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Saturday, November 4th

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Are you caring for an aging parents or are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line of program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Become the best caregiver you can beat. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care lines I'm Steve kicker president of senior care consulting. Thanks so much for tuning in today I really appreciate it. Here on the program senior care lions. The mission here is to provide information education and resources. For seniors and their caregivers. We discuss important subjects such as how to remain independent in your own home went to consider moving from home to senior care community. How to find the right senior care community fear exact needs how to pay for the high costs for senior care. We also review legal issues involving elder law the state planning and we also discuss how to care for the caregiver so if you're listening to the radio you're streaming us online radio listening to a podcast after the fact again. Thanks so much for being here today you are truly appreciated. If you need help with placement services from my firm's senior care consulting or. If you wanna learn more about that excellent services provided by one of our very knowledgeable guess you can reach us on our toll free number and any time that's 1800. 3316445180331. 6445. Also don't forget to visit online it's a really good web site senior care lie of LAV. Senior care line dot com. And I'd be sure connect with the socially we do a lot of communication through a social media these days you don't have to but that would be appreciated as well. All right let's jump right into an excellent subject excellent topic with us special guest today doctor Valerie Smith with crossroads hospice. In doctor welcome back senior care life thank you it's that he backed. All right so. Alzheimer's a disease and awareness month says he is so we're here. Assume like we just talked about this last November and here we are again so I around yeah its it's amazing no how fast the time flies. But it looked so let's jump right the end. And asking the the basic question because I think there's a lot of kids I know there's a lot of confusion in the market what is the difference. Between alzheimer's and dementia. Thank Steve. I like to describe this as if you how an umbrella and you want to call at umbrella dimension it's very generic term as dementia men underneath this umbrella. There are lots of different types of dementia and alzheimer's is just one of those types of the types of dementia. Might be Louis body dementia dementia associated with Parkinson's disease. There could be added a dimension that's associated with vascular disease it's always had a stroke so. They're dementia is the umbrella and underneath that are much different types of dementia and alzheimer's is just one of those types. OK so then it won't is there raised. As specific definition as of alzheimer's disease because I I hear a row a lot about you plaques and tangles ER all these sort of things that it is for is very specific is meant. That is specific but the only way we're gonna know for certain if they have plaques. And tangles as afterwards. If there now brain autopsy we don't do that on our routine basis though. It is basically aids diagnosis. By cleanup coal. Symptoms and how things have progressed so I'm alzheimer's disease is the type of dementia that causes problems with memory. Thinking and behavior symptoms usually develop slowly and get worse over time becoming severe enough to interfere with daily tasks from okay. All right and then the so. But I'm I think I have I don't come off one here's what could the the answer this one how prevalent is alzheimer's disease today. Well alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia yeah. And it accounts for sixty to 80% of them that dementia cases. I'm OK so it takes up. Most of the most of the room and that the umbrella and deftly takes up less room back in 1983 which as well and I'm Ronald Reagan designated November as alzheimer's. Are alzheimer's remembrance month power education months. That was in 1983 there were less than two million American cases and today there greater than five million home mind. And the irony there is Ronald Reagan died from alzheimer's season. So while hand in a lot of slum it in not to add a celebrity is more important then. That you know someone in our in our community but if I'd like Glen Campbell for example it really raises the awareness. And I really points out kind of the journey the struggle you know that the tremendous support that you require from your caregivers so. It's so prevalent it's just incredible so is is alzheimer's disease just consider just hard as normal aging. No it is not okay I'm alzheimer's disease is not normal part of Beijing. On the greatest known risks are increasing age and the majority of patients with alzheimer's are greater than 65 but. There is a segment of the population has early onset alzheimer's disease. And with that there's usually a genetic component and these are people that develop alzheimer's disease usually before age 65. Ha. My youngest client with alzheimer's so far in the last fifteen years. Senior care consulting I get a call from her husband. His wife was 48 years old he had children still on the house from become. I think maybe second or third grader too high school had four kids. And he said we're doing the best we can I don't wanna. Have to place my wife in India professional care in the care community. But might trigger is because the kids especially the little the little their sons he he didn't understand this. He said when she starts being mean to the kids. And he said and I know some my wife that when she starts being mean to the kids. And might become combative it's veterans day will not understand this it'll blow mowing that's my trigger and it happened. And I got called back and I said yeah we need to do this right away he and it in a terrible situation that. A friend so in a family friend her mother around Indy in her mid fifties. The end. It just just stunning. How awhile how fast descent progresses so it's not always someone older and I think a lot of our listeners probably know of the people who were younger as well right. Unfortunately. Of those early onset of the five million people that have alzheimer's disease only about 200 Allison are there early onset. OK so the majority are definitely older. Yes older okay. All right and then how is alzheimer's disease progress over time. Well it's usually for the older population. Is tense two app across over a longer period of time. It's slow progression for most people on hand it can be anywhere from Macon live with alzheimer's anywhere from four years to twenty years. And many times though people don't realize they actually have early. Or not early onset that early alzheimer's disease is not diagnosed until later suddenly seem like aid don't live with for as long but they probably have had a for a longer period of time right okay. All right and then. I guess a huge question is is there a cure for alzheimer's unfortunately there's not the cure alls I mean there are treatments for symptoms. And you've heard of medications possibly like heiress sapped or no amend how. And those who does not cure alzheimer's. What they can do is they can help somebody to function at a higher level. And to have a better quality of life for a longer period of time. But it does not extend. Their lifetime but it just makes it to where the quality of life is higher while they have the disease. All right it's a reach out to doctor Smith in the great great team a crossroads hospice. Gonna get our listeners a phone number here and this is main number and this is gonna help you in Kansas Missouri north of the river the entire. Listening area that number for crossroads hospices 8163339200. 816333. 9200. And doctor Smith I mean. I'm seriously crossroads is just that the best service ever I follow crossroads on FaceBook I read all of these you know gift of the day just all these stories. You're always educating everyone not just tons of just great information. And in this is excellent information is while just wanted to thank you and everyone from from crossroads for just for their great work that you do it's our pleasure. Absolutely cell. So are are you mentioned a couple of medications army and are there are treatments that are available. Or is it just primarily the use of medications to kind of slow down their their progression or either of the treatments available. This for alzheimer's disease there are no treatments for the disease itself again that's just a symptom management out there might be. Symptoms of some is having certain behaviors. I'm or depression surveillance and it might be on anti depressants. Part of the disease might include. Anorexia so there might be some stimulants to help with appetite that are brought on board at some point through so it is just the symptoms that we are treating. And then the symptoms of alzheimer's so obviously have some some memory issues involved yeah. Play at a minimum the Alzheimer's Association has a wonderful list of TNR early signs or symptoms of alzheimer's OK and we just quickly go through some of these and then you can go to the alzheimer's dot org to get the rest of the list you know what. Let's let's just hold at four arrests for after the break we'll go through you see their ten. And that tends symptoms of alzheimer's. So after the break we're gonna talk. With that doctor Valerie Smith with crossroads hospice. And now we're gonna pick up the conversation on the other side of the break the ten. Symptoms of alzheimer's disease you definitely don't wanna miss that. And again be sure to reach out to crossroads hospice and Rossi and talking about when hospice services. When that would house the service would be appropriate for someone with alzheimer's disease remain answered that after the break as well. So again and the crossroads hospice phone number 8163339200. 816333. 9200. Crossroads hospices and dot org or dot com. Dot I think he's done or get across was hospice dot org there's a tremendous amount of information. Incredible education material information that's. Crossroads hospice dot org. This side not forget about the senior care life question of the week if you're living in a nursing home and qualified for Medicaid in Missouri. You can move to another nursing home in Missouri and not have to re apply. For Medicaid. Is that statement. True or false so your living in Missouri Medicaid certified nursing mummy can move to another one. Can you do that true or false the answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. Delisting to seniors here live on the senior here broadcasting network for more. Formation about the services offered on this program and how we can help you and your family. How are toll free number any time 1803316445. Again 180331. 6445. But don't forget you can stream this program to any electronic device. Very very easy did you go to senior care live dot com click on the listen live button or you can also click on the giant microphone picked her on the home page. Q&A few seconds to connect and you are in little stream to your phone tablet computer whatever you have any truly is that simple. Right back to the senior care live question of the week. If you're living any nursing home and qualified for Medicaid. In Missouri. You can move to another nursing home in Missouri and not have to re apply for Medicaid. Is this statement true or false in the answer yes. True the answer is. Truce a year can move from one nursing home to another clauses in the same state you can do that in I'm going to expand on mats. A little bit later on. In the program all right back to my special guest today in studio doctor Valerie Smith. With crossroads hospice and doctor we were talking about the symptoms of alzheimer's and I think there's a list of a ten of those I didn't want it rushed through those I wanted to. Kind of spend a minute or two on net so. Let's going to jump into that now. According to the Alzheimer's Association and ten early signs and symptoms of alzheimer's number one B memory loss that disrupts your daily life. This is one of the most common signs of alzheimer's especially for getting recently learned information. Also including forgetting important dates or events asking for the same information over and over increasingly needing to rely on memory aids such as a minor nose electronic devices or actually on family members remember those things for you mean okay. All right in so it is there any view related aged as that happens or it could just happen at any time. Let's gimme more left early onset of us make she thanked him I have diminished or no idea what is typical age related changes sometimes forgetting names are appointments that remembering them later on yeah. Yeah okay. Number two challenges and planning her solving problems some people may experience changes in the ability to develop and follow plan a work with numbers. May have trouble following a familiar recipe that there used to making for years and move them or keeping track of monthly bills. I'm the gonna have difficulty concentrating and take much longer to do things. That compared to what they did before but typical age related change I'd be making occasional errors when balancing a checkbook that's okay that doesn't mean you have alzheimer's disease. Number three difficulty completing familiar tasks at home at work or out lives jerk. People alzheimer's often find hard to complete daily tasks sometimes people may have trouble driving to familiar location get lost possibly. Managing a budget at work remembering the rules of a favorite game. What is typically. Expected at that age is occasionally needing help to use the settings of a microwave or to record television show and mpeg. A number of forest confusion with time or place that's kind of self explanatory. What is typical for somebody and that age is getting confused about the day of the week that's figuring it out later. Number five this trouble understanding visual images and special relationships. After some people having vision problems as a sign of alzheimer's they may have difficulty reading judging distances in determining color contrast which may cause problems with pride in him. What is typical for that age related change vision changes relating to cataracts. Number six is new problems of words or speaking or writing. With alzheimer's may have trouble following or joining the conversation and may stop in the middle of a conversation and then have no idea how to continued is gonna get stuck and don't know where to go from there because. What is typical age related changes sometimes having trouble finding the right word. A number seven was missed placing things and listen ability to retrace steps. Person with alzheimer's disease they put things in unusual places they may lose things and be unable to go back over their steps and find them again. Sometimes they may accuse others of stealing them this may occur more frequently over time what's typical. Of this age should be displacing things from time to time retracing steps the findings imply you greet you remember how to retrace your steps with alzheimer's you don't remember how to retrace her that okay. Number eight decreased or judgments. People alzheimer's may experience changes in judgment or decision making. What's typical age related is making a bad decision that's why. Number nine withdraw from work or social activities people with alzheimer's tend to. I'll withdraw because there's something that they're not tiny enjoyment in any more. They don't know how to do them they have trouble keeping up with her favorite sports their teams. I'm that if something happens as alzheimer's. Progresses what's typical age related changes sometimes feeling weary of work and pencils obligations. And won the last things that is common with alzheimer's is changes in mood and personality. The mood personalities of people also iBurst hand changed. They can become confused suspicious depressed fearful or anxious. They may get upset at work or home. What's typical all of age related change developing very specific ways of doing things and becoming irritable when a routine is disrupted and what you do throughout the routine in years there's trouble at all. Right that's what I could just knowing that there is some your normal aging of our assist like are the risks her body ages so our brain is going to have some normal aging and decline but to know what the difference as an affinity. Is suspecting that they might have alzheimer's. And earlier than later is better to go and to see your doctor. I'm good to one of these web sites are all like Alzheimer's Association they have lists they are things that you can print off. If you concerns and you can jot down some notes. I'm or give a family member that you think has that you know they're also out and and take atlas with you to their doctor with them. OK and I really appreciate that you mentioned the typical. Age related change because I didn't. Yeah the risk of throwing all of these all of these. Indicators out there is all the send someone might be on my gosh you know I'm in just they get they get really scared about this OK. Well that's kind of normal and yes I can retrace my steps or it you know I understand that I don't like to get out of my routine Ned. I guess that's a bit that's just me and that's kind of normal. Mail it in those sort of things so all right so with the the little bit it's time that we have left here let's talk about wind is hospice. Appropriate for someone with alzheimer's disease. This what are the criteria is that the the person has to have a prognosis of six months or less meaning that they have to have a life expectancy of six months last OK that's very typical with alzheimer's because people can live anywhere from four to twenty years that's right so there specific things that we are looking for that so that declined. Those might be progressive weight loss. Meaning that they are no longer eating and have lost their appetite they have a difficulty swallowing and they're choking on food they're having more infections. College displays which is. Where they're the they're choking on her food and when they're swallowing it might end up with aspiration pneumonia boot. I repeat urinary tract infections hospitalizations. Wins because it can no longer get up and move around. They are usually bad bound her chair bound. At that point somebody is usually having to feed them. And they are no longer able to do any of her own activities of daily living. So you're you're not trying to estimate you know how long a person has had alzheimer's you're trying to estimates. You know have. How your life expectancy and then you're looking for and some of these other indicators to help you understand. Whether that is you know six months or. Two years or five year deal whatever the number subtract correctly. All right here in doctor I wanna correct the the web site and it's crossroads hospice dot com. Crossroads hospice dot com I think there's a a related. Website did is said dot dot org but doctor Smith thanks so much for being here today are really appreciate all the information. About alzheimer's disease and it is alzheimer's disease awareness month. My pleasure thanks for having me back all right I think so much and so again you can reach out to crossroads hospice and 816. 3339200. Gonna have a lot more right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You listen to seniors here live on the senior care broadcasting network for more information about the services suffered on the. Program and how we can help you and your family how are total free number at any time and I do mean it anytime you could call this number. 24. Hours a day here it is right down. 1803316445. Again 180331. 6445. Also don't forget if you ever miss an episode of senior care lives. And it or maybe just wanna share the program with a friend or family or maybe just wanna go back and listened to the great information again. No worries at all just gonna senior care lives dot com click on the podcast tab in there you'll find all. The previously aired episodes and lots and lots of people. Listen to the podcast download the podcast share of the podcast. Debts that are really popular way is likely DVR for radio. Russia so if you miss it to you can go back in here and after the fact and and that's that's one of the things that we provide. Here for you and senior care life. Are again and a special just another thanks to our friend Valerie doctor Valerie Smith with crossroads hospice. And again it it. On November is. Alzheimer's disease awareness month and in thanks to a doctor Smith for all that great information. On alzheimer's disease and all the different. Symptoms and just all the great information again you can reach out to crossroads hospice city once 6333. Non B 200. 8163339200. You can also visit online at crossroads hospice dot com. Crossroads hospice dot com. That is and that website is loaded they ended their so much information. That crossroads hospice dot com is just incredible. So be sure to visit stats and you may be out after hearing the first two segments you may be saying well I wonder. What if we could benefit from. From. From hospice services right now we're not totally sure. If we should call now or later Walter is a question. It just give a call. Reach out there into grassroots hospice and 8163339200. What they can do is they can help you kind of walk through that. To determine whether you qualify or not and if you do qualify. Let me tell you you'll be very happy with the additional. Support in services and care offered by the great folks. With crossroads hospice. All right. So let's move on to another subject today and yeah to think about this we'll just we'll just talk about the next two two segments as getting a second opinion. You know I go what are you talking about Steve a second opinion well you know. What if you've chosen a senior care community and you're just not sure if it's the right fit for you so what do you do. While it's very common to get a second opinion regarding meal medical advice and while and now I am a doctor said this maybe she get a second opinion. And that's just very very common so. Why not get a second opinion regarding the senior care community that you chose. You know I'm. Or or maybe they'll let. The one the year currently living and so it can be one that you're thinking about maybe you've chosen to place that you're still not sure about it maybe you're actually living in the place currently. Why not check it out and get a second opinion. I've had lots and lots of clients. Say well yeah I'm pretty sure that this is the place that we wanna move to heal but they're not totally sure it's the best one they've not done any homework or compared it to any other places. Is so. They they just they wanna go through that search is selection program with senior care consulting. And we go that we we do that in May just want to vet other places. The building one of two things Italy either confirm. There are thoughts in their choice and then they say OK now we know we've got it right. Or what it could do was shed some lights on the pleased that you thought was the best fit for you. You may be surprised at another place maybe a better fit this as far as a track record I always say I can kind of throw up. I can flip a coin up in the air it's about a 5050 heat there is no trend about half two people end up. Choosing or staying with the one that they that they thought would be the best fit. And about half of my clients will shift gears and move to another. Place so that's that's pretty interesting now he. Many people. Think that they have to stay in the nursing home or the assisted living facility that they're living in but that's that's just literally not true you can move. Literally any time you want to there is nothing. Keeping you there if you wanna move it's your choice and you can move. And so it just for example nursing homes charged by the day. And so they would just they would just charge for that last day there there's no requirement there. Now assisted living communities and usually that's a monthly fee so you may have to give a thirty day notice in the boom you can you can get out and move so. So you can the point is you can move anytime you want to so what if you were qualified for Medicaid and living in a nursing home can you move. And that was part of this senior care life question of the week. In the short answer is yes you can move to another nursing home in the same states. Anytime you want to literally you could move tomorrow. You can move money you can move anytime you even lifted if you want to move any time you want to. Okay now Medicaid will pay. The new place say that so the place you're gonna move to. They will just shift gears and they'll point their payments go discontinue payment. Ed at the Placer at. On this day it's and then they will begin payment to the new place on the next day the next day right so it's just it's as simple very transparent. Moose so the problem comes in if you want to move. To nursing home in another state Medicaid. Does not follow you where you go it will not cross state lines is very specific. To the state by state so say if you're. If you live in Missouri you wanna move to Kansas or vice Versa or if you live in one stadium are moved to any other state. You'll have to re qualify for Medicaid. Per the rules of that states are remembered Medicaid. Is a federal program but it is implemented. State by state in each state does have. Some slightly different. Rules and regulations I mean I. Many times they're really close but. But they are there are some differences and so that's why he can't just walk over the state line you have to qualify if you stay within the same state you can move anywhere you want to very very easily. So what are some of the reasons that you might wanna get a second opinion. Regarding the senior care community that you're living it. All right so let's just go through this so let's say for example that you had to choose a place a very quickly and you didn't. Have a chance to explore your options. In this can be as real wanna hear about this all the time while we are in the hospital and we had a very very quick notice. You know they they we watched in in the morning and they said hey your dad has to be out here by this afternoon they're like why. Or you'll you'll you'll be there on Thursday in the say hey listen you monies to be discharged by about 2 o'clock tomorrow morning. Where do you wanna go here's a list pick one and and then your you don't hair's on fire all the sudden you're like oh my gosh junior and you just have to kind of hope that it works out he picked the first place it and UP pick the first place and just have to go because. Because my dad is when the discharges. And by the way don't don't be upset with you being nice to your nurse case manager or your discharge planner your social worker that it's not their fault. That the discharge date comes up this is all driven. By your regulations. And dollars and sense of senator has set her up so don't be upset with the messenger. But it's yet and I wish that it it didn't have to be this way that is usually. Not much of a notice in the and that's when you get into trouble here young you have to just moved to a place. And maybe that's not the best fit it it can also happen due to just an unexpected crisis where he had to grab the first place available. And hope it worked out a lot of times you're thinking I mean it's not so much maybe we need to look at some other options. Another example maybe you went to a place on the advice. Of a friend or maybe. Health care or professional or family etc. etc. And now you're not sure that maybe that wasn't good advice or maybe. That was well intended advice but this just not the right fit for. OK so I hope Manny people. Who depend on the advice of others without doing their own homework and then later they wish they would have done their own homework. In their own due diligence and I think I've shared this story. A few years ago. It it was a terrible incident and I heard about it on the on the local news the song local newscast channel 41 I believe. But long story short there was certain physician and he recommended to the CM lay's death than they choose this particular nursing home for rehab. And this happens every day I'll just go over here you know. At XX YC a nursing home for your rehab and in your grandfather built go home. Grandpa was admitted to this particular place and immediately. Started reporting to his granddaughter just several concerns. That he and he was communicating with his granddaughter. And in some other family members primarily to his granddaughter but you know re certain route. I'm concerns regarding your receiving his medication or not receiving his medication. Or at least not giving an on time not answering call lights it's that are inserted in the next phase of the car more I don't know. And look there's nothing wrong with this gentleman cognitively and it was a it was a hip fracture I believe so that he had all his faculties can easily and clearly report this. To family and unfortunately three days later he passed away. And so does the the news reports said you know the investigation. Had began they were not accusing the nursing home of this but they were. But they didn't know they I mean had to get to the bottom of this something happened and here is reporting all these issues so the families stated over and over again. We wish we would have done our homework if we would've done even a little bit of objective homework we never would've chosen this place. We would have chosen a different. Place so if this is a concern if you want to get a second opinion. And that other options. Senior care consulting can do that for you we help lots and lots of families. Do that very thing get the second opinion check out your other options. 913. 945. 2809139452800. In running after the break I'll continue. You're listening to senior care lie on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to senior care lines on the senior tier broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program and how we can help you and your family collar toll free number literally at any time 24 hours today. 1803316445. Again. 1803316445. All right so back to. Some of the reasons that you may wanna get a second opinion. Regarding the senior care community that your either living in now. You'd you'd do you think you you're going to move there or maybe you've chosen to place that you haven't moved yet. Writes I'm just gonna give some more examples here of what you what you want and we wanna consider may be getting a second opinion on that. So another reason could be triggered by the change. In the of facility administration in usually pretty specific plan talking about that there can be a change in ownership that would then lead to. A new administrator new director of nursing etc. some of some of the top management but as they go so goes the rest of the operation. And that can be a good thing or maybe announcer gets excel. That I've heard all kinds of people safe and everything was going along just fine and then all of a sudden we had that we had some new management. In in the building and suddenly it's just not the same. Who were just we don't we don't like it nearly as well. Where reloaded disappointed. It ends at one example I had a client actually share a story with me and it's been a little while back. She said there is a new administrator. That. Deck came into the building. Bands. That I'm I'm not sure how my client determine this but she found out that the administrator. Willis bonus on how much money she could save operations so she sped. All the sudden. And plays wasn't as clean and in the food seem to go downhill and the court here was a captain she shave its so there's poison ivy growing in the courtyard. And it's a come a long time to get rid of that it kind of comeback concert services so. So that could happen and you know you can get in a minute a new management team and they are in and they can improve. It could be a nice improvement but sometimes it goes the other way and so they acted trigger the the thought of hey you know maybe we need to check out. Some of our other options and we may or may not move. But maybe you should seek a second opinion. Another reason to get a second opinion. Is when you're staying at a price they pay only facility they're they're not Medicaid certified. If there's a chance that you'll outlive your assets. In the place does not accept Medicaid its price to pay only. Then you will have to move at some point and that point is when your out of money well. So you should. Choose or police consider choosing another place before well before your money runs out I recommend if possible. That moving with about one year's worth of private pay the ability to pay privately. For about a year. But now you can definitely move with a lot less than this. That I would not know. As a minimum. Pena can you can just do the math and see this coming. If you have to give a little bit of the notice and then you have your income plus their remaining assets. And then you can determine who know the cost of the new place you can do some rough math I would move. Wish I you know two or three months I capability of paying privately before needing to qualify for Medicaid I talked about that. Quite a bit last week Medicaid pending. And you with senior care consulting we work with lots of families in this situation but if you can see this coming. Just don't wait that long that this just as simple. Okay one of my clients from several years ago she she did this very thing that it was not intentional. She thought that the place was Medicaid certified she thought that her grandmother could just stay there she outlived her assets and she gets this discharge letter. Saying hey you know you'd be realities to move that she thought something was wrong they did something wrong but actually they didn't do anything wrong this I don't know when it. Everything is fine but you know you're Graham also a money we don't take Medicaid. And so. She was not happy with that her grandma spent about 350000. Dollars at this place. And now all listen is getting kicked out this is not let the family wanted at all so again. Another reason to get a second opinion if you staying in a private pay only facility and if there's a chance that you outlive your assets. Maybe need to get out ahead of that vet some other options that are Medicaid certified. And then continue your spend down at the Medicaid certified. Community. So that when those assets are depleted. When you do properly qualify for Medicaid you do not have to move at that point you wanna be well subtlety and before you have to do that. All right it and again. For help with this we work with lots and lots of CM least. Who either want to move from their current. Facility or they wanna check out some other options. Or they they think what we think we're gonna move here we're gonna do that here in the near future but also wanna check out some other options if that sounds like you. Paul senior care consulting we can help you do it can help you get through this and help you with that crucial decision making process. 9139452800. 9139452800. OK another reason. To get a second opinion. About the nursing facility that you're either end or considering moving to. That would be that your insurance policy dictates what facility you have to go to. So maybe the insurance policy. Sadly have to go here for your rehab. Then he ended up staying there. They like now wait a minute and I don't know aside I don't know if this is our our best our best option or not we can even look at any other. Other places while maybe it's time. Two vets some other options. Check in get a second opinion right second opinion meeting check out some other options. In if you need to move to another facility that doesn't take your insurance. Then it's time to change your insurance and we'd help. We work with lots and lots and lots of families. Where you know did they do not want their insurance policy dictating. Where there are living in the particularly at the nursing home level. A lot of these policy you can opt out it's a changing life events that the you don't have to wait till the end of the year right now as of right in the middle of Medicare open enrollment. You know you don't have to wait for that he can change out on the spot and roll back to traditional Medicare supplement. And at depth point so so adult let your insurance policy dictate. Where you live where you receive. Your long term care. All right and then the last example. To get a certain. The reason you wanna get a second opinion on your senior care community the VA nursing home is full. With a 122 year wait list that you need care. Right now re in the near future and you're like Steve you know we we have down on the on the waiting list at the VA. The VA nursing home and there are few of them around here in our area. But we need help for damn right now so I've worked with lots of families in this situation here with us senior care consulting. We've found them a great place to stay until they're name comes up on that waiting list at. They DA nursing home. Okay so it's there and guess what's happened to just about every time maybe every time. They like where they're staying. And they don't move because they've. They've made friends and they've they've kind of expanded their family at the place of their living in some of them have moved to the VA which is great. But the point is let's fight this and care. Right now while you're waiting. End and you might just like Depp plays even better if you want a second opinion. On your senior care community. Call senior care consulting today 9139452800. 9139452800. We can definitely help you find the best fit when it comes to searching. For a senior care community meeting New York the exact. Needs. All right everyone listening I'm so honored he spent part of your day tuning into this program thank you so much. I'm your host Steve kicker and I wish you. Grace and peace may god bless you and your family on this day and always we'll see you next week right here. But senior care law I.