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Saturday, September 2nd

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Are you caring for an aging parents. Are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Helping you become the best caregiver you can be. I'm your host Steve eager. Hello and welcome to senior care live I'm Steve Keith Kerr president of senior care consulting. Thanks so much for tuning in today I really appreciated. The mission here on the program is to provide information education and and resource is for seniors and their caregivers we discuss important subjects such as how to remain independent in your own home. We'd consider moving from home to a senior tier community how to find the right senior care community meeting your exact needs and then. How do you pay for all this everything is super expensive how do you pay for the high cost of senior care would also review legal issues involving elder lawn estate planning. And we also discussed how to care for the caregiver so if you're listening to us on the radio streaming this on line or listening to a podcast. After the fact again thanks so much for being here today. You are appreciated. If you need help with placement services for my firm's senior care consulting. Or if you wanna learn more about the services provided by one of our very knowledgeable guests. You can reach a summer toll free number and it's a 24 hour number you could go home the middle of the night literally feel free help yourself it's 180331. The 64451800. 3316445. Also don't forget to visit us online at senior care lie in the a line V eat the senior care Liam. Dot com what's going and jumping and with my special guest today. Colleen the tally she's an RAN. The end site educator in the state of Missouri for crossroads hospice. Colleen thanks much for being here today I think Steve it's a great pleasure and honor to be here and to be able to provider resource her wonderful seniors out in the community. All right different listeners if you want to reach out to crossroads hospice is 8163339200. 8163339200. That's a phone number calling works for Kansas in Missouri all over the place amid that that's kind of the main main number and and you can help people from that is correct you can call that number and we can preach in touch with the nearest location nationwide with their grassroots hospice agency. All right and you could also reach out crust was hospice online crap it's a great website crossroads hospice. Dot com so Colleen yeah I'm really excited for you be here today and really interested in. In the information you'll provide for our for myself to in his roles our listeners. How to choose. A hospice provider. And so I mean that that's it that's a big subject so so how do you choose and hospice provider. You know that is one challenging question that we as Stanley members patients and caregivers ask ourselves. And a couple of key points that we face encourage our families and their patients who do version pharmacists always go into your gut instincts you know. We knew personally the hospice agency if their warm and mock them. And if that Conte you know they should be able to accommodate your needs wherever your acts whether be in your home. Your system living facility. Or ATP and a long term care facility so we always encourage them to go with our gut. Okay and ethnic and you know that that's a really good point it we've made it in the past I always like to support that where can. An individual receive. Hospice services. That is a very good question Steve. And big greasy hospice services anywhere and being mean to you and we care for patients and their home environments and long term care facilities. And assisted living facilities. And hospitals underneath the GOP. General and patient I apologize for using assured Acker and M acronym Knology macaroni and exactly GNP is a high. Yeah his terminology and Medicare benefits aria about carrying out a ham we've cancer patients and her telegram's. A wide variety wherever they need is we should be allowed to come to that location and care for that patient. So crossroads hospice can help anyone and wherever they live and that is correct and that is in any environment any environments. And so a lot of people. Think that you know hospice is only provided may be like in a nursing home or something like deputy can be in New York Khomeini in your house in your apartment in your assisted living apartment. You like you said at a hotel I mean exactly anywhere or wherever you are crossroads hospice will come. See you in delivered the best hospice services available 816333. 92816333. 9200. So so went the so can he go with your guy ended. You know what you're guess usually right it's nick cut is usually writes something doesn't tolerate you gotta go yeah and all these senses hands. In that. We just I don't know just sometimes you just you just know we have a you have and the feeling you don't have confidence or not so you know. And and and there are a lot of providers in our market providing all sorts of services and frankly some do a better job than others so. So the one thing is just just trust cheer your gut instinct can pay attention to that. And so some other things your response time face to face interaction so so well what happens if someone. It says to across was hospice where were interested. And they contact you what what is the process was the next step so I can't get get react gut reaction. Absolutely and what are processes we tourney game contact with that patient learn to PCG income to them. So let's say your loved ones in the hospital. And the spouse is unable to go to the hospital to meet with them and provide that support we'll go to a family member wherever they may be even if they're not that same location as a patient it. Tank and the other thing is is we want her response and very promptly. Make sure that there needs are meant because it's not up to us until we do an assessment of the patient to see how long they actually have the for the transition to and the wife then so on make sure getting in are making sure that they have their resource is available to them immediately. And then do you make some sort of decision or may be work with key position to determine. That that prognosis. You're generally looking for six months or less it doesn't have to be six months or less those are correct. That is correct how we need is an order from a position sitting at the patient is terminally ill. And they would sign that certification sitting in that patient is terminally ill that is correct so we have to have the artery that is driven by Derek. Primary care physician their house analysts. And ER physician whomever it may be singing that patient has a terminal illness. Okay and then they're they're not being treated to try to to try to defeat and that illness there who were talking about quality of life at this point. How quality comfort and dignity is what hospices amount. And I'm wrong policy making sure that that patient has a country. Managing the symptoms and may be related to the terminal illness given dignity while they transition to end of life. No when my when my dad. We found out he had cancer and the surgery was not gonna work. An and mean he chose to do some key known everything. We try and really really really hard to Justin normalize everything. Do our normal routine. Now this this is a while back so we used to like to watch Mike Tyson illness but anyway yeah. This crazy craziness right they and so I'll never forget sitting there with my dad and he was not. Well locate my and he is definitely within in and we watched Mike Tyson and Holyfield fight well I got off part of busier the I left my dad was like. Oh my gosh did you see that so this is something that we always video that we we would we would watch sporting events and and have pizza on Friday nights and we just we tried to do normal stuff and hospice can help. A family just do normal stuff in and like you said had dignity and be in comfort inn in and maximize the quality. That is absolutely correct that is our number on all maximize quality of so staff to patient ratio is something that I look at with senior care consulting how he's calculate that. Well with my placement. Service when I'm working with families and were were analyzing. The the senior care community. It does that come into. Coming to player or importance with the with that or hospice service. That is it is very important and just served up herself with hospice services we have an IDG narrows Mayan. Earned him by I sustain heavy and I eat what mighty G it's scenes for interdisciplinary group you might still be assigned to is you've got your hospice medical director. And nurse case manager and social worker Chaplin CNA and also help out with providing hum services or wherever their acts. And we also with concerts hospice we hammer after hours tour available when he for a seven per patience that there isn't mean so that's important. Very very important so. Staff ratio you've got your inter disciplinary group or your IDG team. And then what services do they provide after hours on weekends and holidays. If my loved one doesn't campaign crisis on Labor Day. What am I going to do we want to make sure you want to make sure as a consumer that they're able to respond and meet those needs of your loved one. Okay and I know that there are a lot of programs. Are available. To crossroads hospice and I'm just constantly talking about this because I'm just amazed with it in sometimes it brings me to tears. Sometimes it just makes me happy and I just kind of just laughed to myself I I I follow you on FaceBook. And most the most recent one was this element got to meet Lionel Richie. And dance and on the CE all right knowledge stuff and and he says he used by I read something. He was singing brick house with yes that is existing member account. Rick how CL a coach and may admit that this is a this is a dream come true for him just. How how did you sent me honey do that. You know we will have our gifted than a program and it's quite an inspiration each regular computer sounds in the patient's shoes and seen. What we need their special day for them. Incidents gentlemen. Or dimpled going to see minor Ritchie with his loved ones and be in Hamilton experienced and seen MI NN saint. It's something that he's never been able to experience before in it was a great experience. For half seed that's just fantastic one of the many many reasons. To reach out to a crossroads hospice 8163339200. 8163339200. And even if you're not sure if you qualify for crossroads hospice or hospice services excuse me. Reach up to crossroads and they will help you determine that if you do you qualify they will they'll get you set up and they do have fanned. Pass stick fantastic job in level of support for the for the patient as well as their entire family. I'll be right back with Colleen that first the senior care live question of the week. A prepaid funeral plan is considered an exempt assets for Medicaid qualification purposes. In this state and Missouri. Is this statement true or false which one is it we'll find out right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lions on the scene. Your care broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program. And how we can help you and your family how are toll free number at any time 1800. 3316445. Again that's 1803310. 6445. And don't forget you can stream this program to any electronic device it's very simple just go to senior care lie about. Dot com click on the listen live button or the big microphone that you can't miss that it is right there on the front page their homepage that you are a few seconds to connect to and you are in it'll start streaming to your phone. Tally your computer whenever you have it really is that simple. I'm back to the senior care lives question of the week. A prepaid funeral plan is considered. And they exempt assets for Medicaid qualification purposes. In the state of Missouri is that statement true or false in the answering yes. True this is true it is an exempt asset. In the scene in Missouri and it is an exempt asset the end. The state of Kansas that's why I always. Coach my clients this year care consulting. To take. Some cash which is accountable asset that has to be spent down. By a prepaid funeral planned you've taken accountable accept you've turned it into an exempt assets and you have that expense taking care of you don't have to worry about is to Smart. This is it's a great great idea back to my special guest in studio today. Call lean tally she's a registered nurse with crossroads hospice Colleen takes care of continuing education and staff education and all of the various sites throughout Missouri with crossroads hospice. And Colleen first let me give it give the the phone number two 8163339200. In the end. Delaware for Kansas or Missouri just call that number that your main office number and then they will connect you with with the right location that is correct you can call that number and making pitches in touch with either of our location it's all right so well off record we had a pretty good. Pretty good Deborah cal score and without netbook usually do we do need to do we have raised red pill and in a car. It's so hard so I die is love that's just an old classic I'm just so glad day. That the gentleman near your patient got to give them a day and it just I smock sometimes. They bring needed tears is just that but I just I just put a smile on now I just I'm a musician Sammy I can really appreciate. Up all of that in for Lionel Richie is probably a real honor for him as well. And your patient. So all right so let's get back to some of your others we talked about gift of the day in and again I I love their program by. Life journals let's talk about deaf permitting and then you've got veteran recognition programs as well. That is correct our life journals are great way for a satiric patience volunteers who got into the patient sounds. Incorrect information on the patient's life and create what we can't and life journal. And our goal is rumored treating this as we sit there and we get the timeline of the patients' lives. And we talk about momentous events we talk about different things that they've lived through. I am different professions that they may airman and worked its different recipes that they like to cook went. No we did it affect the office in the trade this life journal as a gift for their patients the only members so that way they always have a nice memento. And their loved ones and well. And that that's say that sent a beautiful thing we have one of your rock one of your volunteers and he was. And we're gonna talk about batters he was actually helping out a veteran. And in the veteran was bragging to his fear or hate it as they wrote a book about me c'mon listen those check out this is awesome is just what a beautiful like keepsake that if this is a break and success of this theme today is you know how do you choose a hospice provider and there are quite a few providers. But my guess wipe they. Crossroads hospice has been providing excellent hospice. Services and support. For many many years. It's a it's a regional company very strong in Kansas and Missouri. We have all these extra perks all these extra Ben benefits we're gonna get in some numbers here a minute. But but along with trusting your got in some of these numbers we're gonna share with you which are really stunning and staggering. And all these extra eyes and this this really makes the difference I think. Angry so. Veterans recognition talked about Jefferson. I'm doing a patient comes on service that's part of our initial registration process is finding out what sprints a patient served. In which more than patient and served and immediate. I'm go to the patient some increase send them a day of recognition and do a ceremony with that patients seem linked. You know it's kind of fascinating to me Steve it's a lot of time spent Ernst. Don't talk to their family members about their years of service they absolutely do not many do not their very stoic in their very proud yup this is an opportunity for family members to get to know and understand. What branch of service I provide in my type of military service they provided to our country. Excellent excellent. Let's talk about average visits per we can talk about some percentage is here IE I I was pre in a previous life I was a vice president of home health agency. And and a lot of and and this is this has been a while back. Quite a few years ago but that ate a lot of home health agencies played the game of just enough visits. To get maximum reimbursement and nothing more. My agency we were. We were probably four or five visits per episode more because we just we took care. Of our patients and we we got them better and we didn't care if we were right at that eleven or twelve number or if we are fifteen or sixteen or seventeen. We were taking care people and when they need at home health care again guess who they called they called us we just we're just trying to do the best that we could. An ice crossroads does this as well and I see that the average patients excuse me average patient visits. Per week the crossroads hospice number is 26%. Higher than the national average that is correct we per rider sounds were available 24/7 365. Basic take care of their patients. We also have ever watched program that's available for patience as they start to transition and of life. Oh come make a visit after hours and continue monitored ensure that their symptoms are managed and they're taking care of as they're. Going through that challenging transition. Okay. And then the attended death rates I know that's that's a huge one for me because. The this is this is pretty tough they do in your last hours in your last minutes. You don't you you just can't be alone you need someone needs to be there and and this is a huge one for me kind kinda hard to talk and talk about but. But via then national. The tended to death rate that means someone from the hospice service. Being their with their patients is 32% that sounds so. Terribly low to meet the crossroads number is somewhere between eighty and 85% there's a little fluctuation there. But it's not even close you are there for your patience. And their families that is the most important time for hospice agencies to be there with that patient and know Stanley members. Educating them outlets signs and symptoms clinic clean they may be seen supporting them making sure that their pain is managed and that symptoms are managed and they're taking care of all right so I imagine that most of your patients are on Medicare so does does Medicare covered the hospice program cost that is correct me it is a part of the Medicare part a benefits and it is a 100% covered by their Medicare benefits we also have got unfunded patients may also take pride in insurance companies that slop. I so you're you're taking care every every one we are taken care you just and then. Up yet you're taking care everyone whether they can pay most most will be Medicare some private insurance but the bottom line is you're taking care your patience your providing 26%. More visits per week in the national average in viewers there over 80% of the time. Bad debt does this final moments in the national average 32%. So Colleen thanks so much for being here today are really appreciate it. Thank you Steve it's been an honor it's being here and to provide the spark an education. All right folks seriously called crossroads hospice 8163339200. They'll come out to meet with view they'll help you determine whether you qualify or not and if you do they can start services right away it's for the patients. The end here entire Stanley highly recommend them. You crossroads column on a whole lot more right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to senior care live on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the service is up. Heard on this program and how we can help you and your family call our toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. Operators are always standing by you'll speak with a real person if we cannot answer the phone directly a real person. Will visit with you take some information and one of our experts will contact you right back 1803316445. Don't forget if you miss an episode a senior care life baby wanna share their program with a friend or family member maybe just wanna listen to it again. No worries at all just go to senior care live dot com click on the podcasts tab and there you'll find all of the previously aired episodes. Find when you're looking for a click play and roomier and you'll again and open display. Spill stream electronically. And in you can. Help yourself lots and lots lots of people do that every single month and so they help. So. I was speaking with a friend. Last week and and now is. Complaining about my basement and then I I ate I thought about this situation in Houston. In the just the historic flooding. And I thought you know I I have nothing to complain about and so. Now I feel bad about whining last week and I I might have no problems at all at some damp carpet mill worries who got a taking care of everything's fine. Just please join me in and praying for all. But the people affected today tomorrow next month next year this is this'll be a multiple year. Clean up and turnaround in rebuilding Houston. And all throughout the restive eastern Texas. And Louisiana and all the affected seriousness pleads please join me in continuing to pray for all of those affected just just horrible. Horrible situation there. So. Guess I was speaking with such a friend and who. Who we were talking about some of the mistakes that we see people making I did touch on this last week and they're just several others that I just feel. I just have felt kind of and I said it was really important to share some of these zones with you because I shared some not all of them. So we're gonna talk about some mistakes there are just fairly commonly made. Wind when considering moving to a senior care community. He ends and it's that they're they're they can be devastating so I'm gonna try to help you. See the mistakes and hopefully help you not make these mistakes also talked about how you can avoid them. Not so well number one delay in moving her postponing the move waiting too long to move. You should get it generally speaking. Move sooner than you think you have to that's a really. Good rule of thumb. Well we don't really need to leave a move that immediately. But but let let's go ahead and move just ahead of it slightly ahead of the need. That is so much better then being proactive is just so much better than being in a reactive. Situation. And I just think again I've spoken with so many people over the last fifteen years. Operating senior care consulting. And they just wait too long and I'll get a call an hour in a crisis and I can. I can help people in the crisis senior care consulting can move quickly and we can help you in a crisis if you waited too long. And in its OK and we just react and we do the best that we can and will help you through that. But it's much easier on you and it's a much better situation for you and your family and your loved ones. If you do this proactively so one of my clients. EE traveled quite a bit his mom is mom live there are not in the home. At the end Saddam. He was traveling here was over it was you know I'm too far aways and Saint Louis. But he used Tommy's stories CBI I just got a call from the police. And I liked though what's going on egos while my mom walked away from the house. Police officers. Picked her up and answer she's okay issues pretty confused so they took her. To the hospital and inform me that she is not coming back home it's not safe and that she needs to move to a senior care community. I can you help me do that and can you help me pretty quickly do that so. Yes any goes you know what I should ecologist several months ago I knew I was pushing my luck and I sit aid that's all right let's just glad she's not hurt. And I'm glad that some very nice police officers found her. Before there could have been an in accidents. Or before she was out exposed to the elements for too long. And so it this one had a happy ending this was okay but he he really waited a little bit too long I have another client so this has been you don't. One of several years ago actually. Is she says Steve I'm gonna put this off I know I should probably be doing it but I just. I just can't quite. Move yet it's by two meant I'm gonna give you call sometime in the near future. 1 morning at 8 o'clock phone rings and she was just in a panic she was hysterical. She said Steve I'm so sorry I should ecology of months ago I I I should have done this. We got real lucky last night and so what happened. And she says long story short she said. I'm on his generally up overnight drinking coffee she as the nights and days mixed up so she's up all night watching TV and drinking coffee. And it in on the and she was watching TV and then I heard something. Almost like outside the garage I looked out the garage door was up and there's my mom walking she's about a block away already walking down the street with her coffee. Right now Harris tomorrow what do you do when she was well. I'm someone needs to patrol the neighborhoods so I'm the neighborhood patrol person tonight. Now here's the problem with this story. This was an early January is about two degrees outside she was in her socks. And he really light coming up the JAMA house took kind of a thing. Two degrees. Her coffee was already like stone cold from being hot and is is super cold very dangerous if she would do if she didn't wake up she didn't her mom. That story could ended very very badly and she knows it so we move quickly found a great place for her mom. She said we got so lucky I can't believe that by dragging my feet and not just standing up in just kind of working through this and kind of facing my fear of the unknown. In getting educated with senior care consulting in moving through a my dragging my foot dragging in my inaction. Could have cost my mom her life and where were real real real lucky so so delay in moving in postponing dragging your feet waiting for prices to occur. These are mistakes and try not. Try not to make them okay. Choosing a place that does not meet your long term needs and may need meet your short term needs but not your long term needs so. I have one of my clients her grandmother. Was living in a nice memory care senior care community they did a great job. And then. One day I get a call. And she was crying and she said to I have to move my grandmother to aim Medicaid certified. Facility. And I just can't believe I have to do this so. She told me the story her grandmother. Was out of money and so this did the facility wrote a letter saying listen you need to move your grandma out here in the next thirty days. She thought they did something wrong so she said did you do agree on what does something wrong that I upsets someone they don't know Elmo you everything's fine by. Ear grandma's just about a money and we don't accept Medicaid. And the problem with this story is that she spent well over 300000. Dollars. At this senior care community. So she was really angry because she civil I thought they took Medicaid. And I guess I didn't ask and I guess they didn't tell. So we took a kind of a difficult situation. It it was it was really tough that we found a great place Medicaid certified she relocated her grandma and it was OK but it's absolutely not. What she wanted. To happen she wanted to move one time and have her agent place regardless of her financial. Positions of senior care consulting. When we sit down with our clients we project financial costs and how long your assets will last and then determine the right course of action based on the financial. Analysis that's a big part of what we do when we sit down with our clients and building our care profiled the financial component. Is a big one and there's just no no way around it so. We we help people avoid that mistake. The clients. Whose dad walked out of the building I he has dementia. He's never wondered before. So you know we've we chose a place. Dad didn't have memory care can we just for what we just really not worried about he has dementia he's ever wonder before. And we think that that's just probably years and years down the road. And then about three or four months into his stay guess why. He left the building and he went shopping. And he'd really did use that he wasn't trying to cause any trouble he just. Left the building his staying on his department wanted to shop and then come back well the problem with that is he's unattended he has dementia. He didn't take his wallet with him. All sorts of things can happen it was really hot out. They were just moments he had been gone for a couple hours they were just moments from calling the plays when they found him actually at a local restaurant. So. At the and so so that did challenge there. It is day looked too short term and not and not long term. K so whiff with help from senior care consulting. We would look at that situation and we would say okay so. Note today it we would anticipate the needs four today and in the future and we would anticipate the need for memory care. At some point down the road we don't know if that's going to be in sixty days six months or you know three years pretty. Pretty good chance that wandering and development risk. Will become an issue with all these memory related. Illnesses dementia alzheimer's and lots of different types of dementia. Strokes can leave you with cognitive deficit at Parkinson's disease frequently you leave someone with cognitive deficits so lots and lots of issues out there. It's pretty mean there's a pretty good chance that you will need memory care at some point down the road. And if the place that your dad if they do not offer memory care. Then you there's have pretty good chance you're probably going to have to move again and again senior care consulting we help our clients avoid. All of these mistakes 9139452800. If you want a free consultation. Senior care. Insulting to help you get it right the first time 9139452800. We'll cover a whole lot more right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about services offered on this program and how we can help you and your family collar toll free number at any time 1800. 3316445. Again that's 180331. 644. Or five. Back to the topic of some of the most commonly made mistakes when I considering moving to a senior care community or maybe even choosing. The senior care community. The next one and wanna touch on here. Is choosing eighth that this is pretty common and a gay and I am not it's. Against choosing a freestanding. Assisted living facility I'm I'm not against that at all. But sometimes that may not fit your needs in the long run. I'm Kate so sometimes. People make the mistake of choosing a freestanding assisted living facility. And then if your loved one needs more assistance down the road more than they can provide. Guess why you're gonna have to move to the next higher level of care which is at the long term care of the nursing home level. OK so I've worked with families many many many times over all the years. In this exact situation they found a great place is a great fit for a long time but and at some point it may not be. That may not be enough Carrie may have to move so the family didn't anticipate the possibility of outgrowing. That level of care and with senior care consulting we anticipate. The ongoing and increasing care needs. We discussed that possibility with few and then we'll let you make the decision. And some of our clients they were gonna take care of today's needs. Today and if we need to move to a nursing home later on won't call you back and we'll have thought won't work with you to help us find the very best fit into nursing home level. And that's okay dad is your choice. By most of our clients say. And I'm I'm in fact right now I'm working with the family and I asked this is all part of our care profile development are geriatric. Care assessment we talked about this do you wanna move once or are you interested in moving maybe a second time later run. And in the gentlemen I spoke with said we want to be one and done I never wanted to have to deal with this again. And I said well then his dad's a great fit for assisted living level of care but he has some health issues. And it is fairly predictable at least forty in his dad's situation he's probably going to need in nursing home at some point down the road. And any I said so. Do you wanna move twice pretty mar remove one time. And he said one and done I sit okay then we need an assisted living community that is attached. To the long term care level are the nursing home level so that if and when he needs to transition down the road. He's moving down the hall or across the lawn across the campus. To the next higher level of care that's exactly what he needs so again with senior care consulting we anticipate today's needs and future needs and then we take care of that in our selection process. Play another way and choosing a place just won't without doing very much research. This is this is pretty common. A lot of people just go pick a place that's close to them all at this this one's just down the street so yeah I like this what. Well don't cheers convenience over the right fit to try not to do that okay that's a mistake. I've seen lots and lots and lots of people do that. OK assists and frankly it's a bad idea the one right down the street may or may not. Be the best fit for your loved one so don't fall for the closest one. Don't fall for the prettiest one looks are nothing. The leather couch in the corner. It means nothing. When it comes to delivering care for your mom or dad your spouse you're elderly loved what might that nice Felton. The chandeliers they have nothing to do. With the care the track record the staffing ratio on and on and on and not it's great to have a pretty Plaisted just don't pick a place based on. And it's the looks alone. Okay eight aegis or or personnel went. Well the salesperson was pretty aggressive so I just finally said yes and got it over with no absolutely not no no. No tell the sales person to back off. If you need to think about it I talked about this last week with mystery Mahler someone's pressuring you to make the sale and you're not ready. Walked away just walk away. If he needs time to think about it do some more homework look at some other places to compared and that's what you need to do so so. Do not pick a place with out doing your research just just don't do it that's just a big mistake. Choosing a place and hoping it'll work out. Well we picked this place and we sure hope it's gonna be a good place. Okay well that's. Debt that's pretty tough and sometimes that might be them the best thing you can do but again. Do some homework and and here's the here's the mistake did that leads to choosing a place and bowler we're gonna give it a try. Now we don't really liked it too much so we're gonna move mom over here to facility number two would give them a shot to see how it goes. Well you know unlike some of the nurses there. And that administrator kind of rub me the wrong way a little bit so we're gonna move mom to facility number three I hear this happ this happens all the time this I'm not even making this up. This is very common. And by a fourth or fifth solely they like that went. Do you know how hard it is. To move an elderly person. From place to place to place. It's a big mistake so hard on them. Do your homework and in figured out. Before moving to try arrest the stay before fully moving in and if you wanna try before you buy so he'll sort of speak quote unquote. Okay choosing a place that you can't afford that's another mistake that I see people making and I I've. I if it calls all the time about yeah we moved in and then we didn't really. We just we just wanted to get ending in give death some help moms and help and now that we're looking at the finances are like old boy out of now. That now when this is we don't know how affordable this is. And we think we need to kind of rethink this the place is and grind house price to pay only week we may need to relocate to a Medicaid. Certified facility in case dad or mom or. The elderly loved one runs out of money so again and you can be proactive and get debt. It with senior care consulting with where again we we analyze that we anticipate that. We take care of them on the front end against so we're not gonna make any mistakes. And then here's another really big one. It's and this is is very commonly believed. That many people are not happy with the facilities at their currently limiting him. Maybe something's happened the personnel is changed. The policies of change I just I just hear so many stories. Or all of a sudden the other thing is to begin all the sudden they decreased the budget and now it's not so good. Horror I heard story the other day the administrator is on it in the more costs that she can cut the mayor her bonus is. So we have poison ivy growing in our crack I did this is what someone reported me poison ivy growing in the courtyard plow or even go out there until they take care of that. OK so that they could be a million reasons. But if you're not. Happy with the facility that you're in. Move. It just moved to another place it is just really that simple well Steve you know dance on Medicaid and sell. It doesn't have to stay there no absolutely not yet and I can see why you think but that did that's not true. So I'm working currently with a couple and their parents. Are both qualified that they both need nursing home level of care they're both together. And they're both qualified from Missouri Medicaid so as long as we state on the Missouri's style that side of the state line. We're going to choose just a better place a better fit because they're just not happy. With where they're at right now and guess what it is your right to do so. So you do not need to stay at any facility that you're not happy with you're not locked in you can. Move nursing homes built on a daily. Great especially if the nursing home level you can move. And anytime that you can move from any of these places at any time if you want more information about that reach out to senior care consulting at 913. 945280913945. 2800. Find everyone listening and so honored you spent part of your day tuning into the program thank you so very much. I'm your host Steve key current no issue. Race in peace may god bless you and your family on this date and always. I'll see you next week right here on senior care lie.