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Are you caring for an aging parents OK are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line. Program dedicated CU and providing information education and resource. Become the best caregiver you can. I'm your host Steve. Hello and welcome to senior care alive I'm Steve key current president's senior care consulting. Thanks for tuning in today I am really and truly appreciated and each and every weekend there are literally thousands and thousands of people. Listening to senior care life everyone wanting to learn. About the important information that we provide and we constantly discussed several core categories such as how to remain independent in your own home. When you consider moving from home to a senior care community if you do need to do that how do you find the right senior care community for your exact needs. How to pay for the high costs a senior care we constantly review many critical legal issues that would involve elder law and estate planning. Also discuss how to care for the caregiver very very important subject so if you're listening to the radio you streaming this on line or listening to a podcast after the fact. Again thanks so much for being here today. If you need help with placement services for my firm's senior care consulting. Or if you wanna learn more about FR I. You can reach out and our toll free number here this write it down 180331. 6445. Again 1800. 331. 6445. Can also visit online at the senior care lie and that's LAV's senior care live. Dot com car right so right out of the gate one they introduce you. To my guesstimate she's going to introduce another yes we have two great people here in studio today when he did introduce you to Veronica Evans. She's a volunteer manager with crossroads hospice. And I'll tell you ideas if you need hospice service if you think you may want to look into that you see this neat coming. Or you just want more information reach out to crossroads hospice 816. 333. And 9200. They cover the Kansas and Missouri side north south east and west and other regions as well and obviously our focus is here in the KC metro area. They won 63339200. Or longer on that crossroads hospice. Dot com and Veronica thanks much for being here and there really appreciate it. Thank you for having asked. All right all right and so we're talking about. Look crossroads EU guys do sell many just just wonderful things we talked about the gift of the day. Last time in just fabulous and oh by the way I love the whole hot air balloon that was on fox for that weekend. And Elway was just awesome but today we're gonna talked about another. Incredible program and you call the gift of gratitude journal cell what is what is a gifted gratitude journal what is what is that. It. Gets it act gratitude journal as a program where we have volunteers going out to visit with our patients or other families and they collects stories have there from their life their traditions their hobbies their interest. The stories and many families have never heard before and we put those together in a book with photos for the thing. Molly's. OK so it's. It's a kind of in abbreviated or. Widgets at the a lot of life your life story and it in a journal with pictures and we talked about a heck of a keepsake right. It is an inning and it's those stories that may be somebody hasn't share door. You know with has been hospice care on his seat at the end result is in the white shirt and 101520. Years from now and crane kid might be here and say you know what was wrong alike and they can pull up the journal say here's grandma stories from her own words. See and that's just such an incredible. That it that is against that is priceless frankly and I I wish I would have done this with my own grandparents like I thought about interviewing damage assessment about you know. Mosul like when you were and kid what were some your struggles him over some weird triumphs and in just in and I I never did it and I really I that's one of my big regrets I wish I would have sat down and done that with my own grandparents when they were. Policy and had their fall memory capacity and everything so you're you're tight you're doing this and you're creating a priceless gift. Right and within journals. We have patients of all ages 20s3040s. I think our oldest one has. Some weren't a hundred into maybe how and so even for patients in their twenties and thirties and forties they can leave that for their children or their siblings. I'm good at this for all ages everybody has a story to tell. All right so the first story that I think you were wanting to share with us soon with a gentleman named Adolf. And all you go ahead and introduce our second guest here today. Wonderful well Arnie swift is one of our amazing volunteers and he is also and army veteran which he'll tell you about that himself okay. And he has completed he interviewed him I'm his patient. And completed the live journal and it was amazing he not only is Arnie. I'm great listener but he such a great writer and what an amazing gift to the family saw I'll have them share this experience. Are you welcome to the program. Thank you. Going to be here. All right so so tell us about how how it went with paid off in your interactions and just tells all about that will first timer. When you information I just get it quick briefing and with the people are alive and sometimes information strict sometimes it wasn't. And in this case it wasn't exactly accurate Mitt. First visit to we went into the facility where it was that in the end talk with Simmons share. And though the whole conversation. On that visit alone. Revolved around. A pity barn it's down in. Southern Missouri continues round was a silo in the middle and ends prairie chickens. We never got. Teeny part of the you know the war and that and I and I honestly try to stay away from that stuff from the young person wants to talk about it yeah. No I did to tourism Vietnam so I understand. The sings but this time began to print dress. We we began sharing different thoughts and different things in. I'm one of the things I learned about the journal. Is. You really need to take some time. To be able to get involved with that person and means giving up a lot of things used to be able to set their moon and and work with that person. And a one of the stories he told me in and I found out later that his starters. And you know that he talked about walking to school there was a mile and a half from his house in the school now he'd get up. 4 o'clock new all the chores on the farm. And then he was headed off to school and about the last no quarter half smile was railroad tracks. And he would go down the railroad tracks and he says you know. It's pretty tempting for a young boy you see all those wires with those class since leaguers on their room and he says I got pretty good at the breaking them out. Cannot. He says you know it's really good. To hit one in India won but when you can get to with one stone he says you're doing so boy and set I know I eventually got my butt. Kick yeah I got in trouble for that and got up. So it and uninteresting so so he beat it that would be a tremendous. Commitment of time and you probably have DF to go back multiple times when your when you're talking to someone on these journals surgeons. It I even went as far. It is is my wife and I took a trip down to southern Missouri proved to go visit this barn OK it was originally built in 1901. And you know it's grandfather helped build the dock. And so we were able to get pictures of and go back and showing it off but it is some. I'm finding what what do you think about when he saw. The pictures off. Amiga that that had to re all just boom flooding back oh yes yeah he he you know reacted coolly and it's not all the other things and so that it is ID it began to. Work with. His family. They were gracious enough to give me his World War II. We've been likened yearbook except it was all World War II stones and stories in America and other things. It and you begin to look at dismantling that and understand that this guy who lived an incredible life so. It's it takes time to get to know the people who work with them. And what a blessing one veteran to another. And if he's gonna open up about some stories that he's never shared it would probably be with another veteran and you know we have my my father of for Father's Day and he sat right next to my wife. And he said men don't go to war for their country he said that's important and as part of it. A bit men fight for. Their for the man next to them. And you have their back and you and then he started to break down low bit. And my wife says oh my gosh I've never seen my dad get emotional like that so once and awhile they'll they'll share a little glimpse of what's under the cover with Kia and I imagine on these on these journals he's like journals that you probably hear a lot of incredible stories news. Absolutely cell. Reach out to a crossroads hospice this is just one program of many and it's just a fantastic a program Veronica it's called the gift of gratitude journal. The end so they end in this is just a bit I see you've run a couple of them today now we needed television. Who need to be on TV so we can show some of these things make their beautifully done. Hard back in this is just a this is say they've eight priceless. Piece of a family history that can be in a family literally for generations. Yes there may very well. All of our volunteers do have to compete came mandatory training and I'm so they completed training go to the background checks out prior to becoming a volunteer. And we do my training for these journals and volunteers know how to use a computer than I feel like they can do a journal. Yup yup absolutely absolutely so we get into more information about debt. In how these things are constructed it and then wall locker put together will also talk about another patients story that reach up to crossroads hospice 816. 3339200. Veronica Evans as a volunteer manager but there are a lot of good folks there. Arnie years ago is a fantastic voluntary a lot of good lot of really good people there so we're gonna continue that discussion right after the break but first the senior care life question of the week. In a long term care insurance policy the number of days at the beginning of the coverage were the policy does not pay has called. 88 deductible each an elimination period. No pain or deep snow in the above the answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program. And how we can help you in your family collar toll free number at any time 1803316445. Again that's a 1800. 331644. Or five you can also log onto the website senior care live dot com. They don't forget you can stream this program to any electronic device. Super easy to do go to senior care live dot com. Click on the giant microphone this just right there on the front page or you can click to listen live button. Given a few seconds to connect and boom that you are Indian you can stream it live to your phone tablet. Your computer whenever you have it really is that simple. I backed the senior care line of question of the week Syria kind of read a little bit quickly so we slow down any long term care insurance policy. The number of days at the beginning of coverage where the policy does not pay. Is called pay the deductible. Beat and elimination period CI co pay. Or indeed none of the above in the answer yes. PD. And elimination. Period Veronica's throwing her arms up in victory I've got it I guess itself. Itself now like I told a co pay you for me said before I I I don't know who came up with an elimination period what what is that. If this thing as a co pay but technically it is referred to as. Elimination period. And it's it is usually C 306090. Days you can see 120 days of 180 days sometimes zero co pay. But like if you have a long term care insurance policy and you don't know what I'm talking about. Then let me break it to you you don't fully understand your policy okay. Not mince not an insult you you don't understand it and you should understand it's so discuss your policy and all of the different pieces and parts that go into it. On computers sure and she should have and he annual review early some sort of the periodic review. With your insurance agent if you're not getting that maybe it's time to consider changing agent so. Hopefully that is helpful. Back to my guest today Veronica Evans and Arnie swift. Veronica as a volunteer manager with crossroads hospice. Arnie is one of the volunteers he just study shared an awesome story but today we're talking about the gift of gratitude journal. And if if you're interest in reaching out to crossroads hospice 816333920816333. 9200 or online at crossroads hospice. Dot com and Veronica you have another story that you wanted to share about a gentleman named dawn. I did so. We had mania. This volunteer armed tip being at her and nursing home down in the Harrison belly area. And I met this just a man. And I do connect the pieces right away and he looks at me and he says you know they're. There's a book been published about my life and I might add real. I didn't connect. They give them credit teacher caucus he was so excited he made an IQ was just amazing but being published from New York right place. And then I'm like oh it's the gift of credit to take turns journal. And he was telling the volunteer all about it in collecting his stories and so I called his son right away and I said. I really need to get your pictures and finish this journal because your dad is ecstatic about the back up. And so that boat got completed arm and we ended up having the entire team including his volunteers deliver it. And he was he just beaming oh my gosh everyone off. By now has seen about IKEA yeah and that's he's going through the votes he goes yup that's about right and he worked for Kramer's. And he talked about when he was in the end our World War II oh yeah that the guys would come up and say hey Glenn went congress any effort can grow hungry tired that was tradition for premieres to send them pre K okay wartime okay great I didn't know that but I do know that. No I didn't know that that's so he's pretty pitiful sorry right it was good news now. Yeah young he's got all the dried fruit and everything and so while a lot of people make fun fruitcake I think it's too much industry itself. So all right well excellent excellent so who can be let let's do you need more volunteers. With crushed me I I need volunteer I imagine if there's no cap on me could always use some extra help. So tell us about. You know who tell us about the volunteers. And and how you train them in in who they are and I think we've talked off Mike about he can be as young as sixteen years old. I have for volunteers it. We have so moment it's so diverse group of volunteers all ages all experiences. Yeah. We have for example I have a husband and wife team right now can they both act completed training together she's the social person sees the interviewer. And he completes the journals from home so you can be attacked team like that she doesn't like the computer part. Armed she likes the interview part and said they work on it together like. Now this thinking you know my daughter's seventeen and she's going to be a senior in high school. Here in a couple months. And it's and she's preparing for college and they're looking for your volunteer. Work that you do and that that's really important for a lot of these scholarships and that sort of thing. And eat it you don't just volunteer doing anything you wanted to volunteer doing something that's meaningful. It has purpose it touches your heart I can't think of a better way to volunteer. And a volunteer with crossroads hospice 816. 3339200. You talk about doing something. That might that mean that in matters it means something. Are you with you know when you're working with you with your family I mean that's just I bet that had to be a priceless gift for them. It is this also priceless gift for the fallen for you because that's right. You know you'd you'd go in anticipating that in some way you're going to bless them. And nine times that it can you walk away being bliss you end up you feel like do you receive the blessing rather than example that your that your working with. So so you can be from sixteen to retired at. Any background if you just interested. In and volunteering and helping people and injured in this such a meaningful way. Reach out to crossroads hospice 816333. 9200. And or Veronica I know. Now we say this the big clock goes so fast like you believe work or home host at the end of the second segment here. How can someone to do they just give you call if they want that with say it say hey I'm interest didn't kind checking that out and talking to you about being volunteer. Absolutely we have a group training which we have individual training was. Our schedules are extremely flexible for volunteers I have volunteers that work full time so they need to train in the evening's hunt they're retired wanna train during the day we do individual training. So yes we are very. Some in on this get to the gratitude. Are you were able to work on edit and home on your own computer and your own time and and we're just pretty pretty easy pretty flexible. Yes and and what you find is as little more time consuming and what you would imagine. Trying to work him in sort things out and tried to guess which one is going to be the most effective and efficient for the person misreading it. Up and then you put it together. And and Veronica. The what does someone has alzheimer's or dementia and that may have some memory lapses. Can I assume you can work with someone. With cognitive impairment and maybe lean on their family a little bit for some of these stories. Absolutely they're they they're loved by somebody yes we can do their journal the families need to be able to participate they need to be able to share pictures. An absolutely toast let's turn out wonder. Follow Islam and any a lot of times someone with alzheimer's there are living the very accurate twenty or thirty years ago maybe not so much in recent history by. They can tell you a whole lot of stuff very accurately from years ago self. All right well today the first two segments here we've been visiting with Veronica Evans and Arnie swift. With crossroads hospice 8163339200. Deaths crossroads hospice. On the Kansas side Missouri side north and south east and west they have that area covered. And they're just simply the best 8163339200. Crossroads hospice dot. Com Veronica and Arnie thanks much for being here today it was a lot of fun I really appreciate. Thank you. I it will have a lot more from right after the break you're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services are. Heard on this program and how we can help you and your family caller told free number at any time 180331. 6445. Again 1800 to 3316445. And don't forget. Humor miss an episode a senior care lie if you wanna share the program with someone else for baby just wanna go back can listen to and again. No worries at all so easy to do and lots and lots of people do it every week. Go to senior care lions LA ZE senior care live dot com. List just click on the podcasts. Had me can't miss it in right there you're gonna find every. Single previously aired episode it'll show a by date. Who who looped a little blurb on what we talked about on that particular program we just click the little play button. And boom you are here and it's so simple to do and again lots of people do that so so feel free to help yourself. And again I just wanna give it another thanks to. The good folks from crossroads hospice for being into today. Veronica M and she's a volunteer manager we have a lot more do we can probably talk about maybe you'll have her back on another program. And then a volunteer Arnie swift and yeah he's a Vietnam veteran into tourist he wrote his own book in so he was the perfect. Volunteer to speak. With this really nice man and I made a name Adolf and ask him his history I guess Arnie wrote a heck of a book. For I carnal or excuse me off and his family so. Again a 163339200. To reach out to crossroads hospice and if you want to volunteer and do something meaningful on I mean. Really seriously meaningful. Insists it's a beautiful fit for a lot of people again he wants six. 3339200. All right let's move on to another round core category today. How do you find a senior care community if you should need one. OK and so I I have thought there are just too many people like here too many stories. And and look there's thousands and thousands of people every single month just right here in our area. Who were out looking at places. And there either reactive and have to find a place very quickly. Or they're taken their time their little had a that there will be a little bit proactive which is the much better way to go if you can. In some but we there's thousands of people doing a self too many stories of people who are like I I'm gonna go find a place and they just start driving. They they get their car and while I think I saw this place over here and I heard about this one over here and I drove past this one and when it was being built. I think it's just about open I'm just gonna pop by. This is not. A good approach and it's not gay do you severe time you need to be a lot more organized and that some help you get organized before. You spend your. Be a precious time going out and looking mean all of us we only have so many hours in the day. I the average person. Going through this search and select search and selection process we'll spend fifteen to 100 hours. Going through this some people spend way way more than that. Clients with senior care consulting my firm my placement firm. You spend about five hours so we save a lot of time but if you gonna do this on your own. For small just expect this to take a lot of time to be organized he can maximize your time so. What we do a senior care consulting we developed what's called care profile almost like you know it in you can develop your own care profile so first of all you need to determine. What level of care is is needed and appropriate for your situation for your loved ones. So what is the right. Level of care Woolsey what is the level of care well do you need independent living. Do you need assisted living you need residential care. Level of care do you need to home plus level of care. Do you need the long term care commonly known as the nursing home right the medical model. Skilled nursing and rehab what level do you need long term acute care. What level of care is appropriate for your situations that's number one the number two what type. Both care so we define the level of kind of what type of care. Join me going to just need. General every day. I just need some help every day about your normal activities of daily living. I have some some medical assistance on some things must do so I would just call just general care. Or do we have cognitive impairment involve doing need memory care what his memory care. K we have to know all of this so figure out if you need memory care you may not may need memory care now. That may be you know higher functioning early dementia or alzheimer's. But as that person ages in place will they need it later on if they need memory care later in the place that you're looking at doesn't offer it. You'll have to move again but potentially may not have to move. Led a pretty good chance that you'll probably have to move. Two plays that happened and offers memory care you need skilled nursing and rehab that type of care do you need. Mental health care that type of care that's what we're talking about. Number three. Determine how will you pay for care and we've talked about the costs you know many many times on this program. It's a sticker shock when I sit down and I start talking about. The east cost but you know independent living apartments and our area. You can be looking at you know blow to thousands to about 4000 dollars that's right down the middle for an independent living apartment. And assisted living community in our area. We have a lot of new ones are being built and while they're super super nice. And then all of the other existing assisted living facilities are trying to kind of keep up with debts of raising the bar which is good but it's also raising the cost I used to say. Sister living was fortified thousand dollars right down the middle now I say. Sister living as 5000 to 6000 dollars right down the middle. You can go a little bit less you can definitely go more but that's the cost of assisted living residential care is it's like assisted living lights. So the residents there are little more independent they need a little less help so you have less staffing. So that's a little less. Costs. Sister living plus might be on the home plus side of things. That's a little bit more than your average assisted living and then of course the long term care communities. Semi private room and our area's gonna go for about 200. About 230 dollars a day. I mean you never really made the semi private room and a private room Milliken mats. That's 7500. To about 9500 maybe 101000 dollars that's right down the middle per month. OK so super expensive how are you going to pay for the care. What happens if you if your loved one. Should outlive their assets what happens if you run out of money I shared a story last week and I explained in. Vivid. Color and you know what happens in and it's and it's not good you're going to be asked to leave. If you outlive your money if the place does not is not Medicaid. Certified so way too many times. I see people just running on the grab the first place. In eighteen months to two years later they're out of money in knowing what what do you meanwhile have to move you mean we did all this for you knowing now we have to move it minutes a surprise to do your homework. Save yourself in your loved one this giant headache and hassle of caffeine to move so. Get it right the first time that's what our clients a senior care consulting they get it right the first time because we get this done properly. And we walked him through all of this. So what are your location parameters. No we want to close to us but we're willing to drive. Thirty minutes thirty minute radius or what whatever your location parameters. Have to be on the Kansas side does have to be in Missouri can we crossed state lines. I work with someone could hit recently a family. In the air from Missouri and they said. And I'm going to Kansas so don't even think about it in this part of left and fed up and I've had people in Kansas say. Anywhere but Missouri I'm not going to Missouri in the NL like dead serious about this. I've worked with lots of them is up north and they're like. Anywhere but south of the river. We're staying north of the rare cell a lot of times location is very very important. The end so we have to we know your location parameters. And then the last piece that you really need to know about it defined before you even think about starting to look. Is and then any personal preferences and needs. And so one example is out mother is played piano for sixty years it fills are up it's just part of her DNA. It makes her soul happy. So it would be fantastic in fact if they have this place would have a piano that mom would be welcome to play and be on the play pretty soon she'll be playing these beautiful. Songs and people be gathering around and seeing it's it's really beautiful thing. It's it's really important so guess what. I'm a musician so I totally get that. So they in my opinion that's not a it be nice to have that's got a half we gotta have it. I debts debts an important part I had another client. That said it that we. I worked with her and this was for her sister and her sister was a strict to begin. This is back in 2004. You mean a lot easier to find it today. Still difficult but easier back then there were talk in the needle in the haystack. Mind sister. Is the most strict begin that you that you can half. It and so that was very difficult finding a place I can accommodate one person out of over a hundred residents accommodate that. Specific and that strict of the dietary need. So. Put together. You're selection criteria to determine the right level of care. If you're living assisted living nursing home residential care home plus a terra. Determine the right type of care. General term memory care skilled nursing mental health care determine how you'll pay for it. He Medicare Medicaid private pay long term care insurance VA aid and attendance. I consider etc. determine your location parameters. So how far are you willing to drive for the best fit and then determine any personal preferences and needs. And once you have that an only when you have that do you start looking up. OK so in the second segments. Or excuse me in the next segment which is the last segment of this program today I'm going to then assume that you found a place and I I'm gonna shift gears. And I mean that I feel about how. How to maximize. Care and any senior care facilities that you may choose so they don't go whale you right back. You're listening to senior care lies on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the service is offered on this program and how we can help you and your family color toll free number at any time 1800. 3316445. Again 180331. 6445. And hey you know what I've been asked a few times Wal-Mart had like a local number 913 or 816 people are always you don't. Or maybe a little more comfortable calling a local number well first of all this is a local number but I intentionally made a 1800. Because we're looking at the possibility of expanding the program. Two other cities and other states and so I was looking down the road I just wanted to start off you are right out of the gate. With so with an 800 number so this is a local number it calls a senior care lives and it can't be easy talked 980 any element in a come. Stationed right here in Kansas City this is our flagship station. So when you call 800 number you're telling senior care line and it is eight Kansas City. Programs so while so I just wanted to pass along too so don't be worried about that 800 number and call anytime 24 hours a day if you like. By so you have determined your selection. Criteria Simien knowing you need it. You've gone out and you found the place you've invested fifty to a hundred hours. And it worry out that you do you feel comfortable with the place that you chose. So then what do you do once you're there won't maximize. Your care and senior care facility. I'm just gonna kind of just fly through this in the next five or six minutes if you want your own copy from senior care consulting on how to maximize. Care that they care community give a psychologist say hey I want what I wanna I want my copy of how to maximize care. 1803316445. We miss your phone number in your email address we can email it to be electronic format we can drop your hard copy in the mail obviously we're gonna need your name in your mailing address for mapping either way just let us know 1800. 3316445. And tell them I wanna copy. A how to maximize Cary senior care facility number one participate in the care planning process. Now this is most significant that the nursing home level I guess why you have a care plan at the assisted living in residential care levels as well so. This is a periodic meaning. Interdisciplinary say you have administration. You have therapy nursing social services dietary housekeeping you've got the entire. And representatives from all of the different pieces. And functions together and you're talking very specifically about your loved one and their plan of care. And this is a great time to to discuss that let them know you know what you were out what your loved one you know likes and dislikes. Food preferences. I'm faith preferences if that's important to them just all of this mean you're their representative. Speak for them. You and I don't miss. One of these care plan meetings just don't miss some does this is the perfect opportunity and fortune a lot of people don't pay attention to them and they don't participate. And that is an ideal time. To speak up on behalf of your loved one and it in through that effort if you'll tend to maximize the care that's available. Wherever you are number two get involved now some of these seem a little bit basic but. They're not an end Lotta people don't do these things so that's why I like to review them. Get involved visit here did you visit your loved one frequently there is literally. No replacement for that period. Biewer indeed there are often in stopping at different times today because you know that. Usually everything feels looks and feels a lot different on the weekend and it does during the weekday. Early evenings are overnights. So get used to all of it end up participate in family council. Her family support group if that's available. Volunteer to help out with outings or special events are putting up decorations around the holidays just spend time with your loved one at the facility. And that will help you maximize your care number three build relationships this is critical this one is absolutely critical. Build a personal relationship. With the hands on staff the hands on caregivers. Because guess what most people don't take the time to do this. And then guess what else happens in human nature kicks in and they know that you're appreciated and you always compliment them when your mother looked so nice when you come and visit. We're dead looks Dennis is such a good mood and this hair's calmed and he just seems happy and you're doing such a good job just sincere. Relationship that's sincere recognition for a job well done and then guess what happens they're gonna just human nature bigger probably gonna try a little bit harder. But with your loved one because they really appreciate the positive feedback and fortunately. Most people don't get enough positive feedback so are you doing this you'll be a mutual in a very positive way. Number four communicates with management they cannot fix it if they don't know about it. The case of there's an issue. Take it to management and and let them I deal with it and correct. The issue and and then also with our also say. Be patient in a reasonable. There are a lot of a lot of people working here. And a lot of people are gonna have to get up to speed so. They they're they're gonna try to get it right it may take a little while to get their help them get there as fast as possible by coaching them. In talking to them in communicating with them. And help them. Do the best in when they're helping your loved ones so but but. I have some patients and in can be reasonable. They may not do just exactly like you did it but they're gonna do their best. And then guess what. If everything's just blowing up. End and there's a major issue. And it's and it's just it's not being resolved to your satisfaction. Or they're just kind of blowing off and look I hear lots of these stories to. They're not taking me seriously and this is a major issue what should I deal. Okay well guess why it is your rights to file a complaint. With the state of Kansas and Missouri. It's your right to do so now. Don't call the state of Kansas or Missouri. It because they lost a soft. And so on something pretty minor the volume another soccer they usually will find your sock. OK and I just kind of using that as a as an example. OK but if that same as it's a major major issue. Call the states in the state has to follow up and they will get it resolved one way or the other. So in the state of Kansas you would dial. 1808420078180842. 007. Eights in the state of Missouri. Here's the number that you would call for the state representatives. 180392. 0210. Again nets in the state of Missouri 180392. 0210. And sometimes the state has to get involved. I would say we we know that. We have had senior care consulting we have a lot of people who say. You know why we have to Russia and this is just not a good thing that we need some help kind of backing up and really looking at all of our options. You may or may not new move by we need to know our options so they they consult with senior care consulting. And we walked into our placement process and usually they end up moving to a place is just a better fit. Because they haven't gone through all the steps that I just review. In the last two segments here. If you're interested. In senior care consulting in wanna know about her placement services. What you're looking for the first time I wanna move from the existing facility. 9139452800. 9139452800. In if you want your very own copy of how to maximize care in senior care community. Call our toll free number 1803316445. In just simply requested copies will get that right junior. I can't believe this cover is already up. So everyone listening I'm so honored you spent part of your day tuning into the program thank you very much. I'm your host Steve Peter and I wish you grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this day and always I'll see you next week. Right here concierge care lies.