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Are you caring for an aging parents so. Are you searching for answers. Senior care line program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Become the best caregiver you can lean. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to a special edition of senior care live I'm Steve kicker president of senior care consulting. Thanks so much for tuning in today I it really and truly appreciate it. In for those of you who are new tuning into the first time the senior care life the mission here on the program is to provide information education and resources. For seniors and their caregivers and we discuss many important subjects but today is one that's near and dear to my heart and I see you're gonna need to stay tuned you're gonna want to states in. And and introduce a special guest to you here. In just a second. And again in this is a special edition but. If you need help with placement services from my firm's senior care consulting or if you wanna learn more about the services and information provided by one of our very knowledgeable guess. You can reach us on our toll free number at any time literally 24 hours today. Here it is in writing down 1803316445. Again 1800. 3316445. Can also visit online at senior care lion LI VE. Senior care lives. Dot com and as I mentioned. This is a very special edition of senior care live the entire program. Today will be focused on the the issue of elder abuse and this is one that gets me really fired up. Whenever I hear any of these stories are read about some of these issues my blood pressure starts to increase. And I just feel like I need to do something about it in duck and so we are gonna do something about it today we are going to define. Elder abuse will discuss various forms. Of elder abuse how do you identify elder abuse and then what do you do about it how do you re ports. Elder abuse and whiff of bad introduction let me introduce to you our special guest today mr. Tom got shot Keyes an investigator. Within Johnson County district attorney's office and Tom thanks so much for being here today I really appreciate it hey thanks for having me. All right so. Let's jump right into this and end. I've been talking for a long time you know were really gonna breakdown elder abuse and and talk about it so let's start off with 101 what is elder abuse let's just define net. To do well elder abuse from the statutory standpoint is. Putting a senior or elderly person at a disadvantage either physically or financially and it's very broad back then. On then we can branch out into different types elder abuse OK and they are well. Basically it's typically thought of in three. Different aspects. The most dangerous obviously is physical abuse where an elderly person is being beaten or physically abused. The next. Area that we wanna talk about an elder abuse would be neglect where the seniors needs are not being met through withholding of care. The end and that's an interesting topic in and of itself because withholding of care can be done for any number of different reasons. And then finally eat what we see mostly in Johnson County. Is financial exploitation. Elderly. Elderly citizens men and sometimes that's referred to as fiduciary abuse or just what most people think in terms of taking advantage of an older person. All right and as you're going through all this it just. Later it makes my stomach turn this just a major major hot button. In and frankly I see lots of examples. Of all not all three and I usually don't see physical abuse. But I know it's done but I see lots and lots of of examples of what can be considered or maybe just dancing relative to that line of the fiduciary and financial elder abuse in May be some mud situations of neglect where I've I've had to weigh in. And in bring in resources did to try to turn things around. But let's so let's identify elder abuse and it's. And some of the physical abuse at at attribute. It's if you will will this cold be used on older adults it can be very difficult to identify. Mainly because. Many older adults have physical issues to begin where. And so in apparent. Incapacitate show and you know bias and untrained observer may appear to be. Abuse the way it may be part of their physical condition just the way it is now. So we have a hard time. Telling people how to identify physical abuse. A lot of people that are involved. Closely involved with older adults that are victims of physical abuse it's very clear to them. Because they see the person over time they see the progression of any injuries or ailments. And so it tends to be. More easily identified by people familiar with the adult can. In terms instructing third parties how to do that we actually do that quite a bit we talked with bankers law enforcement agencies. Home health agencies and we tock about. The attributes physical abuse typically we talked about bruising. Where bruising. Would typically on an older dole beat common on their arms legs or extremities. As are moving around the house they they can bunt themselves. And older adults or as you age you breezed more easily yeah. And this can be compound it by medications that there on that would. Allow other bodies bruised more easily and so we focus on breezing in areas where. And older adult typically would not be injured who it in here we think of their head and neck. Course back Baghdad back of their legs back to their arms up. We also look for other types physical injuries. Berms that are unexpected scolds. Obviously. A cigarette burns would be out of the ordinary but some of the things that I've run across that are unusual is left. I've just spoken with older adults and had. Lash marks on their wrists and ankles and that's from being. Tied down on my gosh. And older adults with dementia. A lot of them can be. Wanderers where they want to walk around they want to be mode while the arrest was. And that's that can be a very difficult care giving task and some less strain and once sensitive. Caregivers may actually tie up the awards. Dad is beyond horrible an and I had. I I met someone and they said by supporting and do about dad's wondering while you're gone every day for nine hours always just lock up the house. I liked no bad idea you need to stop that immediately. Because what happens if in case of emergency he can't get out a house. And if there's a fire now you've got a big time problems that you cannot do that all I didn't realize the seed you have to stop that right now and they did. But that they they didn't know any better. It reduced bad idea. It and a lot of times things like that aren't intentional abuse. So. It should pause and reflect on their care giving decision yet whether they should try to cure for that adult themselves or whether they should try to bring in help. Okay and then so that it attributes of neglect which is kind of that second category. Who neglected. Well that's one where I talked about where there can be differing motives for the black moon. Lot of times we see neglect in conjunction with financial exploitation which I'm sure we'll talk about in to a greater extent yes. One it's in conjunction with financial exploitation it's because care decisions. Or care costs money. It takes time it takes focus and attention on that on had to dole. So if you're exploiting an adult your motive is most likely not their well being it's. Most likely going to be extract as much money as you possibly can out of that individual. In slow and like you should withhold care so a good example is. Dementia drugs. And to be very expensive not. So how can you. Maximize your take of exploiting his victims you don't buy their dementia drugs and that can apply to any number. Necessary items for the at all. So. One of the aspects of withholding care is just not buying things that they need and any in conjunction with financial exploitation that's that's up in the case or with. Financial liquidation. That's often the case because. Care costs money. And if so you see people who were who were withholding. Care withholding medications because the bottom line is there's a financial impact so I am I there's more money for me to use throughout the month. Vs spending on on this elderly person or I am not one thing that I see Newt is really subtle sometimes not so subtle as. I am preserving my inheritance I'm not gonna spend any more than I have do. To maximize mine here too that's very that's a very good point because a lot of our financial exploitation. Victims suffer at the hands of relatives. And so. Again it's not necessarily malice that's involved with a neglecting the elderly adult but mostly trying to maximize the amount of money that you can get from them. OK and so that's in the in the area as neglect and I I received a call in this is from a state official up on the Missouri side of the state line. At where that in the bottom line is you had two elderly people but it has been a wife in the in the home she didn't. Really properly take care of her husband. They health care worker came to see him and immediately reported that. The end so it and so the state stepped in and called the granddaughter who was the power of attorney she lived out of state you have to find. And nursing home for your grandpa immediately or we will find one for you because. She just wasn't able to provide his care that's another example of neglect so Tom right after the break let's get into the third. Part of elder abuse which is the financial exploitation part of that in some of the attributes. But first let's not forget our senior care live question of the week. Which is the following is required to report elder abuse in the state of Kansas in so yeah it's eight. Any person licensed to practice any branch of the healing arts. Be our first serves a B financial institution. C holder of a power of attorney. Team owner operator of senior year community or eat all of the above the answer right after the break don't go. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior here broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program and how. We can help you in your family call our toll free number at any time that's 1803316445. Again. 180331. 6445. And don't forget you can stream the program to any electronic device it's super easy go to senior care live dot com. Click on the giant microphone button nor the listen live button and you can now give it a few seconds to connect. And boom you are in a stream straight to your phone your tablet your computer. Whenever you have it really is. That simple. All right this is a very special addition a senior care live we are completely focused on elder abuse this week. In before we move on let's give back and answer that senior care life question of the week and it is related so which of the following is required. To report elder abuse in the state of Kansas so the options are eighty any person licensed to practice any branch of the healing arts. Be officers of a financial institution. C holder of power of attorney. Each all of the above there is a long list of mandatory. Reporters. I'm not on the web site. And they're mandated and required to report elder abuse and frankly failure to report elder abuse. Could result in issuing a class B misdemeanor. This is a really big deal Tommy you mentioned off air there's an immunity aspect to this reporting. I'm not sure about Missouri back I think there is immunity in Missouri but on the Kansas side and on the Kansas side there certainly is immunity. From civil litigation for people that report elder abuse in good faith. So you reported in good faith it's part of your oath eight you know when it and this is a long list police officers teachers. It elder care workers so yup nurses. Social workers hospice workers home health agency workers. People coming into contact with elders they see an abusive situation and any of these three categories. It's a mandatory hotline to the state that's right and the immunity doesn't just apply to. Health care workers police officers and other mandatory reporters immunity provision. Applies to anyone that reports elder abuse and did that OK in your reporting in good faith so that. Vick the hesitation might be. Well I don't wanna get sued by the family or all I don't want any retaliatory. Type of maybe a nuisance lawsuit I mean who wants to go. Few any of that so this immunity. Aspect I think this huge and I didn't realize that was in place some debts and I think it's a really big deal and I'm glad that I criminals don't read the law that well. Have threatened GAAP financial institutions or other PI letter reported their wall sue you. I yelled good luck with that that's right sell all right and so we're identifying elder abuse has some attributes we talked about as physical abuse attributes. And neglect attributes and I think you wanted to mention a couple of more attributes on neglects before we move on to financial will something that that we run into is still beat. Basically unqualified caregivers for an older adult bill bring somebody into their home that doesn't know how to provide cleared up and they suffer from neglect simply because lack of knowledge and that's not necessarily a criminal justice problem but it's something that we want to resolve. And then another widespread problem that we have exponentially. With an aging population is is most older adults want to stay the hell up and bill. Sacrificed a great deal in order to do that and one of those sacrifices that we often see is that there are unable. Care for themselves. Until we see it a fair amount of self neglect. And that's it's important report that as well because. The adult protective services Kansas or Missouri. Can step B and assess the safety and health situation of that adult. And make recommendations. Lot of times they're going to try to bring in home services to help out adult at home and they'll do about everything they can. You leave that adult in their own home one to comply with the wishes. End to the just sheer expanse. Of institutionalizing. And older adult enough it's very high cost. And I think most of the state services would like to avoid. Absolutely such. I'd try to keep a person independent in their own home. And in if that doesn't work I mean the next step is then to find a and healthcare institution long term care. And and that's expensive as well in the new talking about qualifying for Medicaid so there's a lot to it by. So high so that that covers the attributes. Of neglect we're talking with our special guest today mister Tom got shock investigator with the Johnson County. District attorney's office the theme today is all about elder abuse so let's move on to really the big one this is the one that I see the most in itself like you see the most is well. Financial. Exploitation. Let's talk about some of the attributes of that. Well a lot of that financial exploitation cases come to our attention through third party reporters people that should be reporting what's going on. I would ask you to guess who the most common reporting party he has and who you think that would big. The individual who's being abused. Moved. And now you alluded to people having their. Their parents estate dissipated or relatives stay dissipated out. In a lot of reporters are people that seat. Family members taking advantage of an older adult that has an estate men and they see this heading into their K. OK so out of every good chunk of our reporters our family members okay and that's perhaps not entirely fair because Olmert I mean I'd say majority and are generally concerned. About the relative not about the money. And so they see family members exploiting in and they won't they wanna put a stop to. And so. OK so I saw this all about a month ago I'm work. With a very very nice man. He's the son of the man who needed. Ache here communities so we found assisted living where he could agent placed in the transition to the too long term care. All commonly known as the nursing home part. And not have to move so he was really want to do it right and senior care consulting we helped him get it right. But he describes. Kind of chilling actually he described diss set I have several siblings. And he said it it is disgusting. They are circling like vultures they see the money they smell the money. They want the money and they can't have the money I am doing what's right for my dad. It's his money it's not our money and so I'm going to. Get him to care that he needs secure that he deserves so thank goodness there was one in a responsible. Son in this mix of what he described as quote a call circling vultures it. It it's horrifying to me but this is. Fairly common. It is and he'll be family members that don't have contact with an older adult. For years sometimes decades now and once they eat learn that. There may that the older dole is and pour a hell. Or may be looking at had problems. That base. Become involved. And they all said they show up out of nowhere decades of absence my parents used to say out of the woodwork a brightness right. So yeah out. That's that's not uncommon but I don't wanna down play the genuine concern. Of siblings like the guy that you decided. You have this. You know their parents or their family members best interest of art which mean we see that and if we didn't have. Good family members like that our job to be much more that. Absolutely absolutely cell. Today the theme of today it's all about elder abuse L elder abuse how to define its. We we talked about the various forms we've broken this down into the into the three areas at least at Kansas breaks it down so. Physical abuse. Neglect and in financial exploitation. It's cell in the next segment we're gonna talk about who commits elder abuse I think this is gonna surprise you really discussed so later on the program how to report. Elder abuse and some other really really helpful information. Don't go away we will return in just three minutes. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to senior care lions on the senior here broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program. And how we can help you in your family collar toll free number any time that's 1800. 3316445. Again 180331. 6445. Don't forget if you miss an episode of senior care live. Or maybe you wanna share the program with others I have a feeling this program will be shared. Hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of times or maybe you just wanna listen again. No issues at all just go to senior care live dot com click on the podcast tab give us a couple of days to get the podcast stuff been posted in their you'll find. All of the previously aired episodes you've missed a Monday or Tuesday we'll have this one up on knock. On the up podcast tab is well it really is that simple so today it's a very special episode a senior care life it's all about elder abuse and we're gonna we're break in this down. And this next section is going to be very very. Interest seeing. We're gonna talk about who commits elder abuse and then how do you report it and what do you look for. We're visiting with special guest today in studio. Mr. Tom got Shockey is an investigator. With the Johnson County district attorney's office. And Tom again thanks so much for taken net time out of your day I know you are super busy so really really appreciate you spending time here today educating how. Our listeners well that's part of our job and so I appreciate the opportunity to speak here. And desolate toxicity eve Asta Dresser or really very timely and very important for us to discuss. And in terms of who commits elder abuse. Must be mostly financial exploitation and his physical abuse and neglect and can come from many many sources that. The very common denominator of people that exploit. Elderly adults. We use a tool called fraud triangle mean it's kind of the way to assess. What's going on any given any given case in front triangle is one point it it begins with financial distress. Is the person you're evaluating do they have some type of financial impairment some type of financial problem. For example a lot of our people that we've convicted for. Elderly financial exploitation. And some existing problem before they started exploiting that adult. They can be from a variety of reasons author we spoke briefly about a case where I dependent adult. The father was the caregiver. He he passed away. He set up a trust and he didn't know which family member to trust me ended up putting his nephew as a trustee. Of this substantial trust will turns out that nephew was a meth head. And so that's that's the person you do not want anywhere near your finances will drug plug and drug problems are one cause the financial distress and other common. Earned especially here in Kansas City. Is people with gambling problem so done an addiction yet they may have. A steady source of income that they may have gotten themselves so deep moved through gambling and gambling debt that they bear. Financially distressed. The two other things that I can think of that put our people kind of behind the eight ball financially. Are an anticipated medical emergencies that. Hoster tremendous amount of money despite having medical coverage. And then finally another one is loss of employment. About 89 years ago we had a large. Job loss nationally. Bad. People that have elderly parents middle aged people. That we're in managed men are in manufacturing lost their jobs. Well they still have mortgages probably college tuition today. And there income fell off the cliff but not they're not their expenses and so. I think that led to a lot of cases financial exploitation simply because they're desperate. And there's your financial distress there's financial distress second. Corner of the fraud triangle is opportunity. An opportunity be enough financial exploitation and scenario is that an older adult. Ask someone that has financial distress to help them with their finances. And so what you're running into is the person that has problems. Is suddenly given an opportunity to resolve those problems. Does that. Having an opportunity and financial distress does not make someone a criminal. What makes in the criminals when they. Act on that and most people are only able to act on it. When they're able to fulfill the third corner of the five fraud triangle which his rationalizations. They have to be able to do. Convince themselves that it's okay to steal money from an older adult. And in my blood prep mark tiny blood pressure medication. You can almost guess what those rationalizations would be expressly someone out in your position. Typically what we see is that. I I've it's going to get the money anyway. Well you know the older dole. They haven't passed the way they don't they don't have a mistake. You're stealing money from there now. And other common. A rationalizations that we hear is that. Hey I'm the only person that pays attention on the only person's person providing care you know I should give no money I deserve this I deserve this stuff. And they think that there are only circumventing the older adults wishes with respect to distributing Mother's Day when in fact most of the time they're jeopardizing. There ongoing ability to paper the room care. And so none of those rationalizations work with us but the fraud triangles. When I speak with the older adults I'll finance them before you trust someone to. Handle your finances you may wanna make sure that they are not in financial trouble. And that this is not creating an opportunity for them to get out of out of problems. On this rash. Was Asian point is this just in. Its new York and mark and I screamed up up probably blow up the radios here. It is not your money. It's not your money and so keep your hands off of it do the right thing and help your parents. I just I go crazy wanna hear some of these stories will you. Our parents saved all their lives so that they can live independently the end. Lot of times they are where the monies that they do have sizable financial assets that are. Exploit able. It's just that. It's wrong to do that and a lot of time he put their health and well being at risk if you steal all the money. I don't know most people if most people understand people that have been financially exploited. Have a much higher mortality rate probably I hover around 30% higher mortality rate now than other people that have not been exploited. So who commits the elder abuse if you had to break it down into some groups. I I would hope that I. Then our caseload in the DA's office is representative. But probably about two thirds of people that financially exploit. Elderly adults are handling that does not surprise me. I I see about IC all the time I hear about it all the time it's your inner circle it's the people. Someone who do you trust wall the first layer would be your immediate family members your your children. You were your sisters your Brothers your your siblings. And so and they're like you said you have the perfect storm. Of the fraud triangle you know the the financial distress opportunity. And then you rationalize that in an all ascendant you've you've got a major problem on her so family that does not surprise me that two thirds would be that inner circle that Steffi and me. Well amusement. Term like fancy term like broad triangle when most people have common sense and they understand that you don't trust money to people let financial problems yet. And most people get that especially older adults would have been around the block he times. But it's hard to overcome. The the want to trust your spam. Your kids you nephews and nieces you'll only see the best in them that try and so you may not be aware that they're financially distressed. Bit. Mainly members probably make up two thirds the balance tends to be. Caregivers. Who and by the way daily members tend to be high proportion. One because they know. Why that elderly person has in financial assets they know that they have a nice house they know that they have an investment account up. Caregivers are probably the next most frequent. Because they may not know the financial. Means of their of their war but it's easy to find out credit card statements or bank statements are down investment account statements left out. When someone in your house a lot. You're gonna have access they're gonna have access and you're not always gonna be alert and around and try to catch what's going on they're going to be able to see quite a bit whether. They're not necessarily looking for. Have a lot of involvement in your life conceal. And then the third category say have failed blame making up the majority of who commits elder abuse number two caregivers and an opportunist. It just someone coming to your home may be working and homer something like that just an opportunist sees an opportunity. And and jumps on it. The man your your your roof is in bad shape and we can fix it we just need a thousand dollars give or materials. And will will bill you later for the ballot set that would be opportunistic. Opportunity that could be. A good example is a case I had where the neighbors. Took an elderly into the bank oh boy to help her get to her safe deposit box oh my gosh and she asked them to accompany her into the Booth. And it turned out she had one point four million dollars savings bonds almighty god they saw and holy cow over the next six months they depleted that entire one point four million dollar portfolio oh my gosh. So. I guess the message is. You know if if he Europe if you suspect this you need to have you need to either have or get the capability of monitoring. All financial. Transactions of your loved one bank accounts credit cards. It ends and we can maybe Tom all of sudden I I can't believe a word three forced the way through the program may be in the next. Segment let's talk about you how do you get the capability the legal opportunity to monitor your loved ones transactions. If you suspect elder financial abuse. Today were talking with mr. Tom got shock investigator. With the Johnson County district attorney's office it's all about elder abuse and in the fine. Segment we're gonna lake you know how to read reports elder abuse and stayed too. Hang on we'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now hold free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lines on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information go to services offered on this program. And how we can help you in your family you can collar toll free number literally anytime 24 hours a day. A real person whom he'll answer the phone. Knowing answering services here we were old school here a senior care live 180331. 6445. Again 1800. 3316445. Today it's a special episode of senior care live it's all about elder abuse and we're coming down the homestretch. We're talking with special guest. Tom got shot keys and investigator with the Johnson County district attorney's office and Tom so we've kind of built up to this point so. We know about elder abuse we suspect elder abuse or would you we just flat out see it. How do we reports. Elder abuse what's the best way to do that. There's there's a couple of really good avenues to do that one is to contact. Most states have what's called an adult protective service it's in this there's a kind of a hotline number there's a hotline number it's a social services agency. The reason I liked working with the adult protective services because they look at things that I'm not trained to see up. For example when they go into home I'm always looking for attributes of physical abuse. Financial exploitation. They tend to evaluate the care and safety in the home. What home services can be brought to bear to help remedy any problem okay so they have much broader perspective and then we also work. With the Kansas adult protective service to train them. Two of what aspects of criminal criminal aspects. Exploitation. Neglect or abuse that they should refer to law enforcement. Investigation. All right so let's roll out these phone number so on the Kansas side of the state line. Correct me if I'm wrong maybe you've given me kind of they knew a Mormon updated number than I've released in the past so. 18 this isn't Kansas to read to report elder abuse 1800. 9225330. Is that right that's correct K 180922. 5330. That's on the Kansas side and then let's also report because. That it can't be easy talked 980 it's a very large. Reach. Here so on the Missouri side of the state line to report elder abuse 180392. 0210. That's 18039202. 10. If you see an extreme situation where someone is in immediate jeopardy. Just dial 911. You can do that. Justin other quick note when every call. Someone whether it's adult protective service or your local police. Local police are always a good option. Or reporting a suspected crime. And make no mistake physical abuse neglect and financial exploitation are crimes wherever you go that is creme and that's that's right. When you choose to report that it it helps to gather as much information as you possibly can. Most people are gonna be any investigator or detective assigned that case is gonna be very cold. They don't know your family they don't know the circumstances. So. As much as you can articulate including a timeline QKM. It helps investigators. If you have access to financial records. That are indicative of financial exploitation. If he can make copies of those and provide those either of the adult protective service or. Do your local police department that helps them an immensely. And it also increases the probability that your case will be investigated sooner rather than later. And and if it's if it's a legitimate dump don't call with some frivolous stuff. You know my sister won't give me my mom so you know. Picture what that this cease to be legitimate financial abuse. Neglects. Or or any type of of you know that the financial abuse neglect and that in the physical abuse but but again you can call your local police department. Or maybe better if it's not an immediate jeopardy type of the situation. Again contact to Kansas hotline number 80922. 5330. On the Missouri side the Missouri hotline 800. 3920210. And time you mentioned that you and your office said the district attorney's office. There's that there's a major post push to get out and and and educate civic groups police departments and and in business is send in their right you know all of their they're staff that Sarah. So. I guess if if someone wants to reach out and say you know what our group would be really interest into one of these presentations and they do that. You bet. Our office will present. You keep contact her white color hotline to the Johnson Kenny district attorney it's 913715. 3140. If a person doesn't answer most of the time they do during business hours that they don't answer leave a message in some cool get back with you and I and several other investigators. Routinely provide community awareness presentations. Another aspect of our efforts is training for a local law enforcement. And we develop training topics that are specialized. They're not covered in the other. Almost. I haven't seen them anywhere else in the US. That we've. Identified the best way what we feel is the best way to document. What's called undue influence. And that's where a person gets involved with an elderly dole they monopolize their time their attention. And people that. Have impaired cognitive abilities and suffer from dementia as your very susceptible. To undue influence. And they will. Follow whatever that person says and and were among one of the few jurisdictions that has. The very structured program for identifying and documenting. Also in terms documenting cognitive impairment. So yeah now. Training and media awareness or to the big efforts of the district turns off. It's OK and so if you want to reach out to Tom and in the great team. Which he Johnson County district attorney's office and request. One of these presentations and maybe some of the specialized training. 913715. 3140. In time we only have about a minute minute and a half left by. You mentioned that something it's really interesting is sounds innovative a multi disciplinary team is far into investigate elder abuse. Eight years ago moved the district attorney implemented financial what's called a financial abuse specialist being called fast team. And what it does is it we've recruited medical volunteers medical professionals who. Primarily registered nurses and medical social workers. Help us work with medical records to document. Cognitive ability in terms. Can someone consent to being potentially exploited. Or two physical abuse or neglect. So you get you're going to be able to cut off someone who may be requesting power of attorney over someone you is not capable of branding that. Well a lot of times we find out after the act Pacquiao met we can but we can't certainly isolate those instances where they did not have the capacity to consent of that. What else and then take action that's right yeah and Johnson County. Only Johnson Kenny I guess we can't we have a elder law. And trust attorney on our best team as well okay good interpret trusts and other estate planning document okay. All right all right excellent in the NB aware of the charitable scams in the sweepstakes lottery and you had mentioned off air will have about thirty seconds but. It if you fall for one of these things in your name gets a. On the list and passed around in someone had written 200 checks in one month because of these things yeah if it people per charitable steal them. On your name's going to be sold other people let's listen don't. Whether so Margaret I need my in my blood pressure medicine again. And they they can be legitimate or not legitimate. Here if you give money your name is valued all right Tom got shot investigator with the Johnson County district attorney's office. Tom I can talk about this for several more hours we may have to maybe ask you for another hour to give your time here in the near future we thank you so much for being here today. Thank you for having. Trying to everyone listening I'm so honored you spent part of your day tuning into this program thank you so very much. I'm your host Steve keeper and I wish you. Grace in peace. May god bless you and your family on this day and always we'll see you next week right here on senior care.