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Saturday, July 7th

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Are you caring for an aging parents. Are you searching for answers. You senior care line of program dedicated. Providing information and education and resource. That's caregiver you can meet. I'm your host Steve peca. That's rice. You heard it right hello and welcome to a very special episode. The senior care alive today if we are celebrating their fifth anniversary. Of the program I could not be more proud. I'm Steve kicker president of senior care consulting and just takes for tuning in today and helping us celebrate the fifth anniversary. Of senior care live. I I'm litter I'd not thought of my chair I was so excited if you have a question or comment. It's 1803316445. 1803310. 644. Or five this is going to be an excellent program today I promise you're going to learn a lot the first. Just wanna say thank you to our partners sponsors mr. remodel or community First National Bank the Neptune society we also have some new partners sponsors so be joining us here in the very near future. I think you so much for your ongoing support very very much appreciated by huge thanks to JPR producer and engineer right here in the studio JP thanks so much for your great work in helping this program to sound good in Dhaka and just to be a consistent every week thanks to mark gross. John stopper and rich Deutsch for all of your support. Here it can't be easy talk 980 AM thanks to my family my family so supportive they're just incredible and last but definitely not least. Thank you the listeners of the program you have made it. Senior care live deem most listened to talk radio program here on key NBC AM Saturdays and that's saying a lot so I think you. So very much and again. Today is their birthday were celebrating the fifth anniversary. Of senior care live and ya I'm about to jump out of my shoes. They hate with bats it is my pleasure. To introduce a very special guest a dear longtime friend. Mr. bill Hammond president and founder Steve C elder while most said. The only disability law firm bill but let's anyway thanks for being here today bill I appreciate. Steve and honored there will be here to celebrate the fifth anniversary and I got to tell you. I remember when you started this out. He's back here and I sat around the cost of each other and you know and the microphones this five years ago out and you had a vision. And the number of people that you have helped in the listening area is just amazing so for me to be when you said hey can you. Join me on that the fifth anniversary I'm like oh my goodness absolutely so yeah what an honor for me to be here in and I'm I'm thrilled that. The attempted to celebrate this with you all right and there's there's no I'd rather have your more than you and I I was so glad you were available so. Anyway so so thanks for being here we're gonna. So for our listeners who were going to really get into elder law it was one of our core categories elder law and estate planning and there is there's no better expert I'm not kidding then bill Hammond. President and founder of Casey elder law if you have questions. You wanna reach out to bill one of his great team team's staff members area techies sealed a law even the phone number you're 913. 33857. 139133385713. And also go online KC elder law dot com. Index Casey elder law. Has offices all over this city Overland Park police summoned up in Kearney Missouri and bill aren't we jumping and with so 101 what is the difference. Between estate planning an elder law because I think a lot of people. Misuse the terms and interchange them but they're very different Schumer and you know Steve when someone goes to an an. Tourney and they're talking about. Something like hey I want to get my estate planning done but they're really usually saying in that instance Steve is you know I want to do well trust something like that. And I wanna make sure that things go where they're supposed to go and I passed away. That would be from an estate planning situation than what happens to my assets when I'm gone that's a really really important question as you and nine now however. With the graying of America we have. 8900. Baby boomers turning age 65 today the silver tsunami yet so it's your birthday Steve five years for their shell. Now in 8900. Baby boomers turning age 65 today and tomorrow and the next aim for the next twelve years long time were all getting older. Yeah so in addition to that what happens when I die we've all got to also ask and answer the question. Yeah apple what if I don't guy. But become sick along the way. And all of a sudden when we're spending very large amounts of money for our care at home and assisted living or nursing care. If we don't take care of that latter question if we don't deal with. Yeah but what happens if I don't die but become sickle on the way there might not be anything left to pass along we're gone now we've got to deal with both. And I think you referred to this and and I love the way that you lay this that you Collison elder care journey absolutely it's so important that we all. Have a plan in place to make sure that no matter where we are on that elder care journey whether we're at the healthy vigorous senior. Whether aware of the person who starting to experience some. Memory loss or physical issues whether week. Need to move into an assistant living or bring in folks at home. Whether we need nursing care we've got to be able to deal with our own version of the elder care journey as we go along. And every one situation then may have some similarities blatant it's unique to each in in ate each and every individual in each the only. In so that leads me to my next question why should FEM leak retain an elder law attorney to help him through that elder care journey well have. And and it's a great question Stephen I've got to tell you for the very reason that you talked about you know. As we have this big listening audience out there the number one rated weekend showing in Kansas City each and every one of our listeners either has had. Or will have. Their own version of their own elder care journey. And so we not only need to deal with the you know what what happens when we're gone but we've also got to deal with all those things that are gonna pop up. You know how to we take care of each other how we take care of our. Loved ones you know what's gonna happen. If I get sick in the care and an elder law or elder care attorneys uniquely qualified help along all of those examples. OK and then I I wanna throw if anyone under the bus by. I he surely is advertisements all the time of log on to you know blah blah blah dot com and you can get all of your legal documents are right there you just download it. There's your prairie assign him in here good to go right now he's got the yeah I I see that a lot in my office everywhere and people come and you know what sodium in the very simplest of situations that that actually it's better than nothing OK okay yeah so I mean I will tell you you know we. We are a society that is becoming more and more. I'm dependent upon the Internet in your some good information on their. It's a great starting point that if you have a situation that has any complications and a ball. It's really important and you talk with someone who's done this before you know there's an old saying when you go through a minefield. You wanna follow someone who's been there before that's right and consider the law. A lot of minds this are you wanna be out real careful and followed a trusted guide that's a great analogy because. If you watch through their new. To get through that safely year you're gonna get blown out there and get real trouble that's exactly right in big trouble reach out to bill Hammond and Casey elder law I think 9133385713. Or online it Casey elder law dot com. All right so let's jump into. And power of attorney and I think most people have heard this I think it's and another area that's pretty misunderstood. And can get complex potentially about personal what is a power of attorney document sure there's a couple of different kinds Steve. And our attorney won one example would be a power of attorney for finances. And that's a document that basically says if I can't make financial decisions no real estate taxes bank accounts. At some point in time of between you know my spouse my children some went to make those decisions forming. And then there's also what we would call a health care. Power of attorney you can and that basically says under state law always make my own health care decision should doctors hospitals medications. Those types of things but if I can't I'm general point my spouse my friend my family. To make those decisions forming in his speak on their behalf absolutely okay. So we have two types of so so for health care and for finance that can. I think I've seen or heard of some of those documents being combined. It's a good idea here is that you're usually better kind of separate those two yes soaks every once in awhile you see someone who will combine them. Personally I think that they are on it they're dealing with different types of issues. And so frequently you'll have different different people handling those responsibilities. An important point to make Steve is that the law says if you're the age of eighteen and if you have not given someone your power of attorney. The loss says well you meant not to do it. In reality people just don't think about now so. We don't ask for show of hands out there in the radio land up you know who you are down if you're really enjoy too even if you have not given someone a power of attorney. A loss as you meant not to do that and that can be a real problem something happens even a spouse married to another spouse for decades absolutely while cannot make decisions against. The people losing don't wreck your car on that went back at the bit but seriously eight you would just assume that that's not true. I have five kids Steve on their eighteenth birthday I brought every one of my kids into the law firm. And I did powers of attorney for them the reason up until the age of eighteen. I wife and I could make decisions for them once they hit eighteen they were adults we can no longer make decisions something happened to them. All right. Bill Hammond Casey elder law and 9133385713. Or online Casey elder law. Dot com we're gonna have more but first the senior care life question of the week. With power of attorney the person granted the power of attorney can make decisions for their loved. Once while living and after their loved one passes away. This is statement true or false we'll have the answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You listening to a special episode of senior care life. Today were celebrating this fifth anniversary. Of senior care live right here on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services suffered on this program. And how we can help you and your family you sure reach out our toll free number you give us a call literally 24 hours today that's 1800. 3316445180331. 6445. Don't forget you can stream this program to any electronic device it's so easy to do to skip his senior care live dot com. Click on the big giant microphone right there on the home page or the listen live button give a few seconds to connect. And you are in a stream to your son your tally your computer laptop whenever you have. It really is that simple. All right back to the senior care live question of the week with power of attorney. The person granted the power of attorney can make decisions for their loved one while living and after their loved one passes away. Is this statement true or false in the answer this. False it is also bill why is that false back after. If the law says that when someone passes away their power of attorney passes away with them OK okay system part distinction that people wanna make. When you do a power of attorney you want to make sure that it's durable okay durable under the law means if you become incapacitated. The power of attorney remains effective. Lectured on the par returning. It and it's gone that's exactly Iraq. So that the easy way to think of that is. Is when the person expires so does that power of the turning a 100% per and that's it okay. So while we're talking about apartment and first of all let me back up that bill Hammond with Casey elder law a guarantee our listeners are are are learning so much today if you have a question for bill. If you sit here are saying well wait a minute do we have a power of attorney document and I. I am not sure we haven't had anyone look at death for a long time. Give bill and his great team Casey elder law call maybe it's time for tuneup maybe it's time for an update 913338. 5713. That's 913. 3385713. Or online at Casey elder law. Dot com. So bill that's what about advanced directives because they again all of these terms are thrown around but what is an advanced directive sure itself. When we spoke earlier Steve about the health care power of attorney remember that's the document that says. Why is I can make my own health care decisions doctors hospitals. Medications and so on I'll make my own health care decisions but if I can't I'm appointing a spouse a loved going to meet the did that. In addition to that Steve people frequently want to do what we call a living well okay and that living will as the document that says. If I have an incurable. Illness injury disease and I'm not gonna get better no matter why. And I don't wanna be hooked up to life support or I do wanna be hooked up whatever your wishes are. And the combination of their health care power of attorney plus the living will. Are what we college answer gets administrator says the two pieces that's exactly make up their district that's okay. All right that no that makes totally makes sense and I love do we explain everything. I because it's just it's just totally. Totally. Understandable eight and I. Lot of times I'll I'll speak with and an attorney here are especially positions and they're not talking over my hello be a little bit hard to understand. You explain everything so well so I I appreciate that and so why is it important to have. A power of attorney document we touched on that a little bit earlier but the tour we think about it Steve. You know in in our society a whole lot of people over the last decade or so. F put money away in IRAs and 401K since just another example. So people commend the Simi and they say you know apple why don't we need this power return you know my wife and I have been married for you know 203040 years whatever. And you know if something happens to to him then then it goes to me. When when a wife would say that she's thinking if her husband passes away up I would go to her she is the beneficiary of that makes sense. What if he became incapacitated. What if he had a stroke. All of a sudden if they if he has the stroke she will need to use the power of attorney tech access those funds Tom can't make decisions man who. And all the sudden we might have the largest amount of the family's wealth. In an asset that she cannot get to. And in any event then we're gonna have to go to court we're gonna have to ask a judge for access to those funds. And the courts thing gonna watch over how every penny is spent as long as that individual is incapacitated and it's a real problem. This is why are all of our listeners everyone over the age of eighteen not only themselves. Their kids their grandkids. All ought to have financial and health care power of attorney in place in every one assumes oh I've been married for fifty years somebody might my wife knows what I want. Well it's so you had a key statement earlier which is ear you're stating the law. The law assumes that if you don't have a power of attorney document you meant not to have one that's exactly right if you think about it who that's a bad defaults. Because look at this black husband and wife. He has a stroke or something in develops alzheimer's. He can't make decisions she wants to sell the house down without power of attorney. Not can be able to do and I do and without a conservative ship and get in front of the judge and all that's that's months and thousands of dollars is exactly Iraq plus the other thing I don't like about that situation and he realizes that. The court watches over. How you use your own money and salute it so it's always best sit there and keep your business it in it within your own family. And the way you do that is you call bill Hammond and Casey elder law and you get cheer your legal affairs she get it in your. In order you get your ducks in a row there's so to speak. And take care in this so that you don't have this potential absolute nightmare. And I'll I'll guarantee most of our listeners do not have their affairs in order or or maybe they key is can they can do better job that's right and Steve if they do nothing else there's. No other take away from our fifth anniversary conversation the other today I got. Powers of attorney are crucial make sure you get them in place for finances and health care so what if say you mentioned someone has a stroke so in a lot of times it just filmed just happens. It's an immediate crisis in planned for an immediate nose coming and that's how strokes and heart attacks work most of the time. But what if you have a slow decline with alzheimer's or dementia so comment. If someone has alzheimer's or dementia is it too late to authorize power of attorney yes that would depend Steve Finley and very personal situation I'm. But the law would basically say. It's the law would say that the individual who's giving the power of attorney would have to have what we would call and interval of vicinity they have to. Have the ability to understand what they're doing into appoint someone to make decisions for that. Now if you ask me exactly. At what point that is now I can't give real blanket answer lots of folks would dementia or. Our alzheimer's there you know various diseases like that still have points during their progression of that disease their elder care journey where they can still do it. At some point they can't up and so that's why it's crucial if these things in place while you still so if these few. Or -- loved one has alzheimer's or dementia or another. Issue that has led to cognitive impairment. And you know that this is not going to improve this is going to decline. I would move like today like right now. Move forward and get these foundational documents in place and I think made any you're exactly right Stephen I think another way to say that. If the family is having conversation there if they are that's why sir that's right if they're quietly discussing things. What's going on with my spouse what's going out with mom or dad and the families talking about it to where it's a concern. Then it's certainly time to act in May treated these things down. Absolutely bill Hammond was Casey elder law on 9133385713. Or online it Casey. Elder law dot. I'm we're gonna have a whole lot more right after the break don't go away on this special. Fifth anniversary. Episode of senior care like we'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1800. 3316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You listening to a very spent. Shall episode of senior care live is the fifth anniversary. Of seniors here live right here. On the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the service is offered on this program and how we can help you and your family sure Collison on our toll free number and any time that's 1800. 3316445. Again 1803316445. Don't forget if you ever miss an episode of senior care lives may be wanna share their program with someone else sir. Heck maybe just wanna go back to listen to it again because we do cover a lot of ground here on the program. It's so easy did you just go to senior care lives. Dot com click on the podcast tab and that is where you'll find all of the previously aired episodes it is just as easy. As stat. A special guest today again on the fifth anniversary of senior care life mr. bill Hammond a personal longtime dear friend of mine is the president and founder of Casey elder law he can be reached at 913338. 5713. Or on line it Casey elder law dot com. Lisa total attention please this is consumer alert consumer alerts. All right so. No we're gonna need your help. Dispelling some commonly held beliefs out there. And I I hear this so much I know you hear it just as much and probably a whole lot more than I do. But it's who will just go through a few things and is so firm listeners if you hear this were just gonna correct that we're just gonna correct the some of these statements here. So how many times bill have you heard. Or maybe through one of your clients and through my clients as well when you have to sign your house over to the nursing home before you can get Medicaid. This is simply not true he Cheryl how. Wednesday and it doesn't surprise me down a federal court one time. Called the Medicaid rules a Serb bony and bonds oh my. I'm not sure exactly what Danny I'm Sherri but I know it's not good. Ceremony and borrow a ceremony in by it's really complicated. Okay tough and so what I hear these things I just you know I understand I shake my head in and I say OK not an issue here's a really the way it really works. If someone needs nursing care of the State's gonna look at their assets are gonna say don't count the house the car the prepaid funerals. A little life insurance and household goods and they say spend the rest of it now now. You absolutely do not need to sign over your house to anyone nursing home stay anyone. The home is exempt at least for awhile so we don't worry about that at this point. If you think about it. What what business is the nursing home in it's to provide care. To elderly individuals and India and to provide care that they're not the real estate business do what your house recognizes. That's exactly right if and and and so you you know and that decided this that yeah do not have signed. Nor should you signed your house over to anyone at this right all right. The next line in this is a huge one I literally heard it disk last week. If the individual lives in Missouri. And they want to live in a nursing home in Kansas. They cannot do that because. They have to establish residency in the state of Kansas for at least three months before they can get Medicaid is that true well it's another one of those pesky where we first have to ask. First ball at its core you have to be at Kansas residents to qualify for Kansas medicate by our vice Versa. How do you become a Kansas resident if you lived in Missouri. The answer is that the law says that residents is physical presence. Plus an intent to remain. So its own as a lifelong Missouri resident husband and wife and egos into Kansas nursing home for instance. If he's physically present in Kansas and intends to remain for a time. He can become a Kansas resident at that point there if they want there is no magic gold you know ninety day requirement okay. Day one day one okay. So I hope that is extremely clear I hope that there are are lots of folks out there they're like oh why I didn't realize I guarantee a lot of people has learned something because. There are lots of assumptions and you know. If you didn't know the law and you just quoted it. Let's say that would be a reasonable thing to assume all you have to be at Kansas rest right in you know you hear that in and you think you know so how are we going to show residents. And technically. Legally they won. Practically. It might be a little bit of a longer process you wanna get good counsel yes. Absolutely and that's why. You call bill Hammond with Casey elder line just Sonya Smith whom does what he's talking about trust. End and then at the last one that we'll just touch on today as far as the consumer alert. And I I've been hearing this more Morris well. You must use your entire spend down amount to pay the nursing home care and you can't use it for anything else. Is that true well that's an old long time. Great pairing Steve yeah and the so I've been doing this for nearly 25 year and asked them and I were is hearing it back then. I was hearing it first time you and I ever sat down behind a microphone down. And I hear it all the time to and the answer is quite simply that's not accurate is just not this is not accurate Sinatra it's not the law now. They're a married couple. And they could go through that spend down process and just so our listeners know what that means. It means. Getting their assets to a point where they are eligible for Medicaid and anything that benefits either spouse. This up perfectly appropriate spend down. Be careful he can't give it away or yet to be very careful I you do that other than that spending it for the benefit of the one who needs care. Or his or her spouse absolutely appropriate. There EO Leo so hopefully in this consumer alert you've learned something and and lucky if you're if you're out in the market and here's some of these things just understand it. This is literally not true in the and that's where I would advise you. To seek expert counseling guidance to correct to Indian these sock in it it is misinformation is just a simple as that. Proceed with caution this is an consumer alert. Q my senior tier line. All right bill Hammond with Casey elder lawn 913338. 5713. Or online and it Casey elder law. Dot com. Key sealed a lot has offices in Overland Park Lee's summit and then north Kearney Missouri. So he'd just use office that works best for you. And it is just a simple as that reach out to build he has an excellent team. There are none better all just tell you that 9133385713. All right bill so let's get into another area that I know you work you work with alliance. And that is a will verses that trusts in any yen. I I think there's lot of misunderstanding out there so what is the difference between a will and trust obviously sounds important that the what are the different teacher so first of all. One of the things that people want to do and we talked about this very early on Steve they want they have their. A state plan in place that could be through lol well it could be through a trust. That's a set of directions and that tells what's going to happen when you've passed away here's the big difference. Most of my clients I'd venture to say most of our listeners Steve don't wanna have their assets go through probate. They're not exactly sure what probate is it's kinda like that serve bony and Bob. But here's what they know for sure they know for sure Steve they don't want their assets going through a program that's right okay project any thing that goes through a well. Goes through probate OK okay whereas if the trust is set up appropriately. Then things going through the trust are not gonna go through probate in most instances. So you can and you can have the assets and a trust that flowed to. The people you want them to go to and you avoid probate altogether so I trust is the kind of a substitute for a well a candy yeah yeah and and he gets a little complicated yeah I won't go deeper I do it bit. Anytime you do a trustee typically would also do a or over PO UR pour over will and to say hey if I forgot to put something in my trust poured in so it goes where it's supposed to do. But again anything that goes through well it's probate. So set up a trust that that's appropriate. And then just make sure assets are titled appropriately so they won't go through probe. So someone contacts you is that something you kid kind of guides him through of whether the will is appropriate or trust in his cell and I know and it's it's. Too big of a discussion today there are lots of different types of try to stay in remarkable in the air revoke all this stuff that. No one understands except for you could. I but that's something that you can you can help kind of walk someone through an guide him through an episode for them at Salinas a whole lot of relief Smart elder law attorneys off their Steve yes aunt and I would tell you that. You know get get get good expert advice and and they'll be able to help you make sure they get a plan set up that's right for your situation. All right 9133385713. Your online KC. Elder law dot com. And bill we just have about a minute and a half left and and wanna get into kind of the big subject in our last final segment but but tell us about your workshops. Yeah did you do workshops just about every week well we do Steve young and them. What we look eleven days to educate the public. And so I personally do a couple of amongst my other attorneys do a couple of months and again it's a good opportunity to stand up in front of the community and tell them. What's going on into really dig into things on that on a good educational basis we cover all the types of topics. That you and I have been discussing on this fifth anniversary show. In a whole lot more and the other nice thing is that it then also gives our. Audience members. Who are participating. The ability to ask questions. On the spot. Now and then we get to answer those questions and and people go home. Thinking like they've had a good opportunity to really dig into things a bit and see what's going on and get all their questions. Who should attend one of your workshops yet anybody who is trying to figure out you know how to light set things up to make sure that the taking care of if I die. What if I don't die but become sick along the way what if I've got a parent or a spouse. Who starting to I have some memory issues some. Some it difficulty getting around those types of things and maybe even are there other benefits available Medicaid VA all those types of things long term care insurance this is a really comprehensive regional cover all that and more. It is your costume tend not now so it's free of charge recharge. So how can someone sign have they just give you call it says the office it's called the officer go on to our website and you can look and find the next workshop and we'd be happy to have you attend. We'll say. You can sign up ahead. Absolutely all right sign up for workshop we're gonna come out right there we'll have a whole lot more right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by. 1800. 3316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You listening to a very special episode the senior your life who were celebrating the fifth anniversary of senior care live right here. The senior care broadcasting network for more information about the services offered on this program and how you can. Reach out to us in in just ask questions give information they we can help you and your family here's a phone number it's 180331. 6445. Again 180331644. Or five. Back to my special guest today mr. bill Hammond. Founder and president of TC elder law or reach out to build his excellent team it's 913. 3385713. Were on line it Casey. Elder law dot com. All right so bill we've we've covered a lot of ground today. I saved and maybe the biggest one for last so we can talk maybe five hours on this we've got about seven minutes but to how. Time flies when you're having fun belt no pressure the idea. But I know many many families come to Casey elder law. Maybe they have a a spouse or are in individual who needs nursing home care it's. 6007000. Dollars a month could easily can be more than net. And they're looking. To find out about Medicaid and if they can qualify and if they can maybe protect some of their assets. In nets kick I just wonder if you could maybe expound on that and how you're able to help similar families do that well yeah thank you Stephen the first thing we would always do is. First thing I would want to try to do is what we would call pre planned or so we have someone who's in a situation where we can set things up. So that they can. You know get long term care insurance have their own ability to pay that we don't have to worry about the Medicaid side effects that's always a good idea. But then I have a lot of people who come in and they can no longer. Qualify for long term care they can afford it those types of things. And all of a sudden they're facing a crisis and as you just mentioned you know the cost of nursing care in our area 6007000. Dollars. A month or more all of a sudden someone spending 8085000. Dollars a year. Who can afford them. Yup yes so what happens is and they looked to the Medicaid system. And what the state says state says look your assets don't count the house the car the prepaid funeral. Over the life insurance household goods and the state basically says spend everything down to 2000 in Kansas now 3000 in the serie. And at that point you'd be eligible for Medicaid. And for a married couple they go through a process Steve called division of assets move people here that they think well. You know I was told that if my spouse needs nursing care. I've got to spend it all down to two or 3000 dollars I'm going to be row I'm going to be impoverished you know. Actually the law has protections. And the law says there are things you can do to protect the assets. Or a married couple so that the at home spouse someone who doesn't need care may have at least a 120000. Dollars. Sometimes a whole lot more depth on cash and it's not something that's new is probably as people just don't know much about it. Back in 1988. Steve under the Medicare catastrophic act. Congress put this into the law and it's frequently possible. To say this you know several 100000 dollars. For the benefit of the at home spouse so that in in many instances if she has been the caregiver let's say. And if she'd been caring for her husband he needs care and all of a sudden they've got to spend those assets down if he passes away first. Is she gonna have enough to live up. The answer is you get good advice. Absolutely there are things that you can do to protect that. Absolutely in so this is why it is so so important. Net to contact an elder law firm two to watch you this this one gets complicated in a hurry you're dividing assets. There are different laws in the state of Kansas vs Missouri. And is this when this one is over most people's head right Dana well and you know the law also require or. Encourages I should say. People to take certain steps for instance. Although there is what we call eight caretaker child exemption. And what that says is that says if we have and adult child. He's been living in mom indoor dad's house. And in caring for mom or dad. And been doing that for a couple of years keeping them out of a nursing home. And the law says that the child can be rewarded by actually giving their house to that shot while without. Any penalty. Guaranteed. The vast majority of our public they do not know. Yes and in addition. Steve if you have a child with a disability. And cash. Then frequently assets can be given to that child or put in that trust for the benefit of that child again with no penalty. Wow so there are things that can be done. That is amazing this is why I keep I keep saying that. Reach out to bill Hammond EE MA you may have a situation right now where you can be gifted. A home or you can pass assets to a disabled child you may be in Sonoma situation and literally in just now discovering oh my gosh you're kidding. Reach out to bill Hammond and Casey elder law. The lucky right through it they'll take care of it it'll be incredible 9133385713. Online at key C elder law. Dot com. Induct bill what about. Gosh who had about three minutes west of Kansas and Missouri wellstone toasty I promise you there are people in our listening audience today. And there are spouses who are struggling to go deep that are keep their loved one at home. Because they are so fearful. That if they place their loved one in and care senator. And all of a sudden they're spending this 80000 dollars a year or more they're going to be impoverished and they don't think there's any way around this. And so it's not uncommon and hate to say it Steve you've seen it too that they'd literally care give themselves to death that. If someone gets good advice. There are frequently ways to save way more than you would believe. That your loved one the care he or she needs make sure that you have enough as the at home spouse. To be able to go live the rest of your life without having to move out of your neighborhood. OK earth things they can be done we see it all the time. This is a case where ignorance is not bullets that desperate get some help then absolutely and and sometimes. If someone in Kansas beat them maybe it's better two to do a placement in Missouri. Many times someone in Missouri maybe it's it's better to do replacement in Kansas sometimes has driven. By this asset protection strategies that may be out a perfect fit for her and and then you're exactly right in and it's one of the things that. You know a lot of people need to understand the laws can be different. Medicaid is a great big federal program but there are state to state differences. In one state Kansas for instance. The IRA 401K. A the at home well spouse. Doesn't count for Medicaid purposes in most instances. Other times people have a lot of rental property real estate those types of things. Real estate might be easier to deal with and one of the states. It's simply important that you talked to someone who understands both sentence. Set of state rules so you can know. Where you're gonna get the best care for your loved one. And also make sure that you yourself are protected. In a lot of times if you think about it the the income. Of your spouse's income goes with them to the nursing home but there may be an opportunity to safe part of their income. To get community spell so to at least some sort of the minimum to minimize the damage that's exactly right and and the law gives some pretty good protections for people who. I get good advice and make sure that that they take full advantage of of what the loss saying and in this situation Steve where frankly. The law spells it out the problem is that it's it's tricky it's challenging. It's funny you get good advice. My experiences than in. Most cases people can end in a situation where they hit total peace of mind once they get a plan in place so if someone is struggling with. Talk to someone who understands he's. Feel awful lot better having planet. Absolutely cannot agree more mister bill Hammond president and founder Casey elder law. Bill thanks so much for being here today it's been blasting we blinked an hour is gone but thanks thanks for being here what an honor to share this fiftieth anniversary week. Amazing stuff here thank you thank you very much and her listeners again thank you so much I'm your host. Steve teacher and I wish you grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this state and always I'll see you next week. It's how I tell you it's the six here next week I can't believe it. See you next week right here on senior care life.