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Saturday, July 21st

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Are you caring for an aging parents or are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line of program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Become the best caregiver you can beat. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care live I'm Steve Keiko president senior care consulting. Thanks so much for being here today into the into the program I really appreciate it. The mission here on senior care live this to provide information education and resource is for seniors and their caregivers. We discuss lots and lots of good stuff I'm gonna actually cover all of our core categories today in one and a in one basic presentation I'll explain that here in just a minute this is we cover so much fantastic information. But again and that that directly benefit seniors in their caregivers so if you need help with placement services. From my firm's senior care consulting if you wanna learn more about the services provided by one of her very knowledgeable guests. It always reach us on our toll free number. And here's twice by a it began initially with a toll free number not a local number because I plan on syndicating this program. So that it will be a toll free number available all around the country so here it is this is a local. Radio program. Our Iraq. Our flagship station is talk 980 AM KM BZ in Entercom station right here in the keys to city. Metro area it has always been the flagship and it always Shelby so how about that. 1800. 3310. 6445. That's the number that you can reach out to senior care Alliance One 800. 3316445. Also be sure to visit us online at senior care live LA ZE. Senior care lie in the dot com and if you do that sure to connect with us socially. Lot of communication through social media these days so was just there. The day that we live in so be sure to do that as well. All right so this past week I had the honor. In pleasure of providing a presentation that I made free major major corporation. It went over very very well sell many people benefited. From the information that I shared with is so I'm gonna share that with you today and but also. Just make this offer if you work corporation. If if you own it you run it or maybe you work at a corporation you you like to requests. Myself from senior care consulting to come out and make the presentation. For you and your staff. Your employees. I would be happy to discuss that. With few IA yacht like this and I just made one this past week and making several this fall. And then booking into the winner so you can always reach beyond that ninth excuse me 9139452800. Is the phone number. I reach out to myself seat Steve kicker was senior care consulting 9139452800. And and we can talk about. Doing a presentation like this for your. Corporation. And also can be you're your church groupie or civic group just let me know I love doing these things so so this was called caring. For your aging loved ones and be a good Tugnutt care options suck some concerns the high cost of care install just jumping into this when I first started. The presentation. I gave all of the all the employees from this major corporation in just a quick overview and I think if you listened. To the program at any time all you you may know this. Then I started senior care consulting after helping my own grandparents do their transition. From their home to and assisted living community that's what they needed at the time. And and and we went through we went through everything. That I I think most families go through when there when near carrying. For an aging loved ones and in so. This was for my grandparents again and that's how everything really started. And so what I always like to share that is a little bit of a background in Indian trail. I have over thirty years of experience in senior related health care. I have been an administrator in nursing home assisted living memory care etc. and also operated. That miniature certified home health agencies private duty nursing companies IV therapy companies. Medical equipment and supplies so oxygen as senator just goes. On and on and on and on and on. But I have. Over thirty years of experience what I describe as senior related health care so that's one of the reasons why just love. Doing this radio program to get to talk about lots and lots of stuff that I have some experience and some expertise sin. Or I have some knowledge and and it is just I just absolutely love this so anyway let's I continue on with this presentation I'm just gonna give you kind of the mini. Version of it meant I talked to ballots. Answering the basic question are you a caregiver. And I have had a lot of people. I guess the question what are you a cure your own no Steve I. I'm. I just how my mom out once in awhile I I got a runner to their doctors officer pick up some. Groceries. And medications for her. I might do of the few things around the house may be among want what would guess why you are caregiver that is parts. Under it and I and I have a lot of other examples that they can do is let from may have particular study it depends on the study that you look at. Answering the question are you a cure your well. You are not alone there are a lot of us. So out of this particular study 66 million caregivers that's about a third. Of the United States population. And about a third of all US households. Would would have a caregiver. I'm living in that household about 49 million caregivers caring for adults. For you an adult recipient. About thirteen million caregivers carrying four and caring for children and and adult recipients so what do you call that group of thirteen million people. That's called the are referred to disease seen in which generation. There's sandwiched still caring for my kids and caring for my aging parents some kind of stuck in the middle of that. That is that's a heavy load right there that's a that's a big lift. Not that that's a lot nearly ten million adult children over the age of fifty. Are providing some level of care. For their aging parents. So. Instead describe do you even if you're on the very introduction the very early part of care giving. You're you're definitely not alone here and some good company. Let me say that. So caring for your elderly loved ones questions you may have how can my parents. Remain independent. For as long as possible and obviously we out when we touched a lot on now on this program when do we discuss moving to a care community. What what kind of care facility do we need and then how we gonna pay for all this stuff. So options to remain independent. At home so. And there are lots of services and lots of things that you can do you can bring in Medicare certified home health care. Net net sonet. Really a short term basis but if your if your doctor. Or nurse. Medicare certified home health and you'll have nurses physical therapy occupational therapy speech therapy. All coming to visit you in your home that's on a per visit basis they don't stay on an hourly basis but per visit basis 45 minutes to maybe an hour. One to three times a week depending on the discipline and your diagnosis and I'm what your needs are and where they're trying to get you back to his first capability OSS paid for by Medicare your private duty. Home health care we have non medical in home assistance. That's where an American going to death on on most of these things but be careful there. Depending on who you talked to are there may be over 300. Non medical in home assistance. Services are companies out there and they do not so far. Which this is this just blows me away actually so far no license. Required. Anyone. And hang a shingle. And say Bubba is home care hire a couple of his buddies sent out to your house. It is that's kind of scary to me I I think I'm. I am a pro business less regulation is better type of person. Our type of Leon believer but in this case there needs to be Sama level. Some minimum level of requirements of licensing. And some minimum level of operations that. Not that should be required and it's not he had and again that kind of blows me away say got to be careful there could hire your own staff and manage them. The some other things send that you might be only do family and friends caregivers know costs. Just trying to help you out that would describes the bulk. That's the home care. Caring for someone in their home and helping them remain independent church based help a lot of churches have programs that could help out you can make home modifications. I tell aging in place we talked about that a lot with our friends mystery Mahler. Own medical equipment and supplies. Might you can bring in hospice and palliative care there. There are a lot of options. That you have now that Medicare certified home health care is paid for and your Medicare benefit. Private duty home health care that's non medical all the way up through. Highly licensed. In specialized. Professionals. Around twenty dollars an hour can go up to about eighty dollars an hour depending on what type of professional you have helping. Non medical in home assistance we've talked about debt so eighteen to about 2223. Dollars an hour pretty comment. You could hire your own staff can manage them met I don't recommend match you don't really know who's coming in the door to help you. You have a potential exposure to employment or excusing a employer related taxes. You have liability insurance claims and that sort of thing I don't recommend that you can do it. Lot of people do and I don't recommend itself this is the very first part. The presentation caring for your aging loved ones and again. If site here with the company and your interest in having me come out and present. 9139452800. We can talk about that. I'd senior care life question of the week. An independent living community is licensed by the states. Providing ends on here is that statement true or false or have the answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information go to services often on this program. And how we can help you and your family your reach out and caller toll free number at any time 1803316445. There are real people answering the phone 24. Hours a day that's 1800. 3316445. Don't forget you constrain this program to any electronic device super easy to do go to senior care lives dot com. You can click on the big microphone right there on the front page are the home page or you can also click on the listen live button. Given this few seconds to connects and then they'll start streaming to your phone. Tally your computer whenever you have and it really is that simple. All right back to the senior care live question of the week. And independent living community. Is licensed by the states of Kansas or Missouri. To provide hands on cheer this a statement true. Or false. In the answer yes. False. False false false. An independent living community. He is and I'm not knocking them I'm just saying they'll provide care there is not licensed to touch you. They're usually at its nice apartment. Them provide some meals supports and activities and social opportunities and transportation. And that's about it you're still very very independent so they are not licensed by any states to provide any. Hands on care and that that is effects. All right so this week providing an overview of the presentation that I may do. Major corporation this last week called caring for your aging parents again if USA a company that mania. The church or religious organization. You civic organization. And you have a larger group of of people. And one of the organizations interested. In the information. On providing care for seniors caring for your aging parents is what this particular. Presentation is called. Be sure reach out I I love doing these things they're always very very well received. 9139452800. If your interest in discussing met. I MI but are you scheduled for several presentations. This this fall and going into the winner 913945. 1800. All right so look back up. I do wanna spend just a minute I changed my mind it's my show a piece I can change my mind dot com. So. Talking about the and it is staying independent remaining independent you're home in mentioned hiring your own staff in managing them. I didn't I recommend going with say eight tenure have proven. Strong trusted provider. Of home care services. You're gonna pay a few bucks more. But here's some of my concerns are the where you gonna find these people. I have people all just put it down on Craig's list and I'm like dad is home boy. That is so risky you have no idea who's coming into your home by how are you gonna do the background check on them. And how thorough is that is that check is an accurate. What yes what else. Someone falls down your stairs and they break an arm now you have. Young liability issue. I mean it's it's and and as your homeowner's insurance are they gonna cover that since there really an employee of viewers and none of guess through visitor. I mean that's the EU you have some some associated risk and costs with that I'm within my liability. Wasn't just don't show up. Now if you go with eight home care provider. Someone can't make it for that shift get what guess what the home care provider does. They'll call another staff to fill that shifts so that you'd get the help that you need that you're paying for. If you hire a money around this is they just don't show up I guess you're just document or Alter your plans that day I've even heard. The story where one. Particular caregiver provided care for actually a couple both of them in their home everything went great for about a year and in the had a falling outs. This caregiver file for unemployment. They look back and her records and what have you been doing for the last year we don't they just pay your cash. I know we don't see any any. Filed he'll be an information on file would even do in the last year or I've been working for mr. and mrs. Jones. Oh really doing what I won't what do they pay you all really. Now what word so what's her name again in where they live and what's their phone number and the state actually contacted mr. and mrs. Jones. And charged them. Employer. Based. Taxes. Be careful. I just aren't I would just avoid it and I would just go with home care company and that's that's all I'll say I'm okay. We talked about when to consider moving from your home. To a senior care community I I'm actually I touched on this of you know a few times over up over the years but. First and foremost when it's no longer safe to live at home. So safety issue is obviously I mean that that's number one falling victim to financial abuse. Leaving the stove top earners on wandering away. Unable to find your way back home that results many times and what's called a silver alerts I'm starting to see a lot more silver alerts these days and used to say. Now and so not taking your medications. Properly. On time or maybe at all. Or maybe taking two doses. Of particular medication that's a major. Safety issue that's not. Readily apparent. I am a frequent falls injured at home. Frequent hospitalizations. All of those things fall into the category of when it's no longer safe to live at home. Number 21 that caregivers health. Begins to decline that is a close number to buy health we're talking about your mental health emotional health. Spiritual health and physical health of course stress is a very powerful force unfortunately I've seen many. Caregivers. Pass away before the person. They're caring for because they put their needs second he just can't do that. When the health and wellbeing of the caregiver begins to decline now we have two people declining. And you'd just cannot have that very long you just cannot do it. Can't do it number three. When the constant in home care or like I just mentioned earlier. Remaining independent at home that becomes too expensive maybe assist us financially driven decision. I am a huge. Fan and proponent of home care. But if you're need to rises to 24 hours a day it's pretty expensive as 1210151000. Dollars a months. Now if you can afford that and you can stay home with 24 hour care that's that's really an ideal situation. Most of my clients can't do that forever and at some point. Finance is just don't work out and we end up moving to a care community. We get 24 hour care for less than Matt so litigious BAF financially driven decision the last anomalies. When the care that you provide is just not enough. Why not consider changing your role from the caregiver in the hands on care provider. Do they care manager or the care advocate meaning. It is he just can't keep up with this and you've done your best. I have worked with lots and lots of caregivers that's a okay I'm ready to consider this now so we'll go out find a great place. And then you can managed care that's being provided make sure that your loved ones getting everything. That they need so this is the second part of the presentation caring for your aging loved ones if you're interested in that customized presentation. For your corporations and. The group for church group called 91394520. Hunt. And I'll continue right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. The delisting the senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information go to services offered on this. Program and how we can help you and your family. Sure the cull some or toll free number at any time that's 1803316445. Again 1800. 3316445. Don't forget if you ever miss an episode a senior care lives maybe wanna share the program with someone else who may be just wanna go back and listen to it again. No worries and all just go to senior care lives dot com click on the podcast tab. And that is where you'll find all of the previously aired episodes just click the play button and boom you are again. And lots and lots of people listened to the podcast after the fact. Right so today I'm giving just take a quick overview. Of the presentation this presentation every single time. Everyone loves it it goes over very very well I call it caring for your aging parents. Caring for your aging loved ones we can change the title. And by that information is so so well received. And like this in this last week. I made this presentation for a major major employer here in town. And they were just thrilled so I'd like to invite you. If you're part of that. Learning more about this type of information. I love making presentations. I just feel free to read shall we can certainly talk about that at 913. 9452800. It's 9139452800. Ask for Steve kicker that is mark. And would love to talk talk with you about ten itself. So we talked about how to remain independent home some of the costs associated with that also talked about you know what does that. Is no longer working. When she did you consider moving from your home to a senior care community. And if you have made that decision. What she did you determine before. Searching for senior care community wolf first of all you need to know. What level of care is appropriate now senior care consulting. We conduct to perform in many geriatric care assessment. I tell help determine all of this and you can certainly do it on your round. But they're there's a lot to itself in need determine what is the right level of care. For your needs soared the needs of your loved ones in what so what do I mean by the level of care. Well I do you need long term care. A lot of people would still refer to that is the nursing home. My friends in the industry cringe. I say sorry guys but they cringe when they say nursing home because that kind of comes with a lot of baggage in a net negative stereotype might but the bottom line is most people still do we've heard that is nursing home we liked Colin long term care still nursing care. So that is that the medical model that's the highest level of care available. I'm sort of hospital. That's the highest level of care for a long term stay. Do you need assisted living. Do you need residential care. Do you need a home plus level of care. I'll break all of that down here in just a little bit. But once you determine your level of care then you have to ask the question well what type of care do we need within that level. We have to do all of this before. You start searching otherwise you can just drive yourself nuts and frankly you're probably waste a lot of time. It in places that are just not fit. TF to define what you need before you can look forward not gunfight. Some level of care that type of care what does that mean well we just need general care just every day care. Do we need memory care specific. Chaired designed for someone with cognitive impairment alzheimer's and dementia and a lot of other. Issues that could cause some cognitive impairment strokes parkinson's. It set her up. Although sinks could require memory care maybe we need general here today. And we may need memory care in the future maybe it's combination. Do we need skilled nursing and rehab very specific type of care. I do we need mental health care lot of my clients have they. Have a serious psychiatric. Diagnosis of mental illness diagnosis. And we need very specific type of mental. Health care with in the level of care that is appropriate team need to determine the level of care and the type of care. And then there's there's the big one it's that it's the biggest elephant in the room night. How're we gonna pay for that so why are there payment methods price to pay we talked a lot about this last week private pay arrogant immediate. It is Medicare gonna cover some of this are we gonna need Medicaid do we qualified how do we do that. We have long term care insurance maybe we can use a wonderful benefit from the DEA agent attendants program for veterans and surviving spouses. So and again. With senior care consulting and we do all this forty. And and our our clients love. Senior care consulting because we just want to red carpet for them we make this. That we make it simple it's never easy that we make this whole. Search and selection process for simple. So we determine the level of care that type of care at the payment methods and their location. That is usually pretty darn important we wanna be close. We wanna be able to stop by. You can immediately and and infrequently. Most of my clients. Are with their loved one very frequently and maybe a maybe on a daily basis so. Location is usually very important sometimes location as far as which state wherein is driven by your legal plan maybe have an asset protection strategy. That is so a major advantage for you and your family to choose a key insists community over Missouri or. Can be the opposite I worked with several points here recently and there. Their asset protection strategy developed by their elder law attorney. And it says that you know we need to choose a place in Missouri because that works best for them in their ability to protect assets. So sometimes that's driven by illegal plant and then personal preferences and needs. That is where you you get very very specific. One of my clients I was working with her this was for her sister and her sister was he is a strict. He gives this was in 2004. And I had to find long term care slash nursing home. With a private room. And oh by the way she's a street to begin as strict as it can possibly get that was real that was a needle in Hays state has that was tough. I was able to certainly able to get the job done I'm still batting a thousand mean knock on wood here but I don't jinx myself JP but south. So. Was able to find I think it be easier to find nets today than it was clear back in 2004. But guess why dose of personal preferences that personal preference in need that wasn't they would be nice to have a V indicting a ways. Got a half got to have the diet period is non negotiable. I had some other. Clients say he you know mother has played piano. For over sixty years. It makes her happy it fills her up it's part of her DNA. It would be really great if they had if you if we chose a place that had a piano or mother was. Welcome to play the piano. And I said you know I I'm a musician I totally get that and that's not a liked to have that's a got to have. In so so you have to know your level of care type of care. Payment method your location. And personal. Preferences and needs. Before. Entering the market. So when you enter the market then does the major and I'm just gonna touch on this fairly briefly because I've done this quite a bit in the past. But you know on the the least restrictive. Level if you will always be an independent living apartment it's an apartment with meals and social opportunities and transportation. You're absolutely on your own. But you're not alone your surrounded by a lot of people the one really nice peace of mind is that if you're in your apartment. And you're having an issue when you feel like you need to contact someone you can push a button can summon what check in on me. And if you are having symptoms like. Let's say you're at it in and hope to send happened but let's say you're you're left arm is going numb and you're like oh. I know that's a potentially. It is symptom of a potential heart attack I'm. I'm really really concerned what I need to call 911 won't they'll check on you not call 9114 U insight if needed. Or they may just they may just check in on you see if you're OK and then and you don't need to go anywhere but. Independent living. Is somewhere between you don't when he 603000. Dollars a month that's kind of on the go lower side of average. And higher cited the averages about 4000 dollars you can find it for less you can definitely pay more that's just kind of right down the middle. So on the higher end the most restrictive level of care would be that long term care slash. Nursing home level that is a full medical model that can help you with your activities of daily living to your bathing dressing and grooming. They just should be your medicine. They can provide full medical care for someone he opened. He even including if someone is weakened to a point where they cannot. Helped. Transitioned themselves from point a to point B and it might even take two people to help you move from bed dear wheelchair. You know the restroom. That the bathroom a shower etc. They can they can do that for you full diabetic management. Injections. Full incontinence care. Full. Full careful medical care and support at the nursing home level semi private room it's 556500. A month. That's right down the middle. And they pride their room hang on to your checkbooks. 75101000. Dollars is right down the Middle East and go a little less you can go clear up over 141000 if you want to. I'm so bad is that nursing home level if you are interested in the customized presentation for your group. Be sure to call. Only 9139452890. To visit with you about debt I'm gonna continue this brief overview my nephew. You're listening to senior care lie on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting them. Work for more information about the service has suffered on this program. And how we can help you and your family. Be sure to call us on our toll free number at any time that's 1803316445. Again 1800. 3316445. And dead back to the topic of the day and a brief overview about customized presentation that I just made to a major major. In Citi corporation's us last week MacCulloch caring. For your aging parents. Packed hearing before your aging loved ones. I've altered the title like me quite a bit depending on the application in the group. But if your group would be interested in customized presentation. Generally speaking we allow down and power about fifteen minutes for the presentation about ten minutes a Q&A. In the end and then if people need to go they leave few people. Stick around up longer than men and only answer their questions. I'm until we are finished and so and I really enjoy making these presentations so. If you or corporation. You're church group or civic group if you're interested. In any any really really well received presentation. That is really appropriate for four than those caring for an elderly loved wind and and the C and seniors themselves. I'm in I'm usually speaking to the adult children and caring for an age their aging her elderly loved one no I generally in these presentations but it's also. Very applicable in very appropriate for the senior themselves he just wants information. That is really solid information. Either way give me a call 9139452800. Would be happy to visit with you not about depth so again. 9139452800. And now we can certainly discuss having me come out to your group. And or to your location in providing. A customized. Presentation. All right so we are talking about the different levels of care is different options we talked about independent living being that kind of that entry level. Least restrictive. On the opposite and I am graphics great graphics that explain all this very very clearly on the opposite side we've got that long term care nursing home. Level of full medical model I told you the prices on that hopefully I didn't cuss too much of a panic after Eric. When I talked about the pricing. But that I think the most difficult part is to try to navigate that senator brown it's a very wide wide space in my graphics really show this well in detail. I generally referred to as assisted living I'll give you some variables on that you're shortly. But assisted living is very misunderstood. And it's not a standardized model long term care nursing homes that's just they're pretty standard size model and some deliver better than others. Frankly. But assisted living you can kind of do what you want to within certain parameters you can go really light on the carrying a really heavy on the care and everything in between. But it's a social. Model it is not a medical model. That's the first giant misunderstanding. Now they do a lot for you. It's not medical it's not a medical model Perry. So. They can help you minimally. Or fully. With your activities of daily living some minimally your fully with amazing. Dressing and grooming the do your laundry do you housekeeping that make all of your meals snacks and hydration. For you. Touching the medical part they do distribute your medicine you medication that's. Very important and again and it's a big danger for not giving your medicine on time no worries that assisted living they'll take care of that forty. They'll help with your incontinence care up to a certain point. So even if you haven't comets issues they'll help you to a certain point that they can provide generally speaking a one person transfer. I'm an end and there's a full slate of activities there's transportation to from the doctor's appointments. There's a lot to this they provided tremendous amount of help and support. Up into a certain point. Some of them are really on the lighter side. Care and they lean kind of over toward independent living some of them. Bend over completely backwards they do back flips to keep you out of a nursing home. M and provide care clear up until this threshold right until the line. Before they can offer care and everything in between. So that one's a tough when the average. Cost of assisted living today is 5000 to 6000 dollars a month. You can get a low low but less than that you can definitely spend more than that this kind of right down the middle. Now to the left side of assisted living if he can now a kind of imagine seeing my graphic here to really good graphic by the way. Is residential care for residential care facility RC yes. I'd just call that assisted living lights. Similar to assisted living a lot less staffing the residents at residential care facility. Are a lot higher functioning and a lot more independent but they still need a little bit help. So the staffing ratios are are. Much higher and assisted living in a residential care average cost 2500. To about 4500 is. Preakness is rider on the middle for residential care. On the kind of higher aside the of this of the spanned an incumbent on the higher side if not assisted living and really kind of stepping into the nursing home territory would be home plus. I talked about Dennis well said residential. House. That is designed. 48 to twelve residents are typically. To live there and receive care. And the cost of home plus a 6000 to 7500 dollars per month. We have a couple of gray areas. You have a lot of independent living facilities claiming that they can do everything that assisted living can and I would say. No no you can't you're not licensed by the state to touch a human being you cannot do that. Now some assisted living facilities have an on site home care provider. That would that can just walked on the whole and help you in fifteen minute increments with home care service so that's a great six. It's a little more than Mitch but that's a great has been great fit for a lot of my clients. They can't live independently they're not really ready for assisted living so that's a really really gets it it's just not assisted living. OK so just be careful there. No other gray area assisted living facilities saying lower major place community and your Marmol never have to move she can stay here for the rest of her life I don't. Time out no not know up. According to a major. Major national study. 59%. Of assisted living residents must increase the level of care. At some point. Right so right what's the math so 41%. Of the time that's an accurate statement. 59%. Of the time. That that statement. Would really fall into the category of over promise under deliver. So there are limits. At the assisted living level on to say that so that's one of those great. Areas and then if you look in the memory care. Memory care specific care for someone with cognitive impairment. The challenge there. Is you can find that is the FT residential care facility level. Home plus level assisted living level nursing home level. So don't misunderstand. At an assisted living facilities is always have memory care also don't misunderstand that is the nursing home level. It's memory care at that assisted living level. Okay Sino us confusing they just don't misunderstand that many have continuing care retirement communities. I don't have all of the above. So I won't go into how to pay for the high cost of care I do in this presentation. I took I spent an entire program last week talking about death in breaking that down if you want to learn more about that just go back to the podcast from last week. But the bottom line is I love making presentations. Is here with say eight the corporation and church groups or civic group. In your interest in having me personally. I show up to your location provided great great. Presentation. Just just in the call we'll talk about a 9139452809139452800. All right I'm your host Steve keeper and I wish you. Grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this date and always. I'll see you next week right here on senior care lies.