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Saturday, December 2nd

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Are you caring for an aging parents or are you searching for answers. Yeah senior care line of program dedicated. Providing information education and resource. Become the best caregiver you can beat. I'm your host Steve peca. Hello and welcome to senior care lives I'm Steve keep her president's senior care consulting. Thanks so much for tuning in today I really appreciate it. The mission here on the program is to provide information. Education and resource is for seniors and their caregivers. We discuss important subjects such as how remain independent in your own home. Would you consider moving from home to a senior care community how do you find the right senior care community for your exact needs. How do you pay for the high costs of senior care it's all pretty expensive frankly. I will also review legal issues that would involve elder law or state planning and we discuss how to care for the caregiver so if you listening to a song on the radio currently may be streaming this on line. Or listening to a podcast after the fact again. Thanks so much for being here today you are appreciated. If you need help with placement services for my firm's senior care consulting. Or if you wanna learn more about services provided by one of our very knowledgeable guess. He can always reach us on our whole free number here is write it down lots and lots of people call this phone number 1803316445. Again 180331. 6445. Also don't forget to visit us online it's a really nice website senior care lions LAV's senior care live dot com. Be sure to connect with the socially I would do a lot of communication through social media. All right without any delay I'm really excited by tape heavy here from our guests from crossroads hospice Veronica Evans. Benny Graham and Gwynn collier and ladies thanks for being here today beyond messy your care alive I appreciate you coming in. If you can't. All right all right so. So it and our listeners know crossroads hospice just a fantastic hospice provider and if you have questions about hospice. If you think that you may need to look into services you're not sure if you qualify. You wanna know anything about hospice in high it is care. Service's reach out to our friends across from hospice. 8163339200. Really easy number to remember but just write it down so there you have it 8163339200. And also visit their website it is loaded running to your website it's it's so good there's so much. Helpful information. Is just loaded with resources that's a crossroads hospice. Dot com. So Veronica tell us so you are the you know volunteer manager with crossroads hospices. Correct yes we have actually three volunteer manager told them I aimed a volunteer manager you know you're the best one. Comprehend OK okay I was getting your straight and I know alias profiteers. We have an office in Gladstone. And Kathy Patterson are voluntary minicamp for young volunteers for north of the river. And I work at the independents location which handles all of independents whose strings rates down. As far as I'm Harrison bill Adrian moved his city in engineering and absolutely and then we have Eric. Who handles the warrants are location okay. All right and you also serve as seat the Kansas side of the state line is what we do we have an office in the next and Barbara pro is the volunteer manager Max okay. Hate so. So for our listeners if you call that 816 number obviously that same Missouri number. But crossroads hospice is a very very large organization with a very long reach so. They cover all of the Kansas City but metro areas on the Missouri side obviously on the Kansas side and then our third territory north of the river yeah. Right because if you north of there every like to stay in or into the river and that's just how it is selfish and it's unique Kansas City thing so crossroads can service all of the areas. I is far is a signal will go and then some. So that's that 8163339200. Number. That will that will connect you with that the main office in this area then they will connect you with one of the branch offices in desk neat is that correct. The star market. Okay all right so. So tell us about you're you're out you're volunteer program. And you know how many volunteers do you have I know we have a lot and then you can hear very very busy part of the crossroads hospice program. What we have. Not volunteers all over the city from leavenworth to saint Joe's two Harrison down he said Dahlia. And I'm exactly how many active volunteers we have right now bow our volunteers to a wide variety of different. Different projects that everybody has a different interests and different talent. And I I know we had John several months ago and you brought in a volunteer named Arnie he was a really cool guy and he specifically is talking about his volunteering and working with a veteran on your services and it how why he. He felt like he received more out of that whole experience and interaction then in the gentleman that he was working. So yes and he he loves and all of our volunteers and love what they do and enjoy the visits with their patients. Absolutely so are are you. Could use some more volunteers who absolutely are patients could use volunteers and the way it works is when a patient is admitted on our hospice services. These social workers are the ones that do the assessments with the patients in the family so they are requested that they are wanted. By the patient so they're the ones dating can use you have a volunteer that incomes and some time with me I'm lonely or my family lives out. They only about a tale right now and so these volunteers are very much needed. So Ku can volunteer X I wanna put a call out torn listeners. Because they were going to hear from one of our special vultures here in just a minute right here in studio where you know. Is she as a full time job as she also volunteers with crossroads of the I think there are a lot of folks out there who may be interested in this so give us a feel he who who volunteers. Were you looking for give us some parameters and then what is that it did have to apply with you I mean how does that work. I think our website there's a volunteer application. That's crossroads hospice dot com correct okay. And our minimum age for volunteers to 1616. Okay which is wonderful cause a lot of high school students they have servicing hours that they have I don't know it's great for their college application. In just a lot of life experience. But we have volunteers that are retired we have volunteers that work full time. We have a couple of ladies that live in the Pleasant Hill Greenwood area and they are best friends and they volunteer together and how that's cool if they love that now and they all of our volunteers have to completed training background checks TB testing. And we're very flexible we work around people's schedules as everybody's different. Absolutely so you you have basically kind of that's in nursing terms of PR and pool so it as needed a pool of volunteers and and they probably like you know you know I'm available on weekends or a daytime toll or they'll let you know when they're available. How their interest in volunteering kind of plugging in to maybe some of their special interest in the and you can end. No there availability and connects them are matched them with patience and in families with crossroads yes that's and perfect perfect so here's a call out our call to action. To our incredible listeners we have thousands and thousands of people listening to this program right now if you want. To get involved with an excellent organization you want something very meaningful. A way to give back Kuwait of volunteering your time. You know and my church we always talk about you donating your time your talent your treasure right well this is your time and maybe some of your talent it costs you know treasure right guy you visits a volunteer. Opportunity be reach out to crossroads hospice. The end to end or day least check out the website and maybe fill out an application to a size 81 excuse me 816. 3339200. War go to crossroads hospice is it's spelled exactly how it sounds. Crossroads. Hospice dot com and fill out an application and get involved so with that so it's a perfect set up her Segway may introduce Gwen collier and Gwen you volunteers grassroots hospice in the office is that correct. That's correct. And you are. You have a full time. Job that that pays the bills and today here on vacation EM a lot of vacation using up at the end of the year spinning some of your vacation here on the radio and volunteering with crossroads hospice that's that's really really cool like I appreciate you do net. Is something really enjoying. They came in to a crossroads. Purely by. Accident so to speak sure how the fact that two my father. Passed away it's been three years now. And it's it's been one of those. Meaningful experiences where they were able to give us now on people to get back. They're really into the fact that I'm able to do when they do for them. In the fact that they do work full time. Begin Veronica's so great about letting me come in you know a couple of hours. Some mornings than a couple of hours in the afternoon so I can help out. That I'm I'm actually on vacation right now and she's skinny T as I keep telling her use and abuse me. During this time and so we've really actually hatter really dead. Vacation together. So far this week. Excellent excellent so. To so. EU in distant. You're looking for this. He had a he has situation with your dad did cross was hospice they were able to serve your your father and your family and then that's when you the light bulb went off for a while this is a phenomenal amazing service this is fantastic and they get so much to my feeling a wanna give back and so that's just thanks for sharing that with with us in with our listeners ANC. And then after the break I'm gonna introduce another volunteer Benny Graham and many after the break would love to hear from you many goes out in actually provides companionship reading and so others types of support to patients in their home so we'll hear from my hands on volunteer right after the break don't forget to call crossroads hospice at 816. 3339200. 8163339200. If you like to volunteer with crossroads hospice or visit their website crossroads hospice. Dot com let's not forget the senior Caroline's question of the week in Medicare Advantage plan is also known as eight Medicare part. ABs. Medicare part speed. See Medicare part C or deep Medicare part DV answer right after the break. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior. Here broadcasting network. For more information about services suffer on this program. And how we can help you in your family call our toll free number at any time that's 1800. 3316445. Again 180331. 6445. We answer our phones 24 hours today you could call that literally anytime you'd like it don't forget you can also stream the program. Lives to any electronic device it's very very easy you're out of town or maybe just don't have access to radio you wanna stream it over the Internet no worries and all gonna senior care live dot com click on the big microphone. Or the listen live button give the few seconds to connect and it will begin in debt is just that simple and lots and lots of people do that. Right back to the senior care live question of the week. A Medicare Advantage plan is also known as. Eight Medicare part eight. Beat Medicare part BC. Medicare part C or. See. Medicare. Parts. C is the same thing as a Medicare. Advantage plane did you know that. Right so I'm gonna. Have a whole lot more about Medicare. And the upcoming. A timeline for open enrollment in Medicare Advantage plans and all the good Medicare stuff. It later on in the program but now back to my special guests today Veronica Evans volunteer manager with crossroads hospice. When collier is she's an office volunteer she has a full time job in still makes time to volunteer across was hospice as fantastic. And then I'd like to introduce. Betty Graham she's a volunteer she's hand signed a big boots on the ground out in the the community working with hospice patients and their families. It Shiite she provides companionship. Reading support just lots of support to the to the good crossroads hospice patients in and Betty first of all that. Thank you for what you do you make a huge difference in in the lives of so many. Thank you. And so. I just think you know we had an another volunteer on Paul ought to know about six months ago in and we are just talked about his interaction with with certain veterans and and I use just on fire. About the he's just so excited so. But tell us a little bit about you how you were able to interact with with families and and and in patients and Tulsa little bit about you know help help what that might look him in what you're able to do for them in a volunteer role with crossroads costs. Well when we go to that side of the patient. Oftentimes they have no other family. Okay and they have no other family we may be the only one commandment sit and visit with. And they do enjoy it they even tell you about these compact actually do. And Leah try to cloak and at the same person several times so that we can keep them. You know encouraged. To keep Nolan and slew and then there's like the London gentlemen that I had to. He always got to watch jeopardy at his wife was always there with eight. Nashua going to be there with the team all I could sit with him that showtime in much jeopardy within. That's very nice and then the patients that don't have. Max time left knee say. And their families are around them marry and there may be several hours or several basic and if you can talk with the Stanley. And get them out. A little bit of oh went from that situation they've been hit with all the time and let them talk about memories memories are great thing. And the patient can always hear that. Even though they don't always communicate they can always hear that they're they're listening ya there listening and they do not have the memories. Got out and the damage in every night and they AEA. They kind of let down a little bit. And can go on so I've enjoyed this and bleep me it's true bet. It volunteer gets more out of that probably and the pace. CNET US phenomenon going you agree with that are definitely. You know with my dad's situation. We had hospice Camden. And fortunately. We didn't have a whole lot of time with our hospice team that they were amazingly it's there for him. There are definitely there for me there were times where he would be resting them and I would just topped with a volunteer that was there and so who like times. They were kind of there for me. Almost as much they were from absolutely and I've I've always said in. In and fortunately we have that in common my dad passed away in 97. With esophageal cancer and we we have hospice services over in Lawrence. In to so I firsthand I got to experience. The love of hospice provider and the tremendous support. Four for my dad and but my family to a four for myself my Brothers my mom and it was it was so nice. You know it Betty like you said. I it is so nice just just to be here and in EU might they'll volunteer from crossroads hospice might be. And the one person that the friend coming in. Almost a surrogate for a family that maybe there there's no family left to maybe it's in this strange situation I see that all the time. In so you are so important. In your role sitting with his element just watching their favorite program. In some companionship I mean that's that's priceless since the end. Valuable in this is just one of the one of the services offer by crossroads hospice. And and and it's such a tremendous support for the family as well so I love the story of of you know the feeling needs a break that's that this is one of the most stressful things. Ever absolutely ever in your entire lifetime because I know because I live distressed. In so just to have a little bit of a break where you can just gonna get your mind off of the intense situation. In just talked to someone just relives some memories just kind of a mental escape this huge it's it's a huge. Brief respite from. Deep the gravity of the situation. Yes in Veronica. And one of the things calm like he said. Giving the family a break and sometimes it's not only the rest that it's a volunteer coming in. And hearing the stories for the first time where the families like oh great dad can share that story with somebody else because we've heard at all. So yeah I Kanye West and so we wanna hear those stories. Intercede for you may verdict you know 200 I out so I'm not yup yup absolutely absolutely so. Gives me son I'm getting choked up here so we reach out to crossroads hospice. Either for the service it's a fantastic service Roddick we've talked to several times about the gift of the day India India what do you call the journal. Gift of gratitude journal gift of gratitude journals. And into so many it can be as simple this is sitting down with someone who just. Pat having them talk I've heard lots of stories about your dad's a veteran and he didn't. He didn't open up about most stuff they a volunteer came and end and he felt comfortable sharing some of this experiences in the sometimes. That's news to the family sometimes they haven't heard that story a hundred times sometimes they've heard it the first time. Just just with the right volunteer in in just making person Phil comes. Comfortable enough to and just trust a person enough to talk about the epic reach up to crossroads Haas dispute for the service or to volunteer. Your time in your talent 816333. 9200 that's 816333. 9200 or online crossroads hospice. Dot com crossroads hospice. Dot com and drunken any final words I can't believe so we're almost. Done with the second segment. Act like you said earlier everybody has a talent. If somebody is a photographer and we're going to take pictures they can come in and help us with because I think it's of the day that's a good idea they can have if they're veteran can do veteran visits and made. Have their kids at school I understand almost come volunteer with a stirring in the day if you want to volunteer with your best friend volunteer with your best and I'm aware extremely flexible if you like music and he can't sing like I cannot sing at all right I'm either iphones or iPods to listen music for the patients. Because little patients say they can't get up and play their own music so music therapy is huge also. All right all right thank you so much Veronica and Glenn collier. And Betty Graham thank you so much in keeper degree work with a crossroads hospice thank you very much. All right chipper listeners will be right back with a whole lot more right after break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. You're listening to senior care lions on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services suffered on this program and how we can help. You and your family color toll free number. At any time. Look I put a 1800 number on here because the the vision of this program is to be AA regional and national program eventually sell instead of putting anyone six or 913 local number. Which is nothing wrong with how I thought let's just start off with an 800 number that way we don't have to change it later on but he MBC talk 980 Entercom. This is my flagship station. For our senior care lions it always has been and it always will be so. Here's the 1800 number 33164451800. 3316445. Don't forget if you miss an episode a senior care live maybe you wanna share that particular program with someone else maybe they miss it may be just like to go back can hear it again. No worries in all just give us a couple of days Monday or Tuesday who haven't posted on senior care live dot com just go there and click on the podcast tab. In you'll find all of the previously aired episodes arranged by date the newest one is first and then it goes backwards from there. You can read the description. Find out about CD OD information that we're covering on that particular episode in just click play and there you go your hand. So all right so these seat Caroline's question of the week talking about Medicare. So this is last call is if JP if I had a cow bell like aura or trying to lie I'd be going. Ling Ling Ling Ling Ling Ling. Last caller I maybe I should have a a siren or the YY and this is the last call for Medicare. Open enrollment ye who just have a feud days left. So Medicare open enrollment the last day you can do this December. The seventh so December the seventh is it do nots. Dele. Now if you listen this show like maybe idol akin to that while it's sorry the second. So you've got five days left in you better hustle because anyone that I know that does a really good job with this. They are booked and they're seeing people clear into the evening and night time trying to get everyone helped and cared for and in either you know. Stay with what you have got to make some changes but dad is it what happens if you don't make any changes. By December the seventh well here's what happens next year. In the county year Tony eighteen. Yeah he'll just have the same coverage that you have today so it's not a disaster. It's not horrible snow like you're gonna lose any thank. You just but if you wanted to consider making it changed changing your type of coverage may be at replacing a part. Meet your needs better may be a better premium etc. etc. maybe you wanna just switched to an advantage plan or whatever it is or maybe you wanna add parred because he didn't have that originally from the first few years. Any changes that you want to make. For the calendar year 2018. Must be made. I December 7 so run did not walk. Up and left. They get this taken care of so this is your chance to make some changes. And so here here's some examples. But my mom changed her Medicare part. One plan that she had for several years it just kept going up and up and up. And as she checked out of the formula Ares I checked out some other plans made sure that they have planned that the formula wary covered all of the medicine that she. Currently took at that particular time. What generics are allowed etc. etc. and she was able to cut her premium in oh by over 50%. For actually a little better coverage so on this particular part. So just be sure to check them out to see if you might be able save some money. Just like my mom did. So that's just one example. Many people like the Medicare Advantage plans like in there are a bunch of them Humana gold Humana gold plus you've probably heard that country adventure United Healthcare. It's a blue cross advantage plan now there are several. Advantage plans out there and that is that Medicare part C. That's the advantage plans. Now these plans are offered to buy you know but private insurance companies. You know so Humana blue cross and Ian United Healthcare serious errors so that they're not offer directly by the government but there. They're offered through insurance companies and they basically re placing your traditional. Medicare coverage so this this is your Medicare coverage. In many of these plans also include part. Together under one and wonder under one umbrella in one policy so typically. These plans are reduced premium because there are frankly their administration cost in their delivery cost are much lower than. Do the government so they can play they can not there also. Well I'm not gonna get too deep in the woods that they're they're less expensive and they could be a lot less expensive. In some states and some plans he can be actually is zero premium usually there's some premium tied to a bed it's typically a lot listen your traditional. I coverage but yet you have to understand the deet tails of this coverage with these reduced premium plans. There usually co pays deductibles and some other limitations. It dad that you just seemed he need to understand very very thoroughly don't just go after the price tag. All I'm gonna cut by a cost by 150 dollars a month well that's fantastic but. What did you get what did you get for that are you trading off. You know I don't. The list of doctors your favorites. You know in your favor hospital that you wanna go to are you trading down off for some potentially large. Co pays or deductibles so when you trigger that policy. If you should be hospitalization or surgery at Serra Serra. Does that plan travel with few does it go outside. Of the local vicinity here can use it anywhere in the country or is it limited to local providers and that may or may not work for you so. Just understand. What you are buying have to understand it before. Make any changes. Now if you prefer traditional Medicare part a and part being in you should have a Medicare supplement plan mall what does that mean Steve what year this is confusing. And it is a little bit and alphabet soup and it is really confusing I wish. I don't think it has to be as confusing but right now it is part being. 80%. That's covered expenses. So that other 20% that can be a huge huge. Financial burden. If your pain and out of pocket so a Medicare. Supplement insurance supplements that part B and pays the other 20%. Of the expenses covered under Medicare part B cell. Here's an example. Of someone who has traditional Medicare pay. Medicare B and Dan a fantastic Medicare supplement insurance and again. We're gonna talk about my mom. Back so she had eight major. Likes five hour surgery hasn't been a couple years ago. A KEA medical center and they did a great job. And she misuse and hospital for eight days I mean this is a big big big deal. Two of those days ring in icu. So it is very very very expensive. And long hospital stay usually hospital stays on that long but this is Xavier in a major major surgery. And do you know how much my mom had to pay out of her pocket. For that extensive. Hospital stay and surgery guess how much. It is so unit and number in your mind though she probably had to pay X dollars. And then I'll tell you and I should probably have another drum roll please here but burnt. She paid 00. Pennies. Every single cent. That's an eight day hospital stay two days and icu five hour surgery this is a big deal she did not know a single. Penny. Because the coverage is that good. So her excellent Medicare plans covered every single bit of it. So they admit there's there's a constant that you Medicare supplement that she has its a couple of hundred dollars a month. Well Steve I can get this the seller advantage plans for. First fifty dollars a month okay it all the more that's fine but it how much could it cost you if you needed to trigger. A hospital is a sure if you have a surgery or something like that so you just have to kind of figure out the math in do what it is comfortable. For you and choose the plan that's right for you will. In your situation. That's affordable etc. etc. so contacts. Inexperienced. Medicare insurance specialist. To help you understand all of your options and then choose. The very best one for your needs and again. If I if if I had. An air horror something I would just sound the alarms. This is the last call for your Medicare. Open enrollment you've got five. Days the last day of manicure open enrollment is. All right in with that I'm gonna put to I'm gonna put that on to rest here so. And there were gonna move on so for the rest of the program. It I just wanted to touch on yeah we're coming up on the peak demand for all these senior care communities that would include assisted living. Long term care memory care or all of the above continuing care retirement community and for the rest of the program I just wanna kind of focus on. You know what you should know before. Searching. For a senior care community that so you what is it that you need to know since you think about this. It is if if you go and what does the doctor do. Before the doctor can understand your situation entry one what is he or she do they ask you a lot of questions. So that they can understand your situation before. Didn't resolving whatever whatever it is that you need to be resolved if you're going to maybe this is the best analogy but if you're going to make some cookies were. You just grab anything and throw it in a bowl and hope it works out now you follow a particular recipe the gives you the best results won't hear you need to understand exactly what you need to. Before your search began its. In so I'm going to let you know after the break exactly white. You need to know and understand before searching. For a senior care community and I'll touch on that right after the break. You're listening to senior care life on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information call now toll free 1803316445. Operators are standing by 1803316445. I'll be right back. Welcome back. You're listening to senior care lives on the senior care broadcasting network. For more information about the services suffered on this program. And how we can help you and your family color toll free number at any time you can literally college 24 hours a day that's 180331. 6445. Again 180331. 6445. All right and as I mentioned all in the previous couple of episodes we are. Quickly approaching the peak demand. For all senior care communities right now there are lots lots of people preparing to go out in search the market check out some places right after the first of the year. And then make some selections maybe put a deposit on a place maybe go ahead in intake via the shared rumored the apartment whatever the situation is. So don't just go out in just run out and just look at some place it's. You are absolutely. Wasting your time you'll shotgun approach. This is not a good idea at all. Casey you have to know. Exactly what you need before searching in reviewing your options. Another good probably the best analogy if you go out and you're looking for a new home new looking for a house. Well you have already done that you've already done your homework you know that you want you know a corner like you want. Two bedrooms four bedrooms you wanna finished basement or no. And you want a cool you know pool and that you want certain school district you want a certain price range. A certain age of Obama mean you have a very detailed description of what you're looking before you ever even think about going out. In checking out the market this is the same thing except it's a lot more important than buying a house you are going to be trusting. Total strangers. To provide possibly the most intimate of care. For your mom. Your dad your grandparents your spouse. Your elderly loved one. Shouldn't you know as much as possible. About this place before making such a huge life decision. And of course the answer is yes but before you can never get to that point you have to back up a couple of steps and figure out what you need cell with senior care consulting. We call this the care profile we conducted geriatric care assessment and we also look at a few other pieces of information as well and in this is our starting point so you can do the same thing so what level of care. Do you need to wall what do you mean Steve. Well do you need the nursing home level Politico that long term care level of care assisted living is that a good fit for you independent living. Residential care home plus. Those are you really can't the major ones here than a minute touched on today. What level of care is right for you now you also need to understand. What is offered in all those different levels that the differences. And in the match that level the proper level to your meets. And so that that's a tough thing to do we do this for our clients. Literally every single day that's that's what we deal. And one of the things that we do you the next thing what type of care. Do you need a case so what type of care so I look at the level of care. And then we look at the type of care do we need general just general every day care in support do we need memory care. Someone with cognitive impairment or alzheimer's or dementia. Do we need skilled nursing and rehab Biden spoke with the very nice gentleman. This past week and we had a very quick turnaround. I needed to find. A great as skilled nursing and rehab community for his mother who's going to be there for four to six weeks. This should be heading back home is that something that you need. Do you need mental health care do we have mental health issues that need to be addressed that very. Specialized and specific type of care so what. Level of care DN need what type of care do you need and then a big piece of the puzzle how are you gonna pay for it. So is this is going to be a price that pace situation what my clients. This past week her husband is recovering very well from a stroke. He needs to move to an assisted living. A community from the three or four months may be upwards of six months he's gonna go to rehab and stroke our recovery program in his these. Fully intending on returning home and youth he should be able to do that I've pretty easily. In 46 months so he's their private pay all the way this is not going to be covered by any insurance for them may be your state is covered by Medicare. Maybe you're gonna need Medicaid because you've outlived or you will outlive your assets in the near future. Maybe you're a veteran for surviving spouse of a veteran meeting got the VA aid and attendance benefit. To help pay for the high costs a senior care maybe you're very fortunate you were very wise and you invested any long term care. Insurance policy would guess why did that's what I was saying say it's just like all insurance. You pay the premium and every month three year you hope you don't need it. You know I hope I never need my auto insurance I hope I never need my homeowner's insurance. And it is the same thing I hope I am investing in it I'm covered I've got the peace of mind knowing uncovered. If I need but I hope I don't need itself. How are you gonna pay. For senior care in the and what location is best for you we all wanna be reasonably close but don't make the mistake. The thinking that the closest place is the best one for you usually that's not the case. And then also on the flip side of that don't narrow your location I'm willing to drive two minutes. Away from my home and that's it. And it just be reasonable regarding how far you're willing to drive for your loved one to receive the best care because this is all about down. That you do wanna be close it tour you can reasonably get there and in a reasonable amount of time. Okay and then any personal preferences and needs any thing this is very very customize your mom is played piano for decades. And they serve very very happy this is part of her DNA at this point. It would be great to have a piano available for mom to play OK well that's really I'm a musician I get down when I'm dead there's very very important. Death I would put dead India who not a liked to have been gotta have gotta have that went. My sister is a streaky begin and it's. In this isn't one of those things where you know would be it be kind of cool and have a big and I know my sister is a straight to begin. We got him a strict begin diet and that's an absolute necessity. My dad weighs 350 pounds. We need to find a place second serve Barea trick residents and they have the equipment. Rated at the higher limits to take care someone who ways you know higher than average so some of these are right be a very. A custom we want something fancy. Mom grew up in a very nice home and we want a very nice environment for her. We don't want something fancy I've I've heard both of these. You know mom was a farm girl if she's in a place that's too fancy is gonna make her feel uncomfortable we want a nice good solid clean place that it doesn't have to have bells and whistles. So all of this. Is why we college senior care consulting. The starting point that's the care profile it's a detailed description. Of exactly. What we need when we go out before we ever think about researching the market and then once you've determined. OK so once you've determined your needs now it's time to search the market and identify your options but. How do you identify your top options as is very difficult confusing. And frankly it can be overwhelming expect a large number of options. Two more or less sit in your in your care profile. But how do you differentiate one. From the other well that's they're really really tough part. You have to go visit them spend time with with their representatives. Here's another kind of warning okay and I'm not meaning to throw anyone under the bus here. But some places have very very aggressive sales personnel they all don't do this but some of them do. Okay and they're just doing their job or frankly. Some of them are so aggressive I personally think it's borderline ridiculous. OK so expect some serious. Sales pressure. Right and some of these places you just don't be surprised by it. Now if you want to avoid all of this you can context seniors here consulting for free consultation and we will take care. Of all of that for you but that is went to the what you need to know before. You enter the market to start your search and selection process. Laura into everyone listening. I'm so wondered who spent part of your day. Tuning into the program and I cannot thank you enough thank you very very much. I'm your host Steve speaker and I wish you grace and peace. May god bless you and your family on this date and always we'll see you next week. Right here on senior care lies.