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Saturday, August 4th

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Are you caring for aging parents. Are you searching for answers are welcome senior care life. Program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Best caregiver you can be. I'm your host Steve eager. Hello and welcome to senior care lives I'm Steve keeper president of senior care consulting. Thanks for listening today I really appreciate it. Thousands of people tune in to senior care lives to learn about information education and resources for seniors. And their caregivers. You have made this program right here senior care life the most listen to AM talk radio show in Kansas City. On the weekends. And there are multiple ways you can hear the program you may be listening to the radio right now he could be streaming this on liner possibly listening to a podcast after the fact. But anyway about it I just wanna think you against so much for being here today you are appreciated. You can reach us on our toll free number at any time that's 1803310. 6445. Again 1800. 3316445. Or visit online senior care lion that's L I VE. Senior care lives dot com. And without further delay would like to introduce. Mr. David wiley he's the president and CEO. Of just a fantastic. Organization. Here in town Kansas City hospice in tight and if care and David. Welcome to see your care life thanks C glad to be here and excited about talk with you today. Absolutely absolutely so let's. First of all let me just. Give via the contact information. For those listening you wanna you wanna write this down because we're gonna get into a lot of good hospice information today. I've been if you like to reach out to Kansas City hospice and palliative care it's 816. 3632600. Or online at Casey hospice dot org. So Ari did so. I understand we we have something in common unfortunately with we both had a personal experience. With using a hospice service adopt but the hospice service was the the real positive side of things that tell us your story sir. You know Steve. I've had 22 deaths in my family personally my and both my parents can't and they've really shaped a bit about how. I have thought about. I'm hospice care and end of life care and so I'm it's really been a real jump off point for me to be part of this wonderful organization absolutely. Absolutely so like you mentioned kind of off might debt that when your father passed fewer you were pretty young. In that you didn't have a hospice service. Involved bit with your mother's a different story correct Yamaichi my dad died at home. When I was just nineteen years old hand that's young its job for you refer are for it for the kids you know it's it's it's young it. Forced me to grow up quickly ha ha yeah I'm up. But also. It was allowed me to experience you know death and a different way compared to my mom she died actually at the Kansas City hospice house okay up in the in the fall of about 2011. And done. Brinkley it was an incredible experience. So now do. OK so I'm I'm probably jumping ahead I know you were one to cover a lot of information your button. So let's talk about hospice. And and oh where it's a US and hospice house. So it is is past this it at your house this house or camp hospice services being provided and other locations anywhere you're at your. You know we offer hospice care anywhere that you call home whether that's in a house. In an apartment or you know skilled nursing facility or an assisted living facility so can wherever I am individuals called her home we've can provide hospice and end of life care. In so Kansas City justice can go to where you are wherever that may be we're. Where you call home. In deliver the services as well as the hospice house in that wears hero wears a hospice Casey hospice house located. I'm the Kansas City house this house is located at a 120 and moral road OK and so we service. You know southern Kansas City. I'm from that location in terms with those with patience that. You know how have a high intensity need at the end of life. We also have a a hospice house in north Kansas city hospital color nor care hospice house okay all right and that's in the hospital it's inside the hospital yet on the second floor and now. It's a beautiful setting off a four we we serve people in the north plan there OK all right very good at the end I have heard nothing but great. Great. Positive comments. It in and look it's a tough time but I've I've known a lot of people. You have experienced the death of a loved one loved one and they were at the Kansas City hospice house and they. They cannot they're just. Overboard with. Complimentary. Comments about staff and just just how wonderful. And that they made it really difficult experience a but he admitted that it was also a beautiful experience just because of the support. And the love from the staff there thank you Steve. You know it is a unique setting that allows us to. Care for people. And I would agree Q just from personal experience the staff. Are amazing there and they're very focused on not only on the patient but on the family to ensure that that is an incredible experience. We've been open air we are the first hospice house. And open to in 2006. Men and we've actually cared for about 121000 people com I'm she wow that's incredible when that is incredible. Yeah in some are past discussions you've mentioned a a good death threat quote and quote that what do you mean by. You know. I think a bit death is is went up when it's fun a person's own terms. I'm free of distress pain free I'm you know in a dignified a manner that's supported during that journey. And notes most cases you know it's obviously a very unique experience based on that person and their life experiences. Most people obviously wanna be at peace. Some people want to forget them. Some people want to be forgiven. And really have a chance. To be loved and also expressing their love them for those that are important to them. That you eat you settle lot. Right here what one of the things that you mentioned about forgive and be forgiven when I just reminded me of just a really powerful. Testimony from from my church this last weekend. Where a young man grew up in home and his dad was. Particularly. Abusive in India it was a it was a rough while and but later line he said you know I don't forget this is no one time thing it's this is a process. And I'm getting I'm getting good response tell the story back. I mean he's set I saw just decided to think you know what though there were some positive things and I've I've put him in a letter my send some my dad is dad. Received at city didn't feel worthy of their but he he really appreciated that they really started healing process is death are doing well so. I just that that's something this is huge shift at the end of life. At that end of life that is is really freeing it in liberating like you said. Death on your own terms absolutely absolutely so so how would you describe to work do you do. Well you know it's not easy to describe. But basically we do three things and we've touched on at first you know we assist people. Who were are going through the dying process. Helping them find their best way of dying. And this means that we're managing their symptoms during that time period so that they're not in pain. I'm Andy really can focus on every aspect of living. And entering that that the amount of time that they have left. And it's also important to know that we help the people that are. You know that are around meant. Help the people in in their last months of life a lot of times people feel like you know hospice is just the remaining days. We hear from people over and over again that they come onto our service. And they really wish that they had come on sooner because they're surrounded by incredible support. Hand it it allows their loved ones to get the most benefit from our care. All right all right end up Alitalia. You say another thing it hit home yeah for me. With with my dad he died in 97 esophageal cancer. And that was so something is kind of before your premise and and and the whole awareness of south Jill of the issues but due to answer reflexively but south. We eat what we were their forget we did everything that we could and then we call Haas this it kind of toward the end of his journey. And so I didn't frankly I didn't really understand it in. I I realized too late that I I wish we would have called a lot sooner because the support was just tremendous. Great and and that again that we hear that over and over thrown up some family because. I'm you know we we helped them care for patients but or their loved ones but. You know it allows them to really get prepared. And to understand. You know what's life going to be like. I'm after the death and that's an important part of of the grieving process. I'm in the prevent process so we wanna help people be prepared. And I I don't think that families. Realize how much supports. Is there obviously for the individual who is the is in in in their journey and and that the end of life faze her period. I don't think families understand how much support is available for the feeling unit all the caregivers and the spouse in the siblings in the extended family. Just tremendous amount of of support. So when you think of hospice services it's not only for that individual is for that entire. Family and if you wanna reach out to you what in my opinion is is the best hospice and palliative care organization and definitely reach out to Kansas City hospice and palliative care and if if if you don't need this right now if you're thinking about it if you just wonder if you qualify just write this phone number down 816363. 2600. That's Kansas City hospice. And palliative care 816. 3632600. Can also go online at Casey hospice dot org. That's KC. Hospice. Dot org and David right after the break let's let's continue your conversation sounds great. All right the first let's not forget. About the senior care live question of the week. And this one I think is gonna surprise some folks how many hospice providers are there. Available in the Kansas City area. 812. Eighteen. Seats twenty eighths or. 36 what's your answer. I'll have the answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior cure broadcasting network. For more information go to services offered on this program. And how we can help you in your family be sure to color summer toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. Again 180331. 6445. The forget you can stream this program to any electronic device very easy go to senior care lives dot com. And click on the big microphone not right there on the home page of the listen live button. Given a few seconds to connects and EU are in new stream street to your phone your tablet computer whatever you have in it is really that simple. Right back to the senior care live question of the week. How many hospice providers. Are there in the Kansas City area so how many hospice providers are there available. To choose from so we have 812. Beat nineteen. Seat twenty eights were 36. In the answer is. T the answer is indeed there are 36. Hospice providers to choose from but David we were talking off Mike and you had kind of an interesting concept about the word hospice. Sure I'm you know hospice. It is some. In terms of the number of hospices in Kansas City and yet you know 36. It's it's a significant number because sometimes when people. Tell me that they that they love hospice and they were thankful that the apparent terror irks a loved one was cared for. On day. I'll ask so what which hospice did you use and they'll say. Well I used to host a U soft ice at. No yeah so I'm actually. A lot of people don't realize that there's so many in the community up. Absolutely absolutely and again it if this is hitting home with this is resonating. With with you our listeners. I would encourage you strongly encourage you just reach out. To David wiley in his just his wonderful team I'm speaking with David wiley he's the president and CEO. If Kansas City hospice and palliative care you can reach David or someone on his team there it's a great organization 816. 3632600. Or online at TC hospice dot org. India so David in your title it's hospice and palliative care. What is the difference between hospice and palliative care. It's a great question Steve because we are hearing that term palliative care and more frequently I'm. Not only locally but but nationally so to Paoli eight means to make comfortable. By treating a person's you know symptoms from an illness and the goals of palliative care are really two. Improve the quality of life of serious ill people. And to support that person and their family during treatment. The important part I think from a broad terms for perspective is that Pallet Madison is really appropriate for. Patients in all disease stages so regardless of where you are you may be you know seeking curative treatment and pursuing aggressive treatment I'm that comfort care. I'm can be applied really take any any stage of entitlements okay. All right all right very good. So will and I'll guarantee aware we cut some folks off guard. 36. Hospice providers have him down that's a lot I mean it's it's not that big of a city area but let's not too many two and half million in. Now this is this broadcast I would say it goes to the extended. Metro area so covers quite a few more than happy but they have that's a lot of hospice providers so how do you find. A good hospice program the right hospice program. Four re your own personal and unique situation. Yeah I think it's an important question you know many times. People and their families are referred. Hospice through their physician yup but also they know people may be friends or other family members and and so people are making recommendations to others. I'm but you know with 36 providers in the city and it's actually. There's a lot has to look at and she's from. I'm so you know our website we have of a variety of different leagues one of the links that we provide our website is actually. An article. I am in consumer reports that okay that talks about who what is a guy it's a guide to end of life and they provide six things. To about finding the right hospice for you okay. So one of them is I'm. Is it a nonprofit hospice and do they have more than twenty years of experience okay. And so I think what that really gets to you is the motives behind the organization. And I'm you know are they nonprofit or a date for profit. And so why are they in business and it also speaks of course of their level of experience. I'm Kansas City house this is he sees original hospice. I'm we're leader in end of life care and that we've been doing this for 38 years so that's a long time now. 38 years and and while that says a lot I think the key is that I'm we've really been an interview innovator in the region. Perfect perfect in the number two. Our hospice physicians on staff out I think that also speaks to beat. Indicator of the size of the program and and honestly the depth of the experience. I'm so for example cancer hospice and Pallet of care. We do employ physicians that are board certified in hospice and Pallet of medicine and I'm you know they're experts in the field they're they're dedicated to working with our teams. There they work with the community and down now so they're committed to not only patients by their families and we do have positions that are available 24 hours today OK and then is the hospice Medicare certified. No being Medicare certified means that I'm we're required to follow. I'm strict Medicare guidelines and regulations and rules which is important to ensure that we're maintaining the highest level of standards. I am but this is important because if if the person is coming on is planning to use their Medicare or their Medicaid benefit. And can't see how this we've been certified since 1984. All right all right excellent and then. Palliative care palliative that's a hard words cannot exclude. Palliative care consultants. Who can begin care if you're not yet ready for hospice. And we just describe Dino the definition palliative care about. I'm before people are ready for hospice or they elect hospice they may may need some additional support and care coming navigating. Now what's going on we have a couple programs that that fall under that they're not cost as their their palate of care once called advanced illness support. And the other is I'm a Pallet of home health model and it really doesn't these programs don't replace your doctors. Or your treatments. They're already doing it's just an app extra layer of care and I think I'm having something upstream. From hospice can be real helpful. Okay and then your ability to provide care in nursing homes and assisted living. Communities that we just need to be able to provide care and in receive care wherever we left. All right and in the last points from the consumer reports guide which is I think a great list of six. In inpatient unit where patients can go symptoms can be managed at home and I debts debts I think a real critical piece here it is a critical piece because. If it can be a difficult process. And can't see house this we have to hospice house is the Kansas City hospice house. That's in south Kansas City. And then the north care hospice house located inside north Kansas city hospital and these these plate locations are really. Patients that need an extra level of care and support. And we can achieve that some support in these two hostile toughness. Excellent excellent David Wylie president and CEO. That's Kansas City hospice and palliative care into David go ahead and give us your right your contact information again sir. Our phone number is 8163632600. Or online at Casey hospice dot org. All right and I know you have a number of fundraising events throughout the year end some specific programs sigh I can't wait to have you back on the program. In them at the end of the coming months and over and a partner up together. Forcing continuing education events will have a whole lot more to talk about I think your first ones coming up in November's absolutely we're looking forward to that November events and education event. And really important partner. All right thanks for being here today David thank you and all right I'll have more right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services suffered on the. Program and how we can help you in your family color toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445180331. 6445. They don't forget if you ever miss an episode of senior Carolina may be wanna share the program with a friend or someone else on May be one just go back in. And in listened to it again no worries and all that's exactly what a podcasts is four to go to senior care live dot com we have the podcast tab. And that's where you'll find all of the previously aired episodes in I've learned from several. Listeners. They said hey I subscribe to your podcast broadcast it and is so it's it's basically a subscription and every time a new wind comes up. I do and it's available for them and they said that they listened to the program driving to and from work and that's how they're able to kind of multicast can get there there information in. And is so that's that's a pretty cool use of that if you can't set to an end. Saturday's eleven so feel free and help yourself to do with with the podcasts. As you wish. Just like to I think again my special guest today mr. David wiley again he's the president and CEO of Kansas City hospice and palliative care. And and first of all what a great guy and what a great organization. He had you heard it you heard from him Kansas City house this. Is the Kansas city's original hospice provider I've been around for a very what thirty some years you say 3638 years. They're very long time they also have the keys to city hospice house. On that weren't on then now one up north. And so. I'll tell you what kids of the house to sell assets are very very special place I've heard from personal friends of mine how all. It's such it's a bit difficult to say it's a difficult situation is is the understatement of the century. But they said that they dismayed I just a really really tough time of in their lives. The justice. Act actually. Joyful and in a blessing if you can believe that the city dismayed is so much better than if they if they. Would've been their cell definitely reach out to Kansas City hospice and palliative care 8163632600. Or online at Casey hospice. Dot org. And duck and they do you have you know the information on their website great information tons of information there on the website know how to choose the right. Hospice provider holy cow 36. Hospice providers. In the KC metro area I'll tell you like you can just skip all that you can call my friends it as Casey hospice and palliative care and they'll do a great job. Don't make the state and the mistake that. Myself and my family made. With my dad I wish we would have referred to hospice must but sooner than we did. So I am in hospices about it living in your life it would to the highest quality of life possible. In and get the most out of your life. And in so why is just and it's wonderful support for the entire Fam I just can't I can go on and talking about this for days but I. Can't city hospice and palliative care he went six. 3632600. All right so all summer long I have. Had so many people. Approached me in person. Ask me amid public presentations that I make I make this made it a great presentation to integrate. A group of fine gentleman. This past week end I just really really well received. About a month ago I made a presentation for a couple hundred. Staff then. And executives and employees at a large me a major corporation here in Kansas City site that I've been. I receive phone calls emails. Steve. When should we consider. Moving mom. Into his senior care community when we're we're really struggling at home with my dad we're doing our very best bit. And I think we're losing the battle and I think it's time to start thinking about depth and I don't know. Wind she did you think about moving we don't wanna move to sin we don't wanna move too late we're trying to get this right. And I'll tell you that's by far and away. The number one question that I have had over the last almost sixteen years her senior care consulting. When do you make the move now sometimes. It's pretty obvious you know there's an accident something happened unexpectedly years just really really obvious but. More often than not weighed more often in knots. It's it's just it's it is not apparently out so I always say. Error on the side of moving to sit and so if you can be proactive. The move a little sooner than you think you might need to move. I would much rather be on that site and it did and how well we should have moved two months ago. Let me we need to get this done because. A lot of damage can occur harm could occur. Safety issues at setter a cell so be proactive if at all. Possible I'm working with a lot of clients right now who are being proactive Steve. We're not in a crisis situation. We listen to your program every week we hear you loudly and clearly when you say get out ahead in this. We conceive that our ability. Tim help our mom or our dad. Is so it is really coming to an end here. And we're not able to keep up or around we we're getting really worn out where. I've heard this many times Steve. I'm no spring chicken. Kits I'm getting tired there there is a limit to my make capabilities here and I know. I'm getting there so we wanted to speak out ahead of this. We want to research the market. We wanna work with senior care consulting and we want to know our options if there's a waiting list as some of the best places for us. We have the luxury of being able to wait out the wait list tonight I'm working with the feeling right now. And they say this place is available. I say end it you know October November where we can kind of get moved in a little ahead of the holidays that's great if not. No worries and all will just double hunker down over the winner. And that will move mom in the springtime so we have that flexibility if he can do something like that that's an ideal situation. If it's something occurred unexpectedly. You have to move quickly we can help you with that as well be if you if you want help if you wanna know more. About senior care consulting in the placement services that we offer just give me a call at 913945. 2800 that's 9139452800. Also go online at senior care consulting net. Dot com to learn more about our services. But silly answer the question went to consider moving from your home. Two senior care community and I think there are some things that should trigger that conversation the number one. When it is no longer safe. You live at home so there's there's a safety issue. And then the safety issues can come in in many different forms but some pretty obvious some not. As obvious as you might think. So. I always remember one of my very first clients what a way what this is reaching way back in like 2003. Her mother had fallen victim to financial abuse and there are some. Some bad person. Going through some the neighborhood some of the streets and areas over in the Prairie Village areas after a storm some limbs were down that sort of thing and knocked on the door mayhem. You know your your roof was damaged in the storm that was quite a storm holiest of months. Into Myanmar boys will be here working on a lot of the rules say it and your neighbors and if you like we can we can work yours and is well. And and got her all flustered and she had memory issues very very trusting strangers she wrote this guy checks for. I think a couple thousand dollars portico for materials and then wall finish up in subtle up when we finish of course she never saw the guy again. And so for victims of falling victim the financial abuse as a major safety issue on with financial issue. Leaving your stove top burners on this one. Is maybe the most common one at least that I've heard of it it can be electric or gas. So and he just he can't have that again a lot of times that will come along with cognitive impairment but. He he obviously it's major fire issue but it's also really easy when that take care of CU can unplug this day arranged. If I end of and if if it's electric. You can flip the breaker if it's electric you can turn the gas soft but to the gas stove and oven if its gas fired so. That's a pretty easy one to take care but it is a major safety issue wondering away and can't find your way back home. While this is happening more and more and more frequently. Among FaceBook all the time every time I see what's called the silver alert which is say in missing. Elderly person who has so gone missing and and they've they've wandered away from their home. And who knows where they are. They you know they. They may be driving to where they think his home and they end up in another state. You hear all the different stories some of these stories. And tragically many of them into great and that they you know Kate. They were able to find the person but when you hear a silver silver alert that's what that is. Major safety issue. Not taking your medications on time or maybe not taking your medications at all. That is is not so not right at the top the list can maybe a little bit hard to see but that's. I had thought about that you are not taking your medicine. Properly. Not on time not at all maybe a double dose of something that is a major major. Safety issue. And you know sometimes. I have to think about some of some of my medications and it went to take them. So it's really easy to kind of mess that went out especially when you're in your baby and 70s80s and ninety's I injuries at home frequent falls. Yup multiple hospitalizations. Over the recent recent past. All of those sort of things fall into that category. Of when it's no longer safe to live at home we have some safety concerns and issues. That is the number one reason. That should trigger that conversation if considering. Moving from her home to senior care community may be independent living assisted living long term care. May or may not involved memory care if you have questions about cat if you are interested in learning more about. Senior care consulting. And how to work through these issues 9139452800. Have a whole lot more on this topic right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting that. Worked for more information about the service is offered on this program and how we can help you and your family. He sure reaches set our whole free number and you can call this number any time nights weekends. Anytime you'd like real people do answer the phone it's 1800. 3316445180331. 6445. We've switched gears here who's talking about when to consider moving from your home to a senior care community in the first thing that might trigger that conversation. Would be concerns about safety related issues in your home. But a very close number two and I would call this a very close. Number two is when their caregivers health. Begins to decline. Well how many times have I seen this. And by health they're different types of health so this it's a little more involved so you have your mental health you're emotional health. Or spiritual health and of course your physical health. And Soviet lots of different examples of that threat he stressed is just such a very powerful force I'll never forget. This has been several years ago but I. I I received a call from a gentleman Korean War veteran and proud of this country proud of his service. Loved his wife he would care for her and we we she had a stroke can be years before then. She had another stroke she was much worse off this time. Any and he was. Providing her care and and he was quite a character to how but he he he called me out then. It's a Steve. An infusion Carriker and we have that we had a good conversation everything that but then he got kind of quite since sea Knight. I'm gonna major services to find. Find the care I care community she needed that nursing home long term care level. Can she be a lot of help with her activities of daily living and so forth. And it was just more than he did he can provide at this point. Simply need your help to find I'm in nursing home for my wife. And then not and then I'm out here. And I said. OK well where he going. There's I tell you meant you maybe take a vacation or something can get a break clears head in the end he he said. Steve I I need. Your help. To find a nursing home for my wife and then. It is the way said it. I'm out here. And I realize what he was saying. In the chill just went down my spine and I'm like. Oh my gosh. This man is in big big big trouble here. Clearly. His mental and emotional health. We're way past chopped. It and he was I mean he was tired in all ways that you can be tired and in beyond tired. And to the point where he just didn't wanna be here anymore. When I realized that. The senate okay sir I I I appreciate it I do appreciated. Let me let me shine some light on this and tell you how I can help you. And I explained how I can walk you through this process very quickly. And help you find it great plays that they can take care of his wife and I said the what's gonna happen and is your shift your stress is gonna shift a little bits. In distress is not going to be okay now July. Do I believe that these folks are doing a good job. It's a you're going to be watching the care that is provided in once you see that she's receiving great care then you can start to relax a little bit. In slowly you know start to become her husband again not her caregiver. And if you give the staff the chance to do a great job in Chile what a great job they can do. You're gonna you're gonna feel you have this mountain of stress on your shoulders and it's crushing you. It's literally crushing. I think you're gonna start to feel that this just kind of just melts away. Very very quickly. And I'll bet you change your mind in your outlook on this whole situation. Right now it's hard for you deceived because of the stress. Of being a caregiver. This well. Really I mean no I mean can this happen pretty quickly I can start to hear. Some hope in his voice and I think he could see the light at the end of that tunnel so to speak. And and he said well how about stop them by next week and I said how about tomorrow morning. He says oh yeah then be greats. And I met with him I met his wife she was just super nice is wonderful and he was wonderful help them through their situation very quickly. And and that story has a happy ending. But it's that's a that's stress is such a powerful force I've literally heard many times of the caregivers passing away. Before the person they're caring for because. You put them first you put all of your needs on the back burner you skipped your doctor's appointments and your dentist appointments. And you and you don't going for your eye exam and you get no sleep you sleep is interrupted in your sleep deprived. And and I'll tell you what your your own health. Can go south real fast. And you cannot allow this to happen this is counterproductive. The people who passed away before her as a person that they that there caring for you your they're defeating the purpose. Because now they're not here to watch over this person that they love so much. So you know when when we get on you know those two jets and it's it's taxiing to the runway. And they're giving all the instructions on exits and everything what are they always say. In case of turbulence. Your oxygen masks falls from the compartment above you or they always say. Put your mask on first. And then you can help. Others around you with their mask on T have to take care it's a great analogy he's an all time you have to take care of yourself. So that you can care for others so. When this when the caregivers health begins to decline. That should definitely trigger. The conversation and if you're the adult children seeing one of your parents declining quickly trying to care for the other one. You don't let that go on too long seriously need to you need to step the end. And in and try to talk about that and see if you can make some arrangements here. Number three. When the constant in home care becomes too expensive so I'm a huge huge huge fan. Of home care services I think they're fantastic they can extend your state. In your own home and help you remain independent in your own home just indefinitely. I even with you know a few hours a week if I may be a few hours three days a week maybe ten hours a day whatever 24 hours they whatever it is. They can definitely help you stay at home. But if the root if the need it rises to that 24 hour a day liable. It's really really expensive and sometimes it may not be affordable it could be it could just via a financially driven decision. That should trigger that conversation of considering moving from your home to senior care community. The last but not least. When they care that you're providing is just not enough why not consider changing your role. Do you change your role from being the caregiver at the hands on care provider. In the care manager or maybe the care advocate meaning. Find a great place. And then move your loved one to this place a senior care community let them do that heavy lifting. Figuratively and literally. Let them deal with a shower it's the shower time stressed the mealtime stressed. All those sort of things and use it and they're providing the caregiver. So now you can then. Change back to your more traditional role as the loving spouse the loving son the loving daughter in my case the loving grandson. The end so and and it just makes managed care. Make sure your loved one is receiving. Everything that they need to receive. To live a quality. Life. If you're interested in placement services from senior you're consulting I would invite you to give me a call 9139452800. In that we offer free consultation. Can definitely walk through our process and how we can help you. Find the right senior care community for your exact needs. All right well I still can't believe how fast these hours ago is just again it's my honor and privilege to be with you each and every week. I'm your host Steve keeps her and I wish you grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this day and always we'll see you next week. Right here on senior care lies.