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Saturday, November 25th

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Are you caring for an aging parents. Are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line. Program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Become the best caregiver you can beat. I'm your host Steve keep it. And welcome the senior care alive I'm Steve Keith Kerr president and senior care consulting thanks for tuning in today I really really appreciate it. The mission here on the program is to provide information. Education and resource is for seniors and their caregivers. We discuss important subjects such as how to remain independent in your own home. We will touch on that later on in the program today. When you consider moving from her home to a senior care community how to find the right senior care community for your exact needs. How to pay for the high cost of senior care we also review legal issues involving elder lawn estate planning it and we discuss how to care for the caregiver so if you listen to the radio right now you might be streaming this on line. Or maybe you're listening to a podcast after the fact again. Thanks so much for tuning in today you are appreciated. If you need help with placement services from my firm's senior care consulting and holy cow we are getting busy right now this is this the time of the year. So you can now reach out for that or if you wanna learn more information about the services and products offered by one of our very knowledgeable guess we can reach us on our toll free number literally at any time 24 hours a day that's 1800. 331. Now. 6445180331. 644. Or five. Also you can visit online senior care lie in the LAZ senior care live dot com thrilling did Dow web sites and it's got all the podcasts this mother really get information so feel free to help yourself. With anything on the website and also be sure to connect with the socially I'm not FaceBook and Twitter etc. In if you do that that would be appreciated as well. All right so raise your hand how many people laid too much on Thanksgiving Day writes I'm raising my hand at. Actually. I was just visiting with say JP here in the studio in I'm I'm actually been a lot better here recently. With that not not in too much just enjoying a little bit of everything because gas whites you don't have to eat it all once sitting there will be plenty of leftovers if you cook like I do you'll it will be sickened in the weeks so maybe in three to four days but anyway hopefully you enjoyed Thanksgiving and and you're enjoying in a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend with family and friends and just catching up so. It to take part of that program today part of the time just talking about what to look for a win spending time with family over the holidays. But it Indian particularly what to look Torrey if you're if you have elderly loved ones there your holiday gatherings this is the perfect time to make an assessment of your elderly loved ones current. Situation this baby the first time you've seen them in person for twelve months or six months you know maybe a talk on the phone maybe if face timer. It's Skype etc. but that's not the same as being their cell. Be sure just look out for him maybe some physical changes that are happening changes in the way they watch core it may be weight gain or weight loss decline in personal hygiene to pay attention to some of those things may be changes in their home environment so maybe they have. I I too much food or not enough food. Or maybe maybe their refrigerator is the lab experiments. Right like a lot of refrigerators it'll and a lot of companies and not oh boy you've got stuff that's been in their for a month and it's not happy so justice pay attention to some of those sort of things may be some issues with driving getting lost. Kit maybe they can't find their way back home. You know I spoke with. Very nice lady this week she said that her dad doesn't have a driver's license he shouldn't be driving. He he does not have insurance any longer but he still. Driving but listen you you just can't you have to stop that somehow some way. I warned them that you know if if he causes an accident and someone is harmed or or worse. He will lose every thing. And a lawsuit it's just not worth it. You can't let it happen do what you have to do to prevent this from happening and they are taking some steps right now to intervene because that's just that is not a good situation so pay attention to that. I'm may be as some medications instead medication issues so it you know you may have expired prescriptions. Maybe they're taking two tablets a day when they should only be taking one. Maybe they're not taking them at all or there you're just kind of hit and miss. And yet that you can't have that either that's a major major safety issue. So properly taking your medication that's an issue pay attention to that that may be some issues with with money in financing and and in paying their bills and maybe donating to leave some of these unscrupulous. And scams out there you be can't have that you cannot be taken advantage of financially. By donations etc. Maybe he had not you know. Tracking your expenses very well. Those sort of things to dismiss handling. Money your finances. Maybe sim mood swings maybe. Dad or mom used to be just pretty pretty even pretty steady and now you're seeing some new changes may be some saints signed says. Anxiety or depression maybe confusion or agitation. That is these things are talent is something that cognitive issues so signs of that you'll some maybe some short term memory issues. If they're telling the same story and then turnaround is tell again they tell again maybe they asked the same question over and over. This is a a clear sign of some cognitive. Issues that may have developed since you have seen them in person recently that maybe miss remembering names or dates. Maybe miss remembering. In that that you are 88 sun. OK but they're referring to you as their doctor or pharmacist or another person so so pay attention to that obviously they'll be your attention real fast. And here's here's the bottom line now. Just enjoying. Time with your family but also performed this assessment. Pay attention to these issues you'll be so glad you did it and if I can say something pretty sternly. Do not ignore these warning sides I'm Tanya. It's then look this is tough stuff this is really really really difficult. But don't ignore the warning signs pay attention. And then be proactive not reactive to the way that you address he sings you can bring in home care you can look for senior care community your family might just be as simple as stopping by more frequently may be on the schedule they're all sorts of things he can do to help. Your elderly loved ones remain independent in their home. If that's not possible you could certainly move to a senior care community you know we have lots and lots of senior great senior care communities here but whatever you do. Pay attention and do not stick your head in the sand there will only get worse and it will come back. Two. It they'll come back to bite ya I'm just telling ya don't don't ignore these six. Okay and as far as the seasonal demand I talked about Debbie foreign definite touch on and a few more times I won't go through the entire inverse bell curve. But the bottom line is we are coming up. On the peak demand for all senior care communities independent living assisted living residential care home plus long term care community's memory care. Communities all of the above and a continuing care retirement community. If it is a place and they provide housing and care and support. For seniors they are in peak demand you can set your watch to it but you can just guarantee it. About the tenth of January about a week and a half. In CU January. It is it is just it is on. Yup Katie bar the door there are literally. There will be an end and you can count on this thousands of people. Flooding the market looking for a place in looking for the best place. And so where a little bit ahead of debt we just a little bit ahead of it now I am seeing increase demand in some of the better places out there. Might we we are a little bit ahead of that so what I would say there is acts now whether you call senior care consulting your you do it on your round. I just wouldn't waits until I don't wait until you think you need to move anticipate the need again here's that Sears the same board. You name on the waiting list now and then you can move at a later date and that is just that that's no worries no reason at all. All right so I've had some people here recently. Say error or ask me a question go to our senior care consulting clients can you give us an idea. Of when people would reach out. Two senior care consulting and if you're new to the program senior care consulting that's my firm I started in 2002 were fifteen years old. We learned the most experienced in this area I personally was an administrator. In nursing home assisted living facility. We have this wealth of experience there's no service like this period we worked directly for you we do not receive kickbacks from the communities. This is an unbelievable. Invaluable service we help people. Families and individuals we help them find the right fit. Senior care community levels of care all the different levels of care assisted living nursing home memory care. Continuing care retirement community so I've had some people ask me know what who are senior care consulting clients. Give us some examples of that so all start up with a few examples and then I'll continue day after the break bread but number one it could be the loving son or daughter and they may be providing assistance for their aging parents that they can just clearly see. It's their parent is declining and will soon require more help. Then they can provide. They wanna be proactive they wanted to identify. An assisted living facility prior to needing to move. Okay and and guess what dad think that is. The perfect. Description an example of one of my clients had the privilege of working with he and his mom. This past summer and that is exactly. That their situation he said like Steve you know I'm I'm really busy. And and and I have limited time and I really need some help I didn't find of that the very best place for my mother so. We are able to help you do that after the break I'm gonna go into some more examples of that first. The senior cure life question of the week according to a recent AARP study how many people wanna stay home vs moved to a senior care community. 87 out of ten feet eight out of ten scene nine out of 104 deep ten out of ten the answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care lies on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior. Cure broadcasting network for more information go to services suffered on this program. And how we can help you and your family call our toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. 180331. The 6445. But don't forget you can stream the program to any electronic device itself simply go to senior care live. Dot com and click on the giant microphone right there on the home page or the listen live button either one. Given just a few seconds to connect and you are India will stream. Straight to your phone tablet computer whatever you have it really is that simple and lots and lots of people do that. Listen to this program actually all around the entire country so how about that. Right back to the senior care live question of the week. According to a recent AARP. Study. How many people. Want to stay home vs move. To a senior care community. 87. Out of ten BE eight out of ten CE nine out of ten. Or indeed ten out of ten any answer yes. CE. Nine out of ten so that's a really have been that was a huge huge research huge report. And it's not surprising nine out of ten said hey I'd rather stay home one out of ten said I'm OK with move and I'm all right with movement. Two senior care community some nine out of ten we're actually gonna talk about how to remain independent in your home after right after this next break but let's get back to. It through our senior care consulting. Clients we have lots lots of different examples of debts. By you talked about you know the loving son or daughter being proactive. It could be an elderly spouse caring for their elderly spouse. They're just not able to take care of their own needs and their struggling to keep up with their spouse's needs. And Ed in day in May at some point. Very very near future they're like look I I can't do it anymore. You're gonna have to look at moving and moving into a care community. To have professional help and and and we work with lots of folks like death as it could be a group of adult children who were extremely worried about their parents their parents are like they were not move and suggest you get over itself but they're they're very very worried. About that they see their parents failing they're not doing well at all. They're doing their best to help them but they're also limited in their ability to do that but here's here's the bottom line. And I've heard this from I don't know how many. Worried adult children they said you know our parents are really not making very good decisions but their appearance we love and we respect their decision we're doing all we can to keep them. Safe and at home. But guess why if the unexpected should happen if there's if there's some sort of a health crisis. Who's this going to be dumped as can be dropped right on my doorstep. They said it's gonna come back on us and all the sudden we have to spring into action we do not wanna be reactive we want to know because we see this coming very soon we wanna go out we wanna research a market with the help the senior care consulting. We want to identify our top options maybe even get our names on waiting lists in the end. When they're ready to move or win there's some unexpected health crisis that we that we didn't that we didn't see coming or maybe it was a little bit of a surprise. We know where we're going and we've got that off our plate we don't even have to worry about that. We have lots and lots of clients like that with senior care consulting. Or maybe your mom and dad just had an unexpected health crisis it can be a stroke. Or heart attack her fractured hip due to a fall you know my grandmother she fell one night and actually fractured her neck. She broke her neck she survived it and very forcefully she was not paralyzed for mapping it. I'll tell you what we can see that common they just stuff happens right just bloom. You blink your eyes. And you're at your life in your family tree in your situation changes forever and then suddenly. You have to react with no time to do it. Suddenly there in the hospital suddenly there in rehab. And and in many many times not always been many times they're gonna say lucky that your parents not going to be able to go home. And they're they're gonna need professional. I care and professional assistant you're gonna need to find the best place to provide that rehab in long term care he need to move in move quickly. We can help you with senior care consulting. You may be busy professional and absolutely do not have the time earn the energy or the knowledge to do the research and choose the best place. For your elderly loved one I've heard from from me or from a lot of folks say is he Steve. I am very demanding job I can't just walk away from it I have I have just too many demands too many pressures too much responsibility. I'm gonna need help and I'm looking to an experienced professional to help me get that done. In a very timely manner guess what we helped lots and lots and lots of busy professionals do that if you wanna save time. Get it right in half help from experienced professional. Call senior care consulting we work with lots and lots of people in that exact situation. Maybe you're an engineer or you're you're very studious individual and you absolutely. Demand to know as much information. As possible from each of your top options before choosing a place you're not just gonna go out there and she is a place that make you feel good you want information. Would guess wipe the engineers. In positions and accountants and in financial. Professionals and experts they love us because we deliver TU. A wealth of objective verified data driven information to help you make an informed decision. We we. We we're get Manchuria. OK was senior care consulting. Another. Another example of someone that we worked with here recently. Maybe maybe your mom lives in the facility that is private pain only and maybe she's lived there we can be your dad any any elderly loved ones. And they lived there for a very long time. And in a private pay situation. I guess what it looks like they're going to outlive their assets in this place does not take medicate. Well while they still have some cash left and I would do it with about one year's male one years ability to private pay. And 6070000. Isn't good trigger point to start looking at some other options you want to relocate her. To a facility that will accept Medicaid and so that in in you know. 91012. Months eighteen months he can move and every want to that we and that cashed. Has been depleted down to 1000 or 2000 dollars and they qualify for Medicaid you don't have to move her at that point because now you're innate. The senior care community. That will. Bill Medicaid to win there cash. Is gone OK so so it if any of those examples and there are lots of other examples I just picked out a few. And it just I got to thinking about some so I'm just great clients that we've had the honor of serving. Them and their families and their elderly loved ones and they're they're all in those type of the situation it's we and there's also another family where you know dad is almost out of money he might be older pay. One months of private pay what are we going to do I hear that a lot of places will not take. A person who can't who can only pay for one month or couple weeks were almost out of money would guess why. Turn to senior care consulting we are experts in working with people who have very. Little resources the end and who may need even in Medicaid pending. And mission. To a senior care community we can help you too we help people and all sorts of difficult situations. Every single day of the week. Warning for seventh here's our phone number give us a call 913. 945280913. 945. To 2800. Also if you'd like to check out the website before giving us a call that's fine check out senior care consulting them. That's with an ING's senior care consulting. Dot com and you've got a lot of information there you can also that we shot just through the website that anyway about it definitely context senior. Here consulting we can absolutely help you in your previous kind of means we're gonna have a whole lot more right after for. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services offered on this program. And how we can help you and your family call our toll free number literally any time of the day 24 sevenths here's the phone number write it down it's 1800. 3316445. We have someone always constantly standing by C could literally call in the middle and high if you like 218. 103316445. And if you if you miss an episode the senior care live for maybe wanna share the episode. With someone else after the fact or maybe just wanna go back and hear it again. Because you just miss my voice that much. Right I'm just kidding about that part if you want appeared and showed his senior care live dot com click on the podcast tab. And I there's where you'll find all of the previously aired episodes you just find the date the subject. Click the play button and you'll just stream for your right there super simple and lots and lots of people do listen to that after the fact. All right I'd like to introduce my guess that in my friends and good guys and I'm Tony they are good guys are good guys from mr. remodel work. Keith blade and mark worth index Keith a market. Welcome back to senior care life great to be here thank Steve all right always always love it when you hear and in the studio there's lots of laughter going much. All I gotta tell you. I really do your lines open 24 hours today and so you decide that and I thought you know the next MI can't sleep okay. Jumping whole longer when you're number that they don't they just just give me call anywhere we're here and we're here at least. So where you're here to serve and and you really good college point 47 snow but and if you miss the sound of my voice check out podcast I was actually I was doing but just to have some few weeks ago and was a slight and won't listen to him. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm very good. During an all right so fro listeners you can reach out to mystery Mahler aunt let me give me a couple of phone numbers and in the web site and and like if you are even remotely thinking about making some changes. In your structure doing some meet remodeling it can be something kind of a small a project you're issued a remedy it can be a a large large re notifications. Call the good guys from mr. remodel or parent phone numbers so we got to love and so on 9133627166. Or 81645330. 49 and also don't forget to go online MR remodel her. So it's MR remodel or dot com we've got you know tons of great information. Before and after pictures and end keys like you always say these are some canned stock photo. And you know what I checked that out I looked at some other like remodeling construction and groups and have some had the same picture. On their website I could not believe that you're not kidding if you do a Google image search you'll see. Ramallah lonely country isn't the same kitchens baths. And none of that none of them have my belly in the mirror I. I thought that. Of the ocean in the background there. And I really well you know kind of an appeal to socialize and in in the midwest. Help groups and yes but not Germany mounds in next December are either so. So anyway I absolutely so so I'm not on the web site you're gonna see it before and and after and these are legitimate. Photos of real projects. That mystery Mahler has said has taken care for their customers since 1969. You can't be in business. For that long unless you're doing a fantastic job so be sure call mr. remodel work and Europe but I mean where an. It's our Thanksgiving weekend. Crazy did did he too much. Yet that's every year is it just that's just an automatic right a lot of things like it. Yup yup and I love all the leftovers they TI I'm pretty tired them three or four days later in my car I'm done had enough Turkey sandwiches that's right that's right there's only so much you can do with the turkeys so that's all right well let's talk about so this is the time of year. Where families gather maybe they haven't seen. They're there elderly loved ones for you may be a year maybe even longer than that a lot of people rotate so maybe we go to my in laws last year we go remind my parents house this year may be live out of town out of state and maybe in the first time I've seen my parents in person for maybe you're too so what are some of the things that day you see may be Samir clients call you for live like OK we've. Where we're seeing in this an hour you need some help with with. One of these projects well I think Dell is a good time to just kind of do basic evaluation of who may be changes that. You is. You know child to the older people. Come home and say well you know their move a little bit slower or. As having a little bit more trouble getting them up and down the stairs or whatever the case might be yeah. In the other thing is I think it's just important to talk to him about it as well because people are proud dale wanted to admit that maybe they need some assistance whether that be. Grab bar owners are rolling shallower. You know there's all types of things that we can do without having to go in and do an entire you know helps make over. Okay it and that's and that's that's a really good point it might be as simple as. Taking out the bathtub because. Maybe their hygiene is it's as good as he used to be and you're like oh what house of bath two working for you know so hard to get in and out of that so. Just tickle sponge bath OK well that's okay you that you can't do that forever and may be. Very sheer indication of him get rid of the bathtub in just put in and nice when you walk in shower it's not that expensive to do. Writing you don't I mean you don't have from all the whole bathroom. He just did this one poem he is one part one horror maybe funds are a little tight needed it. What needs be done now you use it does have do a shower now. And then you know maybe of the toilet and a few months it's no comfort high school and it's gonna work in phases. And a lot of companies they wanted you to do all or nothing guy and we're not like that we'll do all the time wherever. C and I love that about mystery mile or you're not coming out trying to sell someone out 100000. Dollar. You know we re re model you'll come out in just address. Of the priority issue the bathtub. I mean I'll do 100000 plus sure yeah. I have absolutely I mean this is someone needs you know a lot of work Pelé ER let's go let's go LA talk about the needs and wants. You know we all want thinks that what really when it comes down to what do we really need. In Milford agent Fred dated a folks you know life. And I and I that's why I appreciate about you that yet you'll come out and it you'll say OK well though the whole project. Could involve you know like like you said wants and needs all of these things. It in this is you know this is what we're looking effort estimate. But if if you don't if you need to do this seal a piece of the time. You just knock off the one piece at a time right may be over. A year or a year and a half maybe you've got to completely remade bathroom. That's fully functional that more help. You elderly loved ones stay independent for years to come. Technically. You don't have to worry about a mile. Are about a lot but some companies have come in and bases trying to get their foot in the door. And so than the X assert my own and police are out here they start out kind of our selling of so moon to do is lawyer and law. And we don't we don't do that we've got. A production manager who is fanatical about his schedule I think yes and yeah. And you know you sort add stuff on the surface every other job down the line and so we really try to stick to. You know the scope of the broader the scope we've we've sold. Got into an academic sense but there's so many companies out there. Dad come in with this loss leader right now on will open in. You know will check out something for nineteen dollars and 95 cents we can't send someone out to someone's home for nineteen dollars and 95 cents so where's the catch a cold day here's the high pressure. You know there there's the high pressure you kind of sales slow sales pitch to trying to up sell you and all sorts of other things. So so it was for listeners is senior Carolina this is one of the many reasons. That mystery mile or is on this program they do a fantastic job ice fully trust them. I fully endorse them they're not gonna pull some of these sales tricks and some of the shenanigans. I did they just don't do business that way. And this is one of the many things I appreciate about miss remodel or 9133627166. Or 816453. 3049. Online at MR. Remodel or dot com and keeps a market are are you face your FaceBook rep or face what we're not real active on and try to better. Yeah USA if you're if you're faced look at user be sure to look up you know mr. modular. In search for that no lights are paid. You can get some some ideas I don't ever everything we've got. Oh some. Railings and stumbles we did father Dana right out of them all on there and included we had a new chandelier in the entryway yeah. You know a porch new B ports on and Bonner springs here. So and then read the ads the pictures are currently too so we try to. Every six months occur add some to it. Trying to do a death blow their realistic project the you know that they everyday person has done it's not just. Some Koreans you know. Play and that that we came up with the you know we we put all all sizes of jobs on there in the plumber really pretty slow. The united it's like a Marshall won last year were we added a replace an island and paid the candidates out. Look like a brand new kitchen on bet I mean it looked like UK it was amazing that the difference. And just nuke our jobs axed last campaign can now and took about a week and a yeah. CNN and now you have a kitchen there re you know kind of re Mahler kind of that kind of a make over if you. Minimum time spent. You know not a lot of money spent assistant some you know 50000 dollar Yokich and overall or something like that and it may do the whole difference now send. They're homeless newer and more up to date and by the way it's worth more now to try. Yeah. Cleveland we have to keep believe they're doing those types of things as well as we do have a designer that were works with us to know us as well. OK excellent so you can say what you want to do. The designers and the craftsmen for miss three mile or can deliver that projects. On time and on budget in the very very reasonable cost is 9133627166. Were 8164533049. Online at MR remodel her dot com and Keith mark after the break you're sharing since. He's with me about some some crazy stuff going on in the market involving cost is so low we'll we'll talk more about that right after the break for listeners don't go away we'll be right back. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care live on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services suffered on this program and how we can help you and your family color toll free number at any time 1803316445. Again 180331. 644. Or five back to my friends is special guest today in studio the good guys for mystery modular Keith blade and mark worst you can reach out to Keefe and mark and all of the good staff and great people a mystery Mueller you me a couple of phone numbers here we sure right in doubt and give them a call 9133627166. Or 81645323049. You can call either one of those in that will reach them. Can also go online at MR remodel or dot com MR remodel her. Dot com and he should mark the fifth. Off Mike we are talking about it and we want name names but there's a there's provider out in the marketplace. I just charging just simply unbelievable. Prices. In there's there's well there's one that's completely over the top there is another wind. Dad I put out a bid. That was literally over twice did your bid for a bathroom in your bid was not cutting corners I mean you're I mean this is a full. Full scale remodeled beautiful bathroom making an over twice that. Twice that I mean what's going on there they just marking up. Stuff just amateur or how or how or why. Net I think some people maybe there just so busy that they are just shooting the moon. Okay. If you buy great they're gonna make lots of money you know working in India it's not known. No sweat they're busy enough so the belt I mean right now though the markets really. Bloom and in Kansas City yeah. I mean were a couple months out yeah. And you know we have for a number of people working for us now so right anybody it's any good work and OK and so I think some emerges price that. If they get like mark said it together graders don't when he worked elsewhere and I'm busy enough right so and we and we don't do that mean we are. We have estimating program in this raiders pretty much stick to it I mean there's some judgment with every job let go. I mean we have set prices it's not well well looks like they can do afford more because you never know what you know what people can afford that's not. We're that's our position to tell people what they Skinner with a cute but you know we ever pricing and that's how we evaluate project. Out the the program we use actually is came right out of my dad had both now right yeah I mean we would sit down back in the eighties and go through the future OK so this is you know he's thrilled to square footage for racial and flooring or wherever he'll install price of course she does is material price yeah. As as time moves on who so that it's actually comes from somebody used to do it. I am beyond help and so it is it is fairly accurate we can. He's solid job. Manny and some of the time we can tell you how long it's gonna take. About when we're going to be done. When we start. So and you guys actually show up. I didn't know until they showed they were all day yeah. If so isn't that concept here. Multiple days or program. Here and as stunning but yeah and even even really know that we do subcontractors on on some things large amounts of tile large amounts sheet rock yeah. You know stuff like that the majority of your work is is from there are guys internal staff but even that even the subcontractors who who've been using for you know 1020 years. A you know. One guy I think we've used since I was a teenager now so he's not part of we know it. We can count on them to show up when we're ready for them to show up and you're the homeowners are waiting three weeks with nothing happening. I am hearing so many stories and maybe like you said everyone's so busy. That if they don't get too that they don't get to the I've heard even in my own neighborhood and it's not he's neighborhood night. And so many stories of why hire you know XYZ. And they days literally just haven't should they just don't show up right and can anyone else you know recommend a yacht you know someone his get a you know. We do our best tumor Tyler carp that are rookie whatever it is it it's stunning. How all how bad the job some of these companies are doing. They show up and then you never get to bed. You know I mean we get a lot of stuff because we're one of the handful of people on out of hand one may be too. You'll actually returned a bit yeah. While you know and that's. It's like that pretty much all the time yeah you know during slow down to volume more people return a bit businesses. You've got you know it doesn't think that much to get into the business unit truck and a tour washing so your mom or doesn't mean you are. So so okay so with that in let's talk about what is the process. So affirmed listeners. This is why you want to get you don't want to guys show and up. With Tino out of state license tags or or showing up with his his hammer in his toolbox I'm ready ago you never see him again or he may start to job and then leave it for a month and come back because maybe got more lucrative job somewhere else and then comes back to your job you want. A company that's gonna come in and started to do a write in finishing on time so talk about your process and there's there's a first visit there's a second visit and then there's a condition timing and wrote well I think of. Pitching is that there is a process. And this structure after structure and we have best mayors we have a production major river oak carpenters. In all that synchronize to basically one given the fierce price with he and it and who do the work properly and in get out there and not drag out forever when we're talking about. Aging in place and in those types of projects a lot of times things are time sensitive people are coming home from rehab. Maybe there are already home and already have these neat so. You know of people come in and stop and start so let's start what's that homeowner do and in the mean maybe they can't shower now many debt. Shower so. It's very important. That tell you get in you get out if you could jump for a move got a job right now we're just went on her burst command ordered it's all. Now we can do the holdup right now but we can least make it safe yeah. And you know and then once everything else comes and we knew that's her. So he'll come out he'll take a look at what they're wanting to do and and you but he do you make some notes and then you go back tier. Tier office in the and he actually have a program that helps you build an estimate that that's very accurate in the neck can kind of be salted in peppered right in right if kind of tweaked here and dialed in and then here's our estimate in the new go back to the homeowner and then discuss the estimated and although it and that gets. The irons and I always options and I know you can go crazy with options on different levels of tile and in fixtures in. Cabinetry and all this whole thing scored. And there's a there's a huge I mean you can go inexpensive middle of the road or your gold plated church but but but once that's done. And it it and then they knew anything except that indeed you sent down the timeline. And and you have to order materials. And with that there is an expectation. The first sort of one of the main things you do and any I don't care who you're signing up with Unita may issue a written contract. Does that give you not scope of work in and you know I'm some sort of legal. As especially now especially bit you know you hear alarm help elderly people being taken advantage over. The latest sort of nor knocking on the going all held up on your trees for its television. You know whatever not that we cut down trees yeah. I don't taken advantage of the new currently yup and you know because it's convenient. And sober with the process you use you wanna know what your mind. And so you have that defined and contrary view also provide proof of liability insurance and work. In workers' comp and so if you're working with someone and they're not going through this process and they are not proving a proof of insurance and worker's comp. What we do not walk run away yeah. And take him with the better business here duck duck is mystery model or is this top rating with the Better Business Bureau. The end in all the other agency raised Jewish are you thought he g.'s list you know we're managers was remembered Mary. Cam commerce. Captured by you sort of play. All the things that. Excellent excellent all right so and so this is why in just listen call when you guys from mr. remodel or 913. 3627166. Or 8164533049. He's a mark thanks so much for being here today I really appreciate it. Think you'll see an external. Fine to everyone listening I'm so honored you spent part of your day tuning into the program. Thank you very very much. I'm your house to see if speaker and I wish you grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this date and always. I'll see you next week right here on senior care lies.