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Wednesday, September 27th

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Are you caring for an aging parents. Are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Helping you become the best caregiver you can be. I'm your host Steve eager. Hello and welcome to senior care alive I'm Steve Keiko president's senior care consulting. Thanks so much for tuning in today I you really appreciate it. The mission here on the program is to provide information education and resources. For seniors and their caregivers. We discuss important subjects such as how to remain independent in your own home went to consider moving from home to a senior care community how do you find the right senior care community for your exact needs. How do you pay for the high cost of senior care it's all very expensive. Where also review legal issues that involve elder law and state planning and we discuss how to care for the caregiver. So if you're listening to the radio streaming as some minor listing to a podcast after the fact again thanks so much for tuning in today. If you need help with placement services for mice firm's senior care consulting or if you wanna learn more. About the service is provided by one of our very knowledgeable guess you can always Regis and it's whole free number here is in write it down. Lot of people are siren call this number it maybe they road Adele several months ago now though like you know we need to know about. Whatever it is they're calling so feel free to do that as well 1800. 3316445. Again 180331. 6445. You can also visit online at senior care lie in the LAZ senior care lie in the dot com be sure to connect socially we do a lot of communications and announcements through social media as well. All right so on the first part of today's program. I want to discuss. In in review what you should know before. Searching for a senior care community I have visited with lots and lots and lots of families. Over the last couple months and frankly there. You're doing this wrong in this at all while I wish I would have known Matt. The well I know you're an annoyance and hopefully I can save you some headache and heartache. A lot of time. So many people will just go out in just start looking at any thing. And everything in there I mean I call this the shotgun approach all right we need to do something new and we're in Georgia is gonna run out and just attack attack the market we're gonna check out anything and everything. It and so you know that effort is there are for sure in their very very busy. An effort is sincere in their dear working hard they wanna get this right. But it's frankly and I I don't mean to be a bummer on Saturday morning but it it's usually. I kind of a waste of time if you don't know exactly. What you need. The majority of that effort is just not the time this is not well spent so you must. Must must identify. What you need to. Before you can look for a bit does that make sense so just think about this you you would never look for a new home. Two by until you do find exactly what you wanted in what you need would you. And I would flame most people would not do that you just don't go out with that shotgun approach and it needs to be much more of a targeted approach. And so that would be like going out. And looking and just pick any and every house that you found for sale with no regards to whether or not make your needs or your budget is so this is something that you would just not do when searching. For a house to buy but yet. So many people do this exit. To fleeing. When searching for his senior care community it's just a big mistake so. Guess why it. Don't do it nominee and I'm gonna help you not make that mistake here just a second. And then at another quick issue and I'm gonna move on. Two you know what to do before and what you should know before searching but many people also call on some of these free referral services. It if I I get it free is a very powerful word they don't be Lou worded. By the word free kind of get what you pay for this is also a big mistake in my opinion it's here's an example. Solid concrete example. The local family used to one of the free referral services recently they needed placement for both not one but for both of their parents we met they told me this situation. It very clearly. Called for the assisted living level of care. With one of them meeting the long term care in the very. Near future and also by the way memory care is also part of this mix in requirement. However they received a list from a free referral service with about a dozen independent living communities. This is not what they need they do not need it. Independent living may yet these folks are trusting. The free referral service. They drug their parents all over town and they chose one. And I'm tell near right now that's not going to work very long at all what. But then the amount of support you they won't get from this independent living facility is no different than what they're getting in their own home today and that is not. Working for them. It's a huge mistake they'll be moving their parents. Two another facility very very soon their brother knows it he's letting his sister get away with it. He says this in this this fails we'll call you back you'll do with the right way. So the you know it just just be aware of the phrase you get what you pay for. When trusting a free referral service. They receive kickbacks from the places they recommend which frankly is a total conflict of interest so. What should you do before searching for senior care community. You should conduct a needs analysis and I think most people would understand what that is. The senior care consulting we call this the care profile listen detailed description. And exactly what we need and what we're going to be looking for that will fit your exact situation so number one. What is the level of care that you need today and it. Oh by the way we need to anticipate the level of care. Day you'll need into the future. Well what does that mean Steve in so I'll I'm trying to standardize some terminology here on the program. And I think it's getting some traction in the market a place as well have been doing this long enough so I I'm glad to see debit. The level of care. And I'm I'm gonna define this race of the level of care means to the independent living. Level of care the residential care. Level of care and oh by the way in Missouri you have a choice between residential care one. In residential care to I don't know why has to be at the peck confusing in Kansas is just our CF residential care facility. Another level of care is the assisted living. Level of care I talked about that quite that last week in. In honor of national assisted living week. But in Missouri again we're gonna make this a little more complicated assisted living. Option one it. And assisted living optioned to. These all all these things mean very different things so you have to know. What that means what these places offer in what you need. Another level of care what care is needed today and into the future may be its home plus home plus level of care. Long term care otherwise known are commonly known as the nursing home skilled nursing and rehab. Sometimes called that long term care community. Health senator that's the long term care level of care or can be all of the above any. CC RC continuing care retirement communities so you have to know. What level of care do you need today what level of care will you need into the future what level of care can you anticipate. By the way senior care consulting we help our clients do this. So if you need help you can refer to us at any time and we can help you if you doing it on your own dad is your starting place number till. The next step what type of care do you need so. Identified your level of care now what type of care with and that level. Do you needs to some of the choices would be I just need general cares every day. General. Cares what the called general care you may need memory care which is for someone with alzheimer's or dementia. There are lots of different types of dementia this could give very specific. You may have memory issues today and be okay it was general care bid on the road. Maybe you need memory care system place you're looking at do they offer memory care or not if you don't need memory care today then your OK without tepid. If your loved one advances with their dementia or alzheimer's and at some point they need memory care. If the place you choose does not offer memory care you are going to be moving you need to anticipate that or you can cover it with all of the above with both. Types of care provided and again. Senior care consulting we make this whole confusing complicated. Mess very. Very simple and easy to understand. Another type of care skilled nursing and rehab. That would be found within the long term care level of care you may need mental health care that may be part of your equation or hospice care. Or maybe a combination of one or more. Of the above so. We've identified our level of care. We've identified our type of care so now comes a big part of this equation and again we this is all and are what we collar care profile. You might Colin needs analysis. How will you be paying. For the care that is provided. This is all very expensive we discuss this numerous times on the program before. How are you gonna pay. For the senior care private pay. So we know you're writing a check that comes from your own personal resources. Medicare is Medicare involved is so how long is he gonna pay a touched on that. The last couple weeks and two weeks ago very specifically what Medicare pays for at the facility level of care. Medicaid will Medicaid. Be needed. Eat you know I mean it's it's it's highly possible that Medicaid could be part of the mix if not today again. We're going to anticipate our needs. Down the road and I'm gonna cut it off right there and I will continue. What you need to know before searching for a senior care community and to continue. All the things that you need to know right after the break but first. This senior care live question of the week the elimination period in a long term care insurance contract is the same as aid. The deductible. Beat the co pay eight. See the daily benefit for deep none of the above the answer. Right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you listened to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the service has suffered on this program. And how we can help you in your family call our toll free number at any time that's 1803316445. Again 180331. 6445. Don't forget you can stream this program to any electronic device is so simple go to senior care live dot com. Click on the listen live button nor the big microphone right there on the home page. Here a few seconds to connect and you are in little streams straight to your phone. You're tabloid even if you're one of the new I thought well you you can have an iPhone X. Slash ten because they're out in November but it Lagardere your fund your tablet your computer whatever you have. And the lots and lots of people do that each and every week so feel free to help yourself. With that piece of technology. I'm back to these senior care lives question of the week. The elimination period any long term care insurance contract is the same thing as eighth. The deductible being the co pay to see the daily benefit or. Hey you. A easy deductible. Is the same thing. As a deductible I don't know who will hopefully they didn't pay anyone to come up with what can we call a deductible that's a scary. Let's code and elimination period then that's. I just I don't like to term but that that's what it is so you pay for the number of days in the elimination period out of your pocket. And then the long term care insurance policy. Pays the daily benefit after that point I see a lot of ninety day elimination periods. Third I just on the other day with thick client of mine. And he brought his long term care insurance policy and and by the way we helped him analyze that determine his own insurance company could even answer his questions so we did it for them. But says they he had an 820 day I've never seen a twenty day it's usually. In the number of months like 3069 EF two maybe hundred. Eighty days I has seen anything longer net but it's any 120 days so they paid for his care in this dance cure for twenty days. And in the policy started paying on the 21 day. Moving forward so there we go. All right so bad today at the top peak of what you should know before. Searching for a senior care communities that we reviewed the level of care that's needed. That type of care that's needed and then how are you going to pay for the care so private pay. Medicare or Medicaid. Or may be long term care insurance so if you have long term care insurance. You know what is that going to pay how does that work the VA aid and attendance benefit. Is another resource that may help you pay for the high costs of senior care. And and then what is your budgets. Four senior care if you haven't seen the price tags I mean hold onto your wallet don't wreck your car. Very very expensive all of this is expensive so. So yes he half to have a budget you have to understand. They care in what happens if you run out of money out what happens then and so in again senior care consulting. We answer all of these questions and more at 913. 9452809139452800. When we work with our clients. This is all part of the care profile which is our starting point when we help our clients find the best fit. At the senior care facility level of care from their parents. Spells. And their elderly loved ones. The next step is what location do you prefer or do you need so how far away are you willing to drive to seed. Your loved ones and as some people say I'm willing to drive two minutes. Okay well guess what the conversations over there is not a facility within two minutes of your home. So we need to be realistic about that we need to kind of spread out here a little bit. Is there an advantage of being in Kansas. Or Missouri sometimes. Like yourself for example an elder law attorney may develop an asset protection strategy. In this may dictate their key in this or Missouri is required to. To execute that asset protection strategy due to the differences in laws. Between the state of Kansas in Missouri sometimes there's a huge advantage. Of staying in one state or another is sometimes there's no advantage of it and also where were wide open. Two Kansas or Missouri. And then are there any personal preferences or needs that we need to address so. I I if I assist some of our clients for senior care consulting a special dietary needs my sister is in begin. And and we need a place to address her very very narrow and specific. Dietary needs and that's not a preference by the way my sister is eighty strict begin and end and you need to be able to address her specific needs don't serve my mother fouls she will not eat anything with the beat on it. Right and it's so it that's very very specific we need to make sure. That the places that we're considering can't address the dietary needs mother has played piano. Or father is played piano for decades it makes them happy fills them up. We need a place that has a piano or they're welcome to play. It just makes him very very happy I'm a musician so I totally get that that's a big big big deal so if that is part of the equation we're gonna make sure that we. Can address those personal preferences and needs a wanna place a has a bridge club for mom she's at she's big time bridge player and that's really really important and you placed. That specializes in caring for individuals with parkinson's. I won a place where dad can do some gardening get a little dirt therapy you'll dirt under his fingernails and do some gardening all these things are really really important. And then other important information. That we need to know your medical diagnosis of what is your favorite hobbies is special interest they have any spiritual preferences. Is having a church service important to them let's let's find out about debt and make sure that their spiritual faith needs are addressed. Properly in thoroughly if that's important to them and then to complicate matters if you're placing too. Parents or if if feeling your spouse need care. You must know about all of this information on each. Person not just for one person but now for two people. And and what if there at different levels of needs and levels of care right so this is again. Extremely. Unbelievably. Complicated. And it senior care consulting. We can make a very complex. Decision matrix a complex matter finding the right place in the best that we can make that. Very very simple for you and your family Annie Mae and mall. Amount of time spent give us a call if this is resonating with you if you need help. Expert assistance and expert guidance in finding the right place here's our phone number. 9139452800. 913945. 2800. If you wanna check out more information about senior care consulting. Before making the call our our route web address senior care consulting that's with a nine G. Senior care consulting. Dot com ask for a free consultation. And we will get that scheduled run away. All right time to shift gears and talk with the good guys from mystery Muller. Keith blaze and mark words Heath and mark. Welcome back to senior care life. Clear that C Steve. All right the last time I was whining about my basement until I saw the Harvey flooding in Texas and then I figured hey I have nothing to complain about. It's been a rough look for a lot of people around the United States that's right that is no kidding cell to reach out to the gay guys from miss remodel arena talk a whole bunch more in the third four segment here but it's 913362. 7166. Or 8164533049. Online at mr. Rick Mahler that's MR remodel her. Dot com and we're gonna talk today we're gonna have we have several clients stories we're gonna talk about a very specific day that we're going to recognize. And then really kind of break that down and help you prevent falls in your home. We'll have a whole lot more right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You listen to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about services suffered on the. Program and how we can help you and your family color toll free number at any time that's 180331. Net. 6445. We have operator standing by you will speak with a real person. No voice mail answering machines for senior care live we are old school that's just how we roll call 180331. 6445. And don't forget. If you miss an episode the senior care lie ever may be wanna share the program with a friend or family or neighbor or maybe just wanna listen to the program again no worries at all just go to senior care lives dot com click click on the podcast tab in there is where you'll find all of the previously aired episodes. Tons and tons of people do that every single month so help yourself to that. Right back to the good guys from mystery model or Keith blade and mark worth. If you reach out to miss three modular I wouldn't be talking about how to prevent falls and a lot of things. The surrounding the whole subject matter of remodeling your home to safely. Age in place you should contact mr. remodel and if you thinking about. While we want to get something done before the holidays it'd be calling right now that mystery ML is very busy day they're excellent. Excellent service provider you need to get debt planned out 9133627166. Missouri 81645330. 49 so Keith year's super busy right now and I and I guarantee we have been talked about this I know you have to be looking into the fall they'll we're looking in the November at this point holy cow. How early this fall tell it like it is technically it's Sayer to go is socially a full still warm but hey. You know this is is it legal I got like off white slacks here is it legal to Wear long ones NASA's numbers and about right. And color don't call a fashion place on I don't roll over the order of the this is me and an old. I don't really matters anymore it doesn't matter I'm coming to go with that so my mom and especially my grandma all know why he cannot Wear like white shoes and white really after Labor Day have to put more ailing okay. So now I don't I don't follow this don't have any out Kayla I have quite a while my tennis shoes that you were like you'll get whatever I'm eating on it off. Up up up up the net a little bit dark colors. All right so. Mark so let's let's talk about this national recognition here the state well this last week we just pass the national fall. Prevention day which was September 21 yup yup it's. Recognized by the national council of aging. And they hit they put out some statistics for this particular day in. Several of them but one in four of older adults will do tend to follow each year. In most also preventable up so they can now with a list of six steps to help avoid false and some of them. You know. Take for granted probably been as we get older sometimes we get inhabits and forget about thinks the flood says the first step was basically find a balance or exercise class to. Help you with your building up strength and agility to. Physically stay in good shape suture or not. Normal flora to pick you up absolutely absolutely yeah. Tennis that the creeps up on YouTube because I know I'm 52 and I've noticed. A change. Just in the last few years because I'm Sabina desk all the time to. Don't get near enough exercise. You know and you start to notice. You do more balanced it goes quick then that's right in and balance I mean it just it takes one time. One time also and oh. Well I fell in if you get lucky don't hurt yourself usually results in an injury Lotta times in a fracture and and and it's this this whole subject matter is super super important is it. It's very near and dear to my heart open and is usually drink. Well that's right. I do not want that in that maybe let's including most of. My parents and but you know they. There. Definition of false totally different than you know what most of course it's always slip. Sure well you know Paul who knows he's a little personal slip little accident but I right. But said the second set that you can take a Spacey talked here doctor and be truthful with your doctor if you're having these false. Is you know obviously people are embarrassed in that sometimes they don't wanna admitted that the more information that your doctor has certainly that will be of benefit TE. Step three is really your medications with your doctor or even your farmers who. Sometimes some adjustments can be made with those two you know help you out. Step four. Have a yearly vision and hearing test. Obviously vision comes into play with false and maybe tripping over things that you're not seeing my loose rugs those types of things up. In step five is really where I assist mystery milder kind of comes into play it's keep your home safe. Whether that be the simplest of things are picking up clutter. Keeping things up the steps we've talked about that in the past them though until home and know people don't wanna go up and down the stairs so they just pilot on the stairs and then produce any Kellogg company under right exactly what the caskets narrower and there. And then also make sure that everything is well lit that your pathways are well lit including the stairways. Install grab bars and then just no other thinks of you know don't have Brooke rugs and then are slippery as lingering around him. And then we continue to the bigger steps as far as not find bathrooms and everything else. You know letting go of the things I see a lot was older. Older people. On a fixed income because they're trying to save money you lock in the house and all the lights will be off normally I'm pretty in the day and slay me again. And it's that ninety degree yeah. Fifth us open tennis are good for you there yeah hotel absolutely in and that the lighting is huge. It's in I Keith I know you're you're really beyond that sell it and I'm I mean I just turned 56 Q we've set 56 what in the heck yeah. What is happening. So anyway I'm people who dress I yeah Audi a way to test. But so and I was just sharing with mark. The the fabulous producer senior care life. That you know I I simply is it okay if I turn on an extra light in here all right get the more sensitive I becomes a life or that they're. More specifically the lack of lights yeah I need more lights to read properly and if it's even semi Dilma have a hard time reading it well so it. So add another twenty years that's even worse and then if you're if fear if you have any foot shuffling or any any slight imbalance. If locals are Tressel calls anything like down in the you've got to ride you've got to live in not in now. In the flooring you have it all the sudden. Your boom you're down you just have to fall in one followed can change your entire trajectory of your aging pro. Just. On September sixes. That's the simple thing that we can all do that what that's just talk with your feeling keep them informed. In there again don't be embarrassed if you need some help you know let them know. I was amazed at this statistic two. Every eleven seconds and older adult visits emergency room because of a fall in the United States inland then the second set to meet. Oh my gash in Hampshire and some of them are in a minor things. But. You know some and lead to chronic illnesses and in the in the obviously deaths. Well so all shed some light on that when. Not all falls are are bad as some of them are. In you don't hear about this very often but I'm you know I get a call. From the emergency room senior grandmother's here she had and she's she had a fall. And she broke her neck. Moved well and you don't hear about them very often but once in awhile it does and so when I say this is near and dear to my heart it is time. I I'm really really really sensitive about falls when I go out. It in in we're doing a performance on it with senior care consulting clients I always ask about how many false G average and in the typical month because. You know did just wanna know about depth and so anyone can fall any time you can happen but into your home you can prevent a lot of these false there's no doubt about it definitely type in. There again my parents my father took a fall out fell on my mother. And older now self and then broke her wrist. Although our dealers who grew with both of them at the time so he's injured and now you moms injured because he fell on your mom she's may be trying to helping him right exactly yeah this he would phone she's trying to help getting left the room. She felt slow boy okay and so then we'll just killed a bit further stoke. So my grandpa had dementia in the middle of the night he's he's on Lewis wobbly step stool changing the lightbulb on their porch. OK and who knows why he did he had dementia so. The ground ball went out say get down off of that step stool so she's helping him down. And he kind of wobbles in falls and she falls in she kinda threw her back a little bit. So she was on pain medication in muscle relaxer is for her back. And that's why she fell in the middle of the night which ended up leading to a fractured neck. She survived that that all the sudden. One fall led to another fallen almost send their big time trouble. In this really marked the beginning of kind of their last chapter of their life where they needed I care facility and a lot of help. Just because of one fall and then another much worse fault it seems like they tend to start becoming more more often what they do it off. That's what got old older customer actually drill coast where we built a deck form in the eighties. We just replaced. And I think she's eighty easier 8487. And and last summer decided it was time for you could get in on the roof. They're in amazing shape yeah. I'm younger than that never made that decision that's usually her and do you not humorous. It's like oh I can get a third succession knoller you know that some turner. Oh when I when I got on my roof and and about fell off of it I made that decision about exactly five years ago I think is a lot more steep on an angle and end up when you're on it then when it looks from. From the from the ground the semis I thought that was a long time ago or just getting on the latter. From the roof was terrifying immigrant I'm done yet that is that is that's the worst part the transition yet it's down now you have to grab the latter and hope you don't follow my you can on the latter without a teenager just slam and drove over to do 20 yeah yeah. Never even thought about you know thought yeah yeah absolutely self eyesore talking about fall prevention today in the next segment with mr. Mahler we're gonna talk about more specifics on how to prevent a fallen some of the remodeling. Ideas in changes that you can make in your home. To make it a much more safe and comfortable environment with the whole goal of aging in place safely and comfortably. 9133627166. Missouri 81645330. Or nine or online and mr. remodel our MOR remodel or dot com hang tight we'll have a low while more right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 180331644. Fives. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program and how we can help you in your family and your loved ones. How are toll free number at any time 1803316445. Again. 180331. 6445. Back to the good guys from mystery modular Keith blame mark worth. They were talking about a fall prevention and some of the things you can do in your home would get into some more specifics here just a second. But if this is resonating with you were you thinking about you know. They really are good guys we need to calm mystery modular and and talked about some projects that we'd like to get done and you know before they into the year. Right now is the time their booking. Jobs and working with clients clear into November already and in here we are you know we're in the third. They're re coming in the homestretch of September so here's the number here your we have two number three Kansas number 913. 3627166. In Missouri 8164533049. On line it MR remodel her MR remodel her. Dot com mr. Miller's been in business since 1969. For a very good reason they do excellent work. All of their clients called him back to repeat customers. Keith you say are the all the time you you work for someone in 1972 and they've had to back. Five or six times over the years like you said he would review the torch for this element in the eighties Cynthia and it and so. If there can't you backe doing some right you don't get jobs forum we had some real good guys working for us that's excellent in duck. And and I love that I love the idea that you actually send out. Eighty a survey and yell down hey how we do and yeah how can we improve we're always looking to improve. And give us some good feedback so we're constantly learning and constantly trying to do our best. That's one of the most important things I think we do. Because you know when you do have that occasional job there just doesn't know the way you plan on going because. You know that's life sometimes yup. You know it's your debt to know that they're not just Bill Lewis forget about written and not have to think about it anymore. You know to have that come back in and we actually were read them local governments if there's anything we can change. Absolutely so just constant. Constantly looking to improve and get better and guess what since 1969 there's still looking to improve. And get better and do a better job mr. remodel or 9133627166. In Missouri they went 64533049. Also was let them up on FaceBook hit MR remodel her a lot of I love the before and after pictures on FaceBook and of course on the website MR. Remodel her. Dot com so all right so we're talking about fall prevention and the end you know I think lighting is it is a huge stealing you know like you said. We talked about a couple things so a lot of people who were old firm may not have all the lights on the trying to. Conserve electricity which lowers your cost bit sometimes it's not. Very good idea. And then as we get older I you know we have changes in our eyesight that require more lighting so those two things don't go to the other current. Exactly so many people keep the you know their blinds pulled for. Some just out of by paranoia or whatever they want people seeing what they're doing in the area yup and and then there again they. They just don't. Heat or lights on because here so many people try to save a few dollars here they know now and but a lot of times you know we kind of we do a lot of bathrooms and that's. Where most of the falls in the home a place so in in the bathroom area gym area also were looking at. Different things as far as you know comfort I toilets a full color C have to. Squat down so far well and until you exit the the option if you don't want to leave the comfort high with his which is just going to be taller toilet is to put. Released still risers on the toilet and and frankly and we don't get you buy beef. I how we view is that as a real quick fix if you're looking at meeting. That higher elevation on the toilet. Don't mess with us who riser get a comfort heights toilet you'll you'll think Neil thinks this remodel or. How for for women in Korea I mean that that that can make all the difference in the world just a simple. Changing out of the toy exec absolutely. From a hygiene and to treat those other. Attachments and things are to keep clean where they you know you come together and those types of things and they're not attractive they are there and it's it's really generally not a good idea. Now when you can have a comfort I toilets installed it looks beautiful. I you can match your colors all assorted things and you have a rainy toy that you don't have to worry about that anymore to really easy to sit down stand up. Well you can buy eight. For holders are actually grabbed works OK you know they've got all sources sisters that look just like. Tell bar whatever virtually grab bars so it doesn't this'll have to look institutional it's anchored to that to the to the studs in the row all in so super super sturdy and so we have this beautiful toilet yet this this beautiful that looks like a towel bar. That this actually functional can hold your way to grab onto it to help you up and down we need to hire you if you think the toilets are beautiful Steve. There might feel. Beauty is in the 9 July. I get some of these toilets feel like they're about a foot off the ground so that is the only other thing if you. If you have what it colored toilets but I saw toilet deal than they look like something out of a spaceship there's even a light in the think so oh yes everything's there mechanic kind of while reducing the Japanese toilets. And they're all alike electronic and Bono did Google sources stuff turns singing humanly due to Rashad plays the music can have a little blue day yeah I understand you know going okay. But a tough act to follow. It's I've got showers I don't know why can't. A beautiful loyalists to show beautiful shot there yeah. Now it'll show that that we can make beautiful yeah they're solid ever tiled patterns and options and things available yeah. It we do a lot with onyx which has a very low curb for a threshold. We can Austin's zero entry showers with tile. But again it's good to have contrast because you did that transition from whatever your flooring in listen to the floor of the shower. We put a lot of seats in showers weather be a build in cedar portable seat that they're gaining any contrast because. When like we're talking before Keith was saying that. You know people don't Wear their glasses in the shower and they're searching for the seat so that all disciplines together there there's. Perfect perfect situation where you can have that fall for it can be preventable just by doing a different color perhaps you can you can sit down on the seat thinking it's down and it's up to. Your glasses on and you know what. Did you think about the epic no you can't Wear your glasses in the shower and now all of a sudden you're your vision is compromised and there's your perfect opportunity for a fall again. One fall can change the trajectory of the rest of your entire life and aging process one fall. I I had a friend that. Think who's forty. In his forties anyway and it worked in the railroad and drink and smoke or daughter day. And none. Had a heart attack. Give into the shower while I have felt and blue Clinton had a stroke on my gosh he survived didn't. The you know it's in any age you can even have a situation yells when you need something to kind of help. No grab bars whatever. Absolutely. I think that's why the key the key is really to be proactive with this you know when you're here you do your bathroom anyway why not take these things into consideration he might be. You know thirty or forty but. Even live there 25 years to absolutely so so be proactive do it sooner than needed. And and you know here here we are were in September it's already the 23. And who in mystery modular is an excellent excellent. Provider in. Re Muller in their booking all the way into November so fear is thinking about getting some things done before the end of the year called mystery modular today. And 9133627166. 8164533049. Or online at them are real model where dot com him are. We modular. Dot com he's the mark thanks much for being here today talking about fall prevention there any here. All right. Everyone listening I'm so honored you spent part of your day tuning into this program thank you so very much. I'm your host Steve keep her and I wish you. Grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this date and always. I'll see you next week right here on senior care lie.