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Saturday, June 30th

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Are you caring for an aging parents or are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line of program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Become the best caregiver you can beat. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care live I'm Steve kicker president's senior care consulting. Thanks so much for tuning in today I really appreciated. Mission here on the program is to provide information education and resource is for seniors and their caregivers. We discuss important subjects such as how to remain independent. In your own home we will definitely discuss that in the first half the program today when you consider moving from home to senior care community how do you find the right senior care community for your needs then there's the cost how to pay. For the high costs of senior care we also review legal issues involving elder law on the state planning. And we discuss and review how to care for the caregiver. So if you listen to the radio right now amid fears streaming as online or listening to a podcast after the fact again thanks so much for being here today. If you need help with placement services from my firm's senior care consulting or if you wanna learn more about the services provided by one of our very knowledgeable guess. He always reach us on our toll free number it's 1800. 33164451800. 3316445. Don't forget to visit us online senior care lie and LI VE. Senior care lions. Dot com. I without any delay want to welcome back to my friends is special guest today they're good guys from mystery modular Keith blade and Marquardt and he said mark thanks for I've been on the program today I appreciated him being here thank you Steve writes great to see if Jackie's last time you were here and I had to I had to stop and correct myself. When it's a good guy now I. And we know Cingular are dwindling quit again. Philosophy for all things yeah. But but really who we know you had a I won't say a minor procedure that's far from a minor procedure but. We were wishing you well on on our on air I don't know if you cut that it's. Is that it lets you look and good. I had you know it's I am well over place up in my heart which. This talk about off mice and they can just refer you to do valve replaced and they were just casual Merrill camera like little children out of saint Luke's death do them all the time we have to do great. Cardiovascular. Surgeons down there and it wasn't a few days before the series somebody's from open heart surgery and I'm like wouldn't want. I am not had any procedures undermine any. My first inroad into the all surgery you lose so why Norris reading you right exactly. I believe and that's that's a heck of an introduction to surgery yeah we're right past 1010 yeah I've never wanted to walk before Iran and so I just ran right into that. Did you know my expectation you're going to be there for three or four days in the know be Elton and that's an art when you can go back to work. And he's I want you should at least take you know Boone next week off the only OK okay. I'm you have been there for seven days soon and a symbol of law. Seven days that's a long time. And so you don't wanna Sunday that Monday morning I sent an email out to everybody and he's into this in numbered by Friday or should be full time. But that's right margins. Murky and by the house. Another silicon by the house on Wednesday as some my son that same night I was wiped out since you're fresh yeah. Wow lucky gal someone loses then do we sell and so we don't forget right now I can now can great can now list things over ten pounds. Which is kind of pinks and got out of a lot of stuff when not being a little listing things and it happens. So mark you've been working double time my seven coat took the bags. I thought the well we do have a good team chemistry mother yeah that's everybody you know he's I would talk inning if it has everything gone I said they're bay. Stepped up to the plate just. I don't get what they were supposed to do but you know helped out in an extra kiss and now he's the key fact you know we. We have fun hearing Kiki scares every love I mean he's he's. He's a busy guy doesn't a lot of work and so that. The team pulled together in nets also I think we're really trying to lose and cure any loaded. I would you know I I think. It puts things into perspective yeah. I didn't joked that I'll give up a big Gary B got a couple weeks but. It's like oh we need to do this there this is a guy out there are people what they do you know if yeah yeah it's it's it's you know that's that's. So yes oh so O got a valve replacement and open heart is so. I mean they cracked you're just in the whole thing down when mark told me I'm on the ides I just like I just winced you know. Yeah Iowa's it's at right now outside is not too bad but for the first few weeks or retire my coffee is cynical hard under. I guess some lady invented. Our own tears back to some degree since his return Roosevelt. But it really helps because eleven painkillers. Yeah because if it probably kind of pushes in so when you're opting to pushes out it doesn't flexed his hard right drivers say they get when when they do a procedure like that. Learn deuces stitches which story he sits on the Al Sharpton and his superhero what the yeah. Those they're there of layers of stitches inside and turn from your sternum so you can tear something and so and I know. How man then. I I fractured one rib one little treasure no one's live and I coughed. And I thought someone just hit me with a bad if I can't imagine your whole oh I open heart surgery chest is correct in talking with that that would be brutal. You know resumes. It was twenty Syrians simpler things in perspective the outlets I think to an election to stay home like that. They just really watch Iran a lot of other people either my Easter and get the flu were down the cold in order we have something from somebody and then. Then what you do in your coat get your body's been compromised and Astride a pair. Play and from what are. Over herb server marches this year there is something known around the office constantly. Yeah everybody was coughing and hacking and whatever my man sort of done during not known in pain yup yankees you have to probably Wear a mask and everything else. And I you know what did you know we talk about this all the time you know aging issues and being ready and all that and you know. Probably should admit this but I don't ask your pain about a year ago. And they took to grab bars down and I didn't realize until Saturday. And around the back up. And someone that's hopefully it doesn't. Go for those girl herself yeah coming home tomorrow yeah I guess you could grab bars earlier and really sure I mean look. Some of them were really the necessity ya. But the one in the shower sure what's going on it just made everything a lot easier. But just you know I do these radio shows and talk about a man I'm on the Mason state imagine what it's that easy did not think about yeah. Yeah diligently. Active in the yeah. I'd always say you need to be pro activity very proactive right just Dave DeForest. I then we're active until I painted. That is. It's funny. Be sure to come mr. remodel there really are good guys they're great guys. Is so if you think about who you remodeling your home making some modifications. So that you can safely Asian place. We talked about that all the time. They're they're they're no no bit at no jobs that are too large or too small mean they can help out with the small job. They can definitely help build the large jobs that deathly calm missed three modular. You can trust them. In I'm just saying you can definitely trust him to do great jobs 9133627166. Or 816. 4533049. Online at MR remodel or dot com that's MR remodel or dot com. Well before and after picture you concede that the space set might look like you're space in the and you can see what they've been. They were able to do to transform that space and make it usable. Safe and and keep in the whole goal of staying in here in your home and and be safe doing that. 010 one of the biggest projects are most common progress through right now is. Is I would take a bath tub or shower and then put one that you we couldn't. The homeowner can walk in or even Roland too nosy or enters your nearly zero entry got a couple is going right now. It's relatively low cost. I mean for what assisted living costs or maybe a month yeah yeah you can including major your bathroom. Accessible. Absolutely so it's. It and then it's funny we are talking up Mikey gambit I I toured a SEC or C earlier this week. And end uses place and is independent living Nate they licensed it for assisted living but they had a bunch of bathtubs and there. So they had to elect cut out the front of the bathtub and then stick in this kind of this inserts. And I'm sitting here taken. I think I would just rip that that's about it just made any real role in zero trichet are because. You've got mold and all kinds of neo funky stuff that can grow underneath said he answered that. They just sounds like kinda cheap way to to go through and it it sounds it doesn't. I'll just doesn't Celek threatening to do too well I think long term. They probably will return those that are humble yet. Because we DCC that we've towards some of those output. Also sometimes you get in position we'll just have to do. Whatever it takes yell at somebody homer yet whatever the need let me. Pepsi you can so if if you're looking to age in place and and I was just say an older home and you could have any home with the with the the bathtub shower combination and then also and that is a barrier and if you cannot address your hygiene needs in your home. The nets a major major problem that alone. Could force you out of your home to assisted living that's five to 6000 dollars I priced one out this week in about 7000 dollars a month. In Indian or or into that the nursing care of their long term care communities otherwise known as nursing home. And that's you looking at six to 7000 dollars a month for semi private cheer room. Ten field 10121000 dollars a month easily for a private room and and why not spend a little bit of money. Modify your home agent place. Give mr. remodel or call they can help you stay in your home despite making maybe even a few changes 913362. 7166. Or 8164533049. Online at MR remodel or. Dot com and Keith and mark let's say continue our conversation right after the break. First these senior care line of question of the week when you remodel your home tech age in place. The job and must be ADA compliant. Is that statement true. Or false and I'm gonna make home remodeling. John H and place it must be eighty complaint is it true or false find the answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lions on the scene. Or care broadcasting network. For more information about the services suffered on this program and how we can help you and your family color toll free number and any time 1800. 3316445. Again 1800. 3316445. Don't forget you constrain this program to any electronic device so easy did you go to senior care live dot com click on the big microphone him. Right on the home page of the listen live button. You do a few seconds to connect and then it will stream straight to your phone your tablet your. Your desktop laptop whatever you have it really is that simple. Right back to our senior care live question of the week. We knew remodel your home to age in place. The job must be AD eight compliant is that statement true. Or false in the answer is. False the answer is false and mark why is that statement false will win the American disability act. Came about it was really designed for commercial buildings. And those guidelines. And we do use those guidelines in residential applications. However we tend to design the product specific to the person in need whereas. In a commercial building their looking at every tried to the person the average size of a person. And just trying to kind of you know put everybody into that same package where would we do it. It's more. You know the ladies and customized actual ID forfeit ten inches taller than me and my V6 with seven of them so grab our heights. We can move those or go right to the toilet in a lot of actually innovations I always look at the rail sets the the biggest situation where. Ran past me much flatter me. Commercial application. Then a residential application we can make it a little bit steeper. But there again and we want me to Steve Wright simply because it's harder. For people to push another person purport yourself but then in those types of things that. We we we look at those things but we're not adhering to every just little things now in its requirement for commercial applications in May have a kind of a cookie cutter you have. To meet these guidelines period is not the year you can't even are you about it right I've been in a residential application when you remodel someone's home to age in place you make these modifications. You really modifying their homes to. Who the person living near the people living there this is really a custom custom builds up well sometimes it's impossible to. To be 88 comply to simply because of the size of the rooms ya hear bathroom here you know even. Where we put a rampant garage or attends the Gracia studies and big enough Alicia made. The big serpentine rainfall through the entire garage yeah. Breeding never Gracia like worlds of fun you've gone bad back yeah yeah that it captain. I asked pastor yeah. All right all right so it can be sure to call the good guys for mystery modular. They had been in business now check this out if you haven't heard this before in business since 1969. Yet you heard that right next year. In BS fiftieth anniversary 1969. You do not. Work in the business of construction and remodeling for 49 years unless you were doing something. Right call mystery modular today at 9133627166. Or 8164533049. Online at MR remodel or dot com. In two Markey you said that you've you've done some work for heal some of the personalities on some of the radio shows ran here. When she she's talks about it she's even done some commercials. Which she says you know when you come to my hobby should not kidding (%expletive) you know no I mean she she is a customer indicator writes whatever clothes you were you worked with her and her Altman. That that we have really are we are give yeah at the and again is is the key word right right right right because of what what's the motto of the best calling card and you can leave behind is a job well done. Does this important note though when she wants new kitchen countertop she calls mark. I got the cone cheated on your door should tank. Oh. What does Tennessee and LUT I don't know. And I bloggers say you are a unit takes a don't you go today. So so that is so they end but you know what a doggie door for tank is important that's a small job with that it's a small job you do that the big dog in southern snow. Sodium that's a pretty inside job but it was not like you're you're building I have a house on two does right sell so when the when you work with mr. remodel or if you're if you're customer of theirs. An Indian a Amir a large percentage of their customers are repeat customers because. They've been so happy with the work that was done make guest and guess what happens eat you call mystery Mueller back. The next time that you need to do something anything from the top of your roof to the foundation. Of your house. Mystery in my alert can help you 9133627166. 8164533049. Online at MR remodel or dot com you can also go on FaceBook just. I just do a search mr. remodel her and die and I have a great FaceBook page. Mystery modular is say just just the highly rated with the Better Business Bureau. I they've participated sever you know and just the chamber of commerce cap certified certified aging in place specialist. And and keep very member Mary member and member of nearing the end it's all those things are important and just just very highly rated. I you don't like damn right I've I've heard one of the commercials you don't want a neighborhood Ian meant nothing against the neighborhood handyman that. There's some things that are too important to let someone who doesn't specialized new in this type of working eat. You just see you don't wanna do that you want people who know. What they're doing. When their remodeling your home making some it could be a minor modification like he could MA and you know what they may not even involves. The aging in place. It may be a doggie door for tank and Russia are something or something fairly simple or can be. Adding a halfway house on your house and has nothing to do with it obviously we talked about aging in place here a lot. But either way for for any reason. Definitely give mr. remodel or call 913. 3627166. Or 81645330. Foreign night. Leonard quick little statistic we recently. Calculated. Only older. Well actually I had to I had a solid thome. We're not old clients. That fresh former client former fights yeah we're like yeah yeah as Tony's new engineer we were tortured to be an Applebee's and went. They don't take me. That's nasal former client yes if I remember it mark you correct me if it's about 5050. Vs new. This yourself yeah yeah higher. You know referrals and iron to the idea or referrals and earns its nose and got the game over. Oh that's. You know we of course have to import new customers chair but it may be able say you know passport password customer base or no repeat customers. I'm also. New I've I don't know if anyone else to say effort that that's it that's a really large loud statement but also lists the makes him and on the variety of work we do we don't Justin kitchens and yeah. You know so a lot of caution though other companies that are perfectly fine. They just they do two things yeah you know. Now they're very focused on the ad that's the high end that's the highest expenditure. And if you need is something a little bit smaller done that wasn't related to a bath Europe or the kitchen yeah they're not interest it. All you know we just breed Indian driven church. Okay that's cool. Leo's entryway and greeted the mill work in and Moussa frowned and everything. So it's really. Were in general contractor were mum you're absolutely I was doing and do whatever is needed. That is excellent excellent. Mr. remodel or 9133627166. Or 8164533049. On line. And MR remodel or dot com and you can mark thanks much for being here today I appreciate it. Green beer and. And Keith glad to hear you're looking you're looking great you're sounding great and glad to have you back. All right we'll have more right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You listening to senior care lions of the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about services suffering on this program. And how we can help you and your family collar toll free number at any time that's 1803316445. Again 1800. 3316445. Don't forget if you miss an episode of senior care lives. Maybe wanna share the program with a friend or someone else sore. Or family member to be anyone. Maybe you just wanna go back and listen to it again there's no worries at all. Still there's a few days after the program airs in go to senior care live dot com click on the podcast tab and that's where you'll find all. The previously aired episodes just click the play button it'll start playing up Soria and feel free to help yourself to that lots and lots of people do. I just wanna say thanks again to my friends and they really are good guys Keith play in mark worse with mystery modular. And and I tell you what if I need an I built I had a house built. So we're real fortunate have a newer home. But you know I don't that's twelve years old now and we made we may wanna make some changes. I'm one of those so homeowners that has. Eight corner jacuzzi tub that's just kind of said mayor. And I indeed some repair we haven't repaired yet is just kind of taken up space so so the big trust we win we need to. Some repair some home remodeling. In its not to age in place a bit when we when we need anything done to our house. I will be calling mystery modular and I would recommend that you give them it just give them an opportunity compete for your business I think. You will be pleased to 913. 3627166. Or 8164533049. Online MR remodel or dot com MR remodel learn dot com. And many businesses 1969. Data that is a stunning I mean longevity 49 years. And believable. They were doing cap certified certified agent clay specialist. There are doing that type of work long before there were there was ever such certification. Give the guys a call and not have amount. Mr. remodel. I sort of the shift gears here ends. That we talk a fair amount on the program about. You know win you should consider moving from your home to senior care community we've deftly talked about death how do you find the right one. We've touched on different aspects of that. What happens if you have a loved one or you yourself. Your already living in a senior care community. What advice can we. If you. How can we help. Note a couple of ways number one if you're not happy with the care you're receiving. In the placing your living maybe it's just not the best fit after all you've exhausted all your options this gest not working out. Senior care consulting can help you. Explore your options take another look at the market and maybe come up with some some some options that are just a better fit for. Mean he has nothing to do with the people working there the place is just not the right fit ICL time senior care consulting we get calls. Literally. All the time from people who studio we kind of had to rush into it we were coming out of the hospital they gave us no time at all I mean no time. To find a place like hey mom can't go home. Where you want us to sender though like what's yeah she has to be out here tomorrow morning. This Thursday afternoon yet we have to discharge her Friday morning where the what do you want us to sender. We just had to pick a place and hope it worked out well guess what it's not breaking out so now we wanna work. With a company and a consultant that works for us and in our best interest. We want to take a fresh look at the entire marketplace. We want to explore our options and we want to make the decision and move one more time in getting it. Rights. If that sounds like you. Called senior care consulting 9139452800. 9139452800. Also check out our website senior care consulting. Dot com. Senior care consulting and not come. Just one way that we can help you. Another way would be. Your living and a senior care community everything's going great. Which is fantastic. How would like to help in this way in discussing how to maximize. The care available. At any community that you might be living. So number one. Something called care plan. Ends. Every place that you live in whether it's assisted living. And especially the nursing home level of care. They're going to draft. A unique. Individualized care plan just for review. This can obviously require there are cover that the nursing requirements. And what type of help and how much help you need nuclear activities of daily living. Can cover your medications and when they are to be dispensed if you need transportation or not it's gonna talk about your social. Needs spiritual needs I'm there there's a there's a ton of information. In this care plan. He needs some therapy restorative therapy. Part B therapy. So and I would say that participating in the care planning process. Is is just is is maybe I don't know I it's it's got to be number one and I've got a number one here I've number two and number three or just about is important bit. There's there's cause it's called care plan and then there's a process where it's developed and then there's a process. Where it is reviewed. Periodically. So you need to participate in that in this and I'm speaking. Very very. Especially for a family. You may have a loved one in a nursing home in your loved one is an able to participate maybe. Due to cognitive impairment. Or maybe they're just not doing well. And they're too frail and they depend on you to speak for them on their behalf. It is critical that you participate. In the care planning process. And it's it's a multi disciplinary. Team meeting. That's about your medical requirements social these dietary preferences and restrictions or medications. Physical capabilities spiritual major beating in grooming needs favorite activities. Any personal preferences and needs that you may have personal interest and an ear I mean there there's a lot to this. And they review debt so be sure to be care manager of the care advocate for your loved one and participate. In the care planning process that can help you to maximize the care that's available at York care community number two. Get involved. Now that that may sound. Too obvious or. Oakmont Steve gimme some good stuff well. That is the good stuff visit your loved one frequently. Now I talked to a lot of people listen you know I just I don't like. Going into these care facilities because you know it's older people there are some moment in wheelchairs not miss a totally comfortable with that. Well so then you just have to look yourself in the mirror. Witness going to be Disco sound a little bit hard and I guess it is but. You know you're gonna have to kind of suck it up a little bit. And you're gonna have to try your best to try to deal with the discomfort. Because guess what you're mom needs to see you. Your dad needs you. Your spouse needs to see. Your grandparents. They need to see they want to see you they immediately. So do whatever is gonna take to kind of get over that discomfort. And get on in their end and spent some time. Yell when we're later in our years and we're looking back. I've seen a lot of these studies and and they say you some of the biggest regrets. And in the end they've done all over there have been lots and lots of studies. In the biggest regret for the majority of people responding is they didn't I wish I would have spent more time doing. It's usually something to do with your family more time with my kids more time with my parents. More time it doesn't it doesn't say I sure regret not working an extra ten hours a week it doesn't say that. It doesn't say I share regrets. You know over in Vietnam making this this this this particular. Investment or whatever it always has to do with really personal things the really come down to spending time. So spend time with your loved one and just get involved participate. To just like we did win our kids are in school. What I mean I was a watch dog dead of data great dogs right dad's a great students. By and and and and we volunteered for fund raisers for the abandoned acquire and all that kind of stuff. We are and then our schools all the time we were we participated. This is the same thing just this kind of a role reversal. We're doing this for our elderly logos now participate in family council family support groups if that's available volunteer. To assist with outing since special events. Help the staff put up decorations. And and other activities went possible. Spend time with your loved one and stop by during different times of the day see guitar see them interacting and how. They are getting along at different times of the day. And then with different staff members and that includes two nights and weekends. We get to know other family members and other residents FDI that the care community you're gonna find that after awhile. You used met a couple of new friends a couple of new gentlemen or ladies. And they're kind of start to look after your mom and you're kind of start to look after their dad and all of a sudden your family just expand a little bit because now everyone's looking out. After everyone else's loved one and that's a really neat thing that happens. If you make an efforts in if you get involved. You just didn't I just can't I can't say that anymore clearly than I'm saying it definitely. Get involved so participate in the care planning process. And get involved in if you do those two things you we will help you to maximize the care available. All that any senior care community and have several more. Tips and strategies right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now pull free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting that. Worked for more information about the services offered on this program. And how can help you and your family color toll free number at any time 1803316445. Again 1802331. 6445. An hour talking about how to maximize your care at any care community. That you may choose that maybe that you're currently living in some number one. Participate in the care planning process super important to do that it's even more important to do that if that level of care is the long term care slashed nursing home level of care super important to do that. Number to get involved. There's just no substitution for that spending time there number three. Build relationships. Now man this one is critical. This one is critical. So. And this is especially with their hands on. Care staff like certified nursing aides are so so that this CNA is the CMA is a C antes. Who talked about last week about recognizing. National nursing assistant week. In Seoul you you have some folks. Who were providing anywhere from about 22 four maybe even upwards of five hours today a hands on support. For your loved one. So what I recommend is is very very important. Try to cultivate and develop a relationship with them again this takes time. I so taken interest in them in their family members just get to know them in and guess what. Most people don't do this. I and I'm not sure why. Buy it but most people don't do this just get to know the person. And then guess what that person is really going to love to see you come in because because they know you're you're really nice person you care about them and their family. And inhuman. Human nature and it kicks in and that person's probably gonna go the extra mile for your loved one this is this just really really important. So for for someone that you like who takes an interest in you don't you. Don't you feel good when you see them and in wouldn't you go the extra mile for that person. Over someone else that made treat you poorly heard or just dismiss you without even recognizing your that's a human nature kind of thing that's really really important build. Relationships. And and this has to be sincere I mean if this if you'd. This is is that you then then don't fake it has to be since as sincere legitimate. So so be it may if you can just did and just treat people with love and kindness and that trust me that's gonna pay off Soria. In real positive and great whites. At number four to communicate with management. And particularly the administrator who is that that would be the top person. I in the building and maybe sometimes they may have a title of executive director. Imus sometimes they may have a title of the of the CEO. Typically it's the administrator of the licensed person who's responsible for everything happens. In that building. And then the other person that you wanna communicate with very very clearly with would be the director of nursing again they're different titles. That's a that's kind of a clinical. Title and everything's very PC and they don't wanna sound clinical so maybe that. Health services coordinator and all this kind of stuff there are fifty different names for the stuff but the administrator and the director nursing. The top administrative person with their license hanging on the wall in the top nurse. Responsible for all of the clinical actions for all the residents with in that community. So say an in you can feel free communicate with other department directors as well bit. It's really really important to communicate. Positive things and of course negative things or maybe concerns. OK admit it don't don't come to them every it with with all negatives I mean if there's something positive let them know about that as well be in this is. It's kind of human nature and just be a bigger person India responsible person. Kind of situation but the old adage of the squeaky wheel gets the grease is very very true here. And it's it's not resolved. Go back to them and communicate with them again and again until it's taken care of they cannot. Fix it or address it if they don't know about it so. So they can do it professionally and and you know be courteous at Serra. The communicate with management number five. Be patient and reasonable these these folks are trying to get it right. I there could be a couple hundred staff working at one particular place new people coming in and out. In different shifts etc. so give them a little bit of time most places are absolutely and honestly trying to do their best job they're trying to get it right. And but it may just take a little bit at times to just just be patient. Be reasonable I had one of my clients. Hand the director of nursing in medication. Basically a flow chart. At 1152. She gets this pill and lemon peel. Lemon 59 and a half she gets this pill must be swallowed by 12 o'clock. I'm exaggerating a little bit but not much. And the director of nursing licked and Mike are you serious this is how we will distribute these medications it is. That this is by our standards it's safe it's not exactly how yield he did it at home. Looks like he did a great job at home but will do a good job here won't be exactly like. You did it at home. So give them a chance. I'm most of these places they're gonna get it right they're gonna do a good job the first two to four weeks are just pretty tough itself it's a big adjustment for everyone including. The staff so be patient and reasonable. So what if patient and reasonable. Isn't enough. What if you have communicated with management. In their sleep at the wheel guess what this happens. You have been patient in reasonable. After the tense time something's not being resolved. And the situation is deteriorating. To a situation of abuse or neglect. It's just this decide it is something that you feel you need to go over their heads. It is your rights to do some good TV to phone numbers here if you feel like you need to you've exhausted your options. And don't just call this number without trying to work and work it out locally if it cannot be worked out and sometimes that does happen. In Kansas to file a complaint. It's 180842. 0078. In Kansas to file a complaint. 180842. 0078. Missouri has a different phone number 180392. 0210. In Missouri to file a complaint 1803920210. All right then there's some things that you do not want to take. To your community. So keep your your valuables in the safe place a way. From the facility can you can put in the lock box with a trusted family member friend this would include jewelry. Check put cash driver's license so security cards credit cards and other valuables that you don't. Want to lose or you don't want someone walking away with those things in and like hit an inside of these communities it's pretty wide open so just do yourself favored don't put yourself in the position then to be let down. Now my grandpa lived in assisted living he used to walk around with hundreds of dollars and is wallets because it may feel secure financially. So he had dementia he was living in a and a great assisted living community I take five or 61 dollar bills and kind of wrinkled a mutt so when you put them together that's that stack the. A wide put him put it in his and in his wallet so that if he gave them to someone lost a Merv heaven forbid if they were taken. By someone that we just minimized Arabs are damaged there. Just have to keep. Did just to show some common sense and again. Because this psychosis strategies that maximize cared any senior care community if you want your very own copy of that. Give us a call leaving your name and email address I can you million PDF to this 913945300. 9139452800. For your copy of how to maximize. Here at any senior care community. All right thanks for listening today I'm your host Steve keeper and I wish you grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this day and always a see you next week right here. Monsignor care lie.