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Saturday, August 5th

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Are you caring for an aging parents. Are you searching for answers. Senior care line of program dedicated. Providing information and education and resource. Helping you become the best caregiver you can beat. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care live I'm Steve kicker president's senior care consulting. Thanks so much for tuning in today I really appreciate it and on this program we discuss such important subject matters such as. How do you remain independent in your own home. How do you choose a senior care community. If you should need debt and what should you consider moving to a senior care community. How to pay for the high cost to senior care we review many legal issues such is not elder planning. Excuse me elder lawn estate planning we also discussed how to care for the cure get herself. For listening to us on the radio streaming us online or listening to a podcast after the fact again thanks so much for tuning in. In being here today I really appreciate you if you need help with placement services from my firm's senior care consulting. Or if you wanna learn more about the service is provided by one of our very knowledgeable guests he can reach us on our toll free number at any time 1800. 3316445. Again 1800. 3316445. And don't forget to business sell online at senior care lions LA ZE. Senior care live dot com we've updated the web site were getting a lot of real positive feedback so let us know what you think in Dag and information on there as well. All right so without any delay I wanna jump right in. With my special guest this week doctor Jerry Dirks with crossroads hospice he has up to tie it if care program. Doctor dirt sayings for being here today appreciate it thanks let's Mamas for having me today really excited to be here in. Discuss the gospel of the out of care absolutely absolutely so so doctor you have they just an excellent story in just a short time that we've been here in the studio and I was just left free to share some of that with our listeners about your background and then want to lead the EU to crossroads hospice and palliative care. Oil to it's a great questions I'm a family practice doctor. I grew up in a small town in southeast missourian I grew up working with my grandfather was a pharmacist and always wondered touch people help people and I saw. How he really was able to you help people with their journeys and it. With her disease and health care states into in the life. As I jumped in to medicine and finish residency are really quickly learned that Femi practice it was so difficult to make a living because we had to see so many patients in a game. And we have seen so many patients. Sometimes the patients that needed me the most. Weren't the ones that I saw the most frequently. And so that was a real opportunity for me and crossroads that kind of wished this out of care program it's a very new program within the past 23 years. I've been with crossroads for bouts ten years now as a hospice medical director that really how to care for the past 23. And so with this new program we've been able to really help. And then the sickest of the sick the people that need our help help the most the people need us to hold their hand and help them navigate the complicated. Medical system we have now so. That's why I'm here I'm really excited about the opportunity to. Continue to be impact full two. Excellent in and I think so what if I had to you work rephrase. Everything you just said in a nutshell. Quality over quantity. Correct and immediacy a lot of residents who crossroads but. All right so for example my my wife has an. I just with one physician 35 to forty patients a day and they are all just running their tails off faulty that's that's a lot of that's a lot of patience to see in a single day. Absolutely and there's so many variables that go into people's health care not only either Madison that the financial aspect their social aspect of what do they want. And we do so miss so much to patients and nest sometimes more is that more and let the patient drive their health care is more important than anything else. And so we've really get to understand the patient's values where they wanted to go with their health care and how they wanna get there today and journey. Excellent excellent okay so let's start off doctor Dirk swift 1010. It because I'll guarantee you the most people probably. Haven't even heard determine if they've heard the term they don't understand it what is palliative care great question. So proud of care. Is what does the word Paoli mean. The word tally means to relieve symptoms OK and so if you go to your doctor. And you have a viral bronchitis or eight. Any treats you with some medication for a cough suppressant. He's pell eating your symptoms he's a nice curing you but he's helping you feel better treating the symptom treat the symptoms so that's what the word pal he means. Palliative care is really. Taking care of people symptoms was chronic diseases. So. They were discussing a bit earlier but seven out of ten positions. Cannot tell you this difference between hospice which is truly in the life care and palliative care. Those terms are used so anonymously and and Madison. Even when I was in residency I couldn't distinguish that two bit power if care is a very mom. Is a upstream has type of service that is you know 5251020. Years out from pre mortem. And so really we're trying to help those patients that that are heading that direction with so many health diseases Al states. Gets the help they need at that time so so and we talked about our hospice and we talked about all sorts of a crossroads hospice programs. And and I love the the on the gift of the day by the way. I love that and I am BI I follow crossroads on FaceBook and and eight in and I just see all of these these beautiful stories and I and just it blows me away. And it brings me to tears usually end it in its its phenomenal all end up who was it a country singer I saw what. Was it Tom oh shoot I'm gonna happen on the brake on the left you know FaceBook and was it Dirks or router and only maybe. He's amid have to find out but he made a surprise visit to a crossroads hospice. Patient into surprising heck out of her in the look on her face and like. Oh my gosh you know it it it was just it it was it was awesome so but it's it anyway I'm getting off track half. But it's so so who who can benefit. From from palliative care he ends. In in give us some examples of that. And then. We've this is. Interesting Tynan and medicine and because. A fifty years ago we do live as long and we didn't have as many disease states. Most of us have Warner to disease states hypertension diabetes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Arthritis and so we live with these diseases for a long time. And and really hit it it's helping those patients understand their disease states what their options are what their disease states and to help film. Feel better with older disease states taken everything. Globally and look at the patient holistic glee together and put it together. So I caught kind of old school family practice leaders that we truly take it a responsibility of no in the patient now on what's important to them and no one. What their disease states are and letting them understand what they are taken that information from the cardiologists. From the pulled common knowledge just the oncologists. And given it back to the patients they can understand and make it educated decision on their health care. In an on the ongoing treatment on the armored trimming absolutely. Of the symptoms and in a lot of times I mean if it. The disease may not be you know immediately fatal immediate can live with many. Pretty bad diseases for decades. But he keep the quality of life in you have to look at that. You have to manage the symptoms and that's what does debts or talked about absolutely absolutely OK and so with hospice. Cared that that's just in very very different that is truly end of life so so how how is hospice. In very very specific in in in different than palliative care. I agree question. When I think of hospice and I am I'm teaching my medical students in my residents of runners practitioners. If you think someone's hospice appropriate. You ask yourself do you see that patient here in one year okay Greg. And you know with all the things that are happening do you think they don't live to be here any year. If they're not hospice appropriate most likely okay now. Now what about these really sick patients that you think you're going to be here for a year to five years to ten years. That's Chile what palace cared that niche she sued because they have a lot of disease states. They can't get to their family practice doctor internal medicine doc is this much is they need to. We're kind that gap where an extra set of eyes and ears to help them navigate. There health care journey so it's really yet another layer over and above the current treatment in the current position that you're seeing correct. One of the things that I always get asked is what are you replacing the family practice stock or your place in the primary care gap. Absolutely not. We're trying to work. Side by side with that position to help their home help use. And so if they know what's going on in the home or and then nursing home and assist the living we can be an extra set of eyes and ears. They can better take care of you so we try to partner with the primary care positions. And the family practice internal medicine docs to let them know what's happening with that patient. Okay all right that's excellent and then as far as the insurance coverage it is discovered by a Medicare most insurance. Programs. Absolutely so most people know that hospices in Medicare benefit. And it we are in we don't have a specific benefit undersea MS at this time. So are out of care program. Is really focused on. Any insurance Medicaid Medicare and even insurance and it's billed as an outpatient. Visit OK and so you have a co pay with the sometimes but yes we can take any insurance. All right excellent crossroads hospice reach out. To crossroads hospice it is a fantastic organization. There's so many different programs but some of them are are are just just amazing we we've usually. We we actually we've discussed several of them here on the program including. The palliative care program 8163339200. Crossroads hospice serves the entire metro area and a lot of other metro areas. But so were our focus here's in the Kansas City extended metro area. 816333. 9200. And now the senior care life question of the week hospice and palliative care. Must be delivered in a nursing home. Is this statement true or false the answer. Right after the break you're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care alliance. On the senior cure broadcasting network for more information about the services offered on this program and how we can help you and your family. Color toll free number at any time 1800. 3316445. Operators are always standing by you can come all this phone number literally 24 hours a day any real. Person answers the phone how about that going old school here a senior care life 180331. 6445. Forget you can stream the program to any electronic device super easy did you go to senior care lives. Dot com click on the giant microphone just right there on the on the main page or the listen live button. You're a few seconds to connect and blew me you are in it'll be streaming. Street to your phone your tablet your computer whatever you have and it really is that simple. All right back to the senior care live question of the week. Hospice and palliative care must be delivered. To a patient in a nursing home. Is this statement true or false in the answer is. False. That is false. All right induction jerks tell us why this statement is false. Making me delivered wherever your home is whether that is a residential high. Home more than as an assist the living in an independent living in our nursing home hmm all services on the palliative and hospice can be delivered in every aspect. Where BR your journey we can deliver those services all right it and it's amazing that's one of those cut kind of myths. I do a segment here once in while gul called myth vs fact I guess because we could have I've done it that way as well lit. There are just a lot of things are misunderstood and that's one of them we have to have. You can only get hospice or palliative care win you were in a nursing home when I don't know yet and it's where your home he has. You you can get these valuable services absolutely. And it really we we encourage people it is to get out of your service is earlier than later. Would those out of care console so we get easily have a better outcome for the patient so we actually can improve their symptom management. And outcomes what outcomes as long Gemini stain in the home because of their goal is to stay in the home flawlessly possible. We can help them do so. We and everybody wants to stay home absolutely and it beat it until you have to Mitt and if you have to know we have some great places here. But I think most people wanna stay at home and it's just a puppy stay low how longer why wouldn't you call crossroads hospice absolutely ex im so it's not in the medical care that we really provide would also. Really look at the social determines of health which is you know. Here do you have electricity do you have problems paying your bills do have problems understanding which are medications are. Give our time remembering met your medications. Do you have home health involve. You need. Services to help you get food to your house. Do you need as so we offer all these different things not only medical help that we look at the other reasons that people fail on the home so you you're looking at really the whole picture. And and in making referrals or or you're bringing in some other services to supplement. To make sure that that person can't. Asian place in their home or stay their for a longer period of time safely absolutely. NRA and west are other goals a pound of care and account talk about though businesses. In our our number one goal is to improve the patient's life and satisfaction. That's our number one goal. Our second goal is to you helped that patient. And the better outcome which an outcome is whether that is staying home longer are living longer having symptoms vanished and the third thing is we're trying to do this helped that patient. Mitigate cost. And so may you know we can reduce one hospitalization. We can save an average hostels nation can't city's 37000. Dollar holy cow. So I can reduce want Hoss position a month we can save the health care system big big big big money. In wish with it as hot that topic is health care is right now. Palliative care should be a program that is just I I suspect it's under utilized if I had to guess I don't know that you can correct me if I'm wrong but I. I mean if if someone qualifies for that and you have to reach out to crossroads and and ask about Elliot Karen in hell you qualify. Absolutely and that's why my biggest top schools is is getting out to not only that the population but the medical. Medical population and talk in the room about what pound of cure in the benefits. And the benefits their patient. Can wreak connect can have with the town after console. I and with and so for the for the physicians. A lot of positions do you listen to this program a lot of nurses therapists a lie Asian large number from our medical community. Do you listen to this program they also refer this program to their. Their patience a lot of their clients. Is sell is if you're listening if there's any question about. Palliative care what is it if you would like to have a presentation that doctor do you do you go out and talked to some of these. Groups and maybe offer some some education or maybe someone from crossroads can do that absolutely we. I'm more than happy to come out of there's a group of physicians are medical staff that need so some education on what the services we provide and how can benefit the poor. The population I am more than happy to do so so please reach out to us. Across a hospice and out of care they won 63339200. And we can get that scheduled. All right crossroads hospice 8163339200. On the Kansas side Missouri side in north to the river they covered the entire extended. Metro area you know I always I was on crossroads house despite always cross was hospice dot com if you wanna check out the web sites and Axel website. And there is actually a really neat if you click on the kind of care but and then there's a yacht there's a five question. Kind of let it kind of a survey. In the and it asked different questions in the new answered and you move to the next question. It only takes maybe a minutes. I've not maybe not even that. And then it'll say whether or not you qualify for type of care it's a really cool tool we have on the web on the website thank you that's been very helpful to us. The help patients understand if they can benefit from our proud care services. But I really you know I want to also that that's not the only way you can qualify so if you have a life threatening. Limiting illness soared as disease states it's not letting you do things you wanna do. He still qualified so just because that tool which we hope. It's people interested docile there's other ways to get to qualify as well. And so give us some examples of maybe simple and someone with a particular diagnosis who have may qualify for piety of care so give give our listeners and an example of of and they may hear that say a lot I might qualify for that so. So we had a patient sits we had got involved within a hospital here hospital us ask us to come see the patient now and the patient was readmitted to the hospital numerous times up after a kind of exploring she had a condition called CO PD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease where she couldn't breathe. Changes in the temperature changes in the barometric pressure would setter off smoking. So we were able to identify that the reasons she's Taylor home wasn't because I she did not have the understanding of how to take her medications and when that hospitals discharge with her medications she was not able T. She may have the machine she needed to add to breathe in the medication so our team won and what a nurse practitioner social worker. Our enemy doctor. All we've. Period how we can get her machine she started taking a medication she has not been back in the hospital and two years CN that's amazing and these men they. The medication is set real is fairly inexpensive. The machine is fairly inexpensive in silk. You had to kind of an intervention and then you're able to do some education in prevent hospitalizations and improve her quality of life that's fantastic absolutely doctor Jerry Dirks was crossroads hospice he has upped their pie and if care program. You can reach out to doctor Dirks and the awesome team a crossroads hospice at 816333. 9200. 8163339200. In doctor Dirks thanks so much for being here today miss that contrast and that they did. Think enough for have beyoncé given any comeback let me not me and I'll come back into China or I would love to dial will definitely give you call. And we'll have a lot more right after the break you're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to. Senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program and how we can help you and your family call our toll free number at any time 1800. 3316445. Operators are standing by say you can call literally 24 hours today that number again 180331. 6445. And don't forget if you miss an episode a senior care lives he won a share of the program with someone else. Or maybe you just wanna hear it again and take another listen because maybe you're trying to make notes and you miss said he liked our man I need to listen that again. No worries at all just go to senior care live dot com click on the podcasts have been very you'll find all. Of the previously aired episode so that in just as kind of a PSA right public service announcement. So today's program give us a few days to get it up in an uploaded on the web site created Sears to Monday or Tuesday and then we'll have that up for ya. And then at that point you can listen to this one again we you can hear everything else previous to that it's already on. The web sites sell and just another quick just a special thanks to doctor Jerry Dirks. He heads up their pie and if care program. At a crossroads hospice. And I'll tell you wide and I would love to have doctor dirt sand again. Because they're just so many stories just off the Mike he was Tellme sell so much information I would love for him to share Mitt. We just talked about a positive impact. Both the quality of life. Was someone. Living with a chronic on going condition and on going disease. So the lady talked about. Who has the CO PD so she probably has oxygen etc. etc. they were able to intervene and set her up with the breathing treatments in the machine. That delivered the medication in the day and never realize are. And Nat prevented her. I'm constant. Re hospitalization. So they just think about this and you talk about at an amazing improvement in the quality of life she breeds better. She feels better she's not going to the hospital who of us would just who we just loved one of the hospital rights. At the wrong that we you know we hate going to the hospital and and they were able. Two to prevent a lot of these court justice ongoing rehire us civilizations that's just one. Patient that they seat and he was also talking about and I just love this. You know he's so when I was in family practice I mean I mean I I loved about it my original concept was to help. People it just it deeply and just get to know them and really and truly help them. And when he was in family practice he and is nothing against Philly practice but he just had to see so many patients said he wasn't able. To really get connected in really involved at a deeper level and being. That with crossroads hospice in the Pallet if care program. Offers him the opportunity to do that and I'll tell you why if you are our I have an ongoing. Chronic disease management issue you should seriously. Reach out to crossroads hospice in just check it out and see if you qualify. Check out you know how it's paid for etc. But given a colony won 63339200. Telemann you heard about the quality of care program here on senior care liability to the right person to talk to India if your organization would like. Eight a presentation. On palliative care and how that works with crossroads hospice again they won 63339201. Of their representatives. Will come out and maybe doctor dirt himself will come out and talk to your group and tell you all about tag you really seriously should do that it's a fantastic. Program and I just don't know why you wouldn't wanna do that so give them a call. All right so I'm a shift gears here I want to talk about the VA aid and attendance benefit. We talked about this from time to time this falls under one of our core categories of how to pay for the high costs a senior care. And I just always amazed at how many people I meet. But every day every week every month and every year who do not know about this incredible phenomenal benefit. It's just not advertised I guess we could call this a form of advertisement. But there's there's just really spreading the word that aid and attendance benefit. It is there to help a veteran. Or their surviving spouse. Pay for the high cost of care and sell along with the not really being. Well known I was saved most. Veterans and their families and listen this right now this may be the first time you've ever heard about this. OK I admit there was through my firm's senior care consulting I discuss this with my clients. Every single time I sit down whether they become a client. Or not a we talked about this semi let folks know about the cell the VA aid and attendance benefit there are some different pieces of this is a military requirement. A financial requirement and then you have to then you have to also need it. I care in a certain amount of care C can't say oh hey I was a veteran and get gimme some semi some money while I didn't that's not to protest by this program. Right so the military requirements. I'm on the VA aid and attendance benefit that will pay money to help you pay for your cost of your senior care. Military requirement served at least ninety consecutive days active duty. Right so ninety days or more. At least one of those days. During a period of war. And meet most of my clients. I come from World War II that was there experience or the Korean War. Recently I actually. Worked with a family and their dad served in Vietnam War so. So starting to see a few Vietnam vets qualify for this that most of my clients a senior care consulting. I served in World War II in the Korean War so. It and then and then the other part of the military requirements so knighted consecutive days active duty. At least one day during a period of war and then but not dishonorably discharge so be it. Most of my I must my clients have been honorably discharged but there are other types of discharges medical discharges etc. that are OK and so. I then you have the financial requirement so. That you have to look at your assets if you if your assets are too high he won't. I needed but it really this is kind of similar to some of the conversations that we've had about Medicaid so they have exempt assets. The may have accountable assets or your house is exempt car all the stuff in your house. And there's a list of those but the accountable assets that we're looking at. Primarily we're looking at liquid assets are checking savings money market mutual fund CDs. Other investments etc. so a couple can have it around 80000 in liquid assets in the individual. Around 40000. And is sometimes I've had people say no individual can have around eighty so. I am personally a little confused by that lists but from what I've been told straight from the horse's mouth so to speak. Is 80040000. So we're gonna stick with that the reason I say a bounce. AD and about forty that the VA actually uses an actuarial table but to calculate exactly how all. Now what that dollar amount how much patent of the person or the couple can half. So if you younger you can have more if you're older you can have less but it's that does those numbers are close the to qualify for the maximum amount. And then this was a little bit that tough a little bit tricky year we have some government math commence a hold onto your hat. If your monthly income. Must be a negative number you know I always talking about say you have to calculate your income. Four ZA purposes your eyes out. And so here's what you do you take your monthly income and that's you Social Security. May be some some pension or contention dollar amount that you have coming in. But add those together in the new deducts. York un reimbursed. Medical expenses such as the cost of care cost of insurance other medical related costs so. Again before before my clients. There cost of care in assisted living. Or the nursing home level of care that is considered an under reimbursed medical expense you could also be paying out of pocket. For private duty care to come into your home and help you out in your home and not have to move anywhere. While the cut and that's around twenty to 22 dollars an hour in our area. That cost on a monthly basis is also considered. It un reimbursed medical expense. So let's say that EF 2000 dollar a month and that's your income 2000 dollars a month. In your un reimbursed medical expenses. Are let's say 2500 dollar so you're you might be paying 2500 dollars a month for your home care. If you take the 2000 minus. Point 500 your income is negative. 500 in this example and I know. Numbers don't go over well on the radio but that's a pretty straightforward income. Minus I'm reimburse medical expense if that number. Is. Negative one dollar or worse in this examples and 8500 dollars. In the U. Will qualify for the maximum reimbursement. Every single month. But Dan that you can't just do this you half to be receiving care so that's un reimbursed medical expense. And you have to need assistance with at least to. What's called activities of daily living. So here's a very common list and this is also. Very consistent with our triggering your long term care insurance benefit. Let it if you're if you need assistance with Beijing by bathing or showering. Mobility so you know walking or transfer in in transferring means help moving from point a to point Pete. I the next what is incontinence care. It it's it's very common. To have incontinence and issues even if it's an accident here there or full time situation. Help with your eating right so eating food and drinking water and in influence. Help toiling suggests using. At the toilet in the restroom or helping getting dressed. Getting your socks and shoes on and your answer your shirt etc. etc. So if you have to be. Paying for care and net care is helping you with at least two items on that list. So you need help with your bathing and showering. Or grooming you need help with your mobility and transferring. Need help with incontinence Kerry help beat help with eating. Using the toil there in the restroom and help getting dress so two or more of that list and that's another trigger. And then right after the break I'll continue. With more information about the VA. Aid and attendance program you're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You're listening to senior care live on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program and how we can help you in your family color toll free number and any time 180331. 6445. Again 1800. 3316445. In Dow one continued the the thought process the information. Regarding these ZK aid and attendance benefits. And it's just an excellent program that helps veterans and surviving spouses of the veteran. Not pay for the high costs of senior care so we touched on most of the main points here. Once you've cleared all of the hurdles so the financial qualification. The military service qualification. In then. The year you're. Income is actually the way you calculate the the IMAP is negative and you need help out with at least two of the activities of daily living. In your pain for that care which is now and I'm reimburse medical expense. What does it pace so for a single battery and can receive up to 1788. Dollars a month. Mary veteran can receive up to 2120. Dollars a month. And these surviving spouse. Of a veteran could receive up to 1149. Dollars so. You know that that's a lot of money a lot of times that can make the difference between being able to stay home or having to move. To a senior care community and I have also had several examples within my own firm with senior care consulting. Where we thought we we've. Helped a family. It gets signed up for this this benefit and it's helped in it's helped them remain at the assisted living level. For many many months longer. Then if they would have nots. Qualified not known about this and not receive this money so it can make it can really stretch out a small amount of money and help you stay. As sister living for a much longer period of time. You can make it right so steep well what if we have you know were were couple world we have over 80000. Well you and I am not providing legal advice to you okay but I get this I get this question all the type can you make a gift. That would reduce your assets to that 80000 mark their 40000 mark and then qualify. For the VA and eight and attendance benefit so that the short answer is yes but however Ian can. There are some potential. Issues with that and there are also I've got to keep hearing about some major changes that are being discussed. Acted to totally change that answer right now you can still do that. But they're talking about a Medicaid style look back period. That would prevent folks from Dillon net and if you want to make a gift in order to qualify for the VA aid and attendance benefit. You must be very. Very very how many times. Ron can I say very on the radio without getting turned off at Bronson is on TV attempt self help. Be very. Careful. As you do not want to potentially causing Medicaid penalty situation for you and your family. Down the road because let's say you do make a gift to qualify for the VA and attend its benefit. Maybe gift has not been structured properly and in the next five years. Out of money you need to qualify for Medicaid and move to a nursing home you don't want that gift to set up a Medicaid penalty. Which we it will cause you lots and lots of financial headaches. Down the road so I always. Always and forever. Recommend discussing. The whole concept of gifting to qualify for VA aid and attendance benefit of course for Medicaid but we're talking about the VA mittens benefit. Recommend discussing. This with thick qualified. And experienced. Elder law attorney they're worth every single penny that you'll pay them to help you navigate through this and do it properly. With a lot of forethought. As to some of the issues that could come up. Down the road so who do you call would call a qualified experienced elder law attorney. I you can also go to an awesome website its may love dot org and AE LA national academy of elder law attorney. Attorneys dot org so may allow dot org you can find. Qualified on the law attorneys in your area. So who do you contact. For assistance. In applying for the VA aid and attendance benefit. The here's my recommendation you can do you like to do of course. I always recommend contacting our friends. Downtown it is VFW of their national headquarters right here in downtown Kansas City. And they have veterans service officers. And just wonderful people there who will help you they'll walk you right through the program they'll make sure that they're filing a clean. Application with no mistakes. And done in no coach you through that it will not cost you a single penny. They are veterans advocates and they are there to help you qualify for any and all. Programs in benefits that you may qualify for so here's the number. Right this went down for sure 816968. 1153. That's to the VFW national headquarters right here in downtown Kansas City 81696. Seats. 1153. Let me say this. I would it in my opinion I. I would not do this be where. Of some companies out there that are offering to help you. With the aid and attendance benefit and then turn around and try to sell you some of their products and services. As I've had some people explain that is it felt like a bait and switch. Here let's look we're gonna help you were awaiting our flag and were very patriotic we're gonna help you with this VA aid and attendance and if it. Oh by the way let's take a look at your investments let's take a look at year insurance let's take a look at York. You know in insert. Name there. And and and we wanna show you what we can do for you and there's some people feel obligated they just feel uncomfortable because that's not why why the why they contacted these folks so. I would I I would just bypass all that I re guilt straits. To the VFW. For that application. All right and then I was gonna spend more time I'm just gonna touch on this today I was even think about it the consumer alert but. Again when I run into this throughout two week if if I'm running into it then that means a lot of other people also have questions. I had a super nice lady. What talked about memory care and she said wall if you're an assistant lending. I end and then you go to memory care shouldn't that be covered by Medicaid in we talked about this quite a bit. Medicaid is more than happy to pay. For the nursing home level of care by it for all practical purposes here on the program that they don't pay for assistant living. Now there are a few little footnotes to that I'm not to get into that today. But that they'll pay for the nursing home level. Is so she was equating it just because she didn't know this is very common thing or run into all the time that's why we're talking about are touching on it today. She was equating memory care with nursing home in and that's not a case memory care is a special type of care. For cognitively impaired residents with alzheimer's dementia through lots of different types of dementia. But she's got the short term memory loss she may have behaviors. You maybe and the low risk. It in lots of them. And you've got the super short attention span you need to be redirected there there's whole lots. Two memory care bit let me say memory care can be found at Ford distinct. Levels of care. At the nursing home level. At the assisted living level. At the residential care level and at the home plus. Level of care so memory care is not a place. And it's not a level of care it's a type of care. This special type of care for someone. Who has cognitive impairment. Living in those four different levels of care so hopefully hopefully that was as clear as mud. Hopefully that that helps out anything again if you have questions on you can calm me at any time. General and listening so honored you spent part of the day part of your day tuning into this program thank you so much. I'm your host Steve speaker and I wish you. Grace and peace may god bless you and your family on this day and always. I'll see you next week right here on senior care lies.