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Saturday, July 29th

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Are you caring for an aging parents. Are you searching for answers are welcome to senior care life. Program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Helping you become the best caregiver you can beat. I'm your host Steve peca. Right that's right hello and welcome. This special episode of the senior care life. Today we're celebrating the fifteenth. Anniversary. Of my firm's senior care consulting I cannot believe. It's been fifteen years all my goodness I'm Steve speaker president of senior care consulting. It's thanks so much for tuning in today I are really really appreciate it. The mission here on the program is to provide information education and resource is for our seniors and their caregivers. We discuss important subjects such as how to remain independent in your own home. Went to consider moving from your home to a senior care community how to find the right senior care community that fits your exact needs. How do you pay for the high cost to senior care it's all very expensive. We also review legal issues involving elder Lana state planning and the we discuss how to care for the caregiver so if you're listening to the radio you streaming this on line or listening to a podcast after the fact. Again thanks so much for being here today on this very special fifteenth. Anniversary episode. If you need help with placement services for my firm's senior care consulting or if you wanna learn more about the services provided by one of our very knowledgeable guess. You can reach this summer toll free number cured is in write it down save it for one every Indy at 1800. 3316445. Again 1800. 3316445. You can also visit online its senior care lives LI VE senior care lions. Dot com and we did change the web site we're updating it we've had a lot of positive feedback on net so while let us know what you think about dad and enjoy. All right so this is the fifteenth the anniversary celebration. Oh my firm's senior care consulting and honest to goodness I can't believe it's been fifteen years. Sometimes it seems like a long time and sometimes it seems like it was just maybe a year ago. But fifteen years but really flies by when your when your have a funny I am having five love love love love what I do sell. In the first segment under the share my story you know how with senior care consulting and I mean how is it born in how to that even come about. And then you're gonna hear from real lions. Senior care consulting clients here at in the second third and fourth segments is going to be an excellent program so. Let's get to move in forward here and now I'm gonna tell you my story I've told it before it's been a long time now so. It here's the bottom I have over thirty years of experience in senior related health care. I've been. And I've been around the block a a lot of experience but. Senior care consulting it really really came from my personal experience with my own grandparents so. Grandma grandpa keep her there are living in their own home independently. That it ended this is over in Topeka Kansas and it's been. It along time ago when all this happened. But did they lived independently they are in their mid eighties and we humorous do we are spoiled rotten I grandparents that we were together. Every everything every birthday every. Christmas every July 4. Every specially Santa we were all. Together and we were spoiled rotten absolutely spoiled. That I used to say that they they cheated their aged here in the mid eighties. And they are still singing in the sweet am alliance a chorus right and they did the dancing and singing. And to. We had we just we just had like a great life. With with our grandparents died my grandpa ended up with some mild come early dementia. He ends and we went through all of the things that you hear about with dementia and one of the big ones is. At some point it's not a good idea to drive and sell grandpa had a great big I dodge it good that and that butterscotch. Not the greatest Keller. For big old dodge truck but in those three on the tree I got to drive that thing a couple times it was a lot of fun but. It is grandpa was driving the who's getting lost in driving the wrong way it was not good. So Mike Graham on news she went to take the keys from from him it would this would not go well self. Here's my grandma. It in her really deal nicely fixed hair in her pretty dressed. In her high heels she went out to the back now this is an older part it's because so they had an alleyway in the backs of grandpa part to detract from the back. She parked her Grand Prix in the front. It's a she went out lifted the hood and disconnected the battery cable now Mike what did you do. If it she said Artest disconnected the battery cable that we can't drive the truck and a Mike. It here dressed in your high heels I I was really impressed with that but so the next day grandpa goes out and guess what the truck is quote unquote broken. So it comes and how many of the truck's broken we need to get his service Eagles hope you jump in my current all drivers today. Is that okay sure yup that's fine it and so problems solved and guess what happened the next day. The exact same thing. Seat he had dementia. It's he forgot about it so he goes out to try the truck. To start it it's quote unquote broken and how any of the truck's broken we need to get it fixed will want and I drive us today so. This went on for 234 months and eventually he got used to. A new kind of routine of following grandma out the front tell her car instead in the back to instruct. He kind of forgot about his truck she sold it and boom problem solved. But now it does it work out that nicely all always buy it worked out great. For my grandma and grandpa in so fast forward a couple years to getting into their upper eighties slowing down quite a bit but still doing fine. One night my grandma fell in the middle of nights. And fractured her neck she fell just right she kind of hit the wall on the way down and fractured her neck so. But she she did not die from that she was not paralyzed but it's a major major major injury so. Fast forward a little bit further and she's going through rehab and I'll tell you what in your upper eighties any pain neck fracture I mean. Boy that took all the wind. Out of her sales and grandpa had dementia she was the caregiver so now we have big problems so. Is she was OK with moving to an assisted living facility. The end. I wish they could come home made that they just needed. Too much too much help. We lived far away they didn't wanna move in with us she you she was OK with moving to actually two and assisted living facility so. I decided if I had to find a place I'm not phone for the closest one. I'm not falling for the previous 1 and I am definitely not. Going to be pressured by some high pressure sales tactics. Two to choose some place and in fact. I decided that it like I I have all of this experience I've been an administrator. At a nursing home assisted living facility is set Iraq. Here is my opinion I'm going to interview. You. That's right in that may sound a little bit arrogant it's not meant to beat. But there's some things and I need to know about before choosing to play so I did I win now I did interview them. And in I have several questions that I wanted to know about and I need to understand in the and I chose the best. Fit for them in the it was it was a good experience. They lived their last two years of their lives there we celebrated their seventieth. Wedding anniversary there. And a bit later that year my grandpa passed. Away on an October the nineteenth and my grandma passed ten days later October the 29. I am positive she did not wanna be here without him so you know this kind of experience really really changes you as a person and in it is really really difficult meant there is really beautiful story I mean they they lived. A great great life and and they are happy and healthy. Almost all of their days. But you know I thought to myself you know I spent a lot of time and effort and energy helping my own grandparents what are other people doing who are going through this whole search and selection process. Without the benefit of that background and so you know an a plus in on the up on the corporate side on the business side that I kept. That was a regional this senate. Directorate and the vice president this vice president of that I was always on the wrong side of the mergers. I was never an incoming I was always out going market by this disk in the corporate world did not work out for me very well sell. And it did just didn't this is one of those things. In so. I did some research to see if there any other any services. Similar to you how I helped my own grandparents and there is nothing even close so. I saw the need along with a whole lot of prayer. And and this was the beginning of senior care consulting to help other families. Find the right place find the best fit and get it right the first time. And I wanted to help other families. In their greatest time of need just like I held my own grandparents and sell. Every time I help a family I'm reminded of how I was able to help my own grandparents. And Dan. I smile and and I just knowing that this is exactly. When I'm supposed to be doing this is where I'm supposed to be in this is why I do. What I do. Helping families find the right sits at the facility level of care cell in the next segment's you're going to hear from real. Senior care consulting clients. It's it's just going to be excellent we're gonna talk about their stories they're they're different stories make you have some similarities here. In and then in the final segment we're gonna we're gonna talk all of us are gonna visit to together. And it's we're gonna learn how senior care consulting in the services offered by senior care consulting he'll help them. In their greatest time of need and sell it is is just my honor it and and again always like take give you the phone number maybe if if you're into a situation where you're like you know we need to start. If we knew we need to start looking at some options get ahead this a little bit 9139452800. Is our phone number 9139452800. And that's directly to senior care consulting you can also go to senior care consulting. Dot com. The first is senior care live question of the week how many skilled nursing facilities. Are there in Johnson County Kansas and Jackson County Missouri. Sufi and the two largest together you have. 830. Fifteen. CD 75. Or 92. The answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to a special episode of senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. Today were celebrating their fifteenth anniversary of my firm senior care consulting how about that fifteen years. For more information about the services offered on this program. And how we can help you and your family you can collar toll free number literally any time 24 hours today a real person answers the phone how about that 1800. 3316445. Again 1800. 3316445. And don't forget you can stream this program to any electronic device. Very easy did you get a senior care lime dot com click on via the giant microphone right there on the home page or you can click on the listen live button. Given a few seconds to connect and boom you are and it really and truly is that simple. I'd back to the senior care lions. Question of the week. How many skilled nursing facilities are there in Johnson County Kansas. And Jackson County Missouri so hearing your options. 830. Beat fifteen. CE 75. Or 92. In the answer is. Seed. 75. So check this out so there are thirty skilled nursing excuse me 38 skilled nursing facilities in Jackson County. In 37. Skilled nursing facility in Johnson County Seattle -- there's your 75 that there are more being built so this. A lot of building going on right now including. At the skilled nursing facility level of care so that number will change in the near future but right now were right at 75. All right so I I've I've told the story of senior care consulting. And now I'd like to introduce to you Lee DO she is a real a senior care consulting client. In Lee thanks for being here on the program today I appreciate it thank you Stephen congratulations. Fifteenth anniversary on some very tall you are and as fast. Our second thank you thank you very much and so that it now and so it. We didn't even talk about you know these are the questions I mean this is this is very free plumbing have a few things a wanna. Askew but just really want this to be organic. And because when you tell your story guaranteed. You're going to be tell the story of of of a lot of our listeners and so I just want them duck to understand you know your situation. And then kind of debt debt that point that was the breaking point of OK now it's it's time to consider moving to his senior care community so just kind of go from their cell going just kind he explained the situation with your mom. On my mom. Was living in independently angering Pella Iowa in fact. A year ago I mock her three wheeled bicycle to ride around town. So is she was doing pretty well sure. Had her forgetful moments but on the whole it was she was doing okay and she has you miss the memory loss yes she has memory loss via. And we had an event in November when she. It was evident that she should not be driving. And I managed to get her to come down to stay with me during the holidays and just basic like captor. And so she had been with me for our part quite some time. And yeah she she came down for the holidays this last yes just yet New Year's and Christmas and all that yes yes yup and probably the last three years she is Beirut. Back and forth so staying with me. More than she would probably Internet via via okay but we aren't getting along just fine. Honestly most of the things that happen in life. I had just put in perspective that likes gonna go longer it's no big deal this is a big deal yet and yet. Finding the right place for her it became apparent that we needed to make a change I could not. Continue with my work and do the things that. And provide her with the care that she needed it and you're in so at one of the quit one of the questions that I wanted to ask you about was he. How hard was it to step away from the role as her daughter. In this step into the role as her caregiver. That's very hard and the role seemed to float back and forth okay see you if you switch and inept. It indyk caregiver from daughter in appear in the carryover. It's a little bit of a role reversal so your talent your mom what to do what she cannot do. And in the end and that doesn't go over so well sometimes through now she is a very strong independent woman yet embraced me as a strong independent woman so occasionally their work and and budding out. Donna Leon. And it was as difficult just knowing what the future probably would bring. So that you called me and and we had an appointment you referred. How did you hear about senior care I am it was a friend of mine who also sells real stay hot and to. She had. Mentioned that she knew about you and your town so we just we connected over coffee. Yup and would you would call me first. The end we were going to meet in the near mama's having kind of a bad afternoon. And you said hey rep let me get back with you. In the concerned wise you hit you're a busy real say your realtor. And you had a convention that you wanted to go to. And then decided that this is the not a good idea for me to leave and so. You mr. convention and he stayed home and get near the caregiver for your mom. Yes yes I'll hop and in and then fast forward just a little ways and and you called saint OK it's it's time when community. Absolutely and even when I canceled my meaning I knew that we would meet again I just news that. It wasn't a good day tempering her and Yahoo! have gathered bring you into meat. Her right and yeah absolutely so okay I'm in the end we we had a meeting. We had a meeting at that meeting you ask me. Allow. Us yadda structured interview and asked questions and we identified what. I was looking for a facility while my mother's needs a war and it was a very organized process and I appreciated that. And I call that the care profile sewer building step by step very detailed description of exactly what we need. Absolutely and so. Then UN backed with the care profile requirements. And researched the facilities and came back with some recommendations. And I'm believe he came back with bore and we eliminated one. Right away just because of location. So the little bit out of my. Radius. And town and that's how we visited the three places I moved. I went home and on the matter who made a decision. And told my mother what was happening. Hoop. Okay and that's always tough so when we went to the top three and out there and then I was kind of I was torn between our our third place in the and we talked about it. And he said well be due to the distance you know let's make this place or third place. So we toured all three we did interview them asked a lot of questions gather information. And then I got to summary report back to you and then that you ended up choosing a place that. Was so what was really really good fit. So it is a good fit. Or her and it's been. It's been helpful to me as we've gone through this process to note that there was ever rational process and it wasn't an emotional decision. There wasn't a decision based on the fact that someone was trying to sell me something. I had. The big guns let her senate that couldn't answer questions and ask questions which is probably more important. I chose a an organization that is a start up organization. It just was opening a brand new place that hat and that has it's pluses and minuses. So we. But over wrought they listen and have been very happy with ya absolutely so. So Lee in that in the next segment let's say continue. That conversation and then not and then wal will shift gears and visit with our route with our next guests and then at the end maybe we can all just kind of talked about some stuff together so so don't go away we'll be right back. This is a special episode a senior care line. They were celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of senior care consulting stay tuned we'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network in today were celebrating a special. The citi's senior care lie we're celebrating the fifteenth anniversary. Of my firm's senior care consulting so thanks so much for being here today for more information about the services offered on this program. And how we can help you and your family here's our toll free number you can Colin any time you'd like. 1803316445. Again. 1803316445. And also don't forget if you miss an episode a senior care alliance in year or maybe you wanna share of the program. With your friends or was someone else or maybe just wanna listen to and again. At no worries in all due to senior care live dot com click on the podcast tab and then there you'll find all of the previously aired episodes. Click on the play button in the room you are in and we had tons and tons of people. From all over the country as well as locally listen to the podcast so feel free to help yourself right back to my special guest. And leave Diaw and in Lee is a real -- she was caring for her mom. She was struggling with the role of changing role of daughter to caregiver caregiver to daughter it to end at some point here recently it was time to move. We were able to work together identifier top three she chose one of the top three. In itself how did it go after you got her moved into that. That's tough you're like okay I'm not sure how we're gonna go from my house to this really nice place brand new place beautiful place but once she got her there how how to Nikko. Yeah there there was definitely a transition which I wouldn't expect that your cheat. Up until a few years ago is living on eighty acres alone. So now says she is that's in giant treats its fee really had a lot of time adjusting to do. Overall she was adjusting very well she made new friends she liked the activity director of the staff there's been great. Very caring and knowledgeable and everything was going well and I thank great acting just focus on get rid of the stuff right right behind the told downsize things. It's selling nabbed their home in. And and everything up. Right right and then something happened something happened yes removed her hand on May fifteenth and on July. Twelfth. She left the facility. Took two months later in she does have memory loss and cognitive impairment. Two months later she wants out the front door to go visit. Someone and I'm saying that in quotes because we're not sure who it knife at the Metcalf. And and in meet you can't do that before I have to walk across highways and that's not match in the in the summertime and not a bad idea. You know since she has to transition from so all of a sudden and she's an element risque and they Feld is probably more safe for her to be a memory care so this is part of her planned. Since we have general care assisted living and then we've got the memory care. If and when needed later on that later on came way sooner than expected it did and that was a real sharp decline I expected a gradual slope up I sort of expected to go down the bunny hill towards dementia and instead we're on double black diamonds oh boy not shareware or call it. Yup yup it's in sometimes that happens. It can but but again part of our plan was you know we we've got memory care available if and when needed and so working through the transition there and it sounds like the staff is is working with you one meal so she she made friends in general cares she's in memory care so just have to get this worked out. In his sails as sounds like it's going pretty well Betty it's another transition. It is another transition and of course. The rules from. To keep them safe. And memory care are they have less independence and I offered essentially the strong independent woman that that's a tough thing for her that's another that's another transition. Well so leave so one of the attractions to his senior care consulting was just the time savings. In adjusted to get you through this whole thing Indio for five hours a day and that's that's because jury a busy. Real estate professional. In so you don't know where do you work and how can people contact you if they're interested in and in that reaching out to Lee deal to sell a home. Well I'm always available Utley at Lee Deo dot com LV aids. At LE a DEO dot com not work with Keller williams' legacy partners and and a lot of my business has always been senior. Transitions and downsizing yeah I thought I was an expert until I experienced at it and now you are because you went trial by firing yes. Yes it does give you a lot more empathy. Than you ever. Realized that you would have it in now you you have that personal experience and so when someone says don't care for my mom we need to sell a house. You know what they're talking about. Absolutely and I was blessed because I didn't need to sell the house before I can make a transition and sometimes people do need to do that it's so. They hear your situation a little easier on that part of the transition but. The about a lot of people be debts they have to sell it as they transition in May need the money to pay for the care and India say he it's it's more difficult so I think this just. And in. You don't wanna get to education this way bigamy you had hands on. Experience I think that made you a much better. Not a better real sure and more effective realtor understanding what people are going to elect me and that. Our communicators and more much more understanding of the situation. Selling a home is always in emotional experience this is a even a much more emotional experience south. I won't say I'm grateful for the experience right I well. I will apply the knowledge absolutely absolutely true. Lee at lead Deo dot com if you're looking forward to an excellent realtor called Lee and chi can take good care of him. All right Kevin Lee won't come back to see here an amendment that column would like to introduce my next guests Ed and Jerry asks a bond. Ed Gerri thanks for being here today I really appreciate it. Thank you Steve for invite this. Yes thank you very much all right so and so we worked together in this was. Four on behalf of your mom. And I just to tell us a little bit about your mom situation. And it and then wal kind of move forward from there. Well my mom was in her ninety's early ninety's is in her ninety's yup and had for the last five years at her own assisted living apartment. We knew that eventually we might are would have to look at. Skilled nursing facility and possibly something went. Dementia or memory care. No idea it would happened so quickly although it took was one injury once all. And that. We were right there looking at needing to do this and am. And rather quick time and trying to do it ourselves we consider ourselves my wife and I to be very analytical. We knew this is going to happen. But. Trying to trend transverse. All the different facilities and talked to the different was. Why are concerned that we're getting getting different information in hand even though they may have looked. We really didn't quite understand looked like they were trying to sell it to us as opposed to what. My mother's knees would be that became pretty obvious to us shortly after we wiest. Look at a couple facilities. Your name was give contest by my sanity. Internet search and he was pretty impressed with them when you read. It didn't take long after meeting you face to face or realize that there. You explain things well amount in common language that. This is probably going to be the best route. In the and you have some sisters involved in the air from out of state saw yes my mother has eight children. And number five. So with six sisters back in the it is. Quite the interesting. And he said he he he said you know we want to move forward that you know my sisters and have questions. And end. It and and may have some differences of opinion but we're all on the same page we all want the best. For our mom and then we're trusting you Steve to help us iconic kind of guys who got to end up. With the the best place for for my MO. Yes here your insight in the industry. The way you explained which you're going to be doing definitely convinced us. That tell what you were doing you're actually working as opposed to facility. Trying to. Make my mother fit into way. They won it your program they had their program and it could mean a lot more sense to this to go to your program. Could we can definitely telling you are now or to make the money you were to help us and that means that needs a very comfortable man that's. Feel very secure in the first on and it's. Grade I I've I appreciate that in so there we we out we got back together and it's we've not built our care profile. Yes and we had it just log all the all the questions right so you leave just kind of mention it but. Tons of questions and and at that went down went really well didn't take too long it was just. Tons of questions it was the right question to obviously you were. Concern want me to find out what needs another war. But few questions we got from the other facilities we toured I was more gears done. I. What they could hear it as opposed to what the needs and what they offered vs what your mom needed yes. I'm so okay and it in your right so they they care profile if it. So when I started this with my own grandparents I took out a yellow pad and I set I wanna see this in this in this. We need to talk about this in this in this Enron I wanna know how do you handle this if I had eight or nine you know big solid questions that I had to know about ahead understand feel comfortable. Well I built. I that as a base I started with that and then all of these other things have been added over the last fifteen years. It in so it is really ends up within a perfect exact detailed description. The knew exactly. What your mom needs for her situation for your needs the right level of care type of care. Payment methods I mean that's a big part of the equation any location that's always a big part of the quick the equation. In any personal preferences and needs so so bad in cherry right after the break we'll continue this. This I conversation on how everything I went in through that transition and that an in she was not going from home. To a long term care facility but from assisted living she had a fall she went to rehab and. Then went to long term care cell right after the break let's pick up that story great where we left off for listeners thanks for being here we'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to a special episode of senior care life. Right here on the senior care broadcasting network. Today we're celebrating the fifteenth. Anniversary of my firm's senior care. Consulting and just thanks so much for being here. It just they're really means a lot to me. If you want more information about the services offered on the programmer how we can help you and your family can always color toll free number at any time 1800. 33164451800. 33164. 45. Shactman special guest today Ed in Jerry Esteban and an episode here your mom was and and assisted living community doing fine there. But but she was her level her needs were really starting to escalate so I think it sound like you heard he. You were kind of matching out there I think. Yeah we knew that he eventually she was going to be needing more care can be given that you aren't expecting it happened so quickly yeah. All took was one injury for a fiscally one hour. It wasn't. Something that we can do currently paste it happened. And so that the fault was kind of the the trigger. Is she went to rehab is very clear is that going back to assisted living just was not going to work and so your son I did a Google search. Sam Cahill senior care consulting we are able to meet. We move forward we developed our care profile I researched the marketplace identified our top. Three communities that most closely met our needs as. Directed by that care profile. And then we went out and toured all three places. And I and then one of your sisters from California flew in with her husband. End all this went together. Yes. It it became important as that we find the best possible care of this facility my mom. The facilities that I had tour prior to talk you into this. Facilities use it force. It was pretty obvious that they were catering to me. Our human life. Did in the places you look at beef right out on your own prior to senior care consult and I was I was impressed bile that it quite frankly all it took was a discussion with you about. What the needs of my mom would be vs how impressed I was with a Chinese. Kept him machine adding. That my mom would never use ya ya and I'll be I'll confess I was thinking this in some of these facilities. Ill. But when you stop and look at what they need to guard here parent person and I'm facility for. If you'd you can look a little bit deeper. Even the terminology that they were using was pretty confusing as it would mean different things at different facilities. The way you explained it in plain language the education you gate as helpless to. Better America actually educated is in. Order. It in housing. On for now it's going very well it's going so well and I went on I'm gonna start volunteering there. Can she can tell that they care and level of love there you for the people really makes it. It in this particular place is very very highly trained on carrying. For a resonance with alzheimer's dementia in some of the other cognitive impairments yes. In so so she is cells that she's getting great care there and it's going so well Jerry can and even volunteers yes I know so that's that's that's that's sex I mean that there really says a lot. And I am I'm just an and it's and it's been my honor to have you're an ad in leak. Here today Tenet to celebrate. Do the fifteenth anniversary. And it I just I wanna shift gears a little bit you know move the business model for senior care consulting when I first started this out. I sighed in that immediate it just is very straightforward. You know that it's a flat fee for service model. Our clients three teams senior care consulting just like you've retained an attorney or tax accountant or any other professional provider that helps you through a process. So we worked directly for you we represent you and your family we work in your best interest. In to receive reimbursement from a provider in my opinion is just a complete conflict of interest and trust me when when I first started senior care consulting. They were all trying to throw lots and lots of money. That means that you don't pay wall will pay a 2500 dollars will pay you 15100 bucks. You will pay you five grand for your referral some like I don't make referrals. And and data cow look at me kind of funny bit and it and they say well. What would it take to get to be on the top of your list and I civil I don't have a list at a database. It and they just looked at me like I was from outer space they didn't they do not get this. And I I said you know I I appreciates. The offer I really do but that does not work with my business model. And and they offered money for years and I they've all got tired of offering it because they knew I was serious and and I and I never took a penny. Never did never will this is not gonna happen. So it literally never crossed mine mine to. To receive reimbursement from any facility and that is the God's honest truth I I'd I'd just my brain does not think that way. It's I type I'm more I'm a pro consumer consumer advocate. Do the right thing. Does this how I'm wired I was never wired to receive any of the kickbacks but. You you have all three. Actually had some experience before we met. With some of the free were. Rural services. Yes absolutely. And I might just and I served. On the heartland. Widowed persons board and as such. A member of that board I have contacts with hospice people and. And different facilities and one of the comments that was made to me an important meaningless. Oh you're using Steve speaker nobody can buy him off. Not really absolute right we'll definitely complements an ever heard I thought. Enjoy that. It people's needs I thought I knew what I was doing. There's a lot of pressure there is a lot of interest and talking about the marketing hype men and. And. Trying to knew it when you went out looking at some facilities on heroes yes yeah yes and I quickly decided that that was not something that I wanted to do online locked. On my own I wanted someone. To help navigate and it's has been worth and in terms of time and and satisfaction with the results. Yup and injuring an NEU you had some experience with their free referral service as well. Yes no sooner did we do a Google search then we were starting it phone calls almost immediately I would be in the hospital. And recovery. Alan beginning phone calls me. Knows no more. And that's very emotional. Yeah and India why that is because when when you log onto one of these one of these free referral services you contacted the two largest ones. At what they do is they take your information they blasted out to fifteen or twenty places. And then you have hungry salespeople. And it's a race to see who can get to you first in your phone exploded it's exactly how they were. And that's that's exactly what I felt like. I I was impressed with the fact that I had to call you and make. That basically you explained it pretty well force. I think NN. The fact that you know you answered on Sunday we've just got to leave a message you answered them when. I don't even on the Sunday I think it was right have to turn. Answer right away and that you know and made us feel like you hit this person who really cares and with such an emotional this is a lost in so emotional. Yeah up and down ride to its list. It will we were looking trying to take her out of work was glad she was in rehab. Another one and in taking her. We just. Thanks let Walt leaf. He and two edge in Gerri thanks so much for being here today I really appreciate ya. This coming on air and to share your stories and this is thanks much for help me celebrate. Congratulations. Fifteen years place at least release an amen absolutely. It's so I just wanted to thank everyone who's just been so supportive. Over all of these years and again god willing we'll heaven for the fifteen years. And god willing self it's everyone listening again thanks for being here. I'm your host Steve keep your and I wish you. Greece in peace. May god bless you and your family on this day and always. I'll see you next week right here on senior care lies.