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Saturday, November 11th

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Are you caring for an aging parents or are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line of program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Become the best caregiver you can beat. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care lives I'm Steve Keiko. President senior care consulting. Thanks so much for tuning in today I really appreciated. The mission here on the program is to provide information. Education and resources. For seniors and their caregivers. We discuss important subjects such as how to remain independent in your own home. When you consider moving from home to his senior care community how to find the right senior care community meeting your exact needs. Also discuss how to pay for the high cost to senior care and touch on that today we review legal issues involving elder law and estate planning and we also discussed how to care for the caregiver so if you're listening today on the radio your streaming this on line or listening to a podcast after the fact. Again thanks so much for being with us here today. If you need help with placement services from my firm's senior care consulting. Or if you wanna learn more about the services provided by one of our very knowledgeable guess you can always reach us on our toll free number courteous and write it down you can call this number literally anytime of the day 1800. 331644. Or five again 180331. 6445. And don't forget to visit our website online its senior care lie of a life GE's senior care live dot com. And I'd be sure to connect with a socially if you're into that we do a lot of communications through social media. All right so today I want to acknowledge. Veterans day I just wanna give a heartfelt thanks. I just sit very very sincere thank you to all who were currently serving in saint Q2 all who have previously served. Our great country pay you know we have our problems we are not perfect but. I will say this I said this all along and we'll continue to say the United States of America is still. And always will be the greatest country. On the face of the earth I believe that with all of my heart's. Ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for your service my feeling and I pray for you each and every night. Think you veterans think Q thank you think you. All right so since it is veterans day today what I talked about a little known benefits. It and it's just it's amazing to me I think most of the people working in the senior care in the business of senior care know about this and they definitely share it with people that they that there are taking care of India and they meet by its. I think by and large state general public I think still. Is not informed about this benefit and thousands and thousands of veterans. In surviving spouses. Do qualify for this can really benefit from itself it's called the VA aid and attendance benefits so what is net. It's a financial benefit to help you pay for the high cost. A senior care and it's for veterans or again the surviving spouse. Of a veteran and it is just it's an amazing benefits self. How do you qualify for this benefit you may just now be hearing about this for the very first time. You like mall wide wait a minute wait a minute now I'm I'm receiving senior care I'm paying for senior care. I am a veteran or Imus surviving spouse of a better and how do you qualify for that. Well there are service financial and care related requirements there's three hoops that we need to jump through. I and you have to meet all of these two. To qualify so I'm gonna spend some time today in the first part of the program and really break this down. And then at the end of the second segment I'm gonna let you know where you can call. To get help with application for the VA aid in attendance benefits you want a sticker and you don't wanna miss that information. Price and number one there's a service related requirements. At least ninety consecutive days of active duty. OK and at least one of those days during a period of war. Now most of my. Most of my clients for senior care consulting served in World War II or maybe the Korean War. A fuse served in Vietnam and I'll just give you the dates here. So ninety consecutive days of active duty at least one of those days during a period of war. So for the purposes of qualifying for this program World War II goes from December the seventh 1941. Obviously. Through December 31. 1946. The Korean War June 27 1950. Through January 31. 1955. Now Vietnam has a little bit of that of the twist yourself. On any of these you didn't you don't have to have served in direct you a line of combat he may not have never. Who fired a weapon and you could have been even stateside. He could have been an administrative or supportive or logistics or medical role. But if you can be eight literally anywhere. OK to to qualify for this just one of those days during a period of war. Now Vietnam has a little bit of a different twist so for every one serving in Vietnam. August the fifth 1964. Through May 71975. The one exception here boots on the ground in Vietnam. The Vietnam War period begins February 28 to 1961. Cent a sounds a little bit complicated. But those of the three primary. Periods of war that you have must have served at least one day and partially I mean a lot of clients. And they literally started serving. Like like a couple of weeks after the Korean War like in February 1955 I'm Mike. Falling and that's debts dad is too badly they may just barely missed have been just one day. And that satisfies set and then the other part of the service related query Mitt knots. Dishonorably discharge a case so that is now part of it now the second hoop there's a financial hoops that we have to jump through here we have to meet we're talking about assets and income. This gets a little messy but I'm gonna break it down. Assets. You they're talking about your liquid assets that's what to we're gonna focus on. Checking account saving account money market mutual concede the only sort of things liquid assets so this would exclude that you're exempt assets such as your house your car all the stuff in your house. I kind cutters similar to Medicaid in that regard but you liquid assets of a bounce 80000 dollars or less. So into who I know. I'm not trying to be invasive there but I say about because that's kind of a target. VA sets that number that amount for each individual veteran on the application it depends on how old you are in your diagnoses in that sort of think your life expectancy of Serra. Sold older you are the less she can have the younger you are the more you can have but that target is about 80000 and liquid assets or less. So what if you have more than 80000 dollars in liquid assets were if you have a 120 years or whatever the number list. You can't you know the question is can I still qualify in my answer is a great big maybe. We're paints okay. And I don't mean to sound. But like I'm on the fence I guess that is on the fence but this may be so you may have an opportunity to transfer. Some of your assets to get down and to that 80000 dollar level however here's a giant giant ass streak morning. It must be done properly don't run out there Willy Nilly and say we undertake to forty. I'm just gonna stash and over here now I've got eighty now and it doesn't work that we pass to be done properly. Definitely consult an elder law attorney. Regarding any ass so it asset transfer strategy. I day that you want to employ the so that it is done. Properly otherwise gave if you don't do properly it could cause you major. Financial issues down the road in you don't want to sing the comeback and cause problems for you and then there's an income calculation. So if you say Steve my income is. 19100 dollars a month or 23 under twelve under whatever the number is. That's not what they want now this is the government we're talking about some funny government math here. Okay they want to it and come. Four V aid purposes IMAP. So sit income. Minus your un reimbursed medical expenses. If that number is zero or less. You will qualify for the maximum reimbursement within this program. So what are some of the things that qualify as an un reimbursed medical expense well your full cost of long term care assisted living so if you're living in a nursing home or assisted living. Community. And so that Manger paying 5000 to maybe 6500 dollars a month that full costs is considered an un reimbursed medical expense. But any health related premiums. Insurance premiums and that would include for most Mike pointed at your Medicare premiums that could easily be two or 300 dollars a month. I diabetic supplies home care expenses now this is a big one. I will Steve I'd tried to stay home and and will this help me do that yes. Yes you can be paying home care provider two or 3000 dollars a month to give you enough help to remain independent in your own home and guess what. The NCA aid and attendance benefit will happen will help at say qualifying. Non reimbursed or un reimbursed medical expense as some other expenses in that category incontinence supplies enough prescriptions. So if you take your income seats 2000. Minus your eye and reimburse medical expenses so some home care expenses some other things lumped in there this is 3000 dollars a month the EU. They 2000 my 3000 here at negative 1000 dollars so its longest since zero. Or in the negative. You will qualify. For the maximum. Amounts now after the break I Campbell if you were party through our first our first segment here but after the break we're gonna talk about that third who canary is a care related requirements. And then I'll bring it all home with how much the payout is and where you can go to receive excellent excellent help. Win applying in filling out this application that first. The senior care live question of the week. If you live in a nursing home and your qualified for both. Medicaid and at the VA aid and attendance benefit you can. Continue to receive the full amount of the stayed independent spirit is this statement true or false the answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. If you listen to senior care lions. On the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program. And how we can help you in your family how are toll free number at any time 18033164451800. 331. 6445. And don't forget you constrain the program to any electronic device. Very easy did you simply go to senior care lie every dot com. Click on the listen live button or on the big microphone right there on the home page given a few seconds to connect in you are in it will stream to your phone. Your tablet your computer whatever you have and it really does work is just so simple and lots of people do that. All right back to the senior care live question of the week. If you live in a nursing home in your qualified for both Medicaid and it. The VA aid and attendance benefit you can't continue to receive the full amount of the aid and attendance benefits is that statement true. Or false in the answer this. False if select a false but it's a little bit of a trick question. You don't get to keep the full amount however. You do receive ninety dollars a month in so we'll see that's not very much compared all the numbers say you've talked about in the past. Well it's not as much as you know one or 2000 dollars or whatever it is. My guess why it in in the state of Missouri you get to keep fifty dollars a month to be mean come. So he had another 92 that and it's not a lot of money that gets up 240 bucks is better than fifty in Kansas he would keep 62 dollars a month. In India and 92 that Europe 252 dollars so again it's it's better than nothing and so I I would always recommend definitely try to qualify for that so back to the aid and attendance benefit so we've talked in depth about the financial related requirement in the service related requirement so the third group that we have to get through the third requirement. Is care related so you can just call up the VA and say. A gimme some of that money list he talked about senior Carolina last week and that's not how it works if you have to be receiving care and you must require assistance with at least two. Activities of daily living somebody give you the list here. And at least two of these a year you're receiving help. And you're also campaigned for that help you nearing carrying one of these and reimburse medical expenses so number one you need help with bathing. And I want number of them all just go through the list so you need help with bathing mobility you're transferring. Incontinence assistance you need help with eating or or feeding yourself. Toilet in so using the bathroom. Dressing dressing your undressing you need help with that. Medication management and I just about everyone I know can use some help with that. And then meal preparation so if you need help with any with at least two and it could be all of them but at least two on that list. Then that is another group that you're that's another hurdle what you're going to clear so here's the big question Steve how much. Does the VA aid and attendance benefit pay every months. Well and these things change sometimes every year or every so often but here the 2017 rates. So for a single veteran can receive up to 1794. Dollars a month. If you and realize that that's 21531. Dollars per year that's a lot of money. A married veteran with a spouse some married with spouse can receive up to 2127. Dollars a month. That's 25545. Dollars per year and a surviving spouse so. I your your spouse has passed away bet it was a veteran and then met that criteria. Surviving spouse can receive up to 1153. Dollars per month. Which is thirteen 1836. Dollars per year so I know that's a lot of numbers but here's the bottom line. If you think you qualify. I hear you need to thank you need to take a shot at this because that's a lot of money can it can really. I mean the different story that's how long does it take to get a clean application approved. I've been hearing three to four months lately at one point it was over a year or sometimes I've heard five or six or seven months. So so it but the bottom line is. Matter how long it takes once it's approved it's approved retroactively. To that application dates. In so if you applied today and it takes them for months analysts say your reimbursement for easy Mathis 2000. Well if this for months. You'll receive. Check for 8000 dollars a lump sum catching you up and then. 2000 a month. They're they're after going forward so so this is just a really really big deal there are they're several places you can go for help with application. I would go to that national VFW headquarters right downtown in Kansas City 34 and Broadway and I'm gonna gimme that phone number. In this is this bypass is the main the main switchboard go straight to the department of really good people who will help out. 816968. 1153. 8169681153. Tests the direct number for help with your VA. Aid and attendance benefits. Now all and all right so. They're there the a couple of minutes here that I just wanted to bus today. Myth vs fact I love this segment. One men's tennis commonly believed deceptive VFW. Charges a fee to help veterans with the VA a new attendance application and the truth of the matter the fact is that the assistance provided by the VFW. Is absolutely 100%. Free of charge so so that debt that myth is incorrect they do not charge. A fee and then another myth that's commonly believed it in this area related to what we're talking about right now. Is that you have to be a member of the VFW to receive help. By the VFW. And the fact is this is simply not true VFW helps all. Veterans regardless. If you if you are a member or not and now. That is a fact. For more information about the facts. Stay tuned to this program or contact senior care consulting and nine point 39452800. Port visit senior care consulting dot com. All right so that's the VA aid and attendance benefits. And eight and again to our veterans say Q so much for all you do infer listeners. But if you know a veteran or surviving spouse pass this information along and if you missed it are you taking notes just go back to the podcast after the fact and you can share that information with him you can also just give us a call any time in will be glad to help out or. Again called the VFW. And again this is right downtown San national headquarters 8169681153. In and as I mentioned earlier. One thing one of the services that you that would count as an un reimbursed medical expense. Again to help you qualify for this is to use home care services. I 90%. This is according to an AARP. Study 90% of those. I asked to say hey we wanna stay home and you can stay home with home care services. And then have a new tennis and if it help you pay for that so with that I don't like to introduce my special guest today Rick in Michelle Shepperd with golden heart senior care American Michelle thanks for being here today. I Steve thanks for evidence and it's great to be here on Thursday. All right so all right and so Rick you know we don't have a whole lot of time here. I can't pay again I'm always blown away by how fast these segments scale and we only have about thirty seconds left that. Maybe in the next segment you know let's talk about the aid Mattel has been Phyllis talked about golden heart senior care in in some of the ways debt. That you can use home care remain independent bid at home it do you have anyone currently on with the VA Hayden tennis benefit with true golden heart yet. We do and it's a great benefit as you talked about. So it is a realignment and they can get absolutely all right all right excellent so it again. That number for the VFW to help you with state aid and attendance benefit. 8169681153. And after the break. We're gonna break this down. With Rick Michelle from golden heart senior care we'll be back in just a few minutes. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to senior care live on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information go to services offered on this. Program and how we can help you in your family call our toll free number at any time that's 1803316445. Again. 1803310. 6445. Don't forget I mentioned it earlier but if you miss an episode the senior care live in and particularly this ridiculous thing going. How many how I wish it was this person or that person would have heard all this information no worries at all. After the fact give us till about Monday won't have that episode up. On the web site on a podcasts you can go to senior care live dot com click on the podcast tab in dear you'll find all of the previously aired episodes. It's just a little picture of that of an audio player you click play in the middle sister streaming right there you can listen to the whole program. At right there you can even download and if you'd like to sell really is as simple feel free to use that feature. And all right so back to our special guest today. With golden heart senior care Rican Michelle Shepperd if you want to reach out to gold in her senior care let me tell you this. They are an excellent excellent excellent. Home care provider here's their phone number I definitely write this down 913. 5348500. 913534. 8500. In Rick Dempsey Kansas number a year offices in corporal woods area make you service the entire metro areas are correct the whole metro area SS correct so all three parts Kansas Missouri and north from the river and north. I thought we let me answer there that's right that's right that's right so all right so I guess so you have several home care clients currently well using them a new tenets are qualified for a really. They do an end it. That we find out when we go do an intake we find out about where that's when things we ask about yelled were you veteran to serve. And in Warren a lot times as you probably went over that you don't have to actually be in combat but during that combat time. And a lot of our seniors on almost all of them have been serving in that time. And could qualify based on income men and the ones I call fly and get it. It's really big help to them financially because they can receive our home care services in a lot of that is covered by what they did. And it's it's really special that the government has this program. Lot of times now make a difference between being able to stay home or maybe having to move you know maybe to a nursing home and qualify for Medicaid. This amount received by the VA in attendance benefit could be that different. It's it could be in a lot of times it's a relief for the kids because they are thinking powers is gonna happen how mom and I can afford this. And when they find out they receive this money it really can get him a jump start in the care. And it really helps subsidize. You know what we're gonna do. And as long as it in your probably helping with at least to those activities of daily living and many times maybe all of them. Yes and head home in and then and then again the full cost of home care whenever that is that it isn't and reimburse medical expense that allows. That that net income net income calculation for via purposes. The fall below zero into the negative and those are two of the huge ball first two of the three so it's. It is just fantastic I'm glad you're serving a lot of our seniors. Who are veterans and maybe surviving spouses of. Rates yeah it is it's it's word we're happy you're doing then we're so it's fun really to kind of talk if in your stories and and we so appreciate our seniors and what they did in that one of the greatest generations you know. Absolutely absolutely it and so Rick you talked about you're kind of one knows you're you feel compelled just kind of offer a nice. But a nice give her a bonus for our veterans today. We we are we if you go to our website that's on gold and hard coral park dot com or you give us a call. This week. We really appreciate your veterans more than you would religion. What more the more we could say in and we're so grateful for they've done. We wanted to just pass on a little something that help out we wanna give two free hours of complementary service. To any veteran or spouse of a veteran paint. I. So she called golden hard this week. At 9135348500. 9135348500. Or go to the website golden heart Overland Park dot com. Golden heart Overland Park dot com. I you will receive is just as a thank you for your service thanks for serving. Our country he receive two free hours of complementary care and that's that's very nice offer now thank you were happy to do it. All right so what do we have coming up but I if I Campbell if we don't July the fourth to miss Thanksgiving almost. I don't know where it went up and all these trees I'll believe there have gone yeah I don't India might might trees that big hole under their leaves forever so that I really slowly changing so meant to be a lot of them are almost just about just now they're already self. And Thanksgiving is what. We can half way that we can FL the up on blu yup that's that's ridiculous so. So so with Thanksgiving. Some things start to happen. They do they do this is our third year business and every year. Like clockwork it seems like the week after Thanksgiving we starting calls from family members and and they would noticeable change in our mom or dad and we hadn't noticed this throughout the year in Thanksgiving is a time famous get it together and answer my best all time they see him and so we they've really notice. A torture sometimes has declined. And a lot of times seniors are difficult to. Difficulty admitting that they need alone assistance. And a lot of times a false onerous must go with the kids to kind of recognize that. They they they do need some help and what do we do about that. Got in and that this senior having difficulty admitting that they need assistance especially the man we're we're too stubborn aria where for our own good the Iraq. I hate to see Michelle as she understands area. I can see myself fight in this years from now say enough I don't need any help absolutely. But here's the Smart way to go about it since we have many seniors and you like you're not give me and that limb let me tell you something okay be Smart about this. Because again nine out of ten people want to remain independent in their own home. If you just kind of step back and try to be a little more objective little honesty here if you could receive a little bit of help it's gonna help you. With that goal of remaining independent in your home if you don't have the help. Might have fallen accident and all send your you don't get to stay home so don't be too stubborn about it it's clear except a little bit help. That's true. All right so Rick what are some of the science. Did see a police could could look for to kind of help them recognize that hey you know I think we can use a little bit help. From golden heart here. Well there's this really kind of three main things that look for. The first being changes in physical function and mental status in the same what does that mean if you notice that they have difficulty. Keeping track of tying their sleeping most of the day. You notice that they've lost way. They have pork eating habits. The myriad changes the missing in. Important doctors' appointments dental appointments. And in this than they went to they you go when you see unexplained. Bruises on their arms are their legs a lot times it won't say that the fallen. Now you notice that you'll see bruises and that's a good sign that if you see that they're probably. Patents and tumbles often more often than they need to be. C and I am now that's kind of hitting on one of my buttons one might come my hot buttons. My grandma and she she was doing pretty well but she she fell one night in the middle of the night. And actually fell backwards in and hit kind of her head and neck on the wall against the wall on the way down and fractured her neck. So she broke her neck with a false so most of them are not that bad you might just see a bruise. Here there. Or look kind of low hit chin neck in the gate if it is is there watching because maybe there Iraq. I kind of have a little bit of a bruised hip or something like that that just paid. Attention to these falls and any risks of of signs of for a false it's it's it's a really really really big deal. It is the other thing we see it you know people walk in and you see changes in personal hygiene. In a big thing is you old guild detect an unpleasant body odor and that's basically from in frequent showering inner bay mean. And a lot of times they just don't feel like. Didn't wash off and yeah. And you didn't clean and it and they'll go will all go and do an intake and was so much the last time we had a shower three weeks ago. Again and so. That's that's a good sign when you see that a lot times you'll see it as smell in the house us. Strong smell of urine and house. Dear Dave becoming continent. Have accidents in the cheer him into the bathroom that kind of thing so if you start noticing that. Beware you know you may need to give us a call in to what we can do to help out. A lot of things to uncapped grooming habits who walked in and dad hasn't safer weekend up at three euros or curling up and now and am you know there weren't dirty clothes is a big thing we we walk in a lot of times and we'll see seniors in their home and and they. There weren't close at the bit mourned for three days who lives build something on the front so they don't change their shirts and don't do laundry. And those are signs that you see that you know may be time to. The check and they didn't some home care. I so we have families who are gathering for the holidays and many times in maybe the only time that your. You're back home or just one of the few times per year that your back home. Look for all of these different changes. And if you're seeing a change do not ignore this you have to pay attention and you wanna make sure that your parents your loved ones. Our route are safe in remaining independent in their home. Call Rick in Michelle at golden heart senior care 9135348500. That's 913534. 8500. They will come out Rickie you have a free consultation is that correct. We do come out in this with you and see what we can do to help out and it's very painless and it doesn't take that maybe 45 minutes and yeah. And so if the family still in town. Over the weekend or maybe they extended because they're like oh women I was gonna go home on Sunday or Monday. I think I'm gonna hang out here for about a week and make sure that we can get some help well that would be really look really vital for the family to be there as well or at least. Personal consultation. Golden heart senior care 913. 5348500. 913534. 8500. Yen after the break we're gonna talk about some of these signs and how they explained that the VA paid independents and if it don't go away we'll be right. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back you're listening to senior care live on the senior Kim broadcasting them. Work for more information about the services suffered on this program and how we can help you in your family call our toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. Again. 180331. 6445. Backed special guest today Rican Michelle Shepperd with golden heart senior care. Reach out to recommit Shelly Goldman her senior care here's the phone number be sure write it down. And especially if you think that you may qualify for the VA hated tennis and if it gonna cut tie in with some of the things that Richard shared. With that benefit you're gonna be amazed 913534. 8500. That's 913534. 8500 and Rick Rick Michelle your offering a very nice bonus kind enough honor of in recognition of veterans on veterans day if you call this week or yeah or go through the web site golden hurt senior excuse me go in our Overland Park. Dot com golden heart Overland Park dot com horror. Of course by phone 913534500. And a few calling this week mentioned the program you receive two free hours of complementary care just as a thank you for your services is very nice offer. Thank you lord we're really happy to do I wish we could do more but word. We're just so appreciative of up our veterans and that's a long way to give a little bit. Yeah absolutely so Ricky mentioned so families are are gathering at a Thanksgiving and they made. They may come in like lol lol what happens. Yeah because say it I'm. It's eight if you're around someone it's hard to see this slow decline but if you've been away for awhile and you come back. In a person's dropped from you know ten to seven. And it that's really really noticeable so it was great signs to recognize these things that you shared some changes in physical function or mental status changes in personal hygiene. And then neglecting household responsibilities. I feel difficulty keeping track of time. Sleeping a big part of the day when maybe they weren't doing mad just awhile ago pour dire way lost 10 my clients. His son said dad daddy it's a package of Orioles every day he didn't is that a problem and I'm like yeah I think so. I guess about a self. That's just a little while back but a you know unexplained weight loss changes in their mood of behaviors missing important appointments when they never missed anything they're always. If you're not early you know your late and so I mean they're always there on time there unexplained bruising which can be the result of some falls that they're not tell and they're not gonna tell you about it either. Felt so and then changes in personal hygiene I mean that's. That's. That's pretty obvious you know and unpleasant in a body odor in frequent showering your bathing. Strong smell of urine in the house could lead to cement condit's concerns. It and then you know some it's important grooming habits wind. You know dad was always you know shaved in and had his shined shoes on but 6 in the morning. And oh boy he's a far cry from that rain now caller says start shirt on and outs all wrinkled and saying Indians right in the in his left and that Shura in your I don't always so this this is really really eye opening. I opening sell sell let's let's tie this back to the civic care requirements for the VA aid and attendance you must. Receive assistance and require Reese assistance with at least two activities of daily living cell. Here we go bathing. Incontinence care. Toilet being dressing medication management. Meal preparation for there. For the man who made you know package of Orioles every day and that helped him out a lot mobility and transferring from. Maybe from bad to wheelchair wheelchair editorial that are in and out of the show are those sort of things. So you tie all those together and it's it in in New York. You word mom your dad that either served during war time. Or or their own or Deion surviving spouse of the very end it view he need to start to put all this together and say no wait a minute. Maybe we can help out in in you recently have been caring for a client. And they just needed about. Home care services and about 16100 dollars a month was kind of a perfect fit for them. Just enough for them to remain independent safe in their home. It knew it was and then you know he wasn't probably his greatest win the lottery but to them it was almost like when the lottery when they found out that the government actually had money that we could use the my dad for his home care so. Did the children another of the dead were just so elated and there were stressed out. Dan wasn't stressed out that you dom were my gonna come over this money in my kids have to pitch in and and you know thank goodness they qualified they had this ongoing in this process and someone helped them through it. And they're able to use that to supplement third third. Terror needs for the month. That's right in so before they learned about this is his new found money paid and that is. Hey how would you like to walk into. 1794. Bucks a month at the day you didn't know about. Yeah and also we like oh that's shown up in your mailbox every month and that's that's not bad well usually governments take my new way back. I I've Murray not pocket out here they're given back yes right that's right that's right so as it is a huge stake UT for your service you know and the Mary veteran can receive 2127. A month surviving spouse of a veteran. 1153. Dollars a month so. It is a form of winning the lottery because that was probably the difference between this man. Staying home. With some help and we're not talking about you know 101000 dollars a month he needed. About 1618100. Dollars a month on 16100 dollars a month of a help and that was the perfect amount for him and then golden heart is an error. And if he needs a little bit more you can kind of grow and expand with that need is that right. Exactly that's who that's basically what happened they started out with a basic needs and then they found out that hey we need a little bit more as as mark went on. And months later we we increase the services but they still have this money coming in so so it was kind of like they were given a lot of services for half the price. Yup C and that's that is that is just amazing so again. If this is resonating with you and in his view an enemy not meet today admit here that we can have couple weeks. You with family and you can you see some of these signs. Reach out to golden heart senior care where commercial shepherd 9135348500. 9135348500. And Rick he'll come out in an offer free consultation just get to. I get to know them have learned about the situation and then you can say okay what it here's a plan that we think might work for you and here's what that looks like there the associated costs and and oh by the way if that can be paid for through the independents even better. Exactly that's exactly it's really painless we have we really helped fund me never body would bring out here. Client care coordinator and we assess the needs and and can give you. Price right there how much is gonna cost you seek and know your budget. Ennis family members are entail like we talked about over the holidays we encouraged. Is me that can be either be there to hear. What we're talking about and we welcome. Absolutely and don't forget golden heart senior care is offering especially if you're a veteran nurse are surviving spouse of the better end. And and you need home care assistance. The golden her senior care is going to offer by two free hours of just complementary care just as a thank you for for serving our country in Rick I think he did you have a relative serving you're in. I did someone really close to him my son in law he served up five years in the in the Marine Corps so our it's it's amazing when you know vet turned in or your friends are veterans and really how much they give up how much their spouse goes through and a much travel they do and what they put their life on the line. For our country it's really amazed. Excellent all right Rick Michelle thanks so much for being here today I really appreciate. It unity state. All right tell all of our veterans the simple thinking just doesn't seem to be quite enough they just want you know. How much you are appreciated and to my father in law mr. Kenny pins thank you sir for your many many years of service. Until all of my family and friends. In neighbors who have served or currently serving thank you thank you until the spouses who have also sacrificed so much by. Caring for your family and doing the job look to while you were veteran is away serving our country thank you. And on this veterans day and always meet god bless you and our veterans and our families. Can't tell all who love them so much. I'm your host Steve keep her and wish you grace and peace. And I'll see you next week right here on senior care lie.