exact needs and then there's the cost how to paint. For senior care we also review legal issues involving held along estate planning. And we review how to care for the caregiver. So if you listen to us on the radio right now. They peer streaming us online or listening to a podcast after the fact again thanks so much for tuning in today you are appreciated. If you need help with placement services from my firm's senior care consulting. Or if you want to learn more about the services provided by one of our very knowledgeable guests can always reach a summer toll free number purity is in writing down. You can you can Colin literally 24 hours a day it's 1800. 3316445. Again 1800. 3316445. Can also visit this online its senior care lions LI VE. Senior care lie in the dot com. All right I'm really excited about the first part of the program today let me introduce to you my special guest today Jane and gore ski. She's the executive director of the parkinson's foundation heartland chapter Vicky Campbell. She is the chair you're the chair are in three years in a row without moving day you walk Kansas City we're gonna talk about that. And then Brandon Don cloud. Moving day watch Casey committee member. And friends welcome to senior care life. Thank you to be there all right so let's talk abouts. Moving. Day. The main make sure I get this right moving day Kansas City it's a walk. For parkinson's so Dickie you're the chair so tell us about this and is this an annual event it's an annual event OK a lot of fun for families. Vinny it's hot and so the so what is it exactly. Is a way for us to raise money for the services provided by the parkinson's. OK and then is their the CIC a took the liberty memorial yes it is on Saturday June 9 okay. In the morning and starts at and registration 9 AM the walk starts. At 1030 and so how how far is the walk. Mine after mine that half mile OK or that you go longer if they want TI yeah yeah do double lab go get him help him. Military incursions to come down in and knew whether that's a mile away that a couple features that have fun whether it's support. Folks who have parkinson's. Apartments themselves so. That the emphasis is on. Getting moved OK and then so then does a team. Raise donations for their walk how does that logistics of that work. Yes everybody tries to raise money meant either as an individual or as a teen. And the more money the better or we can provide services. To do those with parkinson's. And it's just a fun event to you recognize. The teams and what they're providing for the chapter. Not I'm looking at a picture here on a flyer and there's a big guy finish line and there's a ton of people all and there's confetti this looks like you're really cool event. Is awesome and I think there was supposed to be. Well you know as long range forecast it and things can change and we do you live in not in the midwest video fingers crossed that it has been so hot Whitney. We we didn't have a spring we we skip straight to summer right exactly. Exactly. Well we'll have a lot of water on ice so people watching want him to to worry about that. The other thing just to piggyback and went on what they said Steve. The this is like a normal walk run at earth you know win where where people have to pay to register him. And this is really about. The purpose is to celebrate movement and to bring awareness to this disease to the parkinson's community here in the heartland. And because we want everyone to move and watching might not be your thing that morning when you wake up. The other huge meat movement civilian okay well there will be a variety of exercises I think. It can resume and dance and rock city boxing. Am warmup the stretching. It's a fun things like at Ellis DT Digg and I'm program okay. All right so that's just called moving day because you can watch a half mile or you can like brand said he just get out and you can walk a short distance you can watch two miles if you want you can just. Get in on some movement and this is all to raise awareness and in raise dollars. For parkinson's research does the money stay here in the heartland chapter. Yes that though that the money is gonna be used or Steve. This is really. Three very important things money as it's to ensure a better care for every one. And that's through our centers of excellence which really green it's more how weary are really happy and lucky to have when hearing Kansas City. And the university of medical University of Kansas Medical Center okay. We use so many to educate empower people through. Variety of free educational resources. That are the top. And there feel about parkinson's. And then some of that money also goes to fund basic research so we can better understand. What the diseases. So we can then. Researched better care and treatment for that disease. All right so if you're interest and in learning more about the moving day Kansas City event coming up in about a week Saturday June the ninth it set look liberty memorial downtown registration begins at 9 AM the walk. Slash movement so all of the different activities that are available that all begins at 1030. Help beat parkinson's you conform your team today let's say OK what are you have plans for that but I want to contribute. Let me mill local phone number you're offices at what ST line and about 8090 S 89 that state might have nice here's the number. To the parkinson's foundation. Heartland chapter it's 913. 34188. To eights. And the parkinson's. Parkinson's foundation. Heartland chapter 91334188. 28 the most talked about the parkinson's foundation. I'm fit and if I just I thought of you know Michael J. Fox see you know he's says that the big celebrity hands. And I think he's he's doing for as long as he's had I still think he's doing amazingly well but he's really raising. That the awareness of parkinson's. And does he contribute to their parkinson's foundation or does he do as a separate can move separate efforts are coming is he involved. Michael J. Fox has been an incredible amounts. Not only and a fun regime that helped to raise awareness for this disease but the Michael J. Fox app foundation is totally separate from the Parkinson foundation okay but we're very complimentary. Michael J. Fox a purpose of that foundation. Is to find a cure and that's three you really be. And fund a lot of research to come up with a drag that will help. Cure people from parkinson's. But that hasn't pretty long horizon. So what do people do in the meantime. When you are diagnosed. No I need help right now you do end and near afraid or your overwhelmed. And so what parkinson's foundation does is we really tried our mission is to ensure better Caron treatment. For people with parkinson's can and so wet though what we do is again being true that better care for everyone especially throughout centers of excellence. We have a great win here. Educate and empower people living with parkinson's we do got you a number of educational resource isn't programming we have support groups throughout the heartland we have some great expert briefings and help educate people. Things on how vision changes or mental health issues some might have with. Also things just as simple as how you can make your help house all prove there's lots of good information. Only for people with parkinson's. I am of their caregivers and again the kind of research we do is different but complementary to the Michael. So there they do in the long term must try to find a cure let's just do some some test trials with humiliations. And then you're you're solving the short term. Someone was newly diagnosed and and they're they're afraid rightly so and they may they need some tools to be better equipped to handle. This this progression and how life changes exactly. And nobody with parkinson's that's a by themselves. It's always a journey with a caregiver and usually not one cared effort as the family get some doubt. Absolutely so Mickey out when is moving day Kansas City again. On Saturday June 9 at 9 o'clock. 9 o'clock registration in the watch starts at 1030. And then again you don't have to walk you can just get involved. And some of these movement activities and classes it sounds like a blast the pictures I'm seeing right now at the looks like a blast at 913. 3418828. That's 913341. 88 Q eighty if you'd like to contribute. I feel like to learn more or hey this is a little bit of Elaine knows it's only a week away and I think I can pull some folks together raise some money and we wanna we wanna give in on net. What's CEO what's so what's the web site as well I think there's a website that set up. Moving day Kansas City got core. Moving day in Kansas City dot org and they can register. And can they contribute to as well through through their website at. Other than donate button. Now web site's worth its salt. It not have been done and that's right that's right they and so if you can't mean there may yet you know you wanna donate them makes it super easy for someone to do that some 9133418828. And right after the break we'll continue our conversation the first. It's not forget the senior Caroline's question of the week. How many people will be newly diagnosed this year. With Parkinson's disease 8101000. People. These 30000 people seized 60000 people or deep 100000. People the answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You listen to senior care live on the senior. Your broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program and how we can help you and your family color toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. Again. 180331. 6445. Don't forget you can stream this program to any electronic device it's super easy to do just go to senior care live dot com. Click on the giant microphone right there on the home page of the listen live button. And a few seconds to connect and boom you are in it is that simple and lots of people stream this program so be sure to take advantage of that. Right back to the senior care live question of the week. How many people. In the United States of America. Will be newly diagnosed. With Parkinson's disease this year. Hear your options eight. 101000 people being 30000 people. C 60000 people or. 100000. People in the answer is. Seized 60000. People. You know when you told me that that Jane and that's just a kind of blew me away that that's a lot of people. If any is any is end especially in an acute let's take out a little further that's not a million people. In the United States. That have been diagnosed or have parkinson's ten million worldwide while. That's a lot. And so what and Belgium and folks of Parkinson don't always know where to go. For the kind of information that they need and that's critical and let me say there's so much information out there especially in you know wouldn't enter a search is incinerate this this is really overwhelming self. With the media turned to. Just contact them make just really really simple there is no better placed contact. The and the parkinson's foundation heartland chapter right here in Kansas City. Cut through. All of the of the nonsense online seriously you just go straight to the source 9133418828. It's 9133418828. So I have a couple of personal connections. Longtime dear friends of ours. In the church I was talking about that we attended before this one. He starting on some issues with the was diagnosed with parkinson's and so. I talked to them they wanted information about you potentially moving to a senior care community. And aging in place in his wife this is perfectly. Independent fairly fairly young and they. Said the nice thing he said. I've played into the parkinson's foundation they have been a godsend. They have been so amazing. So much great information he says this has been. This is made everything that much she much easier to deal with so. That's that's unsolicited. Thank you we we really do you pride ourselves on building community. Within the Parkinson community and she's an she's and one of the support groups for the fort Meyer give her status right hand in this is an. And you deal it is wonderful because. People with parkinson's. It's it's a shock for anybody to have any kind of diagnosis. And nobody with parkinson's travels out alone it's always with at least one caretaker if not many more including your family and everyone needs to be a educated about the disease. What to expect the kind of resources that are available. For instance one of the most critical lens people don't know that about is that. There's general practitioners and them it's neurologists and neurology just do know. About parkinson's. But the specialist. Who really knows about parkinson's. The neurologist. What's gone on for further study. To become a movement does order specialists. Every one with parkinson's should at least a C a movement disorders specialist once a year. And then the four years and I've been here with us the but the foundation. We started out to movement disorder specialist and now we have eight within the Kansas City metro our area. One including that the VA which we've never had the power to people that I felt like. Life is seven usual for a metro area that metropolitan area the size immersed. I know that's probable now well I apologize that is I'm sorry there's ten in the entire heartland which includes. Missouri Kansas and and Nebraska Obama we've actually in the metro area it's more like six yeah. With that's a lot for immediate just for our community here people used to have to wait twelve months to get minimal when you've been diagnosed you don't want to wait on that line. So now that you that's taken away. And then just personal connection can can you guys stay one more segment. Okay because I I I can tell way there we. I wanna talk about all the really fun cool stuff to still go on with with the big event on on June the ninth. I might if you can say one more segment we don't have to rush do this so I appreciate your seem a little bit longer but. My great grandpa had parkinson's. And in what's average age of Agnes. Average age of onset is 6065. But there's about 10%. Of the parkinson's. And community. That has what's called young onset. And and that's anything under sixty and I've I'm at a young women in which 220 used. I have several in their thirties to one he's if he's 36 oh my gosh he. And you being diagnosed with that at that age is a whole different set of issues. As opposed to being diagnosed when you're 6570. Oh aura Alter retirement or India exactly what might migrate Graham thought. I talked to my mom and I just to make sure I have kind of everything straight. She says he was of around 65 or so so kind of right in the air she says he'll live to his cut early eighties a lot of care a lot of help. And so. And in one of my other questions was because no one else in my family that I know of has parkinson's so. He can this be genetically you know I go to Finley trade where if if he is somebody sinks how to run an in your family in your blood line. It does that happen with parkinson's or no. Let's interest team is. No one really knows the exact cause of parkinson's. And ten at this point all the clinical studies have to this point choke. That are lean toward that there seems to be a genetic pre election that is triggered by an environmental factor okay. People used to think it was like hereditary because people for instance one of the ideas is. All of your all drinking that at the same well Weiner on on the farm but I could lift genetic that it may not be too man right I mean. (%expletive) some people in your family had it may be your floor but every other Stanton so. I'm in LA and knock on wood no line. Here's my great grandpa I knew it did not follow that side of the family that I know. Exactly. And we see a higher incidence in the rural areas you also see a higher incidence in the northeast like in the mining community. Is a higher incidents in the with Vietnam vets. But as studies so far doing any kind of direct correlation let's say with a pesticides. Or anything like that right shown no conclusive evidence them so it is a combination of things but that research is ongoing. That is very very interesting. So we if if if you're at it this is catching your attention if you like you know what I wanna get involved. I wanna help. I want to donate because there's a huge event moving day Kansas City coming up in about a week Saturday June the ninth. Here's the phone number that you wanna reach up 913. 34188. To eights it's 91334188. Two eights and that's not moving day Kansas City that's also the number for the parkinson's foundation. Heartland chapter today and visiting with Jane and gore ski Vicki Campbell and Brandon Don clout and what we at. We ran long and I wanna talk a whole lot more about this so hang on the next segment we're really gonna get into some of the fun stuff so happen this special event. Don't go away we'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1800. 3316445. I'll be right back. If you listen to seniors here live on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about services suffered on this program. And how we can help you and your family collar toll free number at any time that's 180331. And 6445. Again 1800. 331. 6445. Like we have a real people answering the phone 24 hours a day were all school here on senior Carolina knowing answering machines here so literally if you if you if you have a question it's later it's on the weekend. You can call the number at any time no kidding 24 hours today and don't forget if you ever miss an episode was senior care lives. Maybe you wanted to share of the program with others or maybe just wanna go back Kim and just listen to the first second or third time no worries and all this go to senior care live dot com click on the podcast tab and that's where you'll find all of the previously aired episodes. In chronological order. All right back to my special guests today. Jane and gore ski executive director with the parkinson's foundation heartland chapter. In seeking Campbell moving day he watched Kansas City cheer for the third year in a row thanks for all of your hard work I know that's it that's. That that's a big task a big load and I've Brandon Don clouds moving day watched TC committee member and thanks everyone for being here today. And let's. Let's talk specifically about the walk into we've we've kind of touched on it bit. When we're talking off Mike this thing sounds like a blast an absolute. Straight up fun time for a great great cause tell us about some of the fun stuff this gonna be going on at CD moving day Kansas City event. Saturday June the ninth well we're gonna have a DJ playing in all morning. And we're gonna have some cheerleaders out there pumping everybody has helped program the kids can't land. Balloon artist and faced cleaners. And also see gains with the kids complain we're gonna big city campus trichet. Free cold water. We're gonna have. A resource camp with all sorts of information from over thirty people. After he businesses that can help people with parkinson's. Are gonna mission tend to help educate more we're gonna have a movement that her and then the million and any USA what we've got. Sure some of things on there assumed. Dancing. Rock steady boxing and especially program called Alice BTB. All right so. Jeanne and eat you mention something off might. You said movement is medicine yes when it when it comes to parkinson's and so. Well what is what is your parents tell you all the time we eat eat properly and you get your exercise they were there on the something. And because I don't have but I can go outside and play yeah I'm told you go outside and play with your reason. And now today they say did you notice out of that following yeah. Or out of that video game here career and outside and get some pressure around kids. Absolutely and it's just really critical for anyone he's been diagnosed particularly newly diagnosed people with parkinson's. Because although there is no cure you can do things to help stall. The symptoms and movement CNN's American and he can delay the symptoms. Delay the onset of some of these more serious symptoms but with with movement to click and you. Time and the proper treatment and proper treatment as a medication that most. Folks with PD. Take it's that combination leave the dope a carbon Tampa. Treatment that's gold standard can't we have that with good nutrition drinking lots of water and movement. And you will enhance. Your quality of life you can delay the progression of the decided that yes he can't. Some people live well and quality of lives. For 101520. Years with the seventies. I saw that I thank them for my friend I know I know that we're in hard he's totally played in deer in the heartland chapter. And I'll guarantee he's gonna fight this every single day so he is same movement is medicine you talk about five days a week yeah just do started and. Thirty minutes just do something. As well even that doctors have you don't have PD would say do you whatever it is you've do ya think swimming if it's rock city boxing Chara exercise of what ever he'll do. We encourage you to do you know what also helps your moods. Because they. Depression is a big issue when folks with PD because. Impression happens in the same part of the brain whereas the dope I mean it's not relieve okay is part of the parkinson's. That's part of that is three confirmed parkinson's. You are now wondering generating doping means okay and so all of that movement not only helps you physically it help. She mentally. And keeps you up. You know doctor I've had doctor Jeff burns on your for Mickey alzheimer's disease center. The sixties it is good for your heard it's good for your brain Syria so there we there are talking again about exercise. And so it and media I mean I'll jump on my bike and in I had bite for a long time and I just I got that I. How it liquor hot rod tracked and used in that Casey triathlon at the congressmen and I don't. I have to say don't give helmet. Lights. And I tell doctor Byrne I I the bike and I was just like just rocky just just blow might get in it was only for a couple miles eyes whenever mile that way about the. I felt so alive I felt so invigorated I was so pumped up and it just that short. I frankly can it doesn't have to be a by Greg miles they can be a while ago freed and back or do something you feel so much better it's ridiculous. Any help it just helps your moods just helps your outlook on life. So and everyone needs a good outlet. Especially if you're managing the long term moments absolutely so reach out to the parkinson's foundation heartland chapter 913341. 882829133418828. Also I forgot to give the the web site earlier. So you have to pay attention this and parking sign now. No less. Park in son dot org. Slash. Heartland and norm said he went to the website it was loaded. With all this information and he made that Collie got plugged and his wife is in a support group yeah they cannot be happier and this is why were promoting moving day Kansas City this takes a ton of money. Two runs so let's talk more about moving day Kansas City and how much how much what did you raise last year did you meet your goal or exceed your goal I -- Our goal last year was a 187000. And we raised well over that it was 213. Out to thirteen had to congratulations oh. Think it was we under we had to change our goal revise it twice and. Yeah really difficult if you Blumenthal if you mill did nothing. Are you a video that's right so this year and though we we tend to be conservative group when asked how realistic is your goal this year is 200500. We're already at 82%. Are for it's probably on my 7% I think right before I left we checked out. We were like 967000. OK so Kansas City. We need your help if you want to donate if you wanna get involved we're gonna talk to that we need some more volunteers here because this is a tremendous amount of work to set up it takes lots and lots of hands on. This is a fantastic. Foundation and the money's gonna stay here at tip parkinson's. Foundation heartland chapter 913341882. Bates can also go online it Parkinson. Dot org slash heart went. So how many people do you need it do you have enough volunteers Raymond Burke could use some more we just probably too light that's more volunteers FiOS. We need about a dozen folks who could maybe help us. On out Friday June 8. Can compliment. Or 7747. Friday June 8 when he some hands on help to like set up but table and text and tables and chairs tend to learn to be in a tables and chairs GAAP science. House it's just. Okay wanna stop and for an hour and listen up and degrade right yeah I'm could use about sixty oaks on today that the law. Are so so we need how many of the night before. About a dozen about a dozen people need Friday. I'd say from about 47 or even stop by after work you know five to 76 to seven. We just we need some help set this thing up lots a lots of hands on and then and then how many at that volunteers do we need for salary for the actual event. About sixty about sixty volunteers so so this or make him a call for help so here's the number. 913341882. Weights. And then beat you just heard 60000. New diagnosis. Every single year in our country half a million people living with parkinson's right here ten million around the world we're focusing on. The heartland right here in the Kansas City extended KC metro area so get out and help if you say you know I we're going to be out of town that I and I would love to help maybe next year he'd like to donate some money. I would that you could go on the the real and what's there's a specific. Website for this event what is that when I'm moving day Kansas City dock or moving day Kansas City. Dot org moving day Kansas City dot org. There's a donate now button see you can just go right there or if you wanna just call again 91334188. Two eights and just just to get involved. And you can send a check if you'd like you do if you don't wanna do on line. A donation no worries at all so we only have about a minute left going the other quick thing I might as maybe go onto the website. Check to see if you if you place employment is on the air. Okay not you can also create a team as well as you said there's one investment advisory firms that had like a huge team out there Larry. And our biggest corporate team is Edward Jones team OK and so there's a lot of Edward Jones advisors that are creating team okay. And we we have corporate teams we have great family team is the movers and shakers there's so many did it yeah. Had I mean come. Yeah of of these teams people have a great time did you where else can you go and be with a thousand people. We're going to the same thing you are and have been fun. How many people are expecting this year. A M 15100 about 15100 at that. Are you can get delivered a memorial this is going to be an awesome event did not miss it moving day Kansas City. But this is a fund raiser for the parkinson's foundation. Right here in the Kansas City metro area Jane and Vicky and Brandon. Thanks so much for being here today this is a ton of fun. UConn here. All right we'll have more right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by. 1800. 3316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about services suffered on this program and how we can help you and your family call our toll free number at any time that's 1800. 331. At. 6445. Again 180331. 6445. I just wanted say just one more time justice thinks. For for all. Of the great volunteers who are going to be helping out on moving day Kansas City. That just just move just keep yourself moving. Is say it's a major annual fund raiser for the parkinson's foundation heartland chapter the money stays here locally. Raised over 200000 dollars last year that is spectacular there at that exceeded their goal they're looking to raise may be even more than meant. This year again 9133418828. 91334188. 28. C and now allow. That'll just really about a lot of people so definitely definitely contribute to that if you can't get involved and at the need volunteers. And it's just such a great thing to do. All right so let's jump in to us how a lot of questions about shifting gears here. That a lot of questions about long term care insurance and if I'm getting a lot of questions always feel like that means that you a lot of people and our community may have. The same questions are similar questions always like to just cover different subjects like this now the end. So for long term care first of all it got a bad rap when it came out. A long time ago many many years ago I was told nursing home insurance and guess what. No one body it's hard because that just doesn't sound fun at all doesn't sound like Lego and no I'm not don't think you could sell. It's long term care insurance and not only covers. Your cost if you do need to move to long term care. Which a lot of people still refer to as a nursing home but. It also. Will pay for assisted living level of care and pay for home care so assistance in your home also pay for adult day services. It in middle serious a lot more flexibility a lot more usable. I frankly a lot more affordable I think and he used to be. As so here are some of the terms. That you want to have included. In my opinion in your long term care insurance plan and I'll tell ya. All these things impact your cost either reduce your premium costs or increase your premium costs are you wanna. Work with say long term care insurance broker that are an independent agent that will. I represent multiple companies that's why he wanted to do. If you wanna shop the entire market and I think that's the best strategy. Every time. I assume first of all you have a ninety day elimination period now what is that Demi and that's a deductible you pay for ninety days. And in this policy kicks in on day 91. So you can have a sixty day. Or thirty day or a zero day elimination period or deductible with that causes your premium to go up. And also have a 120 to 85080. Day elimination period that causes your premium to go down. CC other works. But most elimination periods that I see Indies. Long term care insurance contracts are policies are right at ninety days that seems to be pretty popular but and then there's the daily reimbursement. And so you don't wanna be too low on this if it's too low it's not gonna pay enough. To help you pay for your care and then you're really frankly you're wasting your money on the premiums so I always recommend it 200 dollars per day. Reimbursement rates and with the cost of care and our area increasing. I'm pretty much saying now between 20250. Dollars a day that will pay Aetna for most. For most long term care communities as can debate pay for semi private room nest of the highest level of care that's gonna. This can help out and and that's that's gonna get your your care if you needed to move to long term care less nursing home. I level and help pay for the whole amount. Now you can go less than that say you'll see we've set up our our investments. To help pay a hundred dollars a day towards any care that we might that we might need OK well then. Fund the difference of that in the long term care insurance and be 10050. Dollars a day to contribute to your hundred dollars a day that you have. Plant floor if you didn't plan for it. Input the whole load on the insurance contrary 200 to 250 day. I saw how many years I recommend a five year term. The end let me back up on that reimbursement so the lower the reimbursement the lower the premium. Hired the reimbursement the higher pays out in the higher to premiums so you can effects and and and kind of move some of these things around. To get to the premium that you can afford the five year term. Covers average they average length of stay in assisted living is 2.4 years. 59%. Of assisted living residents have to increase of level of care long term care. This is 2.4. Year average length of stay it's very very close within days so there's your five year average. Eight you can cover more in the premium will be higher. And then I am adamant about this you have to have the inflation writer where where it it raises your reimbursement. That daily reimbursement rate by 5% per year now that will keep up with the rising cost. That's all they care and our area and frankly throughout the nation. That was not an option for me have to have the inflation writer. The average age she where is kind of the sweet spot we get the best value per dollar. It's aged 55. Dave Ramsey says don't buy until you sixtieth birthday you can definitely buy it later when you're older. But it'll it'll cost more because you're statistically closer to using. And then make sure your play and last but not least is a partnership. Plan estate partnership. Plan. And I can't get into that today but make sure your long term care insurance is a states. Partnership. Play him. So if you have any questions about long term care insurance and what that might. Paid for your stay in the assisted living or nursing home home care etc. Feel free gimme colony time and I'll be happy you know walk through that with you. All right so first time. Ever you may have heard me mention my triplet boys Ethan Logan and no. They they came to work with dad today in the radio stations say hi guys oh. Yet kids still like hello exactly the same time. How volatile way what's known to you think you're triplets or something. We always do stuff. So my boy is Ethan Logan annoyed they were our second child. Who as it does showed that god does have a sense of humor he blessed us. With identical triplet boys. Everything went great and let me tell you bring three babies home. Eat you boys were a lot of work but totally worth it so I. All right so what do you guys like to do. We like playing baseball now. There's policies in the summer playing baseball yet Newser were you ready to play some some games at three into. Yeah death in the next all right so Casey bombers go bombers. You know it all right that's going to be so much fun Plano the next month and a half we were gonna roll. Straight in the fall ball so so my boys sag go to Spring Hill high school their freshman they'll be sophomores. This fall so guys what is your what your your favorite class. I Brawley had to say English yeah I'm not math or science or silent in English okay right. Physical education yet okay. Prize out of biology here as it is okay that's a sum as you say launch so. But your theory class launch the is it a thought all right Susan pretty cool be Indian in here on the radio so yeah. All right they've been hanging out to radio station and we've been nine a little bit of fun this afternoon so. So anyway I know it has nothing to do a senior care but. And we've we've talked a lot today about senior care and just wanted to introduce my boys so for listeners when I'm talking about my voice. Thank you dismissed him Ethan. Logan and know hey guys thanks for being on the show today a found. All right everyone listening I'm just so honored you spent part of your day tuning into the program. Take you so very much. I'm your host Steve speaker and I wish you. Grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this day and always. I'll see you next week right here on senior care lies.