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Saturday, August 11th

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Are you caring for an aging parents. Are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line program dedicated. Providing information and education and resource. That's caregiver you. I'm your host. Steve peca. That's right. That is correct this is a special episode the senior care lions. Today who recognizing and celebrating the sixteenth. Anniversary. Of my firm's senior care consulting I am so proud. That's awesome services that we offer I'll cover a whole lot about debts a little bit later on in the program and I sure appreciate you being here helping me celebrates. The sixteenth anniversary of senior care consulting. As I mentioned before there are just and there are thousands and thousands of people that tune into senior care lives every single week. To learn about information education and resource is for seniors and their caregivers. You have made this program. The most listen to AM talk radio program in Kansas City on the weekends essay on the weekends at. Can't quite can't compete with the Rush Limbaugh and in so as sort of the big boys out there but you never know maybe some day yeah Russia's celebrated the thirtieth anniversary. And we've only been on the air for five years say they're still hope may not about rush off future in the future but anyway but there are multiple ways you can hear the program you may be listening to the radio right now you may be streaming the program on line into electronic device. We may be listening to a podcast after the fact in any way about eight. I just wanna say Q and I so appreciate if the view turning into the program today thank you very much. You can reach us on the toll free number and here it is you write it down 1803316445. Again 1800. 3316445. Can also visit online at senior care lives allies ease senior care lie ever. Dot com and so today I'm gonna recognize the sixteenth anniversary of first senior care consulting but before we jumping and I mentioned odd and a couple weeks ago or so I make a lots of presentations public presentations. 222. Faith communities businesses civic groups have said Iraq. Ends. And I'm I'm. Getting booked up actually getting a lot of requests for that. I made a presentation. And this is just such a world receive highly rated presentation. To a couple hundred. Employees at a major. Local. Corporation. In just wanted to go through some of the some of the survey results here I mean this is about as good as it gets so for all of the attendees. At the senior excuse me this seminar it was a good use of your time every single one of them said yes. The information presented at the seminar was understandable and presented at a level appropriate for my own. Expertise in information. Every single attendees said yes. There are actions I will take in my personal life as the results. Of the seminar. Every single attendees said yes. The per senator was able to engage. And motivate me on this topic every single attendees. Said yes and you know usually when you do the assay you have a no here they are that he may not connect with everyone that this one was a home. Run this service or excuse me the survey. The presentation that I provide any get an assist and was so well received caring for your aging loved ones and then have to commit some different variations on have been it is just. It was a fantastic. Fantastic presentation. Nice here's some of the comments nice summary of intro is easy to understand. He answered my questions that fit my situation. The present there was very knowledgeable. I enjoyed learning about various agencies type of elder care options he provided useful information it was all encompassing. It gave me places to go for additional information. Quality information highlights I'm just fly into these folks. These are all separate comments. And I thought I'd share with you today I'd like that the present or use real life examples to help explain the concepts. And why certain things were really important to take care of by easy to understand information and definitions. The prisoner was very knowledgeable ensure relevant and valuable information on the topic. Steve he knew his material and was passionate. About the information. I can go on and on and on but I'll look I'll leave it there you get the idea self if your. Business your faith community. Your civic group if you if you are interested. In having me personally. Appear at your next meeting or maybe a special meeting and you wanna presentation. That is very appropriate for seniors and the caregivers. A seniors just give me a call it senior care consulting 913. 9452800. 9139452800. And I would be happy to discuss. Being a present her. If if it's appropriate for your group so would love to do that. All right so let's jump in today and again. Recognizing and celebrating the sixteenth anniversary of senior care consulting and I'll tell you he sometimes it seems like it was just. Maybe a few months ago that I started this it just the time flies when you're having fun I enjoy what I do I love. What I do a senior care consultant helping families. In individuals. Find the right place find the best fit when searching. For a senior care community sell you the process. With working with senior care consulting is just very simple. First of all we offer a free consultation. It's such a personal service site to meet in person. It to just meet you you know I I discuss your situation let me know what's going nine. So I can fully understand. You know what's happening with with you and your family your loved one. And to or your loved ones that could be a couple of appearance that we're looking. At placement four bit. Once I get a good feel for that I'm able to provide a flat feet. For service quote at that time I'll all present that to you end. Writing right down to the penny we were kind of fee for service basis we don't receive any reimbursement for many provider out there. That would be that would be in my opinion unethical and a total conflict of interest. Won't have anything to do with it. OK so senior care consulting we work for you directly for you we represent you. We negotiate on your behalf if dad is applicable and appropriate. You get the idea we have a number of levels of engagements from minimally engaged to completely over the top and somewhere in the middle so. If he if you decide to move forward he can choose the level of engagement. That you feel was the best fit for you. Then at that point we develop what I call a care profile. And this is the mini geriatric care assessment that I mentioned on the program before. And in the program in the care profile. Will determine the level of care. That is that is what is needed that type of care of the payment methods. The location parameters. How far are you willing to travel to get the best care in the best fit. Personal preferences and needs also collect medical diagnoses information mobility information cognitive information. You know insurance and financial information the social information. There spiritual information for. There's there's there's it there's that there's a lot the last and I at least how long can you wait art when you need to move and how long. Did you wait two moving case so we encounter a wait list. So there there's a lot to look at that is. Our starting point very comprehensive detailed. Description of exactly what we need. Then senior care consulting we research the entire marketplace. To identify the top communities and this is very important part of the service because there are literally hundreds. Of places to choose from in new ones. Becoming available. All the time we have several places that are gonna come online be open and available later this year first part of 2019. So and you know what. Maybe more importantly. We know the ones to not to go to. Right I think that's just as important I've hit some of my clients say that's maybe more important okay. So once we determine the short list in my schedule to worse for us. So we meet for coffee mirror first place. We talked about what to expect on the tour's than we have out. And we too were our first place and just like I did with my own grandparents I'll share my story a little bit later but. A conductor performance on it I asked questions that most people would never know to ask. And so we we we go into the place we get a good look we see everything we need to see. Ask a lot of questions gather a lot of information. And more outs. And we do that. With with our top places and my clients get through this in just a few hours. And they're done it's a huge time saver. Compare that to other people who were doing this on their own. You can expect to spend fifty to a hundred hours and most people still don't know which one to choose. Right so once we're finished with their tumors just takes a partial business day. I prepare a summary report includes all the infamy all the questions asked information discovered. I calculate exact staffing ratios and report to you what the state found. In its most resent surprise health inspection. I'm and then that'll put you in the position to make the best choice that you can make and make your decision with 100% confidence. To the two major benefit while it's time savings and then of course the information. Provided in net summary reports. OK so we can help you find assisted living we can help you find long term care nursing home. And help you find memory care we can help you find a continuing care retirement community. This is resonating with you and you're interested in a free consultation to see how we can help you when your family. Give me a call at 9139452800. It's 9139452800. Visit online at senior care consulting. Dot com. All right senior Carol I have question of the week. What is the most frequently asked question that I had over the last sixteen years operating senior care consulting eight. Most of these senior care communities cost beat how can we pay for senior care. See when is the right time to move. We're. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You listening to a special episode a senior your life today were celebrating the sixteenth. Anniversary in my firm. Senior care consulting and I am so excited thanks for joining me here today and help me celebrate dad and recognize sixteen years. And providing just a fantastic service. Families in and around accused city community delisting the senior Carolina right here on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program. And how we can help you and your family. Forget to just reach out bomber toll free number it's 1803316445. Again 1800. 3316445. You can always says stream the program to any electronic device and get a lot of people do that. It was strange straight to your phone or tablet your computer whatever you have. I just go to senior care lives dot com click on the giant microphone right there on the home page or click on the listen live button. Given a few seconds to connect and you are in and it really is that simple. All right back to the senior care line of question of the week. What is the most frequently asked question that I have had over the last sixteen years of operating senior care consulting superior choices. Eight. How much the senior care communities cost beat. How can we pay for our care C. When is the right time to move to a senior care community indeed what services do you offer it senior care consulting. So what is your answer. I'll give it to you right now your answer yes. See. When is the right time to move. To a senior care community and that that's a tough question and I've answered this several times before. Over the past five years right here on the program I won't go through all that stuff today the key questions are there so that's really important. I mean how much did these places cost site. Idea I I've caused some high blood pressure cooked up talking about the cost a lot of these places in the past. And you know how do you pay for care we always review all the different payment methods and explore other payment. Options that with our clients a senior care consulting. With a right time to move you know that's sometimes it's pretty obvious that sometimes that's a tough one and we we think through that and work through that with our clients. And then of course what services that we offer you know I just I just mentioned it it's a niche type of the service to placement service. Helping families and individuals find the right senior care community for their exact. Needs based on a comprehensive. Needs analysis that I call. I care profile it's essentially a mini geriatric care assessment. And that is our starting point so that this is a very methodical very professional service. That can help you. Save a ton of time when searching for senior care community I to say we make you very complex and overwhelming decision making process. Very. Simple. Nice and simple I do you notice I did not say easy it's never easy ever this is tough stuff. Right that we do make that very very simple. All right. I haven't done this for a long time I think they just take a few minutes we're recognizing senior care consulting and celebrating the sixtieth anniversary just share with you my personal story little bit of a discount of the highlights. I have over thirty years of experience in senior related health care I've been. A vice president of this and a director of that in you know etc. etc. I've been around the block but you know. I think and more importantly I have been an administrator. I have been an administrator and a nursing homes assisted living in memory care. Idea. I if I have a lot of personal experience here so I see what I do and how I helped families I see that through the lens of an administrator on the business side of things. But I also I've I've done this with my own grandparents are nice also see it. Through the lens. A very loving family member and specifically meal loving grants and I've loved. My grandparents they were just phenomenal. I have the best memories ever. But. Back in about 2001. My grandparents were living independently 8889. Years old over in two peca. In grandpa had to come early early phases of dementia it's time for him to not drive so I am had to take effect Turkey's way she actually. She did one step better than that rather than just to take them away in. Can't get into an argument with Graham pomp. You know that's a big deal losing your mobility. That is that's huge. And no one wants to live debt mobility lose that mobility that independence. Of able just to drive somewhere would you like to. That's no one likes set no one wants set so she was very clever she went out and her high heels and her dress. And pop the hood of Grandpa's great big old dodge truck and disconnected the battery. So grapple announced the next day and to discover that the truck was quoted quote broken and need to be serviced. So she said OK honey wall let's below wall called the service company later on let me jump in my car and all drive us around today and he goes okay. Might sell. The next morning he had dementia. Right. The next morning he goes out to try his track to started to discover it was quote unquote broken. I really need to get the truckload debt OK honey want to and I drive us today this went on. Every morning for two or three months and then eventually. He kind of forgot about his truck he got used to just jump in engram Oskar and going with her and that's how and then she turnaround sold the truck. Eat Denny kind of forgot he had the truck that's how she. That's how she works through taken the car keys away but anyway. One night at home ground on fell backwards and hit her head in her neck. On the wall on the way down and fractured. Her neck. Major major injury I she did not die from that she was not paralyzed so very very fortunate that was a major injury. In Seoul. We had to I wanted to wait to see how she she came out of that set you through rehab and everything and at some point it was clear very clear that they're not going to be able to come home. Least not right away. Issue is OK with moving to assistant living. At which is the level that they both needed at that time she just hit honey hang on to the house you never know we might be able to come back Knesset absolutely so that's what we did. The end I thought if I had to look for a place for my grandparents I'm not fallen for the closest one. Not fallen for the prettiest one and I'm not going to be high pressured. Into some real sales type of the situation. To sign on the dotted line itself. Again I I took out at. Pat and I said I'm going to interview. You. And that was just my opinion on how this should go because there's things I need to know about. Before I'll trust you with my grandparents so I wanna know about this in this in this and how do you handle these things tell me about this I had eight or nine things on a sheet of paper. I did go out and I did interview several places and I chose the right one for them. And that's. How I helped them they were able to live there. For another couple years with help from the staff we celebrated the seventieth wedding anniversary. It was just awesome. Later that year grandpa passed away on October 19. Grandma passed away October 29. You heard about that a lot. I got to CN up close and in person it was really it was very difficult to go through but it was really beautiful story she just didn't wanna be here with counting. In so. Fast forward to today that was really kind of the beginning of hate. You know maybe I can help other families going through that search and selection process and that was the beginning of senior care consulting in 2002. August the fifth of 2002. Is when the whole thing began in every time I'm able to work with the family. And it has it has a successful conclusion. We find a great place for them I just think of my grandparents as kind of a hat tip and I thank them for letting me help them. And and it just makes me proud and that's why I do what I do. To just thought I would share my personal story with you a little bit. I'm gonna have a lot of great just. Clients' stories and how we've been able helped so many families self pay non wood into that right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. Listening to a very special episode of senior care live right here on the senior here broadcasting network. Today I'm recognizing and celebrating the sixteenth. Anniversary of my firm and senior care consulting how about that's. Like if you need more information about the services that we offer on the program maybe have a question and for yourself or Iraq but maybe for someone that you care about so many in your family or maybe friends someone that you're working with. In no worries at all you can always reach out our toll free number at any time it's 1803316445. 180331. 6445. Don't forget if you ever miss an episode of senior care alliance may be wanna share the program with a friend or family maybe just wanna go back can hear it again. No worries at all just go to senior care live dot com. Click on the podcast tab and that's where you'll find all of the previously aired episodes. All right so thanks for letting media who share my personal story with you end it you know. When you go through something like that it just it really changes you as a person and I kind of thought back you know I spent a lot of time. And effort and energy helping my own grandparents. And I know exactly. Why I'm doing and Dan the thought occurred to me. What are other families going through. It you know go go into this her this this. This very personal very difficult situation. Power parody. Doing going about your train to that search and selection process trying to find the right place is just it's overwhelming to say the least. And in a lot of times people in kind of a tough position. And that's the last thing that they ever wanted to do and how they're kind of right in that in the heat of the moment trying to get this done and I thought. You know and and frankly it was also also threw a lot of prayer. That that I decided that this is what I am supposed to be doing. And so. Everything kind of came together in in 2002. And August the fifth. 2002 I started offering the service is started helping families and it's just it's been quite a journey. They just wanted to share. Some stories real client experiences. I end in hell while we've been able to help. So many people through senior care consulting. This was a recent story helped a very nice. Husband and wife. I just super just wonderful people she has MS. Ends. At this point she's declined to the point where she just needs total assistance is a beautiful story day. They they met to what they were both single and they were on a vacation and just doing suggest some awesome activities and that's where they met and and is she is doing perfectly well at that time in and he knew she had MS and and but it it didn't matter he left her she loved him they got they got married and overtime. Predictably so she started declining in more more help and he has been an awesome awesome. Caregiver. By her side every minute he practically has set up by a hospital like environment in their home. And he's cared for her over all of these years. He's just done a masterful job just phenomenal job. However she needs so much help now. That he just he just can't keep it up any longer he's he's hit his peak his maximum. So he reached out I was able to work with them. And we found to the best place for her is the right fit she was fully involved in the entire process. So it was so. It was just a great experience and that it is working out very very well know what let's not candy coat this. She would rather be home and who wouldn't who wouldn't rather be home. OK so acknowledging that was she also loves her husband dearly and she could see that he just couldn't he just couldn't keep up. In Indy and he needed help and she needed help and so she was okay she says hey look let's just make the best of this. So now that he is no longer the hands on caregiver. He can visit her every single day and he does and spends quality time with her you know like like he used to be able to do. And kind of a side notes helping he and his wife. I was able to negotiate. On their behalf I'm excited to say that I was able to save them 63000. Dollars. Through throughout this process. And and that is so that is no kind of fictitious. You know funny math. I'm a number. Save Tim 63000. Dollars. Cash from his resources. And the trust me they're really happy. With the services provided by senior care consulting ultimately that. And it and I keep in touch with him did is it just just a wonderful wonderful couple. I've worked with families that have parents living at home. I'd better thinking about downsizing in morning to move to a continuing care retirement community. So that they can age in place. And you know they they told me time and time again you know I don't want to burden my if my yeah my family my kids. I don't want them to help me get dressed or take a bath or use the restroom my I don't. I don't want debt for them in and frankly it's pretty embarrassing for us if you know when it when we get to that point we would like to be in a place where we can age in place. Selma how smooth two independent living if we need more help later. Transition to assisted living. We need more help to nap later on transition to long term care. We may or may not be memory care but we wanted to available if we may need that skilled nursing and rehab if we should need that right there it's just provided right there on the property. And in so we're getting more and more calls from individuals. And couples wanting to transition. And moved to a continuing care retirement community let me tell you why there's so many moving parts. To a CC RC it's the most by far the most difficult community. To find and into getting it right because you just sum is just a very complex. Wanted to figure out however was senior care consulting. We help our clients get it right. The first time. Every single time. So if you take in about moving to a continuing care retirement community. We can definitely help you and again we can help you get it right. We have saved some of our clients with CC RC hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just by choosing the right one. And again if this is Pique your interest at this is resonating with you if you wanna reach out for free consultation. Give us a call at 9139452809139452800. You can always just an online at senior care consulting and dot com that's with an ING's senior care consulting. Dot com he could reach out to the website as well. That we've helped many many people have talked about this on the program before is while many people who are living in a senior care community. Then they realized oh wait a minute. This places a private pay only. Community meaning they do not work with Medicaid. And what happens if we ran out of money out we have to move. Quite a while back to work with the young lady I think I may have shared this story the timer to her grandmother was a great place who's a great place great fit. She received excellent care. She spent her entire mess stake of over 300000. Dollars. For her care and then one day. This young lady received a letter from the facility saying. That you need to move your grandma out she's out of money and we don't take Medicaid. Now. She assumed to. That they would care for her even if she ran out of money. She didn't ask. And they didn't tell. You know what they say about the word assume. Right and so it is just that it was an honest mistake I mean she she made the assumption. They didn't mention. If you run out of money you'd have to move. Who should contact to senior care consulting it was through a referral from her attorney. I'm from her elder law attorney. And we were able to help find a great place for her grandma she was able to transition her. 28 Medicaid certified. Senior care community. And and it worked out great insists is not what she wanted inch I'll never forget she asked me. She she she said no way meant. Don't tell me if I order worked with you in the first place. This wouldn't of happened. She say because I never would have wanted to move my grandma twice a message you're right it would've happened the place that you chose it's a great place. But it wouldn't we wouldn't it would have even been on my list because it's not Medicaid certified which is that safety net that says. If you should outlive your assets. In Medicaid. Would help pay for your care. And you wouldn't have to move. Once she ran out of what went to ran out of money. The senior right it would have happened but you know what hey let's make the best of this. It and we did we did it and it turned out fine it's just not really what she wanted for her grandma. I've also worked with some some very nice people that in their words. Economic and harp on this too much today but in their words made that terrible mistake of contacting one of these free referral services. They had just it in any and in their words they had a horrible experience. With the service and then. Every time when I work with someone in this situation they say well Steve I guess I guess she get what you pay for. So you know. Free service out goblet to pay for. So senior care consulting. We have been able to help lots and lots and lots of clients that made the mistake of falling. Into the trap of that free referral service in May look freeze a powerful word I'll blame month. We were all trying to save money and you do the best that we can with our resources. But I'm gonna spend an entire program. Totally exposing. The free referral services I will do that in the near future but but just understand you do get what you pay for. And lots and lots of people have been burned by the three referral services. They've contacted senior care consulting and we've been able to help them. This is you'll give me a call at 91394528. Hundred and we can definitely. Help you find a great place no matter what your situation it's I'll have more right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1800. 3316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to very special episode of senior care life right here on the senior care broadcasting network. Two they were recognizing and celebrating the sixteenth. Anniversary of my firm. Senior care consulting how about that. And pay for more information about the services that are offered on your on this program you know the Steffi you hear about we have lots of different gas sand. And lots of different areas of expertise for different services if you wanna. Learn more about Dan how we may be of help you and your family. Be sure to cull some at all free number it's 180331. 6445. Again 1800. 33164. 45. All right again back to the the special. The special day here recognizing and celebrating the sixteenth anniversary of senior care consulting. I can't believe the party down to the the last segment here and I just want to you personally. Let you know I mean in my belief and I've I've definitely shared this before but just wanted really reiterate that in emphasized. I personally believe that every one and I mean every one. Should remain as independent as possible. For as long as that makes sense and that's why we spend so much time on this program discussing ways to remain independent. At home. So with sadness is set up. Just this last week I received. A very long voicemail from a very sweet. Elderly lady. And issues that held a tell you what though she was a little bit irritated by one of my commercials that she hurt. And she didn't listen to it very well frankly is if she would have heard it. Exactly what was said I I think I don't think she would've called but. She left me a voicemail. And just giving me heck about quote unquote wanting to stick everybody in a nursing help. So. I she didn't leave her name she leave her number and that's and I'm not mad about her phone call I think it's a misunderstanding so ma'am if you're listening. Nothing could be further from the truth. Okay. And again I do believe everyone should remain as independent as possible as long does that make sense but guess what. Sometimes. That's not possible. And when it's no longer possible to remain at home. In you need to consider moving from your home to a senior care community. That is that narrow niche that I live view and to help families find the right place here are some examples. Win living at home was no longer an option and I was able to help family. There's a very nice lady who live near the plaza. The only relatives she had was her son that he true and he was there he lived with her to helper. He loved his mother still loves his mother. But he traveled two to three days a week on his job you know travel for business. And she had dementia and had wandered away from the home several times and he knew. It was not a save situation that he pushed it out as long as he could. One day he got a call Houston Saint Louis on business. And he received a call from the police. And they said is this so and so I won't release names of course but. He said yes we have your mother and we've taken her. Saint Luke's. Medical center. He says he asked she all right what happened. Always found her walking around the street sinner might gal but it's it's very hide in this is in the summer it was like in the upper ninety's. She couldn't find her way back home and she appeared to be dehydrated and little disoriented. So you know and less you can be there 24 hours a day don't watcher she she can't go back home is just too dangerous. Say all right take you so much for calling I'm coming home. So he called me on his way back to Kansas City he says Steve I knew I should call June. A lot sooner. But how fast can you help me find a great care community for my mom she has memory issues. I was able to jump in a move very quickly we found her at an excellent place. And he said you know why he set I thought I was doing her favor leaving her home and she wanted to be home but I'll tell you why. Now that you help me find a great memory care provider. He says she's getting your medicine. Perfectly on time every day. She's getting balanced. Nutritious meals and hydration and snacks. Every day consistently. And she has the opportunity for socialization. He said she has actually improved immensely. Her quality of her life is so much better he said I can't believe I was dragging my feet. To make this move she's in so much better of a place now. I never could have imagined it but thank you for helping me find great memory care for my mom. I worked so with another family where their dad had dementia and frankly he was becoming aggressive he had. This type of dimension that causes aggressive behavior. They were very just extremely concerned that he may harm I've become violent and and harmed their mother. And we might even had to make a move there's just no way around it. A request another nice and in that mastery has a happy ending they just had some medications really took to add jobs. And if he's getting the great care that he needs and that was the best fit for him frankly. I worked with another nice lady and she'll place her husband. In several different facilities in and out and in and out trying to get it right it wasn't her fault she was doing the best that she could but she needed. Professional guidance in what I discovered. Is that she was she kept repeatedly choosing the wrong level of care. So through the development of that care profile that many geriatric care assessment. I was able to help her identify the right level of care we toured the places that were appropriate for his situation his needs and the care that he needed. And once she got him settled in and I got a call she was crying she was they were happy tears she says thank you so much for helping me get it right. I just I didn't do very good job with your help he's getting the care that he needs and I now have my husband back. Without you I I had lost him. I now have my has been back thank you. I work with a very nice gentleman caring for his wife and he had cared for her. I would she had a stroke a few years earlier did a great job with his loving care and support she was able to make a full recovery. However she had another stroke. Few years later this one was much worse and he just he couldn't he just couldn't do it anymore he could not meet her needs. And this man. Frankly was so stressed out that he was suicidal. And admits in the story before. I was able to find a great plays for his wife. And in he was able to get the relief that he needed. And he was there at her side every single day but he didn't have the stress of being the caregiver and that story has a happy ending. So to the very nice lady that scolded me. And it's okay I'm not mad. But for quite a call wanting to just put everybody in a nursing home. Not everyone is able to stay at home and I appreciate your support index keep listening and if you have any other questions. Feel free to call me. So who are senior care consulting clients. Well. They're homemakers. Plumbers doctors and attorneys. They're nurses. Construction workers. Their disabled individuals their professionals. They Wear blue collars and white collars and every other kind of collar that you can Wear and no colors. There clergy. They work in information technology. They're firefighters and EMTs. They're retired. Individuals and working communications they're farmers they're bankers they're musicians teachers and counselors to get the points. If you don't we work with people in all situations. From all walks of life if we can help you. Find the right senior care community. Give me a call and ask for free consultation 913. 9452804. Online senior care consulting. Dot com. Well I can't believe that our just flew by thanks so much for helping me celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of senior care consulting. I just want to wish you grace and peace to you in your family may god bless you and your family on this day and always I'll see you next week. Right here on senior care lie.